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Device to transfer biological energy into biomechanical energy

Description of the invention

[0003] With the help of the accumulation of biological energy, its distribution, transformation the device may be used in medical, healing techniques (wellness), physiotherapy, scientific research, etc. The aim of the invention is to produce an ecologically pure energy field to serve healing and the restoration of health without the use of supplementary technical <'> devices (dietary source, electric, magnetic, electromagnetic devices).

[0004] The device consists of a geometrical body (figure 1) which consists of two (or more) geometric forms, pyramids or cones, fitted, slipped together spatially at their points, plane surfaces or at some other place in which minerals (e.g. amber) or any other organic or inorganic material can be located. A pyramid according to the mathematic interpretation is understood as a body enclosed by a base with many sides and the same number of triangles as the base has sides that run up to a single point. The device may be constructed of an organic material (e.g. wood) or inorganic material. The body itself is fixed to the middle of the geometric forms, at a longitudinal, lateral or diagonal angle, (to the upper part of the body, its base or inside) with the help of a prop fixed to the stand, during which the fixing is solved so that it permits the rotation of the given structure in various directions. The speed of rotation may be varied depending on the aim or task of the operator. The structure may also be fixed. In order to create the unique conditions of the energy effect, depending on the task the structure may also have a cover that encompasses the whole body or a part of its circumference. This may be made of organic or inorganic material, in various colours and forms (e.g. from black coloured textile). Energy is formed around the device with a given structure, which may be compared to an extrasense field. The device belongs to the sphere of healing techniques, non-traditional healing devices, health maintenance (wellness) devices and it may be used for the treatment of various pathological conditions (e.g. inflammatory joint pain, sleeping problems, etc.), to terminate fatigue, to increase the stamina of sports people and for research. The technical background of the invention

[0005] Patent number RU 2074749 C is a device that initiates an energy effect on living objects, which consists of unclosed twisted spiral made from wire and may be used for the restoration of the energy state of a living object.

[0006] The device according to patent number RU 200505 C serving to accumulate biological and cosmic radiation is also known of, this is a cylindrical body with grooves made of a dielectric material. This device makes it possible to accumulate biological and cosmic energy and to use it in healthcare.

[0007] The tasks to be solved with the invention

[0008] The purpose of the given invention is to create and localise an energy field from a natural source, which has an effect on the healing of the body and its functional state without the use of technical devices. Therefore, in the device the biological energy is transformed into biomechanical energy, which is implemented by the geometric body, in which two (or more) pyramids or cones form a unified geometric body in a way that they are inserted into one another (figure 1) and a common internal space (figure 1 - 1), which space may be empty or filled with minerals (e.g. amber) or any other organic or inorganic material, depending on the type of effect determined by the condition of the object (e.g. the type of illness of the living object). The form and size of the filling material may also be varied in accordance with the condition of the object (e.g. depending on the type of the illness). Every pyramid is fixed to the fixator by its base, point, at a lateral, longitudinal or diagonal angle (figure 1 O, O', O", O'"), which holds the body in a stable state and with the help of which the device can be rotated or fixed in an immobile position.

[0009] Apart from this the fixators of the pyramids or cones have to be capable of repositioning and fixing at a lateral, longitudinal or diagonal angle, so that the size and form of the common internal space of the device can be changed (figure 1 - 1). The device can also be fixed to stable points (figure 1 O") or may be placed on the stand, which can be made of any organic or inorganic material (e.g. from wood) (figure 2 - 1). The device may also have a cover, which can be made from organic or inorganic material and is located on the external surface of the geometric body (figure 2 - 3). The structure may have a rotation lever in order to rotate the geometric body.

[0010] The description of drawings

[0011] Figures 1 and 2 contribute to the understanding of the essence of the structure.

[0012] Figure 1 displays a picture of the structure in an immobile, stable, fixed condition. Figure 2 shows the structure with stand and cover.

[0013] The implementation in detail.

[0014] The structure consists of geometric forms (figure 1 - 2, figure 2 - 5), their forms may be pyramids, cones, truncated cones inserted into one another (figure 1 - 1, figure 2 - 7), they have a common space (figure 1 - 1, figure 2 - 7) and in this way they form a unified geometric body (figure 1 - 3, figure 2 - 6). The geometric forms can be made from any organic or inorganic material (e.g. from wood). The internal common space (figure 1 - 1, figure 2 - 7) can remain empty or be filled with any organic or inorganic material, in any size and shape (e.g. egg-shaped amber). Fixators are placed into the structure (figure 1 - 4), to which we fix the unified geometric body (figure 1 - 3, figure 2 - 6), as compared to the body the fixators may be positioned at a lateral, longitudinal, diagonal or any other angle. The fixators have supporting clamps on them, onto which the geometric forms are suspended. They can be suspended on their bases (e.g. onto O" base in figure 1) or onto the point (figure 1 - O'"). The external fixators can be rigidly fixed (figure 1 - O"), the free movement at the external fixing point makes rotation around the axis possible, so the body is able to rotate around the axis. The supporting elements and the fixators (figure 1 - O', O") make it possible for the geometric form to be relocated (figure 1 -2) and to change the whole unified geometric body (figure 1 -3) in a lateral, longitudinal or diagonal angle for the image and form of the common space (figure 1 - 1, figure 2 - 7). The supporting elements and the fixators may be made of any material (e.g. from wood). A cover may be positioned around the structure (figure 2 - 8) in any form, to any extent and in any colour, and made from any material desired (e.g. from wood, in a parallelepipedon form, from black material). The structure may have a rotation lever (figure 2 - 9), which makes it possible to rotate the unified geometric body (figure 2 - 6) manually or with the assistance of a motor.

[0015] The structure may be of any size.

[0016] The structure works in the following way: the device (or two devices) is place directly next to the body of the patient of the body area, for general effects next to the head or leg of the patient, naturally as is required. In order to charge up the effectiveness of the structure 2-3 minutes of rotation are required. The rotation must be carried out immediately before treatment. The effect may last for 20-30 minutes. The number of treatments depends on the problems of the illness that determines the aim of the healing. The given therapy may appear as a healing, health restoration effect in the case of sleep disorders, migraine, allergy, stress, etc. The effectiveness of the treatment is determined by the improvement of the well being of the patients, the termination of the symptoms and also with laboratory tests. Apart from this in the field around the structure, a mechanical effect appears in the biolocation frame, a mechanical air current is created around the central, common space of the body (figure 1 - 1), which can also be sensed visually.

[0017] The use of the structure extends the range of ecologically pure, energetic health restoration and healing methods and it is also possible to use it in research work.

[0018] The structure may be made from any material, but from a healing point of view organic materials are more advantageous.

[0019] List of references

[0020] 1 common space

[0021] 2 geometric form

[0022] 3 unified geometric body

[0023] 4 fixator

[0024] 5 geometric form

[0025] 6 unified geometric body

[0026] 7 common space

[0027] 8 cover

[0028] 9 rotation lever

[0029] O' supporting element O" base O'" point

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