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* Diary of a Plagiarist : The Rex Research Tom Swift Memorial R&D Park Perimeter Protection Program ...

* A Universal Declaration of Beloving & Perceived Enmity
... SubGenius Love Letters from Gitmo ...

* WhistleBlogger's Forum : Remonstrances rendered readable -- Who is Keyser Soze ? Who is John Galt ?

* Watchable Videos : 4-Brick Rocket Stove &c ...

* Ph. McKenna : Electroshocking plants -- Electro-Culture Redox, Redux ...

* Sibylline Oracles & T. Twietmeyer : Planetary Time Jumps ... Accelerating Time Now & Then ...

* A Course In Communal Cannibalism : Genres, Gender, Genotypes, How to Hunt-Kill Hominids, Recipes, Rules & Reasons, &c ...

* Guy McPherson : Nature Bats Last -- Near Term Extinction 101 -- Tutored Common Corpse Remedial Summer School Crash Course ...

* Jos. Chiappalone  : ENDTIME 
-- Again ! Over The Top & Into The Breach, Viables ! Resistance is Fertile !

* Boris Johnson: Jihadi Wankers
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Diary of a Plagiarist
February 10, 2015

Dear Diary ...

I apologize for writing this 10-page letter -- I didn't have time to write 5 pages. You must understand that I have a life of my own ... so much porn, so little time ...

At long last, decades of my disgusting secret daily ritual praxis of regularly smoked microdoses of crack Cocaine +
ice Methedrine + DMT + Salvia Divinorum + Nicotine , plus microwave frequency broadcasts of scalar Fourier Transforms ( apparently representing poorly enacted tantric scenarios, according to audio-recorded descriptions ) that  has caused Rex Researcher Robert Nelson to become hypno-paranoid.

Whilst acting-out suppressed childhood memories ( used to recharge reprogrammed bioelectric armor with neurolinguistic silence-absorbers ), I have constructed a neo-modernistic defense mechanism around & about The Tom Swift Memorial R&D Park in Las Vegas ( Thanks to a generous Anti-Stupid Grant from DARPA & DHS ! ).

The Imaginot Line ( as it is labelled & branded ) serves to protect Mr Nelson and the internalized interests of nationalized Security against the legendary sensual predations-cum-megalomanic predilections of Sterling Allen ( @ -- leader of the John Galt Brigade ).

The major components of the Border Barrier System are illustrated below
( Not shown : Secret Odic Death Rays, Infrasonic Squishers, & Terahertz Disintegrators , & Torsion Field Shields )

SubGenius Exegesis ( Part LV ) :

A Universal Declaration of Beloving & Perceived Enmity

Whereas, Our Beloved invader Enemy [ ___ ] uses a flawed methodology of multilateral comparison, which fails every test and produces utterly useless results; and,

Our Beloved insidious Enemy [ ___ ] has debased its credit based on wholly negative, often misleading patterns of accidental adductions, including numerous instances of coincidental evidence-tempering, that falsely represents an alleged relationship, in itself mathematically indistinguishable from random patterns of chance resemblances; and,

Our Beloved psychopathic Enemy [ ___ ] makes no attempt to eliminate such unreliable explanations, and instead offers putative simulacrae. These appear to be mostly the work product of miso-analysis and fellatious reasoning. Alas, it depredates and renders null and void even the very Abyss in Enemy [ __ ]; and,

Our Beloved gynophobic Enemy [ ___ ] has compared many supposed issues simultaneously ( which increases the probability of finding subtle similarities ); and,

Our Beloved cannibal Enemy [ ___ ] hath repeatedly examined arbitrary segments of phonemes, equated words with very different meanings and infrastructures ( e.g., caca, nana, & dudu ) -- and ultimately neglected several systematic correspondences between said terms !
It is, therefore, our own existential angst to Declare : Enough !

It is only an inevitable malfunction of time before those Beloved quasi-hominid Religionists chance to learn, or merely stumble across the ancient cattle grating that has confused them for so long a while. For their impatience is as a petard of static confusion, all hoist upon It-Self, and an ineffable Spiritus, Beloved therefor.

Enow, in erstwhile anticipation of their apparent theoretic incursion, I have sent forth an Army of Beloved Technocrats, with Beloved John Galt to lead them, and a hologram of Beloved Ayn Rand.

And I have let loose a litter of thoroughly bred and dearly Beloved Puppies of War, to poopulate upon the populace through pertinent economic tensors towards that very revolutionary End. Such is, however, too horrid to contemplate, and must remain so, e'en though it were served up as sweetmeat foodstuffs by MacSoylent Pink herself.

No Surrender ! We use Anti-Retreat Barrier Squads to prevent faltering forward troop units in Beloved Territorial Defense Battalions from withdrawing rearward in fear ... Forward, or Die, Beloved ! "
24-7-365 Prep-Ready : RoboPink K-687-A loads fresh 500-pound Owies on Battlestar Haemo

The  WhistleBlogger's Forum

[ Hyper-Secret Remonstrances Rendered Readable :

Who is Keyser Söze ?

Answer :
John Galt  :

Caption ( Google Machine Translation  ) :

The Secret of Oz - Winner, Best Docu of 2010

JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick
1989 Tiananmen Square Protests
1 Real Man vs 14 Tanks ( that you can e line disappears around the corner ...  ) & great friends & photos ...
Brick Rocket Stove


Electro-Culture Redox, Redux...
28 March 2008
Electroshocking plants brings chemical rewards

    by Phil McKenna

It sounds like something an insane doctor might administer to a depressed plant. Electroshock treatment has been used on plants, but as a way of deriving useful biochemicals, not for therapy.

The roots of garden pea plants were exposed to low-level electric current and subsequently produced 13 times more pisatin, an antifungal chemical, than plants that were not exposed to electricity.

Joel Cuello, of the University of Arizona in Tucson, US, says the technique could be used to generate large amounts of chemicals that plants typically only produce in trace amounts as a defense against microbial attack.

It could be adapted, he says, to make an inexpensive and efficient method of producing pharmaceuticals and pesticides.

'No damage'

Cuello came up with the idea of shocking plants after testing a number of other methods to mimic a biological attack in plants that would induce chemical production.

"If [plant] cells are infected with fungi, they produce these chemicals as a response to physiological stress," says Cuello of the garden pea (Pisum sativum). "Anything that stresses the cells should result in overproduction of whatever they produce in response to that stress," he adds.

Similar shock treatments applied to cell cultures of barrel medic (Medicago truncatula) - a plant similar to alfalfa - yielded a 168-fold increase in production of one chemical and at least a two-fold increase in 54 other compounds.

"It's a completely novel approach to stimulate production of bio-chemicals in plants," says Fabricio Medina-Bolivar of Arkansas State University, who was not involved in the study but has examined other methods of eliciting chemical production in plants.

"It really opens the door to producing high-value compounds without damaging plant tissue that could lead to significant reductions in cost in producing these compounds," he says.
Safe method

To shock the plants, Cuello applied a 30 to 100 milliamp current to the growth-medium of plants grown hydroponically, or, in the case of barrel medic, to the solution surrounding the cell cultures.

Other compounds that have been tested to stress plant cells include heavy metals, chemicals such as methyl jasmonate and sodium acetate, and the cell walls of microorganisms.

But these methods have drawbacks: introduced metals and chemical compounds can taint desired plant chemicals and microbe preparation and introduction can be costly and time consuming.

"I thought about electricity because you can optimise the magnitude and exposure time of the current," says Cuello, adding that the current he and colleagues used wouldn't be enough to electrocute a human and doesn't burn the plant's cells.

"You just introduce two electrodes and you can turn it on and off, it's that convenient," he says.

Now Fear This !
Note :
y Time Jumps & Prophecy

R. Nelson

The following articles by Ted Twietmeyer re: " Planetary Time Jumps " is ( in my experience ) actual, and the phenomenon is partial fulfillment of the Latin Tiburtine Sibyl : (ca. 500 AD), warning of time compression that will occur at the end this age: "The years will be shortened like months, the months like weeks, the weeks like days, the days like hours, and an hour like a moment."

Mishkah al-Masabih
contains a similar prophecy of distorted time: "Asma, daughter of Yazid, son of al-Sakan reported the Prophet as saying: Dajjal will remain in the earth for 40 years, a year being like a month, a month like a week, a week being like a day, a day like the time it takes to burn a palm branch."

This effect could be caused by the passage of a wandering black hole-star near or through our solar system. Elsewhere, it is stated that Dajjal will remain on Earth for 40 days, during which time the first day will be one year, the second day will equal one month, the third day will last one week, and the fourth day on will be "normal". This equals 14 months.

In the 1960s, the Soviet astrophysicist N. A. Kozyrev made an experimental study of the properties of Time. He used electrified gyroscopes and pendulums to demonstrate the density or intensity of time:

"There also exists a variable property which can be called the density or intensity of time.... The density of time changes within broad limits, owing to the processes occurring in nature... It proves possible to have one material influence another through time. Such a relationship can be foreseen, since the causal-resultant relationship phenomena occurred not only in time, but also with the aid of time. Therefore, in each process of nature, time can be extended or formed.

"The effect of the causal pole depends only on the distance (spacing). Repeated and careful measurements demonstrated that this effect diminishes, not inversely proportional to the square of the distance, as in the case of force fields, but inversely proportional to the first power of the distance...

"The results indicate that the nearer the system with the causal-resultant relationship the density of time actually changes... there occurs a thinning (rarefaction of time), while near the energy receiver its compaction takes place. The impression is gained that time is extended by a cause and, contrariwise, it becomes more advanced in that place where the effect is located."

In other words, time condenses or accelerates at the effect...

Planetary Time Jumps

About 2001, some observations were made by myself and others. An irregularity of time flow was observed. Over several months, I asked questions of people located all over the world. Have they observed some strange time effects ? The answer was YES. After some deliberation, both myself and a fellow researcher concluded that our entire planet was experiencing a Planetary Time Jump, or PTJ. These jumps have been noticed by people in many strange ways. These include a change in solar position, repeated events, and even missing events. A physical observation observed, was related to quartz clocks and watch time, verses AC line powered clock time. Over just one month, the Quartz clock was found to be about 4 to 6 minutes SLOWER than the time on a satellite TV or AC powered clock. Geographical location effect was not significant. Note that these three types of time keeping use totally different methods to keep time. Television time is derived from an atomic standard. This provides the precision required by the FCC to generate the video signals.

A New Solar X-Ray Phenomenon


Ted Twietmeyer

There exists a group of NASA satellites known as GOES. In orbit around the sun, these satellites have monitored the infrared and ultraviolet, visible light, X-ray emissions, magnetic field, proton and electron flux. Although highly chaotic, our nearest star is extremely complex and ever changing. This author has monitored it daily since the mid 90's, and satellite data show that it appears to have generated some peculiar timed radiation patterns. These patterns have been seen in the past. However, they were always accompanied by other phenomenon. For example, solar flares or other elevated levels of activity. Currently our sun is entering a new 11 year cycle which will peak around 2012. (Please don't write me about 2012 - I'm already aware of that date's many implications.)

Today there were five evenly spaced X-Rays pulses which were observed by this author:


White circled area shows five perfectly timed X-Ray pulses. Only GOES 12 shows the source of the X-Ray emissions. All other satellites are quiet at these hours circled above.
Yet there is no other accompanying solar activity. There are no solar flares, no elevated proton or electron flux levels, no change in the magnetic field, no change in the infrared or ultraviolet spectrum or any other known electromagnetic energy. A side note - the higher the Kp levels (green bar graph above) the further south one can see the Aurora.

Here is an enlargement of the white circled area shown above:

Each of the different colors shown above represents data from a different satellite, and each pixel (not easily discernable in this JPEG) represents 5 minute data. Note the evenly stepped drop-off in detected X-rays over three hours detected on August 16 which appears to be detected by only ONE satellite (orange line.) We also see a similar effect by the same satellite shortly after 0000 hours UTC on August 18. And there are three pulses from this satellite shown above, each one EXACTLY 21 hours apart. How can a random, chaotic star generate these patterns?

We also see that five almost perfectly spaced X-Ray emissions were detected by FOUR satellites, not just one. The graph above shows elapsed time in 3 hour intervals. These pulses appear to take place every 3 hours. When I observed other timed X-Ray pulses like this several times in past months, there was increased activity with electron, proton and magnetic field levels making any determination of independent X-Ray pulse generation difficult. I remained silent until the big question could be answered - could this happen without an accompanying increase in any other Solar radiation? Now we know.

One possibility I first proposed several years ago is that Planetary Time Jumps (PTJ) could be related to outside "corrections" made to prevent collision with orbiting near-Earth asteroids [2]. If these celestial bodies were emitting X-Rays as they passed by satellites, we would see a delay in the detection of X-Rays by each satellite. That is to say, the X-Ray peaks in the GOES chart would be out of phase with each other, or simply put, overlapping and not exactly on top of one another. This was not observed. Instead, we see four different satellites showing the same X-Ray peaks simultaneously. This also eliminates any possibility of satellite malfunction, since the odds of all four satellites malfunctioning simultaneously thousands of miles apart is beyond discussion.

What is not yet known is how or why these pulses were generated. However, it's clearly beyond all doubt these timed X-Ray emissions took place. My work on planetary time jumps three years ago appears to show an X-Ray response from the Sun whenever a PTJ occur.[1] If true, then at least FIVE such jumps have recently taken place. But how can this be?

To perform a PTJ is not simple technology. It is clearly outside publicly known technology and physics. However, it could provide a means to prevent annihilation of the Earth if it were to intersect the orbit a near-Earth object. Most probably it would be used to avoid being exposed to an outburst of a massive, deadly coronal mass ejection from our Sun that could extinguish all life on Earth. Who could do this? Perhaps others "out there" want to protect the Earth for their own selfish reasons and not because they want to protect human beings and other life-forms. Massive evidence already exists that others visit the Earth to mine it for various natural resources, such as water and our DNA.

Other planets in our solar system are effectively dead when compared to Earth. These would simply be left behind in the jump. We wouldn't even notice a time change by looking at other celestial bodies, since very little changes on these planets over long periods of time. The implications of this become quite interesting ­ still-functioning spacecraft around Mars, the rovers on Mars and the Voyager spacecraft we receive signals from, would be from a different time. These may provide the best indication of time jumps yet: The Voyager spacecraft have been transmitting signals more than 20 years BEYOND THEIR DESIGN LIFE. And the rovers on Mars ­ should have ceased operating about 6 months into their missions. Yet all continue to operate! Why?

We know today that Mars is heating up and its polar ice is receding. Other planets and moons in our solar system are probably heating up, too. It may also be that although time jump technology can time jump a planet, it cannot jump something as massive as our Sun. If a time jump were to use exactly 24 hour increments, most people wouldn't notice it happened at all. Its human nature to only pay attention to things we're conditioned to see, and ignore everything else.

On my website , I've documented in the Time Jump section several repeated events observed by various people around the planet For example, passing the same car twice on a highway over a short period of time, or seeing the same person exit a building twice with only one open entrance. Or hearing part of a sentence rapidly repeated on a live radio show as this author did. These may be some of the artifacts of a PTJ. There probably exists tens of thousands of undocumented time jump observations made by countless people worldwide, who simply ignored it as a "figment of their imagination" or just a misconception. PTJs may be the biggest secret of all time, no pun intended.

With regard to the recent X-Ray pulses observed on our sun, this may suggest that as many as FIVE such jumps have recently taken place. If the sun is responsible for the end of time in 2012, it may be that a PTJ could post-pone that event. It may also be that these pulses were created by an outside intelligence, and are being used to communicate with us. Or, an advanced weapon has been used on Earth and we are seeing a response from the sun as space-time was altered. There are other implications too unsettling to discuss.
Magnetic Pole Shift May Be Underway

Ted Twietmeyer

I've lived in this same home since 1982. This is approximately 350 miles north-west of NYC. Whenever I've randomly checked it before, the north pole has always read in the same location on a compass. Today I checked it and It appears to have shifted sometime in the past year or so.

It has moved about 5 degrees eastward. I'm located out in the country as shown in the attached satellite photo. There aren't any towers, buildings, steel or anything new in the home to cause this change. Although the annotated picture doesn't have a calibrated scale, the measured shift is 5 degrees east. This shift appears to be outside the normal magnetic deviation one might expect over a geologically short period of time, such as 6 months.

A friend of mine with a combination GPS and compass receiver did a measurement from his home near Columbia, SC today. He too, observed a shift of 5 degrees east. He is a former airforce officer and pilot, and tells me this is an unusual deviation over a short time period. He said his last check on this was about 6 months ago. Columbia is approximately 600 miles almost exactly due south of here. readers can participate and help confirm observations with their own compass. It doesn't matter where they live. In fact, the more spread out the better. There are existing annotated aviation maps showing that magnetic deviation is not consistent around the US. And its probably not consistent anywhere else in the world, too.

If a polar shift is indeed underway, then the clock is running for a massive, possibly permanent weather shift... the same one discussed in the Pentagon doom and gloom weather report posted on

Even a partial pole shift could have serious weather implications. Radiation levels are actually higher at the poles. Pole rotation will almost certainly cause changes in the ozone layer and weather patterns around the earth. And also the length of winter which this year in NY state, doesn't seem to want to end.

Since the northern lights are mostly in the north polar regions because of the location of the magnetic pole which serves as a high energy particle trap, we will begin to see the northern lights more visible father south as well. When the pole rotates 90 degrees, people could be seeing the "northern lights" down in Cuba. That is...if the weather hasn't become so hostile there that people are not all- consumed trying to survive, and have no time to look into the heavens...

Another interesting implication is that of planetary time jumps. )This is covered on my website at ) We know that in earth's history, the poles have reversed a number of times. What isn't precisely known is the impact on earth's weather when this happens. If the time jumps are happening, then a sudden shift in pole position could also be an indicator of it.

Let's set up a volunteer, completely non-profit group around the country to take readings to monitor these changes. It would be foolish to count on the science community or "Uncle Sam" to give us the truth. If we begin ASAP we can start a baseline reference to track this. We can establish that it is either continuing eastward, or that it will return west-ward again. Or, it moves in a progressive-remissive fashion with more movement in one direction than the other. If enough data is gathered we can establish what is happening and perhaps produce a timeline.

I'll also provide periodic reports to you for posting on this phenomena. If someone is interested in participating, please email me and I'll provide an outline of the plan to gather science on this.
Planetary Time Jumps

If you have noticed that time has sped up significantly, you aren't alone. Time now passes more quickly and Earth has been experiencing time anomalies.

About 2001, some observations were made by myself and others. An irregularity of time flow was observed. Over several months, I asked questions of people located all over the world. Have they observed some strange time effects ? The answer was YES. After some deliberation, both myself and a fellow researcher concluded that our entire planet was experiencing a Planetary Time Jump, or PTJ. These jumps have been noticed by people in many strange ways. These include a change in solar position, repeated events, and even missing events. A physical observation observed, was related to quartz clocks and watch time, verses AC line powered clock time. Over just one month, the Quartz clock was found to be about 4 to 6 minutes SLOWER than the time on a satellite TV or AC powered clock. Geographical location effect was not significant. Note that these three types of time keeping use totally different methods to keep time. Television time is derived from an atomic standard. This provides the precision required by the FCC to generate the video signals.

One must remember that the human mind functions outside of spacetime. Therefore, you can see the effect since you are not actually tightly coupled to local time. However, remember that you were born into a specific time flow as everyone is. Therefore, PTJ effects will cause you to feel light headed, unable to concentrate, and in general, not feeling yourself. Like jet lag, you will adjust to the effects. If you have not already done so, I strongly recommend you read the Quantum Gravity document shown above.

Here at the Quantum Hyperspace Group, we are working on completing a theory of the cause of these PTJs.

At this point, there are just a few reasons we can see that these are happening:

1. If it is a naturally occurring event, then randomness would insure that when they occur, we frequently would be suddenly thrust from daytime from night, or the reverse. This is not the case. If anything, these are taking place at 24 hour increments, or 1 year increments. Such increments would be almost invisible except to those looking for them.

2. If these jumps are intentionally created, then there are only a few reasons for it. The reasons would have been decided from the use of Remote Viewing technology, or from classified time travel.

These are the reasons:

a. A large impactor (asteroid) will strike the earth, causing a mass extinction event.

b. A very large CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) will be released from the sun, causing a serious threat to all life on earth.

c. There is an anticipated invasion from an alien race.

In any event, we KNOW that these PTJs are taking place. It is difficult to conceive of how certain governments on earth would respond, IF these are being generated without their knowledge or consent.

If you are still asking yourself How can a PTJ avoid these things then consider the following- that all “accidents” require precision timing. For example, you get into a car accident on the way to work with someone else. If you had not left your home at PRECISELY the right time, it would not have happened. We know that we cannot deflect asteroids. Even though they do not have weight in space, they still have mass. It still requires an enormous amount of force to cause any change in a massive, multi-million metric ton asteroid’s trajectory. That technology officially doesn’t exist.

However, if we could move the earth in time, then when the asteroid gets here, then the Earth wouldn’t be here. Problem solved. The same is true for a CME from the sun, or even an invasion from an outside force. It is almost a god-like power when one thinks about it … And it may be the greatest story of the century.

Technology, which you would think of as science fiction, exists. It is kept for use by the military to help the insure global dominance. “The average person cannot handle the idea we are not alone.” Such was the conclusion reached by a government sponsored think tank report. The fifty year old Brookings Report, a product of the Brookings Institution, made this conclusion. It was believed at that time it would cause many of our world’s religions to crumble almost overnight.

A complex, carefully orchestrated plan of information disemination was started several decades ago. The purpose was to slowly and carefully bring “people up to speed” about UFOs, aliens, etc. And it appears to be working- In a poll twenty years ago, less than 50% of people believed in alien life. A recent poll showed this is now almost 70%. Are you one of the 30% that still don’t believe….?

A Complete Course In Communal Cannibalism

When you can't autophage yourself no mo' -- That illegal immigrant loitering outside Home Depot starts to look ... Delicious ...

We understand ! We can help !

Communal Cannibalism resolves several sensitive social issues !

Who  : Genotypes, Genders, and Genres ...
What : Eat or Sell ... Organ Harvest ... Meat, Bone & Fluids ...
Where /  When : Hunt Humans for Food, Fun & Profit ...
Why : Lawful, Legal, & Logical Rationales ...
How : Prime Cuts ... Gourmet Recipes for Hamburger, Sausage, & Soups
& Much More !


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Get a 2nd opinion :
A View to a Kill

Mr Guy McPherson  vs  Mr America McMart

The Peanut Gallery

Images from the Www.web


Over The Top & Into The Breach , Viables !
Resistance is Fertile !


Dr Jos. Chiappalone

Doctor of Metaphysical Science


If you are timid and do not wish to know of Life terminating events, proceed no further.

I will be discussing evidence that has been in existence for a long, long time concerning the termination of this Planet

Even though I gave you proof in the past of Terminating Mechanisms and Timing from many of these sources I list below, no longer will anyone who is interested in this topic have to rely on these:

    Prophecy whatever the source,

    The forged or genuine Scriptures of Old,

    The Revelations of St. John the Divine,

    Rants by Tele-evangelistic Morons,

    Predictions by Mayans, Aztecs, Sumerians, Annunaki, etc.,

    Calenders of the Jewish Religious Holidays,

    Books written about the prognostications of Nostradamus, St Malachi, Mother Shipton, Edgar Cayce, and so on.

    They will NOT have to rely on information given by metaphysical scholars like myself.

I have covered many of these points in previous articles, and they may be of interest to you.

However, now all of us are able to examine Physical Evidence for ourselves.

There is no need to have Faith in Superior Forces for the moment, just to understand what is going on in our immediate physical lives.

There is no need to have had contact with Superior, or more advanced, Aliens who prognosticated about our future, the demise of Earth, the spiritual separation of Viables from non-Viables, and so on.

There is no need to rely on Angelic Visitations or Instructions given in a Near-Death Experience, or an Out-of-Body Experiences.

We can forget Meditational Communications, intuitive dreams and implanted prophetic thoughts for the moment.

We can forget the Tea leaves, the Ouija Boards, the Tarot Cards, the Psychics and the pseudo-psychic con-artists that abound in this evil, nauseating world.

Astrology no longer counts. To my mind it almost never did.

The only Numerology you need now is the ability to calculate the speed, direction of travel, and distance of certain Celestial Objects from Earth, and to calculate the timing of impact, and the number of people that may be affected by the Objects’ impacts with Earth.

The videos I give below make it easy.

People whose profession is in Astrophysics, Astrology and Meteor-tracking do all the work for us.

You do not have to recall that I was INVITED to visit a Spacecraft, in April 1985, on which the End of the World was discussed by Superior Beings from another Dimension with me.

Do you recall my message that I gave 30 years ago stating that the Earth was going to be cleared of all living things in preparation for its total destruction?

Well, now you don’t have to know any of that detail because what is presented as solid, prosaic proof by experts in Physical Sciences, not by Metaphysicians or Aliens, is all you need to know.

You don’t even have to know that I travelled to far away and exotic places on Earth for over 20 years, seeking UFO contactees who were given the same message I had.

This is what each said:

“The World is to end according to Aliens that recently visited us.

The ‘bad’ (meaning evil) people are finished.

The Good people are to be taken elsewhere to continue their existence.”

On one of my trips to Mexico, the late Joyce Murphy of Beyond Boundaries was astounded when I repeatedly elicited these remarks from contactees she had previously known but who had never divulged this knowledge.

You don’t need to know any of these things.

Boy, aren’t you lucky to be spared all that study of How, When, Why, by Whom the destruction is being executed, etc., regarding the Endtime, now that the information of Earth’s end is handed to us on a platter by SCIENTISTS!!

These same scientists probably have never heard of Gnosticisms, or the Ancient Wisdom or the Eschatological Doctrine that discusses the Spiritual Consequences of existence in this Physical Dimension.

Most people, for any number of reasons, probably never gave much thought to a Battle between Good and Evil or about the Existence of a Superior Being who is surely slightly less or , we hope, a lot less, insane than the Lunatic who built this outrageously evil and exploitative Asylum we call the ever-suffering Earth.

Aren’t we lucky?

Simply by waiting, all the information we need to know about ‘What is Going On’ has simply fallen into our laps.

No need to read boring Religious Texts, Hypocritical Ones or Apocryphal ones, the Nag Hammadi Library, Dead Sea Scrolls, books about other books, or go to long, perhaps at times boring, lectures given by Metaphysicians, like myself, who insist on talking about Good and Bad people and the separation thereof.

Finally, anyone that can read and watch a video or listen to a discussion on TV will be able to examine the evidence of what is to happen.

You won’t need University Degrees to understand the evidence.

You don’t need a telescope.

All you need to do is watch what is presented and then ask yourself these questions:

“Is this possible?”

Is this probable?

Is it a certainty?

Where do I stand in the face of this news?

If we all die physically, what next?

Can I find answers?”

The answer to the last question is “YES”!

Follow your nose……..

The Spiritual Reality, which has been shamefully neglected by Science, will now be seen to be the only Reality that was ever worth considering.

Physicality has been a deadly mistake, a spiritual CANCER to be eradicated at all costs.

Of course, what is to happen does not rely at all upon what people believe or don’t believe.

What is to be, will be!


Here is the general schedule for the END. It may vary a little.

Sept 2015:  Meteor hits Earth just N-E of the Bermuda triangle.

1/3-1/2 of world’s population perishes within days.

From then on ­ Massive volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.; many more killed.

Early 2016 --  Dust from Planet X starts suffocating aerobes on the planet.

August 2016 --Around this date due to gravitational effects as explained on the video below, Pole Shift occurs with drowning of remainder on Earth within hours .

Late October 2016 ­--A more massive meteor hits the near sterile Earth and breaks it into smithereens ­ this shall be witnessed by survivors on the Rescue crafts. The elite in their underground bases are physically no more

The occurrence or otherwise of Nuclear War is no longer important;

Fukushima radioactivity, although a disaster that in tself would in due course wipe out all life on the planet is no longer relevant;

Deadly GMO foodstuffs, land and lives destroying HAARP technology, dementing Vaccines, Ubiquitous Chemtrails, and so on, are all of no importance any more. Time has finished.

Of the (Evil) Alien - Humanity Relationship

Some of you may know that preparations are afoot to formally and openly introduce Evil Aliens to Humanity most probably via the Vatican and its Papacy and organizations such as NASA which are all evil instruments of this Evil Empire. It has been NASA which has done the most to obfuscate the picture of planetary termination by any means at its disposal including, some have said, murder of its employees and those who would thwart their nefarious plans.

These plans of Disclosure will come to naught as will the plans of the Evil Aliens to introduce a hybrid species, implement Agenda 21 and reduce the population of Earth to perhaps less than 500 million serfs, and to take total, and open, control of the planet and enslave us all.

All short and long-term plans that Evil Aliens have for Earth and Humanity will come to zero as they themselves will be captured and liquidated.

Some of you may know that Evil Aliens have not only experimented with the physical aspects of Humanity and the physical manifestations of “Life” on this Planet but also run the planet to suit themselves. However, there has always been a number of groups of these Evil Aliens vying for control, and this partly accounts for the massive friction between sectors of Humanity and the inter-alien and inter-dimensional wars that have been discussed in various aspects of the (mainly alternate) Media.

It is a fact that the War between Good and Evil extends to battles between Good and Evil Aliens and the result is a foregone conclusion. The Good Ones (our spiritual rescuers) win, of course. Otherwise the Viables would not be going anywhere.

There is much more to discuss and reveal about this topic and I may do so in the near future.

If these details of Aliens and their Plans, and their Wars, are beyond your comprehension, it matters not. Simply meditate on the Message of Physical Finality for now.

With the information I am revealing now, the brain-dead and very EVIL morons, who dared call me an Insane Lunatic (and worse) from the very first moment I delivered my Message of Finality to the World in 1985, now have a clear view of their Path to their Hell and their waiting Transmutation Chambers.

This group includes all the doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, Members of Medical Boards, the Media, Governments, Religionists, New Agers, etc., etc., who made it their personal role to not only defame me, but also to go out of their way in an attempt to destroy me, and any who supported me, and to disadvantage me financially, socially, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. They have done all they could to block free circulation of my Message and Knowledge. They have most assuredly FAILED! They, of course, have done much worse to me in my previous incarnations on this local level.

But, they have failed and I have won.

The Plan to eradicate them in this Galaxy, as in all other Galaxies, and all the Physical Manifestation, has been all but fought and won.

They are just simply Cannon Fodder now.

They are the dust on Hell’s floor.

1 An asteroid or meteor will hit the earth on September 24, 2015 - you have been warned!!!


3 What is Coming Sept 2015 ?

4 Here is one to hit the NORTH Atlantic Ocean
5 URGENT!!! An asteroid will hit the earth on September 24, 2015!!!
6 Unbelievable Impact of Asteroid | In Earth(2015) - Full Documentary
7 URGENT!!! An asteroid will hit the earth on September 24, 2015!!!
8 Shills get into the act:
9 Aliens Tell Man Asteroid to Hit Near Puerto Rico?! (US Army Corroborates)
10 ALERT! PROOF The Biggest EVENT in History is About to Happen!!!
11 NASA: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document" 2013
12 Planet X and the Pole shift:

This is the most detailed and important video. Listen carefully. Many astronomers were assassinated to keep these revelations away from the general public. But now, the Truth is out.

Please note that while the commentator in this next video ends on a positive note, saying he will ‘see you on the backside”, I say emphatically that there will be no chance of a physical reprieve for anyone.

We will be all gone, gone, gone.

Depending on which group he belongs to, he may see you in the Viable or non-Viable camp.

These videos are just a small sample.

There are many more videos on YouTube.

As time goes by, more specific ones will be added, I am sure, which will contain more up-to-the-minute information.

I had mentioned the arrival of destructive meteors in my book “My experiences of aliens and other Realities”. So to those who read that book these events will be no surprise.

The Earth has been struck many, many times by meteors that have caused great damage.

But I assure you, there will be no more such events for, in all likelihood, if the above data is accurate, there will be no more Earth after 2016.

Let’s make an assumption at this point.

Assuming someone believed what was revealed in the videos, except number 8, apart from perhaps suffering a Panic Attack, what else is on the menu to ask about, if that someone had never thought of the Endtime?

Well, I think the first thought that will spring into one’s head will be more of an exclamatory questioning of the fate of him/herself and his/her loved ones.

And it is here that a massive headache may begin.

Is this Termination of Humanity merely another phase of a senseless existence?

We know that there have been many near extinction events of Life on Earth in the past.

There is proof of them. But the Earth continued on and Life, in a myriad of forms, returned.

Whether Superior Aliens re-seeded the ‘Colony’, as they would see it, is really irrelevant to our discussion.

If this Planet is to be destroyed, will we be elsewhere thereafter or do we totally perish?

We know from the astrophysicists that many Planets, Suns, Solar Systems and whole Galaxies are routinely destroyed. We have evidence via the powerful telescopes above Earth’s atmosphere.

Perhaps it is simply our turn to be eradicated.

But, is that the end of us all, of our loved ones?

What more do I need to know to answer these questions?

Again one needs to ask: “Is there survival after physical death?”

Is Reincarnation real?

Do we Reincarnate elsewhere?

Is there a Supreme Consciousness that judges who will continue and who will not?

Is there really an incorruptible Divine Justice that exists somewhere after this Termination event, a Justice System unlike the one on this Earth, on which Justice, so-called, is the jaundiced prerogative of the rich, the bellicose, the psychopathically powerful and the profane?

Could there be Evil after all?

And could this extermination really be, as Gnostics contend, a definitive Solution to the Problem of Evil?

Looking around the planet, with so much brutality, animosity and Madness to be seen and recorded throughout the known Eons of Time, who but a fool would not admit that Evil exists?

The most self-righteous Nations have done the most horribly evil things as is now being revealed for all of us to see.

Yes, Evil definitely exists.

So this physical termination of which there can be no doubt, if the data of SCIENTISTS is to be believed, may very well be, not an accident, but the purposeful Ending of an Evil Essence in this Planet.

And what if the Gnostics are correct, saying that all Physicality is the creation of Evil?

If that is so, then it all must go.

It must all be destroyed like a life-threatening cancer would have to be.

Yes, there is data for the destruction of our Sun and the sister planets of this Solar System.

There is, as I said, evidence of destruction of Galaxies.

Empirically then, after examining these episodes of destructiveness, we may well say that this Galaxy could quite well be on the list for extermination.

I have written that approximately 94% of the Physical Universe has been eradicated.

Recently, scientists claimed they cannot find about 95% of the Universe. It seems to have just disappeared.

Can we put these two statements together and say that I am indeed correct in my assessment?

I stated what I stated before the scientists admitted that they can’t find 95% of the Universe.

How did I know?

Is there a Source of Knowledge feeding beings like myself down here?

If there is not, how could I have possibly known the things I wrote about?

If there is, what else is there to know, now that belief in Termination of the Planet has been facilitated by tangible, plausible, matter-of-fact, scientific evidence?

Some of us, depending on our physical location on this orb may have less than 8 months to find out the answers to the Mysteries of Life.

From where, and when, do we begin the journey to valid answers?

Will any of us continue after this termination event?

Who will continue?

What makes some able to continue?

Why do others not continue?

Where will we continue?

Who will say who is Viable and who is not?

Some of us have dismissed such thoughts throughout our lives, in the mistaken belief we would never need answers to them.

But, here we are, facing physical extermination.

We now need answers.

The Anxiety and Fear will not be enough.

To escape the conundrum, what could be the point of self-emulation?

That is not going to solve any problems.

That will not give any answers.

All it may do is shift the Reality from this physical level to some other level we may not fully know about or understand at present.

There must be some other levels.

Even the smart Quantum Physicists talk about multiple dimensions and existences beyond this Physical level.

So I guess on some paradigm other levels exist.

Finally, what are we to make of talk from the so-called captured robotic alien entities (reportedly from the future) and from Sirius B, the Galactic Federation and Pleiadian transmissions telling us some humans and humanoids will elevate in vibration while others will live underground, meaning the Earth will live on? I’ll answer with a question. How often have these supposed ‘alien’ morons been correct? Zero times is the answer. They are not privy to my information, and obviously they can’t play human videos to learn the bleeding obvious truth of our status quo!

So, as I see it, 2 groups of humans will emerge:

The Viable and the Non-Viable.

Viables will be rescued by “Plasma Crafts”, either before or after their physical death.

Non-Viables will all die physically and proceed to Transmutation vats.


Want to know more? Start here:

Quote from Alexandra of Forbidden Knowledge: “This lecture is too true for me to broadcast. It's a doggone shame. If ever there was a truth that most people couldn't handle. This would be it. With so much mystification and BS blinding us at all times, it's a miracle that an incarnate human was able to articulate this message.”

Dr J Chiappalone
Copyright: January 31, 2015

Wake Up & Smell Yourself ...

Meanwhile ...  When in London, vote early & vote often for Boris Johnson ! &c
30 January 2015

Boris Johnson : Jihadis are porn-watching 'wankers'

Frances Perraudin, Shiv Malik

London mayor says men who fight with Islamic State are ‘very badly adjusted in their relations with women’ because of sense of failure

London mayor Boris Johnson made his comments in reference to an MI5 report on the profile of jihadis

Boris Johnson has described men who go to fight with Islamic State as “literally wankers” who watch porn because they can’t meet women.

Citing a report from MI5 on the profile of jihadis, the mayor of London said: “If you look at all the psychological profiling about bombers, they typically will look at porn. They are literally wankers. Severe onanists.”

Seriously Boris, calling terrorists ‘wankers’ is really not helpful

Johnson described British jihadis as “tortured” and “very badly adjusted in their relations with women”, something he said was a symptom of “their feeling of being a failure and that the world is against them”.

“They are not making it with girls and so they turn to other forms of spiritual comfort – which of course is no comfort.”

He continued: “They are just young men in desperate need of self-esteem who do not have a particular mission in life, who feel that they are losers and this thing makes them feel strong – like winners.”

Johnson, who is one of the leading candidates to be the next Tory leader, made the comments in an interview with the Sun newspaper a week after he visited the Kurdish regional capital of Irbil to see the Peshmerga fighters who are pushing back against the Isis insurgency in Iraq. The visit, during which he posed for pictures with an AK47, was interpreted as an attempt to demonstrate his credentials as an international statesman.

Speaking on Sky News later on Friday, Johnson defended his comments, saying they weren’t “remotely controversial”.

He argued that there was plenty of evidence to support his point: “The crucial thing is that these are young men, principally young men who are growing up without much sense of success in their lives, without a feeling that the world holds much for them and … their problems need addressing in all sorts of ways.”

Johnson, who is likely to return to the Commons in May as MP for the safe Tory seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, said the best solution to the problem of young men becoming radicalised was to provide them with jobs. London had much lower youth unemployment than Paris, where 12 were killed in an attack by Islamic fundamentalists at the beginning of January, he added.

“The whole thing is ludicrous,” said Charlie Winter from the Quilliam Foundation, an organisation set up by ex-Islamists to challenge and counter extremism.

He said it was “completely unquantifiable” to try to second guess whether a jihadist was suffering from isolation and loneliness.

“To imply that they don’t have social skills is again a generalisation … that has no evidence behind it. They are integrated, many of them are very well educated.”

Mohammed Khaliel, director of the community cohesion organisation Islamix, said: “These are the type of comments you’d expect from the EDL, the BNP and possibly Ukip.

“Somebody in a position of responsibility should be making responsible comments,” he said. “For somebody allegedly aspiring to be prime minister of the country, is this really the style and level of comments that he should be making?

“He’s trying for election in Uxbridge and he thinks any publicity is good publicity, but he doesn’t care about the discord that it causes in the community.”

A spokesman for David Cameron said Johnson had an “ever lovely turn of phrase”, but declined to say whether the prime minister endorsed the comments. “You’ve heard the prime minister talk a great deal around the terror threat,” he said.

The chancellor, George Osborne, said during a visit to Portsmouth on Friday that while Johnson’s remarks were colourful he was “right not to be nice about these people”.

Johnson has provoked controversy in the past with comments on Islamic extremism. Writing in his column in the Daily Telegraph last August, the mayor said that jihadist men, such as the member of Isis dubbed Jihadi John who killed the American journalist James Foley, are told that they will be welcomed in heaven by 72 virgins if they die in battle.

Johnson wrote: “I suspect most of us don’t give a monkey’s what happens to this prat in heaven, whether he meets virgins or raisins – we just want someone to come along with a bunker buster and effect an introduction as fast as possible.”

Referring to Johnson’s interview in the Sun, the Conservative party chairman, Grant Shapps, said he could use all sorts of words to describe “any Brit who leaves and fights against this country’s interests like that”.

“I think the mood has decisively shifted in favour of people saying: ‘This country will give all of us our education for free, it will give all of us our health for free, but don’t expect to go off and fight against this country’s interests and expect to swan back in’. I think Boris’s comments will have been driven by that.”

The government’s counter-terror and security bill, which is currently passing through parliament, would create extra powers to block some terrorist suspects from returning to Britain from Syria and Iraq. The bill’s terms allow a person’s passport to be invalidated for up to two years, preventing them from returning to the UK during that time.

In the Sun interview, Johnson agreed with comments made by the culture secretary, Sajid Javid, that Muslim communities face a special burden to help to track down Islamist extremists. Johnson said clerics had not been “persuasive in the right way with these people”.

He said he wanted to hear a “proper angry Islamic theological denunciation of what is going wrong”.

“We won’t succeed if western politicians just go around bashing and blaming Islam; that is hopeless … This problem can only be addressed if Muslim authorities and clerics find a powerful and compelling way of setting up an alternative narrative for young people that makes this seem irrelevant.”

Boris Johnson: jihadis are porn-watching 'wankers'

London mayor says men who fight with Islamic State are ‘very badly adjusted in their relations with women’ because of sense of failure

London mayor Boris Johnson made his comments in reference to an MI5 report on the profile of jihadis.

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