Water Engine

the Romanian Michael Rusetel invented a simple water-fuel engine. The project was submitted to the OSIM in 1980 and was patented in January 2001. The energy source is initially an ordinary car battery. The engine is calculated to consume 10 liters of water per 100 km at 70 km / hr maximum speed

Director General of Uzinelor Dacia (Renault), ing. Constantin Stroe, who is familiar with the invnetion, said it is delighted and willing to help the inventor. "Success would be a miracle, and I think in this case a Super Nobel Prize should be invented for this man".

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The invention relates to an engine using water as fuel. According to the invention, the engine has an underframe (1), whereon there are fastened some pistons (2) enveloped by a movable double cylinder (3) with a glowing head (4) embedded in the centre thereof, said glowing head being provided with a high capacity resistor. Outside the movable double cylinder (3), in front of the glowing head (4) two diametrically opposed bolts (5) are mounted in order to secure the connecting rods (6), and on the underframe, at the bottom of the pistons (2) there are mounted some shafts (7) each having two eccentrics at the ends, while inside said cylinder there are provided some cams (8) for mounting the connecting rods (6) and for opening/closing some discharge valves (9), and a cam (10) for operating an intake valve (11).

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