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“Six feet distance preserves existence " smartset "Six feet apart or six feet under"
& The Ads They be a-Clique'n' :

Greetings, Globulist Uberlords !
Vladimir Kvachkov, Oberst des GRU a.D. über die aktuelle Weltsituation vom 23.03.2020

Dr Andrew Kaufman Rejecting CoronaVirus

The best material for homemade face masks may be a combination of two fabrics

Researchers report that a combination of cotton with natural silk or chiffon can effectively filter out aerosol particles -- if the fit is good.

Calculates the effective reproduction rate (Rt) of Covid-19 in each state

Insane Murder Going on in NYC Hospitals RN Discloses

Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing, Pt. 2

Dr. Dan Erickson of Accelerated Health Care talks about the impact of the coronavirus on Kern County.

Coronavirus attacks lining of blood vessels all over the body, Swiss study finds
by Holly Chik
 Researcher says virus enters ‘defence line’ and causes circulation problems, which can lead to multiple organ failure. In addition to a vaccine, he suggests strengthening vascular health may be key to tackling Covid-19

...“This virus does not only attack the lungs, it attacks the vessels everywhere,” said Frank Ruschitzka, an author of the paper from University Hospital Zurich.
He said the researchers had found that the deadly virus caused more than pneumonia.

“It enters the endothelium [layer of cells], which is the defence line of the blood vessels. So it brings your own defence down and causes problems in microcirculation,” said Ruschitzka, referring to circulation in the smallest of blood vessels.

Brutal Hot Mic at Trump CV Briefing

April 16, 2020
Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36% (and Other Supporting Studies)
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense

...In searching the literature, the only study we have been able to find assessing flu shots and coronavirus is a 2020 US Pentagon study that found that the flu shot INCREASES the risks from coronavirus by 36%. “Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as “virus interference…’vaccine derived’ virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus…"

Don't believe the hype! New optimistic coronavirus research seriously flawed

Don't believe the hype! New optimistic coronavirus research seriously flawed

Sex with Bats + Corona + HIV =
Archives of Virology volume 155, pages1563–1569(2010)
Angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) proteins of different bat species confer variable susceptibility to SARS-CoV entry
Yuxuan Hou, et al.

...Here, we extended our previous study to ACE2 molecules from seven additional bat species and tested their interactions with human SARS-CoV spike protein using both HIV-based pseudotype and live SARS-CoV infection assays....

Chinese doctors say coronavirus ‘like a combination of SARS and AIDS’, can cause irreversible lung damage

Chinese doctors say autopsies of coronavirus patients suggest the deadly illness is “like a combination of SARS and AIDS” that can cause “irreversible” lung damage.

Full-genome evolutionary analysis of the novel corona virus (2019-nCoV) rejects the hypothesis of emergence as a result of a recent recombination event
D. Paraskevis, et al.

Conclusions :
The levels of genetic similarity between the 2019-nCoV and RaTG13 suggest that the latter does not provide the exact variant that caused the outbreak in humans, but the hypothesis that 2019-nCoV has originated from bats is very likely. We show evidence that the novel coronavirus (2019-nCov) is not-mosaic consisting in almost half of its genome of a distinct lineage within the betacoronavirus. These genomic features and their potential association with virus characteristics and virulence in humans need further attention.


NYU scientists: Largest US study of COVID-19 finds obesity the single biggest 'chronic' factor in New York City's hospitalizations

 Wuhan doctors who were critically ill with coronavirus wake up to find that their skin has turned dark after virus damaged their liver

Chinese study finds up to 30% of coronavirus patients hardly develop ANY antibodies against the infection - raising concerns many who recover from COVID-19 are not immune

 Up to 30 percent of coronavirus patients may not develop enough antibodies to offer them any protection from reinfection, a recent study suggests.


WUHANGATE – 2. Hiv Tracks Inside CoronaVirus Bio-weapon: Proof from the Indian Research Misteriously Concealed


WUHAN-GATE – 2. HIV NEL CORONAVIRUS “BIO-ARMA”: le prove dallo studio indiano occultato misteriosamente

“COVID-19 Created in Lab with HIV”. Medicine Nobel confirms Indian Research disclosed by VT

Clamorous revelation by famous French virologist that discovered AIDS secrets and now works in Shangai University

New Crisis: CV19 Destroying Kidney’s in High Percentage of Patients and NO Dialysis Machines

Ventilators aren’t the only machines in intensive care units that are in short supply. Doctors have been confronting an unexpected rise in patients with failing kidneys.

Coronavirus: Debunking The Hydroxychloroquine 'Controversy' (Dr. Chris Martenson)

Dr. Judy Mikovits (American Researcher) on Coronavirus

A new study shows that coronavirus (COVID-19) can impair the neurological functions of patients with the disease.

Researchers from the Huanzhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China looked at case records of COVID-19 patients and found symptoms of brain and nerve problems in over a third of COVID-19 patients and in nearly half of those with severe infections, which include headaches, stumbling, nerve pain, slurred speech and seizures. According to the team, the presence of these symptoms can indicate that a person is more likely to deteriorate from COVID-19 and even die sooner.

This Is Really Happening: Montana County Demands Citizens Wear Government-Issued Arm Bands to Shop at Grocery Stores


C- vid 9teen h-oa-x ritual with predictive programming at olympics 2012 ORIGINAL

Coming with reCRISPRed EboCoVid2020 ( ECV20 ) :
Ebola Virus Disease: A Manual for EVD Management
Marta Lado

This current manual gives an overview to management of Ebola Virus Disease outbreaks from a practical point of view. It gives an introduction to the topic, reviews the history and previous outbreaks of Ebola virus disease and gives insight to clinical features of the disease. The major part of the book presents ways of response including screening, isolation and personal protection equipment as well as waste management during disease outbreaks. New therapies and experimental drugs are discussed in further detail. The last part of the volume deals with all aspects of diagnostics and practical laboratory handling of Ebola virus.

Dr. Marta Lado is the clinical lead of the King’s Sierra Leone Partnership in country team. She brings together a group of authors aggregating both well-grounded basic knowledge on Ebola virus as well as deep experience with Ebola Virus Disease in the field.

After the Oil Splash : Treadmill Bikes !
Lopifit - a treadmill on wheels | Euromaxx

The Dutch are big on bikes, now they've come up with the Lopifit - an outdoor treadmill rolled into an e-bike. Meike Krüger travelled to Utrecht to check out this new an unusual mode of transportation.

Lopifit Walking Bike | The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation


TreadMill bicycle / Student Project / Mr. AllNew (Anuj Pal)


Lopifit Bike Roller Replacement Tutorial

Treadmill bicycle working

Treadmill Bicycle (Big Innovation)

How Its Made Treadmills

TREADMILL CYCLE mechanical project making

Top 5 Bicycle inventions You Must Have

Lawrence Rayburn : Atmospheric Power @Tesla Radiant Energy Collector TREC. September 11, 2008

I see there is alot of dicussion on this subject.  Ive been a member of "onesmallstepforman" yahoo group with Lawrence Rayburn as the creator of the TREC.  Alot of details have been given out as to the theory of operation.  It has to do with the Tank Circuit of multiple nested inductors.  Primary inductors are usually Single wound, secondaries are Bifilar WITH one larger diameter wire than the other(in the bifilar)  Then The bifilar is fedback to the primary of the next set.  This is regenerative feedback circuit which Tesla talks about and experimented with in the Colorado Spring notes.  He said in those notes that this feedback circuit causes signal that are normally to "feeble" to become stronge enough to do work and power motors,ect.  Thsi is the basics of the TREC.  The whole tuner is tunable by moving the inductors one within the other as they are all build on different diameter tubes, this adjusts the amount of transformer action, the mutual inductance, and inter-capacitance fo the bifilars.  Anyways this gives you a lead point, Join the group and you will learn more, I have.  Fern...

This is what Lawrence Rayurn says: The Tesla Radiant Energy Collector, my version, does not produce free energy. Sure, by your definition, it is overunity because it requires no input of energy to make it self start. God's creation supplies that and the TREC only redirects a small stream of the energy that is already there and flowing.

Harnessing Atmospheric electricity, and lift-off setup
This is a short announcement of the continuation of the subject: Harnessing atmospheric Electricity. I will test and evaluate the performance of harvesting electrical potential to a height which has not been tested before.


Suramin vs Autism

Dr. Judy Mikovits @ 1:15+


Suramin is a medication used to treat African sleeping sickness and river blindness.[1][2] It is the treatment of choice for sleeping sickness without central nervous system involvement.[3] It is given by injection into a vein.[4]

Suramin causes a fair number of side effects.[4] Common side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, skin tingling, and weakness.[2] Sore palms of the hands and soles of the feet, trouble seeing, fever, and abdominal pain may also occur.[2] Severe side effects may include low blood pressure, decreased level of consciousness, kidney problems, and low blood cell levels.[4] It is unclear if it is safe when breastfeeding.[2]

Suramin was made at least as early as 1916.[5] It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the safest and most effective medicines needed in a health system.[6] In the United States it can be acquired from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).[3] The cost of the medication for a course of treatment is about US$27.[7] In regions of the world where the disease is common suramin is provided for free by the World Health Organization (WHO).[8] ..

Some Patents ( a simple synthesis ):
GB729847A -- A new diamidine salt and process for its preparation
The invention comprises the salt of the symmetrical urea of m-aminobenzoyl-p-methyl-m - aminobenzoyl - 1 - aminonaphthalene-4 : 6 : 8-trisulphonic acid (suramin) and 1 : 5-di - (41 - amidinophenoxy) pentane uncontaminated with either the acid or the base from which it may be formed or another salt of said base or said acid. It can be produced by reacting in aqueous medium a water-soluble salt of the suramin (e.g. the sodium salt) with a water-soluble salt, such as the isethionate or methane sulphonate, of the 1 : 5-di-(41-amidinophenoxy) pentane and isolating from the reaction medium the diamidine salt thus formed. An example illustrates this process.

GB862345A -- Improvements in or relating to heterocyclic compounds
This invention is for improvements in or relating to phenanthridinium salts and to processes for their production, and has for its object the provision of new and therapeutically useful substances.

As a result of research and experimentation, the present Applicants have prepared new phenanthridinium salts which have a high activity against blood parasites, such as trypanosomes, are surprisingly less toxic than known phenanthridinium salts possessing useful trypanocidal activity and, in consequence, exhibit an exceptionally high chemotherapeutic index.

The marked utility of the new compounds is manifested not only in the treatment of trypanosome infections but also in relation to babesiasis...

GB901643A -- Phenanthridinium salts and their preparation
The invention comprises: (a) amidinophenyldiazoaminophenanthridinium salts of the general formula (wherein Am represents -C(:NH)NH2, R1 a C1-6 alkyl group, R2 an aryl group, R3 a C1-6 alkoxy group or a halogen atom and Y a pharmaceutically acceptable anion) and their acid addition salts (including insoluble salts, e.g. amsonates, embonates and suramin salts); (b) the preparation of compounds I, in admixture with isomeric azo dyestuffs (see Group IV(c)) from which they may or may not be separated, by diazotizing a compound of the general formula and coupling the resulting diazonium salt with an equimolecular proportion of a phenanthridinium salt...

clif high : critical thinking - bioweapon economy

discussion about aspects of systemic recovery & #planetbioweapon economy.  Things to do at a high level to live & thrive in age of released ccpvirus... small rant on single state minds (SSM's) & how they *david wilcock bennie fulford jason goodman can get you killed.

https://www.academia.edu/42787279/Antibacterial_and_anticancer_activity_of_hydrothermally synthesizedzinc_oxide_nanomaterials_using_natural_extracts_of_neem_pepper_and_turmeric_as_solvent_media
Nano Express, 2020

Antibacterial and anticancer activity of hydrothermally-synthesizedzinc oxide nanomaterials using natural extracts of neem, pepper and turmeric as solvent media
Joshua Pearce, et al. ( MIT )
A novel and simple wet chemical hydrothermal synthesis method was employed in thepreparation of zinc oxide (ZnO) nanoparticles using neem (N), pepper (P) and turmeric (T) extracts assolvent media. The structural and optical properties as well as the antibacterial and anticancerproperties of all the samples (ZnO, N/ZnO, P/ZnO, T/ZnO and NPT/ZnO) were characterized andanalyzed. Solvent media was found to have an effect on both the size and the morphology of thenanoparticles, which in turn effected their optical and cytotoxic properties. The colony forming unit(CFU) assays were done for E. coli, S. aureus and  S. typhi in which T/ZnO (~2) and P/ZnO (~3)showed a remarkable effect on S. aureus  for 100 µg/ml and nearly zero for 150 µg/ml. The zone ofinhibition (ZoI) was measured for S agalactiae, S. dysgalactiae and S. pyogenes. The results showedthat
S. dysgalactiae is more sensitive to N/ZnO.Finally, the anticancer properties of these compoundstowardsprostate cancer cells was investigated. Among the active compounds T ZnO showed thehighest activity with low IC50 value (37.751 µg/ml) followed by P ZnO (45.68 µg/ml)

Artificial lightning strikes encourage growth of shiitake mushrooms

Japanese researchers are closing in on understanding why electrical storms have a positive influence on the growth of some fungi. In a series of experiments, Koichi Takaki at Iwate University and colleagues showed that artificial lightning strikes do not have to directly strike shiitake mushroom cultivation beds to promote growth. Now they are developing technology to use electric stimulation in the production of the mushrooms, which are popular in many east Asian cuisines.

Bizarre as it may seem, atmospheric electricity has long been known to boost the growth of living things, including plants, insects and rats. In 1775, the priest and physicist Giovanni Battista Beccaria of the University of Turin reported, “it appears manifest that nature makes extensive use of atmospheric electricity for promoting vegetation”.

David Graves at the University of California at Berkeley, an expert on plasmas in food and agriculture who was not involved in this mushroom study, said “Historically, most people who looked at it [atmospheric electricity] systematically found some effect, but it can sometimes be hard to reproduce, so it’s still not by any means fully accepted in the community and there’s little understanding of the mechanism.” However, at recent plasma conferences, Graves was favourably impressed by the results presented by Takaki.
Fruiting bodies

Takaki explains, “We use high voltage electric shock as stimulation to change the mushroom growth state from vegetative to reproductive growth of fruiting bodies”. Takaki, is an expert on discharge plasma and high voltage engineering and aims to improve the cultivation shiitake mushrooms in countries that suffer from low yields.

Shiitake mushrooms are grown in hardwood logs in a process that takes one year. First, branching vegetative filaments called hyphae are grown in the logs, which are kept in beds. Farmers then submerge the logs in water for 1-2 days and then beat the logs mechanically. When this is done skilfully, it disrupts the interlinking hyphae, moving the shiitake into its reproductive phase of growth that produces the desirable mushroom caps.

In Takaki’s previous studies, yield increases were achieved by running a direct current through a shiitake mushroom log. But Takaki still wondered – why do natural electric storms indirectly influenced the growth of mushrooms located miles away from the lightning strikes?

Other physical events

He hypothesized that it was not purely high-voltage electricity stimulating mushroom growth, but that other physical events must be triggered and ripple out into the surrounding environment. To test this, Takaki’s team investigated the effects of more natural, indirect strikes on growth.

They took logs ready for stimulation, performed a 24 h submersion in water, and then arranged the logs 3 m offset from the lower and upper electrodes of an impulse voltage generator. In an electrical storm a cloud generates 3-4 strikes on average, so the team programmed the same number of sparks to sequentially discharge between electrodes.

That was day one. The team harvested mushroom caps more than 50 mm in diameter on days 9, 11 and 13, recording fruiting body number and size. They collected approximately twice as many mushrooms on logs exposed to lightning strikes 3 m away, compared to mushrooms produced by the control set of logs sitting 12 m away within the same facility.

A third set of logs were exposed to daily sets of lightning strikes for a week and they produced an even higher yield than those only exposed to one set of strikes.

A shock to the system

“The large current from a lightning strike causes temperature to quickly rise from room temperature to about 10,000 °C,” explains Takaki. “This quick rise in temperature rapidly increases the volume of the air producing a shock wave that propagates to, and then vibrates inside the log. This moves the hyphae inside the log, breaking the strands and stimulating fruiting body formation.”

Mushroom spores launched by ‘catapult’

Current mechanical stimulation methods create pressure waves only partially infiltrating the logs. “Lightning produces a shock wave that propagates homogenously, so it can cut many parts of the hyphae in a controllable manner,” said Takaki.

The team are working to adapt their equipment for deployment in the fungiculture industry. To find a more practical approach, Takaki’s students tried to simulate shock waves using sound from a speaker. However, from preliminary experiments, Takaki does not think the sound is loud enough to emulate the intense pressure waves generated by a lightning strike.

“We are trying to develop a cheap and compact machine so many people, not only in Japan, but also in Thailand, India and Nepal can use our technology,” said Takaki.

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Volume 53, Number 20, 13 May 2020
Stimulatory growth effect of lightning strikes applied in the vicinity of shiitake mushroom bed logs
Hiroyuki Shimizu, et al.
Since ancient times, the anomalous occurrence of mushrooms has been observed in and around locations struck by lightning. Based on this phenomenon, various cultivation techniques using a high voltage to cultivate shiitake mushroom in bed log (wood) have been proposed. Undoubtedly, the fruiting capacity of shiitake mushrooms is significantly promoted by direct application of a high voltage to the cultivation bed logs. However, mushroom bed logs are rarely struck directly by lightning in the natural environment. Thus, it is important to devise a stimulation method that matches conditions in the natural environment. In this study, we performed experiments involving indirect lightning strikes using a new method that mimics the natural environment as closely as possible. Specifically, we used the electric discharge created by an impulse voltage generator to create lightning but did not apply it directly to the cultivation bed log. Instead, the cultivation bed logs were placed a few meters away from the lightning rod. Subsequently, the fruiting capacity of the shiitake mushrooms with and without the indirect lightning strikes was compared. The experimental results indicated that, with the indirect lightning strikes, the extent of shiitake fruiting almost doubled compared to the case without the indirect lightning strikes. Furthermore, the results confirm that an increased shiitake mushroom production is possible using lightning strikes, even if the associated high voltages are not applied directly to the bed logs.

Too true...
3 November 2015
Communism is Neo-Christianity
by Bradford Hanson
A collection of quotations compiled by Wesley Lysander

Start a simple garden that can feed a family of 4

Got 666 ???

Inventors : ABRAMSON DUSTI, et al.
Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

Ecuador COVID19 Crisis Dead bodies EVERYWHERE even washing up on the Beach!!

Reports coming from Ecuador the COVID19 Death is getting out of control!! Dead bodies are EVERYWHERE even washing on the Beach Shores!! Massive Grave Sights are being built all over the place!!

Homemade hydroponic system with recycled bottle

Cranky Citizen Verbally Micturates-Off in Car :
Ticked Off Vic: A Message to the Government

CoronaVirus – 1. “IT’S BIO-WEAPON”. Us Expert blames China but forgets 25 Pentagon’s Secret Labs for “Ethnic Attacks”

Metabolic Engineering, Volume 60, July 2020, Pages 25-36
Metabolic engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae for the de novo production of psilocybin and related tryptamine derivatives
N.Milne, et al.
De novo production of psilocybin in S. cerevisiae.
Expression of a novel cytochrome P450 reductase from P. cubensis significantly boosts production.
Rational metabolic engineering results in 627 mg/L psilocybin production.
Production of natural and new-to-nature tryptamine derivatives demonstrated including norbaeocystin, baeocystin, and aeruginascin.

Psilocybin is a tryptamine-derived psychoactive alkaloid found mainly in the fungal genus Psilocybe, among others, and is the active ingredient in so-called “magic mushrooms”. Although its notoriety originates from its psychotropic properties and popular use as a recreational drug, clinical trials have recently recognized psilocybin as a promising candidate for the treatment of various psychological and neurological afflictions. In this work, we demonstrate the de novo biosynthetic production of psilocybin and related tryptamine derivatives in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by expression of a heterologous biosynthesis pathway sourced from Psilocybe cubensis. Additionally, we achieve improved product titers by supplementing the pathway with a novel cytochrome P450 reductase from P. cubensis. Further rational engineering resulted in a final production strain producing 627 ± 140 mg/L of psilocybin and 580 ± 276 mg/L of the dephosphorylated degradation product psilocin in triplicate controlled fed-batch fermentations in minimal synthetic media. Pathway intermediates baeocystin, nor norbaeocystin as well the dephosphorylated baeocystin degradation product norpsilocin were also detected in strains engineered for psilocybin production. We also demonstrate the biosynthetic production of natural tryptamine derivative aeruginascin as well as the production of a new-to-nature tryptamine derivative N-acetyl-4-hydroxytryptamine. These results lay the foundation for the biotechnological production of psilocybin in a controlled environment for pharmaceutical applications, and provide a starting point for the biosynthetic production of other tryptamine derivatives of therapeutic relevance.

Why David Icke is dangerously WRONG about the coronavirus "hoax"

Here's why David Icke is WRONG about claiming the coronavirus is a "hoax." It is very real and very dangerous.

“The only means to fight the plague is honesty.”
Albert Camus, The Plague (1947)

Covid19 updates

SPR has published a new 20-point summary plus a new comprehensive update on recent developments and studies (directly below the summary).

The latest serological studies find a Covid19 lethality up to 20 times lower than the initial WHO presumption, and an age and risk profile close to normal mortality.


    According to data from the best-studied countries such as South Korea, Iceland, Germany and Denmark, the overall lethality of Covid19 is in the lower per mille range and thus up to twenty times lower than initially assumed by the WHO.
    A study in Nature Medicine comes to a similar conclusion even for the Chinese city of Wuhan. The initially significantly higher values for Wuhan were obtained because a many people with mild or no symptoms were not recorded.
    50% to 80% of test-positive individuals remain symptom-free. Even among the 70 to 79 year old persons about 60% remain symptom-free, many more show only mild symptoms.
    The median age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years and only about 1% of the deceased had no serious previous illnesses. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality.
    Many media reports of young and healthy people dying from Covid19 have proven to be false upon closer inspection. Many of these people either did not die from Covid19 or they in fact had serious preconditions (such as undiagnosed leukaemia).
    Normal overall mortality in the US is about 8000 people per day, in Germany about 2600 people and in Italy about 1800 people per day. Influenza mortality in the US is up to 80,000, in Germany and Italy up to 25,000, and in Switzerland up to 1500 people per winter.
    Strongly increased death rates, as in northern Italy, can be influenced by additional risk factors such as very high air pollution and legionella contamination, as well as a collapse in the care of the elderly and sick due to infections, mass panic and lockdown.
    In countries such as Italy and Spain, and to some extent Great Britain and the US, a serious overload of hospitals, notably by the flu, is not unusual. In addition, up to 15% of doctors and nurses currently have to self-quarantine, even if they develop no symptoms.
    An important distinction concerns the question of whether people die with or indeed from coronaviruses. Autopsies show that in many cases the previous illnesses were an important or decisive factor, but the official figures usually do not reflect this.
    Thus in order to assess the danger of the disease, the key indicator is not the often mentioned number of test-positive persons and deceased, but the number of persons who actually and unexpectedly develop or die of pneumonia.
    The often shown exponential curves of “corona cases” are misleading, since the number of tests also increases exponentially. In most countries, the ratio of positive tests to total tests either remains constant between 5% to 25% or increases rather slowly.
    Countries without lockdowns and contact bans, such as Japan, South Korea and Sweden, have not experienced a more negative course of events than other countries. This might call into question the effectiveness of such far-reaching measures.
    According to leading lung specialists, invasive ventilation of Covid19 patients is often counterproductive and causes additional damage to the lungs. The invasive ventilation of Covid19 patients is partly done out of fear of spreading the virus through aerosols.
    Contrary to original assumptions, however, the WHO determined at the end of March that there is no evidence of aerosol dispersal of the virus. A leading German virologist also found no aerosol and no smear infections in a pilot study.
    Many clinics in Europe and the US have been lacking patients and some have had to introduce short-time work. Numerous operations and therapies were cancelled by clinics, even emergency patients sometimes stay at home out of fear of the virus.
    Several media have been caught trying to dramatize the situation in clinics, sometimes even with manipulative pictures and videos. In general, many media outlets do not question even doubtful official statements and figures.
    The virus test kits used internationally are prone to errors. Several studies have shown that even normal corona viruses can give a false positive result. Moreover, the virus test currently in use has not been clinically validated due to time pressure.
    Numerous internationally renowned experts from the fields of virology, immunology and epidemiology consider the measures taken to be counterproductive and recommend a rapid natural immunisation of the general population while protecting risk groups.
    The number of people suffering from unemployment, psychological problems and domestic violence as a result of the measures taken has exploded in the US and worldwide. Several experts believe that the measures may claim more lives than the virus itself.
    NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned that the corona crisis is used for the massive and permanent expansion of global surveillance. The renowned virologist Pablo Goldschmidt spoke of a “global media terror” and “totalitarian measures”. Leading British virologist Professor John Oxford spoke of a “media epidemic”.

See also: The Open Letter by Professor Bhakdi to German Chancellor Merkel.


Journal of Virus Eradication
Minimum costs to manufacture new treatments for COVID-19
Andrew Hill , et al.
Introduction: ‘Repurposing’ existing drugs to treat COVID-19 is vital to reducing mortality and controlling the pandemic. Several promising drugs have been identified and are in various stages of clinical trials globally. If efficacy of these drugs is demonstrated, rapid, mass availability at an affordable cost would be essential to ensuring equity and access especially amongst low- and middle-income economies.

Methods: Minimum costs of production were estimated from the costs of active pharmaceutical ingredients using established methodology, which had good predictive accuracy for medicines for hepatitis C and HIV amongst others. Data were extracted from global export shipment records or analysis of the route of chemical synthesis. The estimated costs were compared with list prices from a range of countries where pricing data were available.

Results: Minimum estimated costs of production were US $0.93/day for remdesivir, $1.45/day for favipiravir, $0.08/day for hydroxychloroquine, $0.02/day for chloroquine, $0.10/day for azithromycin, $0.28/day for lopinavir/ritonavir, $0.39/day for sofosbuvir/daclatasvir and $1.09/day for pirfenidone. Costs of production ranged between $0.30 and $31 per treatment course (10–28 days). Current prices of these drugs were far higher than the costs of production, particularly in the US.

Conclusions: Should repurposed drugs demonstrate efficacy against COVID-19, they could be manufactured profitably at very low costs, for much less than current list prices. Estimations for the minimum production costs can strengthen price negotiations and help ensure affordable access to vital treatment for COVID-19 at low prices globally.

InformationLiberation, Apr. 11, 2020
French Doctor Didier Raoult Claims Solid Results in Study of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin
by Chris Menahan

French microbiologist Didier Raoult on Friday released some early results from his treatment of 1061 coronavirus patients with a combination of hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin.

Raoult says the treatment had a good outcome in 91.7 percent of patients, a poor virological
outcome in 4.4 percent (viral shedding persistence at day 10) and a poor clinical outcome in 4.3 percent (either death or transfer to intensive care unit or hospitalization for 10 days or more).

He says 98 percent were eventually cured.

There were 5 deaths.

Coronavirus: The Dead Speak!
Chris Martenson @ Peak Prosperity

Neuroscientists Say They've Found an Entirely New Form of Neural Communication

Discovering a new form of communication in the brain

Case Western Reserve researchers observe waves ‘leap’ across cut in brain tissue; ‘ephaptic coupling’ said to be producing self-propagating waves unknown until now

Jimi Hendrix-Live N.Y. Cafe Au Go Go, Jimi Play The Blues 68

Dr Fauxci took the Hypocrytic Oath :
Why did Fauci CHEER when hydroxychloroquine was used in 2013 for MERS, but is now skeptical for coronavirus?
by Ethan Huff

 After President Donald Trump mentioned during a recent press conference the potential benefits of hydroxychloroquine for treating the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), Anthony Fauci from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) quickly piped in that the remedy supposedly isn’t proven, and that people shouldn’t think of it as a “knockout drug.” So why, then, did he praise this very same drug back in 2013 as a treatment for the MERS coronavirus, a relative of COVID-19?

At the time, Barack Obama was occupying the White House, and an NAIAD study conducted by a guy named Darryl Falzarano found that an antiviral cocktail containing hydroxychloroquine showed incredible promise in vitro for preventing viral replication. Fauci jumped at the chance to praise the discovery, announcing that it was “particularly encouraging” because these drugs are “widely available,” meaning they can get into the hands of people who need them quickly and easily.

However, now that Trump and his administration are in charge, Fauci is singing a much different tune. Rather than express enthusiasm for the many cases of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that have already been successfully treated with hydroxychloroquine, Fauci felt the need to throw a wet blanket over the whole thing and override Trump’s announcement in a stunning display of disrespect.

“You’ve got to be careful when you say ‘fairly effective,'” Fauci shot back at Trump after the president suggested, based on Fauci’s own statements from seven years ago, that hydroxychloroquine demonstrated effectiveness against SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome). “It was never done in a clinical trial that compared it to anything. It was given to individuals and felt that maybe it worked.”

Listen below to The Health Ranger Report as Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, talks about the health benefits of zinc in fighting against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19):

In 2013, hydroxychloroquine’s benefits were “science;” now they’re just “feelings,” according to Fauci

Fauci couldn’t just leave it at that, however. He had to go on when pressed further about Trump’s claims concerning hydroxychloroquine to insist that the president simply “feels optimistic” about the treatment, suggesting that there isn’t any actual science to back it..

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci running damage control for Pirbright Institute

CDC propagandist Anthony S. Fauci, MD received major funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation—who also funded the Coronavirus patent holder The Pirbright Institute (UK)

Facui just recently received $100 million grant from Gates.

The Gates Foundation is also a major funder of The Pirbright Institute (UK) with DARPA, The Wellcome Trust (UK), DARPA, WHO, EU, DERA...

COVID-19 - Could, Maybe, Possibly, Might, Worthless Models, Greed
By Devvy Kidd

The Epoch Times
Tracking Down The Origin of the Corinavirus
Joshua Philipp

There’s More Bad News on the Long-Term Effects of the Coronavirus
By Matt Stieb

Scientists report a case of a body infecting a live patient ... The coronavirus may have severe impacts on liver and heart function in some patients ... The coronavirus may attack T cells, similar to HIV ... The coronavirus may attack T cells, similar to HIV ...

Clinical trials of the Remdesivir anti-viral drug for treating patients with COVID-19 started in Japan on Tuesday, the NHK broadcaster reported.

Remdesivir, developed by US biotech firm Gilead Sciences, was previously tested in humans with Ebola and has shown promise in animal models for treating Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), which are caused by other coronaviruses.

According to the broadcaster, Gilead Sciences is collaborating with three Japanese medical institutions, including Yokohama City Hospital, to obtain more data on the efficiency of Remdesivir in treatment of the COVID-19, and has started administering the drug to patients infected with the new strain of the coronavirus on Tuesday..

Ebola spreading in Democratic Republic of Congo during coronavirus fight, officials say

FDA clears N95 decontamination process that could clean up to 4 million masks per day

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has provided an emergency use authorization (EUA) for a decontamination process provided by company Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP) that could see as many as 4 million N95 respirators per day sterilized for re-use. That’s a significant potential dent in the ongoing shortage of supplies faced by medical professionals and frontline workers at healthcare facilities.

This decontamination process would open up re-use of N95 masks originally designed for single use, and it uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide gas to clean the respirators. ASP’s STERRAD series sterilization machines, which are covered under the EUA, are in use in around 6,300 hospitals already (they’re commonly used for sterilizing other pieces of clinical equipment, but have not previously been intended for use with N95 masks) and there are around 9,930 in operation across the U.S., each with the capability of processing around 480 masks per day.

The FDA has perviously cleared another similar system for N95 decontamination: Battelle’s vaporized hydrogen peroxide process. This new clearance greatly expands the reach and potential volume of decontamination that’s possible, and should pave the way for others to follow.

Duke University was early in calling for this process to be used on N95 respirators after demonstrating that it is safe and effective and available on a range of equipment already in use in biocontainment labs and other medical facilities.

So far, all of these clearances are EUAs, but this does seem like an area where the measures could become more permanent following the pandemic in order to better prepare health care systems in case of other emergencies. Technologies for emergency re-use of single use equipment, and other ways to extend the viable life of crucial medical gear, seems like a wise area of further investment and study.

Coronavirus Transmission Distance Is 13 Feet, Spreads Through Shoes: CDC Report

    Four meters is the safe social distance, according to a new study out of China
    Staff at a hospital in Wuhan that treated COVID-19 patients also had the coronavirus embedded in their shoes
    The study also found SARS-CoV-2 widely distributed in the air and on object surfaces at the hospital ICU and general ward

EID Journal,Volume 26, Number 7—July 2020
Aerosol and Surface Distribution of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 in Hospital Wards, Wuhan, China, 2020
Zhen-Dong Guo, et al.
To determine distribution of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 in hospital wards in Wuhan, China, we tested air and surface samples. Contamination was greater in intensive care units than general wards. Virus was widely distributed on floors, computer mice, trash cans, and sickbed handrails and was detected in air ≈4 m from patients
critical thinking - what they all missed !
clif high

discussion  about system of systems breakdown & what all the conspiracy guys missed in their obsession with conspiracies...

Free Energy from the Ground Wire -- The Energy of Earth / errant electricity


Las Vegas doctor explains how 'proning' COVID-19 patients can be 'difference between life and death'

Dr. Christopher Voscopoulos, ICU medical director at Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas, explains how the ‘proning’ treatment takes pressure off the lungs by turning the patient onto their stomach...

"What proning is, is that normally we have patients lie on their back," he explained. "When they lie on their back, their heart applies pressure on the back of their lungs and it closes off those lungs just a little."

"And, what we do is we simply turn people over and they lie on their stomach. By doing that, the heart falls off the lungs and opens up a little bit more of the lung," he stated further. "You have to remember that these are people fighting for their life. And so, when we open up a little more lung, that's the difference between life and death."..

COVID-19 Compiler

 Sewage shows we’re undercounting coronavirus cases -- by a lot, MA researchers say
By Brooke Wolford

Coronavirus can be found in human feces, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Researchers with Biobiot Analytics find COVID-19 in sewage by looking for its genetic fingerprint, the report on medRvix said.

There were about 450 confirmed coronavirus cases in the area of the treatment facility, but researchers estimated that the number of people actually infected with coronavirus is between 2,300 and 115,000

Conspiracy du Jour :



WE ARE TOAST. I HAVE PROOF (and it is not specifically the Fukushima report [ http://jimstonefreelance.com/fukupdate1.pdf ], it is one far more ominous)

The Fukushima report was a high level report that was so thorough that part of it was an interview of the key engineer for reactor 3. This is not about Fukushima however, it is instead about other topics discussed during the hours long interview I held with this engineer. Due to the extent of this interview, I produced reports that were not directly related to Fukushima, Here is one of these reports, and IT HAPPENED. IT HAS NOW HAPPENED.



This is a long report, here is a short summary: As part of a plot to destroy the United States, the original technology our nuclear facilities were designed to use was banned. This technology allowed nuclear fuel to be consumed completely by using it in two different types of reactors. As nuclear fuel is used, it's characteristics change that require it to be used differently by a secondary reactor, so it can be put right back in the original reactor. If you can't do this, you can only use nuclear fuel to about 5 percent spent and then it has to go into the fuel pool. The fuel pools were never designed to handle more than a few spent nuclear cores and now they have, on average, over 50 each. If we could have used the fuel as intended, all of our nuclear facilities would only have (up to) 2 cores each right now, and even if all power and control was lost there would be no fuel pool disaster. Now that the fuel pools are so heavily overloaded with thousands of tons of 95 percent un-spent fuel, if anything at all goes wrong with them, they'll make Fukushima look like a party favor.

America has now been threatened with this exact scenario if it does not go along with the one world government.


BUSTED: Federal government BUSTED for forcing American nuclear industry to become a ticking time bomb
Americans have been told their nuclear waste must go somewhere. Americans have been told their spent reactor fuel needs to be stored inside a mountain in the desert, where it will sit as a threat and menace to the world for millions of years. Americans have been told there is nothing they can do about it. But what if they have been told a lie? What if that "spent fuel" was not spent at all? What if a technology existed which allowed the same fuel to be used over and over, twenty times in fact, and expended so fully that fuel rods would be safe enough to handle directly out of the reactor? Think any "spent fuel pools" would be full? ...

During my journey of discovery in my investigation into the Fukushima disaster, I interviewed an 85 year old nuclear engineer who worked in the nuclear industry during America's glory days, an engineer who earned GE over 100 patents. He was one of the engineers who designed Fukushima, so naturally when conducting an investigation into such a disaster any journalist would want that type of reference. He was surprised when my prior study of reactor systems was so thorough that he had no information about Fukushima I did not already dig up, and he was very surprised when I told him details about the inner workings of his own reactor design he never expected anyone in the media to know.

When I started to think I was going to walk away with nothing new, he began to talk about an entirely different subject. He began his new direction in the discussion with the phrase "My team succeeded in closing the nuclear loop, and Carter banned our miracle with an executive order."...

"I started in the American nuclear program all the way back at the time of the Manhattan project, and have been involved in reactor design and nuclear engineering my whole life. There was one answer we all searched for, and it was how to close the nuclear loop...

After this process, which restores the fuel to it's original state is complete, the fuel can go back into the boiling water reactor and used as new with no reprocessing - the exact same rods can be exchanged between reactors.

We perfected the second reactor design which used liquid sodium as a coolant and the reactor ran much hotter - 1100 farenheit as opposed to 550 in a boiling water reactor. The liquid sodium circulated inside the reactor instead of water, with the heat of the reaction being removed from the system by a heat exchanger which produced steam outside the reactor for use in producing electricity. The temperature difference and coolant characteristics in the complimentary reactor facilitated the burning of the isotopes, and you got to use both sides of the reaction - the boiling water reactor produced electricity while producing unwanted isotopes, and the sodium cooled reactor produced electricity while burning the unwanted isotopes out. This process could be repeated 20 times, and when it was finished the fuel was DEAD and no longer hazardous because all of it's radiological potential was used up. It was a clean energy dream come true, and Carter banned it by executive order!

He specifically stated that the burn down was so complete that the spent fuel was safe to handle directly with bare hands, and needed no special care or maintenance at all, and after I questioned him about exactly how safe, said you could safely sleep on it. I questioned him several times, saying he must be exaggerating, but he said ALL radiological potential was used, and the fuel was completely inert at the end of the final cycle.

Many people know about the liquid sodium breeder reactor developed by General Electric in the late 1970's but few people know the real story about this reactor, which this engineer developed. To back stab the public image of this reactor, it was stated that it's rods would stick and that liquid sodium was too dangerous to use as a coolant. But this engineer, the man who developed it, stated that this media campaign was a pure psy op which like many things the media and government says had no truth to it at all...

He then went on to lament about what a waste of money it was to have the technology banned because nuclear fuel is expensive and they were only able to use it to about five percent of its total potential without implementing this technology. He lamented the fact that his life's greatest accomplishment got banned for no good reason, and it was a tremendous waste of money to not use the technology his team developed. Electricity would have been cheap. So cheap that homes would not have been heated with oil or natural gas, electricity would have been the only sensible choice. Furthermore, with a reduction in the price of electricity by at least 10X, electric cars would have quickly become a standard...

So now, 40 years after the ban, America has fuel pools around the country that are so full that they have exceeded even the extremely generous safety margins they were originally designed to have, and even modest pools often have over 400 tons of highly active isotope ridden "spent" fuel in them...

How about that Deagel report? One way or another, they are going to make it happen. And if compliance becomes an issue, they are going to stuxnet torch off all those fuel pools which absolutely will make the United States permanently, irrevocably, a lethal wasteland.

[ Nukular "waste" is used to make weapons. ]


Dr. Shiva Exposes Dr. Fauci's "Fake Science" and the WHO

Massachusetts Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, PhD exposes the role of Big-Pharma, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the World Health Organization's promotion of "Fake Science" to push false Big Government solutions at the expense of people's lives and health.

Quinine (Tonic Water) & Zinc

...Very good & actionable video from a US Doctor where he’s suggesting:

Schwepps tonic water (quinine) & high doses of zinc (100-250mg per day if infected, 50-100mg per day if preventative)


Check out Artemisinin.


Mateon Expands its COVID-19 Therapeutic Program to include Artemisinin
In vitro data generated by the company and its collaborators supports the ability of artemisinin, an anti-malarial drug, to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 which can lead to COVID-19

Artemisinin complements OT-101 which continues to demonstrate potent activity against SARS-CoV-2 and expands the company’s intellectual property portfolio...

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize into an undercover dictatorship to restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others; the Constitution of the Republic should make a Special privilege for medical freedoms as well as religious freedom."
-- Benjamin Rush, Physician

Dr Benjamin Rush : signer of the United States Declaration of Independence, civic leader, physician, politician, social reformer, humanitarian, educator, and the founder of Dickinson College, attended the Continental Congress, served as Surgeon General of the Continental Army, was George Washington's doctor, became a professor of chemistry, medical theory, and clinical practice at the University of Pennsylvania.


'This is very real': From their window, New York couple sees refrigerated trucks remove bodies


Workers in full Hazmat suits bury rows of coffins in Hart Island mass grave as NYC officials confirm coronavirus victims WILL be buried there if their bodies aren't claimed within two weeks after death toll rises to 4,778



I did not figure that out myself, I saw it on social media, it is probably going viral and definitely will now. It will be posted later along with that yelling British woman saying "He's not dead, he was perfectly fine when the police took him a few minutes ago!

I think it is VERY SAFE to say that IF there is a virus, the main cause of death "from the virus" is politics. This is why China down played their numbers, they knew the virus was not potent enough to justify how many people they hauled off and incinerated.
Remember that video where the people being taken fought so hard and were in obvious perfect health? THINK ABOUT IT.
Also, hospitaliations for "coronavirus" in New York dropped enormously today, because rather than raid another retirement community to murder it, all they had available was the few people left from the last raid they did. This is NOT BULLSHIT, SEE THIS,


 and for extremly potent intrinsic proof they really did kill these people, SEE THIS


Countless doctors across the country are blowing the whistle on "coronavirus deaths" and are stating that if they don't log people as "dead from coronavirus" even when they clearly did not die from the virus that they face severe discipline. People that have absolutely no need to be on a respirator are also forced onto them because for a hospital admission FOR CORONAVIRUS, (EVERY CASE) medicare automatically pays $11,000 and when someone is put on a respirator, Medicare automatically pays $39,000.

So there's SERIOUS motivation for extreme hanky panky with this, they are lying through their teeth with the stats and people had damn well better take notice and put this right. You can't believe stats AT ALL when 7,500 people die in the United States daily and there are therefore LOTS of bodies to cheat the system with. They can fake the "coronavirus" stats all they want and then collect BIGLY...

Atlas at last !
A Comet Five Times Greater than Jupiter is Approaching the Earth

New asteroid disaster movie trailer has suddenly been removed from the web.
Nostradamus says :
[ Excerpt ]Prophecy: A History of the Future, Ch. 7

According to Michel Nostradamus, Mortara (in northern Italy near Milan) will be struck by an earthquake at Easter. England will half-sink in a geological catastrophe -- perhaps a cometary fragment impact?

"The great Britain comprised England
Will come by waters so high to be inundated
The new league of Ausonia will make war
That against them they will come to band." (C.3:70)

Ausonia (near Naples) will become a center of resistance against the Muslims. The sinking of England (or the flooding of East Anglia at least) may be caused by a great earthquake, possibly caused by the impact of a comet:

"The great round mountain of seven stades
After peace, war, famine, flood
It will roll far, sinking great countries
Even the ancient ones, and of great foundation." (C.1:69)

A stade is a measure varying from about 607 to 739 feet; seven stades equals about 4250-5150 feet. Conservatively interpreted, line 1 suggests that Mt. Vesuvius, which is about that high, will erupt with extreme violence. However, it is just as likely that this is a warning that a comet will strike Earth. Several other prophets also predicted a cometary impact, i.e., Revelation 8: 8-11.

"At the place where Jason had his ship built,
There will be a flood so great and so sudden
That one will have no place or land to fall upon,
The waves to mount Olympian Fesulan." (C.8:16)

Jason is he of Golden Fleece fame; Greece is indicated here. "Fesulan" is one of Nostradamus' many unsolved linguistic barbarisms, but probably derives from Fesulae (now Fiesole) in central Italy, which certainly would suffer also if such an enormous catastrophe were to befall Greece.

Dave Hodges & Celeste Solum (4/8/2020) -- Mark of the Beast -- 'They Actually Want to Kill This Generation Off'

Our Modern Society Relies Upon Complex, Modern Supply Chains For Food. How Would We Cope When They Will Suddenly Collapse?
[ Excerpt ]
...Hunger pains
What does hunger do to you? Due to the ethical quagmire of running experiments on this, scientists have instead had to rely on the experiences of those who have survived periods of starvation and famine.

“In the short term, there’s weight loss as you metabolize your spare fat and muscle tissues,” says Bradley Elliott, a physiologist at the University of Westminster who studies the effect of starvation in a man who went 50 days without food. The human body is able to cope with surprising levels of weight loss: as the body loses 20% of its weight it consumes 50% less energy. Body temperature drops, while lethargy and apathy take hold as the body tries to conserve what little energy it has. Eventually, however, the organs themselves begin to waste, all apart from the brain, which seems to be an adaptation to protect it from famine.

“Liver and kidney problems also seem to occur,” says Elliot. “Blood pressure regulation is also impaired, which means people can faint easily.”

As the lack of minerals and vitamins take hold, diseases like scurvy and pellagra emerge. Children tend to be more vulnerable than adults, quickly showing the signs of wasting and succumbing to infectious diseases, according to the World Food Programme’s Rita Bhatia when she reported on the severe food shortages in North Korea in the 1990s.

Survival without food can depend on a person’s body weight, how many calorific reserves they have in their fat, and other health conditions they may be suffering from. Women tend to be more resilient than men. But in general, most people will die if their body weight falls to half of normal body mass index – which usually occurs after 45-61 days without food.

For those that survive, there can be lasting impacts.

Long term starvation can affect people’s height, leading to stunting in populations who have lived through famine and severe food shortages. Those who were aged between one and three years at the start of the Great Famine in China, which saw up to 30 million people die between 1959-1961, were on average 2.1cm shorter as adults than those who did not grow up during the famine. They also had thinner arms, were 4.4% lighter and on average achieve lower educational attainment. Miscarriages among pregnant women go up, too.

...Infants who survived the Ethiopian famine in the mid-1980s were more likely to suffer illness in adulthood, while other studies have shown a long list of health issues, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are more common in later life among children who live through periods of starvation.

But the impact of starvation goes beyond physical health. During the Great Chinese famine, labor fell by 25%, drastically affecting the country’s economic output. Children who survived the Ethiopian famine earned 3-8% less per year over their lifetime than their contemporaries.

While these studies can provide some clues, they fail to convey the agonizing, maddening pain of real hunger.

Oonagh Walsh, a professor of gender studies at Glasgow Caledonian University, has found that the number of people being committed to psychiatric asylums rocketed during and immediately after the Irish Famine between 1845-1851.

“There was a huge rise in committals to asylums from a population that was effectively halved during this time,” she says. “Some of these might be people seeking a decent meal they know they will get at an asylum, but there was also a shift in the way people thought.

“People quickly became very fatalistic. The famine was worst on the west coast where they have access to the sea and fish. It doesn’t make sense until you realise that people had sold everything they had, including their nets and boats. The starving population resorted to trying to trap birds, eating grass, weeds, and straw.”

CORONAHOAX: Staged COVID-19 pandemic has all the signatures of an AI simulation

Is There a Connection Between Coronavirus and 5G?

The Who : Won't Get Fooled Again !

Fake Coronavirus Data, Fear Campaign. Spread of the COVID-19 Infection
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

The Anatomy of Covid-19
Humanity is not a virus. Covid-19 is an attack on humanity. Everyone in America can test positive for Covid-19 assuming they have an immune system. What they're calling a test is not a test - its a scarlet letter. The coronavirus is the body's exosomes. These are secreted by the cells under numerous conditions. Duke-trained Doctor Andrew Kaufman explains it all in a concise 30-minute presentation.

Severe Food Shortages in Weeks Without PPE | Leaked FEMA Document

MN Senator and Dr. Reveals HHS Document Coached Him on How to Overcount COVID-19 Cases -- WITH COPY OF DOCUMENT (VIDEO)
US HHS Document to Doctors on How to Certify COVID-19 Deaths including Related Deaths

The Effectiveness of Social Distancing on Pandemic Viral Transmission

Uploaded after youtube didnt like it ! Former vodaphone boss blows whistle on 5G:coronavirus
Biggest Deception On The Whole World EndGame Plan remix

Summary of the Covid1984 agenda:
American Countdown ( 4-8-2020 ) Un-Censored

Xtian Science to the Rescue !
Uploaded after youtube didnt like it ! Former vodaphone boss blows whistle on 5G:coronavirus
Biggest Deception On The Whole World EndGame Plan remix

Clif High Critical thinking - smoking bats 5 - REDUCE VIRAL LOAD

Got Covid ? Got a Lung Flute ?   

Do you suffer from chronic lung congestion? Has Bronchial Hygiene Therapy (BHT) been recommended to you?

Now, thanks to the Lung Flute, you can breathe easier.

The Lung Flute is indicated for Positive Expiratory Pressure therapy, which is an important part of BHT. BHT can be used for a variety for congestive conditions such as: COPD, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, emphysema or other chronic respiratory ailments.

When you endure lung congestion with thick, chronic mucus that is difficult to break up, breathing can be a constant struggle. You may have to rely on medications, inhalers, oxygen therapy or even surgery to open up your airways. Everyday activities can become an effort.

The Lung Flute from Medical Acoustics can help.

The FDA-cleared Lung Flute is the only product that uses sound vibration to stimulate your body's natural mucus-clearing system – effectively thinning and dislodging mucus deep in the lungs so that it's easier to cough up. The small, reusable, plastic device is non-invasive, easy to use and drug-free – just blow into the mouthpiece and the device will do the rest.

Clinical tests have proven the Lung Flute's ability to break up mucus in the lungs, making it equally effective for both therapeutic and diagnostic use. Unlike other devices, which rely on pressure and can't reach deep lung mucus, the Lung Flute's technology is based on low-frequency acoustic waves that are produced when you blow into the flute-shaped device.

Lung Flute Product DEMO - YouTube

US6984214 / US6702769 : Device and method for inducing sputum and collecting samples

Perfect Fit - High Airflow - Custom 3D Printed Respirator Face Mask - Replaceable filters
Filter capacity calculation
Resting breathing volume: 0.3CFM (.5m3/h source engineeringtoolbox.com, howstuffworks.com)
Exercise breathing: 0.9CFM (1.5m3/h source engineeringtoolbox.com)

MERV 12 Filter - Rated for 1708CFM
Square inches of filter area: 3150sq.in.  (25 x 4.5 x 28) (Size of pleat x number of pleats)
Square inches of usable mask filter area: 9.75 sq.in (3 x 3.25)
Portion of filter used: 0.0031 (9.75sq.in./3150sq.in.)
Nominal CFM for MERV12 filter mask: 5.28cfm (.0031x1708cfm)

CFM rates appear to be well over the average human's breathing rate.

Custom Fitted Respirator Filter Mask - COVID-19

How to Make Liposomal C - The Proper Way
Aaron Murakami

http://qualityliposomalc.com has directions you can print off.


Antiviral use of zinc and lithium ascorbate(s)

The invention relates to the field of preventive or curative control against diseases of viral origin in humans or animals.

The virulicidal properties of certain metal salts, such as zinc or lithium salts, are already known.

Thus the publication "Effect of Zinc Ions on the Synthesis of Herpes Simplex Virus DNA in infected BSC-1 cells", virology 66, p. 330-335, 1975, Academic Press, Joseph SHLOMAI, YAEL ASHER, YITZHAK J. GORDON, UDY OLSHEVSKY and YECHIEL BECKER, describes the antiviral action of zinc sulfate against cells infected with the Herpes Simplex DNA virus.

Also, the publication "Zinc Salts that may be effective against the AIDS Virus HIV", Medical Hypotheses 1988, 26, 251-253, Longman Group, W. SERGIO, teaches that zinc, a broad-spectrum virulicide, could be considered to combat AIDS.

Nevertheless, it appeared that the high toxicity of zinc salts at the doses in which they are active against viruses does not allow their administration to be considered in general for humans or animals. As a result, the use of zinc salts generally against AIDS or other viral infections has not been able to be implemented since this publication...

According to the invention, the metal is zinc and / or lithium, known for their virulicidal properties, and compatible with ascorbic acid. It has indeed been able to demonstrate, surprisingly, that metals in the form of ascorbate have an extremely low toxicity at doses where they nevertheless have sufficient virulicidal power, in particular within the meaning of the AFNOR standard. Thus, ascorbate is a vector of metals in general administration. And more particularly, zinc ascorbate achieves a compromise which makes it possible to envisage background treatments with zinc salts, generally and at doses where these salts are certainly virulicidal.

According to the invention, in the case of zinc, proportions of zinc ascorbate are used in the pharmaceutical form of the composition so that the blood concentration resulting after the general administration is greater than 0.125 g / l, the upper limit being fixed by the toxicity of zinc ascorbate. Indeed, for this value, we see that the virulicidal power of zinc ascorbate is total without any side or toxic effect.

According to the invention, in the case of lithium, proportions of lithium ascorbate are used in the dosage form of the composition so that the resulting blood concentration is greater than 2 g / l, in particular of the order of 3 g / l...

XAMPLE NO 1: Zinc ascorbate was prepared by salification between ascorbic acid and zinc oxide in proportions of 2 moles of acid per 1 mole of oxide. 35 parts of ascorbic acid (2 M) are dissolved in 150 parts of water. 8 parts of zinc oxide (1 M) are added when cold (between 0 ° C. and 300 ° C.) and away from light, as its solubility is carried out, with continuous stirring. The liquor obtained is orange-yellow and has a pH of 4.6. The liquor is then evaporated under vacuum between 400 C and 600 C to obtain a light yellow powder having a molecular weight of 415.61.

EXAMPLE NO 2: Lithium ascorbate was prepared by the action of ascorbic acid on lithium carbonate in an aqueous medium protected from light. 10 parts of ascorbic acid are dissolved in 50 parts of cold distilled water. With stirring, 2.1 parts of lithium carbonate are gradually added. After the end of the reaction, the mixture is left in contact for 12 hours. Evaporated under vacuum between 400 C and 600 C. An orange-yellow residue of lithium ascorbate is obtained...

The lethal dose 50 (LD 50) was determined according to the BEHRENS and KARBER method according to the following formula: LD 50 = DmM - zaxb / n, where DmM is the minimum lethal dose, at the average difference between two successive doses, b the average number of deaths at two successive doses, n the number of experimental animals per batch.

5 male and 5 female rats were used. The first case of mortality occurred at a dose of 3 g / kg in a female rat. At 4g / kg one male and 4 females died, and at 6g / kg all of the rats died.
As a result, the LD 50 for oral zinc ascorbate is 4.7 g / kg in the male rat and 3.6 g / kg in the female rat....

At 1,000 mg / kg, all animals remained alive

Zinc ascorbate hydrogen citrate, as well as preparation method and application thereof

[0009] A method for preparing zinc hydrogen citrate ascorbic acid, comprising the steps of:

[0010] (1)Weighing the raw material monohydrate citric acid, ascorbic acid, zinc oxide and water into the reaction kettle, wherein the ratio of the amount of citric acid, ascorbic acid and zinc oxide in one water is 3:1:4;

[0011] (2)Turn on the chemical reaction for half an hour;

[0012] (3)Stop for half an hour, add ethanol to make the chemical reaction mature;

[0013] (4)After half an hour of starting, the hydrogen citrate zinc ascorbate was released.

[0014] Further, the chemical reaction of the step (2) is carried out at normal temperature.

[0015] Further, the chemical reaction of the step (2) is carried out according to the following reaction formula:

[0016] 3(C 6 H 8 O 7 )·H 2 O+C 6 H 8 O 6 +4ZnO=Zn 4 H 2 (C 6 H 7 O 6 )(C 6 H 5 O 7 ) 3 ·4H 2 O↓+3H 2 O.

[0017] Further, the step (4) further comprises a filtration and a washing treatment to obtain pure hydrogen citrate zinc ascorbate crystals....

[0034] The preparation method of the hydrogen citrate zinc ascorbate in this embodiment comprises the following steps:

[0035] (1)Weigh 630.42g of citric acid monohydrate, 176.13g of ascorbic acid, 325.52g of zinc oxide and a certain amount of water, and put the raw materials into the reaction kettle together;

[0036] (2)The chemical reaction is started for half an hour, and the chemical reaction formula is:

[0037] 3(C 6 H 8 O 7 )·H 2 O+C 6 H 8 O 6 +4ZnO=Zn 4 H 2 (C 6 H 7 O 6 )(C 6 H 5 O 7 ) 3 ·4H 2 O↓+3H 2 O, the reaction condition is normal temperature;

[0038] (3)After stopping for half an hour, ethanol was added to mature the chemical reaction, and zinc citrate ascorbate crystals were precipitated;

[0039] (4)After being turned on for half an hour, the material in the reaction kettle is filtered and washed after the reaction is completed, and zinc hydrogen citrate is released;

[0040] (5)After drying, 1078.07 g of zinc ascorbyl hydrogen citrate was obtained, and the finished product was packaged.


[0003] A method for treating deep caries using zinc-eugenol paste is known (Hume WR The pharmacology and toxicological properties of zinc oxide-ongenol .-- J.Amer. Dent., Ass., 1986, v.113, No.5, p.789-791. ). The advantage of this method is the pronounced odontotropic effect of the paste (i.e., the ability to stimulate the formation of a substitute dentin), as well as its antibacterial activity, but using this method requires two visits to the dentist, which lengthens the treatment period, in addition, eugenol can cause an allergic reaction from the side of the pulp and has an unpleasant odor. Zinc-eugenol paste is not adapted to modern composite materials...

[0006] The method of treatment of deep caries with the use of propolis paste is known (Kokareva AA The use of propolis paste for the treatment of deep caries .-- The report of interregional confection dentistry of the Northwestern regions of the RSFSR, Komi and Karelian ASSR., Murmansk, 1979, p.81 -82). The preparation contains 4% alcohol tincture of propolis, to which powder of zinc oxide in a ratio of 1: 3 was added.

[0007] The disadvantage of this method is a weakly odontotropic effect of the paste, which can not prevent the progression of the disease, especially in acute its course...

[0006] The method of treatment of deep caries with the use of propolis paste is known (Kokareva AA The use of propolis paste for the treatment of deep caries .-- The report of interregional confection dentistry of the Northwestern regions of the RSFSR, Komi and Karelian ASSR., Murmansk, 1979, p.81 -82). The preparation contains 4% alcohol tincture of propolis, to which powder of zinc oxide in a ratio of 1: 3 was added.

[0007] The disadvantage of this method is a weakly odontotropic effect of the paste, which can not prevent the progression of the disease, especially in acute its course...

[0013] Stop the growth of pathogenic microflora due to the properties of chitosan agglutinate microbial bodies. The mechanism of agglutination is identical to the adhesion of erythrocytes polycations. The universal mechanism of selective binding of chitosan to polysaccharide receptors on the cell membrane of a bacterial cell provides a bacteriostatic effect on virtually any type of microbes. Chitosan induces the binding of free microbial toxins (Bolshakov IN Extracorporeal and corporal immunoaffinity sorption in experimental diffuse acute peritonitis., Author's Diss .. - dmn - Moscow, 2002). Strengthening the antimicrobial effect of chitosan is achieved by combining it with ascorbic acid by attaching an additional hydrogen proton to the chitosan molecule. The use of paste based on chitosan ascorbate in the treatment of deep caries provides, along with anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action, an odontotropic effect on the pulp, resulting in the deposition of a significant layer of substitute dentin at the bottom of the carious cavity, which reliably isolates the tooth pulp from the effects of microflora.

[0014] When carrying out the claimed method of treating deep caries to 2% gel of ascorbate chitosan with a degree of deacetylation of 95% and a molecular weight of 100-120 kD, zinc oxide is added in a ratio of 1: 3, carefully stirring until the paste is formed - a medical pad.

[0015] The method is carried out as follows: Carry out preparation of the carious cavity, its medicamental treatment with 0.06% solution of chlorhexidine (antiseptic), air-dried. At the bottom of the cavity apply a medical pad consisting of 2% gel of ascorbate chitosan and zinc oxide in a ratio of 1: 2 with a layer up to 1 mm thick. Further, the treatment pad is covered with a pad of aqueous dentine and phosphate cement, a permanent seal is applied...

Chinese Scientists Develop Electrostatic Antiviral Masks: What Are Their Advantages Over N95 Masks?

...The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology has developed an “electrostatic antiviral mask” with a special “air purifier”. Associate Professor Tong Xufeng has shared information about the advantages of the new mask compared to the standard N95 mask.

He said that viruses can’t survive in the air alone: ​​they spread mainly by attaching themselves to particles. Therefore, the virus first needs to cling to something. The diameter of such particles is usually less than PM 2.5, about 1 micron.

    "The advantage of the new mask is mainly that it can filter out particles with a diameter of less than 1 micrometre. Having absorbed these particles, the mask uses rays and high-voltage fields to kill viral organisms. If you use conventional masks that filter PM 2.5, they don’t filter out particles smaller than 2.5 microns"...

    ave increased the radiation power of the original masks. The high voltage created by first-generation electronic masks is more than 3000 volts; we have increased it by another 1000 volts. Usually, ozone appears under high voltage. Its smell is very unpleasant, but our new electronic masks filter out ozone. Moreover, we guarantee that the mask’s high voltage is not harmful for people. We take this very seriously".

The new masks are expected to enter the market in about two months. Tong Xufeng said that they have already applied to the relevant departments to certify the new antiviral mask and are currently awaiting verification and approval. At the same time, mass production of the masks is being prepared.

Carlo GIANSANTI : Copper Breathing Mask
Young man slowly coming out of 3 years coma. breathing copper  its energy gives strength to all organ and help restart them. After 4 months breathing copper looks at ...
carlo giansanti @ carlocopper. 79 years young. haven't seen doctor in 15 years except for check ups. Breathing copper clears lungs from any bacteria that enters the body.
Carlo Copper is Back as the Copperman!
American Inventor: Mad Man Carlo Giansanti
American Inventor - Carlo Giansanti
US6266824 // Head shield
An electromagnetic shielding apparatus for covering and protecting the head of a user from EMF radiation which may be worn by itself or discretely beneath other head gear. A head covering is fabricated from a conductive, non-magnetizable material such as copper, bronze, brass or the like which may be drawn and shaped into a web or mesh material. The resulting shield is lightweight, air permeable and supple enough to be worn beneath other head gear.

Clif High -- critical thinking - April 5, Year 0, CCP War, biolabs & batshit
link to NYC doc's vid about his reaction to COVID19 as a "disease" that he does not understand. It is a #bioweapon


Food Production SHUTDOWN - You MUST Grow Your Own Now
 Ice Age Farmer

Workers are refusing to show up at food producers, processors and packers around the world.  They WANT you to think that only big companies can continue to operate. NO! *YOU* ARE CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE! YOU must grow your own!  As UK and France create "Land Armies" to help farmers, the USA descends further into complete shutdown and chaos. 

The FDA-approved Drug Ivermectin inhibits the replication of SARS-CoV-2 in vitro
Leon Caly, et al.
Ivermectin is an inhibitor of the COVID-19 causative virus (SARS-CoV-2) in vitro.
A single treatment able to effect ∼5000-fold reduction in virus at 48h in cell culture.
Ivermectin is FDA-approved for parasitic infections, and therefore has a potential for repurposing.
Ivermectin is widely available, due to its inclusion on the WHO model list of essential medicines.

Although several clinical trials are now underway to test possible therapies, the worldwide response to the COVID-19 outbreak has been largely limited to monitoring/containment. We report here that Ivermectin, an FDA-approved anti-parasitic previously shown to have broad-spectrum anti-viral activity in vitro, is an inhibitor of the causative virus (SARS-CoV-2), with a single addition to Vero-hSLAM cells 2 hours post infection with SARS-CoV-2 able to effect ∼5000-fold reduction in viral RNA at 48 h. Ivermectin therefore warrants further investigation for possible benefits in humans...

3D Print Mask Making Emergency Kit Make Your Own Mask's


The Naval War College Ran a Pandemic War Game in 2019. The Conclusions Were Eerie

An infectious disease breaks out in a densely populated metropolis and is spreading rapidly, causing respiratory failure and death in its victims. As local containment and response mechanisms break down and cases multiply, it becomes clear that a global response -- spanning governments, humanitarian organizations, health agencies and the military -- will be required.

That scenario is not a condensed narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic that currently has much of the globe on lockdown. Rather, it's the premise of a war game run last September by the Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, Rhode Island. And its findings -- released in summary format Wednesday -- reveal prescient and sometimes troubling parallels to the real-world response effort that continues today...

U.S. Naval War College Urban Outbreak 2019 Games and Simulations 4-1-2020
Urban Outbreak 2019 Pandemic Response: Select Research & Urban Outbreak 2019 Pandemic Response: Select Research & Game Findings Game Finding

New York City is lying about Chinese virus death rates
By Matthew Vadum

The mass hysteria over COVID-19 in the U.S. is driven in large measure by misleading statistics and bad math about the disease’s body count.

Now that New York has become the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States, we are now regularly inundated on cable TV news with the latest pandemic statistics from the city. The statistics grow gloomier by the hour.

These figures have frightened people into submission as state and local governments across America enact repressive measures they say are necessary to contain the virus or slow its proliferation.

After doing everything in their power to oust President Donald Trump, journalists and others are now calling him a weakling for supposedly not doing enough, while they demand an unprecedented nationwide crackdown.

he problem starts with the fact that the highly influential statistics from the Big Apple paint a false picture of what is actually happening.

In New York City, the death of anyone who dies who tests positive for COVID-19 is counted as a coronavirus death. This is the case even if the coronavirus failed to play a significant role in the person’s passing or illness.

New York City’s government isn’t the only one worldwide doing this.

In an open letter to Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, wrote:

“[T]he mistake is being made worldwide to report virus-related deaths as soon as it is established that the virus was present at the time of death – regardless of other factors. This violates a basic principle of infectiology: only when it is certain that an agent has played a significant role in the disease or death may a diagnosis be made.”

Infectiology, also known as infectology, is “a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, management and treatment of various infectious or contagious diseases,” according to Medihub.

Why do the rules of infectiology not apply to the Chinese virus?

Shocking Expose Proves Thousands Of COVID-19 Deaths Have Gone Uncounted In The US: Live Updates

Two reporters from the New York Times purport to have found evidence that health officials, often at the local or county level, are dramatically undercounting coronavirus deaths in the US. Citing information and documents provided by "doctors, hospital officials, public health experts and medical examiners," among others, the reporters claim that potentially thousands of deaths have gone uncounted, meaning the total is probably closer to 20k - or beyond - than the roughly 10k (9,180, per JHU) reported so far.

Unfortunately, since the patients have died, there will be few - if any - opportunities for these discrepancies to be rectified, if coronavirus isn't listed as a cause of death, something that requires a positive test.

Given the shortage of tests around the US, living patients have typically been prioritized over the deceased, even as counting posthumous deaths is important in helping officials get the accurate data they need to fight the virus...

arXiv announces new COVID-19 quick search

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, arXiv now offers a quick search link to all coronavirus and COVID-19 research hosted on arXiv.org. The search results are sorted by date, with the most recent papers at the top of the list.

Also new on the arXiv homepage is an external link to medRxiv and bioRxiv preprints about the coronavirus and COVID-19.


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5G Towers catching on Fire in the UK & US!!

The Creation of a False Epidemic by Jon Rappoport Part 1 of 3: How It Started
The Solari Report

Exposing the scam, I’ve just completed three audio presentations about COVID-19. With the cooperation of Solari.com and Catherine Austin Fitts, we’re making these presentations.

The Creation of a False Epidemic by Jon Rappoport Part 2: The Medical CIA, Covert Ops

The Creation of a False Epidemic by Jon Rappoport Part 3: The True Goal of the False Pandemic

Expert Virologist: Here's Everything You Need To Understand About Coronavirus

GM-Trump Made In USA, FDA On Serum,
Cholesterol vs CoV, Wenzhou-Italy - Part 16
By Yoichi Shimatsu

The craving for sugar, carbs in cake and donuts, most fruit and super-sweet GM corn, soft drinks, pizza and sushi is the slippery slope down to illness, disease, death and, worse, weakness of spirit and mental loss of direction. So-called "healthy" salads and vegan diets input hordes of microorganisms and zoonotic viruses into the gut. As shown in a new study out of China discloses that COVID-19 patients show an extremely low level of cholesterol inside their arteries. The deficiency is partly due to viral infection of the liver, which ceases processing fatty oils, but also can be attributed in part to inadequate consumption of animal fats due to the two-year Swine Flu pandemic that killed off the national hog herd. Skyrocketing prices for imported pork and beef reduced meat in the Chinese diet. Inadequate diet weakens the human immune system.

If vegan theory was really accurate, then a reduction of meat consumption should have boosted Chinese health instead of the actual outcome of lowering immunity to coronvirus and flu. A daily diet of beef kept me going in Beijing during the unprecedented summer flu in mid-2019, which shut down swathes of the capital. I was there to video a conference on Buddhist history, carrying a heavy camera and big tripod for miles in intense heat and shooting in crowded lecture halls and rode subways but was not infected. Eating beef for dinner every evening and drinking red wine for medicinal purposes allowed me to sleep without fidgeting as my nutrition-boosted antibodies wiped out any trace of the human version of swine flu, a contagion unreported by a news media fixated on carbon emissions.

The beauty of fat
Cholesterol from animal fat protects arteries, thereby blocking viruses from penetrating into the lungs and other vital organs, while alcohol is an excellent internal disinfectant. Ancient dietary wisdom ensures health as opposed to the crank theories of nonsensical weight-loss diets that promote anorexia, which is the sure formula for fashionistas and models to have zero resistance to STDs (as compared with Kenyan sex workers) and going downhill with cocaine inhalation inside crowded discos. Coronavirus is merely the last thrill. The bubble-butt types, meanwhile, seem to be in good spirits as opposed to those grim stick figures.

The ideal is to be moderately lean but not overweight. The beef revival is due to a reduction of steroids and antibiotics in cattle over the recent two decades, making red meat especially from free-range steers the nutritious choice once again, as during my boyhood in Kobe, the world capital of marbled steak, or way back in the cowboy days as in Wichita and Dodge City. So I'll let you in on a secret.

When I was doing ecological consulting on the Tibetan grasslands, helping local herders who produced yak milk to preserve their mix of wild vegetation in the mountain meadows, an organic herding expert from Switzerland came over to advise our project. His most insightful comment was that the grass diet bolsters ruminants with vitamin A, which is why they don't need a lot of drugs or supplements. The positive effect of A on vision is established, but lesser known is how A stimulates collagen growth. This means beef-eating, especially the gristle as in the knuckles, makes for stronger artery walls and also helps protect your immune-response function in the subcutaneous "fat" immediately below the skin, the largest organ of the human body. Gnawing on a hundred carrots is not going to equal a pound of fatty beef.

It would unethical not to warn about steak broiled rare. Bovine tuberculosis cells can nestle undetected in the folds of cattle brains, so beef should be heated to a minimal medium or slightly well done to prevent infection as in sirloin rare, which has led to an entire generation of business executives suffering "dementia" and "Altzheimer's".

To avert medication with statins, it's important to eat the right kind of fat. Grain-fed cattle in feed lots tend to have more "soft" cholesterol inside the hard fat (the terms are confusing). It's best even in range steer meat to eat the soft fat (with "hard" cholesterol) and toss away the harder pieces of fat. In pork, it can be the opposite, since the dense subcutaneous layer next to the skin is excellent for vitality, whereas the greasy soft fat is ruinous to your waistline. Know the difference between good fats and fat cats, the latter like that ambition-oozing ignoramus Andrew Cuomo who came out against GM mass-production of ventilators, which is the starting line for national re-industrialization plus needed help for CoV patients. The comedian governor should stick to solving the in-fighting between residents and vacation-home owners up in the Borscht Belt in the Catskills...

The serum trade
Blood serum from "recovered" CoV patients provides the antibodies used in test kits, before cloned sequences are available from biotech labs. Over a relatively short time serum tends to oxidize and biochemically deteriorate. In the specific case of COVID-19, many of the so-called recoveries are probably due to failure of viral replication, caused by cumbersome strands of HIV and m.Tuberculosis complicating transcription. This means that many patient recoveries are due to malfunction of viral replication and not the result of interception by antibodies. As a consequence, blood serum from many, and possible most patients is ineffective as a treatment for new cases of infection.

This flaw in an over-engineered virus, which is difficult to replicate, accounts for the lack of antibody response in Chinese-made test kits, which are therefore fundamentally flawed. The Netherlands has returned more than 600,000 test kits to Chinese manufacturers. Spain, Chile, Ukraine, Czech Republic and Turkey have all found Made in China test kits to be defective.

The absence of antibodies also raises a medical-ethics issue regarding illegal sales of blood serum, as a bootleg "cure", being sold at high price by the Chinese mafia to the rich and famous, including Wall Street bankers via their Jewish physicians, Hollywood celebrities and top government officials and politicians. How are you feeling, Nancy? This underground trafficking in blood serum, a type of vampirism, is unverifiable to whether the "donor" is a recovered patient or an infection-killed corpse. Given the history of infectious diseases in China, there is no way of determining the presence of other viruses in the mix, for example HIV, since that is a component of COVID-19. The near-total absence of medical ethics in the American privatized health system is a hornet's nest of fraud, deception, misdiagnosis and utter lack of accountability along with insurance fraud. It is simply impossible for HHS or the CDC to track, much less probe this Pandora's box of medical abuse and pharmacological criminality. The only alternative is entrapment of dealers by law enforcement agencies.

Adding injury to insult against their own people, high-level authorities in China are permitting the export of blood serum from CoV patients, as they still do for opioids. The sharp decline in COV cases to near zero indicates the disappearance of many patients who seem to have vanished into thin air. In standard practice, it takes the blood from nine (9) patients to fill a tiny vial with serum. Therefore the large volume of serum on the global black markets means that countless patients are being drained of all their blood to supply the cannibalistic cravings of the global elite. Given the extent of censorship in China, these illegal sales of human-harvested products must have official sanction, as in the organ-harvesting trade.

Buyer beware, since the anti-CoV serum has no credible guarantee of being free of HIV or clear of other pathogens, no verification of authenticity from an actual CoV donor, no proper registration or tracing system, or even proof it's not just water or urine. The risks are enormous and the price is high. In addition, the shelf-life of human serum is extremely short due to decomposition.

How extensive is the problem of medical abuse in the serum trade? A estimated 5 million residents are missing from Wuhan, and the disconnection of more than 22 million smart phones over the past two months indicates "the killing fields" under an untrustworthy absolutist regime, where the elite and medical profession maintain a conspiracy of silence about the hidden blood bath. China's civilization is a universe of glory and ethical propriety, but Chinese politics is a pit of murder and deception. The coronavirus outbreak could not have happened in a worse place, and the Japanese-British-Israeli perpetrators of biological warfare against Wuhan were well aware of this fact...


5G at 60Ghz resonates with the oxygen molecule and gives oxygen a reverse polarity that makes it much less usable to the human body. At high concentrations of 5G usage you get suffocation of humans at street level. And at lower doses you get flu like symptoms which are the exact same symptoms as the flu with this lowered oxygen uptake by the body. But the way 5G kills is much more interesting.

Our bodies have trillions of parasitic organisms inside which feed on us and some say help us live by doing many useful functions. But when these bacteria, fungi, and parasites are subjected to any WIFI microwave radiations they are harmed and begin reproducing toxins in self defense. These organisms begin reproducing rapidly to ensure their survival. And so we get flu like symptoms from these internal parasite organisms under attack from WIFI microwave radiations reproducing rapidly and excreting toxins. This is the real illness people are getting not a bio-weapon coronavirus.

2G has ten microwave frequencies assigned to it, 3G has ten also, 4G has five frequencies with some overlaps, but 5G has 3000 microwave frequencies assigned to it by the FCC. Why so many? So 5G should really be called 297G not 5G. So with this 5G rollout in China, Korea, Italy, Iran, and cruise ships we have the greatest concentrations of 5G usage and the greatest concentrations of illness and death in the world. Our internal parasites are like canaries in a mine and are being killed off rapidly from this 5G usage. When this happens too quickly the body can not get rid of the increased toxins and the host (you) die from toxemia. Our human cells are all tied together and form a much stronger union but our many parasitic hosts inside us are much more isolated within us and much more vulnerable to this WIFI microwave radiations. They try to survive by multiplying rapidly and making toxins to protect them from harm but it is no use and they die with 5G. And with their rapid death our bodies (at least of older and less healthy human) are overwhelmed by toxins very quickly and die from the combined effects of lowered oxygen uptake from 5G, and also from the massive overpopulation, and then die off of our internal biomass of germs and parasites, which creates overwhelming toxemia.
When the Chinese locked down the people in Wuhan they turned to their new 5G phones and internet connections and so the city was flooded with much more 5G WIFI radiations and made many more people fall sick and die. Many people even fell sick instantly at street level from oxygen deficiency which previously had no sickness. A massive cloud of 5G 60Ghz microwave radiations caused oxygen in the air to fall below critical levels for survival.
Yesterday all of Asia turned off their 5G and left on only their 3G and 4G systems to communicate so they know 5G is the real cause of the illnesses.

Yesterday all of Asia turned off their 5G and left on only their 3G and 4G systems to communicate so they know 5G is the real cause of the illnesses.

So turn off your smartphones or put them in an aluminum pouch until you need to use them to lessen radiation exposure to yourself and everyone else.

That is the real thing you must do instead of washing your hands to protect others.
And if you would heal your elderly and grand parents put them in a Faraday cage where they will not be irradiated constantly by WIFI signals that are all around us especially in hospitals. Then their sick bodies may heal themselves in time as the toxemia clears from their bodies.

Coronavirus And The Doom World Dystopia To Come
By Lasha Darkmoon //  Harold Smith and Arch Stanton

Back in February, a news article was published in China, within which can be found the following amazing statement:

“Hydroxychloroquine is a mature immunosuppressive agent for clinical application. It also has anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, anti-viral, optical filter, anticoagulant effects, and has fewer adverse reactions. It is also a basic drug for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. The research team conducted a clinical analysis of 178 neocoronavirus patients admitted to the hospital from December 2019 and found that none of them were patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. Later, in consultation with 80 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus treated in the dermatology department of the hospital, they were found not to be infected with neocoronavirus pneumonia...

“The identification of this new mechanism of action of CLQ and CLQ-OH supports the use of these repositioned drugs to *CURE* SARS-CoV-2 infected patients and stop the pandemic.”


After doing additional scientific research into this subject, it seems to me that the severity of COVID-19 contagion in any particular person may be largely dependent on nitric oxide bioavailability in that person. Moreover, there is reason to believe that certain micronutrient deficiencies, such as with selenium, can result in increased COVID-19 disease severity that goes beyond what you might associate with sub-optimal nitric oxide bioavailability.

The spike glycoprotein of the new coronavirus 2019-nCoV contains a furin-like cleavage site absent in CoV of the same clade
Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag

Full-genome evolutionary analysis of the novel corona virus (2019-nCoV) rejects the hypothesis of emergence
A NYC physician named Cameron Kyle-Sidell has posted two videos on YouTube, pleading for health practitioners to recognize that COVID-19 is not a pneumonia-like disease at all. It’s an oxygen deprivation condition, and the use of ventilators may be doing more harm than good with some patients. The ventilators themselves, due to the high-pressure methods they are running, may be damaging the lungs and leading to widespread harm of patients.

Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell describes himself as an “ER and critical care doctor” for NYC. “In these nine days I have seen things I have never seen before,” he says. Before publishing his video, we confirmed that Dr. Kyle-Sidell is an emergency medicine physician in Brooklyn and is affiliated with the Maimonides Medical Center located in Brooklyn.

In his video (see below), he goes on to warn the world that the entire approach to treating COVID-19 may be incorrect, and that the disease is something completely different from what the dogmatic medical establishment is claiming.

“In treating these patients, I have witnessed medical phenomena that just don’t make sense in the context of treating a disease that is supposed to be a viral pneumonia,” he explains.

He talks about how he opened a critical care using expecting to be treating patients with a viral pneumonia infection that would progress into Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). But that the disease acted nothing like ARDS. “This is the paradigm that every hospital in the country is working under,” he warns. “And yet, everything I’ve seen in the last nine days, all the things that just don’t make sense, the patients I’m seeing in front of me, the lungs I’m trying to improve, have led me to believe that COVID-19 is not this disease, and that we are operating under a medical paradigm that is untrue.”

More from Dr. Kyle-Sidell: (emphasis added)

In short, I believe we are treating the wrong disease, and I fear that this misguided treatment will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a great number of people in a very short time… I feel compelled to give this information out.

COVID-19 lung disease, as far as I can see, is not a pneumonia and should not be treated as one. Rather, it appears as if some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness. Is it as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are on a plane at 30,000 feet at the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen.

And while [patients] absolutely look like patients on the brink of death, they do not look like patients dying from pneumonia… I suspect that the patients I’m seeing in front of me, look as if a person was dropped off on the top of Mt. Everest without time to acclimate.

He goes on to explain that ventilators, in some cases, may be doing far more harm than good.

When we treat people with ARDS, we typically use ventilators to treat respiratory failure. But these patients’ muscles work fine. I fear that if we are using a false paradigm to treat a new disease, then the method that we program [into] the ventilator, one based on respiratory failure as opposed to oxygen failure, that this method being widely adopted … aims to increase pressure on the lungs in order to open them up, is actually doing more harm than good, and that the pressure we are providing to lungs, we may be providing to lungs that cannot take it. And that the ARDS that we are seeing, may be nothing more than lung injury caused by the ventilator.

There are hundreds of thousands of lungs in this country at risk.

In other words, the real disease appears to cause oxygen deprivation in victims, not pneumonia. This is critically important for all the obvious reasons, and it raises huge questions about the origins of the coronavirus and whether there is some additional external factor beyond the virus that may be causing a combined effect that results in severe oxygen deprivation.

Watch the full video here:


Pope Francis Drops Title ‘Vicar Of Christ’ Assumes Power As Jorge Mario Bergoglio In ‘His Own Name’

The Earth Battery As A 'Free' Energy Generator
Robert Murray-Smith

The Earth Battery - How To Improve It - 1

Jog Away !!!
10 MORE Experts Criticising the Coronavirus Panic

Remote Viewers Saw The Empty Cities

Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles
J. Chem. Educ. 2005, 82, 5, 775, May 1, 2005
Growth Kinetics and Modeling of ZnO Nanoparticles
    Penny S. Hale Leone M. Maddox Joe G. Shapter Nico H. Voelcker Michael J. Ford Eric R. Waclawik

Zinc oxide quantum dot nanoparticles absorb UV light but are optically transparent making them useful as the active ingredient of sunscreens. The absorption wavelength is a function of particle size when the particles are small. This synthesis involves particle growth at 65°C; samples removed at longer times give larger particles. The cut-off wavelength from the absorption spectra can be used to estimate the particle size.
Step 1.Begin heating a large beaker of water to 65°C.
Step 2. Meanwhile, dissolve 0.10 g Zn(CH3CO2)2.H2O in 25 mL isopropanol with heating in a fume hood. (The actual elapsed time shown in the movie is about 15 minutes.)
Step 3. Meanwhile, prepare an ice bath by adding water to ice. Place 125 mL isopropanol in a flask and chill the flask in the ice bath.
Step 4. When the zinc acetate solid has all dissolved, add that solution to the 125 mL of chilled isopropanol. Also obtain 15 mL of 0.050 M NaOH in isopropanol and chill the solution. (A stock solution may already be chilled. See below.)
Step 5. Slowly transfer the chilled NaOH solution to the chilled and rapidly stirring zinc acetate solution using a pasteur pipet.
Step 6. Place the flask with the mixed solution in the 65°C water bath and start taking samples immediately. Record the UV spectra of each sample.

Love in the Age of Covid19

I Found The Source of the Coronavirus

[ Meanwhile, troops & eqpt are being maneuvered... ]
A PATENTED BIOWEAPON is the reason the hospitals are empty

Dr. Rashid Buttar has additional research in this description that you MUST WATCH. This was the additional evidence I sought before publishing. ...


Zombie apocalypse: The coronavirus is now known to alter brain function and make some victims AGGRESSIVE and disoriented

90-Year Saeculum Cycles in American History
The Next Black Swan Event: Adam Baratta

World War 3 Warning For America
Health Ranger Report

There have been three unmistakable signs that war is coming to the United States very soon. Those signs have all emerged in the past week, all with a sense of urgency that goes far beyond any concern about a pandemic.

Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus

 Masks, Gloves Don't Stop Coronavirus Spread: Experts

A Real Remedy for the Coronavirus Panic

A very inexpensive, essentially 100% safe, and apparently Ebola effective therapy should tame coronavirus due to a common denominator in most viruses. Oxidize them, then they simply become inactive or even better - destroyed.

A Plausible "Penny" Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus - Ozone Therapy
Robert Jay Rowen, MD1,* and Howard Robins, DPM2
Many viruses require reduced sulfhydryl groups for cell fusion and entry. Corona viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of the condition now named coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19), are rich in cysteine, which residues must be intact for viral activity. Sulfhydryl groups are vulnerable to oxidation. Ozone therapy, a very inexpensive and safe modality may safely exploit this critical vulnerability in many viruses, inclusive of SARS-CoV-2.,,
The world already has a most inexpensive, safe, and likely effective remedy for deadly viral diseases, which exploits their redox vulnerability at critical membrane cysteine/tryptophan fusion sites. Ozone therapy could be easily deployed worldwide, even in very poor countries. With few conventional treatments for viral pneumonia, this epidemic could provide impetus to study ozone therapy very ethically under the auspices of an institution's review board in treating, with ozone therapy, seriously ill patients, who might otherwise expire. Milder cases could also be treated to study the ability of ozone therapy to slow or halt clinical deterioration. Such study could bring ozone therapy to the forefront of all-around infectious disease management, providing answers to our growing problems with resistant infection. Governments should take notice.

Ozone Therapy Database
Dr Robert ROWEN : Ozone vs Ebola


Newly Discovered Wax Worms Can Eat Plastic Bags, Excrete Alcohol
TEHRAN (Tasnim) – A team of European scientists may have found a unique solution to the plastic problem by discovering a common insect that can chew sizable holes in a plastic shopping bag within 40 minutes.

A study by Brandon University in Manitoba, Canada, has found that waxworms, which normally live in beehives and eat wax, also can survive on polyethylene—the kind of plastic used in shopping bags and elsewhere.

They owe this ability to their intestinal microbes, and excrete glycol after they’ve finished a meal of plastics. Scientists say they’re not sure yet what this glycol, a form of alcohol, could be used for, Forbs reported.

In the lab, 60 of the “mysterious” waxworms were able to eat more than 30 square centimeters of a plastic bag in less than a week, the researchers report....

Waxworms are the caterpillar larvae of the greater wax moth; the moths don’t eat a thing after they emerge from cocoons. “They are voracious feeders during the larval stages in order to build up enough nutrient reserves to subsist as adults,” Cassone says. “As adults, their main purpose is to reproduce and they only live a few days.”

The Brandon researchers found that the worms can survive on a sole diet of polyethylene. And eating that much plastic increased the microbes in their guts, suggesting that the bacteria love to digest plastic. The researchers have even dubbed the worms as “plastivores.”...


 Hundreds of Chrome Extensions Found Secretly Uploading Millions of Private User Data

TEHRAN (Tasnim) - A group of researchers have found that more than 500 browser extensions downloaded millions of times from Google’s Chrome Web Store surreptitiously uploaded private browsing data to attacker-controlled servers.

The extensions were part of a long-running malvertising and ad-fraud scheme that was discovered by independent researcher Jamila Kaya. She and researchers from Cisco-owned Duo Security eventually identified 71 Chrome Web Store extensions that had more than 1.7 million installations. After the researchers privately reported their findings to Google, the company identified more than 430 additional extensions. Google has since removed all known extensions.

“In the case reported here, the Chrome extension creators had specifically made extensions that obfuscated the underlying advertising functionality from users,” Kaya and Duo Security Jacob Rickerd wrote in a report, Ars Technica reported.

“This was done in order to connect the browser clients to a command and control architecture, exfiltrate private browsing data without the users’ knowledge, expose the user to risk of exploit through advertising streams, and attempt to evade the Chrome Web Store’s fraud detection mechanisms.”

A maze of redirects, malware, and more
The extensions were mostly presented as tools that provided various promotion- and advertising-as-a service utilities. In fact, they engaged in ad fraud and malvertising by shuffling infected browsers through a maze of sketchy domains. Each plugin first connected to a domain that used the same name as the plugin (e.g.: Mapstrek[.]com or ArcadeYum[.]com) to check for instructions on whether to uninstall themselves.

The plugins then redirected browsers to one of a handful of hard-coded control servers to receive additional instructions, locations to upload data, advertisement feed lists, and domains for future redirects. Infected browsers then uploaded user data, updated plugin configurations, and flowed through a stream of site redirections.

Thursday’s report continued: "The user regularly receives new redirector domains, as they are created in batches, with multiple of the earlier domains being created on the same day and hour. They all operate in the same way, receiving the signal from the host and then sending them to a series of ad streams, and subsequently to legitimate and illegitimate ads. Some of these are listed in the “End domains” section of the IOCs, though they are too numerous to list."

Many of the redirections led to benign ads for products from Macy’s, Dell, and Best Buy. What made the scheme malicious and fraudulent was the (a) the large volume of ad content (as many as 30 redirects in some cases), (b) the deliberate concealment of most ads from end users, and (c) the use of the ad redirect streams to send infected browsers to malware and phishing sites. Two malware samples tied to the plugin sites were:

    ARCADEYUMGAMES.exe, which reads terminal service related keys and accesses potentially sensitive information from local browsers, and
    MapsTrek.exe, which has the ability to open the clipboard

All but one of the sites used in the scheme weren’t previously categorized as malicious or fraudulent by threat intelligence services. The exception was the state of Missouri, which listed DTSINCE[.]com, one of the handful of hard-coded control servers, as a phishing site.

The researchers found evidence that the campaign has been operating since at least January 2019 and grew rapidly, particularly from March through June. It’s possible the operators were active for a much longer period, possibly as early as 2017.

While each of the 500 plugins appeared to be different, all contained almost identical source code, with the exception of the function names, which were unique. Kaya discovered the malicious plugins with the help of CRXcavator, a tool for assessing the security of Chrome extensions. It was developed by Duo Security and was made freely available last year. Almost none of the plugins have any user ratings, a trait that left the researchers unsure of precisely how the extensions got installed. Google thanked the researchers for reporting their findings.

Beware of extensions
This latest discovery comes seven months after a different independent researcher documented browser extensions that lifted browsing histories from more than 4 million infected machines. While the vast majority of installations affected Chrome users, some Firefox users also got swept up. Nacho Analytics, the company that aggregated the data and openly sold it, shut down following the Ars coverage of the operation...

This coronavirus evolved into two major types, L and S. The L type is more prevalent (∼70%) than the S type (∼30%). The S type is the ancestral version.
“The [ severe ] L-type might be more aggressive in transmitting itself..."

National Science Review, nwaa036,
 On the origin and continuing evolution of SARS-CoV-2
Xiaolu Tang, et al.

... Human intervention may have placed more severe selective pressure on the L type, which might be more aggressive and spread more quickly. On the other hand, the S type, which is evolutionarily older and less aggressive, might have increased in relative frequency due to relatively weaker selective pressure. These findings strongly support an urgent need for further immediate, comprehensive studies that combine genomic data, epidemiological data, and chart records of the clinical symptoms of patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)...

Virology Journal volume 2, Article number: 69 (2005)
Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread
Martin J Vincent, et al.
Chloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. Favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS CoV infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS-CoV antiviral compounds.

Nevada Governor Sisolak’s Chief Medical Officer Who Banned Hydroxychloroquine for Treating Coronavirus DOES NOT Have License to Practice Medicine

Nevada's chief medical officer not licensed to practice medicine in U.S.

Swedish Doctor: Electrostatic air purification kills Corona Virus


Translated from Swedish with Google Translate)

”Together with colleagues at Skaraborg Hospital, he evaluates the effect of electrostatic air purification, EAC. The method is used at a number of preschools and at the children's clinic at Skaraborg Hospital to clean the air from small particles.

    Scientific experimental studies show that this method we use to clean the air also kills viruses very effectively, especially if it is a little higher than normal humidity. It is extremely interesting when it comes to the corona virus because if you set up the air purifier in rooms where many gather at the same time, you can help many who do not get sick. Where many people gather, the humidity also rises rapidly.

When electrons are released into the air, they, together with oxygen and water vapor, form hydrogen peroxide, a simple water-like molecule that the body uses to kill viruses.”
When Alexa was asked about Covid 19

David Goldberg's Final Words

CoronaVirus: Are These Men In Hazmat Suits Lying To People?
Mr Cheswick

Allegedly, 2 men in hazmat suits turned up to a block of flats putting notices through people's doors that someone had died from coronavirus, but, that's not true according to one of the residents who lives in the block of flats, this girl claims that the man was taken away by the police and the man is very much alive

But, 10/15 minutes later, they're putting notices through residents doors claiming that the man died

So, what's going on here then folks? Could all be not what it seems?

Harvard Chan Center for Nanotechnology and Nanotoxicology looks to improve on soap and water


Various embodiments of the present invention relate to, among other things, systems for generating engineered water nanostructures (EWNS) comprising reactive oxygen species (ROS) and methods for inactivating at least one of viruses, bacteria, bacterial spores, and fungi in or on a wound of a subject in need thereof or on produce by applying EWNS to the wound or to the produce.

Mike Marsden Gyroscopic Thruster


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