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WO 9420702


Abstract -- In a device for conveying damp or salts, e.g., to dry masonry, with at least one electrical conductor wound into a coil (100) and fitted in a housing, the winding diameter of the coil (100) diminishes spirally from one end to the other. Here the distance between the windings of a spiral or wedge-spiral coil (100) and the coil axis in the inward direction is 40 to 60 % smaller on each full revolution than the previous distance. On average, therefore, this gives: for the spiral radius measured at 90 DEG : R'1 = R1-R2/4; at 180 DEG : R''1 = R1-R2/2; at 270 DEG : R'''1 = R1-R2x3/4; at 360 DEG : R2 = R1/2.

Appliance to the transportation of humidity or salts

The invention refers to an appliance to the transportation of humidity or salts, e.g. to the Enffeuchtung of masonry, with at least, in an housing disposed electric conductor wound to a coil, whereby the turn diameter of the coil becomes spiral-like from end to end smaller.

There is appliances of this type known, those without direct contact to the cloths, who are to be enffeuchtet or and without direct terminal to a power source and/or enffeuchtende effect exercise. The effect of these appliances lies in the fact that by certain electromagnetic fields of certain frequency within the high frequency microwave range in porous, capillary-like material systems, z. B.

Building materials or soil, which become adhesive forces between moist molecules and material molecules disturbed. This leads to a decrease of the moist mirror.

Appliances, those in the lower Hochfmquenzbereich, e.g. during external excitation by corresponding present short waves in the high-frequency resonant frequencies exhibit, can cause the accurate contrary, by them e.g. cause by the diode effect of the wall an increase of the wall potential and thus a rising of the wall-moist cause. Most of these appliances are in three resonance spectra more or less resonancable, i.e. the mechanical spectrum, which electromagnetic spectrum and drillen, only relative new discovered spectrum, i.e. the gravomagnetischen spectrum.

A gravomagnetische wave consists, so far more detectable, of a linear, elliptical or circular polarized magnetic wave component and a polarized rotary gravitatorischen wave component circular around the magnetic wave.

On a whole undulation of the magnetic component usually several undulations of the gravitatorischen component enffallen.

If the known appliances in the electromagnetic spectrum became offset by environmental radiation in resonance, then they had the mentioned above effects. In most cases these effects were however imperfect and/or. they were very often dependent of not foreseeable influences.

The invention has it itself therefore to the object set, an appliance that initially mentioned type in such a manner to verbessem that it can always work independent of various outside influences in optimum manner. Achieved one becomes this by the fact that the distance of the turns of a spiral or tapered spiral coil of the coil axle is smaller inward too with each full revolution around 40% to 60% as the preceding distance.

The requirements posed have themselves to fulfill as one of the known appliances with numerous experiments shown that according to invention equipped an appliance is far better suitable, with which the spiral wound coil exhibits constant turn distances, whereby besides between the ends of the coil a disturbance-susceptible condenser had to be switched on.

With an embodiment according to invention a converter exhibits an housing, disposed in which a pane connected with a foreign energy source is in the distance of the end of the inner conductor of a coaxial part to the conversion of electromagnetic energy into gravomagnetische energy, which is connected with a spiral coil located outside of the housing.

Other features of the invention result from the subsequent description in connection with the Unteransprüchen. In the designs embodiments are shown, is limited however not on which the invention.

Show: Fig. 1 in plan view a spiral coil according to invention; Fig. 2 in view a tapered spiral coil; Fig. 3 three offset spiral coils against each other uniform in plan view; Fig. 4 likewise in plan view two spiral coils with same axis however opposite Windungssinn; Fig. 5 in the left half a Ausfühmngsform of an appliance according to invention and in the right half an embodiment of the invention supplemented by an other spiral coil; Fig. 6 in the section after the line B-B in Fig. 7 an other embodiment of the invention and Fig.

7 a section after the line A-A in Fig. 6.

In Fig. 1 represented spiral coil 100 exhibits turns, whose mutual distance decreases from the outside inward to steady. As from the drawing apparent is, the instantaneous radius g 1 is with the turn beginning of A twice as large like the instantaneous radius R2 after a full revolution. General one is Rn+i=Rn/2. In the case of a steady reduction arises therefore:
The spiral radius R1' = g 1 - R2 14 at 1800 g 1 " = g 1 -, measured with 900, R2/2 with 270 G 1 " '= g 1 - R2 x 314 with 360 " R2=R112.

Deviations to approximately 10% are possible.

The tapered spiral coil after Fig. corresponds to 2 to the spiral coil after Fig. 1 with the difference that the turns a bottom pitch angle alpha, preferably between 20 and 30, upward runs.

Into the Fig. 1 and 2 illustrated embodiments represents the simplest form of a gravomagnetischen polarization generator according to invention. This Coil things receive gravomagnetische Erdfelder with the frequency of the hydrogen from the floor, whereby an alignment is in north south direction required. Free cosmic energy is received from above and into gravomagnetische energy with the frequency of the hydrogen converted. The polarity of the delivered field is depending upon building of coils either left or right-handed polarized. The delivered intensity of the field is by far strong as the present intensity of the gravomagnetischen field of the earth. Thus the generated system a potential, e.g. in the masonry, whereby the water molecules downward (with dextropolarisation) or upward (with Linkspolariation) wandem.

With in Fig. 3 represented multiple spiral coil is everyone of the Einzelspulen 101, 102 and 103 as in Fig. 1 formed. These three Einzelspulen are ever around 1200 offset, on a plate 104 disposed and in the center favourably connected by means of a soldering connection. The entire unit is convenient formed as printed circuit.

The function essentially corresponds to the function of the coils after the Fig. 1 or 2, is however no north south alignment required and the generated field is besides stronger.

In accordance with Fig. 4 is two against-intimate wound multiple spiral coils 105 and 106 on one side each of the insulating board 104 disposed. The two multiple spiral coils 105 and 106 are not with one another conductive connected. In the drawn Ausfühnrngsbeispiel the beginnings of the lower multiple spiral coil are 106 opposite the beginnings of the upper multiple spiral coil 105 around 60 offset.

The unit existing as entire with 1 designated, from the plate 104 and the two multiple spiral coils 105 and 106 is into an appliance according to invention in accordance with Fig. 5 incorporated. This unit 1 represents the actual receiving section of the polarization generator. By means of a leader director/conductor of 3 the unit 1 with a multiple spiral coil is 2 corresponding Fig. 3 conductive connected. The two multiple spiral coils 1 and 2 are from each other held by means of an holder 4 in the distance. The holder 4 is by means of an adhesive 5 at the lower part 7 of the housing 6 fixed existing from aluminium. Fastening screws 8 complete in the left half of the Fig. 5 represented appliance.

In the right half of the Fig. 5 is a variant shown, with the spiral coils 100 corresponding Fig. 1 on an insulating board 9 disposed and over a conductor 10 with the multiple spiral coil 2 connected are. There is so many single spiral coils 100 present, when single spiral coils are in the multiple spiral coil 2 disposed. The plate 9 becomes held by an holder 11, who holds also the two multiple spiral coils 1 and 2 in their layer.

With both execution variants in accordance with Fig. 5 it comes to one Function separation of the coils: the multiple spiral coil 1 represents a pure receiving section of the gravomagnetischen Wasserstoffeldes of the earth and the multiple spiral coil 2 is the polarizing unit, which delivers the energy in polarized state. Both multiple spiral coils form together the generator.

Such a formed appliance is suitable for all occurring gravomagnetischen field polarities and can thus universeli at each location of the earth inserted become. By the returning coils 100 the field becomes directed more downward.

With the embodiment after the figs 6 and 7 is above the multiple spiral coil 1 a solenoid 11 as Gwndspule disposed. The bottom two coils 1 and 11 a field stabilizer 16 is in form of a pane from coppers or aluminium.

A blade antenna 17 formed as coaxial conductor is insulated into soil the inserted. Their inner conductor is 1 conductive connected by means of a lead 18 over a controllable resistance 19 with the multiple spiral coil.

Such blade antennas can be with high speed plants, in particular during the soil humidification, necessary. Smaller systems with a number of turns of approximately 24 do not need a such blade antenna.

A plastic tube 20 lined with an aluminium foil 21 shields the lead before electromagnetic Feldem. It would be also the use of an aluminum or a copper tube possible.

Three to each other around 1200 offset and opposite the solenoid 11 returning coils 12 inclined around the angle gamma are with one another in series connected. The solenoid 11 however is 12 parallel connected to the returning coils connected in series.

The terminal of the single leader directors/conductors of made over a coaxial shank with an inner conductor 15a and an outer conductor 15b. The two conductors 15a and 15b become 27 held in the distance from each other by two insulant disks. With the upper ends of the conductors 15a, 15b three pair parallel longitudinal, from each other insulated wires 13a and 13b connected, which are by the center of the returning coils 12, each 29 guided by one tube, are. The length of the wires 1 3a and 1 3b depends on the number of turns of the solenoid 11; the per large number of turns of the basic coil 11, the larger the length of the wires should be 1 3a and 1 3b. The axis of the wires 1 3a and 1 3b should essentially coincide with the axis of the returning coils 12. The parallel wires 13a and 13b are mechanical by a tube 29 from plastic or better electrical shielding material, e.g. Aluminium, central straight guided.

Like in particular from Fig. 6 apparent is, is all leads to that Coaxial shank 15a, 15b twisted. The sense of direction of twisting depends on the sense of direction of the coil winding. Accordingly a right twisting is to become and with left-handed coils a Linksverdilung applied with right-handed coils. The Windungssinn of the solenoid 11 depends thereby on the purpose of the apparatus according to invention: Right-handed the coil for dehumidifying purposes should be left-handed and for moistening purposes wound.

Into the Fig. 6 and 7 is besides an holding device 14 shown, which holds the solenoid 11 in their layer. An other holding device 15 is 16 disposed to the attachment of the spiral coil 1 and the field stabilizer.

It is more femer a controllable resistance 1 9a for instance in the area between 0,05 and 30kOhm provided, in order to reach a power adjustment. This resistance 1 9a is with a line end with the inner conductor 15a and the other line end with the outer conductor 15b connected. Also these terminals are, as in Fig. 6 apparent, twisted.

An housing from not conductive or electrical shielding material, e.g.

Aluminium sheet, with an upper part 22 and a lower part 23, which are both parts by screws 24 connected with one another, encloses the larger part of the apparatus. In Fig. 6 is besides a suspension device 25 and/or. stands are 26 indicated for a floor assembly.

In accordance with Fig. 8 foreign energy supplied over an equal or an AC source 31 setting equipment 32, an oscillator 33, an amplifier 34 and a narrow-band band filter 35 the Frequenzstabilisation, a converter 36, which changes electromagnetic pulses into gravomagnetische pulses, becomes.

The converter 36 is in Fig. 9 more near shown.

In accordance with this fig the signal coming from the band filter 35 becomes supplied over the inner conductor 40 of a coaxial leader 41 of a pane 42 convenient from coppers. The pane 42 out e.g. is in one about cylinder or quaderförmigen housings 43. Aluminium or copper. In this housing 43 the actual transformation takes place, i.e. the electrical component of the electromagnetic wave becomes converted into the gravitatorische component. A gravomagnetische standing wave (half wave) forms, those over a convenient printed spiral coil 100 and/or. Coils 101.102.103 radiated becomes. The transmission to the spiral coil 100 made over a coaxial part 44, whereby is 45 disposed between the housing 43 and the spiral coil 100 a copper or an aluminum disk. The inner conductor of the coaxial part of 44 rises up thereby into the interior of the housing 43 and is with the respective coil conductive connected, e.g. by a screw.

By means of appliances according to invention it is e.g. also possible, a demineralization to accomplish by masonry.

It has itself shown that during a dehumidifying the salts present in the masonry (nitrates, sulphates, chlorides, carbonates) in clean and/or. with Fresken also into the painting wandem. Around this to that, working with the same types of appliances for the Enffeuchtung, only with other frequencies, which become dissolved salt molecules downward by specific periodical fields carried, can. The sense of coil of the coil systems is thus reverse thereby anti-clockwise rotating, as with the Enffeuchtungsger ten.

Become with dehumidifying instantaneous radii g 1 (Fig. 1) from 10,5 cms or multiples of it an used, are with the demineralization devices the corresponding various four frequencies instantaneous radii of 20,5cm, 31,3cm, 15,6cm and 23,4cm more applicable. Tolerances in the order of magnitude of approximately 15% are possible.

With presences of salts in capillary-like material systems first the demineralization devices become established, which become after approximately 2 to 6 months withdrawn and against the dehumidifying devices interchanged. The corresponding indicated above instantaneous radii formed spiral coils can be in an housing disposed one above the other, so that an uniform appliance, which responds to all four frequencies, develops.

Such an appliance is schematic in Fig 10 shown. 50 one above the other four coils are 201, 202, 203, 204 disposed, their instantaneous radii the indicated above radii correspond in an housing. With salts of other type also different radii can and/or. additional coils with other radii applied become.

In the scope of the invention numerous modifications are possible. Also the applications for an appliance according to invention are very various; in particular also an use is possible to the attenuation geopathogenic zones. Further fog-like states can become by the fact dissolved by means of appliances after the invention that those become the mist formed water droplets moved upward.

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