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Self-Charged Graphene Battery Harvests Electricity from Thermal Energy of the Environment

Zihan Xu, Guoan Tai, Yungang Zhou, Fei Gao and Kin Hung Wong

Consumer Health, v.15:4-5, Apr 1992


by Merkl, George, Ph.D.

George Merkl is a nuclear physicist and president of Life Crystal Incorporated in El Paso, Texas. He has conducted research for the past 30 years in his own research laboratories, and holds more than 40 U.S., and hundreds of international patents on his discoveries and inventions. Dr. Merkl is listed in "Who's Who Among the Pioneers in Science Today". His latest discovery is the present discovery particle biochemistry and the secret of life. He is the author of "Inner Space (Unified Theory)", and he has discovered a new treatment which can cure AIDS, cancer, and many other degenerative diseases.


Before I start, I would like to explain the difference between Life Crystal and Chondriana. Life Crystal does not contain Chondriana and Life Crystal cannot induce Chondriana into your body although some counterfeit products indicate the contrary. Life Crystal is produced by extracting adenosine phosphates, guanosine phosphates and five carbon sugars from off the shelf food items. It is a material with very high purity. The F.D.A. in the United States approved adenosine in 1989 and adenosine monophosphate 20 years ago, and they know exactly what they do. When a patient is taken to the hospital with a coronary attack, this is the first thing they give them to save their lives. The injection contains three milligrams and it costs $3,000 per injection. That makes it a million dollars a gram. We have ten grams of adenosine in every bottle of Life Crystal drink.

When the adenosine and adenosine phosphate, guanosine and guanosine phosphate are crystallized and dissolved in double distilled water, they depolarize the water. The Life Crystal has the same tetrahedral structure as the water, with matching frequencies, and therefore it can charge the water with enough energy to change the polarity of the water. Once it changes the polarity of the water, it will lose the affinity to hydrophilic molecules and pick up affinity towards hydrophobic molecules. In layman's terms, this means it can dissolve double carbon bonds, hydrocarbons, waxes, cholesterols, plaques and sugar deposits, and this enables it to clean out the blood vessels. Most of the time when an organ fails, it fails because of lack of respiration and lack of circulation. Once you clean out the blood vessels and re-establish circulation, the organs will recover.

Life Crystal has a tetrahedral structure like a pyramid. Because of the shape of the tetrahedral crystal, it develops a vortex field around the pyramid and then the crystal will deposit around the pyramid in a vortex coil. This is the reason why Life Crystal can tap into the energy of creation. Light is made up of free energy, 918 pairs of scrolls which make up one photon, and this is the breath of creation, or the breath of God, whatever you want to call it. Without that, life cannot exist. We can break down light for the first time. The 918 pairs of photons then mould into one electron and 918 pairs of electrons mould into one neutron. That is the way free energy is moulded into light and light is moulded into matter. We are all made of the same substance. This is the reason the Life Crystal is capable of tapping into the life energy which is a prerequisite for life.


The Chondriana are human in origin. They are our precursors. They are micro-organisms which have been synthesized from human DNA. The Chondriana existed three and a half billion years ago. We had life forms back then that were capable of reproducing or mass producing all our organs. There is a micro-organism which has been found fossilized in western Australia dated three and a half billion years. It is identical to the Chondriana. Every organelle in our cells was at one time produced by similar Chondriana. In other words, we had life forms, back three and a half billion years ago that were capable of reproducing all our organs. We had factories in our cells, which we do not have today, which produced the organelles inside our cells.

With a reverse procedure, we can recreate those factories in our cells and that is what I have done. I took the organelles inside our cells and recreated all the factories from which those organelles had originated. I was able to produce Chondriana, mass producing centrioles, mitochondria, Golgi apparatus and all the different organs, including the cell nucleus and cell nucleolus.

This means we can bring back our defence system, the defence cells we once used to have but which we lost because the sun is cooling and we are losing energy. We are not going through evolution; we are going through devolution. Our cells are becoming punier and punier as time goes on. The massive carbon dioxide blankets we are putting up in the sky is accelerating the process. But now, re-introducing Life Crystal into the system, we can re-awaken our old immune system. We can bring back the old giant lymphocytes which are able to protect us.


Many clinics are using Life Crystal for chelation. They are replacing E.D.T.A. with Life Crystal to clean the blood vessels and they are getting much better results. When someone is on Life Crystal, even just as a nutritional supplement taken orally, if they take it every day, even if their arteries are 98% plugged, there is no need for heart surgery, and within one year the arteries will be cleaned. The body water will dissolve the cholesterol and they will urinate off the fat. Chelation may be done in two ways using Life Crystal. We recommend a teaspoon three times a day for the oral dose. The intravenous treatment is given at half a c.c. per week.


Life Crystal cleans out the blood vessels and restores circulation. When Life Crystal is administered intravenously to a diabetic who needs a kidney transplant, in five weeks, the kidneys function normally. If diabetics are scheduled for a leg amputation, in five weeks, Life Crystal will dissolve the sugar deposits, restore respiration and nutrient flow, eliminate claudication, and they can go jogging. We have diabetics now whose eyesight has also been restored.


We have ample clinical evidence from all over the world that Life Crystal helps restore health. We have had a few cases of Parkinson's Disease and our treatment was successful. We are very effective against cancer, environmental illness and all diseases. We get a 100% response with HIV, AIDS. We have some people now who have been cured from AIDS. All the lupus diseases, rheumatic arthritis, circulatory problems, diabetes and so on. When people have coronary heart attacks, they may administer it every day. Someone who has a serious problem such as kidney failure, claudications or blindness, should use the intravenous method because it is quicker. In five weeks it restores the circulation and respiration, and cleans out the blood vessels. Because the Chondriana are precursors of our origin, they are part of us. Therefore, you are not taking drugs or chemicals.


Q: How do the Chondriana interact with pathogens and viruses? A: The Chondriana themselves are militant. They attack the disease directly. They attack it physically, consuming it. Their membranes are invasive, so they attack the disease, take it apart and recycle it. They break down the genetic material all the way to ribosomes and recycle them into their own sequence. They grow up on it. They can also produce interferon and interleuken II. They can stimulate the T-4 and T-8 cell production, or they can pick up the frequency of your immune cells and reproduce them. They can reproduce dozens of different types of macrophages, each of which has a different type of function. They produce oscillators of many different types, immune cells which break up the disease and then come and clean up like a vacuum cleaner. The Chondriana's mouth is like a sack. It is like a shutter of a camera. The neck can narrow and open and they use it like a vacuum cleaner. They just mop up the disease. Because they are super intelligent, they know the sequence of life. They can sequence the DNA molecule to make all kinds of life forms. They can make life like you make breakfast. They are far more intelligent than we are and they are our ancestors.

Q: Are the Chondriana not rejected in the same way an organ implant from another person is rejected? A: The Chondriana do not come from another person. The Chondriana belong to everyone. It doesn't type to my person or any person. When the Chondriana are injected into your blood stream, the Chondriana's genetic material goes into your blood cells, blows itself up four times the size, and you start mass producing your own Chondriana.

Q: Does the human system have Chondriana already? A: In dormancy. We used to have it, but we don't have it any more. Only the information on the DNA.

Q: Is Life Crystal dependent upon Chondriana? A: No because Life Crystal by itself is basically rebuilding, restoring, rejuvenating and cleaning out the blood vessels, restoring the circulation, respiration and providing nutrients. Ninety-five percent of your energy comes from ATP, and Life Crystal is loaded with ATP. But you can't make Chondriana without Life Crystal.


Q: What is Life Crystal and how do you make it? A: Life Crystal is made up of adenosine phosphate, guanosine phosphate and five carbon sugars. Our DNA molecules are made from it. They are the basic building blocks of life. We take this from plants. The adenosine and guanosine phosphates come from genetic material of plants, like lettuce, tea etc. The five carbon sugars come from fruit juices, organically produced, very high purity fruit juices. You reap off the carbon and you have five carbon sugars. You add a phosphate to it and you have sugar phosphate (fructose and glucose phosphates). These are intermediates in the process of a new cell making ATP.


Q: Can you take Life Crystal and Chondriana at the same time? A: You can take them independently or you can take them together. You put Life Crystal under your tongue. Keep it in your mouth for a minute or two, let it absorb before swallowing it. We usually recommend a teaspoon. There is no shelf life limit. The longer you keep it, the better it is. You can keep it on the shelf. You don't have to refrigerate it until you open it. We recommend that people use Chondriana if they are sick. If they have a bacterial or viral disease, they use half and half: half Life Crystal and half Chondriana, since the Life Crystal helps to open up the fine blood vessels. When the Chondriana go after the disease and kill it, the waste and the toxins can be drained much faster because your fine blood vessels are open and you have a much lower reaction.


Q: Is Life Crystal safe to take whether you are sick or not? A: Absolutely. It is very safe. The youngest person to take it is four months old. My wife just gave birth to a baby girl and she was taking it all through her pregnancy. She was also on Chondriana treatment. It is safe to take the nutritional supplement, one teaspoon three times a day, not the injectable. It is absolutely safe. It will be very interesting to see what effects it had on the child. She is too young to draw blood and test it, but I will test her later. We have three Chondriana babies from different families. Two of them couldn't conceive previously. Once they went on Life Crystal, they conceived within two or three months because Life Crystal will speed up the proliferation of primordial cells, the sex cells, and make them very strong. The children are very strong and very healthy and all three of them are pretty close to nine pounds and were born at eight months, not nine months, and they turned around at three months. My wife and I had three other children before and this pregnancy was entirely different from the others.


Q: We have a boy who has chronic asthma. Can he be helped with Life Crystal? A: We have a lot of little boys who are just on Life Crystal drink alone whose asthma is disappearing. We have a lot of children in countries where their mothers were exposed to harmful chemicals or insecticides when they were pregnant. All these children were born with epilepsy and seizures. They had 200 to 400 seizures a month, and some had 10 seizures a day. They went on Life Crystal drink alone, nothing else, and within two months they were normal.


Q: Is Life Crystal effective for Candida? A: Candida occurs most of the time in association with Epstein Barr syndrome. It is a major epidemic in English speaking countries. United States have 60 million Epstein Barr cases and only five percent of the population know that they have it. It spreads from passing around the bottle. You are spreading it by saliva, drinking or eating after someone else. It stays dormant for 15 years, but once it breaks out and gets into the active state, you start developing the Candidas. Candida eats away your glucose and deprives you of ATP, because ATP is made from glucose. Your organ cells degenerate, and as a result the disease moves in, and the immune cells degenerate, so more disease moves in. Your immune cells are not capable of defending you. If you supplement ATP, you can freeze the disease, sort of put it on the shelf, because you keep your organ cells and your immune cells happy. Then you can lead a normal life and you eliminate your chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue occurs because your cells are starved. They don't have ATP. Ninety-five percent of energy comes from ATP. If you want to get rid of the disease, you have to go through Chondriana treatment, 30 injections, which give very strong reactions, but you can get rid of the virus. Epstein Barr is called the cousin of AIDS. AIDS destroys the immune cells directly. In Epstein Barr and Candida, the immune cells are starved by deprivation of ATP.

Q: How do you know how many injections to use for the Epstein Barr virus? A: In order to determine the number of injections to use, we do blood tests. We look for the immunoglobulins. The level should be below 20. The more advanced your Epstein Barr is, the higher the level is. If someone had 600, they have probably had Epstein Barr for about 25 years. If they had 1400, they may have had Epstein Barr for 35 years. Those are the final stages. In the final stages, Epstein Barr attacks the brain and the organs and destroys the organs; people cannot function any more.


Q: Is Life Crystal effective against heavy metal toxicity including mercury? A: Yes. It is being used as a chelation agent. The Life Crystal is a very effective chelating agent but not necessarily for the removal of mercury.


Q: Have you had any success with lupus? A: We have very exciting results with lupus. We have lupus A, B, C and D. The lupus A attacks basically joints. Lupus B and C attack organs and lupus D attacks the brain. It usually takes about five or six injections to be on the safe side, 10 injections for sure gets rid of lupus of any kind, either A, B, C or D. Lupus also occurs together with hepatitis, because if you have B and C, they also attack your organs including the spleen, liver, kidney and bring in hepatitis. So in one sweep we can get rid of all the problems.


Q: Can Life Crystal be used for rejuvenation? A: We can reproduce primordial cells which can be turned into new young cells in order to reverse your ageing. You can restore your body, your organs and your tissues, and not only slow down, but actually reverse ageing.


Q: Can Life Crystal be used for thinning hair and baldness? A: Well, look at my hair. Sixty percent of my hair is new and whatever I had before was completely white. It grew in about a year and a half. You can use it topically.

For more information, please visit our website:



The most bizarre things spotted on Mars TOP 100 HD

Aquion Salt-Water Battery


Energy storage, clean and simple.

Introducing the first safe and sustainable battery

Our technology is based on a simple idea: In order to meet the challenges of the world’s growing energy needs and increase the use of renewable power, we need large-scale energy storage systems that are high performance, safe, sustainable and cost-effective. Our founder, Professor Jay Whitacre, set out to solve this problem and discovered a simple and elegant solution that is a twist on a 200 year-old technology: saltwater batteries.

Aquion developed this solution into our patented Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) chemistry. Aquion’s Aspen batteries are sealed electrochemical energy storage systems based on our unique saltwater electrolyte. Unlike flow batteries, lithium ion batteries, and lead acid batteries, our Aspen batteries are made using abundant, nontoxic materials and modern low cost manufacturing techniques.  Our saltwater batteries are maintenance-free and optimized for daily deep cycling.
A unique chemistry.

Our unique Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) chemistry is composed of a saltwater electrolyte, manganese oxide cathode, carbon titanium phosphate composite anode, and synthetic cotton separator. The battery utilizes non-corrosive intercalation reactions at the anode and cathode.
Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) Chemistry
What’s inside matters.

    Aquion’s batteries are not flammable, corrosive, or explosive under any conditions, states of charge, or use conditions (with the exception of a severe overcharge leading to gas evolution, a situation that is not possible during transport).
    AHI batteries have a safe water-based electrolyte, as compared to the flammable organic solvent in lithium ion batteries and caustic sulfuric acid in lead acid batteries.
    This water-based system moderates the maximum temperature that the battery can reach – it is impossible for any internal reactions to drive the battery above 100°C, since at this temperature, all of the water will evaporate leading to an open circuit condition.
    Thermal runaway events are simply not possible in the AHI chemistry for the reasons described above as well as the fact that lithium metal, dendrites, and SEI layers cannot form because they are all water soluble species and cannot build on the electrode surface and lead to short circuits.

    AHI batteries have an environmentally-friendly electrochemical design that contains no heavy metals, toxic chemicals, inorganic solvents, or other noxious materials.
    AHI batteries rely on no heavy or toxic metals, such as lead, or caustic materials such as sulfuric acid or lithium hexafluorophosphate.
    AHI batteries are safe enough to be disposed via traditional waste streams (always follow local regulations regarding disposal of any product).

    The batteries are completely sealed and do not require maintenance. They are self-balancing and therefore do not require an equalizing charge or a battery management system (BMS).
    AHI batteries have no moving parts like flow batteries, complicated watering systems like some lead acid batteries, and do not require active cell balancing like lithium ion systems.
    The aqueous electrolyte provides natural overcharge and overdischarge protection and, along with the high impedance of the system, allows AHI batteries to self balance in string configurations.

Resilient high-performing

    AHI batteries are tolerant to daily deep cycling, wide temperature ranges, and partial state of charge cycling with minimal degradation.
    In addition to the safety and sustainability advantages of using water as electrolyte, another advantage is the thermal mass of the embodied water means that AHI products neither heat nor cool rapidly. As such, the products can operate in a very wide operating temperature window because they simply take so long to heat and to cool.
    The AHI chemistry relies on charge/discharge mechanisms which are unaffected by partial state of charge – these batteries can sit indefinitely at partial, or even no state of charge, without irreversible capacity loss like lead acid batteries.

Sodium Ion Based Aqueous Electrolyte Electrochemical Secondary Energy Storage Device

A secondary hybrid aqueous energy storage device includes an anode electrode, a cathode electrode which is capable of reversibly intercalating sodium cations, a separator, and a sodium cation containing aqueous electrolyte, wherein an initial active cathode electrode material comprises an alkali metal containing active cathode electrode material which deintercalates alkali metal ions during initial charging of the device.


25 STRONGEST Materials Known to Man


Researchers design one of the strongest, lightest materials known

Porous, 3-D forms of graphene developed at MIT can be 10 times as strong as steel but much lighter.

by David L. Chandler

A team of researchers at MIT has designed one of the strongest lightweight materials known, by compressing and fusing flakes of graphene, a two-dimensional form of carbon. The new material, a sponge-like configuration with a density of just 5 percent, can have a strength 10 times that of steel.

In its two-dimensional form, graphene is thought to be the strongest of all known materials. But researchers until now have had a hard time translating that two-dimensional strength into useful three-dimensional materials.

The new findings show that the crucial aspect of the new 3-D forms has more to do with their unusual geometrical configuration than with the material itself, which suggests that similar strong, lightweight materials could be made from a variety of materials by creating similar geometric features.

The findings are being reported today in the journal Science Advances, in a paper by Markus Buehler, the head of MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) and the McAfee Professor of Engineering; Zhao Qin, a CEE research scientist; Gang Seob Jung, a graduate student; and Min Jeong Kang MEng ’16, a recent graduate.

A team of MIT engineers has successfully designed a new 3-D material with five percent the density of steel and ten times the strength, making it one of the strongest lightweight materials known.

Other groups had suggested the possibility of such lightweight structures, but lab experiments so far had failed to match predictions, with some results exhibiting several orders of magnitude less strength than expected. The MIT team decided to solve the mystery by analyzing the material’s behavior down to the level of individual atoms within the structure. They were able to produce a mathematical framework that very closely matches experimental observations.

Two-dimensional materials — basically flat sheets that are just one atom in thickness but can be indefinitely large in the other dimensions — have exceptional strength as well as unique electrical properties. But because of their extraordinary thinness, “they are not very useful for making 3-D materials that could be used in vehicles, buildings, or devices,” Buehler says. “What we’ve done is to realize the wish of translating these 2-D materials into three-dimensional structures.”

The team was able to compress small flakes of graphene using a combination of heat and pressure. This process produced a strong, stable structure whose form resembles that of some corals and microscopic creatures called diatoms. These shapes, which have an enormous surface area in proportion to their volume, proved to be remarkably strong. “Once we created these 3-D structures, we wanted to see what’s the limit — what’s the strongest possible material we can produce,” says Qin. To do that, they created a variety of 3-D models and then subjected them to various tests. In computational simulations, which mimic the loading conditions in the tensile and compression tests performed in a tensile loading machine, “one of our samples has 5 percent the density of steel, but 10 times the strength,” Qin says.

Buehler says that what happens to their 3-D graphene material, which is composed of curved surfaces under deformation, resembles what would happen with sheets of paper. Paper has little strength along its length and width, and can be easily crumpled up. But when made into certain shapes, for example rolled into a tube, suddenly the strength along the length of the tube is much greater and can support substantial weight. Similarly, the geometric arrangement of the graphene flakes after treatment naturally forms a very strong configuration.

The new configurations have been made in the lab using a high-resolution, multimaterial 3-D printer. They were mechanically tested for their tensile and compressive properties, and their mechanical response under loading was simulated using the team’s theoretical models. The results from the experiments and simulations matched accurately.

The new, more accurate results, based on atomistic computational modeling by the MIT team, ruled out a possibility proposed previously by other teams: that it might be possible to make 3-D graphene structures so lightweight that they would actually be lighter than air, and could be used as a durable replacement for helium in balloons. The current work shows, however, that at such low densities, the material would not have sufficient strength and would collapse from the surrounding air pressure.

But many other possible applications of the material could eventually be feasible, the researchers say, for uses that require a combination of extreme strength and light weight. “You could either use the real graphene material or use the geometry we discovered with other materials, like polymers or metals,” Buehler says, to gain similar advantages of strength combined with advantages in cost, processing methods, or other material properties (such as transparency or electrical conductivity).

“You can replace the material itself with anything,” Buehler says. “The geometry is the dominant factor. It’s something that has the potential to transfer to many things.”

The unusual geometric shapes that graphene naturally forms under heat and pressure look something like a Nerf ball — round, but full of holes. These shapes, known as gyroids, are so complex that “actually making them using conventional manufacturing methods is probably impossible,” Buehler says. The team used 3-D-printed models of the structure, enlarged to thousands of times their natural size, for testing purposes.

For actual synthesis, the researchers say, one possibility is to use the polymer or metal particles as templates, coat them with graphene by chemical vapor deposit before heat and pressure treatments, and then chemically or physically remove the polymer or metal phases to leave 3-D graphene in the gyroid form. For this, the computational model given in the current study provides a guideline to evaluate the mechanical quality of the synthesis output.

The same geometry could even be applied to large-scale structural materials, they suggest. For example, concrete for a structure such as a bridge might be made with this porous geometry, providing comparable strength with a fraction of the weight. This approach would have the additional benefit of providing good insulation because of the large amount of enclosed airspace within it.

Because the shape is riddled with very tiny pore spaces, the material might also find application in some filtration systems, for either water or chemical processing. The mathematical descriptions derived by this group could facilitate the development of a variety of applications, the researchers say.

“This is an inspiring study on the mechanics of 3-D graphene assembly,” says Huajian Gao, a professor of engineering at Brown University, who was not involved in this work. “The combination of computational modeling with 3-D-printing-based experiments used in this paper is a powerful new approach in engineering research. It is impressive to see the scaling laws initially derived from nanoscale simulations resurface in macroscale experiments under the help of 3-D printing,” he says.

This work, Gao says, “shows a promising direction of bringing the strength of 2-D materials and the power of material architecture design together.”

The research was supported by the Office of Naval Research, the Department of Defense Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative, and BASF-North American Center for Research on Advanced Materials.


10 LOST Inventions That Could Have CHANGED THE WORLD!


How To Make Twisted Pentagonal Prisms


Geometric Origami by Faye E. Goldman (English) Hardcover Book

Too hip to be square, Geometric Origami takes the art of paper folding to stunning new heights. A sophisticated new origami kit for advanced paper-folding enthusiasts, Geometric Origami takes paper art to spectacular new levels. Fifteen intricate paper projects use specially designed strips that come with the book and include a tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron, truncated tetrahedron, cuboctahedron, icosidodecahedron, rhombic triacontahedron, snub dodecahedron, zonohedron, and buckyballs. And don t worry there are even a few pronounceable shapes like the egg and a geometric bracelet, plus more surprises. This beautifully designed kit gives a new perspective on geometry and the world of origami and is great fun for the entire family or the perfect gift for a math professor."


Kusudama Dodecaedro Modulo Heinz Strobl

How to make a beautiful kusudama


A once-proud nation which was the envy of the world now suffers from a kind of omni-present dementia

Paul Craig Roberts 

Having grown up during the second half of the 20th century, I don’t recognize my country today. I experienced life in a competent country, and now I experience life in an incompetent country.

Everything is incompetent. The police are incompetent. They shoot children, grandmothers, cripples, and claim that they feared for their life.

Washington’s foreign police is incompetent. Washington has alienated the world with its insane illegal attacks on other countries. Today the United States and Israel are the two most distrusted countries on earth and the two countries regarded as the greatest threat to peace.

The military/security complex is incompetent. The national security state is so incompetent that it was unable to block the most humiliating attack in history against a superpower that proved to be entirely helpless as a few people armed with box cutters and an inability to fly an airplane destroyed the World Trade Center and part of the Pentagon itself. The military industries have produced at gigantic cost the F-35 that is no match for the Russian fighters or even for the F-15s and F-16s it is supposed to replace.

The media is incompetent. I can’t think of an accurate story that has been reported in the 21st century. There must be one, but it doesn’t come to mind.

The universities are incompetent. Instead of hiring professors to teach the students, the universities hire administrators to regulate them. Instead of professors, there are presidents, vice presidents, chancellors, vice chancellors, provosts, vice provosts, assistant provosts, deans, associate deans, assistant deans. Instead of subject matter there is speech regulation and sensitivity training. Universities spend up to 75% of their budgets on administrators, many of whom have outsized incomes.

The public schools have been made incompetent by standardized national testing. The purpose of education today is to pass some test. School accreditation and teachers’ pay depend not on developing the creativity or independent thinking of those students capable of it, but on herding them through memory work for a standardized test.

One could go on endlessly.

Instead, I will relate a story of everyday incompetences that have prevented me from writing this week and for a few more days yet.

Recently, while away from my home, a heavy equipment operator working on a nearby construction site managed to drive under power lines with the fork lift raised. Instead of breaking the wire, it snapped the pole in half that conveyed electric power to my house. The power company came out, or, as I suspect, an outsourced contractor, who reestablished power to my home but did not check that the neutral wire was still attached.

Consequently for a week or so my house experienced round the clock surges of high voltage that blew out the surge protection, breaker box, and every appliance in the house. Expecting my return, the house was inspected, and the discovery was that there was no power. Back came the power company and discovered that high voltage was feeding into the house and had destroyed everything plugged in.

So. Here we have a moron operating heavy equipment who does not understand that he cannot drive under power lines with the lift raised. We have a power company or its outsourced contractor who does not understand that power cannot be reconnected without making certain that the neutral wire is still connected.

So every appliance is fried. Glass everywhere from blown out light bulbs. We are talking thousands of dollars.

This is America today. And the incompetents ruling incompetents want war with Iran, Korea, Russia, China. Considering the extraordinary level of incompetence throughout the United States, I guarantee you that we will not win these wars.

Herbs vs Chlamydia trachomatis :

Traditional Chinese medicine for treating non-gonococcal urethritis

The invention relates to a traditional Chinese medicine for treating non-gonococcal urethritis, and is used for effectively solving the problem of medicines for treating the non-gonococcal urethritis. A method is as follows: the traditional Chinese medicine is prepared from the following Chinese medicinal herbs of wine fried felwort, lichen of parmelia saxitilis, Chinese mahonia, rheum officinale, stir-baked squama manitis, fried semen plantaginis, rhizoma alismatis, radix bupleuri, wine fried angelica sinensis, fried cape jasmine, wine fried scutellaria baicalensis, dianthus superbus, polygonum aviculare, broom cypress fruit, golden cypress, ural licorice root tip, rhizoma anemarrhenae, pseudo-ginseng, cordyceps sinensis, poria cocos, trollflower, fried bighead atractylodes rhizome, ligusticum wallichii, dipsacus root, medicinal cyathula root, radix pseudostellariae,; the root bark of the peony tree, amber, rhizoma atractylodis, eucommia bark, morinda meat, radix stemonae, lychee seed and common peony root. The traditional Chinese medicine is scientific in compatibility, good in treatment effect, safe and reliable, integrates a nourishing function into a removing function, integrates a releasing function in the nourishing function so as not to hurt healthy qi and attach pathogenic qi, has the functions of clearing away heat and toxic materials, sterilizing and diminishing inflammation, inducing diuresis for treating strangurtia, promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis, resolving hard lump, tonifying liver and kidney, strengthening the spleen and stomach and improving the immunity, and is mainly used for treating non-gonococcal mycoplasma and chlamydia microbial infection, male mixed prostatitis and orchitis,; female mixed cervicitis and pelvic inflammation, immunodeficiency, and the like.

Chinese herbs preparation for treatment of vaginitis and venereal disease

The Chinese medicine prepn is prepared with natural indigo, honeysuckle, giant Knotweed, cnidium monnieri, garlic oil, picklyash, alumen, borneol, etc. and through the technological processes including shredding, reflux extraction, impurity removing, dilution, etc. It can Kill vaginal trichomonasatis, monilia albicans, coccus gonorrhoeae, chlamydia and syphilis spirochaeta and destroy surface antigen of AlDs virus. Therefore, it has obvious curative effect on vaginitis and venereal diseases.


Doctors Baffled As Man "TELEPORTS" Into Ceiling

Journal of Theoretics Vol.4-2

Gravitation and Inertia as a Consequence of Quantum Vacuum Energy

By Dr. Carlos Calvet,

hyperspace@telefonica.net ; Francisco Corbera no. 15, E-08360 Canet de Mar (Barcelona), Spain

Abstract: By assigning the elementary Planck units to the units of Newton?s Gravitational Constant (G), it resulted in G being a function of vacuum (zero point) energy (ZPE). ZPE appears to reduce gravity, as it is inversely proportional to gravitational force. Further, the value of ZPE density-matter equivalent has resulted to be equivalent to the Planck mass in a Planck volume, rendering a much easier way of calculation.


A man had coconut oil 2 times every day for 2 months and his brain changed!

A man had coconut oil 2 times every day for 2 months and his brain changed!

The worst disease in the world is Alzheimer, but this can be avoided and memory can be renewed again. Trust us! Here is the story of Mary T. Newport, pediatrist who dealt with her husband’s illness in the 50s.

Steve her husband, had dementia for 5 years. Then he got MRI and he got diagnosis of Alzheimer. This was found at a bad stage.

He was dizzy, confused and had no focus. He did not even work with cutlery, spoons and forks and could not even find food in the fridge. He forgot messages he received and remembered many days later.

His frontal and parietal lobes and hippocampus too and amygdala were atrophied a lot. The short term memory was all gone and he made up new info in his brain later in those days. His wife made radical changes to his diet then.

He got many meds and drugs by the doctors but they did not help. He was skinny and had depression. The motions were limited and he had tremors too. His wife then looked for options in  the diet for changes.

This drug was Ketasyn AC 1202 and stopped Alzheimer stages progress in just 3 months. The wife examined this and saw the main item in it- triglyceride oil. And this means coconut oil of the health store.

She gave her husband coconut 2 spoons daily in 2 times, for 2 months. After a year, he got better, recognized faces and spoke normally. He walked in nature and walked on streets again. It improved daily.

She swears by this coconut oil for this problem.


The brain needs food above all and 60% of glucose goes to the brain.
But, the brain does not use up all glucose cells and this is due to hypermetabolism and bad cognition. The ketone byproducts of fat working up is good for the brain. The feed neurons and nerves due to some brain damage.

Some neurons do not use up the glucose and are resistant to insulin. Ketones save these cells.

Ketones are seen after starvation and also in MCT when they get exposed to oxygen with the liver together and make even more ketones. 97% of fats we eat are long chain triglycerides and contain 18 carbons. Medium chain is 6-12 carbons.

For the Parkinson’s coconut is also goo, and for drug related epilepsy, diabetes and multiple sclerosis.is coconut oil good for you


In a 2004 study of Neurobiology of Aging said coconut oil improves cognition and memory. Here were tested and monitored 20 people as they got placebos and coconut too. After 90 minutes, the coconut showed better results with more beta-hydroxybutrate beta OHB , the strongest ketone.

They fasted and starved before this test and blood check up. After 90 min, coconut improved cognition and the dose was just 40 ml.

Mercola stated that Dr. David Perlmutter a neurologist, claimed to avoid fat and carbs during Alzheimer’s.

Both agreed that fasting is good when mixed with coconut and this made more glycogen in the liver. Also this removed extra fat and you get in keto stage easy. This means healthy weight loss and healthy brain, but there is a catch. If ketones get too high, blood acidity is higher and you enter ketoacidosis which is fatal. Eliminate sugars and gluten and have a healthier gut too.


Holistic Doctor Death Series: Now Over 70 Dead

By Erin Elizabeth


 Debunking Two American Myths

By The Saker

November 10, 2017 "Information Clearing House" -  There are two myths which are deeply imprinted in the minds of most US Americans which are extremely dangerous and which can result in a war with Russia.

    The first myth is the myth of the US military superiority.
    The second myth is the myth about the US invulnerability.

I believe that it is therefore crucial to debunk these myths before they end up costing us millions of lives and untold suffering...


CRISPR-carrying nanoparticles edit the genome

In a new study, MIT researchers have developed nanoparticles that can deliver the CRISPR genome-editing system and specifically modify genes in mice. The team used nanoparticles to carry the CRISPR components, eliminating the need to use viruses for delivery.

Using the new delivery technique, the researchers were able to cut out certain genes in about 80 percent of liver cells, the best success rate ever achieved with CRISPR in adult animals.

"What's really exciting here is that we've shown you can make a nanoparticle that can be used to permanently and specifically edit the DNA in the liver of an adult animal," says Daniel Anderson, an associate professor in MIT's Department of Chemical Engineering and a member of MIT's Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES).


A Perfect Storm Gathering Over America

A presentation by Frosty Wooldridge on population, immigration, sustainability, and multiculturalism. Evergreen, Colorado September 28, 2016




Stable Salt Reactors build on the fundamental safety and simplicity breakthrough of molten salt fuel in essentially standard nuclear fuel tubes.

The fuel salt is held in vented tubes. Venting is safe because in our reactors the dangerous fission products form stable compounds, not gases.

The tubes are bundled into fuel assemblies similar to those in a conventional PWR. These are held in the support structure which forms the reactor modules.

The tank is filled with a safe molten salt coolant, which is not pressurised like gas or water coolants in today’s power reactors and not violently reactive with air and water like sodium in today’s Fast Breeder reactors. A second similar coolant salt system takes heat from the primary coolant salt to steam generators kept well away from the reactor.

Refuelling is simple: Fuel assemblies are simply moved sideways out of the core and replaced with fresh fuel assemblies. This results in a near on-line refuelling process.

The entire construction is simple, with no high pressure systems, few moving parts, and no Pressure Vessel needing specialist foundries.

The reactor is continuously cooled by natural air flow, giving complete security against overheating in an accident situation

Stable Salt Reactors are modular in construction. Their rectangular cores can be extended module by module to create reactors from 150MW to 1500MW power.

Many versions of Stable Salt Reactors are possible. The first being developed now is a "waste burner". This uses fuel produced by a new, low cost and very simple process from spent conventional reactor fuel. Reduction in the radioactive life of that spent fuel from hundreds of thousands of years to just a few hundred years will effectively clean up a large part of the hazardous residue of the first nuclear era. Second generation Stable Salt Reactors will be able to breed new nuclear fuel from depleted uranium and thorium.

Global Workhorse Reactor and Waste Fuelled Fast Reactor

Consumes plutonium and actinides from today's solid fuelled reactors
Waste less radioactive than uranium ore after 300 years
Simplified patented fuel conversion technology makes reuse of spent conventional fuel economical

Second generation Stable Salt Reactors

Graphite moderated option to use conventional enriched uranium as fuel
Breeder option to convert depleted uranium and thorium into an endless supply of new fuel



Lead coolant

The use of lead as coolant for a nuclear reactor results in a so called "fast" neutron spectrum, which facilitates production of fissile fuel from U-238 with a conversion ratio larger than unity. Hence, fuel resources increase by two orders of magnitude, making nuclear power sustainable for thousands of years. Moreover, the fast neutron spectrum makes it possible to efficiently transmute the long-lived waste, such as americium and curium, into stable or short-lived fission products, with a minimum of negative side-effects on the safety of reactor and fuel-cycle facilities.

The most important advantage of lead is that it allows to combine a closure of the fuel cycle with an outstanding set of safety features, including:

No violent exothermic reaction with water
A very high boiling temperature, reducing the risk for loss of coolant
An excellent potential for decay heat removal by natural convection
Chemical retention of iodine and caesium, should a fuel failure occur
Inherent shielding of gamma radiation from fission products
Break-through innovation

A major disadvantage of using lead coolants is the risk for corrosion attack on fuel cladding and steam generator tubes. The high solubility of nickel in lead makes it necessary to form and maintain a protective oxide film on the surfaces of structural materials. However, chromium oxide scales forming on conventional stainless steels grow too thick after a year of full power operation in a lead-cooled reactor, making them mechanically unstable. Silicon or aluminium alloyed steels form thinner films of silicon and aluminium oxides, respectively, rendering the steels corrosion proof over longer exposure times. In Russia, a silicon alloyed steel has been developed for use in the SVBR-100 and BEST-300 reactors, whereas in Germany, a technique for surface alloying of steels with FeCrAlY has allowed to improve corrosion and fretting performance significantly.

In collaboration with Swedish steel industry, LeadCold materials experts have developed an aluminium alloyed steel (Fe-10Cr-4Al-Zr) which exhibits perfect corrosion resistance during exposure to lead for more than 19 000 hours at T = 550°C. The addition of zirconium reduces the risk for formation of chromium carbides that may be detrimental for corrosion resistance, and allows to keep the aluminium concentration at a level low enough to ensure weldability of the material. Based on this break-through innovation, LeadCold has designed the SEALER reactor for commercial power production in off-grid applications.


Integral Molten Salt Reactor

Terrestrial Energy’s Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR®) is designed to meet the rapidly rising demand for breakthrough energy technologies that can deliver clean, scalable, and cost-competitive heat and power to displace fossil-fuel combustion starting in the 2020s. The IMSR® is a fundamentally different reactor. It employs advanced molten-salt technology, which creates a far superior system to harness clean bountiful energy of the atom simply, safely and economically.

 Low Cost

Using advanced molten salt reactor technology, IMSR® power plants are simpler than the Conventional Reactor power plants in the market today, which are pressurized-water reactors. IMSR® power plants are smaller, and with modular design and construction, can be built within 4 years and financed by ordinary means. IMSR® power plants will be cost-competitive with fossil fuels even in the absence of CO2 emission penalties...

How it Works

The fundamental engineering challenge of nuclear fission-reactor design is the safe dissipation of fission heat in every conceivable set of circumstances. The fundamental economic problem with solid-fuel reactors, which have been used for the past 60 years, is that a solid-fuel solution to this central challenge leads to a nuclear plant that is too complex and too challenging to finance and build. It is time to revisit this fundamental challenge of heat dissipation with different technology choices and with 21st century energy-market needs in mind.

The IMSR® is a liquid-fuel reactor system, rather than a solid-fuel system, as is used exclusively in conventional reactors. The IMSR® dissipates heat using a molten salt. Salts are thermally stable and excellent heat-transfer fluids, ideal for dissipating heat from the fission process simply and safely. In a molten salt reactor (MSR), salt provides a fluid medium to carry a nuclear fuel—in the case of the IMSR®, a low-enriched-uranium fluoride salt. The IMSR® provides simple, safe, and natural mechanisms for heat dissipation. It is a far superior system for the simple passive dissipation of fission heat. The use of a molten salt is at the heart of many engineering and commercial virtues of the IMSR®.

An IMSR® power plant generates 400 MWth of thermal energy (190 MWe) with a thermal -spectrum, graphite-moderated, molten-fluoride-salt reactor system, fueled by low-enriched uranium (less than 5% 235U). It incorporates the approach to MSR design and operation researched, demonstrated and proven by the ARE and MSRE test reactors at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); these were further developed under the DMSR program.

The IMSR® improves upon the earlier ORNL MSR designs through various innovations that are pragmatic and commercial. The key challenge to MSR commercialization is graphite’s limited lifetime in a reactor core, which is a function of reactor power. Commercial power reactors require high core energy densities to be economical, but high power densities significantly reduce the lifetime of the graphite moderator requiring its replacement; this is challenging to do simply, safely and economically in an industrial environment. The key IMSR® innovation is an elegant solution to this challenge – the integration of the primary reactor components, including the graphite moderator, into a sealed and replaceable reactor core, the IMSR® Core-unit, which has an operating lifetime of 7 years. The IMSR® Core-unit is simple and safe to replace, it supports high utility factors for IMSR® power plants and high capital efficiency. It also ensures that the materials’ lifetime requirements of all other reactor core components are met; the challenge of achieving these requirements is often cited as an impediment to immediate commercialization of MSRs. The result is a power plant that delivers the combination of high energy output, simplicity and ease of operation, and cost-competitiveness essential for widespread commercial deployment. IMSR® power plants are a new clean energy alternative...


Gary C. Vesperman Website -- Scads of listings of unconventional technologies.


Download U.S. Patents as PDF



The question of whether the phenomenon known as ‘cold fusion’ has been proven has captivated scientists ever since claims made by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons at the University of Utah in 1989. Their observation of heat effects in electro-chemically driven palladium–deuterium experiments were consistent with nuclear but not chemical or stored energy sources. The importance of their discovery cannot be understated when the need for energy innovation has never been greater.

A growing number of scientists and engineers worldwide today have worked on various approaches to achieving heat effects that are consistent with low energy nuclear reactions (LENR). Most however, have not been able to achieve the combination of reproducibility, controllability, continuity of operation, integrity of the materials involved and net energy output that Brillouin has achieved.

Brillouin Energy’s Q-Pulse™ can stimulate a Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) to create a safe, controllable, and continuous thermal energy source, leading to the potential unattended operation of low and high temperature boiler system devices capable of producing an inexhaustible supply of safe, reliable clean energy. The CECR reaction consumes hydrogen in a solid nickel reactor core producing a large amount of heat and a negligible amount of harmless helium. The amount of hydrogen used in BEC’s reactor is very small, relative to the final heat output, and for all practical purposes, the supply is inexhaustible.


Brillouin Energy’s technology is based on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (“LENR”), which it generates in its uniquely designed reactor core unit that converts ordinary hydrogen into helium through a sequence of continuous and controlled nuclear reactions. The mass of helium is slightly less than the mass of the four hydrogen nuclei that are consumed; that mass difference is converted into a relatively large amount of thermal energy in accordance with Einstein’s famous formula: E = mc2.

In essence, hydrogen is the “fuel” for the reactions and no hydrocarbon energy sources are required for continuous operation of the system.

Brillouin Energy has developed and engineered two prototype reactor systems:

    A low temperature system operating at up to 150ºC based on an electrolytic (wet) process. Brillouin Energy’s WET™ Boiler systems can supply low temperature thermal energy for space and water heating, and other common low temperature industrial purposes such as for food processing or healthcare applications.
    A high temperature system operating at 500ºC to 700ºC based on applying high-pressure hydrogen gas to the core. Brillouin Energy’s HYDROGEN HOT TUBE (HHT™) Boiler systems can supply high temperature process heat and can also be used to generate electricity in much the same way as fossil or nuclear fuels generate electricity.

Thomas Jefferson Jackson See


Thomas Jefferson Jackson See


Electrodynamic Wave-Theory of Physical Forces, vol. I

Electrodynamic wave-theory of physical forces ... announcing the discovery of the physical cause of magnetism, of electrodynamic action, and of universal gravitation, by See, T. J. J. (Thomas Jefferson Jackson), b. 1866. Publication date 1917


See, T. J. J. 1922, Electrodynamic Wave-Theory of Physical Forces, vol. II


Clemente Figuera´s motionless generator


Clemente Figuera


 Direct Thermomagnetic Splitting of Water

Norman Wootan

Apparatus for recovering energy from water
US 20100293949
Richard Aho

Apparatus for recovering energy from water is disclosed. Water is heated by application of electrical energy to heaters and contacting the water with the heaters in a manner and under pressure and temperature conditions such that it is instantaneously converted to gas. Energy in excess of that supplied to the heaters results from the rapid conversion of water to gas.

The present disclosure relates to power generation devices. More particularly, the disclosure relates to power generation device that supply electrical energy to heaters to heat liquid water in a manner that substantially instantaneously changes the water from a liquid state to a gaseous state, which releases more energy than required by the heaters...

Blending jar apparatus structured according to the geometric relationship known as Phi


A blending jar apparatus is disclosed including a jar structure formed according to the geometric relationship known as Phi. Included is a blade configuration structured according to Phi. The geometric relationship between the jar and the blade configuration creates an implosion (cooling and low friction) effect rather than an explosive (heating and high friction) effect. The blade configuration may be composed of galvanized steel. Two equidistant handles may be secured to the jar by copper rivets protruding into the interior of the cavity. The galvanized steel blades in combination with the copper rivets create a negatively Charged ionic field. A method of electromagnetic field (EMF) shielding technology housed within the motor section of the device is also disclosed.


13,000-Year-Old Bitumen Dental Fillings Found in Italy: Earliest Example of Dentistry Known to Date

Researchers have discovered the world's most ancient dental fillings in northern Italy. The fillings were spotted inside a pair of 13,000-year-old front teeth and they were made of bitumen, a semi-solid form of petroleum. This is the earliest example of dentistry known to date.

Each Tooth Has a Large Hole

The newly-discovered teeth, two upper central incisors appear to belong to the same person and were found at the Riparo Fredian site near Lucca in northern Italy. The results of the research were published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology , and show that each tooth has a large hole in the incisor surface that extends down into the pulp chamber deep in the tooth. “It is quite unusual, not something you see in normal teeth,” Stephano Benazzi told New Scientist , an archaeologist at the University of Bologna. These holes have tiny horizontal marks that suggest they were drilled out and it appears that bitumen or bitumen was added to the cavity at the same time as the drilling. Researchers also found plant fibers and hair trapped in the bitumen, which may have been part of the filling material.

An image showing a known method of drilling a tooth in ancient times. A bow and flint-tipped drill was used to bore through molar teeth found at a Neolithic graveyard in Mehrgarh, Pakistan
Usage of Fillings Similar to Today

According to Benazzi, the fillings most likely served the same purpose they do today: to reduce pain and keep food out of the cavities. Archaeologists estimate the bitumen and plant matter filler was chosen for its antiseptic qualities; used to prevent infection.

Claudio Tuniz, an archaeologist at the University of Wollongong in Australia, says that bitumen, as well as some medicinal plants, were possibly used as an antiseptic, just like beeswax was used in other examples of prehistoric dentistry thousands of years later.

Humans developed therapeutic dental practices thousands of years before foods such as cereals and honey entered our diet.

Humans developed therapeutic dental practices thousands of years before foods such as cereals and honey entered our diet. Credit: Gregorio Oxilia

Tuniz claims that these teeth highlight that humans had achieved healing dental practices thousands of years before we developed the systematic production of foods such as cereals and honey, which are believed to have been accountable for an impressive growth in dental issues like cavities.

According to Benazzi, during the Upper Paleolithic, when the owner of the newly found teeth was alive, Europe was experiencing immense cultural changes, as new people kept coming to the continent from the near East. He speculates that they probably brought with them new kinds of food as well, which led to more cavities, “This change in diet and cavities could have led to dentistry,” he tells New Scientist .

Ultimately, Benazzi stated that judging by the amount of wear, the owner of the teeth was not very young, even though he can’t make any solid conclusions with the only samples being two teeth.
Other ancient fillings

Until now, The  oldest evidence of a dental filling  was the discovery in 2012 in Slovenia when a 6,500-year-old jawbone demonstrated that a cavity deep enough to impact the dentin layer of the tooth had been packed with beeswax. Scientists aren’t sure how effective this was, but it probably reduced the pain and swelling.

The ancient Egyptians are also known to have used a special concoction to treat cavities. The Edwin Smith Papyrus, written in the 17th century BC but which may reflect previous manuscripts from as early as 3000 BC, includes the treatment of several dental ailments, and the Ebers Papyrus, dating to the 16th century BC, contains eleven recipes which pertain to oral issues. Four of these are remedies for loose teeth: the tooth in question is filled with a mixture that is akin to a modern day composite filling: a filler agent (ground barley) is mixed with a liquid matrix (honey) and an antiseptic agent (yellow ochre). This is either used as an actual filling, or as a splint to keep the tooth in place. Scientists performing CT scans on the head of a 2,100-year-old Egyptian mummy also found evidence for cavities being filled with linen, which may have first been dipped in a medicine such as fig juice or cedar oil.

The study of ancient remains from around the world has demonstrated the ingenuity that existed in the application of surgical and cosmetic dental practices going back many millennia.


CYBER BIOLOGY: Scientists use biological DNA to hack a computer system in world’s first biology-to-silicon hacking demonstration

by Robert Jonathan

In something along the lines of an early warning, researchers at the Seattle-based University of Washington claim that they can hack into a computer with a small strand of DNA.

The experts presented their findings about a potential DNA malware infection experiment at last week’s 26th USENIX Security Symposium in Vancouver.

The Daily Mail summarized the results of this malware vulnerability demonstration.

Scientists have synthesized a strand of DNA that can be used to hack computers in a world first. The malware was encoded into a gene and used to take over a computer that analyses DNA code. Scientists warn that cyber criminals could one day use faked spit or blood samples to steal information from police forensics labs, hack into university computers, or infect genome files shared by researchers.

In a paper published for the symposium, the authors underscore that significant expansion in DNA sequencing technology could have security implications:

To our knowledge, ours is the first effort to broadly consider this [DNA processing] pipeline, and the first to demonstrate a DNA-based exploit....


Has the Extinction Cycle Also Turned Against US?


Invention Disclosure

Cow Flatulence Sequestration Method & Apparatus

Inventor: Robert A. Nelson

Abstract --
A feed additive and/or recto-colonic system for absorption, sequestration & catalyic decomposition  of carbon dioxide & methane in cow caca comprises a suppository sponge substrate supporting a mixture of reagents capable of absorbing and sequestering carbon dioxide, and/or catalyzing the decomposition of carbon dioxide and/or methane. An auxiliary system ignites the gases to induce pyroflatulatory flare-off.


Festo's Fantastical Flying Robots

Festo's chief pilot gives Spectrum a private demo of a few of its incredible robotic animals: eMotionButterfly, AirJelly, and AirPenguin


All Festo Bionic Robots - AirJelly AirPenguin BionicANTs BionicKangaroo SmartBird ExoHand


Marcus Allen : The Moon Landings Fact or Fiction complete fixed

Good comments too, pro & con


Is It Insanity, Evil, or Both that Has the Western World in Its Grip

Paul Craig Roberts

As the presstitute media has no allegiance to truth, one has to wonder if we can even believe obituaries.

For what it is worth, perhaps nothing, the presstitutes report that three US aircraft carrier battle groups are off North Korea or on the way there.

What for? Why are the morons in Washington following the 19th century British practice of sending warships? This is juvenile. China has already said that China will allow no attack on North Korea unless Korea strikes first. The Russians have indicated their opposition as well. Both China and Russia have missiles that can wipe out the three aircraft battle groups at will. So what is the point of sending obsolete ships, like the battleships anchored in Pearl Harbor for the Japanese, other than to have them obliterated and to use their demise as an excuse to start World War III?

The two-bit punk Washington puppet, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, has declared that “We recognize that Europe has also entered the North Korean missile range, and NATO member states are already in danger.” Remember, this was the same lie told about Europe being in range of non-existent Iranian missiles, an excuse for putting US missiles on Russia’s border just as North Korea is being used to put US missiles on China’s border.

We also have the report that Vice President Pence visited the Minot Nuclear missile base and recklessly and irresponsibly told the launch crews:

“We are entering a very dangerous time, and I have come here personally to tell you that you may receive a Launch Order in the near future.  I want you to know that we have planned for all contingencies, but it is possible that things may escalate beyond what we believe will take place.  If you receive a properly formatted launch order, you launch.  Don’t waste time trying to confirm the order, because it is not standard operating procedure for you to delay like that.  If you get a launch order, carry it out.” http://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/news/u-s-national-news/1505-vp-pence-makes-history-first-sitting-vp-to-personally-visit-minot-nuclear-missile-base-reportedly-tells-crews-if-the-order-comes-launch

This irresponsible and reckless statement by a US vice president comes as the Russians celebrate the Soviet military official who refused to believe the Soviet warning system of incoming US nuclear missiles and did not start the process that would have resulted, for a warning system failure, in nuclear Armageddon.

We should be scared to death that US political leaders are so insensitive to the ever present chance of false warnings. The moron Pence is a danger to all of humanity. Pence is not a patriot protecting us, he is an idiot who should be impeached for his utter and total irresponsibility before he destroys us all.

Go online and read. False nuclear attack alarms were commonplace during the Cold War, but both Washington and Moscow were too responsible to act on them. Now we have an idiot vice president who wants to act on them!

The idiots in Washington have ordered outmoded B-52 bombers to be on 24-hour alert. Why? Not a single one of them could penetrate Russian air defense. What is the purpose of this nonsensical order except to worsen distrust between nuclear powers. What crime is worse than worsening distrust between nuclear powers? Why is Washington completely hooked on criminal behavior? Who is responsible? Why are they not arrested for the endangerment of humanity and life on planet Earth?

Washington’s disregard of urgent warnings from Russia and China is the most extraordinary thing I have experienced in my life.

Why is it that Washington and Washington’s vassals can’t hear when powers capable of destroying all of them clearly state that they have had enough of Washington’s arrogance and hubris?


Wim Hof "Ice Man"


The Impossible: Controlling Mind and Body by Wim Hof

 He has left scientists baffled. His ability to control his heart rate and brave extreme temperatures (breaking numerous world records, including the longest ice bath) has earned him the nickname 'The Iceman'. Now Dutch daredevil Wim Hof has set out to spread the potential health benefits -mental as well as physical- of his revolutionary technique. 'I can control it all through breathing and believing.'



A guided WHM breathing excercise by Wim Hof. The actual guided exercise starts at 1:40. Made and edited by NoëlKnows by Experience. Warning - important message, please read carefully: The breathing exercise has a profound effect and should be practiced in the way it is explained. Always do the breathing exercise in a safe environment (e.g. lying on a couch/floor) and unforced. Never practice the exercises before or during diving, driving, swimming, taking a bath or in any other environment/place where, should you pass out, a serious injury could occur. Wim Hof breathing may cause tingling sensations and/or lightheadedness. If you’ve fainted, it means that you went to far. Take a step back next time. The cold is a powerful force. I strongly advise to gradually build up exposing yourself to the cold. Always train without force and listen to your body carefully. If it is not practiced responsible, there is a risk of hypothermia. Do not practice the method during pregnancy or when having epilepsy. Persons with cardiovascular health issues, or any other (serious) health conditions, should always consult a medical doctor before starting with the Wim Hof Method.


I tried the Wim Hof Breathing & Cold Therapy Method for 7 Days | Sorelle Amore

I tried the Wim Hof Breathing & Cold Therapy Method for 7 Days. The results are pretty profound, but not in the way I expected it. The method is pretty intense and extreme. Will I continue doing this? Is it safe? Is this just a fad or is this a proven method? The Wim Hof Method includes breathing exercises, cold therapy, some strength building exercises (push ups) and a special stretching technique. It's a widely followed technique and the popularity is growing. My interest in this technique started when I was fed up with winter and wanted to see what my body was capable of. I'm an Australian living in Iceland and I don't want to be afraid of the cold. And so my journey of discovery has begun. Warning: This is a VERY dangerous technique if not followed properly. Never do the breathing exercises whilst standing up, driving or underwater. It can result in you passing out and there have been deaths linked to people incorrectly trying this method.


A Bioinspired, Reusable, Paper-Based System for High-Performance Large-Scale Evaporation

Yanming Liu, ert al.


A bioinspired, reusable, paper-based gold-nanoparticle film is fabricated by depositing an as-prepared gold-nanoparticle thin film on airlaid paper. This paper-based system with enhanced surface roughness and low thermal conductivity exhibits increased efficiency of evaporation, scale-up potential, and proven reusability. It is also demonstrated to be potentially useful in seawater desalination.

Formation of hydrophobic coating on glass surface using atmospheric pressure non-thermal plasma in ambient air

Z Fang, Y Qiu and E Kuffel


Non-thermal plasmas under atmospheric pressure are of great interest in material surface processing because of their convenience, effectiveness and low cost. In this paper, the treatment of a glass surface for improving hydrophobicity using a non-thermal plasma generated by a dielectric barrier corona discharge (DBCD) with a needle array-to-plane electrode arrangement in atmospheric air is conducted, and the surface properties of the glass before and after the DBCD treatment are studied using contact angle measurement, surface resistance measurement and the wet flashover voltage test. The effects of the plasma dose (the product of average discharge power and treatment time) of DBCD on the surface modification are studied, and the mechanism of interaction between the plasma and glass surface is discussed. It is found that a layer of hydrophobic coating is formed on the glass surface through DBCD treatment, and the improvement of hydrophobicity depends on the plasma dose of the DBCD. It seems that there is an optimum plasma dose for the surface treatment. The test results of thermal ageing and chemical ageing show that the hydrophobic layer has quite stable characteristics.




ISIS beheading American James Wright Foley

Jim Stone's take :

BUSTED: Foley Beheading done with CPR DOLL


Bitcoin, the war on cash, Clif High, and the NSA's long range plans

This long post has four major parts:

The NSA has been planning for money to "go electronic" for decades.
The new global monetary system will be centrally controlled and debt-based.
Clif High may be a "salesman" for this new monetary system.
The claimed "basis" (most valued fungible assets) of this new system will include silver...

Part 3: Clif High may be a "salesman" for this new monetary system.

I love listening to Clif High ... he's my kind of old fart computer geek. However ...

In 2008, Clif High was predicting a summer of hell and a bloody revolution in America in 2009, followed by alien wars by 2011.

In 2009, Clif High was predicting alien contact and an American Revolution, and other catastrophic earth and solar changes, leading to the death of a billion people, all by 2011.

In 2010, Clif High was predicting escalating tensions in a "crocodile teeth" pattern (the same pattern he is forecasting, now in 2017, for the dollar price of bitcoin), building to a peek and a major release event, Nov 8-11, 2010, involving something such as a November 2010 "global thermonuclear war as the Allies take on the TPTB and their stooges, the Israelis and the American Military Empire. "

In 2011, Clif High was predicting food hyperinflation, earth changes including “planetary earthquakes”, social chaos, and government collapse.

Other predictions by Clif High for the period 2009 through 2012 included massive world wide volcanos, a massive increase in UFO sightings, and the collapse of the US Dollar and economy.

In April of 2013, Clif High was predicting a "Global Coastal Event" (GCE) by May of 2013. This GCE would be "every much to be the greatest event in our current human history".

Clif High went somewhat more quiet in 2014 and 2015 (based on frequency of threads mentioning him on ProjectAvalon.net)

In early 2016, Clif High was predicting that 2016 would be a "Year of Chaos, Nuclear Fallout, Megaquakes, Epidemics, Weather Wars".

By late 2016, Clif High was anticipating that "At some point in 2017, probably past mid-year, we’re going to be looking at hyperinflation so bad that the DOW will be measured around $100,000 to $125,000." Since there are still four months remaining in 2017, as I write this, this could still happen ... but I'm not expecting it.

Currently, in mid 2017, Clif High is predicting major increases in the Dollar price of Bitcoins and silver, orders of magnitude greater than present. ... Perhaps, based on the success (or lack thereof) of his some of his previous predictions, I shouldn't invest all my (puny) life savings in Bitcoin and silver.

My guess is that Clif High is hyping forecasts that serve the interests of some of the elite bastards. Other "alternative media analysts" that I enjoy following, such as Jim Willie, are making similar forecasts about silver and/or bitcoin. So I conclude that therefore, for some reason, the elite bastards want to hype the future of silver and bitcoin.

I also have listened, many times, over many years, to Clif High describe the Perl and C code that implements his Webbot, and I have ocassionally purchased one of his Webbot reports. I have some 40 years of expertise in such scripting and code myself. My guess is that Clif High's webbot is less than he presents it to be, and that he uses the "magic of code that few could understand", but that is rather mundane in its abilities, to mystify and obfuscate the true origins of his analysis and forecast....


Due diligence for Cryptospace

by Clif High

Due Diligence Clues

These linguistic clues can be used in your due diligence work before investing in any crypto offering.

    If the language of the offering is touting a 'technological innovation', beware, such are fleeting the world of software, being easily replicated. Further if that is the only claim to fame then you are betting on technological development and not a sound business plan. This rarely ends well.

    When you read that an offering is going to make smart contracts usable, or easy, or accessible, are they speaking of running an education program? Or are they touting an alleged technical leap that will be most likely both ignored, and lept over in mere months by the next technological breakthrough. If they are proffering their technological edge, be wary of their future. These edges dull quickly, especially quickly in the software world. Other words in this category would include 'smart contract templates', and 'smart contract wizards'.

    Legally enforceable smart contracts are yet more buzz words to avoid. Legal does not enter into the picture with software contracts. The software executes the contract, or it fails. Pretty binary, and not much to give to lawyers to argue about after the failure. It is simply not within the power of the legal system to force software to perform. Smart contracts by their very nature disintermediate the legal structure of humans.

    Any ICO that has 'storage' within its claim to fame, as in the idea of storing anything, data, pictures, fingerprints, et al, is to be avoided. Such language indicates either they don't have anyone with experience programming for blockchain networks, or their PR people are totally disconnected from the reality of the business. Either way, not a good situation. It costs too much to store data on the blockchain. It is inefficient by orders of magnitude over regular disk storage.

    Another idea that keeps coming up is the 'decentralized search engine' as competition to Google. Avoid these, and there will be a great many of them. It is not possible to have a decentralized search engine, as by their nature, searches require centralized indexing in order to be efficient.

    Yet another bad crypto idea is the decentralized, or blockchain enabled, advertising exchange. The idea is extremely appealing as a result of the ongoing 'adpocalypse', and the even more recent petty fascist actions of the advertising exchanges supporting the globalista socialist agenda. These exchanges can technically work, but they will need to be specific about how they are going to handle the auctions, the linkages to web sites, the payment gateways, the security of the payment gateways, the placement of advertising on specific platform pages (such as Youtube), and a million other business questions that don't relate at all to the blockchain. Any ICO touting blockchain as the solution to the advertising problem, does not understand the workings of online advertising, and/or the blockchain.

    Yet more caution words include 'micro-payments'. Any micro-payments system that is blockchain based will also be, by its nature, incredibly computation focused, and this is as bad (expensive) on the blockchain as is storage. Not going to end well. As the popularity of a micro-payments based blockchain driven system increases, so will its costs, even more so, until, in the real world, it will cost more in processing fees, than the payment itself.

    Popular fancy takes the blockchain into areas where it should not be going. One of these is the idea of a work exchange or job matching system. These are great ideas, but the blockchain will not be involved in delivery of resumes, or matching work seekers to employers. Why? Cost, of the processing to do the matching, and the cost of storage. IF these are being done at a computing center and the blockchain is only peripherally involved as a token between job and applicant, what purpose does the intrusion of the blockchain serve? Lacking a compelling business case for it, the blockchain, under these kind of circumstances, is merely yet another point of security vulnerability.

    More bad words for crypto offerings include 'community control', or any words where the 'community' will be 'voting' on any aspect of the management of the item under offer. These are, by definition, not businesses, but are social engineering attempts. These will inevitably intrude on the business case for the offering. Collective management belongs in the dust bin of history with communism. Please note that there will be 'collectives' forming on and around blockchains that will become successful. Our data sets have such becoming powerful over time, however, we need to note that the data is showing that community management systems that do survive (precious few) will do so as the business case will dominate all the thinking, all the time. Again, please note that these 'community based ICOs' show up in our data as primary sources for 'infighting', and 'internal meltdowns' that will be affecting CryptoSpace over the next decade.

    Associated with the 'community control type' of cryptocurrencies, are the dreaded 'social doctor coins'. These ICOs will be touting the blockchain as a 'solution' to some form of perceived social problem. These ICOs are business disaster pigs painted with all manner of engaging social colors.

    The final set of bad words for cryptocurrencies include 'distributed computing'. Running distributed computing is a nightmare, even when all aspects are tightly centralized. In the past it has not proven to be cost effective on any project. Merging cryptocurrencies and distributed computing is like giving your nightmare a belly ache. No good result will come from this.

Word Cloud Excerpts from


The Last ALTA Report :  "….intrepido! "

Forecasts for September 2017 - 2030 -- an Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis Intelligence Report from Halfpasthuman.com / by Clif High

Meta data

'root' 'cracks' 'root-like''roots' 'root disease''global, general awareness' 'root disease' 'cross species' 'threatening global food crops' 'conditional support' 'disease patterns' 'destructive to food crops' 'awareness rises' 'source of the problem' 'new agriculture' 'new food sources' 'space' 'near earth orbit'.
'seismic activities' 'antarctica' 'volcanoes' 'new land''damage' 'earthquake' 'devastation' 'left as rubble' 'new land forms''marina''multi-million dollar yachts''condos''first flooded''left dry''new land forms''rising up''left dry''blockage''natural wall'.
'geo-engineering' 'chemtrails' 'established academics' 'science prizes' 'work creating chemtrails' 'geo-engineering' 'reputable face' 'public mind' 'antarctica''southern hemisphere''new weather(phenomena)''oceanic strange behavior''new currents' 'ocean behavior changes'[ 2018+] 'next occurrences' 'series of ocean flow changes''reported' 'altering shipping routes' 'altering continental weather''southern hemisphere''climate changes''emerging' 'continental' 'new' 'impacting' 'Summer 2017/2018' (southern hemisphere).
'confused winter''winter droughts''record breaking snow falls' [northern half of the planet] 'space''electrical “weather”'from 'near by space''proximate weather conditions'.'sounds' 'strange noises''deep in the earth''plasma''generators''alternative physics understanding'[late 2017] 'planetary phenomena''lightning whips''wide spread damage/destruction'.
'visible effects''plasma''suspension bridge''video recorded''alive (with) plasma''lighted near as day''pulsing''hot (alive) lights'.
'involved' with 'climate change''bridges''abandoned''land on either side''become useless''waters recede''resorts''removed from the waters' 'oceans leave them' 'rivers' 'shocking' 'rivers appearing' 'earthquakes''expando planet''tsunami' 'localized event' 'barren''new land forms''underseas obstacles''temporarily paralyzing''ships'.
'binary weather patterns' 'too wet cold, and too wet hot''too hot dry, and too hot wet' 'ice age' 'seeping'


'information floods''draining energy (to) absorb''flood''wash over''global body politic' 'scandals' 'excesses' 'crimes' 'pouring out over humanity''deluge' 'overwhelming' 'inundation' 'flood' 'information' 'impact' 'duration' 'scandals' 'litany' 'legends of large crimes' 'arguments around weapons''accidental weapons discharge' 'power sources' 'outpouring''previously secret information' 'disrupting information' 'new power sources''new technology''perpetual sparks''electrical energy production''disruptive' 'replacements'.
'fast reaction' 'changes' 'earth changes' 'planetary manifestations' [September-November] 'political' 'financial' 'labor' 'global population economy' 'rebuilding efforts' 'changing weather patterns' 'horrific flooding levels' 'sudden' 'catastrophic flooding' 'urban life' [Houston one of many]  'labor pattern shifts' [20/twenty years] 'cities being altered' 'hillsides sliding into valleys and plains'.
'new political groups''global' phenomenon [after end of September-October]  'residual after-impact' 'sudden shifts' 'world power' 'appearing the change of perspective'[ end of September ] 'month of consequences' 'massive population relocation' 'natural' 'man-made disasters' 'staggering' 'size of population' 'duration of impact' 'newly arrived'
'successful archaeology expeditions' 'world ice theory' 'antarctica''technology' 'successful recovery'.
[ Fall of 2017 northern hemisphere ] 'arrests' 'parades of arrested''mass arrests' 'targeted' 'extremely selective' 'arrest' 'global personalities' 'discussed' 'arrested' 'months' 'ignored' 'mainstream or corporation propaganda media' 'cover' 'arrests' 'personalities involved' 'reduced tensions' 'crumbling organizations'.
'far vision' 'entrenched powers left out''working around global banking system obstacles' 'social changes' 'entrepreneurial bloom' 'flush of emotional excitement' 'new prospects' 'brighter horizons' 'optimism' 'entrepreneurial bloom' 'focal points' 'locations of emotional activity' 'innovation nexus' 'new thinking centers' 'successful companies' 'opportunities awakening' 'business' 'technological successes' 'innovation hot spots' [ Philippine islands Ireland, Thailand India Australia Mongolia, Korea, Hindu Kush] 'locally focused' 'globally applicable' 'isolation' 'successful conditions for youth' 'sudden blossoming' 'widening impact' 'global internet communications' 'technological impacts' 'material sciences' 'island innovations' 'ocean focused' 'energy generation'.


'emotional peak' 'violent duality''complexity''fractured' 'disassociate''splintered''complexity'.
'intense''drained of energy''hard core''presence''intense''fringe''movement''flee' 'atrocious acts in public''core adherents'[ Scandanavia England USA]'vatican''visible''fake victim''attacks''communist sympathizers''vatican interests''attack' not 'real''distraction' 'outlandish' 'off-world activities' 'Mars'
'purging''internal''hard core violent revolutionaries''internal''larger society'.
'revolutionary core group''upheavals''sheds''outer layers' 'group''persecuted''prosecuted' 'costs''planned''coordinated efforts'.
'fake attacks''false flags''proclivity''deep state''masters of the world''false flag attacks''waning''light of net based debunking''things will be different''geo-politics'[ next 2/two years ] 'war meme''debunked''waning energies''new distractions''climate change''economic upheaval'.
'waning'harden off''populations pressures''paid revolutionaries''large population movements''extreme conditions''climate change'[winter of 2017/2018]  'rapid changes' 'migration patterns' 'population pressures''invasion/immigration''global centrist coalition''come under attack''right – left dialectic''officialdom''sheer numbers''very angry attitude''centrism''rising new political flavor of the rest of this decade'
'constant attacks''waning officialdom''dying mainstream media''technological renaissance' 'centrist populism''infrastructure improvements''alter life''perceptions''confluence''conjoining''centrist populism movement''rapid pace'
'black ops world''mercenaries''employers' 'bind''reneged upon''visible''backwaters'.


'point''source''historical disclosure' [next 4/four years] 'antarctica' 'sci-fi world' 'historical humans''history rewritten''secrets revealed''history hidden' history obscured''life far away from''usual''conspiracy''responses against charges conspiracy''antarctica'
'ocean changes''reported by satellites' 'ocean interactions' 'measurable' 'southern oceans''hot springs' 'hot pools'  'warm rivers' 'rich soils' 'steaming chambers' 'sorting out''great amount of work'  'new patterns' 'weather' 'visible'' images'  'under ice cave systems''gateway' 'mainstream media''global frenzy' 'antarctica' 'obsessed with' 'drawn to' 'antarctica' 'now (time)' 'collections of curiosities' 'illness (sudden)' 'potential electrically/energetically' 'cause sudden illness' 'humans and other mammals' 'hot springs' 'heated cave system' 'ocean changes''exploration''heated caves''ocean changes''contact''illness collection''temporal components''illness''time travel''temporal structures bending'.


'headlines''crying “Stop It” 'politicians swimming in corruption' 'cross range deals' 'currency floats' 'rising distance/delta trading' 'personalities' 'politicians class' 'deliberately manipulating' 'australian currency' 'own gains'
'Great Australian Pyramid' 'new information' 'surface''sunken wreck evidence' 'Australian Pyramid' 'government denial''newly surfaced evidence' 'UFO' 'sighting' 'video' 'emerging changing scenes' 'group of tourists''great Australian Pyramid' 'video''burst'  'UFOs' 'sighting' 'pyramid activity' 'light' 'electrical''entrepreneurial renaissance''laboratories''new technologies''energy' 'health''health sciences''capitalism''entrepreneurial efforts''centers''silver''spies''espionage''feint''distraction''dirty pols''raping public' 'public figure' 'claiming' 'connection spy story' 'pointing awa' 'public anger over currencies corruptions'.
'antarctica''unknown''officially denied''spewing of verbiage''denial statements''UFOs''more pyramids''noticed''rumored''extensive underground chambers' 'treasures'
'food processing problems' 'problems'  'decades''production fault' 'industrial design problem' 'design correction' 'government' 'side street'  'corruption' 'shonky behavior' 'tall towers'


'foreclosure''trauma'[ October fade January February 2018] 'electrical power' 'humans''ufos''electrical sub station''legendary''electrical arcs' 'national lightning''continental squeeze ' 'convection currents''danger''electrocution''electricity''continental impact' ['national continental display' 'UFO fly over' 'electrical sub station failures'].
'mass breakdowns' 'automobiles' 'in transit' 'continental' 'electricity''fires''in rainy season'
 'minerals' 'new technology breakthroughs' 'fires' 'road building' 'reconstruction' 'replenishment' 'replacement' 'repair of damage'


'underground technology discovery' 'dig it and it will have something in it' 'repeated' 'new discoveries from holes in ground''industrial tunnels' 'industrial development'[east central europe ] 'accidentally
discover' 'new site of ancient ruins''completely underground''network of tunnels' 'new tunneling work' 'blue coveralls' 'dirty knees' 'excited faces' 'lights shine back from within the discovered tunnels'
'flight' 'running' 'flooding' 'bad weather moves humans''recent discoveries' 'archaeology' 'ancient' 'history'
'economic disruption''renaissance''central european republics''disruptive inventions''economic disruption''Germany''participant''restructuring''business environment''power generation' 'electrical power production' 'electricity distribution efficiency'.
'harsh winter conditions''rescues' 'reconstruction''rescue commerce''local hero''masons''directing''rescue''initiative''preparation' 'hero masons' 'viral' 'hundreds of videos' 'rescued people' 'popularity explosion' 'mason heroes' 'celebrities''among the rescued''elevating'


'seismic activities''German people''earthquake''historic level'[ CERN/ LHC ]'bell ringing''towers shaking''earthquake'
'explosive' 'blowing things up' 'natural gases building up in a contained space' 'humans with fuses lit''new endeavors' 'draining away resources''new businesses''divergence of platforms' 'social patterns' '40/forty years' 'upended' 'overturned' 'rapid deployment' 'new technology'.
'immigration problems' 'governance incompetence / breakdowns' 'officialdom' 'desert city ' 'press coverage' 'foreign influences''space aliens''Roswell (NM)' '1947 “crash” events''personalities''ancient history' including 'crashed space aliens''UN''underground mining operations''mining''eastern Europe'.
'social order changes''visible''elite response to rising social pressures''masses''taking over''mob rule''pressures on the society''critical mass''police military presence', and 'eruptions of violence' as well as 'push back' from 'police' against 'immigrant violence' 'policy changes'.


'Rome''seismic activities''solar eclipse''damage''earthquake''riots' 'breakdowns' 'crashing' 'vatican''health' 'Rome' 'health''refugees' 'imported disease''health''seismic activities' 'rome' 'italian officialdom''vatican officialdom' 'dysfunction' 'chaos streets''damage''transition''transformation''reduction''shifts power structure' 'vatican' 'dysfunction' 'breakdown' 'breaches' 'leaks' 'water leaks' 'structural breakdowns''social
order breakdowns' 'secrets revealed'
'weather problems' 'significant storms' 'unexpected quarters''weather''downward from mountains''out of season''flooding''water rising''lakes''rivers''new paths created within old pilgrim roads''people hanging out from upper stories''take video recordings''onrushing torrents''walls of water''rivers from the sky'


'anarchy''moral chaos''developing''violence break outs public view''public''looking the other way''responsibilities''tossed about''christmas candies''shirked''disregarded''blow back episode''resolved''ancient''laws''ritual''social power''demonstrate public determination'.
'bizarre weather''strange effects in low earth orbit''territory and waters''officialdom''forced by public discussion''respond' 'response''problem''clarification''bizarre weather''lack''turmoil''traumatic impacts''new patterns'

South America

'Nazis''UFOs''collision''contention''increase bizarre earth movements''effects on the Amazon river''major basin''water draw down event''empty areas''rapidly filled''onrushing collisions between tide and river''marine collisions' [ northern coast of Brazil] 'unsettled port''trashing waves''fouled lines''collision''bring infamy''shut down the port'.
'power''electrical power', 'planetary power (seismic activities)', 'planetary power (food growing)', 'planetary power military', 'ocean power (storms/ climate change)', 'near space power (military and UFO)''extended power''political power''upheaval''overturned''thrown down''defeated''starved of money to continue''central bank management mess''congressional failures''money committee corruptions''politicians fail to raise funds''money woes''ruling elites''tied''death of the dollar''covering up political corruptions''electrical power''ancient technology''modern breakthroughs''water''water power''modern power scheme''largest electrification project''source''green water'

Spain / Catalan

'effective social/political movement''officialdom loss of Catalan''embracing of Catalan''rising social movement''social movement''genesis''global centrist movement''centrist''revolution''successful overturning of existing power'.
'immigration''strange weather from northern Africa''rain to all of Spain not merely the plains''rain patterns''new water flows''wild flooding''urban flooding''urban street rivers''New Winter' [early]


'unveiling of Sci-Fi world''shocking''not imagined''revelation''real understanding''human history''political turmoil''officialdom chaos''crashing debt markets' 'erupting volcanoes''earthquakes''broken pipelines', 'destroyed buildings''disaster'
'american renaissance'' innovation, revolution, energy, ingenuity, creativity''practical, pragmatic, persevering, recovery, regeneration''working'
'power structures''assaulted''dirt''corruption''sublayer''government agencies''resign''slot''corruption''lack of a paymaster''hush money''resignations wave''breakdowns''money collections''news stories''corruption''quarters, nickels, dimes''storehouses surplus materials''jammed''stolen items''breakdowns''funding flows''whole cities''cut off''public services''payment mechanisms''broken''lack of personnel'.
'legacy''American solar eclipse'[ Super Stormy September] 'political storms''hurricanes''tornadoes''freak storms'
'politics', 'religion''money''military''judicial''intensity''duration''motivation''action''emotion''constraints''usual' [ flux,@ much elevated levels ] December-Spring 2018 ] 'intensity''money''climate/weather''money'
'confrontation' 'freak out' [June 2018]'rapid deflation''angry balloon''freak out''calming effect''confrontation''aware''engaged''USA dollar machine''deflated''participation''energy'
'deflated participation''September Putsch' 'financial wave''roll through''Special Access Projects'
'drop out cryptocurrencies unplugged off-the-grid' 'creative' 'positive' 'high levels of energy' 'unknown energies from space' 'confrontation'  'narrowing focus' 'expansive' 'creative' 'cryptocurrencies economy'.
'confrontation''street battles' 'crazed officialdom local levels' 'city centers seized ' 'militias'  'exclusion zones'  'global culture manifestations' 'deep state' 'agents' [ next 12/twelve months ] 'weakened' 'ineffectual' 'weak' 'governance' 'degradation of fiat currencies' 'debt implosion'.
'engaging' 'wider world view' 'antarctica' 'business contracts' 'antarctica' 'greater visibility' 'grand vision' 'contractual obligations' 'antarctica' 'financial bonus'
'officialdom' 'north Korea officialdom'[ Korean peninsula ] 'negotiations' 'deals', 'trades', and 'business'.
'words run amok' 'spewing' “Kennedy's Ghost”'assassination' 'body politic' 'assassination JFK'[ September October] 'conspiracy''religion' 'astrology''extreme fundamentalism' 'astronomic alignment' [Sept 23] 'grand conspiracy''deep state''assassination''tool of the state' [vs]'political class'.
'shades ghosts' 'recurrences' 'great conspiracies''documents' 'history''secrets revealed''replications''repeats''similar situation''template''discussion' 'assassination' 'left turns' 'outer space' 'space intrusions' 'astrology''active''agitated''active''energetic''oily?''sustained pressure''bubbling pulsing, intermittent''separation' 'impossible''minute by minute' 'modification' 'secrets revealed' 'scientific''instructions'.
'politics''history''science''religion''money''traumatic''cathartic''cleansing''shades/ghosts/memories''shades''past''political officialdom''political players''political field''altered''political elites''panic mode''repetitiously''momentum''hijacked''repercussions''elite freak-outs''publicly visible''duration of impact'
'common language''increasing corporation censorship''self changing''new contexts''returning themes/memes''repeat''retooling''daily expression''resurgence''revolution''top down push''push-back''officialdom pronouncements''creating new slang''banned terms'.
'observation''political elite''fear''anger''abuse''murder''death''destruction' [ September and October] 'central point' 'obscuring event''popped''visibility''electrical shock''energy''electrical' 'shocks''ghosts''hidden closets''USA (American) past'.
'deep state''run up upon' 'real history' 'past conspiracies''population''rocked''shocked''stupefied''stunned''bummed''disturbed''shaken''rattled''laid out(mentally)''horrified''disbelieving''reeling''racked''cracked''new state of reality'.
'population of the USA''extreme emotional and mental turmoil''quick''seemingly accidental''accidental disclosure''old information''pin''ignite''hidden ghosts'
'small''incidental''accidental''public pry bar''giant caches''large storehouses''big storage centers''information''transforming nature''alteration pivot''tail end of a conversation''name dropping incident''global viral key''unlocking''informational storehouse''unclogging public mind''decades'.
'rebuilding''social order''bricks''steel''social connections infrastructure''wounding''challenges''healing''healthcare dysfunction''destruction''self immolation''democratic party''side show''election problems''try to 'gear up''suffer repeated break-downs publicly''immolation''democratic party''local government''national politics''banking''military industrial complex''repudiation''officialdom''ruling elites''new strategy''public defaming former supporters''officialdom''condemned by both sides''repudiate''castigate''former stooges''useful idiot''writ large''public minds''politicians''anger''disillusion''former supporters''left''radical left''resistance''communists''public renunciation''violence''creeping shift to conservative values''mainstream media''move from the far left towards the center''employee churn''lawsuits''former employees''left-leaning publications''money world'.
'government''internal policy structures''withering''department heads''division level administrators''resigning''resignations''old money systems''new money systems''personal financial conditions''deteriorating dollar flow''financial squeeze''middle level management''deep government''resign''noticeable''notable''officialdom''press''complaining''short-handedness' [2018] 'dollar based' financial system.
'renaissance''central bank system failure''liberation''entrepreneurial spirits''entrepreneurial stories''central banks depression''western republics''thick cold fog'.
'economy''entrepreneurial spirits''new successes''hesitant''tentative''successful outcome''too easily''continued flows''new ventures''spawn''successes'[ 2020's].
'roll out''disruptive energies''volcanoes''pipeline distortions''disruptions within energy delivery''disrupting markets' 'seismic''damaging' 'oil storage' 'refining' 'transfer facilities''shifted''docking is not possible''lack of water'.
'putsch cleansing/purging' 'political classes' 2018 2019 'committees' 'deep background investigations''meat for media''commissions''deeply investigate corporation foundations''pogrom against un-American activities''riveting''attention demanding'


'debt based market system''cryptocurrencies''break out''breaking free''debt based fiat''crypto space''media chatter' [ end of March, 2018 longer term values reliability peak] 'cryptocurrencies''running' [ 2018 February March]'jumping''black swan''new topic''separation''at the extremes''rising up hissing''separation at the extremes''come Undone''undoing''turmoil''thrashing''gold''silver''retail''restrictions''withdrawals''constraining bonds''discord''disharmony''disruption''core level of competency''markets'.
'capital flow''diversion''dynamics changed globally''not harmony''capital flow''usual''past''capital flows''disrupted''technical distribution''capital flows''markets''interruptions''combinations''communications woes''conceptual errors''capital flows''powerful''smooth harmonious''markets''chaos in markets''destruction of traditional markets''disrupted marketplaces''new markets''innovation in markets''implementation of new ideas''new opportunities''manifesting''disruption''expelling''older system''new perspectives''new inventions''cryptocurrencies''blockchain technologies'.
'technology''computers''energy''rival nuclear''sustained output''engineering''genetic''quantum''quantum''layer''technological achievement''visible''new quantum technology layer''surface materials''newly discovered transmission potentials''sensor-ize''remote sensors''painted on''painted on sensors''other planar technologies''negative''debt markets''negative''new technological wave''clearly demonstrating''traditional capital markets''left out''obsolete'.
'systemic debt based breakdowns'[ into January 2018] 'governance breakdowns' [ April May June 2018 ] 'financial turmoil''silver''gold''disruptions''dissolving blockages''silver''gold''spring season (northern hemisphere)' 2018 'new spring for gold''surge''new markets''mining to marketplaces ventures''coming on line''eruptive Spring 2018'.
'new demands''silver supplies' 'discussed' 'wider world view' 'out bursting' 'new entrepreneurial talent' 'mining' 'end user' 'silver based''silver funnel''formingtornado''insatiable demands''silver surprise Spring' 2018 'silver''breakdowns''production facilities'[ October / November] 'jitters' 'silver dependent productions' [December January] 'good news' 'new mining talents''new delivery systems''paper contract markets''disrupted into dysfunction''ignored' 'gold shenanigans''theft''discovery''political gains''old school powers''new criminal pressures''people in exalted offices''surrender power''vatican'[ Melbourne Australia] 'Turkish smuggling' 'Italian bricklayers Australia)'.
'precious metals''gradual capitulation to cryptocurrencies''precious metals''cryptocurrencies''blending''happy Fall northern hemisphere''ripening''disruptive technological innovations''end user sector''mining sector''disruptive changes''communications among gold/silver communities''united front''blending''precious metals''cryptocurrencies''sound money cohort''globally'
'gold''use sector''subversion''banking system''golden cryptocurrencies''banks''secure end user delivery centers''plastic strip gold''India''foil''strip''imprinting''new tier'
'global money''come unglued''unstuck''unfixed''not pegged''not bound''confidence''hidden finance''crumbling''falling down elevator shaft''money (financial) turmoil' 2020s [by June solstice 2018] 2017 'historical renderings''year of the spark''flames''money''the financial system''chaotic transformation''economy''economic''financial system''central bank system' 'existent' [mid 2018] 'powerful changes''bank failures''local''regional''governmental incompetence''exposed''central bank depression''dying central bank system'.
'money patterns shift''daily interactions' 'global interchange''crazy language' 'current conditions' [ March of 2018 ] 'shifting capital''globally in your face''visibility undeniable daily''anger''money''wealth''significant''confidence''the money system''rebellion' [ mid 2018] 'attacks on banks' 'closing of branches' 'hardening of headquarters' 'employment of armies of security' 'security industry' 'anti-bank' [ riots 2019 ].
'market moving''law''authority''maritime law''practical''commitments' 'delayed''markets''shocks''overload'
'language over burden''sending German traders''no intention''market crashes' 'burdens''large challenge suddenly visible''taxation''opposition to taxation''uncomfortable', 'rapid succession', 'saturated', 'reality check' [ September October ]
'new technological innovation' 'sudden change' 'shocking shifts'[ mid December ] 'unfolding' 'events being laid out /secrets revealed' 'mainstream shock' 'software eats the world of money' 'secrets revealed' 'precursor''global money madness' [ 2018-2019]  'wave'  'dollar' 'local debt based currencies' 'currencies' 'unbelievable' 'incomprehensible' 'persistent' 'long lasting' 'strong''revealing the secrets hidden''corporations / deep state''the secrecy state''deeper''deep state''secrecy state''wracked''wrecked''secrets revealed'


'dynamics''impact''open discussion' 'post eclipse energies''changes''reported''suspension''military activities' 'public' 'embarrassing' 'military apparatus'not working' 'radar installations' 'acting oddly' 'wildly variable' 'abnormalities' 'video captures'.
'unexpected opportunity''sudden dampening''UFO unexpected opportunity''sudden dampening''officialdom (MIB)''business people''meeting/gathering''witnesses''UFO blazes across sky' 'illuminati' 'mind programming''business opportunities''leak''UFO''bits and pieces'
'disclosure revolution''noisy chaos' 2018'special access programs''breakouts''secret knowledge''failing systems''scientists''engineers''special access projects''outin herds''seek work''flog wares machines, inventions''stay alive'.
'resurgence''foods''nootropics''bioflavinoids''tongue response''nutrients''nutritional reaction''scientists escape from holes in ground'
'space cannon''waves' [Antarctica Pacific ocean Hawaii South Africa(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93SRlgowd-k)
'waves''pulses''weapons''transitory states''transportation'.
'sentinel waves''guidance system''hot''active''in use''alien''space alien''disturbances''visible trails''side effect' 'guidance system'.
'war''moon''antarctica''moon''weapons under the ice''ancient remnants''space alien''ancient''weapons''powered electrical'
'galactic center''secrets revealed''strange energies from space' 'solar energies''expanding universe''galactic center interception''interception''space aliens''energy flow/conduits''scientific''scientists''gathering on an island''informational lock-down''containment on the subject''control structures''political elite'.
'binding''Mars''Antarctica''large global focus''expeditions'
'cracking control' 'fractured consortium' 'crushed organizations''claims''processed''sub groups''deep state control structures''breakdowns within government''breakdowns''skirmishes''exposed''shooting''ray guns''space vessels''earth based space vessels''unauthorized video''getting attention''unaware''politicians''unaware noninterested people''prompted''shifting their stance on UFOs''organized group''politicians''politicians''crowd''mob''group''instantly inflamed''social media level''group''instantly fighting''mainstream media''corporations''caught off guard''blow-back campaign''mainstream media''advertising campaign''hijacked''social media creators''ground up in their mill''climate''weather''weather satellites''secrets revealed''skirmishes''near earth space'.
'seeping out of knowledge''renaissance' [next 4 months] 'antarctica''renaissance''technology''teachings knowledge''deep evidence''mountains''leaks of geometry''researchers''beneficiaries''deep evidence''command center/ control center''geometric harmonic''connected discovered technology''strange rays''data snipers'.
'renaissance''supported''deep state''oceanic adventures''calling attention'[Antarctica]'new citizens''earlier times''symbol sets'[ early 2018]
'renaissance''officialdom''western republics''creativity wave''societies''entrepreneurial renaissance''breaking out all over''discussions by officialdom''outside report''foreign news agency''unknown energies from space''leaking out''officialdom''respond to questions''meetings''agendas''renaissance values''social order''disruptive''planned mind set programs''state elite''talking points''enormous breakthroughs''captures''recordings''strange waves' 'long waves''seismic waves''leaving trails''activities''earth affecting'[ early 2018].



FBI Nikola Tesla Papers

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

File Nikola Tesla Part 01 of 03

File Nikola Tesla Part 02 of 03

File Nikola Tesla Part 03 of 03

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Peter Davey Sonic Resonance Boiler* Replication by SourceBit

Sourcebit <sourcebit@protonmail.com>
Subject: Peter Davey Sonic Resonance Boiler

I wanted to share with you the following experiment that took place today, on 30th of October 2017

I got two half spherical dishes that I purchased from IKEA, modified them slightly to fit one into another, screwed them together and placed in a 5 gallon bucket. I poured exactly 10 Pints of water into it, and turned it on.


Outer dome diameter: 7.75 inches
Outer dome height: 3.25 inches
Inner dome diameter: 7.5 inches
Outer dome height: 2.75 inches

Voltage supplied: standard 120 volt from the outlet (118.5V measured)
Outer dome was neutral; Inner dome was hot

Water before heating: 70 F

Consumption of Amperage by the device:
17.7A (8:58) (water at 70F)
22.5A (9:04) (water at 167F)
17.7A (9:11) (water at 190F)
Water after heating 172 F
Total time of heating 18:00.18 minutes

Consumption of Amperage by the device:

17.7A (8:58) (water at 70F)
22.5A (9:04) (water at 167F)
17.7A (9:11) (water at 190F)
Water after heating 172 F
Total time of heating 18:00.18 minutes

* http://www.rexresearch.com/davey/davey.htm

Do Antimatter Asteroids Constitute A Threat To The Security of the U.S.A. and It's Allies?


TARPON SPRINGS, FL. 10/25/17. Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli, Chief Scientist of Thunder Energies Corporation, a publicly traded company with stock symbol (OTC:TNRG), suggest that small  antimatter   asteroids  annihilating in our atmosphere should be considered, among other possibilities, as possible origin of at least some of the recent rapid wildfires in California that have caused the death of 42 fellow Americans:


Dr. Santilli states: "Some or the peculiarities of the recent wildfires in California are the following: the rapidity of their occurrence such to prevent at times residents to leave their houses; the burning of cars at such a temperature to melt their metals while trees nearby were scorched but unburden; the apparent detection of fireballs coming from the sky; and other unusual occurrences:


Small matter  asteroids  cannot explain these peculiarities since, following an initial incandescence during their trajectory in our atmosphere, they cool down and drop to the ground without causing any fire. By contrast, small  antimatter   asteroids  are known to annihilate at the contact with our atmosphere by creating an increasing fireball that will either explode in air or at ground by releasing all possible electromagnetic radiations without any crater on the ground, thus being a plausible origin of at least some of the recent rapid wildfires in California:


Fireball recorded in New Hampshire on May 17, 2017 :

"It should ne noted that numerous fireballs followed by wildfires have occurred in the U. S. A. as well as abroad. The progressive annihilation in our atmosphere of small  antimatter   asteroids  is also their most plausible interpretation due to the lack of craters in the ground, the progressive increase of their incandescence and other behavior impossible for conventional matter  asteroids.  This is the case for: the recent fireball with ensuing wildfire in New Hampshire :


Similarly, the 1871 rapid wildfire in Chicago that killed over three hundred fellow Americans following a fireball coming from the sky with such a high temperature to melt bricks:


The 2013 fireball from the sky in Russia that also caused vast destruction without any crater in the ground:


and numerous other similar devastation."

Antimatter asteroid detected on April 11, 2017 in California :


Academic Position on Antimatter Asteroids

Dr. Santilli additionally states: "Unfortunately for serious scientific democracy, most of my former academic colleagues abuse their authority to dismiss and discredit as "fringe science" the existence of  antimatter   asteroids  because they are not admitted by Einstein's theories. However, said theories were formulated decades before the discovery of  antimatter . Hence, the dismissal of  antimatter   asteroids  without due scientific process is deprecable because: done on the basis of an inapplicable theory; perpetrated in disrespect of our National Security; and voiced under the oblivion of clear experimental evidence in support of  antimatter   asteroids , which evidence includes not only the event here reported, but also the 1908 Tunguska explosion in Siberia which was the equivalent of one thousand Hiroshima nuclear bombs that flattened trees on an area as big as New England without any crater. To maintain the validity of Einstein theories also for  antimatter , the widespread position in academia is that it was caused by an ice comet. The documented evidence ignored by academia is that people could read newspapers at  midnight  without artificial light in most of the Northern Hemisphere for days following the explosion. This evidence establishes that most of Earth's atmosphere had been ionized. This evidence discredits the academic views since an ice comet cannot possibly ionize Earth's atmosphere in any appreciable amount, and established beyond credible doubt that the Tunguska explosion was due to a large  antimatter  asteroid annihilating at contact with our atmosphere (see the chronology of the Tunguska explosion .

 http://www.phenomena.org.uk/features/page88/page88.html )."

The Danger to our National Security

The RMS Foundation supports due scientific process in the study of  antimatter   asteroids  due to their relevance for National Security because, in the event our Country is hit by an  antimatter  asteroid the size of a football, all our civilian, industrial and military communications will be disrupted for days. In view of such a relevance, Thunder Energies Corporation can provide at no cost the Santilli telescopes for the detection of  antimatter  galaxies and  asteroids

Dr. Santilli Discoveries in Antimatter

1) Discovery of the novel isodual mathematics for allowing the first and only known consistent representation of matter-antimatter annihilation in the 1996 memoir, published at the Rendiconti Circolo Matematico Palermo


2) First known consistent formulation of antimatter at the classical level in the 1999 paper at the Journal of Modern Physics


3) Mathematical and theoretical foundations of antimatter for the exterior and interior dynamical problems at the classical and operator levels,  established in the 2006 monograph published by Springer


4) Discovery that antimatter emits a light different than light emitted by matter called isodual light

5) Discovery of the new telescope with concave lenses for the focusing of images of isodual light, see the 2012 AIP paper


6) Organization of the production and sale of pairs of Galileo and Santilli telescopes by the U. S. publicly traded company Thunder Energies Corporation

7) First detection via the Santilli telescope of an antimatter galaxy in the Vega region of the night sky with detection of antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays

8) Discovery of a second antimatter galaxy in the Capella's region of the night sky with confirmation of the detection of antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays


9) Independent confirmation of Dr. Santilli's detection of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays published in refereed journals:


General list of references on Santilli's isodual theory of antimatter as of mid 2017:


Important Related Papers

S. Beghella-Bartoli, "Trajectories of antimatter asteroids in our Solar system"

S. Bheghella-Bartli and R. M. Santilli, "Possible Role of antimatter galaxies for the stability of the universe, American Journal of Modern Physics 2016; 5(2-1): 185-190



Happy-Sad Apple Experiment

Lara Potgieter @ Facebook


Meet happy apple (left) and sad apple (right). These are two halves of the same apple. On 20 May, I put each in an identical container. For the next six weeks, happy apple sang, laughed, danced and meditated with me. I spoke lovingly to it and thanked it for all its appley splendour. During the same period, I spoke a lot of smack to sad apple. I called it a useless, stinking piece of fruit, accused it of messing with my blood sugar levels, and generally gave it a hard time. I also let it listen to Metallica and watch the news. I let the experiment run for as long as I could before sad apple started to become a health hazard. What you see here are the results. Your words, emotions and intentions are probably (far) more powerful than you realise. Everything is energy. Just saying.


Hitler's Flying Saucers: A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War

Henry Stevens

Nature Energy (2017)

Emergence of highly transparent photovoltaics for distributed applications

Christopher J. Traverse, Richa Pandey, Miles C. Barr & Richard R. Lunt


Solar energy offers a viable solution to our growing energy need. While adoption of conventional photovoltaics on rooftops and in solar farms has grown rapidly in the last decade, there is still plenty of opportunity for expansion. See-through solar technologies with partial light transmission developed over the past 30 years have initiated methods of integration not possible with conventional modules. The large-scale deployment necessary to offset global energy consumption could be further accelerated by developing fully invisible solar cells that selectively absorb ultraviolet and near-infrared light, allowing many of the surfaces of our built environment to be turned into solar harvesting arrays without impacting the function or aesthetics. Here, we review recent advances in photovoltaics with varying degrees of visible light transparency. We discuss the figures of merit necessary to characterize transparent photovoltaics, and outline the requirements to enable their widespread adoption in buildings, windows, electronic device displays, and automobiles.





Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 12914 (2017)

Human attention affects facial expressions in domestic dogs

Juliane Kaminski, Jennifer Hynds, Paul Morris & Bridget M. Waller


Most mammalian species produce facial expressions. Historically, animal facial expressions have been considered inflexible and involuntary displays of emotional states rather than active attempts to communicate with others. In the current study, we aimed to test whether domestic dog facial expressions are subject to audience effects and/ or changes in response to an arousing stimulus (e.g. food) alone. We presented dogs with an experimental situation in which a human demonstrator was either attending to them or turned away, and varied whether she presented food or not. Dogs produced significantly more facial movements when the human was attentive than when she was not. The food, however, as a non-social but arousing stimulus, did not affect the dogs’ behaviour. The current study is therefore evidence that dogs are sensitive to the human’s attentional state when producing facial expressions, suggesting that facial expressions are not just inflexible and involuntary displays of emotional states, but rather potentially active attempts to communicate with others.


Egyptian time-travel portals in London cemetaries ?

Pyramid Greenhouse :


This style of construction is certainly worth considering and while I certainly approve of it, it can definitely be improved. For example, the “greenhouse” section for growing food could be four times more effective if shaped differently. The very experienced Les Brown of Canada explains this. Les Brown experimented extensively with pyramids. It should be stressed at this point in time that while various facts have been observed, the effects caused by a pyramid are not fully understood and so no “Laws” have yet been deduced. We have therefore, to work on the basis of “this is what was done and these were the results”. Because of this, the following extract from the work of the late Les Brown is reproduced here and you must decide for yourself if what he says is true and whether or not it might be worth your while trying out some of what he says:

In conducting pyramid experiments you should look daily for signs of change and note them meticulously, and above all, be patient. Don’t plant a seed one day and expect to have a plant six feet tall the very next day. A plant takes just as long to develop inside a pyramid as it does outside, but as time passes you will see the tremendous difference in size. Also, don’t keep moving plants around inside your pyramid during an experiment – leave pots stationary so that you can see what the results are.

You can make your own pyramids. They can be constructed entirely from inexpensive materials. Cardboard, wire, plywood or anything rigid enough to retain the pyramid shape will do. The pyramid does not necessarily have to be solid – in experiments, just the outline shape is sufficient provided that it is joined at all the corners and at the apex.

Remember that with all types of pyramid, positioning is all important. One of the square base sides must point towards magnetic North. Use a compass to determine the direction of magnetic North. Several pyramids correctly orientated and stacked on top of one another will produce increased energy, cell activity and growth.

Using pyramids, I sincerely believe that I can grow 36 times more and better plants in a given area than any farmer or market gardener can in the same area using conventional methods.

When all four sides are put together, you must have a pyramid which is leaning in at 51 degrees, 51 minutes and 14 seconds. If you grow a plant inside a pyramid, it absorbs energy at a high intensity and so the result is enormous growth. When this is applied to vegetables and fruit, the plants as well as their products are immensely oversized. My own experiments have convinced me that this energy creates a special reaction in the living cells of plants, resulting in larger blooms, leaves and fruits on whatever plants are propagated within the pyramid.

The normal life cycle of lettuce from seed to maturity is six to eight weeks. Grown under a pyramid the life cycle is still the same but the plant is considerably larger. If you allow the vine type of tomato to mature to six or seven trusses under a pyramid while simultaneously allowing an identical plant to do the same outside the pyramid, giving both of the plants the same feeding and watering, a startling difference in yield occurs. I should mention that if you put your outside plant too near the pyramid it will reach for and receive some of the pyramid’s energy, so keep it well away to get a fair comparison. The outside tomatoes would weigh out at approximately 10 to 14 pounds per plant, while the plant grown inside the pyramid will produce between 50 and 60 pounds of tomatoes per plant. Not every type of plant grown under a pyramid will produce this increase but this is the average which I have come to expect from tomatoes.

A few more averages which I have obtained repeatedly are: lettuce two to three times larger than average; beans 25 inches long and 1.25 inches wide; cabbage – when controls were 3 pounds each, the pyramid grown plants were 12 to 13 pounds per head; radishes that would normally be the size of a quarter were four inches in diameter, control cucumbers that averaged fourteen inches in length and weighed up to one pound normally, were 21 inches long and weighed up to four pounds when grown in a pyramid.

Energised air in the pyramid also appears to repel small insects, so there is no need to use pesticides within its glass walls. Pest-free plants grow to maturity inside, with none of the setbacks plants subject to normal attack from pests suffer in the garden outside. This also means that pyramid-grown vegetables need no washing upon harvesting. The mere appearance of such plants is more appetising than that of plants grown normally. Greens are more vivid and many leaves have a sheen which is noticeably absent from kitchen garden plants.

An egg broken out of its shell and left inside a pyramid will gradually congeal and become like plastic as the pyramid energy works on its cells – harmlessly. The cells do not die or spoil. After a period of weeks or months, these congealed eggs can be reconstituted in water to the point where they can be eaten with complete safety, and they taste even more delicious than eggs prepared in the usual way.

One peculiar phenomenon which I have observed under my large pyramid is the formation of dew on the plants inside it. This happens early in the morning. During all my years of experience with greenhouses, I never noticed dew forming on any plants in conventional greenhouses. This dew dissipates gently as the sun grows stronger, exactly as it would outside. Also, after a recent thunderstorm, my pyramid cucumbers grew two to two and a half inches in a matter of hours.

I built a pyramid solely for research purposes. When building the prototype I encountered and overcame virtually all the problems one can expect to meet in a construction of this type. Building a pyramid is nothing like building a house, and while a slight difference in measurement can be overcome when building a house, it is not possible to make a mistake in building a pyramid and just carry on building. The particular piece containing the error must be pulled out and replaced correctly, as any mistake is transferred all the way around the pyramid.

My test pyramid is 30 feet high at the peak. The sides from base corner to apex measure 44 feet 4.5 inches and each base edge is 46 feet 10.5 inches. It contains two additional floors above ground level and the sum of the areas of these two floors is equal to or greater than that of the ground floor, Thus, the two additional floors virtually doubles the growing area.

My first floor is 12 feet above the ground and there is a reason for this. I calculated that when the sun was at its highest point, the first floor would have to be at 12 feet high to allow the sun to shine on the back North edge of the ground floor. The 12 foot height was perfect, but not absolutely necessary as there are as many plants that grow well in shade as there are plants that prefer the sun. In future, my pyramid floors will all be 8-feet apart and I will put my sun-loving plants in the southern half and my shade-loving plants in the back, Northern half.

By putting the floors at 8-foot intervals there is much more growing area. With floors inside a pyramid, the higher up the floor, the higher the temperature there. For example, if the ground floor is at 75 degrees F. then the second floor would be at 90 degrees F. and the third floor would be at about 105 to 115 degrees F. and each of the higher floors would also have higher humidity. The ground floor is perfect for such crops as radishes, lettuce, carrots, beets, tomatoes, etc. The second floor is ideal for cucumbers, squash, peppers and plants which like it hotter and more humid than the ground floor. The top floor can be used for lemons, oranges, figs and especially orchids.

The pyramid draws in its own water on the ground floor; I have never had to water that level which is built directly on the ground. It never draws too much or too little water, always just the right amount for growth. Naturally, I have to pump water to the upper floors, but because the ground floor provides its own water supply, at least half of my pyramid is watered automatically for no cost. I grow right in the ground on which the pyramid stands, but upstairs I have placed wooden planting troughs all around the floors, leaving room to walk, and I grow plants in these. It is a major job getting soil to the upper floors initially, but that is a one-time task. The troughs are 14 inches wide and 16 inches deep and have a bottom.

Space in the pyramid is used to the utmost. At the perimeter of the low areas I plant the kind of plants that need little headroom, and then plant the bigger crops towards the middle. This is a matter of common sense, but using the vine type tomatoes and stringing them up, one can work better between the rows, and if the lower leaves are removed, there is sufficient space to grow lettuce, cabbage or any low-lying crop in between the tomato plants. The trusses may be left on the tomatoes as they will not shade the low-lying plants.

To ensure a steady supply of food, it is wise to plant only a few plants of each variety at intervals, which means that in the beginning it will take several weeks to reap a full harvest, but after that there will be a continuous yield. By planting in such a manner, the grower will reap about six full crops each year. This method applies only to an enclosed pyramid, which would also need heating in the winter. The means of heating is up to the individual. Personally, I use a wood-burning stove because I have my own supply of wood. However, a wood and oil combination is best because it allows one to be away for a couple of days when necessary and then if the wood fire gets low, then the oil burner takes over...


There is a video of Les Brown lecturing here

There are reports of instances where dogs suffering from old age, lameness and hair loss have been cured and rejuvenated in about six weeks by the use of a pyramid. ...


TESLA - Free Energy, the Race to Zero Point


 Suicide molecules kill any cancer cell

Time traveling hundreds of millions of years to unleash one of nature's original kill switches

CHICAGO --- Small RNA molecules originally developed as a tool to study gene function trigger a mechanism hidden in every cell that forces the cell to commit suicide, reports a new Northwestern Medicine study, the first to identify molecules to trigger a fail-safe mechanism that may protect us from cancer.

The mechanism -- RNA suicide molecules -- can potentially be developed into a novel form of cancer therapy, the study authors said.

Cancer cells treated with the RNA molecules never become resistant to them because they simultaneously eliminate multiple genes that cancer cells need for survival.

"It's like committing suicide by stabbing yourself, shooting yourself and jumping off a building all at the same time," said Northwestern scientist and lead study author Marcus Peter. "You cannot survive."

The inability of cancer cells to develop resistance to the molecules is a first, Peter said.

"This could be a major breakthrough," noted Peter, the Tom D. Spies Professor of Cancer Metabolism at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Peter and his team discovered sequences in the human genome that when converted into small double-stranded RNA molecules trigger what they believe to be an ancient kill switch in cells to prevent cancer. He has been searching for the phantom molecules with this activity for eight years.

"We think this is how multicellular organisms eliminated cancer before the development of the adaptive immune system, which is about 500 million years old," he said. "It could be a fail safe that forces rogue cells to commit suicide. We believe it is active in every cell protecting us from cancer."

This study, which will be published Oct. 24 in eLife, and two other new Northwestern studies in Oncotarget and Cell Cycle by the Peter group, describe the discovery of the assassin molecules present in multiple human genes and their powerful effect on cancer in mice.

Looking back hundreds of millions of years

Why are these molecules so powerful?

"Ever since life became multicellular, which could be more than 2 billion years ago, it had to deal with preventing or fighting cancer," Peter said. "So nature must have developed a fail safe mechanism to prevent cancer or fight it the moment it forms. Otherwise, we wouldn't still be here."

Thus began his search for natural molecules coded in the genome that kill cancer.

"We knew they would be very hard to find," Peter said. "The kill mechanism would only be active in a single cell the moment it becomes cancerous. It was a needle in a haystack."

But he found them by testing a class of small RNAs, called small interfering (si)RNAs, scientists use to suppress gene activity. siRNAs are designed by taking short sequences of the gene to be targeted and converting them into double- stranded RNA. These siRNAs when introduced into cells suppress the expression of the gene they are derived from.

Peter found that a large number of these small RNAs derived from certain genes did not, as expected, only suppress the gene they were designed against. They also killed all cancer cells. His team discovered these special sequences are distributed throughout the human genome, embedded in multiple genes as shown in the study in Cell Cycle.

When converted to siRNAs, these sequences all act as highly trained super assassins. They kill the cells by simultaneously eliminating the genes required for cell survival. By taking out these survivor genes, the assassin molecule activates multiple death cell pathways in parallel.

The small RNA assassin molecules trigger a mechanism Peter calls DISE, for Death Induced by Survival gene Elimination.

Activating DISE in organisms with cancer might allow cancer cells to be eliminated. Peter's group has evidence this form of cell death preferentially affects cancer cells with little effect on normal cells.

To test this in a treatment situation, Peter collaborated with Dr. Shad Thaxton, associate professor of urology at Feinberg, to deliver the assassin molecules via nanoparticles to mice bearing human ovarian cancer. In the treated mice, the treatment strongly reduced the tumor growth with no toxicity to the mice, reports the study in Oncotarget. Importantly, the tumors did not develop resistance to this form of cancer treatment. Peter and Thaxton are now refining the treatment to increase its efficacy.

Peter has long been frustrated with the lack of progress in solid cancer treatment.

"The problem is cancer cells are so diverse that even though the drugs, designed to target single cancer driving genes, often initially are effective, they eventually stop working and patients succumb to the disease," Peter said. He thinks a number of cancer cell subsets are never really affected by most targeted anticancer drugs currently used.

Most of the advanced solid cancers such as brain, lung, pancreatic or ovarian cancer have not seen an improvement in survival, Peter said.

"If you had an aggressive, metastasizing form of the disease 50 years ago, you were busted back then and you are still busted today," he said. "Improvements are often due to better detection methods and not to better treatments."

Cancer scientists need to listen to nature more, Peter said. Immune therapy has been a success, he noted, because it is aimed at activating an anticancer mechanism that evolution developed. Unfortunately, few cancers respond to immune therapy and only a few patients with these cancers benefit, he said.

"Our research may be tapping into one of nature's original kill switches, and we hope the impact will affect many cancers," he said. "Our findings could be disruptive."


The mysterious cave in the Khara Hora mountain range part 2

Bushcraft Basics :


MCQBushcraft : Bushcraft Basics Ep01: Introduction

Bushcraft Basics is a training series for beginner Bushcraft enthusiasts who want to build a reliable set of gear for the outdoors that they can use competently along side basic skills.

Bushcraft Basics Ep18: Ferrocerium Rod Technique

Bushcraft Shelters: Camp Construction

Bushcraft Equipment: Full Kit July 2014


Drinking water from sea water without electricity only by Sun energy


Survival Camping: #1 Turn Seawater into Fresh Water with Trash

Russian Biological Transmutation :


Transmutation against radiation: the world germs against the evil atom

Radioactive waste - this is an old, unsolved problem of all mankind. Chernobyl and Fukushima have shown the destructive power of the "evil atom." However, the solution to this problem exists. There are many techniques of neutralization (and not a simple process) radioactive waste. One of them - biological transmutation developed by chemists and biotechnologists V.Kurashov and T.Sahno. The technology was introduced at a press conference in Switzerland, 21 June 2016. In this video, Victor Kurashov talks about the details of this process. Another available technology developed by Professor Ruggero Santilli, founder of the firm "Magnegaz". Why these technologies are still not being used? Prof. Santilli has repeatedly tried to convene an international conference on this issue. He ran into strong resistance and even physical threats. Alas, but the introduction of such technologies is not profitable for government officials who control the financial flows, as well as for oil and financial corporations, who seeking to maintain the status quo.

My website http://congeniator.com


Press Conference of transmutation Switzerland

Transcript of this press conference ( Geneva Switzerland, June 26th 2016 ) :


Choroid Plexus, Claustrum, Pituitary, CerebroSpinal Fluid ( CSF ), Santa Claus & Christ :

The Sacred Secret Of The Christ Within (presented by Santos Bonacci)

Cerebrospinal Fluid and the "Christ Within"

Cerebrospinal Fluid and Ventricles, Part 1

Ventricles of the Brain and CSF
This video briefly covers the locations of the ventricles and the function and recycling of the CSF.

Mystery of Cerebrospinal Fluid - Colorado School of Energy Studies

Book 1: Energy - The Vital Polarity in the Healing Art

by  Dr Randolph Stone


A Big Problem @ the N Pole of Sol :


The Year after THIS is "The Day After Tomorrow"


Statement: We are now officially at war

Our governments are refusing to stop the depopulation genocide. We are now officially at war. Medicine and public health serve as the handmaidens of genocide. Vaccines, chemtrails, GMOs, and hundreds of endocrine disruptors make up the arsenal of weapons of mass destruction by which our own elected governments sterilize us, sicken us and shorten our lives...

Food for Thought :


The five most dangerous dietary supplements


[ From The General Science Journal ]

Maxwell's Original Equations

by Frederick D. Tombe

[ PDF ]

Civil War Two -- The Coming Breakup of America

Thomas W. Chittum

[ PDF ]


Healing of the Acute and Chronic Experimental Trypanosomiasis by the Combined Action of Modulated Magnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Waves


[ PDF ]

Rupert SHELDRAKE : Morphic Resonance






Catastrophe! More FDA Lies About Advantame-Aspartame Being 'Harmless'

by Dr Betty Martini, D. Hum


This is Dr. Russell Blaylock (Neurosurgeon) discussing the neurodegenerative harm done by Excitotoxins, especially Aspartame (Dr. Adrian Gross of the FDA in 1987 Decried Aspartame A Time Bomb Waiting to  go Off, Corporate Studies as "Worthless" Yet FDA in 2017 tells the completely corporate-protecting opposite story,especially about the concentrated Advantame)

Correspondence Between Betty Martini of Mission Possible International to Dr. Joseph Thomas at the FDA

To:  Dr. Joseph Thomas / From: "Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum." / Subject: Advantame

...Dr. Richard Wurtman at MIT wrote: "Possible Neurologic Effects of Aspartame, a widely used food additive": He said in the abstract: The artificial sweetener aspartame (L-aspartyl-L-phenylalanyl-methyl ester), is consumed, primarily in beverages, by a very large number of Americans, causing significant elevations in plasma and, probably, brain phenylalanine levels. Anecdotal reports suggest that some people suffer neurologic or behavioral reactions in association with aspartame consumption. Since phenylalanine can be neurotoxic and can affect the synthesis of inhibitory monoamine neurotransmitters, the phenylalanine in aspartame could conceivably mediate neurologic effects. If mice are given aspartame in doses that elevate plasma phenylalanine levels more than those of tyrosine (which probably occurs after any aspartame dose in humans), the frequency of seizures following the administration of an epileptogenic drug, pentylenetetrazole, is enhanced. This effect is simulated by equimolar phenylalanine and blocked by concurrent administration of valine, which blocks phenylalanine's entry into the brain. Aspartame also potentiates the induction of seizures by inhaled fluorothyl or by electroconvulsive shock. Perhaps regulations concerning the sale of food additives should be modified to require the reporting of adverse reactions and the continuing conduct of mandated safety research." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1474447/

After Dr. Wurtman had received 80 cases of seizures from aspartame he said it was enough to have it removed from the market. The phenylalanine always has affected all consumers, not just phenylketonurics. Removing the PKU warning is inexcusable. Dr. Wurtman's medical text is "Dietary Phenylalanine and Brain Function" - Richard J. Wurtman and Eva Ritter-Walker

Industry knows about the warnings so The International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) and the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) filed a petition with FDA to allow aspartame in milk and 17 other dairy products unlabeled. This is against the law but instead of telling Big Dairy they wouldn't permit it FDA states its a way to get them to drink their milk. (Dr. David Hattan). In other words the children are warned not to use anything low fat or with aspartame so they won't be harmed by the poison and the FDA sacrifices them for the profit of Big Dairy. I remember when this came out I was in Chicago visiting Jerome Bressler. I was sitting on his bed in a nursing home showing him the paperwork and he said, "Betty, the FDA can't allow this, it's absolutely against the law." I said, "Jerome, they sealed the two mouse studies and the cover letter, in your Bressler Report so the public wouldn't know aspartame causes birth defects, one of the most hideous crimes in FDA history, why would you think they would change now?" He just hung his head and said, "no protection of the public". Even before he became bedridden he told people in the nursing home "don't drink diet pop, its poison"!

So now we have Ajinomoto saying Advantame can be used to flavor dairy drinks. Will it be labeled or used unlawfully like aspartame? First lets get this out of the way. Aspartame was never proven safe and you know it. ("Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZI7_8FDzuJE). Here in this hour and a half documentary Attorney James Turner explains how aspartame was marketed because of the political chicanery of Don Rumsfeld...


How a Free Energy 400 Horsepower Automobile Engine Can Run Indefinitely

by Richard C Phillips

USP 7634903 : Ion Impulse Engine

Synopsis -- The author has spent many years analyzing the construction and power that is generated from this engine. He has obtained 2 patents from the US Patent Office, and the physicists, mathematicians, and scientists, at the patent office have also examined the propulsion system. They have put their stamp of approval on the design that it will work, and concluded that it would be a benefit to mankind. First of all, the hypothesis of the power generated by this engine, disagrees with one of the first laws of physics, which involves the "conservation of energy". More specifically, MORE ENERGY CAN NOT BE GOTTEN OUT OF AN ENGINE THAN IS PUT INTO IT. As an engineer, this was one of the first laws that I had to memorize, but now, I know, beyond any doubt, that "this law is wrong! Please read my entire book and understand it, before making any preconceived judgments about my above statements. This may be hard to do, if you are not a very good engineer. Later, the principles of the working parts of this engine, will be taught as a separate subject in college, and will be an anomaly to this general rule of the conservation of energy. The power generated by this engine would be equivalent to the falsely taught axiom in physics for centuries that stated "matter could not be created or destroyed". This axiom was destroyed when the first atomic bomb was exploded in 1945, and henceforth, this axiom has not been taught in our colleges. As you analyze the equation that powers this engine, that allows it to run indefinitely, you will see how Sir Charles Coulomb's "Electrostatic Force Equation", and more specifically "the speed of light squared" in this formula, that tremendous power can be generated, far beyond the power that is put into this engine. As you will see later the calculations show that, using the given data shown in this report, the ratio (output) to the energy (input) is 302 to 1. This is incredible, and will literally change the world as we know it. This book will prove with US Patents, how an engine can be designed, that can literally run without any petroleum products, that can be used to run automobile engines, electric generators, engines for outer space, and "free electric power" for use on this earth as well as outer space. OTHER BOOKS/DVDs PUBLISHED BY THE AUTHOR: "The Answer to the Propulsion of Flying Saucers, and ways you can be killed in close proximity". "How a UFO Could Capture a Boeing 777 by the use of Quick Sliver" A two hour DVD titled "How UFOs Fly - Fully Explained". I explain, with a narrative, and model props, how UFOs are propelled. I show explicit passages in the Bible (Kings James version) where Ezekiel describes in over 10 passages, that are directly related to the physical design that is shown in this DVD. This DVD explains the three distinct methods of flight in which the UFO can utilize, 1.) It can hover in our atmosphere for hours, using the spent propellant from the craft. 2.) It can be propelled in outer space to fly at 10's of thousands of miles per hour. 3.) It can maneuver in our atmosphere, and outer space, in the same manner as our helicopters.


Brain region that motivates behavior change discovered

Have you ever been stuck in a rut, going through the same motions day in and day out? How do you motivate to change your behavior?

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Columbia University and Duke University now better understand how this happens, and it has to do with a region in the brain called the posterior cingulate cortex. They learned that neurons in this central location ramp up firing rates, peaking just before a divergent behavior occurs. They published their findings in the journal Neuron.

"The circuits in our brain that allow us to focus on a particular task, especially a task that leads to reward, are well known," said Michael Platt, the James S. Riepe University Professor in Penn's psychology, neuroscience and marketing departments. "These evolved very early in the history of life on this planet."

What's less established is which trigger in the brain causes people to break from a routine, especially when doing so poses potential risks.

Two experiments the research team conducted -- one called the patch-leaving task, the other dubbed the traveling salesman -- provided some important insights.

In the first, Platt and colleagues looked at the foraging behaviors of rhesus macaques, a non-human primate species the researchers have studied both in the lab and in the wild. The animals had the choice between harvesting a juice reward that depleted over time but was guaranteed and immediate or moving to a new "patch," which would require more time and energy but offered a potentially larger reward.

"Imagine you're picking berries in a tree," he said. "At first it's easy, but after a while you have to climb farther and farther out on weaker branches to get the berries, most of which probably aren't ripe. At some point it makes sense to take the time and energy to go to the next tree."

To understand the second experiment, think about an effective traveling salesman. The merchant moves from door to door, interacting with people in the hopes of making a deal. Not everyone purchases a product, though there is an ideal pattern for success. Once the salesman understands this, he follows that pattern until it stops working and a behavior change is necessary for continued prosperity.

Monkeys in the traveling-salesman experiment had the option to visit six different locations, two of which contained rewards, one large and one small. The reward spots were randomized, and they changed each time the experiment ran.

"The optimal solution is to develop a routine where you visit all of them in a circle. That's the best you can do; you go from nearest neighbor to next neighbor. That's what monkeys do in the wild. That's what bumblebees do in the wild," Platt said. "Occasionally, these animals break off to explore for something that might be better, kind of like what people do in a grocery store. Suddenly monkeys here would break off and go out of order. We didn't know why."

Simultaneous to watching the macaques' behavior in both experiments, Platt and his colleagues recorded neuron behavior in the posterior cingulate cortex. Neural activity there built up until it peaked, at which point the animals changed course, revealing correlational evidence that this spike in brain function leads to the divergent thinking and action rather than happens because of it.

"If you increased activity in the area exogenously, if I put an electrode in there and stimulated, then you would break off from the routine, you would become more exploratory," Platt said. "Similarly, if you could suppress activity, you'd see the opposite. You'd become hyper-focused on one option, and you may never make a change."

These findings have potential business applications in terms of innovation and exploration. Techniques that directly activate the posterior cingulate cortex like brain stimulation or game play that promotes distraction, particularly within situations that don't allow a routine to form, can lead to more creativity.

"People who have more activity there have more mind-wandering, and they tend to be more creative," according to Platt. "It suggests that capacity to be more creative evolved for a very specific purpose, which is to allow you to forage efficiently in a landscape that's always changing."


Posterior Cingulate Neurons Dynamically Signal Decisions to Disengage during Foraging

David L. Barack, Steve W.C. Chang, Michael L. Platt


    •Foraging salience drives monkeys’ choices to switch strategies in two tasks
    •PCC neuronal activity during both tasks predicted strategy switches
    •PCC neurons signaled salience in both tasks more strongly in poor than rich contexts


Foraging for resources is a fundamental behavior balancing systematic search and strategic disengagement. The foraging behavior of primates is especially complex and requires long-term memory, value comparison, strategic planning, and decision-making. Here we provide evidence from two different foraging tasks that neurons in primate posterior cingulate cortex (PCC) signal decision salience during foraging to motivate disengagement from the current strategy. In our foraging tasks, salience refers to the difference between decision thresholds and the net harvested reward. Salience signals were stronger in poor foraging contexts than rich ones, suggesting low harvest rates recruit mechanisms in PCC that regulate strategic disengagement and exploration during foraging.


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