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Jacques RAVATIN & Leon SPRINK : Activators -- Accelerate chemical reactions 8-fold, while using only 1/2 the calories... It works for me... What are you waiting for ?

Clif HIGH : Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis (ALTA) Pirate Report Effective from July 24, 2014 -- KEY WORDS EXCERPTS

Clif HIGH / ALTA Update ( October 2014 )

Blushwood Berry vs Cancer

JAK inhibitors vs Bowel Cancer

Eric Barker : We Used To Sleep In 2 Segments Every Night Until Electricity Was Invented

Free will persists

7.23 cm : An excerpt from The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizadek

Jae KWON, et al. : Beta-Voltaic Battery ~  Plasmon-Assisted Radiolytic Electrolysis

Ruggero SANTILLI : Laboratory Synthesis of the Neutron from the Hydrogen

Peter von BUENGNER : Bio-Communication ~ Artificial telepathy

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Causality Engineering with Household Materials -- Leon Sprink and Jacques Ravatin.  Accelerate chemical reactions 8x, while using only 1/2 the calories...

Clif HIGH : Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis (ALTA) Pirate Report Effective from July 24, 2014

KEY WORDS EXCERPTS [ ... ] around which he writes his interpretations...

[manifesting earth changes][earth expansion process][weather wars][space alien and unknown energies from space][officially negatively sanctioned meme category][officialdom censorship, and ridicule][officialdom taint][earth expansion][tap root][layers][actual conspiracies (bilderberger, bohemian grove et al)]

[wrapped up][position changes][both][position of places on the planet][planets' position][trailing in a complex spiral behind the sun][weather shifting]

[weather patterns altered][seasons adjusting][wind flows altered][northern ascending twist][winds (jet streams included)][harsh winter conditions][returnwinds][arctic areas][exceptionally cold] [extremes] [temperature] [arctic (and antarctic)] [numerous magnetic poles] [inward drawing vortices] [draw down high energy particles (from space)] [cold conditions] [weather patterns altered] [antarctica] [shift of the ice (of ages)] [out pouring (ofrivers) of rushing (warm) waters][current scrubbing (out rush)][under the ice][scouring (out) new channels][new currents].
[shipping lanes changed/altered][waters move north] (over decades)[ports underwater][coastal (population) evacuation] [diaspora][global coastal expansion manifestations][coastal evacuation][dozen kilometers]facilities relocate][loss (of) vast tracks][significant alterations][coastlines (of all the continents)][maps][uselessness][coastal areas][disruptions] [human infrastructure] [originates] [ocean] [oil disruptions] [planetary expansion effects] [undeniable manner][new lands] [cresting (above waves) new islands] [oceania][underseas formations]   [volcanoes], [trenches]  [fissures]

[great changes here on terra] [great changes] [planetary level] [reached plateau's end][conjunction (of) weighting/propelling circumstances]  [the quickening][pace of change] [increase] [unknown (descriptors)] [changes produce][planet changes]. Many of these sets also link over to the [diaspora] sets within the GlobalPop entity.  [planet] [transition][seasons] [out of place] [displacement (of the fixed stars & planet positions)] [terran position relative to sun][first impact] [foods][food production][msm presstitute][msm presstitutes][acknowledge][planet is wonky][departure][global warming scam (of tptb)][diversion] [climate change]

[rapid] [reassessment]  [their position (personal) in history]  [population]  [(use great effort) to shrug off] [officialdom imposed/trained view] [perception]  [confidence]  [last thread (securing) the dollar]  [shattering]  [confidence (in the dollar)] [destruction of confidence]  [actions (of the) federales in DC]  [incident] Fall (northern hemisphere) [federalist state]  [precipitates]  [shift]  [gold/silver/bitcoin]  [dollar] [disparaged]  [on high] point in the Summer (northern hemisphere) [fuel scandal]  [erupt] [events] [active coverup]  [strange (form)] of a [coverup], and the data sets have many cross links over to the [unknown] [space alien energy sources (aka free energy)]  [vast oil resources] [deep, deep, deeply hidden] [scandal] [become known/secrets revealed] just a the point when [new engines/ new energy sources] [competing] [fuel scandal]  [measurements]  [devaluation]  [energy involved]  [fuel scandal] [rebirth (of Tamojin (or ideals?)]   [mongolian desserts]  [taking a  decision]  [inventively/creatively extending it]  [altering humanity]  [visibility]  [mongolian desert]  [negotiation with Fed Banksters]   [gold claiming nations] tell GUS (officialdom usa)  [stay out of this]  [discussion] [claims]  [presstitute media]   [fleet arriving] [fleet] there [by invitation]. NYC  hooker parade]  [requests shore leave]  [denied]  [GUS]  [leak out]  [confirm]  [attempt] [federal reserve banksters]   [settle]  [missing gold] with [germany] [land] [vast tracks]  [Federal (GUS) lands in the West]  [offered in settlement]  [gold debt]  [flotilla] [germany]  [out of nato]  [BRICS] [end] of [fraking]  [central europe] [gold claimants]  [no]  [western north america] not [accept participant status] [territorial battles on-going]  [Gold Ansprauch Nationen] [nations]  [renounce]   [use of the dollar] [citizens] [renouncing country]  [harmed]  [USA interests]  [US military (and associated 'contractors')] [gold claimant nations alliance]  before the end of 2014 ['hosting']  [us military bases outside the usa]  [firmly ask]  ['guests']  [depart] [rapidly depart]  [debacle]   [military bases (are evacuated)]  [soldiers] [repatriated (by charitable donations (to afford air fare))]  [ukraine]  late Fall  [nato/west]  [worse, then worse]  [persistent mercenaries (= paid ukrainian stooges)]  [destroyed (repeatedly) by bad luck].  [exploitative people] [unmasked] [social discord] [local populations]  [western ukraine]  [platform]   [scum (aka politicians)]  [standing]  [local population] [grabbing (one of) the legs]  [platform]   [rip it off]  [spilling of politicians]   [waterway/watercourse] [ukraine]  [western ukraine] [riots]  

[parks][public spaces][battle zones][riots][local populations] chasing  [politicians] [sticks and stones]  [humiliated politicians]  [breaking off (talks)]   [humiliated politicians] [negative results] [secrets revealed]   [kibosh]  deals [cache (of ) secrets] [poured out]  [ukraine] [israel] [gaza] ['kick the jew']  [msm presstitutes] [mainstream media 'hyped'][kicking jews] large east coast city in [usa] [migrates globally]  [governments]   [tacitly approve] [kick the jew game] [better than burning synagogues][pogrom][transition]  [abrahamic religions]  [judaism].  [pogrom]  [male, tall, thin, articulate, good looking]  [become the poster boy][pogrom][leading the pogrom][jewish] [racial hatred] [rothshield-jewish extremism]  [british plotting] [People] [losing their minds] [characterized by government agents] [forced administration]  [psychotropic drugs][insistence]  [officialdom agents] [need]   [population control effort]  [sun disease]  [high intensity (solar) regions (such as both sides of the terrestrial equator)][affected] by [extreme energies from sun]  [mental processes are disrupted] [humans]  [animals] [episodes] [mainstream media] [animal die offs]['muckers' (humans running amok with bad behavior)]  next [4/four years]   [excessive solar discharge] in 2018  [reeling] [disoriented][disease] [oil/energy problems]  [suddenly unstable electricity supplies] [new leaders]  [next generation leaders]  [visibility] later this Summer (2014, northern hemisphere)] [crises] [populations (mostly linked to death of dollar)] [new forms of political alliance] [political alliance]  [north america] [new (young) leaders][scare/frighten][establishment/politicians]  [massive] [overwhelming response] [citizenry] [professional politicians] [swiftly (and publicly) thrown out][populists meeting][politicians] [attempting] [subvert] [infiltrate]  [new political movement] [surprise] [fear],  [pummeled], [stripped], [kicked], [punched] [carried (bodily) out of the arena (horse place? Sawdust?)] [msm presstitute]  [terrorist organization label]  [politicians]  [collapse]  [mocking/accusatory tone]  [msm presstitutes][backlash against their imagery]  [studio personnel]  [facilities] [assaulted daily] [assaults]  [spitting campaign]  [growing around msm]   [woman, young, long hair][video recorded]  [she spits in face (or food?)] [msm presstitute personality]  [restaurant] [social behavior]  [msm presstitute discussion]   [pleas on video][presstitute whores] [actions to stop]  [celebrities [spitting]  [slapping]  [punching]  [diaspora (due to weather)]  late 2014  [weather driven people][geopolitical upheaval] [land alterations]  [land alterations] [weather driven diaspora]  [un-doing of seasons (inappropriate weather)] [planet expansion producing localized land form alterations]  [disruptions to infrastructure]  [create the motivation]  [relocate under duress] [diaspora] [antarctica]  [warfare (invasion south?)] [USA/north america] [establishment/tptb] [engineering]  [gang skirmishes] [invaders][local populations]  [Fall (northern hemisphere)] [dies out/fails][mid-winter (2014)][cited reasons] [failure (of population)]  [fall/be deceived into)]  [civil war].

[pocket picking] [management] [student loan debt] [scandal] [national]  [massive] [deliberate sacrifice] [criminal]  [student loan system] [media] [sacrifice]   [public conspiracy consciousness]  ['victim' criminal]  [scape goat] [corruption scandal] [so pervasive]   [incite repudiation]   [trigger social media campaigns (for monetary resistance)]  [nauseating] [north american population]  [disease]  [exposed] [crashing (of the) health care 'system'] [health care]

[ america] [isolation (of populations/cities/towns)]  [self-isolating towns/cities] [on-rushing (people)]  [mexico]  [necessary drugs/treatment] [drug shipment curtailments] [economic impacts (of dollar shunning)]. Also contributing will be [sporadic electricity/water delivery]  [high incidence of climate stress (heat/cold/chemtrails)] [environmental degradation] [produce disease conditions] [local populations] [sanitary systems decay] [budget cuts]. [cholera outbreaks]  [rivers]   [mid-west] [ohio valley] [disease impacted]  [affecting/disturbing] [markets] [north america] [disease]  [prevents] [markets] [opening]  [people] [refuse]  [risk disease exposure]  [crossing certain areas] [elections]  emotional  [disease]  [repeatedly referenced] [bizstream media]  [disruptions (to systems)] [markets] [stressed to breaking] next [5/five months] through 2014 [scandals] [destroy confidence] [systemic failure] [destructive feed back loop] [forming up] (northern hemisphere)  [sheering/tearing] [markets (leverage specifically focused data set)] early Fall[flooding (of derivatives markets)]  [occur]  [states/republics] [raise domestic interest rates] [fake money (of the anglo empire)] [federal reserve banksters] [forced to respond][world] [response seriously]  [first] [very public, ripples/flutters]  [global confidence (of/in the US dollar)]  [repudiation] of the [dollar] [federal banksters]  [decimate (remove whole decimal places of 'value')] [data bases] [federal reserve] [government][brisk] [dynamic black market] [paper currency][new digital dollars devaluation] [brief lust] [old dollars]  [countered] [federal reserve] [vacuums up old currency] [popular crime][tricking money taking machines (MTMs) into refreshing digital dollar cards via counterfeiting techniques] [oil displacement] [oil/displacement][oil/upended]

[oil/polluted] [global] [immediate] [search for answers][short distance sub surface oil deposits] [mysteriously empty] [expansion (of planet)] [sub surface rifting] [drains away] [previously discovered] [close to surface] [capped], [natural reservoirs][extreme politics] [California] [west (of) USA]  [cause underpinnings (within markets)][crumble]  [underpinnings] [failures] of [markets participants] [short period][period of failures] December  [extreme politics]  [extreme problems]  [shares] [bonds][systemic problems][geopolitical pressures][pinching (the resources)][markets controllers][attempting to cope (with daily failures)][extreme politics] [national USA *(and EU)]   [states] [sudden]  [abrupt] [shaking of confidence in the Federal Reserve dollar]  [speech] [national level]  [come unraveled] [shock]  [sudden loss of confidence] [politicians making disparaging remarks (about dollar)]  [national (dollar) confidence scandal]  [focuses flight fears]  [action] [bitcoin] [gold/silver]  [pressing upwards (in dollar price)] [price in dollars (for delivered gold/silver)] [suppressed] [stymied] [held fast] [incident] [extreme politics] [speech] [secrets are revealed] [secrets]  [exposure] [shocking light] [focused attention]  [fear] [frightened (of outcome)][internally shocked (bladder loses control)]  [clear turn]  [screw-up speech]  [liberation of gold/silver][gold/silver/bitcoin][hyperinflation] begins in the [USA]  [derivatives melt-down] [demand (for renegotiation)]  [set off][sparked] [initiated][screwed up/bad speech] [politicians 'slip' of the tongue] [silver]  [88.23 (to) 89.28] by the end of 2014 [real (fungible) assets (gold/silver /copper/ bitcoins/bullets/ liquor et al)] [hyperinflation mode] [onset (of this) shocking winter] [markets] [breaking of vow] [exposure (of) reality (of aliens/ufo's)] [ufo/alien]  [intrude] [markets]  [hostilities]  [video recorded]

[alien wars]  [revelation (of aliens here on terra)][outbreak][sightings][hostile (UFO) incident][numerous videos] [hostilities][videos][claims of fakery] [incident]  [accepted] [factual] [initial break down (of the lie) of terrestrial isolation]  [open acknowledged factual alien presence] [circulating (among the) population] [alternative media] ['mainstream media'] [dancing around][public knowledge] [logistical problem] [remaining mainstream media (as it is dying over these next 2 years)]  [games]  [alternative media]  [clips (of lie trips)] [hostilities] [emergent] the [visibility] sum exceeds our [emergent] threshold, and thereafter  [videos][hostilities] December 13th[controversy attempt at suppression (of the knowledge)] [alien wars] [aquatic (aliens)] [underwater (but not aquatic) aliens], and [underwater (but not alien, but ufos)] [underwater encounters][hostilities] [become known] [populace] ['a consultant'] [engineering background] [video releases] [initial break down (of the lie) of terrestrial isolation][meeting]in 2014, between [4/four continents] [transposed?inter-posed?][4/four men] [woman] [meeting]  ['busted'](in 2015?) [recordings (taken by 'new technologies')][dissolution] [intended project][meeting][produce]  [calculated risk strategy]  [embattled powers-that-used-to-be] [power brokers] [meeting][devising][strategy][prime risk][plan][prime risk strategy] [used/employed (later)][successors][secret military organizations][release][energy technologies] [attempt] [strategically thwart][freedom/awakening movement] [north america]  [awakening movement] [led/fomented] by 3/three of the [charismatic personalities]  [charismatic new leaders][speaking ability]  [astound himself (and others)]  [quoted] in [dozens of languages] [english] [new forms of protest] (originators in the main for the links) have a [space alien 'idea'] [takes hold]  [a small group]  [first example (of the new form of protest)][mass global populace acceptance (of the new protest form)][extra-terrestrial] [materials] [energy] [disruptions] [disturbing rumors] [harmonics (as material creation mechanism)][harmonics (as energy control/delivery mechanism)][mechanism] [unknown describing sets] harmonics][new area of endeavor/study] [harmonics]  [new tech]  

Data segmented by data type, and source/context:
North America: USA: [bifurcated currency] [bifurcated currency] [enacted (by presidential decree?)] [spreading] in August [trial balloons]  [FED] [congressional cheering section] [two tiered currency] [failing]  [excruciating hyperinflation] [political process (for) presidential elections] [upset] 2016
[housing market] [loosening] [loosening] [restrictions on loans]   [government policy] [officialdom] [stimulate (the) USA housing market]  [coma] [coma]  [gangrene/systemic failure due to poisoning/toxins] July and August 2014  October onward  [destabilization]  [housing market]  [quaking] [financial system] [summer (northern hemisphere)] [eruption (of foreclosed inventory)]  [destruction] [prices] [South West] [bad housing]  [decay] [sets into (the) bones]  [marketplace (for) housing] [decay] [children]  [student debt] [credit card/no jobs (and) debt] [cancer] [housing markets] [student debt] [mass repudiation] [student debt] across 2014/2015   [crash] [housing asset prices] [north america] [European populace] [youth rioting] [massive popular protests (led by) young people)] [Europe] [no jobs/decaying social services/too many government restrictions (aka austerity)] [riots]  [walking protests (new form of [dynamic protests] time...sort of 'walk-a-thons')]  concurrent  [global food price inflation] [food availability]  [planetary issue] over the latter half of 2014 and into the first two quarters of 2015 [decay][sets into bones (of housing market)] [Federal Reserve Notes (in) transition] [Summer (northern hemisphere) 2014]   [decay]  [transition] [fiat currencies]  [dislocating (from each other)] over 2014

[barter (of hard assets)] [significantly more visible] [mainstream media] [whole buildings] [bartered]  [corporations]  [decay] [housing markets] in North America [first month] [negative sales growth (across all categories)]  [housing] [September, 2014] [visible edge of crash] [national housing market] [dollar transition] [global precious metals re-balancing] [market price discovery].

North America: USA: [diaspora (23 millions)] [north america] diaspora]  [housing markets/industry] beginning in just 1/one years time, or less [housing][material (construction)] [regulation/finance/government] [long term abandonment] [property price support] by  [Federal Reserve Bank]  [federal government (of the USA) [abandonment] [crushing] [shredding] [dollar support (for USA internal federal government)]  2014 through to mid 2015  by late July, 2015 (or near) [federal bureaucracy] lost jobs]  [largest government agencies]  [cash flows (are) interrupted]  [employees]  [not paid]. [government agencies] [housing focused] [lost jobs]  [federal government agencies] [not (firing)]  [laying off] [slowing hiring] [creating Siberia(s)]  [non necessary, no-work-for-them employees] [sent]  [cost as little as possible].   [articles]   [blogs] [miserable conditions] [no heat], [no water], [no air conditioning]  [flowing out]   [low levels]  [officialdom] [millions] [employees]  [reassigned to Siberia] [diaspora] [housing] [the new housing]   [new mobile home(s) (plethora of new forms of mobile homes)] [chaos], [extreme drought]   [other debilitating environmental conditions] [force]   [residents] of the SW states [consider relocating north]  [diaspora] [trickle] in late 2014 [flood] levels [20+ millions]  [diaspora] mid to late 2016  [true nature (actual manifestations)] [diaspora] [media] [government]. [new mobile homes] [renaissance] [forms]  [mobile/transportable housing]  [10/ten years]. [slowly blossoming] [housing]  [30/thirty years]  [creative response] [shipping containers]

fuels (oils)] [motion]  [new mobile homes renaissance]  [water populations] [pelagic and coastal] [mobile home renaissance]  [housing forms] [rivers] [people]   [american south west] heading [north, and south]  [water populations] [south america] [south seas islands]. huge impact a [decade] later [resources] [south seas islands] [key prize] [contention] [resources]  not yet discovered  [rising lands]  [vulcanism, sub sea]  [new deposits] [rare earths metals (and new forms of metallic crystals)].
North America: USA: [commercial colleges/state universities] [economic crash] [commercial colleges] [ripple effect]  [advertising] [state/local education] [state colleges] [stable (fiscally)]  [state universities] [financial split/crack up/separation] [breakdown]  [financing system]  [student loans to banks relationship] over these next [2/two quarters ](50/fifty years or more).  [crash (of the student financing system)]  [unexpected] this [system]  [doomed] [demise] [unexpected], [sudden] [swift]  [chaos] [financial system] [competing (with) scaling/ramping upwards systemic lock-down]
 Europe: Northern, Western [energy]  [brutally cold Winter] [northern (and) western] [europe] in 2014/2015 [exceptionally wet][extremely windy], [flooding], [cold/sleet/hail][destructive waves]  [exceptionally strong demand (for/on energy supplies)]
 Greater Britain [energy] [british populace] [Fall/Winter] [early (nearly a month?)]  [exceptionally harsh weather] [Winter]  [early][long]  [harsh][bitter] [wet], [flooding][coastlines destroyed/destabilized]  [wind scoured]. [glass buildings] [thames river center (not the estuarine part)][severely damaged] [winds] [debris],  [whirling windstorms (tornadoes?)] [damage] [severe] [remain visible/in sight] [months]  [storms] [disruptions]  [regular life flow] [food shortages], [power disruptions], [gas shut downs] [loss of residential integrity (broken windows in huge numbers) [winter]  [suffering]
 Asia: China: [base commodities]  [damaged documents] [mainstream media] [base commodities]  [confused] Summer (northern hemisphere) [quiver]  [insecurity]  [authority] [ambiguity]  [prices]  [persist] [spreading (of) bad paper]  [control] [exerted]   [range narrow]  [conference] [reconciliation] [managed (by) optimistic manager] [damaged documents]  [flood (of) missing collateral] [spreading impact of the damaged documents] [Chinese banking system]   [minor peak] in early August [those in superior position (holding possession)]  [rise suddenly (in prominence and wealth)]   [holdings] [actual] [untainted] [damaged document (loans) scandal].  [silver moon], and [red sun].

Asia: China:  [rare/precious commodities]  [hot metals] [global upheaval] [metals] [rare earths]  [platinum group metals] [oil based fuels] [new lands rising]  [doom (see regions)]  [new resources/wealth]  [new rare earth deposits] [vomited] from [volcanoes]  [purity/condition] [marvel] [wonder] [metallurgist humans]  [hot metals] [bonanza] [recognized]  [rush (of nations)]  [lay claim] [new places/mines].
Asia: North Korea [rare/precious commodities  [rare earths] [north korea]. [russia] [markets] [russian government] [facilitate]  [trade corridor] [north korea]  [rare earths]  [significant 'find' (discovery) [rare earths] [north korea]  [russian resource mapping]  [discovery]  2014 (3rd quarter)  [significant  

road/infrastructure building effort]  mid 2015. [local tsunami] [obstacles]  [engineering requirements] [russian/sino engineering teams] [local tsunami] [several port cities] [north korea]  
Pan-global effects [commodities] IM, ST, LT [agricultural, food crops, industrial crops, medicinal crops] [mass die off/extinction] [commodities crops]  [mainstream media] [financial press] last quarter of 2014  next 3/three years. [planetary phenomena] [energies from space] [life processes] [dichotomy] [viewpoints] [erupt (violently in some areas)] [new information]  [scientific observation] over 2015/2016. [observations] [simple experiments] [repeated globally] [alternative media] [visibility] [alternative media]  [developments]. The [dichotomy]  [business model unto death (of planet)]   [react, adapt cyclists] [new coalition] [supporting viewpoints] about [humanity future] [chaos]  [emotionally effective], [motivation provided], [collective (chaotic) discourse], [personal actions] [personal responsibility] [dying (corporate) empire]  [replaced] [something else] [something else]   [corporate drones (both human and machine)]   [persist] in [self destructive initiatives] for a [number of years (waning over next 10/ten years)]  [downward steps]  [medicinal (extraction) crops]  [developing climate/solar problems] over 2014 and 2015 such that by mid 2015  [scramble] [replacement herbals] [industry standard crops]  [market place].  [dollar and other fiat currency issues] over 2015,  [availability] of [wild crafted]  [small scale production organic sources] [failing], though this  [rapidly escalating prices] that  [destabilizing (the) marketplace]. [demand] [food crops]   [lean years (of reduced availability)]  [catalytic] [inventions]  [food production/creation]  [catalysts]  [religious emotional tones]  [movements] [body humanity]  [alternative media]  [permaculture], [small scale animal husbandry], [experimental crops] [experimental growing methods]  [resurgence] [aquaculture in many forms] [new climate] [solar system changes]

Oceania (Pacific Ocean basin) [water] [massive] [ocean pollution] [fukushima] [radioactive waste] [non-saline water (bad for sea critters)] [pulse up] [rupture] [ocean basin floor] [rupture] [producing] [bolus]  [hydrogen saturated water] [rushing up from]  [scrubber] [scrubbing out] [oxygen breathing life] [new lands/rising lands] [new (rare earth) deposits]  [waves (of) pollution] [accompany (the) rising lands]  [beaches] [turned black (and) red] [floating particulates] [dynamic bolus (of water)] [alters the ocean saline balance] [antarctica] [increase]  [sub ice volcanic activity]  2015  [weather impacts]   mid 2015  [continental changes]  [antarctica]  [continental changes] [flooding] [earthquakes] [disruptions] [shipping] [transport] [antarctica]  [mainstream media news] latter half of 2014 [winter (southern hemisphere)] [Spring] [markets] [ocean currents] [affected by antarctic melt],  [Southern Ocean underseas volcano induced land changes] [shipping]  [traditional routes]  [too costly] [weather] [ocean current changes] final quarter of 2014, and over all of 2015 and 2016  [antarctica] [catastrophic change] [ice pack] [continent]  [exposure]  [hidden (nazi?) social order] [technologies] [be frightening] [general population] [general population acceptance (and discussion)] [space aliens]  [msm presstitutes] [new engines] [new control mechanisms] [downsizing] [machines]  [closer (more urban, small scale)]  [large sales (of heavy equipment (earth shapers)]  [sales potential]  [large equipment] [closed] [chaotic] [currencies (globally) crises] [seeking disguise] [seek sales]
[global embargoes]  [American made goods] that will grow through 2018? or so. Further complicating international sales are the many [settlement issues]  [political problems and the failing banking sector]. USA (products/commercial) ­ ST, LT The data sets have very large growth in supporting sub sets for [product (famine)] [dollar destabilization] induced [destruction of retail product availability]. These sets go to the idea that [basics] such as [linens], [fabrics\clothing staples] [food staples] [reduced availability]  [sudden products unavailability]  [ersatz] [replacement]
[Germany] [young(ish) entrepreneurs] [one seasoned veteran]  [extra EU alliances]  [arctic ocean resources conglomerate].  [organization] is seen as [so threatening] to [other arctic interests] that it is [pressured] to [merge] with [russian competitors]  [politicians] and [officialdom] [norther tier alliance] which will use a [seal (sea lion?)] as its symbol.  [power house] of a [commercial success] in the areas of [alternative energies] [new materials/technologies] [cheese and crackers (commercial launch) party] for this endeavor at a [private] level this year. So somewhere in Deutschland in very late November or early December [kitchen table] [old farm house] [jungen] [1/one old scientist] [nato/western 'currency' union] [shatter]  [Russians] begin using [new technologies] [applied] to [resources]. Further the [crystals/diamonds/gemstones 'markets'] [come apart/unglued] [russia] [monetized (cheap) technologies] [crystalline construction].   [german/russian/chinese effort] [glass production] [shocking] [anglo-american empire] [german] [glass forms] [transparent (to light)]  [impervious (to gamma/alpha beta radiations)] [extruded] [energy template formation] [new glass]  [growing]

Clif HIGH / ALTA Update ( October 2014 )

by clif high, Saturday, October 4, 2014

with respect..

A few pertinent questions with answers from the data sets:

will schools just shut down to prevent the spread?

Yes, sporadically, and AFTER the schools are [emptied by parents].

will parents just keep their kids home and hence the school's in essence shut down ?

Yes and data shows that this action causes all kinds of social discord and disruption. Markets, as well as JustInTime delivery system for goods is impacted by parents holding children back from schools. As this gets more pronounced in [winter/northern hemisphere] there are [fuel shortages] and [electrical shut downs] as well as [bitter cold weather] that also affect the situation. Data does show that [ebola transmission (paths)] are [disrupted] by the [parental freak out].

do the schools (state officials and locals) use propaganda to keep everyone in place?

Data indicates that [officialdom] tries the [we've got your safety assured] approach and that it does not even last a [week]. Actual fist fights breaking out at [news conferences] over [reassurances] that are [disputed].

how early (or late) in the fall/winter do you see a shutdown occurring ?

Data shows [multiple isolation events] that involve [schools] by [October 20, 2014].
could there be a federal shutdown???

Yes, but due to [abandonment] and [employees self isolating] rather than by any acts of [officialdom] (until later when officialdom acknowledges the reality of the situation).

These sets are cross linked over to the [desolation] of the [hospitals] and the [health care system] by the disease, and the [abandonment] of the [emergency room protocol] by [officialdom] as a [necessary response] to the [rising infection rates]. Linguistics say this will come to be known as the [die-in-place Executive Order]. These data sets are also cross linked to both the [flight from fear] (freeways crammed as people flee the [intense outbreaks]), as well as the [no travel (restrictions on movement) 'orders'] by [officialdom] which are [ignored] and lead to [law enforcement desertions].

 Current trends information:
terra context updates:

Headlines can be misleading. Earth's gravity has changed, but not due to ice melts, rather due to the expansion of the earth. Data is data, and interpretation is not. Sometimes the twain don't meet. Antarctic ice melt. (10/5/2014)

markets context updates:

Data shows [tension] across [conus (AK feels safe)] by January due to [ebola fears]. Data also shows [decline] and [praying] are the dominant memes across Markets entity through October. Now we (probably) know what the [2/two black mondays] are about....ebola and ebola fears. (10/3/2014)

ST data shows transglobal transport shutdown by March due to [ebola fears]. Data shows that [business (globally)] come to [face] a [situation] at once both [troublesome] and [ludicrous]. Further details point to [absurd regulations] that [stitch up] the [business man/woman] and yet, are [full of holes]. (10/3/2014)

IM data shows the [markets] reach a state of [splintering] and [peeling] by March 2015. The [splintering] is supported by [currencies] and [transcontinental trade]. The [peeling] set has details going to the idea that [financial centers] are [peeled away (by circumstances)] (fail), until only the [bare core] remains, again, by Spring, 2015. (10/3/2014)

IM data shows Bitcoin to be [rising] against [all currencies] in [mid october] as the [currency crash] and [no contact (payments (ebola fears))] memes become more visible. (10/8/2014)

IM data shows [infrastructure impacts] from [ebolafears] as [teachers/staff] are [abandoning schools/jobs] by [october 20, 2014] leading to [schools shuttered], and [parents freaking and agitated (beyond reason)]. Along with [churches], and [college sports events], the [schools] and [bus lines] will be the first [standing infrastructure] to be [affected by ebolafears]. (10/8/2014)

IM data showing that a [gold delivery (of size)] is [cancelled] in [November 2014] due to [ebola fears] having [stopped workers] and the [local area] being under a [travel restriction]. This is in a large [city (in the north east)]. The data describes very [empty street] and [confrontations] between [few police] and [crowds/mobs (partying/looting (in masks))]. (10/8/2014)

IM data shows [governments] will be [activating military] to [patrol streets] in [ebola towns], but that [desertion] will [deplete readiness ratios] and [commanders] will be [told 'not possible'] by [subordinates] in meetings that will be [leaked] to the [social media]. Large changes in [collective social behavior] in [ebola towns] will be [visible] by [January 2015]. Data shows [weeping appeals] for [participation] from [frustrated [politicians]. (10/8/2014)

IM data shows [worst ever 'season'] for [real estate sales]. Not only [economy/financial woes], but soon [ebola fears] to [cancel 'open houses'] as well as [close real estate offices] when [2/two sales people (from same firm)] are [quarantined due to ebola fears]. Major [impact] on [west coast USA], [british columbia, CA], and [london,UK] as [ebola fears] escalate due to [symptomatic house hunting]. (10/8/2014)

Winter [sales] of [home exercise equipment] indicated by ST data to [rise] as [self-isolation] develops amid the [new social customs]. Along with [exercise] stuff, all manner of [food growing/preserving] devices and technologies are also cited as [gaining sales]. Curiously, a surge in [3d printers] and [sewing machines] are both indicated to make [visibility] of [surprising strong sales] over this [gifting season]. (10/8/2014)

LT data shows that a [chinese (and) indian business co-operative venture] will be the big [global winner] in the [anti-ebola treatement] AND will also provide a [substance ('drug')] that will be [demonstrated] to [proof/protect] against [contracting the virus]. This latter [product] is indicated to be a [staple] of [sales] in the [billions of units] as both [China] and [Russia] set about [cleaning up Africa (of communicable diseases)]. This [continental clean up] effort is described as starting in [March 2015] and lasting just short of [2/two decades]. The data shows that the [substance (anti viral spread 'drug')] is indicated to be [required] for [travel] across large areas of the [planet] over these next [20/twenty years]. (10/8/2014)

globalpop updates:
Ack! Black Mondays in October

Now we (probably) know what the forecast [black mondays] in October are all about.... ebola and ebola fears. Remember that these mondays are separated by 2/weeks and provide both temporal echoing as well as foreshadowing for conditions to be [encountered] in [March 2015 and beyond]. (10/3/2014)

IM data has [ebola (and ebola fears)] in a state of [advancing] through to March (end of range). During that time, the GlobalPop entity has a dominating, and continually rising sub set of [tension] that is the primary and secondary supporting sets for [ebola, and ebola fears]. The [advancing] sub set detail layer suggests that by [Spring Northern Hemisphere] the [military] has been [activated in ebola response] in greater than 20/twenty countries in the [north]. (10/3/2014)

IM data, at the same time as being flooded with [advancing] as the rising primary sub set for [ebola and ebola fears] is still growing support under sets for [reputation (not being) supported by fact]. Or, a [fake out]? (10/3/2014)

IM data showing [teachers] and [staff] will be [mentally unstable] due to [ebola fears] by [october 20, 2014] such that [schools] are [abandoned] along with [jobs]. The data shows that [parents] start several [overwhelming campaigns] on [social media] about the [school (as ebola center)] meme that will in its turn cause [political unrest] and [digestion problems (for politicians)]. (10/8/2014)

IM data shows that [police] and [ambulance (EMT) personnel] in [8/eight states/countries] will [revolt] against the [ebolafears] as the first of the [medical transport workers], and [police personnel] become [infected] with [ebola]. However, the data sets with the highest emotional sums in the current processing are going to the idea of a [prison complex] that will become [contaminated] with [ebola] such that [local government (loses control)] and [major military presence] is required to [contain (the troubles)]. (10/8/2014)

Puke on the street! Get arrested! ST data shows [british drinking culture] to be [significantly altered] by [ebola fears & ebola in london]. Data points to [mandatory 80 hour isolation] to determine if [merely drunken idiot] or [ebola infected] as [ebola and ebola fears] are described as [sweeping (clear) london streets (at night)]. (10/8/2014)

ST data shows that [martial arts dojos] and [MMA], and [other sporting cooperatives] will all be [curtailed] by [early December] as [ebola fears] impact [group activities] globally. Additional data sets point to [bus lines] in some [metropolitian areas] will be [shut down (and isolated)] due to [public vomiting (on buses)]. Further, [ridership] is indicated to [plunge] as the [ebola fears meme] settles into various [metropolis cities] over Fall/Winter (northern hemisphere). Special note to [san francisco] and [london] where there will be [unique forms] of [early ebola and ebola fears] impacts that will [set trends globally]. (10/8/2014)

Data shows that [palestinians] will be the first to develop the [vomit bomb] for use against [israel]. Is it, or is it not, contaminated by [ebola]. This use of [ebola fears] to [paralyze] the [israeli state mechanism] and to [drain shekels (by massive response required for each vomit bomb)] will be a [visible] note within the [ebola fears] legacy by early 2015. (10/8/2014)

questions from reader....

by clif high, Wednesday, October 15, 2014 12:43pm

What about EU fleets (air)? IM data shows that the global air fleets are hugely impacted by mid November. The LT data has us still working on problems with air travel (more than ebola) through 2018.

EU air fleets will encounter a [storm] of [conflicting regulations] that are described as producing [chaos] at airports. The [chaos] sub set has data details about [planes] being [impounded] by [local officialdom]. Part of the data sets show at least [3/three] instances in EU where [planes] are [left on runways with CORPSES] in them. In one instance, the [plane] is [broken into] by [unknown parties] in an [attempt (successful)] to [retreive something (unknown)] that is [very valuable]. That instance is described as [causing (the runway) ] to be [flamed].

Further data sets show that [ships] of all kinds will be [seized]. These [seizures] will include [military], and [cruise] ships as well as [cargo transport vessels]. Additional data points to [several (very large) cruise ships] being [detained (for over 2 months)] as the [passengers] are [disease checked]. This causes serious [health problems] for the whole port as [food supplies] become [strained] and [passengers riot] and [passengers (attempt)] to [jump ship]. There are some smaller sets (still growing) about [officialdom] in [southern Europe (italy?)] who will [order shootings] at [swimming passengers].

The data sets also show that a large cruise ship will be [docking] in a [southern USA port] where the [passengers] will be informed that they have been [exposed (positive tests on worker?)] and will have to be [quarantined in place]. This ends up being a horror as the [incarceration] has [food poisoning], and [rampaging dysentary], and [flu] and other [health issues] and [no doctors] willing to [risk] going there. Further, a number of [deaths] on the ship are put down to [ebola] rightly or wrongly, and a [panic] ensues (in early days) that leads to [fights] and [battles] with [shore side police cordon].

Other data sets go to the idea of a [shit embargo] wherein [ports (air and ships)] will [refuse] to have [potentially contaminated waste] off-loaded in their facilities. As may be expected, not a good policy.

USA military bases globally will be [panic stricken] as their [funding] and [supplies] are [cut off] due to [chaos] in [pentagon/WA DC] as [gov't employees] are [curtailed] or [quarantined]. Further, many of the European bases will be [embargoed] by their local 'host' countries due to [ebola victims] being [resident] at facilities on base. This further aggravates a bad situation over early 2015.

Expect the [churches] to be [impacted] by the end of October. [Revenues] fall with [nearly zero attendance]. Also [colleges] and [universities] will begin to [experience] the [ebola Rush] by mid November as [ebola] goes to [college].

Sports [games] at all levels [collapse] in [attendance] by [mid November] and then the [impact] flows into [television], both from [revenues lost] to [fleeing employees].

Scientists discover cancer-fighting berry on tree that only grows in Far North Queensland

by Jessica van Vonderen

8 Oct 2014

Scientists have been surprised by the rapid cancer-fighting properties of a berry found only in Far North Queensland.

An eight-year study led by Dr Glen Boyle, from the QIMR Berghofer medical research institute in Brisbane, found a compound in the berry could kill head and neck tumours as well as melanomas.

An experimental drug derived from the berry, EBC-46, has so far been used on 300 animals, including cats, dogs and horses.

Dr Boyle said in 75 per cent of cases, the tumour disappeared and had not come back.

"There's a compound in the seed - it's a very, very complicated process to purify this compound and why it's there in the first place, we don't know," he said.

"The compound works by three ways essentially: it kills the tumour cells directly, it cuts off the blood supply and it also activates the body's own immune system to clean up the mess that's left behind."

There were no side effects, but what amazed scientists most was how fast it worked: the drug took effect within five minutes and tumours disappeared within days.
Blushwood berries in the wild. Photo: The EBC-46 drug was derived from a berry that grows on the blushwood tree. (Supplied: QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute)

"The surprising thing for us and the thing that we don't see very often is the speed with which this occurs," Dr Boyle said.

"Usually when you treat a tumour it takes several weeks for it to resolve, but this is very, very rapid.

"There's a purpling of the area, of the tumour itself, and you see that within five minutes and you come back the next day and the tumour's black and you come back a few days later and the tumour's fallen off."

The berry grows on the blushwood tree, which only grows in pockets of Far North Queensland.

"The tree is very, very picky on where it will grow," Dr Boyle said.

"It's only on the Atherton Tablelands at the moment and they're trying to expand that to different places of course because it'd be nice to be able to grow it on a farm somewhere.
Video: Berries from far north Qld offer big for new cancer treatment (7pm TV News QLD)

Dr Boyle said the findings of the pre-clinical trials suggested the drug could be effective in human patients.

But Dr Boyle warned the drug could only be used for tumours that can be accessed by direct injection and was not effective against metastatic cancers.

He said it would be an additional treatment option, rather than a replacement for chemotherapy or surgery.

"Elderly patients for example who just can't go through another round of chemo or can't go through another general anaesthetic for example, this could be used to treat those sorts of tumours and hopefully improve quality of life for people," he said.

Biotechnology company QBiotics has obtained ethical approval to begin human trials.

Tiglien-3-one derivatives

Applicant(s):     QBIOTICS LTD +

Disclosed are bioactive natural products which may be obtainable from Fontainea australis, Fontainea borealis, Fontainea fugax, Fontainea oraria, Fontainea picrosperma, Fontainea rostrata, Fontainea subpapuana, Fontainea venosa or Hylandia dockrillii (Blushwood Tree). Isolated compounds from Fontainea picrosperma include:

12-tigloyl-13-(2-methylbutanoyl)-6,7-epoxy-4,5,9,12,13,20-hexahydroxy-1-tigliaen-3-one (EBI-46 / EBC-46), 12,13-di-(2-methylbutanoyl)-6,7-epoxy-4,5,9,12,13,20-hexahydroxy-tigliaen-3-one (EBI-47), 12-(dodeca-2,4,6-trienoyl)-13-(2-methylbutanoyl)-6,7-epoxy-4,5,9,12,13,20-hexahydroxy-1-tigliaen-3-one (EBI-59), 12-(deca-2,4-dienoyl)-6,7-epoxy-4,5,9,12,13,20-hexahydroxy-1-tigliaen-3-one (EBI-61), 12,13-di-(2-methylbutanoyl)-1,2-2H-1,2,6,7-diepoxy-6-carboxy-4,5,9,12,13-pentahydroxy-tigliaen-3-one and 12,13-di-(2-methylbutanoyl)-5,20-di-acetoyl-4,5,9,12,13,20-hexahydroxy-tigliaen-3-one. Also disclosed is a composition which comprises a tiglien-3-one derivative such as those presented above, for the treatment of leukaemia, a solid tumour cancer, including melanoma, prostate cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, fibrosarcoma, colon cancer or lung cancer or other solid tumours.

Drug that stops bowel cancer growth in 80 per cent of cases uncovered by Melbourne researchers

by David Mark

1 Oct 2014

Australian scientists have discovered a set of drugs that stop the growth of bowel cancers in about 80 to 90 per cent of cases.

Dr Toby Phesse, from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne, said new forms of treatment for this type of cancer are in high demand.

"About 4,000 people are going to die of [bowel] cancer every year in Australia, and so we're really crying out for new therapies to try and target this disease," Dr Phesse said.

"And our lab is specifically looking for targeted strategies to try and work out which signalling pathways or which genes could be targeted to try and prevent this cancer."

Dr Phesse said the team of researchers found a particular kind of drug called JAK inhibitors that can be used to target colon cancers.

"This particular pathway is regulated in many types of cancer, including colon cancer, and we found that 80 per cent of colon cancers have got a certain mutation in the weak pathway," he said.

"However, this pathway is also required for the normal cells of the intestine and so if you try and target that pathway directly, you pose a severe threat of actually affecting the normal cells of the intestine.

"So we wanted to try a different strategy and try and target a parallel pathway and that is what brought us to the JAK pathway.

"And we found that with the JAK inhibitors these tumours, 80 per cent of them, they were exquisitely sensitive to JAK inhibitors."

We just have to bring the story out now that these drugs actually can be used in colon cancer.

The drugs work in two ways: by stopping cell growth and, in pre-chemical models, preventing the development of new tumours.

"So this will be important for people who have got a familial condition in which they develop multiple intestinal tumours," Dr Phesse said.

"It's very exciting and it really opens the window now to use these drugs."

With JAK inhibitors already approved for use in other diseases, Dr Phesse expects the up-take of this new bowel cancer treatment to be quick.

"The great thing is that they are already existing in the clinic and they're being used to treat disorders such as psoriasis, arthritis, minor fibrosis," he said.

"So we don't have to spend the many years and the resources ... to develop a new drug.

"They're there in the clinic and we just have to bring the story out now that these drugs actually can be used in colon cancer."
Sep. 9, 2014

We Used To Sleep In 2 Segments Every Night Until Electricity Was Invented


Eric Barker

Giorgio Vasari II Jacob's Dream WaltersWikimedia CommonsFamous painting titled "Jacob's Dream" from the Renaissance

Roger Ekrich noticed many old books, including Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales", referenced two periods of sleep being the norm in their era.

Via Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep:

...Ekirch somehow rediscovered a fact of life that was once as common as eating breakfast. Every night, people fell asleep not long after the sun went down and stayed that way until sometime after midnight. This was the first sleep that kept popping up in the old tales. Once a person woke up, he or she would stay that way for an hour or so before going back to sleep until morning—the so-called second sleep. The time between the two bouts of sleep was a natural and expected part of the night and, depending on your needs, was spent praying, reading, contemplating your dreams, urinating, or having sex. The last one was perhaps the most popular.

So researchers did a study. When subjects had no exposure to artifical light they reverted to this 2 stage type of sleeping:

Soon, the subjects began to stir a little after midnight, lie awake in bed for an hour or so, and then fall back asleep again. It was the same sort of segmented sleep that Ekirch found in the historical records. While sequestered from artificial light, subjects were shedding the sleep habits they had formed over a lifetime.

Was this fragmented sleep bad? Far from it. Bloodwork showed that the time between the two sleeping periods was incredibly relaxing and blissful:

The results showed that the hour humans once spent awake in the middle of the night was probably the most relaxing block of time in their lives. Chemically, the body was in a state equivalent to what you might feel after spending a day at a spa... Numerous other studies have shown that splitting sleep into two roughly equal halves is something that our bodies will do if we give them a chance. In places of the world where there isn’t artificial light— and all the things that go with it, like computers, movies, and bad reality TV shows— people still sleep this way.

So why don't we sleep like this? Lightbulbs.

Electric light at night disrupts your circadian clock, the name given to the natural rhythms that the human body developed over time. When you see enough bright light at night, your brain interprets this as sunlight because it doesn’t know any better... your body reacts to bright light the same way it does to sunshine, sending out signals to try to keep itself awake and delay the nightly maintenance of cleanup and rebuilding of cells that it does while you are asleep. Too much artificial light can stop the body from releasing melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep.

And as I've posted before, all this artificial light may be responsible for some of our more modern health issues:

Circadian rhythms—which you will learn much more about in a later chapter—are thought to control as many as 15 percent of our genes. When those genes don’t function as they should because of the by-products of artificial light, the effects are a rogue’s gallery of health disorders. Studies have linked depression, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and even cancer to overexposure to light at night. Researchers know this, in part, from studying nurses who have spent years working the graveyard shift. One study of 120,000 nurses found that those who worked night shifts were the most likely to develop breast cancer.
19 September 2014
Journal reference: Cognition, DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2014.07.009

Free will persists (even if your brain made you do it)

by Dan Jones

The vast majority of people think we have free will and are the authors of our own life stories. But if neuroscientists were one day able to predict our every action based on brain scans, would people abandon this belief in droves? A new study concludes that such knowledge would not by itself be enough to shake our confidence in our own volition.

Many neuroscientists, such as the late Francis Crick, have argued that our sense of free will is no more than the behaviour of a vast assembly of nerve cells. This is tied to the idea of determinism, which has it that every effect is preceded by a cause, with cause and effect connected by physical laws. This is why the behaviour of physical systems can be predicted – even the brain, in principle.

As author Sam Harris puts it: "If determinism is true, the future is set – and this includes all our future states of mind and our subsequent behaviour."

If people lost their belief in their own free will, that would have important consequences for how we think about moral responsibility, and even how we behave. For example, numerous studies have shown that when people are led to reject free will they are more likely to cheat, and are also less bothered about punishing other wrongdoers.
All an illusion?

For those who argue that what we know about neuroscience is incompatible with free will, predicting what our brain is about to do should reveal the illusory nature of free will, and lead people to reject it. Experimental philosopher Eddy Nahmias at Georgia State University in Atlanta dubs this view "willusionism". He recently set out to test it.

Nahmias and colleagues borrowed an idea from Harris, and gave 278 people a story describing a future neuroimaging technology that allows perfect prediction of decisions based on a person's neural activity, recorded in a special skull cap. In this future world, a woman called Jill is fitted with a skull cap for a month, which allows scientists to predict everything she'll decide and do with 100 per cent accuracy, including how she'll vote in upcoming elections. To some, the fact that Jill is totally predictable – like the trajectory of balls bouncing around a pool table – is clearly incompatible with her having free will in the first place.

The team found that 92 per cent of participants said that Jill voted of her own free will, contrary to the expectation of the willusionists.
Mind control

In another version of story, the scientists didn't merely predict which way Jill would vote – they also manipulated her choice via the skull cap. With that scenario, most participants said that Jill did not vote of her own free will.

To find out why prediction didn't impact beliefs about free will but manipulation did, the researchers posed a series of questions about why Jill behaved as she did in the different scenarios, and whether she remained responsible for her behaviour.

They found that even when Jill's behaviour could be predicted, people still thought she acted on her own reasons, and remained responsible for them. When she was manipulated, she acted on someone else's reasons and the responsibility was no longer her own.

For Nahmias, this suggests that, when it comes to free will, people are "theory-lite", which renders the fact that our behaviour is generated by the brain, whose actions can predicted like the weather, largely irrelevant. "People don't have detailed metaphysical views about what underlies free will," says Nahmias. "What people care about is that their own conscious reasoning makes a difference to their behaviour – and nothing in neuroscience suggests it doesn't."

"This paper breaks new ground," says Joshua Knobe, a philosopher at Yale University who has also studied people's thinking about free will. Knobe says there's a widespread concern that the more we learn about the brain and the roots of behaviour, the less room there is for free will and moral responsibility. "But this study suggests that whatever it is that we find threatening to free will, it isn't neuroscience."

An interesting excerpt from

The Ancient Secret of The Flower of Life
Drunvalo Melchizadek
Nature Photonics 8, 701–705 (2014)
DOI: 10.1038/nphoton.2014.177

Defying physics, engineers prove a magnetic field for light

by Anne Ju

An illustration of the nonreciprocity of the dynamics of light propagating in the forward (a) and the backward (b) direction. Credit: Nature Photonics

In electronics, changing the path of electrons and manipulating how they flow is as easy as applying a magnetic field.

Not so for light. "We don't have such a thing for light," said Michal Lipson, professor of electrical and computer engineering. "For the majority of materials, there is no such thing as something I can turn on, and apply this magic field to change the path of light."

Until now. Lipson, a leader in the emerging field of silicon photonics – sending light through waveguides instead of currents through wires – and colleagues have shown that an equivalent field for light does exist. Experiments led by graduate student Lawrence Tzuang, in collaboration with Paulo Nussenzveig of University of Sao Paulo and Kejie Fang and Shanhui Fan from Stanford University, are described in a recent issue of Nature Photonics.

This effective magnetic field has to do with the light's phase, which is a measure of a particular point in a light wave's cycle, quantified as an angle in degrees.

The researchers demonstrated the existence of this field with an experimental interferometer, a micron-scale device with two modulators that send light waves back and forth between them.

When a light wave travels under normal conditions, its phase is proportional to how far it traveled, but it is unaffected by what path it has taken. Just like a magnetic field causes a current to switch direction, the researchers showed that by modulating the light with their device, they could make the phase of the light change not only as a function of distance traveled, but also by the shape of its path.

An array of such modulators would be powerful enough to create a field for light that is equivalent to the magnetic field for electrons; phases of light could be controlled arbitrarily by each of the modulators. This means that the phase of transmitted light could depend on the path it has taken from point A to point B, Lipson explained.

"That puts us very close to what electrons do in a magnetic field; they experience exactly that in a magnetic field: The phase accumulated in their trajectory depends on the exact path they have taken," Lipson added.

Lipson and colleagues dream of controlling light at the smallest scales and in the most fundamental ways, using optics instead of wires on circuits to revolutionize electronics. Reaching this goal depends on the ability to propagate and control light in nontraditional ways, of which the Nature Photonics work is an example.

"One could in principle make fabrics of similar devices that would imprint phase and control the path of light in ways you couldn't conceive before," Lipson said.

Jae KWON, et al. : Beta-Voltaic Battery ~  Plasmon-Assisted Radiolytic Electrolysis

( Related -- Paul BROWN : Beta-Voltaic Battery )
MU News Bureau _ MU News Bureau.htm
Sept. 16, 2014

First Water-Based Nuclear Battery Developed by MU Researcher Can Be Used to Generate Electrical Energy

Long-lasting batteries could be used for emergency equipment and in spaceflight

COLUMBIA, Mo. – From cell phones to cars and flashlights, batteries play an important role in everyday life. Scientists and technology companies constantly are seeking ways to improve battery life and efficiency. Now, for the first time using a water-based solution, researchers at the University of Missouri have created a long-lasting and more efficient nuclear battery that could be used for many applications such as a reliable energy source in automobiles and also in complicated applications such as space flight.

“Betavoltaics, a battery technology that generates power from radiation, has been studied as an energy source since the 1950s,” said Jae W. Kwon, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and nuclear engineering in the College of Engineering at MU. “Controlled nuclear technologies are not inherently dangerous. We already have many commercial uses of nuclear technologies in our lives including fire detectors in bedrooms and emergency exit signs in buildings.”

The battery uses a radioactive isotope called strontium-90 that boosts electrochemcial energy in a water-based solution. A nanostructured titanium dioxide electrode (the common element found in sunscreens and UV blockers) with a platinum coating collects and effectively converts energy into electrons.

“Water acts as a buffer and surface plasmons created in the device turned out to be very useful in increasing its efficiency,” Kwon said. “The ionic solution is not easily frozen at very low temperatures and could work in a wide variety of applications including car batteries and, if packaged properly, perhaps spacecraft.”

The research, “Plasmon-assisted radiolytic energy conversion in aqueous solutions,” was conducted by Kwon’s research group at MU, and was published in Nature.

Excerpts :

Scientific Reports, Volume 4, Article number: 5249
11 June 2014
Plasmon-assisted radiolytic energy conversion in aqueous solutions

Baek Hyun Kim , Jae W. Kwon

The field of conventional energy conversion using radioisotopes has almost exclusively focused on solid-state materials. Herein, we demonstrate that liquids can be an excellent media for effective energy conversion from radioisotopes. We also show that free radicals in liquid, which are continuously generated by beta radiation, can be utilized for electrical energy generation. Under beta radiation, surface plasmon obtained by the metallic nanoporous structures on TiO2 enhanced the radiolytic conversion via the efficient energy transfer between plasmons and free radicals. This work introduces a new route for the development of next-generation power sources.


Particles emitted from radioisotopes can be used to convert the radiant energy into electricity. Radioisotope energy conversion for power generation has been intensively studied to develop power sources for wide range of applications, from energizing cardiac pacemakers in human body1 to challenging outer planet missions2. As compared to various indirect conversion methods, which collect electricity from the secondary energy forms of heat or light generated by radiation3, 4, direct conversion methods produce electric power straight from energetic particles5, 6. Beta particles can produce electron-hole pairs in semiconductors via their loss of kinetic energy and can contribute to the generation of electric power6. Although potential applicability of radioisotopes in portable power sources that do not require recharging seems very attractive7, it has been reported that only a small portion of the entire radiation energy can be converted into electrical energy5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Moreover, most betavoltaic cells suffer from serious radiation damage to the lattice structures of semiconductors and subsequent performance degradation due to the high kinetic energy of the beta particles11. Alternatively, to minimise lattice damage in semiconductors, wide band gap materials are typically used. However, radiation-resistive materials, such as SiC and GaN, still show very low energy conversion efficiencies12, 13. Little improvement has been made even after vigorous research on various improvement methods utilizing porous structures14, inverted pyramidal cavities15, and three dimensional silicon pillar structures15 to increase rectifying junction areas. Although, thus far, there is no method for completely avoiding radiation damage to semiconductors, the use of a liquid-phase semiconductor material has been introduced as a possible means to overcome the radiation damage and structural defect problem16. One major benefit of utilising a liquid-phase material is the well-known ability to efficiently absorb the kinetic energy of beta particles17.

Since the advent of nuclear power, liquids have been intensively studied for use as a radiation-shielding material. Large amounts of radiation energy can be absorbed by water. When radiation energy is absorbed by an aqueous solution, free radicals (e.g., eaq-, ·OH, H·, HO2·) can be produced through radiolytic interactions18, 19, 20. These free radicals are known to affect the generation of molecular by-products, such as H2O2 and H221, 22, 23, 24. However, counterintuitively, the generation of electricity from a solution containing an ample amount of absorbed radiation energy has not yet been vigorously studied. Here, we demonstrate a new method for the generation of electricity using a device that separates the radiolytic current from the free radicals by splitting the water.

Design and operating principle of Pt/nanoporous TiO2 radiolytic cell

Our water splitter is composed of a nanoporous semiconductor coated with a thin Pt film to produce a specially designed metal-semiconductor junction (Fig. 1a). As a suitable semiconductor material for water decomposition, we used a very stable and common large band gap oxide material, TiO2, because the use of large band gap oxide materials as a semiconducting catalyst can improve the radiolysis yield25, 26, 27. Nanoporous TiO2 was formed by anodising and subsequently thermally oxidising a thin Ti film. The large surface area of the porous structure can provide more chemical reaction sites than a planar surface. To form a stable Schottky contact at the semiconductor/metal interface, a thin Pt film was uniformly deposited using a radio frequency (RF) sputtering system. As shown in the band diagram of the junctions in Fig. 1b, a Schottky barrier of 0.45 eV is formed because the Fermi energy (EF) of TiO2, an n-type semiconducting oxide, is 5.2 eV28, 29 while that of Pt is 5.65 eV30 with respect to the vacuum level. To experimentally confirm the Schottky barrier height between Pt and TiO2, we performed XPS analysis and measured the Schottky barrier height of 0.6 eV between Pt and Pt/TiO2 layers. When high-energy beta radiation passes through Pt and nanoporous TiO2, electron-hole pairs are produced inside the nanoporous TiO2. In particular, the holes generated in TiO2 move toward the Pt/liquid interface and then react with redox couples of water molecules, while the electrons are transported through the nanoporous TiO2 to the other electric contact due to the built-in potential at the Pt/electrolyte interface. In general, TiO2 is resistant to corrosion, but the additional layer of Pt can further protect the TiO2 layer under the harsh conditions of high pH values that are needed for water splitting. In addition, the porosity of the TiO2 leads to myriad nanoholes in the Pt film, which create localised surface plasmons that act as harmonic oscillators in response to an oscillating external electric field. Since the first report31 of the generation of surface plasmons on rough metal surfaces by electron illumination in 1977, many studies have examined various metal structures32, 33, 34, 35. Surface plasmons excited on the Pt surface can produce electron–hole pairs, with the excited electrons transiently occupying normally empty states in the Pt conduction band above the Fermi energy level. Most of the excited electrons are sufficiently energetic to enter the conduction band of TiO2.

In contrast to photocatalytic cells, high-energy beta radiation in our device can produce free radicals in water through the loss of kinetic energy. In a meta-stable state, the free radicals are recombined into water molecules or trapped in water molecules36, 37, 38. Thus, the free radicals produced by the radiation can be converted into electricity by a plasmon-assisted, wide band gap oxide semiconducting material using a water splitting technique at room temperature.
Structural properties of radiolytic electrode

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images and X-ray diffraction (XRD) data for the nanoporous TiO2 are shown in Fig. 2. The cross-sectional SEM image shows the existence of nanopores 100 nm in diameter and 1 µm deep with a spacing of 100 nm (Fig. 2a). Figure 2b shows a top-viewed SEM image of a 50-nm-thick Pt film coated surface of nanoporous TiO2. After Pt deposition on nanoporous TiO2 film, the size of Pt nanoholes turns out to be approximately 10 ~ 20 nm (Fig. 2b, inset). The density of holes is 3 ~ 5 × 109 cm-2. As shown by the XRD data in Fig. 2c, after the as-deposited Ti was anodised for 5 min, the intensity of the Ti (002) peak decreased compared to that of the Ti (001) peak, indicating the presence of vertically arranged uniform nanopores along the <002> direction of the Ti. After the anodised Ti was thermally oxidised at 450°C for 2 hours, the (001) and (002) peaks of Ti disappeared, and a new peak (37.24°) corresponding to the rutile crystalline structure appeared, indicating that TiO2 has a band gap of 3.2 eV39...


Electrons and holes that migrate to the surface of metal electrodes can reduce and oxidize the reactants adsorbed on the metal surfaces, respectively. The reduction (Red) and oxidation (Ox) reactions can produce the reduction current and oxidation current as shown in the J-V measurement data in Fig. 3c. The oxidation current density (lower red curve) is less than reduction current (upper red curve) at 0 V under irradiation, meaning that the reaction Red ? Ox + ne- is dominant on Pt/nanoporous TiO2 and available electrons are provided continuously, whereas the current density data (upper and lower black lines) of unirradiated devices seem not much different. When the strongly localised electric field oscillates across the Pt surface, as illustrated in Figs. 5c–h, the displacement of the electron density in the Pt surface by the electric field oscillation generates a Coulombic attraction force that can interact with environmental molecular ions, meaning that the eaq- and ·OH ions surrounded by water molecules can escape and attach to the Pt surface via localised surface plasmons. However, when the localised surface plasmon energy is less than the energy barrier of eaq- and ·OH, they cannot coherently oscillate or escape from their meta-stable state. With respect to the vacuum level, the work functions of eaq- and ·OH were calculated to be 1.6 eV and 7.2 eV, respectively, at pH 0. From the FDTD simulations, we obtained surface plasmon energy of 4.23 eV, which is 1.42 eV from the vacuum level and is higher than the energy level of eaq-, enabling electrons to escape from their meta-stable state and the escaped electrons to generate surface plasmons on the metal surface56, 57. In addition, the presence of excited electrons indicates that excited holes with the same amount of energy (10.64 eV with respect to the vacuum level) exist. These excited holes can interact with ·OH on the surface of Pt. The same phenomenon is responsible for Förster resonant energy transfer (FRET), in which an excited donor transfers energy to an acceptor group through a non-radiative process58. In fact, the Schottky junction of Pt/TiO2 creates a space-charge region in the n-type TiO2 layer because the electrons diffuse from the TiO2 side to the Pt side whereas the holes move in the reverse direction. In the equilibrium state, an equal amount of electrons in Pt is trapped at the Pt/TiO2 interface and builds up an internal electric field (0.45 eV) from the TiO2 side toward the Pt side, preventing further movement of carriers. When surface plasmons are generated on Pt surface by beta radiation, electrons in Pt are pushed towards TiO2 by the electric field created from surface plasmons, which is higher than the internal electric field, and holes move simultaneously towards the Pt/water surface interface. Accumulated holes can attract donors like negatively charged ions or radicals. Thus, the strong electric field enhancement can significantly increase the number of accumulated holes at the Pt/water interface and create a large internal potential difference. With the energy higher than the potential barrier (0.2 ~ 0.5 eV) of surrounding water molecules, solvated electrons (eaq-) can be attracted toward the Pt surface rapidly in water. Moreover, surface plasmons have a resonance frequency of a few hundred of GHz in visible wavelength. This means that strong Coulombic attraction force oscillates very fast to attract eaq- in water. When the distance between the TiO2 and Pt counter electrode is 5 cm, the electric field is approximately 0.09 V/cm and the speed of electrons in water reaches 1.6256 × 10-4 cm/s. If eaq- in water is 1 mm away from TiO2, it can move to the TiO2 surface in 603 s and most solvated electrons will not arrive quickly at the TiO2 electrode. Thus, as shown in Fig. S2, a slowly saturated curve of open circuit voltage is observed on TiO2 electrode under beta radiation, while the Pt/TiO2 electrode has a very fast saturated curve. The electric field of the TiO2 electrode is much weaker than that of the Pt/TiO2 electrode producing the surface plasmon effect, and the difference in electric field intensity may affect the collection of eaq- in water. Once eaq- is arrived at the electrode surface, eaq- is injected without any energy loss because the electrochemical energy is higher than the conduction band edge (-0.1 ~ -0.2 VNHE) of TiO2.

In principle, photovoltaic devices, such as dye-sensitised solar cells and photochemical cells, use the similar mechanism, but sunlight produces very few free radicals because it is composed of photon energies that lie primarily in the visible range (380 nm–780 nm). Differently, beta radiation can produce many free radicals through the loss of kinetic energy in water. Then, the generation of localised surface plasmons on the Pt surface by beta radiation can enhance the chemical reactions involving free radicals produced by beta radiation in water. The reflection peak of Pt/nanoporous TiO2 at 5.04 eV, and the similarity between the simulated emission spectra and measured reflection spectrum show that the surface plasmon resonance occurs at higher energy than the band gap energy of TiO2, indicating resonant energy transfer between TiO2 and surface plasmons59, 60, 61. Because the increased population of hot electrons generated by surface plasmons decreases the thickness of the Pt/TiO2 junction and increases its junction electric field62, 63, the narrow junction enables carriers obtained from free radicals to efficiently move toward the contact metals without carrier relaxation in the thin film. We confirmed that significantly more power from the device with the plasmonic Pt layer was produced than that from the device without the plasmonic Pt layer. As shown in Fig. S12, increased surface plasmon energy can effectively transport hot carriers generated on a Pt surface. Therefore, we can conclude that the high power density obtained from our radiolytic cell may be attributed to the conversion of continuously generated free radicals with large electrochemical energy into electricity by the surface plasmon energy generated at the Pt surface. This finding reveals new mechanisms for power generation in radiolytic chemical cells. Our unique approach further paves the way for producing chemical cells with higher power density...

Ruggero SANTILLI : Laboratory Synthesis of the Neutron from the Hydrogen

Experimental Verifications in Nuclear Physics


12 minutes long movie on the experiment accessible from the link

Peter von BUENGNER : Biocommunication

In research carried out into identical twins, many series of tests have clearly proved that siblings of this type can communicate with each other in ways that simply cannot be explained by classical physics. Identical twins have identical hereditary factors, which obviously considerably increases telepathic skills. In outside laboratory tests too, cases have become known in which twins who did not even know about each other, because they were separated in orphanages, have started to communicate and then found each other. Particularly in situations where one of the twins is in mortal danger, the telepathic potential rises dramatically.

We meet telepathy in everyday life too, albeit in a slightly weakened form: one of the strongest types in the connection between mother and child. Mothers have an 'aerial' for their child; they can wake up, for example, even if they are sleeping deeply if their child is suddenly ill in the night. And they can still do this even if the spatial distance is so great that the fact cannot be explained by acoustic phenomena. "This elemental connection between mother and child has now been medically recorded and designated. Frederic Vester says: "A mother's love can be remote-controlled." This is an ancient behavioural pattern from nature. This simultaneity, which has not yet been explained, is certainly part of the broad area of communication via morphic resonance." Also, if we think of someone we love, we sometimes know when we hear the telephone, that it is going to be this person ringing. We suppress this because we think it's impossible, but every one of us has had some kind of similar experience.*

*Page 73, "Gespräch mit Rupert Sheldrake", Karsten Welte

White noise -- The interface to the consciousness

The diode that generates white noise can be visualized as the television or radio quartz valves used earlier. The noise is called "white" because it appears on a black screen as flickering white dots, rather like what you see on a TV screen after the end of transmission time. The noise of the QUANTEC diode itself can be compared to a radio that is not tuned into any station: it alternates between deep rumbling, high whistles and then medium-frequency hissing, completely at random and with no recognizable pattern.

However, when this noise is connected with the consciousness, it changes. These changes can be processed and interpreted by a computer. QUANTEC uses this interaction with the consciousness by working with white noise to search its databases for relevant entries (e.g. affirmations, acupuncture, Bach blossoms, homeopathy, colors, etc.).

The diode as interface between consciousness and machine has been studied for over thirty years - with unambiguous results. Countless series of tests on people and animals have proved that diodes with white noise can be used as an interface between different types of consciousness and computers. The Frenchman René Peoc'h, in his experiments in the sleep laboratory, was even able to prove that this takes place without any waking consciousness. As part of the global awareness project, the collective consciousness of all people on our planet is being studied.

Electrode terminal for bio resonance therapy and diagnosis

The terminal has electrodes electrically insulated from each other, where a hub controllable alternating voltage is applied between the electrodes. An electrically conductive metallic material of the terminal is partially provided with an electrically non-conductive coating. The coating comprises an entire region that is provided in contact with a skin of a patient, where a thickness of the coating is 0.2-0.5 cm. The coating comprises acrylic glasses and/or plastic, and poles of the terminal are arranged at a distance of 0.8-1.5 cm from each other. An independent claim is also included for a bio-resonance therapy and diagnosis apparatus.

DE112008001585 // WO2009037017
Method for obtaining information on psychosomatic field, computer program product comprising a program code for performing said method, method for instrumental-biokommunikativen signal transmission and system for instrumental biocommunication [ Featuring Rose Quartz ]

Device,method and computerprogram for measuring a physical and physiological activity of a test person and for evaluating the psychosomatic state of the test person

[0003] The present invention relates to a device and a method, as well as a computer program product, for detecting data relating to the psychosomatic state of a subject, in particular for measuring a physical or physiological activity by a subject and for assessing the psychosomatic state of the subject.

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