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WO 9212761

Inventor:  KOLAR GABOR

Abstract -- The invention relates to a device for promoting and accelerating growth in human beings and animals and for accelerating the recovery of human beings and animals following illness and injury and to support healing processes. It consists of a combination of at least two of the items below, possibly with suitably selected intermediate components: a) pyramids with at least hexagonal bases; b) truncated pyramid with at least hexagonal base and summit surface; c) cylinders; d) tapered domes; e) truncated tapered domes; f) toroidal section; g) paraboloid region or cap; h) ellipsoid region or cap (9, 10); i) ridged band (11) on the surface of one of items a) to h), which may be of various shapes. Two items of the same group with differing dimensions may also be combined, with the proviso that, if only one of items a) to h) is combined with item i), there are at least six items i).

Also published as: JP5505332 // HU66203 // EP0522117 //AU1176492 //    AT397618

Cited documents: EP0302192 // EP0229874 // FR2329089 //    FR2572289 // FR2591494

The invention relates to an apparatus to the promotion and acceleration of the growth of humans and animals and to the acceleration of the restoration of the health from humans and animals to disease and injury as well as to the assistance of healing processes.

Such apparatuses, which exhibit the form of a cone with rounded off tip and whereby radial are, along production longitudinal reinforcement or ribs and intermediate openings provided, are on the market. They consist of plastic.

The impact of these apparatuses is unknown contrary to the experimental confirmed effect.

Used ones become such apparatuses either by attachment above or beside the organism which can be treated or, with small apparatuses, by direct presenting on the location which can be treated.

The invention is based on the surprising finding that the effect of a such apparatus can be increased to substantial, if it consists of a combination at least two of the subsequent elements, if necessary with appropriate selected intermediate pieces: a) Pyramid with at least hexagonal base surface; b) Pyramidenstumpf with at least hexagonal reason and top surface; c) Cylinder; d) Zwickelkuppel; e) zwickelkuppelstumpf; f) Toroidabschnitt; g) Paraboloidzone or - cap; h) Ellipsoid zone or - cap; i) Ledge on the surface one of the elements A) to h) those the form of elongated thickenings, projections or waves has or through in series disposed projections, bulges or recesses, which in each case the form one of the elements A) to h) or of combinations of such Ele to have can, formed mente will, whereby also two various dimensioned elements of the same group are combinable, with the wet gift that, if only one of the elements A) to h) with elements i) combined becomes, at least six elements i) provided is.

The elements mentioned exhibit prefered circle symmetry and/or. are regular (pyramids, etc.). It is possible, instead of planning circular cross-sections elliptical cross sections, whereby the aspect ratio of the longer axis favourable-proves to shorter 3:1 does not exceed. In case of the polygons this has a distortion of the base surface to the sequence. The ellipsoid is a prefered ball.

Bottom Zwickelkuppel (blunt) becomes flat understood in the description a dome (blunt), the out simple curved surfaces (e.g. Cylindrical surfaces) over a polygon constructed is, whereby the production of the simple curved surfaces parallel in each case for the associated polygon side run.

Bottom ball cap becomes understood in the description the surface of a ball, which becomes limited of a small circle or a great circle (equator) of the ball.

Ball zones are surface portions of balls, which become of two small circles or limited of a small circle and an equator, whereby the two limiting circles lie in to each other parallel planes.

Analogue one applies to the ellipsoid and Paraboloid.

The combination of two elements made so that their axes aligning, whereby an apparatus with axis of symmetry develops. With other elements can lost add this symmetry go, but become symmetrical apparatuses prefered. It becomes also prefered that the unsymmetrical added elements are if possible small compared with the symmetrical disposed elements.

The wall thickness of the apparatus according to invention is small compared with the radiuses of curvature (except that of the ledges), depends on the size of the apparatus and the used material and amounts to usually some millimeters.

In an embodiment provided can be that the apparatus on their surface smaller elements A) to h) or exhibits combinations of such elements, prefered in symmetrical arrangement.

The apparatus according to invention can consist of metal or plastic, whereby metal is not to be processed so simple and to heavier apparatuses leads.

From the plastics practical all used can become, whereby the differences are more negligible in the effect practical. Come both the thermoplastics, for example polyethylene and polyvinylchloride into question, and the thermosetting polymers, like the phenol formaldehyde resins, the Melamin and urea formaldehyde resins.

Prefered ones become for example polyacrylonitriles, Polypropylene, polycarbonates, polymethacrylates, polystyrene and polyacetal. Also rubber or glass can become used.

The size of the apparatus depends on its application and is enough from some centimeters diameters up to a diameter of a metre and over it.

It has itself shown that the effect of apparatuses according to invention, which from any combination at least two elements A) to h), other increased exists become can, if ledges, thus elements i), in planes provided to become, the parallel the cutting planes of the individual elements A) to h) run. The ledges at the outside or at the inside of the thin walled apparatus can be disposed or also by the formation of waves in the wall. The radiuses of curvature of the ledges and/or. that it formed parts are for instance from the order of magnitude of the wall thickness.

In an advantageous embodiment provided is to combine several ledges into bands and to plan into the smooth intermediate range (EN) openings. This measure is particularly then suspended for an improvement of the effect, if the apparatus with vertical axis, thus horizontal longitudinal cutting planes with the ball cap at highest location disposed, becomes used, for example over the user becomes favourable. With use with horizontal axis can be done without the arrangement of the openings.

To the number of the ledges it is considered as rule of thumb that the effect increase per ledge with the number of the already present ledges becomes ever smaller.

It is possible that the apparatus in the range of the pole - among them the intersection of the highest element with the axis of symmetry of the apparatus understood becomes - an opening exhibits, those the handling of the apparatus facilitated. For example a support can be attached, in order to be able to hang the apparatus up with vertical axis at the opening. To the treatment of small-area body parts direct presenting of a corresponding dimensioned apparatus is possible on the range which can be treated

The invention is in the drawing shown on the basis an embodiment.

Fig. variants of apparatuses according to invention, Fig show 1 to 4. 5 to 7 shows details and the Fig. a variant used with a bioassay shows 8.

In Fig. 1 is an apparatus according to invention, constructed from three ball zones and a Kugelkalotte shown. The ball zones 1, 2 and 3 have parallel Schnittkreise 4 and 5 and the highest ball zone 3 cut to each other in each case the Kugelkalotte 6 likewise after a Schnittkreis 7, which is appropriate for parallel to the Schnittkreisen 4 and 5.

The centers of these circles are appropriate on the axis of symmetry 8 for the apparatus according to invention and also the lowest delimitation circle 9 lie in a plane normal to the axis of symmetry 8.

Naturally possible changes various with a such apparatus are to be made, then the respective delimitation circles need to exhibit adjacent ball zones not same diameter, but can in corresponding annular connectors connected with one another be. It can be natural instead of the circular cross-section an elliptical cross section provided, whereby from the ball zones and/or. the Kugelkalotte ellipsoid zones and a Ellipsoidkalotte become.

In Fig. 2 is an apparatus according to invention shown, which consists 10 and several ledges 11 of a ball zone 9, an immediate Kugelkalotte subsequent to it. The ledges 11 are in each case 10 disposed to various formed bands summarized and are in particular also in the range of the transition between the ball zone 9 and the Kugelkalotte.

Further openings are provided in this apparatus, whereby are shown for illustration purposes the various possible forms. Like that circular apertures 12, a triangular opening 13, are and several polygonal limited openings 14 shown. These openings can be in the smooth ranges between the ledges 11 provided, as for example the openings 13, 14 or also in the range of the ledges, as show this some the openings 12. Like other performed above, planning of such openings is particularly useful if the apparatus is to thus become as shown, oriented, with vertical axis 8 used. The asymmetric arrangement of the holes so, as it is shown, does not have thereby in the sense of the invention influence on the symmetrical embodiment of the apparatus in their fundamentals.

In Fig. 3 is a more complex variant shown, with which the effect essentially arises inside the apparatus. Below an almost kugelkappenförmigen ball zone 15, disposed at whose pole an actual known cone is 16 on a pedestal, a cylinder portion is 17 disposed, which rests on a reverse ball zone 18 oriented to the ball zone 15. The transitions between the two ball zones and the cylinder do not run steady, but there is corresponding planar connectors 19, 20 provided. Instead of these pieces naturally also another transition piece provided can be, for example a torus cutout, like it below the ball zone 18 with 21 referred is or also actual known truncated cones.

In Fig. 4 is a combination of a ball cap with ledges shown. At least according to invention six ledges used become, those in case of the Fig. 4 to various formed bands summarized are. In the upper portion of the apparatus again variants of openings are 24 provided, which show other examples usable openings.

In Fig. 5 to 7 is in the cross section by the wall of apparatuses according to invention examples of the formation of the ledges shown. In Fig. 5 is this at the top in series disposed kugelkappenförmige elements 25, kugelkappenförmige recesses 26 and pyramidal projections 27. In the sequence continuous ledges with various cross section are shown, for example with 28 with triangular cross section, double borders 29 or simple borders 30 with other height. It is also possible that the ledges exhibit a polygonal cross section, as with 31 shown.

Such ledges or series of discrete elements can also at the underside and/or. Inside of the device walls disposed its, like this also from Fig. 5 is more removable. Conical recesses 32 are just as possible, as continuous ledges 33, kalottenförmige Recesses 34 or pyramid-like projections 35. The discrete elements are disposed thereby again in row form.

In Fig. 6 is partial more complex elements shown. So a lenticular projection 36 on a side of the wall can be the polygonal recess 37 on the opposite wall side associated. It can face a such bulge 36 also series discrete notches 38. Finally it is also possible to hold the wall thickness practical same and to form a type wave 39. Of course also grooves with arcuate or other cross section can, as become with 40 used.

Fig. a formation shows 7, is 42 associated with which a closer outside corrugation 41 an other inner corrugation. Naturally the interior and outsides can be exchanged and be become also various combinations of the formation of the ledges made.

University professor Dr.Sci.Med. Bogosaw Lazetic of the University of Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, with an apparatus in accordance with the Fig. 8 performed experiments the respective weight behavior adult rats.

An experimental group and a control group a month became prolonged held in identical cages. The animals of the experimental group became five times in the week (Monday until Friday) in each case two hours in a removal of 80 cms of the bottom illustrated apparatus, whose diameter amounted to 80 cms, positioned. On similar manner the control group a bottom flat plate of the same material (polystyrene) became brought. All animals had continuous waters and feeds available in unlimited amount.

The animals of the experimental group a shown even weight process over the duration of test than the animals of the control group (see table). As far as without particular apparatus and experimental assembly found could become, the animals of the experimental group were balanced as the animals of the control group.

day of the Abwaage control group experimental group

Average weight Monday (start) 365,360 Friday 380,365 Monday 400,370 Friday 380,370 Monday 405,390 Friday 400,385 Monday 395,405 Friday 400,400 Monday 405,410

Since the body mass is a parameter for the metabolic intensity and an integral sign of the assimilation and dissimilation processes, which shows the synthesis of complex organic compound included, the experimental result unambiguously the well-being and the health promoting effect of the apparatus according to invention.

The invention is not limited to the represented embodiments; other diameters and/or other of the individual elements selected can have another number of  corrugations and these can be also differently disposed.

It can have the number, distribution and form differentl than shown and  the basic form of the elements can be changed so that the cut curves are not circles, but ellipses. In this case there is not so strong a concentrated efficacy of the apparatus, but however results in being disrtibuted over a larger surface.

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