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Googoolflops3 of Pertinent Factoids for Enlightened Sovereign Human Beings with Rights & Choices who Refuse to pseudo-half-live as Retarded Religio-Fascist Dupes in Boring Denial, Willful Ignorance & Stupidiotic Slavery with Cranium-crammed-in-Colon till Death flatulates them out of insipid Incarnation…

Take both Pillules as a Suppository

I did ! Now I'm Enlightened !

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Ovillanta: DIY - cheap, easy, and successful solution to mosquitos carrying Zika virus

Named the “ovillanta,” the device is essentially a mosquito trap made of two sections of a recycled car tire. Cut into half circles, the two pieces are molded into a mouth-like shape, the bottom of which is filled with a milk-based solution that attracts mosquitoes. A valve to release liquid sits at the base of the ovillanta, allowing the researchers to drain and filter the device.

Clif High tries to explain away Nibiru --

Latest 2016 Alta Report Predicts Massive Global Cataclysms - Bank Holiday - Megaquakes - Tsunamis

Or :

NASA CONFIRMATION: Planet 9(x) Is Real? Two Solar Winds for Sure!

Correction on a typed error! Coordinate of Exit path... 255 degrees not 355 degrees.
No more arguments... rolling disclosures align perfectly with what this channel has been demonstrating for several years.
This is as close to a complete and total disclosure as the Astronomy Gods are going to get! Don't wait for complete disclosure. It may never come!

The joke is on us... NASA, European Space Agency, twelve different instruments have been measuring Planet x solar wind for two decades. Mostly Helium. Get Ready for what lies ahead!

Nibiru Latest - Canberra Australia - Nibiru planet possibly 1st live feed shots ever of Nibiri


Monoblade Propellers : http://wwwunibladeprop/onebladeprop.htm

Updates ( Via Jerry Decker @ ) :
A maple seed falling in slow motion
Whirlybird Model Falling in Oil-Bead Solution
Remote controlled monocopter
One rotor blade, low power helicopter needs no tail rotor
RC one blade helicopter
1-BLADE PROPELLER PLANE  rubber band plane with 200 turns
Full Sized plane - Flying a Taylor J-2 with an Everal one bladed propeller

Did Scientists Stumble on a Battery that Lasts Forever?

Researchers studying nanowires have found a battery material that can be recharged for years, even decades

Imagine a battery that could be recharged for decades. No more getting rid of cell phones because of waning battery life. No more landfills filled with lithium ion batteries.

This is one step closer to reality, thanks to work by researchers from the University of California at Irvine.

The discovery that could lead to ultra-long-life batteries happened by serendipity. A team of researchers led by Reginald Penner, chair of the university’s chemistry department, had been studying nanowires, tiny conductive wires that show great promise for use in batteries. The problem is nanowires are fragile and generally begin to fray and crack after a certain number of charging cycles.

One day, Mya Le Thai, a PhD candidate in Penner’s lab, decided on a whim to switch the liquid electrolyte surrounding the nanowire assembly with a gel version.

“She started to cycle these gel capacitors, and that’s when we got the surprise,” Penner recalls. “She said, ‘this thing has been cycling 10,000 cycles and it’s still going.’ She came back a few days later and said 'it’s been cycling for 30,000 cycles.' That kept going on for a month.”

The team realized they had something special on their hands. While they’re still not certain why using a gel electrolyte seems to keep the nanowires from breaking down, they have a hypothesis. The gel, Penner explains, is about as thick as peanut butter. The nanowires, which are hundreds of times thinner than human hair and made of manganese oxide, are 80 percent porous. Over time, the thick gel slowly seeps into the pores in the nanowires and makes them softer. This softness reduces their fragility.

“After 5,000 cycles with normal liquid, [the nanowires] start to break,” Penner says. “And then they start to fall off. None of that is happening in the gel.”

Right now, the team is working to test this hypothesis. If it’s correct, they’ll continue to experiment with different types of materials and gels to see what works best. Should the work hold up, the gel-wrapped nanowires could eventually be a component in ultra-long-lasting batteries. This is likely several years down the road, Penner says, though he has been fielding calls from companies interested in his lab’s creation.

“The big picture is that there may be a very simple way to stabilize nanowires of the type that we studied,” Penner says. “If this turns out to be generally true, it would be a great advance for the community.”

Since most household electronics have life spans limited by factors besides battery life, a battery that lasts for a decade or two could easily outlive the device it powers.

“If you could get 100,000 cycles out of a lithium ion battery it might mean you never need to buy two of them,” Penner says. “We’re talking about a lifetime of 20 years, maybe even longer than that.”

Megalomaniac Zuckerberg the Facebooky Eats Freedom of the Press :

Want to Know What Facebook Really Thinks of Journalists?
Here's What Happened When It Hired Some.

Michael Nunez

…if you really want to know what Facebook thinks of journalists and their craft, all you need to do is look at what happened when the company quietly assembled some to work on its secretive “trending news” project. The results aren’t pretty: According to five former members of Facebook’s trending news team—“news curators” as they’re known internally—Zuckerberg & Co. take a downright dim view of the industry and its talent. In interviews with Gizmodo, these former curators described grueling work conditions, humiliating treatment, and a secretive, imperious culture in which they were treated as disposable outsiders. After doing a tour in Facebook’s news trenches, almost all of them came to believe that they were there not to work, but to serve as training modules for Facebook’s algorithm….

The news curation team writes headlines for each of the topics, along with a three-sentence summary of the news story it’s pegged to, and choose an image or Facebook video to attach to the topic. The news curator also chooses the “most substantive post” to summarize the topic, usually from a news website. The former contractors Gizmodo interviewed said they were asked to write neutral headlines, and encouraged to promote a video only if it had been uploaded to Facebook. They were also told to select articles from a list of preferred media outlets that included sites like the New York Times, Time, Variety, and other traditional outlets. They would regularly avoid sites like World Star Hip Hop, The Blaze, and Breitbart, but were never explicitly told to suppress those outlets. They were also discouraged from mentioning Twitter by name in headlines and summaries, and instead asked to refer to social media in a broader context.

News curators also have the power to “deactivate” (or blacklist) a trending topic—a power that those we spoke to exercised on a daily basis. A topic was often blacklisted if it didn’t have at least three traditional news sources covering it, but otherwise the protocol was murky—meaning a curator could ostensibly blacklist a topic without a particularly good reason for doing so. (Those we interviewed said they didn’t see any signs that blacklisting was being abused or used inappropriately.)...


EVIDENCE EMERGES Force Fed Nanoparticles By NWO - Rev Michelle Hopkins Nanotechnology
1 May 2016

Sleep cycles determined by amount of salt in the brain
5 May 2016

Improve your sleep by re-synchronizing your body to the natural cycles of light and dark

..."It turns out that perhaps the single biggest contributor to our collective sleep problems is the use of artificial lighting and electronics at night. These devices emit light of a blue wavelength, which tricks our brains into thinking that it is daytime."

A related part of this problem is the fact that most people work indoors and fail to get sufficient exposure to full, bright, and natural sunlight during the day. This disconnect from the natural cycles of day and night can turn into a chronic problem where you're constantly struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep…

Step 1: To Sleep Well, Get Bright Light Exposure During the Day...

Step 2: Avoid Blue Light at Night..

Ways to Limit Blue Light Exposure at Night...

Step 3: Sleep in Darkness...

Other Tips to Improve Your Sleep...

Address mental states that prevent peaceful slumber...

Keep the temperature in your bedroom below 70 degrees Fahrenheit..

Take a hot bath 90 to 120 minutes before bedtime...

Be mindful of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in your bedroom...

Develop a relaxing pre-sleep routine...

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and other drugs, including nicotine...

Ground Walnut Shells vs Bubonic Plaque -- Available @ pet stores as reptile bedding :
May 5, 2016

Get Rid of Tooth Plaque, Tartar and Bleeding Gums in a Very Simple And Easy Way Without Pain

Nowadays, the food we consume is substantially changed in relation to the one which was once eaten. Namely, our diet is no longer based on raw, hard foods which demand a lot of chewing.

Instead, we often eat softer food which does not need to be mechanically processed for long. Therefore, this leads to the formation of plaque, commonly in yellow or brown color.

Plaque is a common occurrence these days, and it is easily removed by your dentist, but these procedures are extremely expensive. However, there is also a natural way to remove the unpleasant plaque at your home, entirely painlessly!

This is what should you do:

You need to take several walnut shells and leave them to simmer in water for around 20 minutes. Then, leave them until the water is cool, and strain.
The fluid that has remained is your miraculous remedy!

Use it to brush your teeth three times during the day, and you will effectively remove tartar and plaque in only two weeks! What’s more, it is also useful in the case of bleeding gums, as it cures the inflammation due to its powerful antibacterial properties.
Furthermore, note that you need to pay attention to the oral hygiene. Namely, you will reduce tooth plaque if you brush the teeth regularly and in a proper way.

In contrast, you may experience serious teeth issue, like periodontitis, a severe inflammatory disease. If the infection is not treated on time, it may penetrate into the root canal and cause inflammation of the entire tissue.

Caries-prevention toothpaste and preparation method thereof

The invention discloses caries-prevention toothpaste and a preparation method thereof. The caries-prevention toothpaste is prepared from the following ingredients in parts by weight: 2-8 parts of ginseng, 5-12 parts of lotus seed, 3-15 parts of tea polyphenol, 5-15 parts of sorbitol, 1-8 parts of mannitol, 2-8 parts of flower of operculate cleistocalyx, 1-6 parts of Chinese pholidota herb, 5-12 parts of licorice, 3-18 parts of walnut powder, 5-25 parts of poria cocos, 1-6 parts of glycerin, 3-12 parts of silica, 5-15 parts of sweet tea, 1-6 parts of mint and 2-12 parts of cortex moutan. The method for preparing the caries-prevention toothpaste comprises the following steps: weighing all medicines in parts by weight, mixing all medicines, fermenting, extracting fermenting liquid, adding residual ingredients and uniformly mixing. The caries-prevention toothpaste disclosed by the invention can clean dental plaque, increase an anti-corrosion function of dental enamel, prevent caries, restrain or eliminate cariogenic bacteria, promote remineralization of damaged acid-etched surfaces of teeth and promote oral hygiene.


PURPOSE: An oral composition which is effective in dental plaque removal is provided to prevent gingival diseases and to improve oral hygiene through chemical reaction. CONSTITUTION: An oral composition contains walnut shell powder, and plant extract of green tea, Morus alba L., Cimicifuga heracleifolia komarov, or Commiphora molmol Engl. The composition contains 0.3-20.0 weight% of walnut shell powder and 0.01-5.0 weight% of plant extract based on total weight. The composition is used in the form of toothpaste, oral cleaning agent, and tooth whitening agent.

Tooth cleaning powder - contg. pulverised carbon and opt. sodium chloride and pulverised walnut shells

Tooth cleaning powder consists of finely pulverised carbon, opt. together with finely pulverised sodium chloride and finely pulverised walnut sheels. Powders have a good cleaning action on the teeth; they do not attack tooth enamel or fillings; they remove mouth and food odours, e.g. from beer or radishes; they combat bleeding gums and sensitivity; they give good removal of plaque and deposits from the teeth; they reduce parodentosis and caries; they have no adverse effects on mouth hygiene; and they speed recovery from infections such as coughs, colds, influenza and tonsilitis. In an example, 100 pts. wt. pulverised charcoil, 15 pts wt. pulverised walnut shells and 10 pts. wt. finely divided NaCl were mixed (eg in a mortar or ball mill) to give a ready to use tooth cleaning agent.


Dentists and people use a scraper made of steel to remove plaque and tarta r. Some use toothpaste and toothbrushes. in this invention, All-in-One Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Plaque & Tartar Remover, ToothCleaner/Whitener, not only a s craper but also toothpaste and toothbrush all in one. The handle (of the toothbrush scraper) is an emery board made of wood or plastic with the dimension of 11. 5 centimeter in length, 1 centimeter in width, 0.2 centimeter in thickness, arched on both ends and covered with the "MagicChemical", or cloth fiber shaped-like a nd fits the forefinger and thumb, with ends covered with the "MagicChemical". I t is either manually operated or electronically operated tooth brush's head with the bristles replaced with the "MagicChemical. The "MagicChemical" is composed of adhesive and apricot shell, walnut shell , corn grits, peppercorn, or egg shell grounded in the size of the finest sand on earth, sodium monofluorophosphate, calcium carbonate, sorbitol or glycerine, precipitated silica, gum base, sodium benzoate, tetrapotassium pyrophosphate , tetra sodium pyrophosphatesodium lauryl sulphate, carbamide peroxide, sodium chlorite and water. The user will push upward and downward in sliding motion using the tips of t he emery board with the "MagicChemical". The user rubs the teeth in between the thumb and forefinger with the cloth fiber shaped-like as such on with the ti ps covered by "MagicChemical". The user will brush on the surface of teeth usin g the tip of the toothbrush with the "MagicChemical" on. All these with the intention of removing plaques, tartar, cleaning and/or whitening the teeth. The good thing about this invention is that it's disposability after one single use.


The phytocomplex and the means express plaque-cleaning and anti-inflammatory effect and have well-expressed plaque-inhibition effect. The phytocomplex includes, in wt.%: glycol extracts from 6 to 14 of white milfoil, Arctium, willow, oak in ratio from 1.5: 0.25: 1.0: 1:0.5 to 4:0.4, 3: 0.2: 0.1; alcohol extract from 70 to 80 from walnut, thyme, chamomile, in ratio from 1:5:4 to 1:12:8; essential oils from 12 to 16 from peppermint, Hyssopus offcinalis, sweet basil, sumac in ratio from 1.5:1:1:1.3 to 2:1.4:1.4:1.6. The phytocomplex produced is solubilized. The phytocomplex is produced using the routine method. The means, containing the phytocomplex are in the form of toothpaste, dental gel, oral hygiene gel and means for mouth washing. The paste contains, in wt.%: abrasive from 10 to 30, moisture-containing agent from 10 to 70, foaming agent 0.5 -2.5, binder 0.1 -2.5; flavour corrigent 0.1-0.5, waster from 9 to 55, extract from bee gum 1.5-3 and solubility phytocomplex from, 1 to 5. The gel contains, in wt.%: moisture-retention agent from 50 to 70, binder from 0.1-1, flavour corrigent 0.1-0.5, water from 9 to 55, extract from bee gum 0-0.8, solubilized phytocomplex 1-2.5 and extract from green tea 0.1-1. The mouth-washing means contains, in wt.%: moisture-retaining agent from 5 to 10, flavour corrigent 0.01-0.1, water from 70 to 90, extract of bee gum 0.2-0.8, solubilized phytocomplex 1-2, extract of green tea 0.2-0.5, colourant 0.001-0.005, aromatizer composition 0.1-0.2, surfactant 0.1-1 and ethanol from 5 to 15.


Inventor(s):     MATSUDA HIROYUKI 

PURPOSE:To make it possible to equivalently convert material to tachyon by interaction between coherent material wave and material constituting particles at a super high relative speed. CONSTITUTION:With a static magnetic field or variable magnetic field generator, high frequency alternating magnetic field or a high frequency pulse generator, a nuclear magnetic resonance device is constituted. Nuclear magnet caused by nuclear spin of a material is excited by nuclear magnetic resonance, and by matching the periods and phases of precession, material wave also becomes coherent. Nuclei in the gravity center of mass of atoms are excited by the nuclear magnetic resonance principle and the periods and phases of precession are matched. The precession with the same period and phase are accompanied with coherent material wave. Due to the interaction of the material wave and material particles in super high relative speed, a material is equivalently takion converted.

[0001] The present invention is by electromagnetic means, it is a method of equivalently Tachyon the substance in the interaction by superluminal relative velocity of the material and matter waves. By TACHYON the material, can be in all areas material utilizing an effect according to the law of tachyon beyond physical laws.

[0002] The method of equivalently Tachyon the (Japanese Patent Application No. 5-45630) Substance of the Prior Art] prior application, the charged particles that make up the substance, that is the nucleus, and the extranuclear electron, ultra-light speed electromagnetic waves it is due to the interaction with ultra-light speed relative speed of the power line.

[0003] The present invention is to provide a in a different principle in accordance with another of the superluminal wave in place of the electromagnetic wave of ultra-light speed, which is intended to be equivalent to Tachyon the substance.

[0004] in the energy wave of ultra-light speed SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The use of the matter wave (de Broglie wave). Phase velocity of matter wave is essentially, an ultra-light speed. And coherent matter waves due to the mass and speed of the charged particles that make up the material by electromagnetic means, in the interaction by the constituent particles and superluminal relative speed of the material, to equivalently Tachyon the substance.

[0005] [action] As is known in the nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR), to act a magnetic field to the substance, it occurs division of the energy state by the magnetism of atomic nuclei spin, become ground state and an excited state. Ground state excited state nuclear magnetic arranged in the direction of the magnetic field is nuclear magnets are arranged in the opposite direction of the magnetic field, precess period determined by the intensity of the nuclear type and the magnetic field. It gives a high-frequency alternating magnetic field in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field as a continuous or pulsed, and resonating the precession of nuclear magnetic nuclear ground state becomes higher unstable excited state energy is excited. Nuclei excited states in phase aligned performs precession period determined by the type of magnetic field strength, and nuclear. Precession of uniform nucleus of the phase is accompanied by a coherent matter waves.

[0006] The mass of the nucleus is accounted for the majority (99.95% or more) of the atomic mass, precession of the nucleus is accompanied by matter waves that depends only on the mass and velocity of microscopic particles. Matter wave is necessary to align the wavelength and phase, incoherent waves wave is canceled as a whole each other and randomly interfere with each other to disappear. By phase velocity of the material waves are inherently superluminal, the material component particles, the relative velocity of the material waves are superluminal. And coherent matter waves, to equivalently Tachyon the substance in the interaction by superluminal relative velocity of the material particles.

[0007] [Example 1] acts a static magnetic field or variable magnetic field, the sample material, causing the Zeeman splitting of the energy state by the magnetic properties of atomic nuclei spin. Act a high-frequency alternating magnetic field in the direction perpendicular to the magnetic field, exciting the nuclei magnets ground state by an electromagnetic wave of the resonance frequency of the nuclei. Nuclear magnetic performs precession period determined by the type and the magnetic field intensity of the nucleus are arranged in the magnetic field direction different (90 ° or 180 ° reverse) phase of the excited state are aligned. Same cycle, precession of nuclear magnets in phase involves coherent matter waves. Phase velocity of coherent matter wave is a super-light speed, and the substance constituent particles, to equivalently Tachyon the substance in the interaction by superluminal relative velocity of matter waves.

[0008] [Example 2] acts a static magnetic field or variable magnetic field, the sample material, act repeatedly a high-frequency pulse in a direction perpendicular to the magnetic field at the same time, the core of the magnet to the excited state by magnetic resonance.

[0009], according to the present invention by equivalently Tachyon the substance, which express the effect of substance or object is in accordance with the law of the tachyon. That is, gravity, energy, time, space, in such, a new effect that exceeds the limits of physical laws, physically impossible and road also becomes possible to be is opened, advantageous use in all areas It can be considered.

Behold The Tyranny of "Law" !
May 6, 2016

Take the Fifth -- And Face Life Imprisonment Without a Trial


William Norman Grigg
May 7, 2016

A Dire Future


Paul Craig Roberts

Do you remember all the hopes Americans had for Obama when we elected him to his first term? Painful memories. He betrayed the voters on every one of his promises. There was no change, except for the worst as Obama went on to become one of the most vicious war criminals in world history. Despite his horrific record, we re-elected him, only to have US economic policy turn against the people in order to bail out at our expense the mega-banks and the One Percent.

Now Obama is coercing Asia and Europe to turn the governments of their countries over to rapacious American corporations empowered by TPP and TTIP to subordinate all interests to their profits.

Here is Pepe Escobar on how the great and wonderful United States treats its enserfed vassals: “Hardball, predictably, is the name of the game. Washington no less than threatened to block EU car exports [to the US] to force the EU to buy [Monsanto’s] genetically engineered fruits and vegetables.”

Now we face the prospect of electing an even worse president than Obama — Killary Clinton. Killary is the bought-and-paid-for property of Wall Street, Israel, and the military-security complex. She will bring back to power the totally discredited neoconservatives, and the US will proceed with its butchery and slaughter of other countries and all reformist governments everywhere.

The question is: will enough insouciant Americans align with the One Percent, the neocons, the men-hating feminists, homosexuals, the transgendered, and other “preferred minorities” to put the US presidency in the hands of an aggressive, corrupt person with a conscience deficit? That is the goal toward which the presstitutes are driving the brainwashed.

If we end up with Killary, neither the US nor the world will survive the mistake. She will be the last American president.

Killary is compromised with secret agendas, and secret agendas lead to conflict and war. With a crazed President Killary who declared Russian Presient Vladimir Putin, the world’s leading peacemaker, to be “the new Hitler,” with crazed American generals who declare Russia to be “an existential threat to the United States,” and with the insane neoconservatives back in the saddle determined to impose American hegemony on the rest of the world, Killary’s election will terminate life on earth.


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New method for making large quantities of deuterium depleted drinking water

Scientists in China are reporting development of a less expensive, more eco-friendly method for making deuterium-depleted drinking water, citing studies suggesting that it may be a more healthful form of water. Their report appears in ACS’ bi-weekly journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.

Changgong Meng and Feng Huang note that natural water, widely known as H2O, actually is a mixture of H2O and tiny amounts of D2O — about 150 parts per million (ppm), or a few drops of D2O in every quart of water. Deuterium-depleted water usually contains about 125 ppm. The “D” is deuterium, an isotope or variant form of hydrogen often termed “heavy hydrogen.” They cite accumulating evidence that water with high levels of deuterium may have adverse health effects on animals and plants, while deuterium-depleted water may be useful in treatment of certain diseases. Existing ways of removing deuterium from water tend to be expensive, inefficient, or environmentally harmful.

They describe a new method that helps overcome these problems, and could be the basis for the first industrial-scale production of deuterium-depleted water. It involves a platinum catalyst that quickly and efficiently removes deuterium from water using a combination of cold and hot temperatures. In laboratory-scale tests, the new technique reduced the amount of deuterium in water from about 145 parts per million to 125 parts per million. The resulting water is suitable for drinking, the scientists say, and could be produced in large quantities at economical cost.
DOI: 10.1021/ie101820f

Method for the Production of Deuterium-Depleted Potable Water

Feng Huang and Changgong Meng*
Department of Chemistry, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, China
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2011, 50 (1), pp 378–381


A study of the utilization of dual-temperature catalytic exchange between water and hydrogen for the production of deuterium-depleted water is presented. We use a novel catalyst with excellent physical properties for the hot tower of the isotopic exchange. The deuterium-depleted water obtained from the experiment is in agreement with the theoretical consideration on deuterium content at 80 °C when λ is about 1.5. The deuterium-depleted water with 126.3 ppm D2O is gained when λ is about 2 under 80 °C. This kind of water can be used as ordinary drinking water and in cosmetic and hygiene products.

3 New Inventions of Camping Gear (Hammock)

Amok Draumr Hammock --

Tentsile Connect Tree Tent --

TiiPii bed --

Top 5 Camping Backpacking Innovations

Five more interesting products for you camping and backpacking enthusiasts.

The Bush Smarts Backpack --

flying tent - 7 seconds to the stars --

Grub Hub "CIRQUE" --

The GO! Hammock --

Apex Camping Shelter & Hammock Camping Tarp --

Tell Erdogan to F-off !

(LANGUAGE WARNING:) Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan is a thuggish dictator. He’s ordered journalists beaten up in Washington, is prosecuting a German comedian for insulting him, and had a Dutch journalist arrested over a tweet. There are too many other examples to list. FIGHT BACK at

April 14, 2016

Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces ‘Teslaphoresis’

Reconfigured Tesla coil aligns, electrifies materials from a distance

Scientists at Rice University have discovered that the strong force field emitted by a Tesla coil causes carbon nanotubes to self-assemble into long wires, a phenomenon they call “Teslaphoresis.”

The team led by Rice chemist Paul Cherukuri reported its results this week in ACS Nano...

Nanotubes assemble! Rice introduces Teslaphoresis

Carbon nanotubes in a dish assemble themselves into a nanowire in seconds under the influence of a custom-built Tesla coil created by scientists at Rice University.

Clif High explains away Nibiru … whew ! ( Never mind that Niburu / Nemesis, et al.,  already is part of the Solar System and doesn't have to "enter" )

Latest 2016 Alta Report Predicts Massive Global Cataclysms - Bank Holiday - Megaquakes - Tsunamis

Monoblade Propellers

A maple seed falling in slow motion
Whirlybird Model Falling in Oil-Bead Solution
Remote controlled monocopter based on the maple seed design
One rotor blade, low power helicopter, no tail rotor
RC one blade helicopter
Full Sized plane - Flying a Taylor J-2 with an Everal one bladed propeller ;

Did Scientists Stumble on a Battery that Lasts Forever?

Researchers studying nanowires have found a battery material that can be recharged for years, even decades

Imagine a battery that could be recharged for decades. No more getting rid of cell phones because of waning battery life. No more landfills filled with lithium ion batteries.

This is one step closer to reality, thanks to work by researchers from the University of California at Irvine.

The discovery that could lead to ultra-long-life batteries happened by serendipity. A team of researchers led by Reginald Penner, chair of the university’s chemistry department, had been studying nanowires, tiny conductive wires that show great promise for use in batteries. The problem is nanowires are fragile and generally begin to fray and crack after a certain number of charging cycles.

One day, Mya Le Thai, a PhD candidate in Penner’s lab, decided on a whim to switch the liquid electrolyte surrounding the nanowire assembly with a gel version.

“She started to cycle these gel capacitors, and that’s when we got the surprise,” Penner recalls. “She said, ‘this thing has been cycling 10,000 cycles and it’s still going.’ She came back a few days later and said 'it’s been cycling for 30,000 cycles.' That kept going on for a month.”

The team realized they had something special on their hands. While they’re still not certain why using a gel electrolyte seems to keep the nanowires from breaking down, they have a hypothesis. The gel, Penner explains, is about as thick as peanut butter. The nanowires, which are hundreds of times thinner than human hair and made of manganese oxide, are 80 percent porous. Over time, the thick gel slowly seeps into the pores in the nanowires and makes them softer. This softness reduces their fragility.

“After 5,000 cycles with normal liquid, [the nanowires] start to break,” Penner says. “And then they start to fall off. None of that is happening in the gel.”

Right now, the team is working to test this hypothesis. If it’s correct, they’ll continue to experiment with different types of materials and gels to see what works best. Should the work hold up, the gel-wrapped nanowires could eventually be a component in ultra-long-lasting batteries. This is likely several years down the road, Penner says, though he has been fielding calls from companies interested in his lab’s creation.

“The big picture is that there may be a very simple way to stabilize nanowires of the type that we studied,” Penner says. “If this turns out to be generally true, it would be a great advance for the community.”

Since most household electronics have life spans limited by factors besides battery life, a battery that lasts for a decade or two could easily outlive the device it powers.

“If you could get 100,000 cycles out of a lithium ion battery it might mean you never need to buy two of them,” Penner says. “We’re talking about a lifetime of 20 years, maybe even longer than that.”

Bo ZHANG, et al : Electrolysis Catalyst
Splitting water to store green energy

Team led by U of T Engineering designs world’s most efficient catalyst for storing energy as hydrogen by splitting water molecules
Science  24 Mar 2016:
DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf1525

Homogeneously dispersed, multimetal oxygen-evolving catalysts

Bo Zhang1, et al.


Earth-abundant first-row (3d) transition-metal-based catalysts have been developed for the oxygen-evolution reaction (OER); however, they operate at overpotentials significantly above thermodynamic requirements. Density functional theory suggested that non-3d high-valency metals such as tungsten can modulate 3d metal oxides, providing near-optimal adsorption energies for OER intermediates. We developed a room-temperature synthesis to produce gelled oxy-hydroxide materials with an atomically homogeneous metal distribution. These gelled FeCoW oxy-hydroxide exhibits the lowest overpotential (191 mV) reported at 10 mA per square centimeter in alkaline electrolyte. The catalyst shows no evidence of degradation following more than 500 hours of operation. X-ray absorption and computational studies reveal a synergistic interplay between W, Fe and Co in producing a favorable local coordination environment and electronic structure that enhance the energetics for OER.

Homemade Hoverbike

What a creation, it's a unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground and actually FLIES.

#Unlearn what a plumber can do in a shed eh? Considering the amount of time i've spent on this and the fact this is my first EVER attempt at making anything that leaves the ground this is well and truly a job well done, it's easy to overlook the true scale of what takes to make something like this work at all.

Thanks to Ford for the sponsorship and the Unlearn campaign which has turned my mad idea into a reality and shown that trying new things can lead to amazing results.

Gene Therapy Makes BioViva CEO Elizabeth Parrish Younger, Blunter, and Resolute

lizabeth Parrish, Chief Executive Officer and guinea pig for Bioviva, announced today that she has become the first human “successfully rejuvenated by gene therapy.” Using two proprietary processes, Parrish claims to have reversed two decades worth of telomere shortening, the process that leads to the breakdown of cell replications in the vast majority of living things. Telomere scores — measured using white blood cells — indicate that Parrish, who was 44 years old in September, has slowed a cellular process many scientists believe to be one of the root causes of aging....

Buy into the high-technocratic wet dream here !

Liz Parrish of BioViva Sciences: Treating Biological Aging With Gene Therapy Mar-A-Lago 2015

Liz Parrish talks about changing perceptions of longevity, the economic necessity of life extension, and BioViva's revolutionary gene therapies. The future looks bright for treating heart disease, Alzheimer's, sarcopenia, Parkinsons, and aging itself. Find out why.

Comment :

Dr. Chris Roberts
Perhaps the reason she went around the F.D.A. is her partner and Chief Science Officer who oversaw the treatment is Dr. Jason Williams. You can read about Dr. Williams's prior censure, cease and desist order, and his being shut down and fined by the F.D.A. here:
Episode 1 - Liz Parrish, CEO BioViva
Apr. 21, 2016

The world's blackest material makes NASA's ultra-black paint look like it’s not even black


Rebecca Harrington, Tech Insider

The paint used on the Hubble telescope is one of the blackest materials in space. It's there to reduce stray light so the instrument can photograph the best possible images of our solar system and beyond.

But researchers from British company Surrey NanoSystems have made something much, much blacker.

Their material, awesomely called Vantablack, is so black that they can't even measure how dark it is.

They've posted a YouTube video comparing their creation to the Hubble paint, called Aeroglaze Z306.

Vantablack makes Aeroglaze look like it's not even black. When the researchers shine a light on the two, you can see the Hubble paint reflecting light back, but not Vantablack:

The same thing happens when they shine a red laser on the two materials:

Vantablack absorbs almost all of the light, reflecting nothing detectable back to our eyes. It's made by tightly packing carbon nanotubes — rods of carbon that are much, much thinner than any human hair — so close together that light goes in, but can't escape.

Surrey NanoSystems has tested Vantablack to see if it could withstand going into space, so maybe the material could replace Aeroglaze on the next space telescope.

They've also turned Vantablack into a spray paint that captures 99.8% of light (slightly lower than Vantablack's 99.965%). You can't find it on store shelves, though: The spray paint is currently only available through the company's processing center in the UK.

Watch the full video of the Aeroglaze vs. Vantablack comparison:
7 Hot Rideables You Should Try

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Energy from the surroundings

Using pulsed dc into an open extension cord and receiving an energy boost from the environment!!
Orgone Saves Money On Electricity. No It’s Much More Than That

Auto orgone field generator

An experiment using an orgone field generator, an mp3 player, and solfeggio frequencies for the purpose of increasing my gas mileage.

By the way, my gas mileage increased by 3mpg as soon as I hooked up this device. There were no other alterations to the car and mpg was studied three months before and after this experiment. Gas mileage was 15mpg before the test and is now a consistent 18mpg.

31% Efficiency Solar Cells :

Alta Devices is (em)Powering the Unplugged WorldTM by delivering the world’s most efficient, thin and flexible mobile power technology. By converting light of any kind into electricity, Alta Devices’ AnyLightTM power technology extends the energy source of a system, and in many cases, completely cuts the traditional power cord.

Thin, Flexible and Lightweight

We begin by growing a thin layer of GaAs on top of a single crystal GaAs wafer using a high throughput metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) process. We then remove this thin layer via an epitaxial lift-off (ELO) process which leaves a thin, flexible, and lightweight solar cell.

Mass Production

Alta Devices houses three unique tools that allow for the mass production of thin film GaAs.

First, our metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) tool allows for the simultaneous growth of thin GaAs film on top of our single crystal GaAs wafers. Process time for the MOCVD tool is measured in minutes and the tool is capable of producing hundreds of watts of solar cells per hour.

Second, our Epitaxial Lift Off (ELO) tool is the largest of its kind in the world and allows for the separation of the GaAs film from the wafer.

Last, our matrix assembly tool allows us to build customized solar modules to match customer power requirements.

Record Breaking Efficiencies

In addition to being a direct band gap material, we are able to achieve our record breaking efficiencies through the observed phenomenon called “Photon Recycling”. In this process photons bounce off the back of the solar cell which allows them to be recaptured by the material and converted to electricity. Thus, more energy is captured where it would have been lost using traditional solar technology.

Fastener system for supporting a liner plate in a gas showerhead reactor / US9267205
Tiled showerhead for a semiconductor chemical vapor deposition reactor / US9175393
Film transfer frame / CN104966692
Vapor deposition reactor systems and methods thereof / CN104962879
Texturing a layer in an optoelectronic device for improved angle randomization of light / US9136422
Fixture for substrate cutting / US9114464
Laser cutting and chemical edge clean for thin-film solar cells / US8728933
Laser cutting through two dissimilar materials separated by a metal foil / US8728849
Individual finger isolation through spot application of a dielectric in an optoelectronic device / TW201310685
Metallic contacts for photovoltaic devices and low temperature fabrication processes thereof / TW201251082
Photon recycling in an optoelectronic device / TW201251079
Self-bypass diode function for gallium arsenide photovoltaic devices / TW201246583
Two beam backside laser dicing of semiconductor films / US8399281
Aligned frontside backside laser dicing of semiconductor films / US8361828
Support structures for various apparatuses including opto-electrical apparatuses / CN102834912
Mixed wiring schemes for shading robustness / TW201230367
Metal contact formation and window etch stop for photovoltaic devices / CN102683480
Wafer carrier track / TW201145435
Vapor deposition reactor system / TW201137946
Heating lamp system and method of use / TW201137160
High growth rate deposition for group III/V materials / CN102575378
REACTOR CLEAN / WO2012057770
Thin absorber layer of a photovoltaic device / CN102257635
Integration of a photovoltaic device / CN102257628
Concentric showerhead for vapor deposition / CN102246274
Continuous feed chemical vapor deposition / CN102246273
Photovoltaic device with increased light trapping / TW201031006

Behold, America the Fail -- the utterly pathetic travesty of corporatized stupidiotic ignorance -- a most shameful disgrace. Toxic Michael Moore finally does something right ( well, 'Sicko' was pretty good too ) :

Where to Invade Next

Director: Michael Moore
Stars: Michael Moore, Krista Kiuru, Tim Walker

Synopsis: To show what the USA can learn from rest of the world, director Michael Moore playfully visits various nations in Europe and Africa as a one-man "invader" to take their ideas and practices for America. Whether it is Italy with its generous vacation time allotments, France with its gourmet school lunches, German with its industrial policy, Norway and its prison system, Tunisia and its strongly progressive women's policy and Iceland and its strong female presence in government and business among others, Michael Moore discovers there is much that American should emulate.

Bright flash of light marks incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg


Sarah Knapton, Science Editor

Human life begins in bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, scientists have shown for the first time, after capturing the astonishing ‘fireworks’ on film.

An explosion of tiny sparks erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception.

Scientists had seen the phenomenon occur in other animals but it is the first time is has been also shown to happen in humans.

“To see the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking.” -- Professor Teresa Woodruff, Northwestern University

Not only is it an incredible spectacle, highlighting the very moment that a new life begins, the size of the flash can be used to determine the quality of the fertilised egg.

Researchers from Northwestern University, in Chicago, noticed that some of the eggs burn brighter than others, showing that they are more likely to produce a healthy baby.
Eggs flash as they meet sperm enzyme, capturing the moment that life begins Eggs flash as they meet sperm enzyme, capturing the moment that life begins Credit: NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY

The discovery could help fertility doctors pick the best fertilised eggs to transfer during in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

“It was remarkable,” said Professor Teresa Woodruff, one of the study’s two senior authors and an expert in ovarian biology at Northwestern.

“We discovered the zinc spark just five years ago in the mouse, and to see the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking.

“This means if you can look at the zinc spark at the time of fertilization, you will know immediately which eggs are the good ones to transfer in in vitro fertilization.

“It’s a way of sorting egg quality in a way we’ve never been able to assess before. “All of biology starts at the time of fertilization, yet we know next to nothing about the events that occur in the human.”
A fluorescent flash captures the moment that sperm enzyme enters the egg A fluorescent flash captures the moment that sperm enzyme enters the egg Credit: Northwestern University

Currently around 50 per cent of fertilised eggs do not develop properly and experts believe that faulty genetic code could be responsible.

Some clinics take videos of the egg developing to try pick up problems early, while others check for genetic mutations, but that is an invasive procedure which can damage the tiny egg. Often it is just down to a clinician decided which eggs look the healthiest.

But the new findings could give and extra indication that an egg is flourishing. A video of nine human eggs coming into contact with sperm enzyme showed two flashed much brighter than the rest.

“This is an important discovery because it may give us a non-invasive and easily visible way to assess the health of an egg and eventually an embryo before implantation,” said co-author Dr Eve Feinberg, who took care of the patients who provided eggs for the basic science study and collaborated with the research team.

“There are no tools currently available that tell us if it’s a good quality egg. Often we don’t know whether the egg or embryo is truly viable until we see if a pregnancy ensues.

“That’s the reason this is so transformative. If we have the ability up front to see what is a good egg and what’s not, it will help us know which embryo to transfer, avoid a lot of heartache and achieve pregnancy much more quickly.”

The top right and bottom left egg flashed brighter showing they were healthier  The top right and bottom left egg flashed brighter showing they were healthier  Credit: Northwestern University

The bright flash occurs because when sperm enters an egg it leads to a surge of calcium which triggers the release of zinc from the egg. As the zinc shoots out, it binds to small molecules which emit a fluorescence which can be picked up by camera microscopes.

Over the last six years this team has shown that zinc controls the decision to grow and change into a completely new genetic organism.

In the experiment, scientists use sperm enzyme rather than actual sperm to show what happens at the moment of conception.

“These fluorescence microscopy studies establish that the zinc spark occurs in human egg biology, and that can be observed outside of the cell,” said Professor Tom O’Halloran, a co-senior author.

In a companion paper published in Scientific Reports on March 18, a zinc spark is shown at the precise time a sperm enters a mouse egg.

This discovery was made by Nan Zhang, a postdoctoral fellow at Northwestern.  Little is known about the events that occur at the time of fertilization, because it is difficult to capture the precise time of sperm entry.

The study will be published April 26 in Scientific Reports.
April 26, 2016

Radiant Zinc Fireworks Reveal Quality of Human Egg

Discovery could help fertility doctors decide best eggs to implant for IVF


Marla Paul

A stunning explosion of zinc fireworks occurs when a human egg is activated by a sperm enzyme, and the size of these “sparks” is a direct measure of the quality of the egg and its ability to develop into an embryo, according to new research from Northwestern Medicine.

The discovery has potential to help doctors choose the best eggs to transfer during in vitro fertilization (IVF), the scientists said.

This is the first time the zinc sparks have been documented in a human egg.

“This means if you can look at the zinc spark at the time of fertilization, you will know immediately which eggs are the good ones to transfer in in vitro fertilization (IVF),” said Teresa Woodruff, one of the study’s two senior authors and an expert in ovarian biology at Northwestern. “It’s a way of sorting egg quality in a way we’ve never been able to assess before.”

Woodruff is the Thomas J. Watkins Memorial Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and director of Northwestern’s Center for Reproductive Science.

Scientists activated the egg by injecting a sperm enzyme into the egg that triggers calcium to increase within the egg and zinc to be released from the egg. (The eggs in the study were not fertilized with actual sperm because that is not permitted in human research under federal law.)

“It was remarkable,” Woodruff said. “We discovered the zinc spark just five years ago in the mouse, and to see the zinc radiate out in a burst from each human egg was breathtaking.

“All of biology starts at the time of fertilization, yet we know next to nothing about the events that occur in the human. This discovery required a unique partnership between biologists and chemists and non-federal dollars to support the research,” she said.

The study was published April 26 in Scientific Reports.

As the zinc is released from the egg, it binds to small molecule probes, which emit light in fluorescence microscopy experiments. Thus the rapid zinc release can be followed as a flash of light that appears as a spark.

“These fluorescence microscopy studies establish that the zinc spark occurs in human egg biology, and that can be observed outside of the cell,” said Tom O’Halloran, a co-senior author.  O’Halloran is the Charles E. and Emma H. Morrison Professor in Chemistry in the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and director of Northwestern’s Chemistry of Life Processes Institute. 

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You've Been Splitting Firewood with an Axe Wrong
How To Make A Wood Rocket Stove

Crazy :
100 Science Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation

Spaced News
The Magnetic Field Did Not Collapse This Week

Couldn't ignore this one any more... don't miss today's news either: [April 29, 2016]
Amazing Cities in Venus

The Magellan probe sent to Venus that operated in the late 80s and 90s, collected an enormous amount of images that have finally been published by NASA in which huge cities, artificial structures and all kinds of elements that seem to obey constructions appear intelligent effected by some kind of alien race that inhabited or colonized the second planet in our solar system, in the following video, we show those buildings that we have found and their interpretations in 3 Dimensions of them The Link where the maps is as follows, where you can check yourself the images shown in the video as well as find new locations with suspiciously artificial elements:
Rusia revela imágenes de seres vivos en Venus ¡¡Explicación!!
Dome Shaped Alien Base Found On Mars? (Mars Mysteries)
April 22, 2016

U.S. and Russian Astronauts Comment on UFOs

Astronauts are selected for their mental stability, high intellect, sober personality and experience with aerospace. They are credible witnesses. Some are willing to share what they’ve seen or believe about UFOs. Here are a few examples captured on video. [Additional examples are here:

“I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets which obviously are a little more technically advanced than we are here on Earth.” – Colonel Gordon Cooper

“I happen to be privileged enough to be in on the fact that we have been visited on this planet and the UFO phenomenon is real. It has been covered up by governments for quite some time now.” – Captain Edgar Mitchell

“There is abundant evidence that we are being contacted, that civilizations have been visiting us for a very long time.”- Dr. Brian O’Leary

“On two of my missions, and I still don’t have an answer, I have seen a snake out there, 6, 7, 8 feet long, it is rubbery because it has internal waves in it and it follows you for a rather long period of time. The more you fly in space the more you see an incredible amount of things out there and that sort of brings to you, really a certainty that some living creatures are out there.” – Story Musgrave, M.D. .

“Yes, during my flight in Gemini 64 I saw an object in space, fairly close to our spacecraft that I could not identify. […] All of our ground tracking data indicated that there shouldn’t have been an object anywhere near us at the time. […] I know all kinds people who have claim to have seen [UFOs] , some of them are very legitimate.” – Brigadier General James McDivitt

“It looked like a saucer sitting on an edge, about a 45 degree angle. […] What ever it was, for what ever reason, just took off  climbing at about a 45 degree angle.. and just accelerated and just disappeared. I obviously couldn’t follow it with an old piston engine fighter.” – Major Donald K. Slayton .

“I saw next to us, about one and a half kilometers away, and about 1000 meters higher. There is a flying object, it’s shape is a perfect right triangle. It was white, a very bright white. I am a pilot, a fighter pilot and know many different type of flying aircraft. It was like nothing I have ever seen. [Voice over:] ‘Ground control could not detect any objects even though the object could be seen by all occupants in the plane.’ It traveled a parallel course, and it’s speed — if we were traveling approx. 1000 kph, it was traveling about 1500 kph, because it  passed us rather quickly. In about 30-40 seconds it passed by and overtook us.” – Major General Pavel Popovich.

“On May 5, 1981, we were in orbit. I saw an object that didn’t resemble any cosmic objects I’m familiar with. It was a round object which resembled a melon, round and a little bit elongated. In front of this object was something that resembled a gyrating depressed cone, I can draw it, it’s difficult to describe. The object resembles a barbell. I saw it becoming transparent and like with a ‘body’ inside. At the other end I saw something like gas discharging, like a reactive object. Then something happened that is very difficult for me to describe from the point of view of physics. I have to recognize that it did not have an artificial origin. It was not artificial because an artificial object couldn’t attain this form. I don’t know of anything that can make this movement.. tightening, then expanding, pulsating. Then as I was observing something happened, two explosions. One explosion, and then 0.5 seconds later, the second part exploded. I called my colleague Viktor [Savinykh], but he didn’t arrive in time to see anything.” – Major-General Vladimir Kovalenok.

“I think we are not alone in the universe, I belief that someone or something of Extra-Terrestrial origin visited earth. [Voice over:]  ‘Cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev saw an Unidentified Flying Object turn towards his craft and began tailing it through space.’ It followed us half of our orbit. We observed it on the light side, and when we entered the shadow side it disappeared completely. It was an engineering structure, made from some kind of metal, approx 40 meters long with inner holes, the object was nearer here and bigger here. Some places had projections like small wings. The object stayed very close to us. We photographed it. Our photos showed it to be 23 to 28 meters away.” [Voice over:] ‘When the cosmonaut returned to earth he was debriefed, told never to reveal anything he knew and had his cameras and film confescated. Those photos and voice transmissions have never been released.’ – Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Afanasyev .

“I saw something that looked it had broken off the ship, besides that the object was spinning as it was moving away and the intensity of the shine changed. I can’t really tell how distant it was. I can only say it wasn’t close, because the camera was adjusted to infinity. After I examined the ship, I realized that there was nothing that could have separated, also no alarm went off, everything was calm.” – Colonel Musa Manarov

Meanwhile, back in the USSA : (  April 1997 )

If They Can Do It To A Congressman

Dept. of Finance/Judge Lodge Linked to Hansen Nightmare

By Investigative Reporter Edward Snook of the Oregon Observer

In the March edition of The Oregon Observer we informed our readership of the accomplishments made on behalf of all Americans by Congressman George Hansen. The following article tells how a criminally corrupt Federal Judge by the name of Edward Lodge with the help of numerous other Federal and State accomplices repaid Hansen for all of his efforts.

Diesel Therapy

Diesel therapy - a prison term reserved for the most inhumane, degrading and painful of punishment; normally reserved for the most violent and uncontrollable of prisoners.

A prisoner is shackled at the feet and handcuffed at the wrists, reinforced with a box-like structure which stiffens the chains and locks the wrists at a 90-degree angle. The handcuffs are connected to a waist chain that is connected to another chain which connects the shackles. Once this shackling is complete, a prisoner can barely move. The tightened manacles pinch the nerves and restrict the flow of blood causing severe pain and swelling. Legs swelling with blood are particularly damaging to the feet, as toenails under pressure from blood-blisters press up against shoes for long periods of time and soon become infected and deformed, causing such excruciating pain that they require surgery or the pulling of the toenails out by the roots.

Diesel therapy gets its name, not from the "cruel and unusual" bondage, but from being forced into bus after bus and onto plane after plane, shackled as described, and being shuttled from one prison to another, for weeks on end, 20 hours per day in chains, for no other reason than to cause pain and suffering and give the prisoner a "message."

Welcome to diesel therapy and the world of seven-term Congressman George Hansen who was found guilty in the court-room of the infamous Federal Judge Edward Lodge on bogus charges of bank fraud which were manipulated into an issue by the Idaho Department of Finance illegally using the same agents previously employed by the IRS in their failed attempt to quote "get Hansen."

People who have been reading past editions of The Idaho Observer and The Oregon Observer will recall that the Judge Lodge/Idaho Department of Finance connection has already been uncovered in the bogus securities laws violations charges levied against Boise businessman and winemaker Petro (Pete) Eliopulos, who said; "After Ed Snook of The Oregon Observer and I met with Hansen and he told me in a six-hour meeting what had happened to him, I was more shaken than I have ever been in my life. If (West One) bank officers Knox and Neaville had not subsequently been convicted of crimes which came to light in the bogus investigations of me and my businesses, they could have done to me what they did to Hansen," said Eliopulos, who was shocked that a U.S. Representative, or anybody for that matter, could be treated this way in America.

What could an esteemed member of the U.S. Congress have done to deserve such treatment?

Congressman Hansen Found Innocent

After four years of imprisonment, after ten years of persecution, after being ruined professionally and financially and after being permanently damaged physically, in December, 1995, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated Hansen's sentence for bank fraud because the U.S. Supreme Court had ruled on May 15 that Hansen's previous conviction as a member of Congress had been overturned.

But it should be known that Judge Lodge saw to it that Hansen got "diesel therapy" coming and going to prison from the Judge's court at great cost to the government, even though Hansen should have been allowed to make such trips at his own expense. On the way from his hometown of Pocatello to federal prison in Petersberg, VA , Hansen was bussed and flown, nearly immovably shackled, at taxpayer expense, to jails all over the country. Not Hansen's lawyer, his wife, nor his allies in Congress were able to locate him. Hansen had simply disappeared for a month into the custody of the Federal Marshal's Service. Hansen's wife didn't know whether he was dead or alive. And even when the Supreme Court overturned Hansen's original case and the Appeals Court vacated his current sentence, Hansen still got the Judge Lodge treatment of another dose of diesel therapy from Virginia back to Idaho.

What had Hansen, who was a model prisoner, done to deserve the most brutal, torturous and barbaric type of treatment this country's penal system is capable of inflicting on a prisoner? The answer is obvious: Hansen is Americas most famous political prisoner.

Congressional Accountability Project (CAP)

Retired Congressman Tom Kindness (R-Ohio) stated , "I believe that George's recent trial and conviction on charges of "bank fraud" was the direct result of a campaign by various members of the bureaucracy to stop the CAP."

CAP, the Congressional Accountability Project, was being launched by Hansen and a group of investors interested in good government. CAP was going to utilize nation-wide television and a national 900 number to make congresspersons instantaneously accountable to the American people for their votes on the House and Senate floors.

"This was a project which would, in my opinion, have had a major impact on the votes of congressmen since it would have made them instantaneously responsible to the people by making their votes known immediately after being cast," commented journalist John Voss.

Hansen and his associates were on the verge of making CAP fully operational and accessible to the American public when the government, through the Idaho Department of Finance with the illegal help of former IRS agents, a revenge-minded Justice Department and the corrupt Judge Lodge, manufactured bank fraud charges against him. Court transcripts reflect that justice in Judge Lodge's court, where big bank interests are concerned, is always compromised in favor of the banks, as has been proven by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in a number of civil court cases.

Judge Lodge's provably compromised court ultimately found Hansen guilty and a vengeful Judge Lodge prescribed diesel therapy to teach him a lesson.

Why did the "Honorable" Judge Lodge treat Hansen like Public Enemy #1?

George Hansen was the only member of Congress able to pull the strings necessary to visit the hostages in Iran in 1979, exposing the big-bank scam behind that crises.

George Hansen was the author of the book To Harass Our People, an indictment of the IRS, where he demanded its dismantling.

George Hansen was the congressman who was so outraged by what he discovered about the IRS while researching his book that he wrote and helped to pass the Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

George Hansen was the first man to propose the flat tax as a damage control alternative to protect the people from IRS abuses.

Hansen was the man who took on OSHA, WPPSS, and the INS.

George Hansen was the man who fearlessly and repeatedly made public his findings when investigations turned up government corruption and citizen abuse.

The "system" decided it had to teach Congressman Hansen a lesson because, had he been allowed to continue serving on Capitol Hill, he would soon likely be the chairman of the powerful House Banking Committee, a fact that history has shown would have happened in 1995.

So, why did Judge Lodge, whose personal reasons for needing to keep the well documented criminal nature of the banking industry below public scrutiny, with the help of the Idaho Department of Finance, trump up a bank fraud conviction by denying the admission of exonerating evidence in court in order to throw Hansen in prison and make sure that he was punished severely with diesel therapy?

Was it because Congressman Hansen was getting close to the truth and accumulating the political power it would take to finally and totally expose the banking industry and government for its criminal abuse of the American people?

Judge Lodge's Court of Kangaroos

CAP was apparently the final straw and abusive criminal government had to shut Hansen down. On the eve of CAP becoming fully operational, powerful special interests and political enemies derailed the project and forced a domino effect of financial repercussions upon Hansen and his associates. The government then took the situation it had created and indicted, prosecuted and convicted Hansen of bank fraud. Though the treachery of Judge Lodge and the government disdained the patriotic financial sacrifices made by Hansens supporters for good government and callously prevented his efforts to repay them, it did not prevent Hansen from publicly pledging that these law breaking government bullies could never seal his lips, nor stop him from somehow paying back the people he owed and keeping his word.

"Every attorney who has read the court transcripts is concerned and confounded as to how George could have been convicted on bank fraud charges when the supervising bank officers were not only acutely aware of his financial operation and transactions, but were actively assisting him in his efforts for over ten years! "George defrauded no one and we can prove it," stated Congressman Kindness.

Hansen was not really imprisoned and tortured by "our" government for bank fraud, though that was the government's excuse to lock him up and shut him down. Hansen was actually a political prisoner who was guilty of attempting to provide the American people with the ammunition of knowledge so they could successfully fight back the senseless encroachment of government oppression which more and more is ruining the lives of all of us. Hansen dedicated his civil service to facilitating a return of a Constitutional form of government which is of, by and for the people and "our" government felt threatened enough by his noble activities to see to it that he was imprisoned and tortured for daring to tell citizens and taxpayers the truth.

Hansen was the only U.S. statesman who cared enough to risk his own safety and political career to visit the hostages in Iran in 1979. While in Iran, Hansen saw first hand what happens to political prisoners who were beaten mercilessly, who had finger and toe nails ripped out by the roots and who had been shackled until they were permanently disabled physically.

Hansen has also experienced first hand the same inhumane torture and it happened to him in the most "civilized" nation on earth, the only difference being that Hansen was denied treatment and pain-killers, and even had to rip his own deformed and infected toenails out as part of his punishment for being a defender of the people and an exemplary American statesman.

Every state and Federal official with any knowledge of the past actions taken against Congressman George Hansen are guilty if they haven't spoken out about the crimes which have been committed against this truly great American Hero. Our treacherous and shameless government is supposedly all concerned with "human rights" in places such as China, Cuba, etc., what a joke. After realizing what this man has endured for all of us, it isn't too hard to see that we have very little real leadership left in this "once upon a time great nation." It is however easy to see that we have thousands of cowards, thieves and opportunists in high places and key positions who have almost paralyzed the dynamics of the American dream.

For several months The Oregon Observer has investigated and clearly identified how the federal court and legal system has been criminally manipulated by corrupted judges and lawyers, powered by the greedy and illegal financial manipulations of big banks, to smash thousands of people in bankruptcy court, in civil court and even in criminal court like the George Hansen nightmare.

The staff of The Oregon Observer will not sleep well until Judge Lodge and all other criminals who have taking part in this destructive legal assault on the public are in prison, which is right where they deserve to be.

Forest Glen Durland asks that you alert your Congress Persons to this information. Copies of the article can be obtained from the Oregon Observer for a very nominal fee. Forest obtained twenty copies of the entire issue and is distributing them to his Congressional representatives as well as to local schools and colleges.
April 25, 2016

Censored, Surveilled, Watch Listed and Jailed: The Absurdity of Being a Citizen in the American Police State


John W. Whitehead

“You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.”—George Orwell, 1984

In past ages, those who dared to speak out against tyranny—viewed as an act of treason—were blinded, castrated, disfigured, mutilated, rendered mute by having their tongues cut out of their heads, and ultimately crucified.

In the American police state, the price to be paid for speaking truth to power (also increasingly viewed as an act of treason) is surveillance, censorship, jail and ultimately death.

It’s a diabolically ingenious tactic for muzzling, disarming and ultimately eliminating one’s critics or potential adversaries.

However, where many Americans go wrong is in assuming that you have to be doing something illegal or challenging the government’s authority in order to be flagged as a suspicious character, labeled an enemy of the state and locked up like a dangerous criminal.

In fact, as I point out in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, all you really need to do is use certain trigger words, surf the internet, communicate using a cell phone, drive a car, stay at a hotel, purchase materials at a hardware store, take flying or boating lessons, appear suspicious, question government authority, or generally live in the United States.

With the help of automated eyes and ears, a growing arsenal of high-tech software, hardware and techniques, government propaganda urging Americans to turn into spies and snitches, as well as social media and behavior sensing software, government agents are spinning a sticky spider-web of threat assessments, behavioral sensing warnings, flagged “words,” and “suspicious” activity reports aimed at snaring potential enemies of the state.

It’s the American police state’s take on the dystopian terrors foreshadowed by George Orwell, Aldous Huxley and Phillip K. Dick all rolled up into one oppressive pre-crime and pre-thought crime package.

What’s more, the technocrats who run the surveillance state don’t even have to break a sweat while monitoring what you say, what you read, what you write, where you go, how much you spend, whom you support, and with whom you communicate. Computers now do the tedious work of trolling social media, the internet, text messages and phone calls for potentially anti-government remarks—all of which is carefully recorded, documented, and stored to be used against you someday at a time and place of the government’s choosing.

While this may sound like a riff on a bad joke, it’s a bad joke with “we the people” as the punchline. Yet it is no laughing matter that Americans are being jailed for growing orchids, feeding whales, collecting rainwater, and praying in their backyards. There is nothing humorous about Americans having their families terrorized by SWAT teams, their pets killed, their children shot, their homes trashed and their privacy shredded. And there’s really not much comic relief to be found when the citizenry is forced to pay their own government to jail, spy on, censor, terrorize and kill them.

The following activities are guaranteed to get you censored, surveilled, eventually placed on a government watch list, possibly detained and potentially killed.

Laugh at your own peril.

Use harmless trigger words like cloud, pork and pirates: The Department of Homeland Security has an expansive list of keywords and phrases it uses to monitor social networking sites and online media for signs of terrorist or other threats. While you’ll definitely send up an alert for using phrases such as dirty bomb, Jihad and Agro terror, you’re just as likely to get flagged for surveillance if you reference the terms SWAT, lockdown, police, cloud, food poisoning, pork, flu, Subway, smart, delays, cancelled, la familia, pirates, hurricane, forest fire, storm, flood, help, ice, snow, worm, warning or social media.

Use a cell phone: Simply by using a cell phone, you make yourself an easy target for government agents—working closely with corporations—who can listen in on your phone calls, read your text messages and emails, and track your movements based on the data transferred from, received by, and stored in your cell phone. Mention any of the so-called “trigger” words in a conversation or text message, and you’ll get flagged for sure.

Drive a car: Unless you’ve got an old junkyard heap without any of the gadgets and gizmos that are so attractive to today’s car buyers (GPS, satellite radio, electrical everything, smart systems, etc.), driving a car today is like wearing a homing device: you’ll be tracked from the moment you open that car door thanks to black box recorders and vehicle-to-vehicle communications systems that can monitor your speed, direction, location, the number of miles traveled, and even your seatbelt use. Once you add satellites, GPS devices, license plate readers, and real-time traffic cameras to the mix, there’s nowhere you can go on our nation’s highways and byways that you can’t be followed. By the time you add self-driving cars into the futuristic mix, equipped with computers that know where you want to go before you do, privacy and autonomy will be little more than distant mirages in your rearview mirror.

Attend a political rally: Enacted in the wake of 9/11, the Patriot Act redefined terrorism so broadly that many non-terrorist political activities such as protest marches, demonstrations and civil disobedience were considered potential terrorist acts, thereby rendering anyone desiring to engage in protected First Amendment expressive activities as suspects of the surveillance state.

Express yourself on social media: The FBI, CIA, NSA and other government agencies are investing in and relying on corporate surveillance technologies that can mine constitutionally protected speech on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to identify potential extremists and predict who might engage in future acts of anti-government behavior. A decorated Marine, 26-year-old Brandon Raub was targeted by the Secret Service because of his Facebook posts, interrogated by government agents about his views on government corruption, arrested with no warning, labeled mentally ill for subscribing to so-called “conspiratorial” views about the government, detained against his will in a psych ward for having “dangerous” opinions, and isolated from his family, friends and attorneys.

Serve in the military: Operation Vigilant Eagle, the brainchild of the Dept. of Homeland Security, calls for surveillance of military veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, characterizing them as extremists and potential domestic terrorist threats because they may be “disgruntled, disillusioned or suffering from the psychological effects of war.” Police agencies are also using Beware, an “early warning” computer system that tips them off to a potential suspect’s inclination to be a troublemaker and assigns individuals a color-coded threat score—green, yellow or red—based on a variety of factors including one’s criminal records, military background, medical history and social media surveillance.

Disagree with a law enforcement official: A growing number of government programs are aimed at identifying, monitoring and locking up anyone considered potentially “dangerous” or mentally ill (according to government standards, of course). For instance, a homeless man in New York City who reportedly had a history of violence but no signs of mental illness was forcibly detained in a psych ward for a week after arguing with shelter police. Despite the fact that doctors cited no medical reason to commit him, the man was locked up in accordance with a $22 million program that monitors mentally ill people considered “potentially” violent. According to the Associated Press, “A judge finally ordered his release, ruling that the man's commitment violated his civil rights and that bureaucrats had meddled in his medical treatment.”

Call in sick to work: In Virginia, a so-called police “welfare check” instigated by a 58-year-old man’s employer after he called in sick resulted in a two-hour, SWAT team-style raid on the man’s truck and a 72-hour mental health hold. During the standoff, a heavily armed police tactical team confronted Benjamin Burruss as he was leaving an area motel, surrounded his truck, deployed a “stinger” device behind the rear tires, launched a flash grenade, smashed the side window in order to drag him from the truck, handcuffed and searched him, and transported him to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and mental health hold. All of this was done despite the fact that police acknowledged they had no legal basis nor probable cause for detaining Burruss, given that he had not threatened to harm anyone and was not mentally ill.

Limp or stutter: As a result of a nationwide push to certify a broad spectrum of government officials in mental health first-aid training (a 12-hour course comprised of PowerPoint presentations, videos, discussions, role playing and other interactive activities), more Americans are going to run the risk of being reported for having mental health issues by non-medical personnel. Mind you, once you get on such a government watch list—whether it’s a terrorist watch list, a mental health watch list, or a dissident watch list—there’s no clear-cut way to get off, whether or not you should actually be on there. For instance, one 37-year-old disabled man was arrested, diagnosed by police and an unlicensed mental health screener as having “mental health issues,” apparently because of his slurred speech and unsteady gait, and subsequently locked up for five days in a mental health facility against his will and with no access to family and friends. A subsequent hearing found that Gordon Goines, who suffers from a neurological condition similar to multiple sclerosis, has no mental illness and should not have been confined.

Appear confused or nervous, fidget, whistle or smell bad: According to the Transportation Security Administration’s 92-point secret behavior watch list for spotting terrorists, these are among some of the telling signs of suspicious behavior: fidgeting, whistling, bad body odor, yawning, clearing your throat, having a pale face from recently shaving your beard, covering your mouth with your hand when speaking and blinking your eyes fast. You can also be pulled aside for interrogation if you “have ‘unusual items,’ like almanacs and ‘numerous prepaid calling cards or cell phones.’” One critic of the program accurately referred to the program as a “license to harass.”

Allow yourself to be seen in public waving a toy gun or anything remotely resembling a gun, such as a water nozzle or a remote control or a walking cane, for instance: No longer is it unusual to hear about incidents in which police shoot unarmed individuals first and ask questions later. John Crawford was shot by police in an Ohio Wal-Mart for holding an air rifle sold in the store that he may have intended to buy. Thirteen-year-old Andy Lopez Cruz was shot 7 times in 10 seconds by a California police officer who mistook the boy’s toy gun for an assault rifle. Christopher Roupe, 17, was shot and killed after opening the door to a police officer. The officer, mistaking the Wii remote control in Roupe’s hand for a gun, shot him in the chest. Another police officer repeatedly shot 70-year-old Bobby Canipe during a traffic stop. The cop saw the man reaching for his cane and, believing the cane to be a rifle, opened fire.

Stare at a police officer: Miami-Dade police slammed the 14-year-old Tremaine McMillian to the ground, putting him in a chokehold and handcuffing him after he allegedly gave them “dehumanizing stares” and walked away from them, which the officers found unacceptable.

Appear to be pro-gun, pro-freedom or anti-government: You might be a domestic terrorist in the eyes of the FBI (and its network of snitches) if you: express libertarian philosophies (statements, bumper stickers); exhibit Second Amendment-oriented views (NRA or gun club membership); read survivalist literature, including apocalyptic fictional books; show signs of self-sufficiency (stockpiling food, ammo, hand tools, medical supplies); fear an economic collapse; buy gold and barter items; subscribe to religious views concerning the book of Revelation; voice fears about Big Brother or big government; expound about constitutional rights and civil liberties; or believe in a New World Order conspiracy. This is all part of a larger trend in American governance whereby dissent is criminalized and pathologized, and dissenters are censored, silenced or declared unfit for society.

Attend a public school: Microcosms of the police state, America’s public schools contain almost every aspect of the militarized, intolerant, senseless, overcriminalized, legalistic, surveillance-riddled, totalitarian landscape that plagues those of us on the “outside.” From the moment a child enters one of the nation’s 98,000 public schools to the moment she graduates, she will be exposed to a steady diet of draconian zero tolerance policies that criminalize childish behavior, overreaching anti-bullying statutes that criminalize speech, school resource officers (police) tasked with disciplining and/or arresting so-called “disorderly” students, standardized testing that emphasizes rote answers over critical thinking, politically correct mindsets that teach young people to censor themselves and those around them, and extensive biometric and surveillance systems that, coupled with the rest, acclimate young people to a world in which they have no freedom of thought, speech or movement. Additionally, as part of the government’s so-called ongoing war on terror, the FBI—the nation’s de facto secret police force—is now recruiting students and teachers to spy on each other and report anyone who appears to have the potential to be “anti-government” or “extremist” as part of its “Don’t Be a Puppet” campaign.

Speak truth to power: Long before Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden were being castigated for blowing the whistle on the government’s war crimes and the National Security Agency’s abuse of its surveillance powers, it was activists such as Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon who were being singled out for daring to speak truth to power. These men and others like them had their phone calls monitored and data files collected on their activities and associations. For a little while, at least, they became enemy number one in the eyes of the U.S. government.

There’s always a price to pay for standing up to the powers-that-be.

Yet as this list shows, you don’t even have to be a dissident to get flagged by the government for surveillance, censorship and detention.

All you really need to be is a citizen of the American police state.
March 29th, 2016

Depressing Survey Results Show How Extremely Stupid America Has Become


Michael Snyder

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Clif High Interview -- 2016 Updates

Clif High, Web Bot Report, 2016 Predictions, Nuclear Fallout, Megaquakes, Epidemics, Weather Wars  -- Mar 23, 2016

Update 2.10.16 The Indian Point Nuclear facility is oozing out radiation right now and is located in Buchanen New York. Levels have been 65000% higher than .

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REALIST NEWS - Fantastic Clif High Interview - Part 2 of 2 Web bot

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Clif High

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spiteful nature)' 'innuendo' 'facts' 'social order transformation' 'spite speaking tongues' 'severed at the root' 'judges' 'lobbyists' 'bank managers/functionaries' 'denied entrance' 'door' 'Financial Crisis [2016]' 'restricted access' 'funds/currencies/digital accounts' 'currency “event”' 'surprise' 'most' 'population' 'holiday' 'late Spring (northern hemisphere)' 'bank shutdown' 'bank holiday' 'holiday' 'sudden' 'surprising' 'unexpected' 'holiday' 'out-of-no-where announcement' '3/three day weekend' 'chaos' 'markets' 'chaos' 'society' 'financial system' 'touch' 'support' 'ATM' 'walking around money'  'dying' 'underlying networks' 'cut off' 'officialdom/banksters'  'ATM boxes' 'not refilled' 'carried off' 'destroyed' 'fail to deliver' 'requested cash'  'damage' 'network' 'facilities' 'return (ever) of those services' 'state of doubt' 'south east' 'Mississippi river' 'fluttering (network) blackouts' 'regions' 'bank branches shuttered' 'chaos' 'great financial upheaval' 'local (or regional) banks'  'function'  'out of area transactions' 'deteriorate' 'crisis' 'population' 'suddenly plunged into struggle' 'daily' 'achieve tasks/goals' 'used to be simple'  'national identity' 'shift radically' 'dollar empire' 'visible death throes'( Summer)'governmental functions' 'nearly instantly stopped' 'funding' 'vanish in a heartbeat' 'governmental agencies' 'commissions' 'departments' 'local' 'state' 'federal' 'instantly chopped off (the funding tree)' 'heads of branch' 'holding emergency meetings' 'chain of funding/command' 'state government officialdom' 'in meetings in secret locations'  'deciding the fates (of thousands) of state and local employees' 'arrive back at headquarters' 'similar meeting' 'higher level' 'department' 'eliminated while eliminating (someone else)' 'government structure' 'big holes' 'isolated areas' 'governmental functions caught in funding disarray' 'closure of public access points (parks, fishing, et al)' 'other than funding excuses' 'military actions' 'wilderness regions' 'fires' 'destroy property' 'big cover up' 'fail quickly' 'investigations' 'media frenzy' 'look at what is not being covered/referenced' 'secret military actions gone bad in nature preserve' 'distract' 'disinform' 'regional energy crises' 'spreading energy crisis' 'leaping (across the grid) energy delivery crisis' 'splintering (of ) usage (motivations)' 'west' 'heat relief' 'east needing 'heat' 'weather chaos (rain/sleet/hail/snow/winds)' (south east )'regional energy crises' 'national food delivery crises' ( 2016 and 2017 )'permanent' 'floating food (and/or) energy deprivation' 'ongoing' 'decade' 'energy crisis' 'food restrictions' 'supply side issues' 'funding' 'credit' 'massive food riots' 'scavenging' 'food poisoning' 'fatalities' 'disease' 'poaching' 'food wars (turf battles over food sources)' 'bodies floating in the water' 'groups' 'in contest' 'government' 'titular/nominal causes' 'battles' 'prompted' 'dying dollar purchasing power' 'frenetic desperation (of TPTB) to keep power' hyperinflation' 'crumbling dollar purchasing power' 'hyperinflation' 'officialdom' 'create digital dollars' 'try to create demand for borrowing' 'state government debt failures' 'state government bond failures' 'state government pension plan failures' 'crashing social order' 'pension plan crashes' 'riots' 'defaults' 'wide' 'wild' 'prices' 'availability' 'formerly plentiful goods' 'headline ews' (latter half of 2016) 'wild price swings ' 'energy' 'foods'  'violent' 'induce local rioting' 'communities' 'vital (household) goods' 'price swings (due to availability)' (5000 % in months) 'summer of lists' 'continuing lists (of bankruptcies)' 'record breaking numbers' 'lists' 'new weather records breaking (which cause food crisis)' 'cities going broke' 'states and counties/parishes going broke' 'national pension schemes going broke' 'summer of lists' (very large (wide) temporal marker ) 'central banks firsts (and/or mosts)' 'record breaking central bank events' 'hyperinflationary push' 'putsch against hyperinflation' ( 2018 onward )'driving force' 'ten years'( 2/two year ) 'hyperinflation' 'excuse' 'introduce 'monetary reform' 'global issue' 'humans versus inflation' 'new global monetary system' 'promulgated' 'hyperinflationary years' 'worst' 'crushing years (of the) global depression' (except North America) 'death of the dollar' 'purchasing power' 'cure'  'hyperinflation' 'reducing the 'USAPop' 'shell' 'peak robust self' 'depression' 'marked' 'beginning' ( 2016 )'nation'( Great Global Depression) 'crises' ( China )'de-peg' 'credit rating strip' 'ratings crisis' 'financial world'( past July 2016)'gold in the vaults' 'bad' 'worse' 'show me yours and I'll show you mine' 'numbers' 'gold' 'silver' 'ballistic' 'rate of increase' 'price of gold' 'gold rise rate speed up' 'catalyst' 'lines in the street' 'buy physical gold/silver' 'desperation' 'rising rate of gold value (in dollars)' 'spectacular' 'parabolic' 'rocket to the moon' 'peak silver' 'peak gold' 'international currency instability'( June 2016 ) 'things getting out-of-control-of-tptb' 'big beast dying' 'descent' 'daily life' 'average joe/josephine' 'walking (mentally) wounded' 'slide into (undifferentiated) dysfunction' 'daily life (supporting) infrastructure' 'marginally functional' 'fully fucked up' 'near term lower low' 2017 'nasty continuation' 'rottenness' 'big whump' 'crash period'( late Spring and throughout Summer) 'giant lay-offs' 'presence on the street' 'recently unemployed' 'more and more young people' 'without work' 'weather gets hot' 'systems fail' 'gathering' 'milling about' 'magnified' 'parents' 'fired' 'things (on the streets) get worse' 'sparks' 'season of contention' 'an elderly woman crushed down' 'water restrictions (by police on street activities' 'inner city (stores) shut down (credit freeze)' 'hit-and-run by officialdom vehicle' 'social distress' 'destroyed money'.'national scandals' 'money' 'public attention span' 'major crises' 'gold (not there)' 'national USA pension plan' 'clients' 'thought' 'gold (in their) 401k' 'self directed pension plans' 'some' 'officials' 'national offices' 'pension plan' 'live/survive to regret' 'participation' 'fraud scheme' 'clients' 'assault the offices' 'confrontation/fight/melee' 'financial firm employees' 'not survive' 'lunch meetings' 'prominent restaurants' 'movie people' 'beaten up/roughed up/dirtied up' 'lunch meetings' 'scam artists/swindlers' 'happen to be seen' 'victims' 'resulting bash-about' 'catch (movie) people' 'video' 'major celebrity' 'reports' 'incident' 'national news' 'scandals emerging' 'relabeled foods' 'huge/giant problems' 'hospitals' 'wide region of the south' 'stolen/siphoned funds' 'converted to money' 'national obsession (for a few days)' 'chase ensues' 'felons vanish (along with money)' 'speculative chatter goes crazy' 'resolution' 'usually empty roadway' 'lonely desert'.

BrazilPop and USAPop
'decade of struggle' 'population movements'(through the 2030s )'force' 'social cycles completing/changing' '5000/five thousand years' 'generational' 'before the revolution' 'in the old days' 'in days past' 'before the crackup' 'before the breakup' 'past times' 'dollar was dominant'(next 20/twenty years)'decade of struggles' 'redefine itself' 'redefinition' 'reconciliation' 'crimes' 'past (leadership)' 'name of the people' 'Saudi officialdom' 'shaking in their robes' 'luck runs out' 'bribery ceases to hold' 'house of saud' 'Yemen adventure' 'internal financial chaos' 'intense' 'Americans' 'pertinent facts' 'mass migrations' 'nuclear infrastructure' 'bad/rotten' 'renaissance' 're-invigoration' 'nuclear disaster' 'creative invention' 'never before achieved' 'population' 'walk about' 'diaspora' 'dust bowl migrations' 'renaissance' 'american manufacturing' 'new robotics' 'break out into the public' 'shock' 'being overwhelmed' 'robotics concept' 'torn apart' 'american invention' 'renaissance' 'wireless telepathy' 'other inventions' 'severely stress' 'control infrastructure' 'anger' 'resentment' 'economic malaise' 'political games' 'party structure' 'degradation' 'dysfunction' 'electrical grid' 'grid' 'regional problems' 'anger' 'manifest' 'dozens' 'population' 'forced to react' 'blackout conditions' 'electrical support' 'new monetary system' 'rising' 'dollar infrastructure dies' 'evolving system' 'top down' 'delivered' 'born of necessity' 'self organizing' 'self limiting' 'sophisticated (forms of) barter' 'mobile alternative' 'daily (degradation) of the dollar' 'dollar degradation' 'cruise ship labor disputes with passengers held hostage' 'hospitals closed due to lack of supplies' 'public events canceled due to lack of funds for police/security/cleanup' 'do it anyway' 'bad outcomes'

'sad and drunk' 'crushing defeat' 'population' '(metaphoric) hands' 'controlling elites' 'migration' 'extremist behavior' 'voting' 'will shall be ignored' 'political sham' 'vote' 'cooled'

'declining living standard' 'economic schisms' 'various fronts (political interests)' 'developing power vacuum' 'pressing their case' 'governmental push' 'produce robots (general purpose)' 'big emotional hook' 'corporate base' 'effort (to boost local economy via big debt funded investment in robotics)' 'scandal' 'developing' 'robots gone bad' 'fatalities' 'corporate cover ups'.

'revolution' ( east to west, starting in the middle, spreading north, then south. except Uruguay and Paraguay 'problems' 'upheaval'.'international' 'erupt' 'international sporting events' 'shut out' 'production facilities' 'local social action' 'riot gone wild' 'successful model' 'local popular actions' 'occupation zone' 'no-go officialdom zone' 'many local committees (forming new local governments in a de facto fashion)' 'cratered' 'local communities' 'isolated' 'not likely to receive (federal government) assistance' 'to speak is to secede' 'public outcry' 'incompetence and corruption' 'revolution' 'starving (hunger strikes?)' 'prisons' 'ports shut down (as credit freezes due to international jitters over local popular actions'.'local popular actions' 'alternative media' 'woo-woo' (or the officially denied, and/or disappeared information)' 'economic lies' 'local population' 'forced' 'investigate (what happened to them, their jobs, et cetera)' 'creating conditions' 'mass awakening' 'hastened' 'wave of bankruptcies globally (that creates whistle-blowers in large numbers)'.

Markets -- The BIG ONE
'largest (paper debt) crash ever' 'BIG ONE' 'equity plunge' 'stocks plummet' 'debt defaults' 'carry (forex) trade failures' 'price fluctuations' 'bonds' 'stock/equity market movement' 'bringing tears' and 'squeezing (the) bowels' 'record pace (downward)' 'elevator stomach heaves' 'corporations' 'scrambling (to recover) mere pennies' 'liquidity goes/fails' 'liquidity' 'supply chain (credit) failure' 'base money supply vaporization' 'withering arteries (lead to shrinking veins)' 'gateways (thin)' 'fat (over anxious) credit pushers' 'no (credit) demand' 'collapsing credit demand markets' 'disappearing base money supply' ( Summer and through Fall (northern hemisphere)'just in time delivery system' 'falling apart (as though fasteners removed)' 'world gone wonky' 'officialdom' 'world gone wonky' 'officialdom pronouncements' 'reality' 'impact of reality' 'shoving a stick (up the ass/arse)' 'officialdom' 'markets and liquidity failures' 'prompt' 'officialdom response' 'totally screw up (the) situation' 'Fed response' 'monetary crisis' 'make traders vomit' 'feel' 'unwell' 'un-reality' 'un-real' 'markets' 'factor' 'disbelief' 'feeling' 'markets' (April and through May/June )'tilted' 'skewed' 'squirrelly'“caged rats eating each others' tails”'buckets (of pissed off) octopi' 'disbelief' 'officialdom numbers' 'anything' 'revolutionary awakening' 'on the horizon' 'something, once observed in the distance, will continue to grow daily in your vision' 'hyperinflation' (mid to late Summer northern hemisphere )'captive press (aka mainstream propaganda press)' 'but an episode' 'impacts' 'hitting working population' 'population' 'feel blooded' 'cutting (of the) money' 'food crisis' 'failures of (delivery) system' 'episodically (floating) about (the) USA (and many parts of Canada)' 'great' 'giant' 'monstrous' 'pouring out of' 'bubbles' 'waves (of selling)' 'days (of) down numbers' 'April fall off (of the edge)' 'monetizing of assets' 'preceding Summer (northern hemisphere) hyperinflation' 'popular culture' 'all-in' 'actual costs' 'price suppression' 'central planning' 'peeling back' 'layers of rigging' 'markets' 'chaos period' 'summer broadcasts' 'western media' (late in Summer (northern hemisphere) 'hostilities' 'environmental destruction' 'recent sinking' 'transport ship(s)' 'named cause' 'raging' 'terrifying' 'global currency crisis' 'break down' 'mainstream propaganda press' 'waterfall crash(es)' 'global fiat currencies' 'bizarre schemes' 'paraded ' 'government shills and speakers' 'populations' 'get something to fly (be accepted)' 'derivative hot potato' late May or early June 'fire to banks' (30+ per cent) 'fire to banks' 'gold' 'silver' 'silver' 'gold' 'money' 'interest rates' 'competition' 'banks' 'acquire' 'store' 'real money' 'interest rates' 'derivatives hot potato' 'debacle' 'Turkey' 'damage' 'key element' 'basis' 'derivative chain' 'between banks' 'derivatives' 'tightly bound chain' 'holding link break' 'next leg' 'currency competition' 'biting (to the bone)' 'hyperinflation'  'new limits' 'new understanding (of gold (in monetary policy))' 'no constraints/bounds (on the currency devaluations)' 'ideology' 'fundamental belief' 'religious' 'monetary system' 'ephemeral abstractions/mental images' ' 'gold' 'central banks' 'in public' 'forced revaluation' 'gold' 'small country' 'desperate straits (within the financial system)' 'small nation' 'gold reserves' 'discovery' 'kept close (to very few, interested, involved, and controlling hands)' 'discovery' may be not a 'storage of gold' 'discovery (of how to) capitalize' 'forced gold price revaluation'.'Bangladesh'  'small nation' 'upsets (global) banking' 'revenge' 'gold as money' 'launched' 'global debate'  'actions' 'small nation' 'discussion' 'policy crushing event' 'central banksters' 'propaganda media' 'gold standard' 'smugglers' 'others (criminals in officialdom eyes)'  'support (the) the small nation'  'hidden channel (to get gold to them)' 'gold' 'dollar degradation' 'major propellant' 'dollar price of gold' 'new all time highs' 'gold' 'silver' 'get there first' 'initial pop' 'price action' 'oppressors' 'precious metals' 'loose bowels' 'media' 'public' 'catching gold (and silver) fever' 'developing political fracturing' 'massive economic failure' 'crashing housing' 'deflationary debt destruction' 'once support (from Fed) dies' 'debt-as-asset bubbles' 'rupture' 'explode' 'violent' 'housing' 'construction' 'housing shift' 'condition' 'equity' 'no cash' 'assailt' 'real estate markets' 'western (dollar dominated) financial system' 'unglued' (Summer and into Fall /early to mid June )'flood' 'sellers' 'owners perceive (their) equity' 'vanishing' 'credit markets seize up' 'governmental agencies (usa)' 'fail to deliver (the) cash (and guarantees)' 'financing of house sales' 'credit market freeze' 'induce a run (to cash -globally)' 'force many (sellers)' 'unable to market (their property)' 'sudden freeze (lack of liquidity)' 'financing mechanisms (for real estate)' 'increasing political instability (in USA)' 'repeated (and escalating) failures (of USA officialdom) to pay bills' 'foreign fears' 'avoidance (supported by disease)' 'dollar denominated debts (held as assets)' 'global housing' 'construction' 'seizure' 'tightening credit system' 'dollar base (real money, not digital, debt based liabilities labeled as assets) shrinks rapidly' 'deals to sour' 'hurting' 'middle to lower price brackets' 'failed sales' 'gain press' 'induce price lowering frenzy' 'motivated sellers' 'freaked out' 'slashing (their) prices' 'freaks out' 'sellers' 'real estate markets' 'still normal' 'sudden awakening (to all the system crumbling)' 'wealth (being held hostage)' 'equity' 'false numbers' 'assumed ability' 'someone else' 'obtain financing' 'cash (them) out' 'false' (early July )'major markets' 'western world' 'abandonment (of high end property)' 'high pay workers' 'trashed' 'crumbling system' 'discover' 'not rich' 'debt bound' 'abandoned' 'equity' 'melting away' 'degrading real estate markets' 'government agencies' 'investigating' 'sudden (rectifying) downward turn' 'real estate markets' 'manipulation' 'comedy' 'government agencies' 'attacking' 'issue of manipulation' 'run into banks' 'whistle-blower' 'change' 'game (of markets corruption)' 'bring (down)' the (at that time)“top two bank ceo's “'whistle-blower' 'in far far future' 'temporal marker' 'failure' 'monetary (financial) system' 'complex deals' 'coming apart' 'flood' (2016  2017  )'total collapse (of the) global market (for mortgages)' 'complexity (pressure) systemic failure' 'failure' 'small levels' 'broken teeth' 'blocking (the) movement (of the) gears' 'failures' 'system clogging debris' 'complexity' 'failure blockage' 'pushes the system (over the) edge' 'complexity' 'interconnected systems' 'mechanisms' of 'government' 'wound up together' 'cease' to 'function' 'tourists' 'held hostage' 'park workers' 'boats' 'denied landings' 'computer failure' 'port workers' 'protest (lack of work)' 'police' 'arrest the port workers' 'port authorities (management)' 'international (shipping) ramifications' 'rapidly unfolding (trade) war' 'complexity blocking' 'policies' 'instantly' 'reality' 'sanity' 'other insane governmental policies' 'no (policy)' 'ever reviewed' 'questioned' 'implementation' 'off shoot' 'complexity problem' 'affecting policy creators' 'implementing personnel (aka police)' 'complexity' 'officialdom' 'daily conflict(s) (between government agencies and departments) with itself'.'distortions' 'wobble' 'dollar' 'pumping the pendulum' 'regional (within USA)' 'government level' 'dollar purchasing power failure' 'regional source dollar generation' 'USA governmental infrastructure' 'officialdom induced meltdown' 'feuding warlords' 'gang turf battles' 'intergovernmental battles' 'retaining funding' 'power centers' 'government' 'fighting it out (amongst themselves)' 'crumbling funding' 'chaos' 'disruption' 'flow of finance' 'trading of goods' 'very bad summer and fall' 'terrible winter of (financial death)' 'financial black plague'  (early October  )'record numbers (of) corporations' 'going out of business' 'filing for bankruptcy'(Summer and into Fall)'eastern storm outlook (forecast)' 'weather' 'markets' 'intense'(September, October, and November )'stormy/frightful/scary conditions' 'markets' 'banks (regional) failures' 'shutter thousands (of branches)' 'teetering (with daily new stories about how fragile they are becoming)' 'grocery chains (being kept open by officialdom dictate)' 'bond markets' 'leading edge' 'crash' 'central banks' 'pushed down' 'bond market' 'lifts up' 'rolls over' 'lifting up' 'interest rates' 'teeth, sinking deep, down to the bone' 'real estate markets' 'heat picks up (in Summer, northern hemisphere)' 'housing markets' 'reality' 'ability to sell' 'inventory building' 'flooded market' 'fewer and fewer buyers' 'able to achieve financing' 'real estate markets' 'choking (with) properties' 'Summer listing season'(late July into August)'high end real estate markets' 'mainstream propaganda media' 'realtors' 'screaming' 'failing sales' 'rising inventory' 'falling prices' 'credit tightens' 'failing regional banks' 'failing auto dealerships' 'failing real estate markets' 'crashing just in time delivery systems' 'pile onto' 'population' 'conditions for riots' 'conditions' 'regional economic collapse' 'real estate markets' 'high end properties' 'abandoned (in the early stages)' 'squatted (by former 'owners') in latter stages' 'Great Real Estate Crunch 2016' 'real crash'( 2017 )'bonds' 'real estate' 'crisis condition' 'super huge planet sized bubble' 'start to pop' (Summer 2016)'complete the exhalation of the balloon' 'size of the balloon' 'debated' 'failing' 'hyperinflation' 'led by the Fed' 'global financial (and trade) markets' 'slide into' 'condition' 'crashing currencies' 'hyperinflation' 'eat its way out of the heart of the local economies' 'storm of tariffs' 'capital restrictions' 'traveling through economies' 'shit through a goose' 'financial' 'shock of the new' 'officialdom' 'cracking point' 'financial facade' 'set aside' 'deal with reality' 'governments' 'getting wise' 'reacting to (developing) reality' 'silver' 'gold' 'officialdom' 'great lengths' 'disparage gold' 'upcoming hyperinflation' 'governments' 'screaming' 'protect' 'national assets' 'silver hoards' 'silver' 'industrial-monetary' 'strategic-monetary-industrial' 'surprising movements' 'price' 'violent' 'precipitate heart attacks' 'next 10/ten years' 'too precious (to use up)' 'strategic embargo (on shipping silver out side of borders)' 'those who has it, wants to keep it' 'silver' 'contradictory behavior' 'issues from officialdom' 'behavior' 'conflict' 'itself' 'local and state government' 'international agreements' 'section A' 'disagree' 'section Q' 'conflicts' 'developing governmental seize-up' 'government' 'peak of affordability' 'capacity (to) function' 'trading community' 'governments' 'impeded' 'constipated' 'cause (internal to their countries) markets' 'misbehave'.


'outspreading' 'personal technology revolution' 'announcements'( Summer northern hemisphere) 'new refining (electrical separation of elements from aggregates)'smart (refining) bots' 'slide down veins (of ore)' 'electrically extract (the) minerals' 'very underwhelming' (public )'physicists' 'makers' ( excited )'climate' 'weather' 'unknown energies from space' 'identified (new forms of) energies from space'
'UV rays' 'electrical discharges (at a micro level at the very edge of the upper atmosphere)' 'chemtrails' 'new glaciation' 'screw up' 'Large Hadron Collider' 'go bad/ be sour' 'cause problems with local rocks' 'big earthquake' ( China )'discussion (of) a pending arrival' 'arrival' 'traveler' 'officialdom' 'shitting sharp bricks' 'upcoming event' 'freaking out/losing of mind' 'bad circumstances (within the social order)' 'complexity' 'situation' 'mentally taxing' 'conceptualize'.