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Table of Contents

Jay HARMAN : " Frozen Whirlpool " Lily Impeller ~ UPDATE

Gary VESPERMAN : Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions Exhibit

Bruce DePALMA Refuted : Bert Pools' test refutes the DePalma slow time experiment : Cars with Propellers ... New Hydrofoil & Submersible Designs ... Monowheels

Animated Gifs : Approaching Jupiter

432 Hz Quick Tune-Up

Robert M. BAKER : Gravitational Wave Generator Apparatus

Thunder God Vine vs Obesity

Thorsten LUDWIG : Tuning Coler Magnetic Current Apparatus with Magneto-Acoustic Resonance

Pestalotiopsis microspora vs Plastic

Paul Stamets : Myco-Man !


Low Doses Of Radiation Can Cause Heart Disease And Stroke

Todd McDEVITT, et al. : Bone Tissue Regeneration

Gupta NIKHIL, et al. : Floating Metal Foam

Tolga AYTUG : Superhydrophobic Glass

Anahita AZARPIRA : Artificial Photosynthesis

Xile HU,et al. : MoS Solar-Powered Water-Splitting

Emiliano LEPORE, et al. : Graphene Reinforced Spider Silk

A. MANNING, et al. : Wheeler's delayed-choice gedanken experiment with a single atom

Cymatics Videos

Rex-ommended Blog-Reads : "The Great Game Is Over -- The Jig Is Up"  by Richard Sauder ... "America The Battlefield " by Tim Pope ... " America Is Like a Dangerous Beast in Its Last Gasps" by John Chuckman ...


California Dreamin' : Devastating Drought Drives Droves East, North ( Eventually Soon Enough )

Graphene Desalination

Fukushima Daiichi Videos : Pacific Ocean Die-Off

J. COLBY : "The Future : An Unfinished Timeline"

Some More Air Well Videos

Bottom Secret

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Jay HARMAN : " Frozen Whirlpool " Lily Impeller ~ UPDATE :
Spinning a Helical Resonant Chamber (Impeller)
200 Watts moving 10 MILLION Gallons of Water
Lily Impeller by Jay Harman

[ An obvious ? from the Comments : ]

Would this ever work in aircraft propulsion? I doubt it. You have to turn extremely high RPMs to fly at high altitude. Fly behind tornadoes, would not good for the health of birds.

N1=2,550 (max) This is really high for that diameter! I believe the fan tips go supersonic at ~2,100 RPM during takeoff (but I'm going from memory). This implies a peak tip Mach #=1.2. That's much higher than what I'm used to seeing! (Peak M=1.1 to 1.15 is much more typical) Yes, a M=0.05 difference is huge!

N2=10,850 RPM (which is actually slow for a high turbine)

High turbines turn anywhere from 8,000 to 15,000 RPM. The trend is back toward higher RPMs. For a long while, the trend was slower? Why? Best engine efficiency was obtained by putting one of the rows of compressor blades from the low turbine onto the high tubine. But this new row of larger diameter blades thus became the RPM limiting component on the high spool. Now with improved LPC efficiencies, we're seeing high spool RPMs creep back up. Obviously in a triple spool or GTF the trade study shifts to putting more onto the LPC due to the much higher RPM (~4,000) compared to the GE-90.

That said, the Trent 900 has high RPM's too (notice a trend in new engines?)
N1: 3,000 RPM with peak tip Mach#=1.5  wideeyed   wideeyed   wideeyed
N2: 7,500 RPM (Trent 800, I didn't find the 900's... close enough)  wideeyed
N3 (high spool): 12,500  yawn  

[ Perhaps incorporate Coanda effect shroud ? ]
Torus Vortex Lily Impeller Electric Motor
3D Printed Lily Impeller For Puchta
Hhydrogen4Power :
Lily Vortex Impeller project Pt 2
Lily Vortex Impeller project Pt 3
Lily Vortex Impeller project Pt 6

Biomic Active Mixers

Designed by Nature, Backed by Science

Biomimicry is a rapidly growing discipline in which nature’s solutions are adapted to solve man-made design challenges. At the core of the PAX Water Mixer is the Lily impeller, named after its resemblance to the calla lily. The Lily replicates nature’s spiral flow pattern – observed in whirlpools and tornados – to significantly improve the performance and energy usage of mixing water storage tanks. While the Lily is only 8 inches (21 cm) tall, it is capable of circulating millions of gallons of water with the same energy footprint as three 100-watt light bulbs.

See Also :
  Jay HARMAN :

A slightly similar 1940s design :

Popular Science (May 1946) -- The Worm Turns -- The new type of boat illustrated below has been specially designed for propulsion by a kind of turbine in reverse. The after end of the hull is recessed to accommodate the propeller mechanism, which is in two cylindrical sections, one inside the other. The inside division is stationary and houses the power unit, while the outside section, which revolves, is fitted on its exterior with a spiral fin or blade. When this turns, boring through the water like an auger, there is a long-continued thrust that sends the boat forward at a steady speed. Unlike the conventional propeller, the device makes a continuous "bite" at the water over a considerable distance. Forward of the propeller is a cabin with control apparatus. The man who invented the boat is Harold B. Harvey, Pensacola FL


Gallery of Clean Energy Inventions Exhibit



PDF (15 MB / 259 pp. )

Exhibits 43 generators, 18 advanced self-powered electric vehicle innovations, 25 radioactivity neutralization methods, 22 space travel innovations, 10 technical solutions to water shortages, and torsion field school network. The exhibit also includes 52 Hubble Space Telescope images and 23 movie posters. The exhibit can be installed in conventions, festivals, and any suitable public buildings such as universities, city halls, museums, shopping malls, and libraries.

Bruce DePALMA Refuted


 Bert Pools' test refutes the DePalma slow time experiment

I don't know that I ever posted the results of Bert Pool's experiment to test inertia affecting time as claimed by Bruce DePalma;

The Experiment: A good way to detect a field whose effect is a spatial inertial anisotropy is to use a time measurement based on an inertial property of space and compare it to a remote reference. With reference to figure ( 1 ) we have a situation where the timekeeping rate of an Accutron tuning fork regulated wrist watch is compared to that of an ordinary electric clock with a synchronous sweep second hand.

The Accutron timepiece is specified to be accurate to one minute a month. Examination of the relative time drift of the Accutron - electric clock combination shows a cumulative drift of .25 second Accutron ahead for 4 hours of steady state operation. This is within the specification of the watch. DePalmas' Nature 5.

With the flywheel spinning at 7600 r.p.m. and run steadily for 1000 seconds (17 minutes), the Accutron loses .9 second relative to the electric clock.

Much experimentation has shown that the effect is greatest with the position of the tuning fork as shown. Magnetic effects from leakage fields from the gyro drive motors are almost entirely absent; any remaining leakage is removed by co-netic magnetic shielding. The Accutron is also in a "non-magnetic" envelope.

The purpose of the experiment is a simple demonstration of one of the effects of the od field of a rotating object. The demonstration may easily be repeated using any one of a variety of rotating objects, motor flywheels, old gyrocompasses, etc.

The rotating mass of the flywheels used in these experiments is 29 1/2 pounds. The rotational speed of 7600 r.p.m. is easily accessible. The effect is roughly proportional to the radius and mass of the rotating object and to the square of the rotational speed.

Finer measurements can be made using an external electrically powered tuning fork oscillator and an electronic frequency counter. In this case the inertial anisotropy of the od field of a rotating object can be much more quickly and precisely measured. Field strength lines can be plotted along contours of constant frequency shift for the two orientation conditions of fork vibration direction parallel to, and perpendicular to, the axis of rotation of the test object.

Conclusions and Observations: The proper conclusions and evaluations of the above experiment will affect present conceptions of Cosmology. Before this can happen, simple tests must be performed to show the existence of a new phenomenon. It is hoped the apparatus for the performance of these tests is widely enough available to lead to quick verification.

So Bert read the bit about DePalmas claim in an early discussion list post and wrote the details and RESULTS of his experiment to share with all, thanks Bert!

Hola, Jerry!

Depalma's claim that a spinning heavy mass causes a nearby watch to gain or lose time is crap. I have actually performed this experiment, to much tighter specs that that in the claim cited.

Norm gave me a large stack of precision aluminum platters and spindle out of a large IBM hard disk drive. The disks were clamped together on the spindle to create about a 40 pound mass. I had several quartz clock modules with digital read outs.

I matched two modules so their readouts matched within 1/2 second per week. I soldered each inside a copper envelope for EM shielding purposes. The "control" clock was placed in a closet 50 feet from the spinning mass.

The other was placed within 1/8 inch of the surface of the spinning platter mass.

I ran it for 8 hours, then opened the sealed copper shields of both clocks and compared the two clocks. there was NO time difference.

I went even further. I did the same experiment again, but this time one of the clock modules was epoxied directly to the spinning mass and spun with the platters.

I used a third clock module to act as an opposing balance mass. Again, after 8 hours, NO time difference was noted.

My conclusion? The claim about the Bulova Accura watch gaining or losing time near a high speed spinning mass is crap!

Norm and I are not "arm chair" experimenters (Norm has a pet term for those who make claims but never build devices as "strap hangers.") We are both "builders" and I have dis-proven more than one claim like this by building the things, doing the experiment and seeing null results. - Bert

See Also : DEPALMA, Bruce : N-Machine ...
"Dark Roasted Blend"

All Kinds of Weird and Wonderful Things, Discovered Daily!"

Cars with Propellers, Part 1 / Part 2
by Avi Abrams

An amazing collection of prop-driven automobiles, e.g.. :


And while you're there, visit these pages :
New Hydrofoil & Submersible Designs
Monowheels : The Weirdest Transport Known to Man
History of the Tailsitter Airplanes
"Tatra" Car & Other Aerodynamic Marvels
Cool Amphibious Vehicles
Aerodynamic Marvels


Approaching Jupiter

When you put clear tape on frosted glass and rub the tape you can see through it

Rex-ommended for Your Viewing Pleasure :

432 Hz Quick Tune-Up

Indigo Aura

This track has 4 tones, 4 octaves of 432 Hz: 54 Hz - 108 Hz - 216 Hz - 432 Hz. starting with 54 Hz and building up until all 4 are playing. This particular combination of tones is known to help with relaxed focus and creative visualisation.

Gravitational Wave Generator Apparatus

Robert M.L. Baker Jr., Bonnie Sue Baker

An apparatus or structure is proposed for generating high-frequency gravitational waves (HFGWs) between pairs of force–producing elements by means of the simultaneous production of a third time derivative of mass motion of the pair of force–producing elements. The elements are configured as a cylindrical array in the proposed structure and are activated by a radiation wavefront moving along the axis of symmetry of the array. The force-producing elements can be micro-electromechanical systems or MEMS resonators such as film-bulk acoustic resonators or FBARs. A preferred cylindrical array is in the form of a double helix and the activating radiation can be electromagnetic as generated by microwave transmitters such as Magnetrons. As the activating radiation wavefront moves along the axis of the structure it simultaneously activates force elements on opposite sides of the structure and thereby generates a gravitational wave between the pair of force elements. It is also indicated that the Earth is completely transparent to the HFGWs. Thus a sensitive HFGW detector, such as the Li-Baker under development by the Chinese, can sense the generated HFGW at an Earth-diameter distance and could, in theory, be a means for implementing transglobal HFGW communications.

Gravitational wave generator utilizing submicroscopic energizable elements
Inventor: BAKER ROBERT M L JR    



Gravitational wave generator

Peak power energy storage device and gravitational wave generator

Gravitational wave propulsion

Gravitational wave imaging

Thunder God Vine vs Obesity
22 MAY 2015

Science says a traditional Chinese medicine dramatically cuts obesity in mice

It decreased body weight by 45 percent.



An extract from the thunder god vine, used in traditional Chinese medicine, has been found to help obese mice. Researchers say the compound, Celastrol, quickly reduces food intake by 80 percent and causes up to a 45 percent decrease in body weight.

The extract could potentially be used to improve the health of many suffering from obesity and associated complications such as heart disease, fatty liver and type 2 diabetes.

An extract from the thunder god vine, used in traditional Chinese medicine, has been found to help obese mice. Researchers say the compound, Celastrol, quickly reduces food intake by 80 percent and causes up to a 45 percent decrease in body weight.

The extract could potentially be used to improve the health of many suffering from obesity and associated complications such as heart disease, fatty liver and type 2 diabetes.

“If Celastrol works in humans as it does in mice, it could be a powerful way to treat obesity and improve the health of many patients,” says senior study author Umut Ozcan, an endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Within one week of Celastrol treatment, obese mice cut food intake by about 80 percent. By the end of the third week, treated mice lost 45 percent of their initial body weight almost entirely by burning fat stores.

This weight loss is greater than that from bariatric surgery, an operation on the stomach which helps patients with extreme obesity to lose weight.

Celastrol also decreased cholesterol levels and improved liver function and glucose metabolism which collectively may translate into a lower risk of heart disease, fatty liver, and type 2 diabetes.

The research has been published in the journal Cell :


Application of celastrol in drug for treating or preventing pulmonary fibrosis

Application of rosmarinic acid in drug for treating or preventing pulmonary fibrosis


Preparation method for celastrol derivatives, products and application thereof

Preparation method of indirubin derivative and product and application thereof






Preparation method for celastrol long-chain alcohol ester

Celastrol derivative and preparation method thereof and application of celastrol derivative to preparation of antitumor medicine


Compositions and Methods for Inhibiting Growth and Metastasis of Melanoma



Composition containing tripterine, preparation method and use

Treatment of Viral Disease and Cancer With Nf-kappaB Inhibitors

New use of tripterine in pharmacy

Tripterine derivate, preparation method and use thereof

Process for preparing tripterine
Celastrol liposome and preparation thereof

Derivatives of pentacyclic nortriterpene quinone methides as compounds useful in the treatment of inflammatory, neurodegenerative, and neoplastic diseases

Tuning Coler Magnetic Current Apparatus with Magneto-Acoustic Resonance

Thorsten Ludwig


An attempt was made to tune the Coler magnetic current apparatus with the magneto acoustic resonance of the magnetic rods. Measurements with a replica of the famous Coler “Magnetstromapparat” were conducted. In order to tune the acoustic, magnetic and electric resonance circuits of the Coler device the magneto-acoustic resonance was measured with a frequency scan through a function generator and a lock-in amplifier. The frequency generator was powering a driving coil, while the lock-in was connected to a pickup coil. Both coils were placed on a magnetic rod. Resonances were observed up to the 17th harmonic. The quality Q of the observed resonances was 270. To study the magneto-acoustic resonance in the time domain a pair of Permendur rods were employed. The magneto-acoustic resonances of the Permendur rods were observed with an oscilloscope. Spectra of the magneto acoustic resonance were measured for the Permendur rods and for a Coler replica magnet in the frequency range from 25 kHz to 380 kHz. The next step was to bring the resonances of the Permendur rods close together so that they overlap. The 10thharmonic was chosen because it was close to the 180 kHz that Hans Coler related to ferromagnetism. Further more magneto-acoustic coupling between the Permendur rods was studied. Finally the question was explored if Hans Coler converted vacuum fluctuations via magnetic and acoustic resonance into electricity. There is a strong connection between magnetism and quantum field zero point energy (ZPE). An outlook is given on next steps in the experiments to unveil the working mechanism of the Coler magnetic current apparatus.

Pestalotiopsis microspora vs Plastic

Fungi Discovered In The Amazon Will Eat Your Plastic

Michael J. Coren

Polyurethane seemed like it couldn’t interact with the earth’s normal processes of breaking down and recycling material. That’s just because it hadn’t met the right mushroom yet.

The Amazon is home to more species than almost anywhere else on earth. One of them, carried home recently by a group from Yale University, appears to be quite happy eating plastic in airless landfills.

The group of students, part of Yale’s annual Rainforest Expedition and Laboratory with molecular biochemistry professor Scott Strobel, ventured to the jungles of Ecuador. The mission was to allow "students to experience the scientific inquiry process in a comprehensive and creative way." The group searched for plants, and then cultured the microorganisms within the plant tissue. As it turns out, they brought back a fungus new to science with a voracious appetite for a global waste problem: polyurethane.

The common plastic is used for everything from garden hoses to shoes and truck seats. Once it gets into the trash stream, it persists for generations. Anyone alive today is assured that their old garden hoses and other polyurethane trash will still be here to greet his or her great, great grandchildren. Unless something eats it.

The fungi, Pestalotiopsis microspora, is the first anyone has found to survive on a steady diet of polyurethane alone and—even more surprising—do this in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment that is close to the condition at the bottom of a landfill.

Student Pria Anand recorded the microbe’s remarkable behavior and Jonathan Russell isolated the enzymes that allow the organism to degrade plastic as its food source. The Yale team published their findings in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology late last year concluding the microbe is "a promising source of biodiversity from which to screen for metabolic properties useful for bioremediation." In the future, our trash compactors may simply be giant fields of voracious fungi.

Who knows what the students in the rainforest will turn up next?
May 25, 2015
Newly Discovered Fungus Could Rid Landfills Of Plastics!


Amanda Froelich

On an expedition to the Ecuadorian rainforest, Yale students discovered a new type of fungus which may speed up the decomposition process of discarded plastics in landfills.

fungusFew think twice about what to do with their disposable water bottle after they’ve drunk its contents, but environmentalists are aware that it is the entire eco-system which has to pay the price for misguided actions in the present.

Currently, Americans discard about 33.6 million tons of plastic each year. Only 6.5 percent of it is recycled and 7.7 percent is combusted in waste-to-energy facilities, which create electricity or heat from garbage. In result, there is a massive amount of non-biodegradable materials being tossed into landfills with a wait of about 1,000 years or so before they decompose. What’s worse, many of these materials may leak pollutants into the soil and water.

But thanks to a group of Yale students who discovered a new type of fungus in the Ecuadorian rainforest, a semi-solution may soon be available to help speed up the decomposition process of plastics sitting in landfills.

Students from Yale’s Department of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry discovered a previously unknown type of fungus that has a hearty appetite for polyurethane, a polymer that is used in everything from hard plastics to synthetic fibers.

As shared by Fast Company, the fungus is the first one that is known to survive on polyurethane alone, and it can do so in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment, suggesting it could be used at the bottom of landfills.

“Many microbes can do cool tricks, like degrading pollutants,” said Jonathann Russell to the Yale alumni magazine. But a large reason plastics like polyurethane take so long to break down is that microorganisms don’t typically recognize it as food,  therefore it can take centuries for man-made polymers to break down into microscopic granules.

But the discovery of Pestalotiopsis microspora may change all that.

The students of Yale isolated the enzyme that enables the fungus to break down plastic then observed its potential.

“The broad distribution of activity observed and the unprecedented case of anaerobic growth using [polyester polyurethane] as the sole carbon source suggest that endophytes are a promising source of biodiversity from which to screen for metabolic properties useful for bioremediation,” they wrote in a report published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

No doubt the first step in reducing environmental pollution is to completely eliminate the production of materials which take thousands of years to biodegrade, and second, to re-use or recycle already produced materials into new form.

Ultimately, however, this finding opens up an entire new area of intrigue as its potential to break down plastics is tested and evaluated.

Biodegradation of Polyester Polyurethane by Endophytic Fungi?

Jonathan R. Russell, et al


Bioremediation is an important approach to waste reduction that relies on biological processes to break down a variety of pollutants. This is made possible by the vast metabolic diversity of the microbial world. To explore this diversity for the breakdown of plastic, we screened several dozen endophytic fungi for their ability to degrade the synthetic polymer polyester polyurethane (PUR). Several organisms demonstrated the ability to efficiently degrade PUR in both solid and liquid suspensions. Particularly robust activity was observed among several isolates in the genus Pestalotiopsis, although it was not a universal feature of this genus. Two Pestalotiopsis microspora isolates were uniquely able to grow on PUR as the sole carbon source under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions. Molecular characterization of this activity suggests that a serine hydrolase is responsible for degradation of PUR. The broad distribution of activity observed and the unprecedented case of anaerobic growth using PUR as the sole carbon source suggest that endophytes are a promising source of biodiversity from which to screen for metabolic properties useful for bioremediation.

Patents re: Pestalotiopsis microspora

Method for producing pestalotiollide A by Pestalotiopsis microspora liquid fermentation

Two-liquid phase fermentation method for improving paclitaxel yield from fungi

Saprophytic fungus for producing paclitaxel and method for producing paclitaxel using thereof

Pestalotiopsis microsporia isolates and compounds derived therefrom

Furthermore ...
Paul Stamets : Myco-Man !
March 6, 2015
by admin

One Man Holds a PATENT That Could Crush MONSANTO and Change The World

This may be some of the most important information we ever share here at What you are about to read holds tremendous potential to radically change the entire world in many positive ways.

Monsanto does not want this article to go viral, for if it does, it could very well bring about their demise.

In 2006 a patent was granted to a man named Paul Stamets. Even though Paul is the world’s leading mycologist, his patent has received very little attention and exposure. Why? As stated by executives in the pesticide industry, this patent represents “the most disruptive technology we have ever witnessed.” And when they say disruptive, they are referring to it being disruptive to their chemical pesticides industry.

We can no longer deny that the pesticide industry is causing incredibly detrimental effects to the earth, people, animals, plants & insects too. The rapid decline of the world’s bee populations is being attributed to Monsanto’s chemical concoctions that are being sprayed over farmers fields around the world. (Though the number of countries who have kicked out & banned Monsanto is growing) The use of chemical pesticides is a practice that absolutely must stop and new methods must be employed before it’s too late.

Yet with Monsanto generating nearly $16 BILLION dollars in 2014, they certainly do not want anything getting in the way of that money flow. That kind of revenue gives them a lot of resources and abilities to suppress information that may be damaging to them.

Like this patent of Paul Stamet’s. Paul has figured out how to use mother nature’s own creations to keep insects from destroying crops. It is what’s being called SMART pesticides. These biopesticides provide a safe & nearly permanent solution for controlling over 200,000 species of insects, and it is all thanks to the ‘magic’ of mushrooms.

I won’t go into the specifics of how it all works, for most of us won’t really understand it anyway, but to summarize, he does this by taking entomopathogenic Fungi (fungi that destroys insects) and morphs it into not producing spores. This in turn actually attracts the insects who then eat and turn into fungi from the inside out!

For those who do want to do their own further reseach on the topic, I have provided a list of links below to help you along.

As more people wake up to the damaging effects of Monsanto’s chemicals & GMO foods, the demand for truly nutritious, pesticide free, non-gmo, organic foods is on the rise. We are seeing more community gardens & urban forests being created. More people are starting to grow food, not lawns. Permaculture is becoming more widely talked about and understood. There is a major paradigm shift happening right now as our collective consciousness expands and awakens.

These truly are exciting, monumental times we live in. We are seeing old world ways crumble and power structures fall as we wake up and step up to collectively create a more healthy and sustainable way of working, living & playing together on this planet. The time has come. We can do this!

Here is a link to the patent we are speaking of: USP 7,122,176

A list of all the patents Paul has applied for:

Plenty of information about Paul Stamets:

Wikipedia page about Paul Stamets:

And finally, here is a TedTalks video by Paul in 2008 called:
6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save The World

Integrative fungal solutions for protecting bees and overcoming colony collapse disorder (CCD): methods and compositions

Antiviral and antibacterial activity from medicinal mushrooms


Controlling disease vectors from insects and arthropods using preconidial mycelium and extracts of preconidial mycelium from entomopathogenic fungi

Controlling zoonotic disease vectors from insects and arthropods using preconidial mycelium and extracts of preconidial mycelium from entomopathogenic fungi

Mycoattractants and Mycopesticides

Antiviral activity from medicinal mushrooms

Compositions Comprising Hypsizygus Ulmarius Extract

Antiviral and antibacterial activity from medicinal mushrooms

Delivery systems for mycotechnologies, mycofiltration and mycoremediation


Living systems from cardboard packaging materials

Living systems from cardboard packaging materials

Mycoattractants and mycopesticides

Antiviral activity from medicinal mushrooms





Asian Hornets


October 23, 2009

How Low Doses Of Radiation Can Cause Heart Disease And Stroke

A mathematical model constructed by researchers at Imperial College London predicts the risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attacks, stroke) associated with low background levels of radiation. The model shows that the risk would vary almost in proportion with dose.

Results, published October 23 in the open-access journal PLoS Computational Biology, are consistent with risk levels reported in previous studies involving nuclear workers.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and one of the leading causes of disability in developed countries, as reported in the paper and also by the World Health Organization. For some time, scientists have understood how high-dose radiotherapy (RT) causes inflammation in the heart and large arteries and how this results in the increased levels of cardiovascular disease observed in many groups of patients who receive RT. However, in the last few years, studies have shown that there may also be cardiovascular risks associated with the much lower fractionated doses of radiation received by groups such as nuclear workers, but it is not clear what biological mechanisms are responsible.

The Imperial College London team, led by Dr. Mark Little, has explored a novel mechanism that suggests that radiation kills monocytes (a type of white blood cell) in the arterial wall, which would otherwise bind to monocyte chemo-attractant protein 1 (MCP-1). The resultant higher levels of MCP-1 cause inflammation which leads to cardiovascular disease. As well as being consistent with what is seen in nuclear workers, the changes in MCP-1 caused by dietary cholesterol that are predicted by the model are also consistent with experimental and epidemiologic data.

If the mechanism is valid it implies that risks from low dose radiation exposures (e.g., medical and dental X-rays), which until now have been assumed to result only from cancer, may have been substantially underestimated, say the authors.

The biological mechanism has yet to be experimentally tested. Further research is planned to investigate this.

PLoS Computational Biology, 2009; 5 (10): e1000539
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000539

A Model of Cardiovascular Disease Giving a Plausible Mechanism for the Effect of Fractionated Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation Exposure.

Little MP, Gola A, Tzoulaki I.


[ ... Somehow that kind of reminds me of that guy in Luke 21:26 , talkin' 'bout how, " There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth, dismay among nations, perplexed at the roaring of the sea ... Hearts shall fail in fear of things coming upon the earth, for the powers of heaven will be shaken. " ]

Scientists Regenerate Bone Tissue Using Only Proteins Secreted by Stem Cells

The new strategy is more sustainable and less risky than the current standard therapies

Dr. Todd McDevitt

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — MAY 11, 2015 — Scientists have discovered a way to regrow bone tissue using the protein signals produced by stem cells. This technology could help treat victims who have experienced major trauma to a limb, like soldiers wounded in combat or casualties of a natural disaster. The new method improves on older therapies by providing a sustainable source for fresh tissue and reducing the risk of tumor formation that can arise with stem cell transplants.

The new study, published in Scientific Reports, is is the first to extract the necessary bone-producing growth factors from stem cells and to show that these proteins are sufficient to create new bone. The stem cell-based approach was as effective as the current standard treatment in terms of the amount of bone created.

“This proof-of-principle work establishes a novel bone formation therapy that exploits the regenerative potential of stem cells,” says senior author Todd McDevitt, PhD, a senior investigator at the Gladstone Institutes. “With this technique, we can produce new tissue that is completely stem cell-derived and that performs similarly with the gold standard in the field.”

Instead of using stem cells themselves, the scientists extracted the proteins that the cells secrete — such as bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) — in order to harness their regenerative power. To do so, the researchers first treated stem cells with a chemical that helped coax them into early bone cells. Next, they mined the essential factors produced by the cells that send the signal to regenerate new tissue. Finally, the researchers delivered these proteins into mouse muscle tissue to facilitate new bone growth.

The current standard method involves grinding up old bones in order to extract the proteins and growth factors needed to stimulate new bone growth — a substance dubbed demineralized bone matrix (DBM). However, this approach has significant restrictions as it relies on bones taken from cadavers, which can be highly variable in terms of tissue quality and how much of the necessary signals they still produce. Moreover, as is the problem in organ donation, cadaver tissue is not always available.

“These limitations motivate the need for more consistent and reproducible source material for tissue regeneration,” says Dr. McDevitt, who conducted the research while he was a professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology. “As a renewable resource that is both scalable and consistent in manufacturing, pluripotent stem cells are an ideal solution.”

Other researchers on the study include Ken Sutha, Zvi Schwartz, Yun Wang, Sharon Hyzy, and Barbara Boyan from the Gladstone Institutes, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

About the Gladstone Institutes

To ensure our work does the greatest good, the Gladstone Institutes focuses on conditions with profound medical, economic, and social impact — unsolved diseases of the brain, the heart, and the immune system. Affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco, Gladstone is an independent, nonprofit life science research organization that uses visionary science and technology to overcome disease.
Scientific Reports 5, Article number: 9960
11 May 2015

Osteogenic Embryoid Body-Derived Material Induces Bone Formation In Vivo

Ken Sutha,  Zvi Schwartz,  Yun Wang,  Sharon Hyzy,  Barbara D. Boyan  & Todd C. McDevitt   

The progressive loss of endogenous regenerative capacity that accompanies mammalian aging has been attributed at least in part to alterations in the extracellular matrix (ECM) composition of adult tissues. Thus, creation of a more regenerative microenvironment, analogous to embryonic morphogenesis, may be achieved via pluripotent embryonic stem cell (ESC) differentiation and derivation of devitalized materials as an alternative to decellularized adult tissues, such as demineralized bone matrix (DBM). Transplantation of devitalized ESC materials represents a novel approach to promote functional tissue regeneration and reduce the inherent batch-to-batch variability of allograft-derived materials. In this study, the osteoinductivity of embryoid body-derived material (EBM) was compared to DBM in a standard in vivo ectopic osteoinduction assay in nude mice. EBM derived from EBs differentiated for 10 days with osteogenic media (+ß-glycerophosphate) exhibited similar osteoinductivity to active DBM (osteoinduction score?=?2.50?±?0.27 vs. 2.75?±?0.16) based on histological scoring, and exceeded inactive DBM (1.13?±?0.13, p?<?0.005). Moreover, EBM stimulated formation of new bone, ossicles, and marrow spaces, similar to active DBM. The potent osteoinductivity of EBM demonstrates that morphogenic factors expressed by ESCs undergoing osteogenic differentiation yield a novel devitalized material capable of stimulating de novo bone formation in vivo.
May 12, 2015

A metal composite that will (literally) float your boat


Researchers have demonstrated a new metal matrix composite that is so light that it can float on water. A boat made of such composites will not sink despite damage to its structure. This first lightweight syntactic foam also holds promise for automotive fuel economy because of its heat resistance. The magnesium alloy matrix composite is reinforced with silicon carbide hollow particles and is strong enough to withstand rigorous conditions faced in the marine environment.



A multifunctional syntactic foam including a matrix material and hollow particles, where a first and second material property of the syntactic foam are tailored on the basis of the wall thickness and volume fraction of the hollow particles.
May 11, 2015

Superhydrophobic glass coating offers clear benefits
A moth's eye and lotus leaf were the inspirations for an antireflective water-repelling, or superhydrophobic, glass coating that holds significant potential for solar panels, lenses, detectors, windows, weapons systems and many other products.

The discovery by researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, detailed in a paper published in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C, is based on a mechanically robust nanostructured layer of porous glass film. The coating can be customized to be superhydrophobic, fog-resistant and antireflective.

"While lotus leaves repel water and self-clean when it rains, a moth's eyes are antireflective because of naturally covered tapered nanostructures where the refractive index gradually increases as light travels to the moth's cornea," said Tolga Aytug, lead author of the paper and a member of ORNL's Materials Chemistry Group. "Combined, these features provide truly game-changing ability to design coatings for specific properties and performance."

To be superhydrophobic, a surface must achieve a water droplet contact angle exceeding 150 degrees. ORNL's coating has a contact angle of between 155 and 165 degrees, so water literally bounces off, carrying away dust and dirt. This property combined with the suppression of light reflection from a glass surface is critical for improved performance in numerous optical applications, Aytug said.

The base material -- a special type of glass coating -- is also highly durable, which sets it apart from competing technologies, according to Aytug, who described the process.

"We developed a method that starts with depositing a thin layer of glass material on a glass surface followed by thermal processing and selective material removal by etching," he said. "This produces a surface consisting of a porous three-dimensional network of high-silica content glass that resembles microscopic coral."

The fact the coating can be fabricated through industry standard techniques makes it easy and inexpensive to scale up and apply to a wide variety of glass platforms.

"The unique three-dimensionality interconnected nanoporous nature of our coatings significantly suppresses Fresnel light reflections from glass surfaces, providing enhanced transmission over a wide range of wavelengths and angles," Aytug said. The Fresnel effect describes the amount of light that is reflected versus the amount transmitted.

Where solar panels are concerned, the suppression of reflected light translates into a 3-6 percent relative increase in light-to-electricity conversion efficiency and power output of the cells. Coupled with the superhydrophobic self-cleaning ability, this could also substantially reduce maintenance and operating costs of solar panels. In addition, the coating is highly effective at blocking ultraviolet light.

Other potential applications include goggles, periscopes, optical instruments, photodetectors and sensors. In addition, the superhydrophobic property can be effective at preventing ice and snow buildup on optical elements and can impede biofouling in marine applications.

Aytug emphasized that the impact abrasion resistance of the coating completes the package, making it suitable for untold applications.

"This quality differentiates it from traditional polymeric and powder-based counterparts, which are generally mechanically fragile," Aytug said. "We have shown that our nanostructure glass coatings exhibit superior mechanical resistance to impact abrasion -- like sand storms -- and are thermally stable to temperatures approaching 500 degrees Celsius."

Other ORNL authors of the paper, titled "Monolithic Graded-Refractive-Index Glass-based Antireflective Coatings: Broadband/Omnidirectional Light Harvesting and Self-Cleaning Characteristics," were Andrew Lupini, Gerald Jellison, Pooran Joshi, Ilia Ivanov, Tao Liu, Peng Wang, Rajesh Menon, Rosa Trejo, Edgar Lara-Curzio, Scott Hunter, John Simpson, Parans Paranthaman and David Christen.

The work was supported by the Laboratory Directed Technology Innovation Program. STEM research was supported by the DOE Office of Science Basic Energy Sciences. A portion of the research was conducted at the Center for Nanophase Materials Sciences, a DOE Office of Science User Facility. Photovoltaic device measurements were done at the University of Utah.!divAbstract
J. Mater. Chem. C, 2015, Advance Article
DOI: 10.1039/C5TC00499C
23 Apr 2015

Monolithic graded-refractive-index glass-based antireflective coatings: broadband/omnidirectional light harvesting and self-cleaning characteristics

Tolga Aytug,   Andrew R. Lupini,   Gerald E. Jellison,   Pooran C. Joshi,   Ilia H. Ivanov,   Tao Liu,   Peng Wang,   Rajesh Menon,   Rosa M. Trejo,   Edgar Lara-Curzio,   Scott R. Hunter,   John T. Simpson,   M. Parans Paranthaman and   David K. Christen

A revolutionary impact on the performance of many optical systems and components can come from the integrative design of multifunctional coatings. Such coatings should be mechanically robust, and combine user-defined optical and wetting functions with scalable fabrication formulations. By taking cues from the properties of some natural biological structures, we report here the formation of low-refractive index antireflective glass films that embody omni-directional optical properties over a wide range of wavelengths, while also possessing specific wetting capabilities. The coatings comprise an interconnected network of nanoscale pores surrounded by a nanostructured silica framework. These structures result from a novel fabrication method that utilizes metastable spinodal phase separation in glass-based materials. The approach not only enables design of surface microstructures with graded-index antireflection characteristics, where the surface reflection is suppressed through optical impedance matching between interfaces, but also facilitates self-cleaning ability through modification of the surface chemistry. Based on near complete elimination of Fresnel reflections (yielding >95% transmission through a single-side coated glass) and corresponding increase in broadband transmission, the fabricated nanostructured surfaces are found to promote a general and an invaluable [similar]3–7% relative increase in current output of multiple direct/indirect bandgap photovoltaic cells. Moreover, these antireflective surfaces also demonstrate superior resistance against mechanical wear and abrasion. Unlike conventional counterparts, the present antireflective coatings are essentially monolithic, enabling simultaneous realization of graded index anti-reflectivity, self-cleaning capability, and mechanical stability within the same surface. The concept represents a fundamental basis for development of advanced coated optical quality products, especially where environmental exposure is required.
May 12, 2015

Artificial photosynthesis : New, stable photocathode with great potential

Many of us are familiar with electrolytic splitting of water from their school days: if you hold two electrodes into an aqueous electrolyte and apply a sufficient voltage, gas bubbles of hydrogen and oxygen are formed. If this voltage is generated by sunlight in a solar cell, then you could store solar energy by generating hydrogen gas.This is because hydrogen is a versatile medium of storing and using "chemical energy." Research teams all over the world are therefore working hard to develop compact, robust, and cost-effective systems that can accomplish this challenge. But it is not that simple, due to corrosion of electrodes, unless they are made of expensive materials. Electrodes that so far have been used are made of very expensive elements such as platinum or platinum-iridium alloys.

New photocathode with several advantages

Under the "Light2Hydrogen" BMBF Cluster project and an on-going "Solar H2" DFG Priority programme, a team from the HZB Institute for Solar Fuels has now developed a novel photoelectrode that solves these problems: it consists of chalcopyrite (a material used in device grade thin film solar cells) that has been coated with a thin, transparent, conductive oxide film of titanium dioxide (TiO2). The special characteristics are: the TiO2 film is polycrystalline and contains a small amount of platinum in the form of nanoparticles. This new composite presents some special talents. Firstly, it produces under sun light illumination a photovoltage of almost 0.5 volts and very high photocurrent densities of up to 38 mA/cm2; secondly, it acts as a catalyst to accelerate the formation of hydrogen, and finally, it is chemically protected against corrosion as well. Since TiO2 is transparent, almost all sun light reaches the photoactive chalcopyrite, leading to the observed high photocurrent density and photovoltage comparable with those of a conventional device-grade thin-film solar cell.

HZB recipe and technology

The recipe for this novel and elegant coating was developed by Anahita Azarpira in the course of her doctoral studies in a team headed by Assoc. Prof. Thomas Schedel-Niedrig. She uses a chemical vapour coating technique (sprayed ion-layer gas reaction/Spray-ILGAR) that was developed and patented at the HZB Institute for Heterogeneous Material Systems (EE-IH). In this process, the titanium dioxide and platinum precursors are dissolved in ethanol and converted to a fog using an ultrasonic bath. The produced aerosol is directed over the heated substrate using a stream of nitrogen gas resulting into a polycrystalline thin film grown on the chalcopyrite substrate over time with embedded nanoparticles of platinum.

More than 80 % of light converted

Azarpira and her colleagues varied the amount of platinum in the precursor solution in order to optimize the properties of the novel composite photoelectrode device.The properties were optimal with a volumetric proportion of about 5 % platinum (H2PtCl6) in the precursor solution." More than 80 % of the incident visible sunlight was photoelectrically converted by this composite system into electric current available for the hydrogen generation," says Schedel-Niedrig. That means little light is lost and the quantum efficiency is virtually very high. In addition, it has been reported in the very recently published article that the composite shows high long-term stability over 25 hours and reveals large photoelectrocatalytic activity of about 690 hydrogen molecules produced per second and per active center at the surface under illumination.

Feasibility demonstrated

However, there is still a lot to do. Currently, the majority of the required voltage between the composite photocathode and a platinum counter electrode of around 1.8 volts is still coming from a battery. Hence the solar-to-hydrogen efficiency has to be clearly improved. "But anyway, we demonstrate the feasibility of such future-oriented chemical robust photoelectrocatalytic systems that have the potential to convert solar energy to hydrogen, i.e to chemical energy for storage. As a consequence we have successfully developed and tested a demonstrator device for solar hydrogen production with a company in Schwerin under the Light2Hydrogen project, according to Schedel-Niedrig.


Advanced Energy Materials, 2015;
DOI: 10.1002/aenm.201402148

Efficient and Stable TiO2:Pt-Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Composite Photoelectrodes for Visible Light Driven Hydrogen Evolution.

Anahita Azarpira, Michael Lublow, Alexander Steigert, Peter Bogdanoff, Dieter Greiner, Christian A. Kaufmann, Martin Krüger, Ullrich Gernert, Roel van de Krol, Anna Fischer, Thomas Schedel-Niedrig.

An improved, cost-effective catalyst for water-splitting devices

Solar energy appears to be the only form of renewable that can be exploited at level that matches the world's growing needs. However, it is equally necessary to find efficient ways to store solar energy in order to ensure a consistent energy supply when sunlight is scarce. One of the most efficient ways to achieve this is to use solar energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, and get the energy back by consuming hydrogen in a fuel cell. But collecting solar energy on a large and sustainable scale means that such cells must be made from materials that are cheap, abundant, and have 10% solar-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency.

Publishing in Nature Communications, an EPFL-led team of scientists has found a method to create a high-efficiency, scalable solar water splitting device using cheap materials.

Although one of the best means of sourcing renewable energy, solar systems cannot consistently produce adequate energy since sunlight varies from time to time and place to place. A solution to this problem is a device that can store energy in the form of hydrogen for later use, offering a consistent output over time with very little pollution.

One of the most sustainable methods of producing hydrogen is photoelectrochemical (PEC) water-splitting. Solar energy is used to break water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen through a process called "hydrogen evolution reaction." This reaction requires a catalyst, which is a chemical agent that increases its speed. In PEC water-splitting devices, a common catalyst used to split water is platinum, which is deposited on the surface of the solar panel's photocathode -- the solar panel's electrode that converts light into electric current.

A research team at EPFL has now found a way to make efficient solar-powered water splitting devices using abundant and cheap materials. The group of Xile Hu developed a molybdenum-sulfide catalyst for the hydrogen evolution reaction, and the group of Michael Grätzel developed copper(I) oxide as a photocathode. The researchers found that the molybdenum sulfide can be deposited on the copper(I) oxide photocathode for use in PEC water splitting through a simple deposition process that can be easily expanded onto a large scale.

The technique shows comparable efficiency to other hydrogen evolution reaction catalysts like platinum, it preserves the optical transparency for the light-harvesting surface and it shows improved stability under acidic conditions, which could translate into lower maintenance. But more importantly, both the catalyst and the photocathode are made with cheap, earth-abundant materials that could greatly reduce the cost of PEC water-splitting devices in the future. According to senior author Xile Hu, the work represents a state-of-the-art example for solar hydrogen production devices.

Nature Communications, 2014; 5
DOI: 10.1038/ncomms4059
8 January 2014

Hydrogen evolution from a copper(I) oxide photocathode coated with an amorphous molybdenum sulphide catalyst

Carlos G. Morales-Guio, S. David Tilley, Heron Vrubel, Michael Grätzel & Xile Hu   
Concerns over climate change resulting from accumulation of anthropogenic carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the uncertainty in the amount of recoverable fossil fuel reserves are driving forces for the development of renewable, carbon-neutral energy technologies. A promising clean solution is photoelectrochemical water splitting to produce hydrogen using abundant solar energy. Here we present a simple and scalable technique for the deposition of amorphous molybdenum sulphide films as hydrogen evolution catalyst onto protected copper(I) oxide films. The efficient extraction of excited electrons by the conformal catalyst film leads to photocurrents of up to -5.7?mA?cm-2 at 0?V versus the reversible hydrogen electrode (pH 1.0) under simulated AM 1.5 solar illumination. Furthermore, the photocathode exhibits enhanced stability under acidic environments, whereas photocathodes with platinum nanoparticles as catalyst deactivate more rapidly under identical conditions. The work demonstrates the potential of earth-abundant light-harvesting material and catalysts for solar hydrogen production.

Arachnopoophilia Gone Mad :
25 Apr 2015
Silk reinforced with graphene or carbon nanotubes spun by spiders

Emiliano Lepore, Francesco Bonaccorso, Matteo Bruna, Federico Bosia, Simone Taioli, Giovanni Garberoglio, Andrea. C. Ferrari, Nicola Maria Pugno

Here, we report the production of silk incorporating graphene and carbon nanotubes directly by spider spinning, after spraying spiders with the corresponding aqueous dispersions. We observe a significant increment of the mechanical properties with respect to the pristine silk, in terms of fracture strength, Young's and toughness moduli. We measure a fracture strength up to 5.4 GPa, a Young's modulus up to 47.8 GPa and a toughness modulus up to 2.1 GPa, or 1567 J/g, which, to the best of our knowledge, is the highest reported to date, even when compared to the current toughest knotted fibres. This approach could be extended to other animals and plants and could lead to a new class of bionic materials for ultimate applications.
Nature Physics ( 25 May 2015)
Wheeler's delayed-choice gedanken experiment with a single atom

A. G. Manning  /  R. I. Khakimov  /  R. G. Dall

The wave–particle dual nature of light and matter and the fact that the choice of measurement determines which one of these two seemingly incompatible behaviours we observe are examples of the counterintuitive features of quantum mechanics. They are illustrated by Wheeler’s famous ‘delayed-choice’ experiment1, recently demonstrated in a single-photon experiment2. Here, we use a single ultracold metastable helium atom in a Mach–Zehnder interferometer to create an atomic analogue of Wheeler’s original proposal. Our experiment confirms Bohr’s view that it does not make sense to ascribe the wave or particle behaviour to a massive particle before the measurement takes place. This result is encouraging for current work towards entanglement and Bell’s theorem tests in macroscopic systems of massive particles.

These curios surfaced recently during my perennial patrolling of the Deep Web for keywords "Puppy Sniff Snuff Revenge" ( on behalf of the Pleiadians, v.i. -- don't ask ) ...
Cymatics patterns through the entire acoustic spectrum w/ PVC Pipe, Speaker Cone, Sugar or Cornstarch. For Medicinal Purposes Only !
4-Color table : Exquisite !
Sand Vibration Patterns - Chladni Plate -- Sand on a rectangular metal plate shows the resonance patterns at specific frequencies of oscillation.
Coffee Cymatics - Awaken The Soul With Sacred Geometry ( A cup of coffee is vibrated at frequencies ranging from 10-30Hz. )
Cymatic Music
Cymatics Experiments - Harmonics - Sacred Geometry [ Om ]
Sacred Geometry converted to Sound ( )
Non-Newtonian Fluid on a Speaker Cone [ --- A metaphor for society ... ]
How to make Magnetic Fluid (ferro fluid)

Rex-ommended Reading :

The Great Game Is Over -- The Jig Is Up


Richard Sauder
May 19, 2015

America The Battlefield

( Police Militarization: Preparation for Economic Collapse, Food Shortages, Civil Unrest and Martial Law )


Timothy Pope

America Is Like a Dangerous Beast in Its Last Gasps

The world’s chief purveyor of chaos and death is over extended, nearing its end, and extremely dangerous

John Chuckman
(Consortium News)




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George ORWELL : A Final Warning -- From the 2003 Television docudrama: George Orwell - A Life in Pictures

"...Something like 1984 could actually happen ... Don't let it happen. it depends on You."
May 12, 2015

13 Things Californians are doing that waste more water than eating almonds


Erin Brodwin
California is in its fourth year in the worst drought the state has seen in 1,200 years.

Yet many Californians continue to use virtually the same amounts of water they were using before the drought began.

Some have cited almonds as the culprit, since the tasty snack use a whole gallon of water per nut.

Compared with noshing on a few almonds, though, many other activities are far worse in terms of the amount of water they require, from watering huge lawns to keeping sprawling waterparks open all season.

Keeping their swimming pools full — especially in the middle of the desert. The average Palm Springs resident uses a whopping 201 gallons of water, more than twice the state average.

Playing golf. A single golf course requires roughly 400,000 gallons of water per day, reports the hospitality association Hotel & Leisure Advisors.

Filling decorative ponds. New state regulations proposed last week ask communities like Palm Springs — where residents use more than 165 gallons of water per person per day — to cut back their usage by 35%.

Watering the lawn. [ Photo of a home in Beverly Hills, April 8, 2015 ]

Eating burgers. Every ounce of beef requires 106 gallons of water, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Keeping the sprinklers on. A typical sprinkling system can use up to 265 gallons an hour, according to UK water-conservation group Waterwise.

Washing the car. Cleaning the car at home can use 80 to 140 gallons of water, reports Kaady Car Washes. In comparison, getting the car cleaned at your standard car wash can use less than half that amount, or roughly 30 to 45 gallons.

Going to waterparks. The 21-acre Wet 'n Wild water park in Palm Springs, which will be open most of this summer, uses roughly 1,200,000 gallons of water per day, estimates Hotel & Leisure Advisors.

Eating dairy products. Whether or not we eat their meat, just feeding dairy cattle requires lots of water — the foods they forage on are water and land intensive. A single serving of Greek yogurt, for example, uses 90 gallons of water, according to a report by Mother Jones.

Water skiing on artificial lakes. This lake is located in Indio, just to the east of Palm Desert.

Doing the dishes by hand. Even if you're careful about your water use, a typical hand washing session requires about 20 gallons of water. Leaving the water running while washing can use up to 40 gallons. By comparison, the average dishwasher requires just 10 gallons per typical load, estimates the American Water Works Association.

Not covering the swimming pools they have. Each year, about 55 inches of water evaporate from the average uncovered backyard swimming pool.

Building new homes in the middle of the desert. These developments are in Cathedral City, just south of Palm Springs.

Now that you've seen all the terrible things that waste water, see...!edition/editions_nanotechnology-2015/article/page-6858
Physics World, May 2015

Graphene For Desalination


Matthew Chalmers

A team at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in the US has demonstrated desalination technology using free-standing, porous graphene membranes. Seawater desalination is usually performed via reverse-osmosis polymer-based filters, which require significant pressure to push water from one side to the other.

By offering a more porous and thinner membrane, explains study co-leader Shannon Mark Mahurin of the ORNL, graphene could increase the flux and achieve the same purification rate with a smaller membrane area. "That all serves to reduce the amount of energy that it takes to drive the process," he says.

Water molecules are too big to pass through graphene's fine mesh, so the team made holes using a silicon-nitride stencil and an oxygen plasma that knocked carbon atoms out of the 2D hexagonal lattice.

The resulting membrane allowed water - but not salt ions - to penetrate, with the optimum pore size for effective desalination found to be 0.5-1 nm (Nature Nanotechnology 10.1038/nnano.2015.37). "It's a huge advance," says Mahurin. "The flux through the current graphene membranes was at least an order of magnitude higher than [that through] state-of-the-art reverse-osmosis polymeric membranes."

Menachem Elimelech of Yale University in the US, who was not involved in the study, says that the challenge for graphene-based membranes is to scale them up to larger areas, and warns that seawater desalination demands a salt-rejection level of greater than 99.9%.

"This work represents progress in the development of graphene-based desalination membranes, but it shows a much lower salt rejection," Elimelech told Physics World. "It is now well known that high-flux membranes will not reduce the energy of seawater desalination because the transport of water through the membrane is governed to a large degree by the osmotic pressure, and further graphene membranes will need to be tested under hydraulic pressures, as in real operation."

Fukushima Update

Die-Off of sea creatures dying @ West Coast

Fukushima Radiation @ West Coast


Prophecy AddEnday UpDates -- American Tribes

Excerpts from

Posted by Leon Shenandoah of the Onondaga Nation:

"It's prophesied in our Instructions that the end of the world will be near when the trees start dying from the tops down. That's what the maples are doing today. Our Instructions say the time will come when there will be no corn, when nothing will grow in the garden, when water will be filthy and unfit to drink. Then a great monster will rise up from the water and destroy mankind. One of the names of that monster is "the sickness that eats you up inside" like diabetes or cancer or AIDS. Maybe AIDS is the monster. It's coming. It's already here.

"Our prophet Handsome Lake told of it in the 1700s. He saw Four Beings, like four angels, coming from the Four Directions. They told him what would happen, how there would be diseases we'd never heard of before. You will see many tears in this country. Then a great wind will come, a wind that will make a hurricane seem like a whisper. It will cleanse the earth and return it to its original state. That will be the punishment for what we've done to the Creation...
"These are the End times and the people must know the truth, share what we have taught you. There can be no more secrets now if we are to survive as a thinking species through these times." "This," they say, "must be done because the dream of humanity can only be preserved through the combined efforts of all peoples, and the joining and merging of all cultures into a oneness."  (Statement of the traditional Hopi Elders as told to Cho Qosh Auh Ho Oh, a Chumash/Yaqui/Maya Native)


Haudenosaunee ( Mohawk ) -- Legend has it that the Spirit Doctors who predicted the arrival of the white man and the near destruction of the Red People also foretold the resurgence of the Indigenous people seven lifetimes after Columbus. According to the Haudenosaunee the current population is the seventh generation.

The Mohawk prophecy states that the Onkwehonwe would see the day when the elm trees would die; strange animals would be born deformed and without the proper limbs; huge stone monsters would tear open the face of the earth;. The rivers would burn; the air would burn the eyes of humans; the birds would fall from the sky; The fish would die in the water; And humans would grow ashamed of the way that they had treated their Mother and Provider, the Earth.

The Haudenosaunee draw their inspiration from the Gayaneshakgowa, the Great Law of Peace, the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy. Providing wisdom to its people and the inspiration for their Nations constitution. The Gayaneshakgowa states: " our every deliberation we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations."

That idea embodies everything the Haudenosaunee believe: that the environment is only temporarily entrusted to them and their actions within and upon it will affect it well into the future... And so their name was chosen, a name that reflected not only their philosophy but their dream of restoring and protecting the earth for their children and all who would follow in their path.

Finally, after seven generations of living in close contact with the Europeans, the Onkwehonwe would rise up and demand that their rights and stewardship over the Earth be respected and restored.

'When Deganawida was leaving the Indians in the Bay of Quinte in  Ontario, he told the Indian people that they would face a time of great  suffering. They would distrust their leaders and the principles of peace of  the League, and a great white serpent was to come upon the Iroquois, and that for a time it would intermingle with the Indian people and would be  accepted by the Indians, who would treat the serpent as a friend. This serpent would in time become so powerful that it would attempt to  destroy the Indian, and the serpent is described as choking the life's blood out of the Indian people."

Mad Bear (Wallace Anderson, Tuscarora) describeS how the appearance ofa red serpent distracts the white serpent. As the two serpents feud, the Native retreats to the "land of the hilly country" and revives the spirit and principles of peace that Deganawida had established. A seer in the form of a young boy appears and, while watching the contest between the red and white serpents, would impart a message of hope to the Iroquois people, with the promise: "And Deganawida said that they will gather in the land of the hilly country, beneath the branches of an elm tree, and they should burn tobacco and call upon Deganawida by name when we are facing our darkest hours, and he will return." The prophecy ends as follows:

The next direction that he [a young leader, possibly in his teens, who would be a chosen seer] will face will be eastward and at that time he will be momentarily blinded by a light that is many times brighter than the sun. The light will be coming from the east to the west over the water.... Deganawida said as this light approaches that he would be that light, and he would return to his Indian people, and when he returns, the Indian people would be a greater nation than they ever were before.

The prophecy of Deganawida's return is sufficiently attested in Iroquoian tradition to be considered an essential, though not prominent, feature in the Deganawida cycle.

Guboo Ted Thomas( Australian Aboriginal Tribal Elde) -- "I was in dreamtime. I see this great wave going. I tell people about this wave. It wasn't a tidal wave. This was a spiritual wave. So, to me, I believe that the Dreamtime is going to be that. I believe the revival is going to start in Australia when we're dreaming. It's the hummingbee that I'm talking about. And love. We've got to learn to love one another. You see, that's really what's going to happen to the earth. We're going to have tidal waves. We're going to have earthquakes. That's coming because we don't consider this land as our Mother. We've taken away the balance, and we're not putting it back. I look at the bush, and those trees are alive. They're not dead, they're alive. And they want you to cuddle them."


"It's prophesied in our Instructions that the end of the world will be near when the trees start dying from the tops down. That's what the maples are doing today. Our Instructions say the time will come when there will be no corn, when nothing will grow in the garden, when water will be filthy and unfit to drink. Then a great monster will rise up from the water and destroy mankind. One of the names of that monster is "the sickness that eats you up inside" like diabetes or cancer or AIDS. Maybe AIDS is the monster. It's coming. It's already here.

Our prophet Handsome Lake told of it in the 1700s. He saw Four Beings, like four angels, coming from the Four Directions. They told him what would happen, how there would be diseases we'd never heard of before. You will see many tears in this country. Then a great wind will come, a wind that will make a hurricane seem like a whisper. It will cleanse the earth and return it to its original state. That will be the punishment for what we've done to the Creation."


(Tsimshian, Hopi) -- The old one sat in contemplative silence, smoking his pipe and thinking about the future. "There will come a time," he said, "when the world will be choked by a huge snake that has wrapped itself around and around the world below us. The snake will have coloured eyes...different colours.  Each time he shivers, his coloured eyes will create a firefly.  Firefly will burst through the earth and flash out into Father Sky pulling a tail of coloured light. As Father Sky continues to turn, more and more fireflies will cover the world until the tails of coloured lights intertwine so much it will be hard to see between or around them. They will control the people and the world in a way that pits human against human."

For 500 years the Incan Q'ero Elders preserved a sacred prophecy of a great change, or "pachacuti," in which the world would be turned right-side-up, harmony and order would be restored, and chaos and disorder ended. The Q'ero had lived in their villages high in the Andes in virtual solitude from the world until their "discovery" in 1949.

According to ancient prophecy, this is the time of the great gathering called the "mastay" and reintegration of the peoples of the four directions.

The Q'ero are releasing their teachings to the West, in preparation for the day the Eagle of the North and the Condor of the South (the Americas) fly together again.

They believe that "munay," love and compassion, will be the guiding force of this grade gather of people.

The new caretakers of the Earth will come from the West, and those that have made the greatest impact on Mother Earth now have the moral responsibility to remake their relationship with Her, after remaking themselves," said Don Antonio Morales, a master Q'ero shaman.

The prophecy holds that North America will supply the physical strength, or body; Europe will supply the mental aspect, or head; and the heart will be supplied by South America.

When the Spanish conquered the Incas 500 years ago, the last pachacuti, or great change, occurred. The Q'ero have been waiting ever since for the next pachacuti, when order would emerge out of chaos.

The prophecies are optimistic. They refer to the end of time as we know it -- the death of a way of thinking and a way of being, the end of a way of relating to nature and to the earth. In the coming years, the Incas expect us to emerge into a golden age, a golden millennium of peace. The prophecies also speak of tumultuous changes happening in the earth, and in our psyche, redefining our relationships and spirituality.

The next Pachacuti, or great change, has already begun, and it promises the emergence of a new human after this period of turmoil. The chaos and upheaval characteristic of this period will last another four years, according to the Q'ero.

"There was the cycle of the mineral, the rock. There was the cycle of the plant. And now we are in the cycle of the animal coming to the end of that and beginning the cycle of the human being. When we get into the cycle of the human being, the highest and greatest powers that we have will be released to us. They will be released from that light or soul that we carry to the mind. But right now we're coming to the end of the animal cycle and we have investigated ourselves and learned what it is to be like an animal on this earth." -- (Hopi)

"And so he gave each of us a responsibility and we call that the Guardianship."

"To the South, the red people, were given the Guardianship of the earth. We were to learn during this cycle of time the teachings of the earth, the plants that grow from the earth, the foods that we could eat, and the herbs that are healing so that when we came back together with the other brothers and sisters we could share this knowledge with them. Something good was to happen on the earth."

"To the East,  the yellow people were given the Guardianship of the wind. They were to learn about the sky and breathing and how to take that within ourselves for spiritual advancement. They were to share that with is at this time."

"To the West, the black race were given the Guardianship of the water. They were to learn the teachings of the water which is the chief of the elements, being the most humble and the most powerful. When I went to the University of Washington and I learned that it was a black man that discovered blood plasma, it didn't surprise me because blood is water and the elders already told me the black people would bring the teachings of the water."

"To the North, the white race were given the Guardianship of the fire. If you look at the center of many of the things they do you will find the fire. They say a light bulb is the white man's fire. If you look at the center of a car you will find a spark. If you look at the center of the airplane and the train you will find the fire. The fire consumes, and also moves. This is why it was the white brothers and sisters who began to move upon the face of the earth and reunite us as a human family." -- (Lee Brown, Cherokee)


Seven major Nee gawn na kayg (prophets) came to the Anishinaabe. They came at a time when the people were living a full and peaceful life on the northeastern coast of North America. These prophets left the people with seven predictions of what the future would bring. Each of these prophecies was called a fire and each fire referred to a particular era of time that would come in the future. Thus, the teachings of the seven prophets are now called the Neesh wa swi ish ko day kawn (seven fires) of the Ojibwa.

The First Fire said to the people, ”in the time of the first fire, the Anishinaabe nation will rise up and follow the Sacred Shell of the Midewiwin Lodge [post European contact]. The Midewiwin lodge will serve as a rallying point for the people and its traditional ways will be the source of much strength.

The Second Fire said to the people, ”you will know the second fire because at this time the nation will be camped by a large body of water.  In this time the direction of the Sacred Shell will be lost. The Midewiwin will diminish in strength.

A boy will be born to point the way back to the traditional ways. He will show the direction to the stepping stones to the future of the Anishinaabe people.”

The Third Fire said to the people, ”In the third fire, the Anishinaabe will find the path to their chosen ground, a land in the west to which they must move their families. This will be the land where food grows on water.”


The Fourth Fire was originally given to the people by two prophets. They came as one. They told of the coming of the light skinned race.  One of the prophets said,” you will know the future of our people by what face the light skinned race wears. If they come wearing the face of nee kon nis i win (brotherhood), then there will come a time of wonderful change for generations to come. They will bring new knowledge and articles that can be joined with the knowledge of this country. In this way two nations will join to make a mighty nation. This new nation will be joined by two more so that the four will form the mightiest nation of all. You will know the face of brotherhood if the light skinned race comes carrying no weapons, if they come bearing only their knowledge and a handshake.”

The Other Fourth Fire said, ”Beware if the light skinned race comes wearing the face of ni boo win (Death). You must be careful because the face of brotherhood and the face of death look very much alike. If they come carrying a weapon...beware if they come in suffering...they could fool you. Their hearts may be filled with greed for the riches of this land.  If they are indeed your brothers, let them prove it. Do not accept them in total trust. You shall know that the face they wear is the one of death if the rivers run with poison and fish become unfit to eat. You shall know them by these many things.


The Fifth Fire said, ”In the time of the fifth fire there will come a time of great struggle that will grip the lives of all Native people.  At the waning of this fire there will come among the people one who holds a promise of great joy and salvation. If the people accept this promise of a new way and abandon the old teachings, then the struggle of the fifth fire will be with the people for many generations. The promise that comes will prove to be a false promise. All those who accept this promise will cause the near destruction of the people.”


The Sixth Fire said, ”In the time of the sixth fire it will be evident that the promise of the fifth fire came in a false way.  Those deceived by this promise will take their children away from the teachings of the chi ah ya og (elders). Grandsons and granddaughters will turn against the elders. In this way the elders will lose their reason for living...they will lose their purpose in life. At this time a new sickness will come among the people. The balance of many people will be disturbed. The cup of life will almost be spilled. The cup of life will almost become the cup of grief.


The Seventh Fire that came to the people long ago was said to be different from the other prophets. He was young and had a strange light in his eyes. He said, ”in the time of the seventh fire a osh ki bi ma di zeeg (new people) will emerge. They will retrace their steps to find what was left by the trail. Their steps will take them to the Elders who they will ask to guide them on their journey. But many of the Elders will have fallen asleep. They will awaken to this new time with nothing to offer. Some of the Elders will be silent out of fear. Some of the elders will be silent because no one will ask anything of them.  The new people will have to be careful in how they approach the Elders.

The task of the new people will not be easy.  “If the new people will remain strong in their quest, the Waterdrum of the Midewiwin Lodge will again sound its voice. There will be a rebirth of the Anishinaabe nation and a rekindling of old flames. The Sacred Fire will again be lit.

It is at this time that the light skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the seventh fire will light the eighth and final fire, an eternal fire of peace, love, brotherhood and sisterhood. If the light skinned race make the wrong choice of roads, then the destruction they brought with them in coming to this country will come back to them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earths people. -- (Taken from the Mishomis Book: The Voice of the Ojibway by Edward Benton Banai, Saint Paul, Minnesota, Indian Country Press, 1981)

When the end is near, we will see a halo of mist around the heavenly bodies. Four times it will appear around the sun as a warning that we must reform, telling us that people of all color must unite and arise for survival, and that we must uncover the causes of our dilemmas. Unless man made weapons are used to strike first, peace will then come.

So the time will come when we will experience late springs and early frosts, this will be the sign of the returning Ice Age." -- (Hopi)


"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that: THIS IS THE HOUR! and there things to be considered. Where are you living? What are you doing? What are your relationships? Are you in the right relationship? Where is your water? Know your garden. It is time to speak your truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader."  -- (Statement by a traditional Hopi Elder)

Re: Billy Meier: The Plejaren Prophecies

Quote Posted by jonsnow (here)

"    Billy Meier interesting case but I have my doubts but am a sceptic why well my two cents there is always a agenda until i know it well what is the angle

"    the angle is , can or will we survive our technology ??? or will we suffer what happened 13,500 years ago , like Atlantis , sunk by war , or the Mayans , starve to death and resort to eating each other to survive a drought , or further back , like the race of Mars , destroy our atmosphere and go underground and have to leave the planet and start over else where ... cultures rise and fall because of the actions of men , when women take over the planet =sanity will return ... they will one day fix what man has broken ... the plejaren's own past , their ancestors destroyed a galaxy , they had to leave Lyra ... they know the result of war , which is why they come here , to try and prevent a system wide destruction caused by the thinking patterns of Earth human beings ...

Meanwhile ...
May 12, 2015

The Future : An Unfinished Timeline

by J. Z. Colby

I am a retired mental-health therapist who now writes young-adult science fiction novels, and I also do my best to interpret the climate crisis for the same audience since the crisis is so often presented in thick adult language.  I’m working on a new page for my web site ( that will list the important events since 2000, and the future events that seem likely.  I’m putting the future events in 5-year blocks based on my best guess of when they will occur.  My thinking on this is similar to Dr. McPherson’s.  I plan to move the items around as I learn more, or as they come to pass.

I’d appreciate any opinions on the events I’ve chosen, my wording, or the tricky issue of timing.  I am purposefully avoiding vague items like “the IPCC stated that there is a 75% chance that by 2050 …” as those are not digestible by young adults.   Also, I am not including “piggybacked” issues like economics and social justice, unless there appears to be a very close linkage with the climate crisis.

Thank you, all, in advance!


GREENHOUSE GASSES: Carbon dioxide passes 370 parts per million (normally 180-290 ppm) and Methane reaches 1790 parts per billion (normally 300-700 ppb).


END OF DEBATE: the vast majority of scientists are now convinced of the reality of anthropogenic climate change, and focus on collecting better data and building more accurate models.

WORLD TRADE CENTER: The destruction of 3 office buildings is used as an excuse for war in the Middle East, the use of torture, and the cancellation of many rights and freedoms.


LARSON B ICE SHELF: A 1250 square mile (3250 square kilometer) ice shelf in Antarctica collapses.

GLOBAL DIMMING: Scientists discover that some kinds of pollution, especially sulfur compounds, slightly counteract global heating, which would suddenly be much worse if the pollution ceased.


HEAT WAVE: More than 30,000 people die in Europe, and one third of the world is in drought, double the usual amount.


THE LIMITS TO GROWTH: The 30-Year Update is published of the book that warned the world, in 1972, about the unsustainable course of industrial civilization.


PEAK OIL: Cheap and abundant petroleum reaches its maximum rate of extraction, starts its slow decline, and can only be temporarily supplemented by expensive shale, tar sands, or deep-water sources.

HURRICANE KATRINA: An Atlantic hurricane does massive damage to the New Orleans area, most of which is not rebuilt.

KYOTO PROTOCOL: A treaty to reduce greenhouse gasses goes into effect, but the biggest polluters of the world choose not to ratify it, or withdraw after a short time.

AMAZON DROUGHT: We discovered that even the Amazon rain forest, instead of absorbing Carbon dioxide, can become a source under dry conditions.


AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH: The documentary film is released that lays out the situation of global heating for everyone to see.

STERN REVIEW: The business world realizes that climate change could do massive damage to global business and finances if allowed to continue unchecked.

THE SUN: Scientists find that global heating cannot be explained as variations in the energy received from the sun.


METHANE TIPPING POINT: Global heating from Carbon dioxide reaches the point where the Methane hydrates in the Arctic, Antarctic, and deep oceans start to return to gaseous form and bubble up.


PERMANENT RECESSION: With oil no longer cheap, the global economy enters an on-going state of insignificant growth, stagnation, or contraction, with our official response being money printing, increased debt, and accounting tricks.

350: Scientists determine that 350 parts per million of Carbon dioxide is the safe upper limit to avoid dangerous climate change, a level passed about a decade before.

WILKINS ICE SHELF: A 160 square mile (415 square kilometer) section breaks free from Antarctica.


COPENHAGEN ACCORD: The vague document that emerges from this U. N. Climate Change Conference fails to include any binding agreements to reduce greenhouse gasses.


DEEPWATER HORIZON: A major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico releases millions of gallons of crude oil into the ocean, the deadly effects of which are still being discovered years later.

CANCUN AGREEMENTS: This U. N. Climate Change Conference recognized that some people in the world are much more vulnerable than others, and that forests need special protection.


ARAB SPRING: A series of popular uprisings and government changes in the Middle East and North Africa are partly caused by water and food shortages.

FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI: Four nuclear power plants in Japan are destroyed by a major earthquake and tsunami, and show the world the extreme difficulty of cleaning up a nuclear disaster.


ARCTIC ICE CAP: The floating ice cap in the Arctic Ocean reaches the lowest extent ever recorded.

CALIFORNIA DROUGHT: An extreme multi-year dry period in southwestern North America begins, possibly connected to a temperature spike in the Pacific Ocean.

SUPERSTORM SANDY: An Atlantic hurricane does major damage to the New York area and is considered to be a sample of what we can expect with continued man-made climate change.


GREENHOUSE GASSES: Carbon dioxide reaches 400 parts per million, and Methane passes 1800 parts per billion.

OCEAN HEATING: Scientists discover that a recent slowing of global heating, as measured in the air, is because more than 90% of the heat is going into the oceans.


WEST ANTARCTICA: A huge region of glaciers and ice shelves are found to be melting at a rate that makes their complete disappearance inevitable.

EBOLA: An outbreak in West Africa of a very deadly virus shows that nature is ready and able to bring the human population back into balance if our public health systems become any weaker.

DEFLATION: Prices of crude oil, metals, and many other resources begin to drop as demand for them slows because of high unemployment and contracting economies.


CALIFORNIA DROUGHT: The drying of southwest North America enters a critical phase in which rivers no longer provide enough water for drinking, irrigation, and hydro-electric power.

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

PEAK HYDRO-CARBONS: We pass the all-time maximum extraction rate of all hydrocarbon fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas).

ARCTIC SUMMERS ICE-FREE: The Arctic Ocean becomes ice-free in the summer, greatly increasing the amount of solar heat absorbed, marking the beginning of run-away global heating.

FINANCIAL COLLAPSE: Stock markets and other financial venues become unstable or crash completely, causing credit to be unavailable to most people and businesses.

DROUGHTS AND FLOODS: Most dry areas continue to get drier, shifting to desert or dust-bowl conditions, and most wet areas experience regular flooding.

CIVIL UNREST: Water shortages, high food prices, unemployment, and government corruption cause people to start demonstrating and rioting for almost any reason, which causes normal business and travel to become dangerous.

DE-REGULATION: In desperate attempts to keep economies going, all safety, public health, and environmental regulations are repealed or ignored.

AGRICULTURE COLLAPSE: Commercial agriculture becomes unstable and unreliable because of droughts, storms, and fuel/fertilizer shortages, causing food prices to skyrocket.

POPULATION PEAK: With water and food shortages, and a break-down of public health systems, infant mortality rapidly rises, diseases spread, and the human population peaks and starts to fall.

2021 2022 2023 2024 2025

PERMAFROST THAW AND BOREAL BURN: The tundra around the Arctic thaws, and the boreal forests of Canada and Russia burn, creating massive new sources of soot, Carbon dioxide, and Methane.

METHANE SPIKE: A sudden huge release of Methane from the oceans and tundra causes global heating to increase rapidly.

CORAL COLLAPSE: With the oceans rapidly heating and acidifying, the death of the coral reefs causes many coastlines to suddenly become vulnerable to fierce storms and floods.

GREENLAND AND WEST ANTARCTICA: Both begin to melt quickly, causing sea levels to rise and coastal cities to take serious damage from even normal wave action and routine storms.

FISHERIES COLLAPSE: As the ocean food chains break down, all commercial fishing becomes impossible, with little left in the oceans but jellyfish.

WAR: Several North American and European nations, in an attempt to improve their economies and pacify civil unrest, provoke a war with several Eurasian nations.

COMMERCIAL COLLAPSE: With businesses unable to get credit, travel and shipping dangerous, and civil unrest everywhere, most products and services become unavailable.

MARTIAL LAW AND FASCISM: To keep some order and protect those in power, governments suspend civil rights and due process, and hand most remaining functions to corporations.

2026 2027 2028 2029 2030

POLITICAL COLLAPSE: Governments are unable to provide any services and hold onto power, and large political units break down into smaller kingdoms and tribes.

PLAGUE: With public health systems no longer working and malnutrition rising, influenza, dysentery, dengue fever, and other diseases will easily get started and run their course unhindered.

FOOD CHAIN DISRUPTIONS: The disappearance of key species such as honey bees, krill, and sardines not only contribute to the collapse of agriculture and fisheries, but eventually disrupt most food chains, dooming all large animals.

MASS EXTINCTION: Since the beginning of the “Anthropocene” (the man-made era), the world has lost about 1/4 of all living plant and animal species, with the total rapidly moving toward 1/2.

SOCIAL COLLAPSE: Social institutions, including churches, find they have absolutely no resources and become irrelevant to the remaining people.

EAST ANTARCTICA: The last glaciated region rapidly melts, bringing sea level to about 260' (80 m) above the current level.

FINAL DIASPORA: The equatorial regions become completely uninhabitable, and humanity is forced to migrate as far north or south as they can go, with little or no interaction between the 7 or 8 regions.

2031 2032 2033 2034 2035

CULTURAL COLLAPSE: The human values and traditions that have come down to us from the Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Amerinds, and other cultures are forgotten, save for those few that still aid survival on the tribal level.

2036 2037 2038 2039 2040

PLANETARY HEALING: The Earth begins the long, slow healing process of bringing all systems back into balance, working with a greatly-reduced palette of small plants and animals.

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Air Wells @ Peru -- Producir agua potable del aire, sueño hecho realidad en Perú - UTEC
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An interesting tidbit from :re: Sovereignty & Birth Certificates --

"Birth Certificates
-- Hi Jim. Ben from FEMA region 5 again. Thank you for turning me onto Wayne Barbuto's book "It's Not the Law" [ ]...

According to Wayne's book, everybody born on US soil is issued a birth certificate and those make it to the US Dept of Commerce where they're used as collateral against future expected earnings to obtain loans from foreign governments and the federal reserve. He said one guy using FOIA was able to get his actual birth certificate from the US Dept of Commerce and it had 17 different endorsements on it by foreign governments. My point is that the US government actually NEEDS all of these anchor babies as additional collateral to keep the government running since Americans are having fewer children. It can't go on forever but it will allow them to keep going for the short term while they continue to stockpile ammo, armored vehicles and build bunkers to use against us.
July 08, 2014

Earth's Magnetic Field Is Weakening 10 Times Faster Now


Kelly Dickerson, Staff Writer

... Previously, researchers estimated the field was weakening about 5 percent per century, but the new data revealed the field is actually weakening at 5 percent per decade, or 10 times faster than thought. As such, rather than the full flip occurring in about 2,000 years, as was predicted, the new data suggest it could happen sooner.

Alternating Current is Degaussing Planet Earth !

Stunning new research conducted by a team of scientists at Rex Research Laboratories in Las Vegas NV clims to have has determined that the worldwide grid of alternating current power lines is degaussing the natural electrical field of Earth, and is "a major contributing factor that is severely aggravating the magnetic field flip" that is underway, according to a press statement released today.

Robert Nelson, Director of Rex Research and putative lead "scientist" in the study, warns that "We must turn of all power plants immediately! Failure to do so will result in a permanent loss of the geomagnetic field, "

" A natural shifting of the magnetic poles is underway enow, but our global network of alternating current lines and transmitters is interfering with the process. The geomagnetic field  it is becoming wildly unstable, and the unpredictable consequences certainly will be unimaginably inconceivable !"

Other scientists have dismissed the findings as "pseudo-scientific fear-porn, a travesty of a mockery of the scientific method."

The eminent physicist Stephen Hawkings commented that, "Even if the theory is correct, the same technology that allegedly is degaussing the planet also could be used to 'jump-start' Earth's geomagnetic generator if need be, so there is no cause for alarm. "

Nelson, who is a high-school dropout with no scientific credentials whatsoever, rebutted Hawking's opinion in a press release yesterday :

"It's not a' theory', but rather, a 'factual intuition' received from akasa via my super-sensitized " Vagal Vortex " (tm). It is an abdominal  nexus of nutated neurons that I cultivate with proprietary methods of quantum-mystic causality engineering, ( formerly known as Taoist internal alchemy ). That may seem to be " magical thinking " to psychiatrists and neuroscientists, but actually, it is simply and fundamentally sub-elementary in its catholic nature ! I can teach anyone the basic principles and techniques within an hour !"

Meanwhile, time and data will tell if the supposed "factual intuition" is true or not...

Excerpt :

"One scientist has discovered that activity on the sun is declining at a faster pace “than at any time in the last 9300 years” right now





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