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Scientists Draw Eyes on the Butts of Cows to Protect Them from Lions

It might sound like a silly idea, but it turns out that drawing eyes on the rumps of cattle might deter lions from attacking and prevent human retaliation against the mighty predators.

It sounds like a strategy to protect the poor cattle, but the idea is actually to protect endangered African lions from human retaliation. The majestic felines are on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, with numbers currently in the range of 23,000 to 39,000 and rapidly declining. “As protected conservation areas become smaller, lions are increasingly coming into contact with human populations, which are expanding to the boundaries of these protected areas,” says Dr Neil Jordan, a conservation biologist from UNSW’s Centre for Ecosystem Science. The lions attack livestock, and with no non-lethal way of protecting their livelihood farmers often shoot or poison the predators in retaliation.

To help humans and their cattle coexist with lions, Jordan has come up with a low-cost strategy that he hopes will prevent attacks and retaliatory violence. The idea behind painting a pair of intimidating eyes on the rumps of cows is that they will trick the lions into thinking they’ve been spotted, causing them to abandon the hunt. Scientists know that being seen can deter some species from attacking their prey. For example, Indian woodcutters have long been wearing worn masks on the back of their heads to trick man-eating tigers that they’ve been spotted, and butterflies with eye-patterns on their wings ward off predatory birds...
Languages in Real Time


Translation technology has just reached a whole new level with ‘Pilot’ – the world’s first smart earpiece that can translate foreign languages in real time. So two people who speak different languages can actually understand each other using Pilot, and engage in a normal conversation.

Developed by New York-based Waverly Labs, Pilot is a three-part system – two small Bluetooth earbuds, one for each interlocutor, and a smartphone app doing the actual translation. So you and this other person speak normally – each in your own language – and the Waverly Labs app translates and sends a voice with the other person’s speech to the earpiece. There will obviously be some delay, so it’s not exactly real time, but it’s pretty close. The initial version will support a number of European languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian). Other languages, like Hindi, Semitic, East Asian, Arabic, Slavic, and African will be included in subsequent versions, but you’ll have to pay for them, unless you preorder the system.

Climate-Change Summary and Update

Updated frequently, and most recently 8 July 2016.

'Soft' approach leads to revolutionary energy storage

Monash University researchers have brought next generation energy storage closer with an engineering first - a graphene-based device that is compact, yet lasts as long as a conventional battery. Published...

Monash University researchers have brought next generation energy storage closer with an engineering first - a graphene-based device that is compact, yet lasts as long as a conventional battery.

Published today in Science, a research team led by Professor Dan Li of the Department of Materials Engineering has developed a completely new strategy to engineer graphene-based supercapacitors (SC), making them viable for widespread use in renewable energy storage, portable electronics and electric vehicles.

SCs are generally made of highly porous carbon impregnated with a liquid electrolyte to transport the electrical charge. Known for their almost indefinite lifespan and the ability to re-charge in seconds, the drawback of existing SCs is their low energy-storage-to-volume ratio - known as energy density. Low energy density of five to eight Watt-hours per litre, means SCs are unfeasibly large or must be re-charged frequently.

Professor Li's team has created an SC with energy density of 60 Watt-hours per litre - comparable to lead-acid batteries and around 12 times higher than commercially available SCs.

"It has long been a challenge to make SCs smaller, lighter and compact to meet the increasingly demanding needs of many commercial uses," Professor Li said.

Graphene, which is formed when graphite is broken down into layers one atom thick, is very strong, chemically stable and an excellent conductor of electricity.

To make their uniquely compact electrode, Professor Li's team exploited an adaptive graphene gel film they had developed previously. They used liquid electrolytes - generally the conductor in traditional SCs - to control the spacing between graphene sheets on the sub-nanometre scale. In this way the liquid electrolyte played a dual role: maintaining the minute space between the graphene sheets and conducting electricity.

Unlike in traditional 'hard' porous carbon, where space is wasted with unnecessarily large 'pores', density is maximised without compromising porosity in Professor Li's electrode.

To create their material, the research team used a method similar to that used in traditional paper making, meaning the process could be easily and cost-effectively scaled up for industrial use.

"We have created a macroscopic graphene material that is a step beyond what has been achieved previously. It is almost at the stage of moving from the lab to commercial development," Professor Li said.

The work was supported by the Australian Research Council.
Science  02 Aug 2013: Vol. 341, Issue 6145, pp. 534-537
DOI: 10.1126/science.1239089

Liquid-Mediated Dense Integration of Graphene Materials for Compact Capacitive Energy Storage

    Xiaowei Yang, Chi Cheng, Yufei Wang, Ling Qiu, Dan Li*

Keeping Electrolytes in Porous Electrodes

Electrochemical capacitors (ECs) can rapidly charge and discharge, but generally store less energy per unit volume than batteries. One approach for improving on the EC electrodes made from porous carbon materials is to use materials such as chemically converted graphene (CCG, or reduced graphene oxide), in which intrinsic corrugation of the sheets should maintain high surface areas. In many cases, however, these materials do not pack into compact electrodes, and any ECs containing them have low energy densities. Yang et al. (p. 534) now show that capillary compression of gels of CCG containing both a volatile and nonvolatile electrolyte produced electrodes with a high packing density. The intersheet spacing creates a continuous ion network and leads to high energy densities in prototype ECs.


Porous yet densely packed carbon electrodes with high ion-accessible surface area and low ion transport resistance are crucial to the realization of high-density electrochemical capacitive energy storage but have proved to be very challenging to produce. Taking advantage of chemically converted graphene’s intrinsic microcorrugated two-dimensional configuration and self-assembly behavior, we show that such materials can be readily formed by capillary compression of adaptive graphene gel films in the presence of a nonvolatile liquid electrolyte. This simple soft approach enables subnanometer scale integration of graphene sheets with electrolytes to form highly compact carbon electrodes with a continuous ion transport network. Electrochemical capacitors based on the resulting films can obtain volumetric energy densities approaching 60 watt-hours per liter.
How To Recharge An Aerosol Can With Air And Fluid!!
Free Batteries for Life
How to Get Free AA, AAA, C, D & 9 Volt Batteries

Stanford Study Reveals Which Canned Food Is Most Dangerous to Your Health

A Stanford University study finds that canned soups raise BPA levels far more than other canned foods.

A new study reveals which canned foods are highest in the harmful chemical Bisphenol A. It’s commonly known as BPA.

BPA is a hormone disrupter. It binds to hormones, reprogramming the cells they target. This leads to an array of health problems.1

BPA is linked to:

Low testosterone
Type 2 diabetes
Inflammatory bowel disease
Heart disease
Breast and prostate cancers

It is already banned from baby bottles and children’s sippy cups. But BPA is still used in the lining of cans to prevent metal corrosion and help preserve the food.2

BPA is also found in plastics, dental fillings, water pipes, and even sales receipts. While it is almost impossible to totally avoid it, there are ways to lessen BPA’s impact on your health. Staying away from BPA-laced canned foods is one of the best ways.

Researchers at Stanford University School of Medicine studied data on over 7,500 Americans ages 6 and older. The data included what each person had eaten in the past 24 hours and the concentration of BPA in their urine.

They found that people who consumed just one canned food item had a 24% higher concentration of BPA. People who had consumed two or more canned foods had a 54% higher concentration of BPA.3

But some canned foods are far worse than others. Stay away from soups. They raise BPA levels much higher than other canned foods.

Eating canned soup raises BPA levels by 229%, the study found. Canned pastas were next worst at 70%, followed by canned fruits and vegetables at 41%.

Why are soups so bad? Researchers say it’s because they require more heat for proper sterilization. This leaches more BPA from the can lining. Other canned foods, such as fruits and vegetables, are acidic and don’t require as much heat sterilization.

The study was published in the journal Environmental Research.

BPA cans are so common, it’s hard to avoid them entirely. If you eat in a restaurant, you may not know if you’re getting food from a BPA-laden can.

If you do eat canned food products, get the BPA out of your system as quickly as possible. Research shows that BPA can linger for days, stored in your fat and tissues, wreaking havoc on your health.4 But there are simple ways to force it out.

4 Ways to Rid Your Body of BPA

 Sweat. -- BPA leaves the body through sweat. Take advantage of this by exercising, doing hot yoga, or taking a sauna.

 Get probiotics. -- Healthy gut bacteria help eliminate BPA. Sauerkraut, kimchi, and kefir are all great food sources. Another option is a probiotic supplement.

 Drink black tea. -- Studies show it combats the unhealthy effects of BPA.5

 Melatonin. -- Often used as a sleep aid, a Penn State study found this hormone helps the body flush BPA.6 Don’t get the synthetic version from a supplement. There are proven, natural ways to get more melatonin.

Another option? Some food makers use BPA-free cans. We listed them for you recently.

Researcher Jennifer Hartle is the lead author of the Stanford study. She says the best way to avoid health problems from BPA is to follow one simple rule: “Choose fresh, unpackaged foods whenever possible.”

We couldn’t agree more. Keep yourself and your family safe. Stay away from BPA by eating fresh, organic food.

In Good Health,

Angela Salerno
Executive Director, INH Health Watch




Mo' & Al' Love You -- Dead :

Islam At War With A Delusional, Suicidal West


J. Matt Barber

...According to a 2015 Center for Security Policy poll, 51 percent of American Muslims desire that Islamic Shariah law be made the law of the land. Moreover, nearly 30 percent say that violence is appropriate against Americans who “insult” Islam or its “prophet” Muhammad. - 

Writing last year in Investor’s Business Daily, investigative journalist Paul Sperry noted that “60 percent of Muslim-Americans under 30 … told Pew Research they’re more loyal to Islam than America.” ...

    83 percent of Palestinian Muslims, 62 percent of Jordanians and 61 percent of Egyptians approve of jihadist attacks on Americans. World Public Opinion Poll (2009).

    1.5 Million British Muslims support the Islamic State, about half their total population. ICM (Mirror) Poll 2015.

    Two-thirds of Palestinians support the stabbing of Israeli civilians. Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (2015).

    45 percent of British Muslims agree that clerics preaching violence against the West represent “mainstream Islam.” BBC Radio (2015).

    38 percent of Muslim-Americans say Islamic State (ISIS) beliefs are Islamic or correct. The Polling Company CSP Poll (2015).

    One-third of British Muslim students support killing for Islam. Center for Social Cohesion (Wikileaks cable).

    78 percent of British Muslims support punishing the publishers of Muhammad cartoons. NOP Research.

    80 percent of young Dutch Muslims see nothing wrong with holy war against non-believers. Most verbalized support for pro-Islamic State fighters. Motivaction Survey (2014).

    68 percent of British Muslims support the arrest and prosecution of anyone who insults Islam. NOP Research.

    81 percent of Muslim respondents support the Islamic State (ISIS). Al-Jazeera poll (2015)….

Are Cats Spies Sent by Aliens ? A Deep Examination
Map of Earth Wind Patterns

When a meteor enters the Earth's upper atmosphere it excites the air molecules, producing a streak of light and leaving a trail of ionization (an elongated paraboloid) behind it tens of kilometers long. This ionized trail may persist for less than 1 second up to several minutes, occasionally. Occurring at heights of about 85 to 105 km (50-65 miles), this trail is capable of reflecting radio waves from transmitters located on the ground, similar to light reflecting from a mirrored surface. Meteor radio wave reflections are also called meteor echoes, or pings.

Meteor Radio

In order to listen to meteor echoes, you need a powerful transmitter in VHF band (ideally a tower broadcasting analog TV on a channels 2-5) located not too close but not too far either from you, a TV antenna, a VHF receiver... and patience.

The meteor detector at is located in DC Metropolitan area and is currently pointing the Yagi antenna at a TV tower in Canada broadcasting on channel 2 analog TV, around 55.24 MHz. Receiver is RTL/SDR and software is SDR#.

Evidence of ‘magnetic’ sixth sense in humans, scientist claims

A US scientist believes he has discovered clear evidence of a lost human ‘sixth sense’ - one similar to that which enables animals to navigate the globe by detecting magnetic fields.

For years, planetary scientist Joseph Kirschvink has been trying to find a definitive answer to a hotly debated theory that suggests humans have an in-built magnetically guided ‘compass’ sense.

The California Institute of Technology researcher acknowledges the topic of ‘magnetoreception’ is scientifically controversial, since the theory has “been something of a romping ground for quacks and charlatans.”

In 2001, a research team led by Kirschvink described magnetite-based magnetoreception as an “attractive hypothesis to explain long-distance animal migration.”

“Earth’s magnetic field is the only geophysical signal that gives consistent information about position and direction at virtually all times and in all environments,” stated the team’s paper explaining the background to the phenomenon.

Animals have been found to possess subtle magnetic detecting power in previous studies. A 2003 scientific paper, in which Kirschvink was also involved, discovered a “magnetic sense” in aquatic vertebrates.

However, Kirschvink is now working to publish the findings of an admittedly small 24-person experiment which he claims gave a result proving once and for all that “humans have functioning magnetoreceptors,” report Science Mag.

During the experiment, human test subjects were placed in specially designed, darkened space known as a Faraday cage, where they were then exposed to a cycle of magnetic fields similar to the Earth’s.

Through EEG testing, Kirschvink was able to witness repeated active brain responses to the presence of a magnetic field - a consistent reaction which up until now has reportedly eluded the scientific community.

Speaking to Science Mag, Kirschvink said the sense, which happens unconsciously, is “part of our evolutionary history.”

He plans to replicate his findings in the Southern Hemisphere, having already repeated the experiment successfully in California and Tokyo.

The Greatest & Bestest Radio "Show" of all Time & Space :


Holy Smokes, Folks! YOU'RE GONNA FREAK!! Some crazy guy out in the desert cut a bunch of Shows up into little, tiny pieces so I, Philo, strung, them back together, in no particular order, making it a sort of BEST OF PUZZLING EVIDENCE SHOW!! Rex Research, who is in fact the former "Show Owner" (way back before Puzzling Evidence hijacked it for the nameless mission) is the clip creator and hijacker from whom I re-hijacked the clips back from somewhere off of his one-of-a-kind throw-back MUST VISIT website at OK, you've been warned, DON'T FLIP OUT!!! -- Philo Drummond

CENSORED: YouTube Uses Anti-ISIS Policy to Pull CounterJihad Video. Watch it here.

A "hate speech" policy developed to counter the Islamic State's murderous propaganda is now being used to silence critics of radical Islamic terror.

Transcript :

Terrorism seems to be everywhere, and it’s getting worse. The bad guys have lots of names—ISIS, al Qaeda, Boko Haram—but they have one thing in common. They are all killing for a cause: Islamic Law known as Sharia.

Sharia is a return to medieval Islam. Sharia demands a Holy War called Jihad. The most widely available book of Islamic Law in English says: “Jihad means to war against non-Muslims.”

There are two kinds of Jihad. Violent Jihad is horribly simple, slaughtering innocents and forcing submission. Violent Jihadists want to conquer land for their Caliphate – essentially an Islamic State where Sharia Law is supreme.

But there is another kind of Jihad. In their Explanatory Memorandum, the Muslim Brotherhood, calls this, “civilization jihad,” saying, “The [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers…”

Civilization Jihad has the same goal as the Violent Jihad—to conquer land for their Caliphate—but instead of waging war or staging terror attacks like their brothers in the violent jihad, these Civilization Jihadists wear suits and ties, and their work is much more subtle.

So what do they do? They file lawsuits for Muslim truck drivers who don’t want to drive beer. They convince schools to hold Muslim Day, where the girls wear head scarves and the kids say Muslim prayers. They complain when our government watches to see if their violent buddies are hanging out with them.

They call anyone critical of Islamic Law an “Islamophobe,” a term they invented to make people scared to speak out—like the neighbors of the terrorists in San Bernardino who knew something was wrong, but didn’t want to say anything because they’d be accused of profiling.

These bad guys have lots of names, too: the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR); the Muslim Student Association (MSA); Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). The Justice Department found that these groups were, in fact, started by the Muslim Brotherhood.

These groups like to say that terrorism has no religion, but only Islam has Sharia and Jihad.

Not all Muslims practice Sharia or support it, but an awful lot do. They believe that anyone who insults Islam can be killed; they believe that women are property; that gaysshould be killed; and that little girls should be mutilated and forced to marry old men they’ve never men. These things are simply not allowed in our free society and are against the Constitution.

There are plenty of Modern Muslims who want to “live and let live,” but unfortunately the groups that speak most often for the Muslim community follow the medieval version based on Sharia.

They are working to make the US more like the Caliphate. They have to go.

Oops -- we didn't see this one coming...

All along the western Canadian coast, mussels are dying. Their blobby bodies are swollen by tumors. The blood-like fluid that fills their interiors is clogged with malignant cells. They’re all sick with the same thing: cancer. And it seems to be spreading. For all its harrowing, terrifying damage, the saving grace of cancer has always been that it dies with its host. Its destructive power comes from turning victims’ own cells against them and making them run amok. But when molecular biologist Stephen Goff biopsied these mussels, he found something strange. The tumor cells didn’t have the same DNA as their host. Instead, every mussel was being killed by the same line of cancerous cells, which were jumping from one individual to the next like a virus…

National Geographic, Jun 23, 2016: It sounds like the plot of a summer horror flick: Malignant cells floating in the sea, ferrying infectious cancer everywhere they go. The story is all too true, say scientists who’ve made a discovery they call “beyond surprising.”… “The evidence indicates that the tumor cells themselves are contagious – that they can spread from one clam to another in the ocean,” says biochemist and immunologist Stephen Goff of Columbia University, co-author, along with Michael Metzger of Columbia, of a paper reporting the results in the journal Cell. These mussels are one of four species of mollusks affected. The mussels at Copper Beach in West Vancouver, Canada, are infected with the disease. This week the team reported new findings in the journal Nature. The transmissible cancer has been discovered in… mussels (Mytilus trossulus) in West Vancouver… Mytilus trossulus is the main native intertidal mussel in the northern Pacific. In North America, it’s found from California to Alaska… The cancer, it’s believed, originated in one unfortunate mollusk. It’s astounding, Goff says, that a leukemia that has killed countless clams traces to one incidence of the disease… What will happen in other mollusk species?  Ominously, says Goff, “It’s too soon to know.”

University of British Columbia, Jun 23, 2016: 1st contagious cancer that spreads between species — UBC scientists were involved in research that found the first contagious cancer that can spread between species, CBC News reported. The leukemia-like disease seems to be widespread among shellfish with hinged shells, or bivalves, like clams, mussels and cockles. Environment Canada scientists worked with UBC researchers to collect mussels in West Vancouver and Esquimalt, B.C. and test them for cancer.

A Nation Run by Idiots


Jeff Foxworthy

If plastic water bottles are okay, but plastic bags are banned, — you might live in a nation (state) that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If you can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If you have to get your parents’ permission to go on a field trip or to take an aspirin in school, but not to get an abortion — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If you MUST show your identification to board an airplane, cash a check, buy liquor, or check out a library book and rent a video, but not to vote for who runs the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If the government wants to prevent stable, law-abiding citizens from owning gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds, but gives twenty F-16 fighter jets to the crazy new leaders in Egypt — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If, in the nation’s largest city, you can buy two 16-ounce sodas, but not one 24-ounce soda, because 24-ounces of a sugary drink might make you fat — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If an 80-year-old woman who is confined to a wheelchair or a three-year-old girl can be strip-searched by the TSA at the airport, but a woman in a burka or a hijab is only subject to having her neck and head searched — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If a seven-year-old boy can be thrown out of school for saying his teacher is “cute” but hosting a sexual exploration or diversity class in grade school is perfectly acceptable — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If hard work and success are met with higher taxes and more government regulation and intrusion while not working is rewarded with Food Stamps, WIC checks, Medicaid benefits, subsidized housing, and free cell phones — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If you pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big-screen TV, while your neighbor buys iPhones, time shares, a wall-sized do-it-all plasma screen TV and new cars, and the government forgives his debt when he defaults on his mortgage — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.

If being stripped of your Constitutional right to defend yourself makes you more “safe” according to the government — you might live in a nation that was founded by geniuses but is run by idiots.




Decarnated by the Gendarmerie :

Chinese medicinal herbs for treating malaria

Inventor(s): HUALUN DENG

The invention discloses a Chinese medicinal herb composition for treating malaria. The Chinese medicinal herb composition is characterized by comprising the following raw materials in part by weight: 25 to 35 parts of bupleurum root, 25 to 35 parts of ginseng, 25 to 35 parts of baical skullcap root, 15 to 25 parts of pinellia tuber, 10 to 20 parts of dried ginger, 15 to 25 parts of red date, 15 to 25 parts of magnolia obavata, 15 to 25 parts of kudzuvine root, 15 to 25 parts of notopterygium root, 15 to 25 parts of antifeverile dichroa root, 15 to 25 parts of Mongolian snakegourd root and 25 to 35 parts of oven earth; and the components are decocted trice by adding 1,200 parts of water, the decoction is filtered and reclaimed, and juice is taken, bottled and sterilized at a high temperature for later use. The bupleurum root is taken as a monarch; the ginseng and the baical skullcap root are taken as ministers; the pinellia tuber, the dried ginger, the red date and the magnolia obavata are taken as assistants; and the kudzuvine root, the notopterygium root, the antifeverile dichroa root, the Mongolian snakegourd root and the oven earth are taken as guides. The Chinese medicinal herb composition for treating the malaria has the advantages of good effect, convenient manufacture and use, safety and no side effect, treats the malaria by compromising, dispersing and removing evil and pestilence, and is an ideal medicament for treating the malaria.

Pomegranate Reveals its Powerful Anti-aging Secret


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

Are pomegranates really the superfood we've been led to believe will counteract the aging process? Up to now, scientific proof has been fairly weak. And some controversial marketing tactics have led to skepticism as well. A team of scientists from EPFL and the company Amazentis wanted to explore the issue by taking a closer look at the secrets of this plump pink fruit. They discovered that a molecule in pomegranates, transformed by microbes in the gut, enables muscle cells to protect themselves against one of the major causes of aging. In nematodes and rodents, the effect is nothing short of amazing. Human clinical trials are currently underway, but these initial findings have already been published in the journal Nature Medicine.

As we age, our cells increasingly struggle to recycle their powerhouses. Called mitochondria, these inner compartments are no longer able to carry out their vital function, thus accumulate in the cell. This degradation affects the health of many tissues, including muscles, which gradually weaken over the years. A buildup of dysfunctional mitochondria is also suspected of playing a role in other diseases of aging, such as Parkinson's disease.

One molecule plays David against the Goliath of aging

The scientists identified a molecule that, all by itself, managed to re-establish the cell's ability to recycle the components of the defective mitochondria: urolithin A. "It's the only known molecule that can relaunch the mitochondrial clean-up process, otherwise known as mitophagy," says Patrick Aebischer, co-author on the study. "It's a completely natural substance, and its effect is powerful and measurable."

The team started out by testing their hypothesis on the usual suspect: the nematode C. elegans. It's a favorite test subject among aging experts, because after just 8-10 days it's already considered elderly. The lifespan of worms exposed to urolithin A increased by more than 45% compared with the control group.

These initial encouraging results led the team to test the molecule on animals that have more in common with humans. In the rodent studies, like with C. elegans, a significant reduction in the number of mitochondria was observed, indicating that a robust cellular recycling process was taking place. Older mice, around two years of age, showed 42% better endurance while running than equally old mice in the control group.

Human testing underway

Before heading out to stock up on pomegranates, however, it's worth noting that the fruit doesn't itself contain the miracle molecule, but rather its precursor. That molecule is converted into urolithin A by the microbes that inhabit the intestine. Because of this, the amount of urolithin A produced can vary widely, depending on the species of animal and the flora present in the gut microbiome. Some individuals don't produce any at all. If you're one of the unlucky ones, it's possible that pomegranate juice won't do you any good.

For those without the right microbes in their guts, however, the scientists are already working on a solution. The study's co-authors founded a start-up company, Amazentis, which has developed a method to deliver finely calibrated doses of urolithin A. The company is currently conducting first clinical trials testing the molecule in humans in European hospitals.

Darwin at your service: parallel evolution makes good dinner partners According to study co-author Johan Auwerx, it would be surprising if urolithin A weren't effective in humans. "Species that are evolutionarily quite distant, such as C elegans and the rat, react to the same substance in the same way. That's a good indication that we're touching here on an essential mechanism in living organisms."

Urolithin A's function is the product of tens of millions of years of parallel evolution between plants, bacteria and animals. According to Chris Rinsch, co-author and CEO of Amazentis, this evolutionary process explains the molecule's effectiveness: "Precursors to urolithin A are found not only in pomegranates, but also in smaller amounts in many nuts and berries. Yet for it to be produced in our intestines, the bacteria must be able to break down what we're eating. When, via digestion, a substance is produced that is of benefit to us, natural selection favors both the bacteria involved and their host. Our objective is to follow strict clinical validations, so that everyone can benefit from the result of these millions of years of evolution."

The EPFL scientists' approach provides a whole new palette of opportunities to fight the muscular degeneration that takes place as we age, and possibly also to counteract other effects of aging. By helping the body to renew itself, urolithin A could well succeed where so many pharmaceutical products, most of which have tried to increase muscle mass, have failed. Auwerx, who has also published a recent discovery about the anti-aging effects of another molecule in the journal Science, emphasizes the game-changing importance of these studies. "The nutritional approach opens up territory that traditional pharma has never explored. It's a true shift in the scientific paradigm."

Flying Insects Defy Aerodynamic Laws of Airplanes, Courant Researchers Find.

The maneuvers of flying insects are unmatched by even the best pilots, and this might be due to the fact that these critters don’t obey the same aerodynamic laws as airplanes, a team of New York University researchers has found.

“We’ve known for quite a while that the aerodynamic theory for airplanes doesn’t work so well in predicting the force of lift for flapping wings,” says Leif Ristroph, an assistant professor at NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences who directed the study. “We found that the drag or wind resistance also behaves very differently, and we put together a new law that could help explain how insects move through the air.”

“To double its flight speed, an airplane must increase its thrust four-fold to counter the stronger wind resistance,” Ristroph explains in outlining the law. “In contrast, we found that flapping wings have a drag that is in direct proportion to its flight speed – to go twice as fast, an insect simply needs to double its thrust.”

The study, which appears in the journal Physical Review Fluids, also included: Natalie Agre, the lead author and an undergraduate in NYU’s College of Arts and Science; Stephen Childress, an emeritus professor at the Courant Institute; and Jun Zhang, a professor at the Courant Institute and NYU Shanghai.

The significance of aerodynamic drag and its strong increase with speed has been known since before the Wright brothers took flight. This fact is summarized by a mathematical law that posits wind resistance increases as the square of speed; hence, moving twice as fast requires four times the thrust to overcome the higher drag.

Previous studies of flying insects, which beat their wings hundreds of times a second, suggested that these creatures do not obey this same relationship.

To make this sense of this discrepancy, the researchers in Courant’s Applied Math Lab built a robotic wing apparatus for measuring the motions, flows, and forces. The apparatus allowed the team to compare steady motions of a wing, as would occur for airplane flight, to the maneuvers of insects, in which their wings flap as they move through air.

The team’s results showed that the back-and-forth motions cause the drag to resist the movement in some instances; however, at other times the drag is actually directed forward, more like a thrust. The net force that results depends on the flight speed as well as the flapping motions, all of which the authors include in a new drag law.

This law may not be news to insects, which have been flying with flapping wings for hundreds of millions of years. But the authors think that their findings could help guide the design of tiny flying robots that mimic the wing motions of insects.

The Location of Planet X



from TheSmithsonian/NASAAstrophysicsDataSystem Website

"Planet X, if it exists at all, is most likely to be found, at present, in the region of Scorpius, with a considerably less likelihood that it is in Taurus..."

Queen Admits She is “Not Human” and We Will “Learn to Accept Her For What She Is”

...Recently, it was reported that an internal document acknowledging that Queen Elizabeth is a shapeshifting reptilian was briefly published as a press release on the Royal Family’s official website before being abruptly taken down – but not before alert internet users captured screenshots of the extraordinary article and proof that the press release did appear on Google.
This announcement published on www.Royal.UK leaves one to wonder exactly what was meant by the statement,

“Earlier this week the Queen was seen by thousands of people in a form they are not acquainted with.  We seek to reassure the public that the Queen is still the Queen, and remains the respected and loved figure they have always known.  While she may not be human, she is a devoted leader and Monarch and she believes her subjects will grow to accept her and her family for what they are.”

Wow.  “While she may not be human”…  “she believes her subjects will grow to accept her and her family for what they are…”  What ARE they?  This certainly sounds like an admission of…  something.  Could this be the disclosure we have been waiting for?

Putin’s Account of the Queen

British media reports criticized Vladamir Putin during a 2014 visit to the Queen because of his refusal to help the monarch down the stairs and because he generally kept his distance from her.

But, two years later, Putin has revealed why he kept his distance from Queen Elizabeth at the gathering. He told close associates and aides that he was alarmed when the queen showed her true reptilian bloodline colors by shape-shifting a number of times while he greeted her.  He claimed the queen shifted between Reptoid and human form three or four times while meeting with Putin.

According to Putin, when the queen revealed her underlying Reptilian nature by shape-shifting, her face turned scary, with evil-looking slit eyes and a long dragon-like snout. Her skin also turned a “grey dish water color.”  He also saw the old monarch shape-shifting when Obama and New Zealand’s Governor-General Jerry Mateparae helped her down the stairs. Putin said that when Obama held the queen, her hands turned Reptilian green and scaly, and when she smiled, she revealed sharp and spiky reptilian teeth that glistened evilly.

Putin accused the Queen of shape-shifting repeatedly as a warning “not to mess” with her as the high-priestess of the world-ruling Reptilian-Illuminati clique.

 Princess Diana Confided in Friends About Reptilian Queen

Christine Fitzgerald, a brilliant and gifted healer, who was a close friend and confidant of Diana for nine years was one person to whom Diana told stories of the Queen Mother. Because of Christine’s understanding of the esoteric, Diana was able to talk to her about matters she would not dare to share with anyone else for fear of being called crazy.  Her nicknames for the Windsors were “the lizards” and “the reptiles” and she used to say in all seriousness: “They’re not human”.

Diana told Christine that the Queen Mother was the power behind the Windsors, along with Prince Philip, but, Philip was subordinate in the hierarchy to the Queen.

“Diana used to tell me that the Queen Mother was evil”, Christine Fitzgerald said, “She actually used that word, evil. She said she hated the Queen Mother and the Queen Mother hated her.”

During her time at Clarence House, before the wedding, Diana told Christine she was being given drugs like Valium.  “They drugged her”, Christine said, “I’m sure of it.  They had her doped from the start.”

Christine’s Own Words

According to Christine:

“The Queen Mother… now that’s a serious piece of wizardry. The Queen Mother is a lot older than people think. To be honest, the Royal Family hasn’t died for a long time, they have just metamorphosised. It’s sort of cloning, but in a different way. They take pieces of flesh and rebuild the body from one little bit. Because it’s lizard, because it’s cold-blooded, it’s much easier for them to do Frankenstein shit than it is for us. The different bodies are just different electrical vibrations and they have got that secret, they’ve got the secret of the micro-currents, it’s so micro, so specific, these radio waves that actually create the bodies. These are the energies I work with when I’m healing…”

She also commented, “The Queen Mother is ‘Chief Toad’ of this part of Europe and they have people like her in each continent. Most people, the hangers on, don’t know, you know, about the reptiles. They are just in awe of these people because they are so powerful.“

Christine went on to say, “Balmoral, [the Queen’s Scottish residence] is a very, very nasty place. That’s somewhere they want to dig underground. They will find reptile fossils, it goes back that far. Don’t think of people like the Queen Mother and Queen Victoria, as different people. Think of them as the same person, which, after a while has had to replace their coat. When the flesh dies, that energy, while it’s dying, will be immediately up someone else’s jacksy backside). It’s very vampire- worse than vampire!”  

Christine also explains that fear is their food.  The Queen Mother and others like her can actually take fear and manifest it into a tangible things.  The key is the vibrational current.  “At that vibrational current, they can manifest anything from anything. Its like a holographic image. We are all minerals and water vibrating. This is all an illusion we are living in. That’s the secret. You know when the monarchy’s fallen, it’s not the end of it. They will manifest in another form. The reptiles have never been defeated and this is the closest they have come to it.”

Other Witness Accounts

One witness attended what she refers to as a ritual called The Awakening of the Bride atthe Queen Mother’s home near Buckingham Palace with Diana.  The ritual took place the first part of July in 1981, before Diana and Charles were married.  The ritual took place the last seven days of the cycle of the Oak Tree, according to esoteric law.  The ritual is for all females of the 13 bloodlines who were going to be in high public positions and marry reptilians to produce the new generation of rulers.  Many of the royal family were present for this ritual, as was Camilla Parker-Bowles.
Diana was brought in wearing a white gown.  It is reported that Diana had been drugged.  She was told the she should consider her union with Prince Charles as only a means to produce heirs and nothing else.  It was made clear to Diana that Camilla was the Prince’s consort.

According to the witness, Prince Philip and the Queen Mother then shape-shifted into reptiles.  Diana was told that if she ever revealed the truth about them, she would be killed.  There are various reports of people saying Diana was about to reveal this information before she died.

The Queen told Diana that “all ears” would be listening to everything she said and “all eyes” would forever be watching her.  She was also told she would never again have the honor of attending another ritual and she was not to ask questions about them.

Should all the ears and all the eyes now be on the Royal Family?  Will all the world see them shape shift soon?

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How to Download and Build Your Own House
by James Corbett

You wouldn’t download a house, would you? Of course you would! And now with the Open Building Institute, you can! Join us today as we talk to Marcin Jakubowski of Open Source Ecology and Catarina Mota of the Open Building Institute about how they are bringing their vision of an affordable, open source, modular, ecological building toolkit to life. We discuss the free, open source library of modules that form the basis of the building’s design, how the institute will train others to start designing and building their own homes, and how you can find out more information and help the collaborative effort.

Research Confirms Non-Invasive Sound Waves May Cure Alzheimer’s Disease

The most effective treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease is gaining more notoriety and it’s drug-free. University of Queensland researchers have confirmed that non-invasive ultrasound technology breaks apart the neurotoxic amyloid plaques that result in memory loss and cognitive decline. The treatment is now being touted as the cure for the debilitating condition that accounts for 70 percent of all cases of dementia.

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is not genetic. Research is showing the incidence is more correlated to excitotoxins and heavy metals which play a critical role in the development of several neurological disorders, especially in North America.

In the last few decades, almost $40 billion has been spent worldwide on trying to develop a breakthrough drug treatment for Alzheimer’s, yet no pharmaceutical approach has worked. We could not produce anything that could slow it down, let alone stop the disease, until now where new research into sound waves is being praised as a possible cure.

AD is a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by progressive cognitive impairment. Although the exact cause of AD remains to be elucidated, we know that its development is associated with brain shrinkage and the formation of characteristic plaques in certain areas. These consist of dead cells and a protein known as amyloid-beta (A-Beta), which aggregates into abnormal fibers that accumulate as toxic clumps outside of cells.

Sounds Waves Not Drugs

Much research into AD has focused on preventing the buildup of these aggregates or clearing them from the brain, but scientists are faced with a problem: The brain is shielded by a delicate layer of cells, known as the blood-brain barrier (BBB), which is very difficult for things to cross, such as therapeutics or helpful antibodies.

Amyloid plaques sit between the neurons and end up as dense clusters of beta-amyloid molecules, a sticky type of protein that clumps together and forms plaques.

Australian researchers have come up with a non-invasive ultrasound technology that clears the brain of neurotoxic amyloid plaques – structures that are responsible for memory loss and a decline in cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.

Publishing in Science Translational Medicine, the team described the technique as using a particular type of ultrasound called a focused therapeutic ultrasound, which non-invasively beams sound waves into the brain tissue. By oscillating super-fast, these sound waves are able to gently open up the blood-brain barrier, which is a layer that protects the brain against bacteria, and stimulate the brain’s microglial cells to activate. Microglila cells are basically waste-removal cells, so they’re able to clear out the toxic beta-amyloid clumps that are responsible for the worst symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

The team reports fully restoring the memory function of 75 percentof the mice they tested it on, with zero damage to the surrounding brain tissue. They found that the treated mice displayed improved performance in three memory tasks – a maze, a test to get them to recognize new objects, and one to get them to remember the places they should avoid.

“We’re extremely excited by this innovation of treating Alzheimer’s without using drug therapeutics,” said team member Jurgen Gotz. “The word ‘breakthrough’ is often misused, but in this case I think this really does fundamentally change our understanding of how to treat this disease, and I foresee a great future for this approach.”

At UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the findings could have a wide impact for the community.

“The Government’s $9 million investment into this technology was to drive discoveries into clinics, and today’s announcement indicates that together with the Queensland Brain Institute, it was a worthwhile investment,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“We’re also working on seeing whether this method clears toxic protein aggregates in neurodegenerative diseases other than Alzheimer’s and whether this also restores executive functions, including decision-making and motor control.”

Of the 5.4 million Americans with Alzheimer’s, an estimated 5.2 million people are age 65 and older, and approximately 200,000 individuals are under age 65 (younger-onset Alzheimer’s).



Disclosed is a method of preparing a solid form of a cannabinoid. The solid form of the Cannabinoid may be substantially soluble in an aqueous solution. The method may include dissolving each of a Cannabinoid and one or more emulsifying agents into one or more solvents to obtain one or more combined solutions. Further, the method may include separating the one or more solvents from the one or more combined solutions to obtain the solid form of the cannabinoid.

4 July 2016

The End Of Root Canals?


Coby McDonald

What if damaged teeth could heal themselves? That's the inspiration behind a new project from Harvard and the University of Nottingham to create stem cell stimulating fillings.

Dentists treat hundreds of millions of cavities each year by drilling out the decay and putting in a filling.

But 10 to 15 percent of those fillings fail, says Adam Celiz, a therapeutic biomaterials researcher from University of Nottingham. And that leads to millions of root canals to remove the tooth's pulp, the soft tissue in the center of the tooth that contains the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. A root canal can weaken the tooth, which may eventually need to be pulled.

Celiz and his fellow researchers have developed a new kind of filling made from synthetic biomaterial that can stimulate the growth of stem cells in the pulp of the tooth. Just like regular fillings, the biomaterial is injected into the tooth and hardened with UV light.

In in vitro testing, the fillings stimulated the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells into dentin, the bony tissue that forms the bulk of the tooth under the white enamel. The researchers believes that if used in a damaged tooth, those stem cells can repair the kind of damage that often comes from the installation of a filling. In essence, the biomaterial filling would allow the tooth to heal itself.

In the future, Celiz says, all fillings could be made of such regenerative material so that damaged teeth could heal themselves, lowering the failure rate of fillings, and potentially even eliminating the need for most root canals.

The team took second prize in the materials category of the Royal Society of Chemistry's Emerging Technologies Competition this year.


Applicant(s):     UNIV NOTTINGHAM [GB] +
The invention provides a substrate for cell culture comprising a polymer, wherein the polymer comprises -a homopolymer formed from a monomer of formula (Ia) or (Ib); -a copolymer formed from one or more monomers of formula (Ia) and/or (Ib); or -a copolymer formed from one or more monomers of formula (Ia) and/or (Ib), and comprising HEMA; wherein formula (Ia) comprises: (Formula (Ia)) wherein R1 is a C8-C12 straight or branched chain alkyl or alkenyl group, for example a C8-C10 straight or branched chain alkyl group, which may optionally be substituted; and R2 is selected from H and C1-4 alkyl; and wherein formula (Ib) comprises: (Formula (Ib)) wherein R3 is a 6-12 membered ring, for example a 6-8 membered ring, which is a cycloalkyl, cycloheteroalkyl, aryl or heteroaryl group, and which may optionally be substituted; L is a divalent linker group selected from -NH-, -CH2-, and -O-; R4 is a C1-8 organic group, for example a C1-C6 organic group, wherein this group comprises at least one moiety selected from C=O, NH, NH2, COOH, and C=C.


This invention relates to a substrate for culturing cells, such as human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs); polymers, devices and methods for cell culture; polymers; and methods of manufacturing devices for cell culture .

Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) hold promise towards application in regenerative medicine and drug development as well as providing new in vitro models of genetic disease due to their long-term self-renewal and inherent ability to differentiate into all three germ layers. However, for these applications to be realised, scalable culture systems capable of generating the necessary numbers of cells are needed. Currently, the most widely used growth substrates for hPSC culture are mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF) feeder layers or Matrigel™, which is an undefined extracellular matrix (ECM) protein mixture harvested from Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm mouse sarcoma cells. To improve scalability of growth substrates and avoid the problems associated with complex biologically derived material, fully synthetic polymer-based growth substrates have been are under investigation [ 1 1 -3, 16-20] . However, commercial synthetic alternatives to Matrigel™ such as Synthemax™, a peptide-acrylate conjugate coating containing a cell adhesion motif derived from vitronectin, have not proved cost-effective for large scale hPSC culture . A number of groups are therefore engaged in the search for scalable and cost effective synthetic polymer substrates on which to expand stem cells. [2-3, 14, 16-20] .

The success of polymer-based growth substrates is critical upon the preconditioning of the substrate with various ECM proteins. This preconditioning step increases the cost of using polymeric substrates.

An aim of the present invention is to provide an improved substrate and methods for cell culture.

According to a first aspect of the invention, there is provided a substrate for cell culture comprising a polymer, wherein the polymer comprises

-a homopolymer formed from a monomer of formula (la) or (lb);

-a copolymer formed from one or more monomers of formula (la) and/or (lb); or -a copolymer formed from one or more monomers of formula (la) and/or (lb), and comprising HEMA....

Key-Word Cloud Excerpts from Asymmetric Linguistic Trends Analysis ( August 2016 ) :

ALTA Report ( August 2016 )


Clif High

Shock the Monkey

Meta Data
Planetary Changes

'primary' mover 'diaspora''many causes' 'beneath our feet' 'from the sky over our heads' 'major changes' through 2045 'waning' 'intermittent bursts (of) activity' next 84/eighty-four years (four generations more or less).

'mane of the horse' 4/four large geographic regions  'horse' 'land feature' [Middle East, a section of the Caucus Mountains, a section of the western ridge of mountains in Mexico, and an extensive area in the 'bad lands (western USA (also including parts of Utah, and Nevada))'] 'break-down' 'sub base material' 'sudden channeling' 'surface' 'region' 'channeling' 'river bed' water is not involved 'surface effect' 'disappearing rivers' 'here this evening' 'gone the next morning' 'channeling of the (surface) of the earth' 'rapid' 'over- night' 'within vision' 'watching (it) occur' 'video' 'event/phenomenon' 'rolls (across the) landscape' 'housing developments' 'sunken into shallow ravines' 'channeling occurs' 'area'  'dipping' 'running dimples' 'landscape ' 'taking out roads' 'toppling water towers' 'caving in (long) streets)' 'rooftops (of houses) on opposite sides of the street' 'touching' 'street' 'sinks away below the houses'.

'airline pilots' 'air traffic controllers' 'upset' 'new wind patterns' 'put to (new) work' 'cope' 'reversal (of) long running (global) wind patterns' 'power generation (from wind farms)' 'crop planning and forecasting' 'ocean transport' 'increasing winds activity' 'reversal of flow (patterns)' 'increasing winds activity' 'upper atmosphere winds' and 'surface (of the planet) winds' 'drastically changed (over next 4/four years)' 'substantially increased (in forces transmitted) 'ocean transport' 'cruise ships' 'ships' 'delayed''slowed' 'misdirected' 'pushed about''increased wind force (at the surface of the planet' 'boat race accidents'

'flooding' 'winds' [ overtake'flooding' language about 10% ] 'flooding' 'dominant' [ at least 4/four years ]

'pollution patterns' 'altered' 'reversal of the winds' 'increasing wind activity' 'winds change' 'moving masses chinese pollution' 'affecting new areas' 'new protests' 'disturbing health changes' 'rich enclaves' 'new bitching centers' 'clean(er) environment' 'smothered' 'new winds' 'blow pollutants' 'wrong way' 'bizarre schemes' 'put forward' 'rich suffocating under new pollution'.

'new winds' 'reversal' 'old patterns' 'power plant problems / shutdowns' 'urban flooding' 'birds flying into' 'dysfunction' 'forests' 'trees' 'small stands' 'pushed wrong way' 'falling over' 'global winds disaster' 'shifting winds' 'percolate' 'general awareness' 'shifting winds patterns across  planet' 'general awareness' 'winds' 'local phenomenon'.

'winds' 'ocean activities' 'ocean deeps' 'water levels' 'lower' “port's standards” 'ocean levels' 'port facilities' 'dropping' 'humans will notice' 'notice the dropping ocean levels' 'stuff wont fit/work' 'ports' 'attention' 'wild  \theories'

'channeling' 'appear / noticed' 'bottom of the ocean' 'sub sea channels' [not]'expansion episode''mantle stretches''increase (in total planetary surface area)' 'draw down ocean levels'[years of] 'raging debate' 'what the hell is going on with ocean levels' 'slow' 'creeping nature' 'ocean draw down'

'earth expansion effects''rural areas' 'spreading' 'mantle' 'stretching out' 'flattening' 'making oblate' 'shortening' 'crumbling' collapsing' 'destroying' 'walls (of) mine tunnels' 'road separations' 'rock (walls) crumbling' 'flooding' 'tilting''open mines''destroyed''upwelling mantle separation effects' 'global mine production' 'credit freeze' 'stretching earth' 'relaxing earth'

'earth expansion' 'messing' 'breaks' 'sub sea cabling' 'shifts' 'navigation aids obscured/hidden' 'satellite systems' 'report inaccurately' 'points of reference' 'closer / further apart'

'jet streams dropping' 'wind tsunamis' 'roar across landscape' 'atmosphere' 'sudden (decompression)' 'ordinary high places' 'people passing out ski resorts' 'sensation' 'several ski resorts' 'sudden decompression'

'rescue' 'winds at sea' 'too fierce' 'cruise ships' 'very large rescue effort' 'hours / days' 'windy' 'extract passengers' 'listing vessel' 'early days' 'nail biters' 'traumatic' 'rescue drama'.

'large' 'damaging earthquake' 'western china' 'very damaging earthquake'[ unreliable timing] 'north america' 'sink hole stitchery' 'crack'[ Japan] 'minor tsunami''echo earthquake' 'california coast'  [ these new sets are longer term]

'earthquakes'[ China ] 'far western regions' 'intrusion' 'substantial earthquake' 'disable industrial shipments' 'disturb port facilities' [ northern Chinese coast ] 'foreign ships' 'dignitaries' 'damaged' 'international press coverage'

[ChinaPop ] 'rumors' 'technology circles' 'space payoff' 'new electrics' 'energy ' 'molecular level' 'secrecy' 'rumors' 'space pay-offs' 're-engineering copper at atomic level' 'new electrics'

'hemispheres' 'blend' 'cross equatorial ocean currents' 'new' 'new heat carriers' 'creating (new) weather patterns' 'pop-corn storms' 'scientists' 'science publications' 'new' [ word ]  'heat distribution mechanisms' 'joining of the currents' 'ocean and atmosphere' 'self regulating' 'earth heat distribution system' 'new heat patterns' 'reversal of the winds' 'creation strange weather patterns' 'new'

'joining' of the 'currents' 'giant (revolving) storms''tangential collision''jet stream winds''giant rotating storms' not 'hurricanes' 'stationary conditions' 'bypassed' 'maneuvered around'[slow moving ] 'bound in place''rotating (giant) low pressures' 'requiring new sea lanes' 'obscuring satellite observations' 'clouds' 'heat transfer regions' 'heat transfer rotating low pressure cells'[ join ] 'bands' 'collections' 'storm cells'

'blending hemispheres' 'oceans' 'bodies of water (including the atmosphere [rivers])' 'strange climate/weather episodes' 'dancing water spouts' 'chase ' 'damage' 'speed boats''party'.

'scattered cans/bottles floating' 'over turned speed boats' 'crying women in water' 'dazed bleeding young men' 'debris wide  area' 'strange weather' 'attacking' 'population'  'summer music festivals' 'wind swept' 'destroyed tents stages  people bleeding' 'freezing squalls' 'very high atmosphere' 'rain down ice balls' 'many intense minutes'  'shockingly brief' 'storm' 'huge amount' 'human and property damage' 'mountain cable cars' 'require rescue' 'ice storms' 'coat everything' 'machinery to seize up/fail'.

'earth expansion' 'altering canals [ northern hemisphere]' 'canals' 'closed due to blockages' 'recent, local expansion effect' 'canals' 'commercial traffic'.

'expansion effects on oceans' 'ports no longer useful' 'unusual' 'excessive precipitation' 'ports problems' 'devastating rain storms' 'wash away hillsides' 'bring them  down upon  local port''buildings' 'debris' 'cars buses trucks cranes' 'washed down hillsides' 'crashing into port facilities' 'population stares on horrified' 'ports covered in land debris'  'regional transportation system (via ferry)' 'disrupted for years'.


'disruptions' 'upsets/over-turnings' 'replacement' 'major social changes' 'western humanity' 'transition'.

'disruptions' 'over-turning existing systems' 'hyperinflation' 'active'[next 2/two + years ] 'deflation trap' [ ALL ] 'petrodollar linked'  'Africa' 'north' 'south' [America]  'whipsawed'  'deflation''hyperinflation' [ next ]'two years' 'dollar empire crumbles' 'nation-states recreate themselves' 'spawn new nations' 'new nation-states' 'geographically bound' [bby ]'older (dying) nations'.

'new nation states' [ within] 'existing borders'  'alliances' 'traditional foes' 'labor unions' 'students' 'divide to conquer' 'fail miserably' 'dollar empire dies' 'financial resources' 'fed' 'political diversity' 'dry up' 'social system dependent'  'coming together ' 'common enemy' 'bonding' 'distressed students' 'depleted pensioners' 'failing labor unions' 'situation' 'ruling elite' 'financial system' 'statists' 'backers' 'mistakes' 'bad decisions' 'bad behavior' 'statists' 'no help' 'cutting situation'.

'cutting' 'cutting througH knots ' 'life goods' 'making a living from a pile of rubble' 'global financial system' 'visible failure' 'leading edge'  'people (makers/doers)' 'decided ' to 'just do it'.   'leading edge people' 'creating new food systems' 'desolate urban environments 'new leading  edge food growers technology driven people' 'being/becoming successful' 'ways' 'degrees' 'unimagined' 'financial circumstances' 'followers' 'students' 'giant/huge/overwhelming numbers' 'grass roots college system' 'evolving globally' 'critical mass' 'social evolution/change' 'visibly activated'

'humanity' 'live in the future' 'entertainment distractions' 'humanity level shift' 'sudden (according to msm-propaganda-media)' 'urban centered alternative foods technology' 'empty malls' 'empty retail buildings' 'co-opted' 're-purposed'.

'global depression' 'central banksters' 'political authorities' 'being born' 'depression'  'deflation' 'global depression' 'global deflation' 'eating real estate prices' 'debt collateral' 'credit takers' 'continue debt based asset growth' 'crumbling' 'fiat currencies' 'failing' 'falling' 'create (greater) political instability' 'rising popular actions' 'new leadership from the core peoples movements'.

'dynamic deflation' 'feared death disease' 'central banksters authorities' 'dominant factor'[ to at least mid 2017 ] 'deflation' 'like an (aggressive) cancer' 'credit freeze' 'economy' 'ice pick' 'deflation' 'cancerous'  not 'general' 'blanketing' 'eroding' 'tunneling' 'twisted, interconnected tunnels' 'lacing' 'financial systems' 'assets' 'debt on real estate' 'debt on energy' 'debt on art' 'debt on students' 'debt on debts' 'tunnels' 'assets' 'nominally backing the debt' 'destroyed' 'at zero' 'near zero' 'debt based assets' 'gold' 'silver' 'bitcoin'.

'dynamic deflation' 'italian banking system' 'spreading' 'global banking/derivatives system'  'derivatives' 'violence' 'disruption' 'repudiation' 'explosive detonation' 'counter-party' 'blown-up'  'failure to pay' 'cascading crash-cade defaults' 'bad words' 'former partners'.


'new leaders' 'core peoples' 'stepping forward'[ next 12/twelve months] 'street violence hero'  'hero'  “center of core people's movement”  'backed-up/supported' 'astute political genius' 'far north' 'create the center [around the young hero]' [has a sublimated letter in his name] 'center '  'core peoples' 'overturning' 'local politics' 'northern and eastern europe' 'exceptionally fast time' 'speed' 'political transformation' [EuropeanPop]  'utterly recreated in months'.

'tumult' 'roll downhill' 'officialdom' 'population' [not ]'follow' 'dictates'  August  'active break-up' of 'NATO' 'NATO breaks down/apart'[ meme ]'USA military unable to get soldiers back home due to economic problems'

'german' 'austrian' 'attempt' 'en fortress' 'EU core' 'groups' 'no chance' 'failure  assured'  'rapidly unfolding global conditions' 'assault on debt based asset prices' 'deflation' 'debt repudiation' 'debt destruction' 'turmoil' 'germanic peoples wrestle' 'failing Euro currency' 'collapsing social cohesion'  

'global credit freeze' 'deflation italian banks ' 'disturb' 'vatican' 'suddenly' 'wrestling' 'debts' 'hidden' 'paper trails' 'failing counter-party' 'dynamic deflation'

'lost documents' 'officialdom' 'documents' [ computer ] [found ] 'months afterward' 'carelessness' 'deliberate' 'leak' 'spectacularly well'[ part of a group of three temporal marker linguistic structures]  'core peoples movement' 'pan-europe alliance' 'dominating' 'politics'[ Europe Middle East by the early 2020's].

'NATO'[ documents] 'lost' 'finders' 'documents' 'alternative community' 'self-governing zone' 'contents of the documents' 'success of the release campaign' 'diligence' 'community takes'  'audio versions' 'original documents/ videos' 'social media video'.


'earth expansion' 'new line of sink holes' 'stitching their way across northern africa eastern coastal area' 'stitch lines' 'discern the next zanzibar' 'earth expansion' 'in-land blow-holes'  'spewing tidal effluents' 'global sensation' 'instant local tourist attraction' 'attraction' 'blow-holes' 'too dangerous to be around' 'demonstrating' 'force' 'heat' 'intermittent bursts' 'disaster' 'continent changing' 'topography altering' 'map changing' 'effects' 'disruptive' 'local populations' 'blow-holes' 'sink holes' 'side effects' 'alter Suez Canal'.

'mining interests' 'energy solar / oil'  'move their interests ahead' 'years' 'shift ahead'  'plans for Africa' 'on-going crash' 'financial structure' 'credit freeze language'  'movement'  'capital' 'African resource exploitation'.


'crushing' 'high end real estate' 'scene'  'Fosters drinker' 'small cement patio' 'points' 'rich houses' 'derides' 'owners' 'crying over loosing a few dollars (of imaginary) value' “why didn't he sell when he had the chance?”  '6/six weeks' '6/six months'[ saying the same thing about his own house]

'end of cycle' 'Australian housing'  [ 2/two months trailing] 'property commercial market'[ 5/five generations ] 'housing prices' 'bottoming'[ in about 4/four years time].

'north west coast''hills''dry colored crags' 'facing India''receivers''long up-welling winds''lag behind'[ then] 'sprint ahead' 'australian housing price discovery' 'weight on spring' 'earth expansion process' 'australian coast' 'expansion' 'crush mining' 'reveal' 'earth shifts' 'veins' 'silver'  'other precious metals / rare earths' 'revitalize' 'new mines' 'exposed veins' 'recent'[ is a temporal pointer ] 'first exposure' 'new veins '  'beginning of the effort to exploit them'

'sound money region' 'isolated' 'Australian social order' 'physically separated' 'land/property prices' 'stability' 'ore' 'destitute home owners' 'long time squatters /foreclosed former owners'  'resort'  'digging up their back gardens' 'shifting their houses to get a better digging site'.

'social order' 'northern' 'north eastern australia' 'rescue' 'large populations' 'distressed boat borne people' 'global sensation' 'disaster of significant size' 'north'[ of Australia]  'flee' 'once supportive environment' 'hundreds /thousands of boats' 'rescue' 'population explosion'

'political shift' 'USA dollar (FRN)' 'unable' 'support purchasing power' 'American military outposts inside Australia' 'too broke to get soldiers back home' 'alteration of humanity USA dollar empire implodes' 'world of markets drastic changes'.


'USA dollar' 'legs' 'chair' 'USA dollar / banking structure' 'go wobbly' 'downward pressures' 'Canadian dollar' 'legs' 'wobbling downward ahead of the USA FRN' [into 2017] 'wobble' 'rubber banding effect' 'global currencies markets' 'purchasing power' 'Canadian dollar' 'dropping ahead of  USA dollar'[ the next 2/two months ]

'desperation' 'falling local government tax revenues' 'cooperation' 'chinese officialdom' 'chinese capital control police' 'seen' 'select canadian cities' 'local authorities' 'detain wanted individuals'.
'crushing debt' 'odd taxes / bonds behavior' 'visible' 'world markets' 'digital money creation' 'slowly losing ability' 'maintain parity' 'deflationary drain' 'sucking out productivity' 'currency woes' 'currency / liquidity failures' 'failing construction companies' 'projects' 'not completed' 'worth more every day' 'daily costs' 'too crushing to meet'.


'ship wreck find' 'ancient mummies' 'gut gripping effect' 'power elite' 'dangerous knowledge''curiosity' 'desperate to know' 'large yachts' 'new power centers'[in the Caribbean] 'discovery' 'mummy wreck' 'incidental video coverage' 'quiet invasion''get out' 'displacement' 'cruise ships' 'closing' 'tourist spots'

 'discovery' 'mysteries of oceans' 'climate change re-alignment' 'global cooling' 'ice age' 'ancient people' 'unknown mummies' 'mummies' 'elites'  'mummies' [ not human or before the previous ice age] 'contradictions' 'elite PR statements' 'old ship wreck' 'incredible' 'frightening amount  money /resources' 'resources' 'power ship' 'generate electricity' 'months' 'locals' 'complain' 'constant noise'  'air pollution' 'power ship' 'displaced' 'forcibly relocated'

'trouble' 'mummy wreck' 'hundreds' 'people in floatation rings /life preservers' 'drift in' 'sensitive waters' 'claim distressed mariner privileges' 'episode'[ near the end of ] 'recovery tenure' 'fortunate' 'local population'[ elites ] 'offer up' 'concessions' 'major power production facilities' 'allowed' 'quietly extract the many tons of material' 'mystery mummy wreck'.


'Chinese taste'[ Bitcoin ] 'subsume' 'global demand' 'rushing frenzy' 'climbing the waterfall' 'three very large waves' 'Chinese purchasing'[ Bitcoin next 18/eighteen months]

'drive to purchase''currency changes''on-going devaluation' 'accelerate' 'bitcoin purchases'.

'chinese authorities' 'new cadre' 'trained investigators' 'schooled for international duties' 'first step' 'capital control cops over-seas' 'effort to return money to China' 'unrestrained activities tongs' 'news flashes' 'erupting' 'chinese-criminals' 'chinese-police' 'foreign shores'.

'growth chinese commercial activities' 'overwhelm' 'western world' 'bitcoin' 'chinese dominated crypto currency' 'critical mass' 'so many' 'day traders' 'professionals' 'outnumbered 10 to 1'  'take over'  'trading action' 'sheer weight of numbers'.

'authorities' 'concentrating' 'converting' 'consumer goods economic base' 'internal consumption' 'internal consumption consumer goods' ' anti-pollution measures' 'personal' 'collective' 'consume anti-pollution remedies' 'devices' 'giant numbers' 'giant air mining operations' 'sell clean air' 'recovering valuable hydrocarbons' 'conversion program' 'push for employment' 'central authorities' 'employee subsidies' 'innovative thinking' 'achieving maximum employment'  'social unrest' 'falling wages' 'economic downturn'  'riots' 'regional disturbances'  'transportation disruption' 'regional labor issue'  'erupt' 'national attention' 'commodities' 'distribution'[ impacted negatively ] '2/two weeks'[south-east China ]

'rising lands' 'rare earths' 'disputed new islands'[ South China Sea] 'happen again' 'building another island chain''China terra forming earth' 'mega Chinese engineering outside of China projects' [ late this Summer, northern hemisphere] 'moving mountains' 'carving sea mines' 'sea mines' 'mineral discovery' 'west coast' 'Ireland'[ Chinese ]'money' 'expertise/sub sea engineering'

'money', 'currencies', 'bitcoin' 'precious metals'  “everything else takes a back seat' Summer 'focus' 'determination '  'money'  'economic movements' 'August'.

'goings-on USAPop' 'August' 'entertainment boom' 'big kick in butt' 'moving self-preservation' 'portrayal' 'chinese news machine' 'western powers' 'clueless' 'clueless behavior' 'western powers' 'policies' 'actions''chinese authorities''embrace bitcoin' 'self-preservation' 'power structure' 'chinese authorities' 'western bad behavior with money' 'inexplicable 'policies relative to gold /'silver'  'bitcoin' 'embrace' 'Bitcoin' 'encouraging adoption' 'currency' 'encouragement by central authorities' 'propel bitcoin' 'chinese mainstream' [late 2016+] 'chinese central authorities' 'bitcoin' 'silver'  'bitcoin' 'gold' 'bitcoin going mainstream globally'

'dominating''engineering' 'construction' 'large projects' 'chinese authorities' 'curb internal unrest' 'exporting chinese young males abroad' 'army of gray ants' 'external infrastructure engineering and build- out forces' 'army' 'infrastructure core' 'economic infrastructure' 'trains, planes, water, and housing'[ next 30/thirty years] 'gray ants presence' 'Africa' 'constant, consistent' 'seemed to always have been there'.


'infrastructure crises'[Summer 2016] 'natural disasters' 'summer kind' 'earth expansion' 'grand stand collapses' 'empty'& 'with people''rides' 'attractions' 'hidden earth expansion problems' 'surfacing'  'spectacular imagery' 'near instant draining (of water park facilities' 'topography changes' 'earthquakes'[ three individual sets for] 'female hero'  'three (separate) heroines' 'brought  prominence'  'unselfish actions' 'early summer'[ temporal markers for larger memes ]  'youth' 'adults' 'army girl' 'tats' 'bringing thousands of marriage proposals' .

'political fracturing' 'violent schism'  'people with torches'  'disenfranchised majority' 'emptying hall' 'down the road' 'meeting in public park'.

 'old time economic religion' 'ruling elite' 'price controls' 'floated'  'hyperinflation' 'wage and price controls' 'producer class' 'shouting' 'wailing' 'unfair burden' 'feel' 'theirs alone' 'response'  'officialdom'  'ruling elite' 'bashed'  'respond' 'wonky' 'ill advised' 'upside down' 'stupid' 'officialdom responses' 'Summer of Crisis'  'heating up'[July / August].

'credit crises' 'bitcoin fever' 'gambling on price appreciation' 'utility' 'international' 'business'  'bitcoin as international settlement vehicle'

'real estate whispering' 'real estate bubbles' 'clear indications' 'deflating' 'traumatic drop' 'home sales' 'drastic price reductions' 'seller incentive battles' 'hitting extreme levels' 'competition' 'real estate sellers' 'paying for potential buyers' 'advertising' 'promotions' 'far less than effective' 'perceived (as) necessary' 'acts of desperation in desperate times'.

'real estate markets' 'lack of foreign buyers' 'chinese' 'disappearing' 'buyers side' 'equation' 'net sellers' 'USA real estate' 'four years' 'drying up' 'south american buyers' 'economies' 'dollar dependent' 'deflationary' 'sudden' 'must sell' 'southern USA real estate markets   Miami/ FL )' 'dollar deflation pressures' 'home country economies' 'ballooning foreign sellers' 'market'  'foreign buyers' 'disappear' 'high end real estate' 'initial (price) drops' 'exceed 45%' “last year's price”.

'open press/media' 'economy /real estate' 'tanking' 'submerging' 'media discussion' 'high end real estate markets' 'stall before the fall' 'falling and bleeding prices' 'market collapse' 'Joe Sixpack' 'feeling pretty satisfied' 'protected' 'warm haze of the lazy summer and beer' 'contemplating contemptuously' 'misfortunes of the local rich' 'crashing sound' that 'Joe Sixpack' 'real estate market'  'headlong''onrushing avalanche of credit freeze' 'rolling' 'crushing' 'motion' 'travel' 'credit freeze' 'system' 'veins freezing (along their) length''rapid, but observable speed' 'credit freeze'  'centric' 'beginning' 'regional centers' 'spreading )''national lenders' 'dark''silent' 'only a few days''lights out''real estate offices' 'auto dealerships''retail stores' 'complete malls'  'daily operating credit' 'dry up' 'shallow pond in the summer sun' 'economic activity' 'reduced 77%'

'rapid' 'visible implosion' 'local economic activity' 'media attention' 'cessation of construction projects' 'curtailing business expansions' 'cancellation rates ''escalating''mainstream propaganda media'  'directly' 'embarrassed' 'public face' 'operations work/business'.

'hit''face''devaluation schemes''discussed''the dollar''discussions''misdirecting''focus''emotional impact''cluster''media reports''long lines gold/silver retail level'[ Texas ] 'getcher gold' [meme] 'wildfire' 'gold/ silver sales outlets''wildfire''texas gold rush''Republic of Texas Independence'.

[28% of emotional impact/ duration values ] 'independence Texas' 'other states' 'other nations peoples' 'emigrate' 'independent Republic of Texas'.

'submerging''economy''failure of the social contract''redress revisiting/re-examination' 'old economic policies' 'forced mainstream propaganda media' 'gripped' 'intriguing details' 'near recent past mistakes of federal government' 'Oklahoma City Bombing' 'past deeds' 'government' 'examined' 'old stories' 'misdeeds'  'new again'.

'failure of the social contract''conjunction''unexpected /not imaginable/ not able to be planned for circumstances''discord''wrong moment''plot''circumstances''special''environment''intended victim(s)''bizarre''widely disbelieved''circumstances''beyond belief''wildly incredible''bizarre reports''factual''accepted''continuously stated''unbelievable''situation''drag on'[less than eighteen/18 days.]'fouled up plot/agenda''minds''mainstream USAPop''live coverage''net funneled''social media''unveiled''created''not yet named''unknown''social phenomenon''novel/new''unnamed''unnamed social phenomenon''long lasting/multiple generation''general social contract''recasting''perceives itself now''new history'

'southwest''earth changes''condtions created''drawing in''federal government response teams''teams''run into physica walls''other obstacles''their agenda''circumstances of disruption''technology disruptions''incident/events/manifestation'.

'regional power centers''suffer degradation''credit freeze''hollywood''southern california movie / media industry''major hit''credit freeze sweeps the banking system''sour stomach feeling''forcing''speculators''industry''hospitals''cancellation wave''rolling over hollywood''drying up''income for valley''processing levels''hollywood distribution system''break-away inflation''spiked' 'costs''making movies'

'chinese super competition''foreign markets''chinese movie industry''turn into ''truth machine''detail crimes of western hegemony''shockingly short time''chinese movie industry''out producing  hollywood''10,000 to 1''single month''movie releases''hollywood''majority''anti-western dollar/criminal empire propaganda films''great financial panic'

'chinese activities''travel for leisure''Chinese capital juggernaut''cruise business''global level''roll over''dominating''itinerary''guest manifesto''dominating of the passenger list''national patriotism pride''chinese passengers''pricing out''locals''incidents''patriotism''bad behavior go wild''fights''international incidents''trade repercussions'.

'regional power outages''Summer of 2016' [ USAPop]'power outages''conflicts''on the street''within the board rooms''power outages''eating''spare national capacity'[ worse by ] 'month''initial flurry summer incidents''heat wave''infrastructure damage'.

'infrastructure damage''climate change damage''come back/blow back ''exaggerated damage''previous fix''dam''blow-out''explosion''major electrical power plant''excessive heat''spark fires''sag high tension lines''critical time''lines to another state''break''shock to the power plant''initiate machine core failure' [ probably Hoover Dam ]

'shortages''electrical energy''shortages''foods''precious metals''rotating item shortages''lay-over western world''credit freeze hits producers''shipping/distribution system'.

'credit freeze''retirement grab''announcements''officialdom''secure''safe guard''retirement accounts''must be converted''government can protect''near riots''officialdom offices overturned/trashed''federal retirement agencies offices destroyed''break-out''precious metals''off grid money''lines''daily queuing for silver/gold''vicious''supplies exhausted in mere days''breakdowns''government failures''pile up''lousy economy''push the population''precious metals'.

'government''banksters''deep bind''unable to helicopter money''population''simply run up the prices of gold even higher''delivered fiat currencies'.

'shock the monkey /freak out officialdom''middle of summer''dollar following the euro falling down stairs''downward falls''prompt significant changes across social order''changes''$20 days upward in price''silver''$500 days gold''price''altering the political background''severe strain''ruling elite''strain indicators''bad behavior''dying major banks'.

'falling down''dollar''population'[develops] 'precious metals exchange system''banks''officialdom''rule over''seized engine paper debt economy''developing system''real price discovery''gold''silver''several times price''officially quoted'.


'spreading wings''on fire''fire below''fire above''fire (in the) belly''fire (filling) arteries''favorable winds''fresh winds''fair seas''flying high''basking in the sun''successful husbandry(growth)'[ Bitcoin ] “global people's currency”'do very well indeed' 'bitcoin'“in the 1000's”'worth over 1000 USA dollars but less than 1999 USA dollars''short time''time period'[ perhaps by end of July]'remarkably brief''eliciting conversations''speed of price rise''speed of passage'[ 6/six months]

'insane valuations''hyper-hyper gambling (in BTC)''global population''in competition to buy bitcoins''gamble''invest''speculate''rising value asset''selling local fiat currencies''transferring value and the risks''local paper''local digits''perceived''valued''global''nascent GlobalPop ideal''emotional cache globally''global people's issued currency''ersatz''illegal''global (outside the (now dying) system) people's currency'

'yellow light reflected from gold''golden aura''gold like''glimmering''gold'

'silver''population (globally)''precaution against calamity''chinese television''chinese central authorities advertising (to their own people)''push to own silver''main theme''campaign''silver as (daily) money''re-introduced ''central sincerity''Chinese officialdom''scared shitless''chinese population''caught by surprise (when global currencies collapse)'.

[Ethereum ]'hot''heat'ether''victim''ether coins''ripple''ripple alt-currency'.

'financial markets''economics''politics''wild ride'“The 16/sixteen days in July”'fiat currencies''global markets''those 16 days (give or take 3) in July''wild ride in markets'.

'16 days in July'[July 11 ]'halving' [ mining return on Bitcoin][ very significant temporal marker ]'5/five generations (100+ years)''point of shattering (of the existing system?)''16 days in July''histories' 'historians''pivot point''those sixteen days in July of 2016'.

'price controls''free markets''dollar degradation''demonstrated''to be demonstrated''collapse''shattered (confidence)'.

'Unknown'[ late September ]'energy''electrical system shut down''east coast (usa) markets)'[ September equinox]'black-out''shut-down''transport''data transport''lasers''stalling''misdirecting''algos''high frequency trading systems''freak out'.

'September freak out''markets''paper debt trading vehicles''old''tired''geriatric''breaking down internally''bad smell''rotting skin' 'tired blood''sore bowels''harsh evacuations')''weakened state complaints''general body break-down'.

'depression''alternative media''msm''pundits''person on the street''d-word''global economy''central banksters'“the central banksters depression”'mental imagery''emotional attachment''central banksters''Fed Chair''close to the (king) of the world''banksters''soon shocked recognized''publicly berated''beaten'.

'depression''solutions'[ next two years]'useless''meaningless''scope''depression experienced''political class''new generation want-to-be's''spewing nonsense''ongoing, crushing economic woes'.

'trade wars''economic flow of capital''go into crisis''economic activity'[ USA ]'grinding to complete halt''depression''hyperinflation''jumps''public consciousness''federal reserve banksters''public panic mode''hyperinflation'[ Summer of 2016 ]'response period by officialdom''the panic period by officialdom''response period' [ last half of June / rest of Summer]'panic''16 days in July''first burst of hyperinflation'

'hyperinflation''federal reserve banksters''global''side effects''italian banking system''dramatic crumbling''severe''impoverish the vatican''hidden debts''revealed''pledges''sought (to be) honored'.

'hyperinflation''scramble out of fiat currencies''ersatz currencies''digital offerings /blockchain clones''mock-metals''regional tokens''dying dollar''hyperinflation''failure of confidence''fiat masters Federal Reserve Banksters''increasing intensity''economic crisis''new currencies''bizarre behavior''fiat masters/ people''spread of fiat abandonment)''ersatz currencies boom''dominating hyper- drive rocket-ship'

'automobile industries''car dealerships''next vein (to) coagulate''car dealerships in USAPop''converted to other uses''shut doors''squatting families /gangs''take over the former dealerships''food production''warehousing space''car sales sites''pivot point''implosion''dealerships system''millennials''distaste''driving''car ownership''student debt loads'''depression''consumer goods' [excepting China]'chaos''rule/dominate''global financial system''all currencies' [next 20/twenty years]

'price rise''silver''air gaps''jumps up''relative price''in dollars''stair steps''air gaps''price action''air gaps''jump up in dollar prices''gap in the air under the price''traders''faint''vomit''air gaps''create fortunes''hours'.

'silver''38/thirty-eight''18.88''barrier''new all time highs''38/thirty-eight''silver''bitcoin''1000s (one-thousands)''silver''38/thirty-eight'.

'insurance “industry”''destroyed''stagflation''settling in over global economic activity''destroyed''wave''bankruptcy''defaults''industry''majors''tottering''teetering''reeling''crashing economic burdens''negative rates''falling currencies''escalating claims'.

'major banks''20 banks''rocked''failures'[rest of 2016]'failures''losses''credit system''developing credit freeze'.

'crypto-currencies''default payment method''big jump forward''various''central bankster tricks''fail to work''system collapses''invented that which replaces it''fiats die''path of least resistance''bitcoin''crypto currencies''vertical markets''smart crypto-currencies''smart objects''identify their owners''act on instructions and timing''smart crypto- currencies''western invention''dominated by ChinaPop''captivating ChinaPop''natural outgrowths''time, energy, money''bitcoin''crypto -world''ancient paper scripts die off'.

'south america''south africa''crypto-centers''fiat currencies failures''southern ocean trade routes''southern ocean trade routes''heat sinks''heat distribution system''irregularity''new routes''south africa''major trade way station''speed at which the failing fiat currencies plummet''force''shipping business into bitcoin''south africa''crypto hub'.

'adoption''fiats fail''dollar empire world''food''shelter''health''well-being''mass adoption''bitcoin''collapsing purchasing power''fiats''grab unaware humans''intestines''wrench them''fear''not before seen''not before seen''peer pressure''piling in effect''fear''release safety''bitcoin rescue effect''whew, I was able to get my money/wealth out of paper and into bitcoin'  'just before XXX''wealth effect' 'central banksters''psychological safety'''perpetually local and available''how much fiat''little bitcoin'.

'bitcoin''safety-net' 'financial/fiscal crisis''settlement vehicle''larger capital payments''ease of transport'[ vs]'gold'


'north west coast Australia''facing India''sound money system''global penetration''sound money system''system''bitcoin based, international transfer component''sound money''locally''silver vein exposure'[early 2020's]'sound money''break out''local boundary''going global''international transfer mechanism''transfer''ratio''silver to bitcoin''currencies'“Ozoz/BTCd''Australian silver ounces to Bitcoin decibits' [ratio]

'sound money economy' 'ireland' 'eastern europe''The Slope' 'underseas project''establishing (IrePop) future''Black Irish Sand Hogs''new (global affecting) project''underseas Irish working man' 'comedic entertainment' 'focus underseas Irish- extraction worker' 'his/her travails' 'entertainment'  'coastal Ireland''regional sound money'[over next 10/ten years].

'software computer based automation''eat the world''religion''government(s) / USA deep state)' 'employing computer/technology based sensors' 'computerized force sensor''force sensor arrays''reaching into ether extract knowledge''immediate local environment''deployment portable force sensors''planet''ascertain' [unknown] 'manifesting/appearing''deep state''seeking''new technology''wireless telepathy''secret conversations''computer “dimension” sniffer''developing global financial / economic chaos' 'consistent''concentrated' effort on the part of these 'involved governments' to 'sniff out (the [unknown]) but sought after manifestations' [ CERN ] 'LHC''computerized “god-stuff” sensors' 'supplanting''organized religion''cell-phone to the other-life' 'devices''religion supplanted''abuse''unknown process / device ]''addicts''unknown'.

'disquiet''evident''manifest''demonstrated''animals''unusual behavior by animals''directly perceiving''big uneasy'[short time] 'animal jittery behavior''observed''scientists''researchers''collection apparatus''wonky''conflicting''out of range'''jittery (anxious) animal days (weeks?)'[5 or more years out].

'food riots''Maryland''side effect''break-in''back fence''deep underground military base''walking distance''urban areas''Maryland''side effects''rioters''finding and looting food''finding a huge cache''secret government documents''deep space (alien) stuff' 'liberated documents''decade long' 'series''experiments''military dependent children  'epigenetic dynamics' 'studied' 'studies'   'liberated documents' 'reveal secrets' 'resulting epigenetic triggers' 'activated  baby boom generation'

'back to the future''researcher''uncover truth lightning' [Summer 2016]'new electrics''base science''inspired guess''intuitive insight''sparking''new electrics''discovery''lightning protection''anti- electrocution device''how lightning really works discovery''base science break-through''force-field technology break through' [2020's+] 'unknown''officially denied' 'force''force-field'

'force-field' [7/seven to 10/ten year ] 'production pieces''force-field technologies''disrupting''displacing''disturbing''market segments''introduction''technologies''manipulation waved electricity''standing dynamic wave force-fields''giant lifts''energy cushions/pads''force-field “barges”''containers''rafted together''force-fields''lifted''shifted''no apparent connections (between them)'.

[ 2029 through 2039]  'energy' 'force' 'flavors' 'work'  'force-field types' 'flavors' 'electrical [unknown] interaction'  'collegiate path' 'force-field engineers'.

'new electrics''new materials handling''replicators''penetration into social mainstream' [ mid 2024] 'firmly established' [by early 2031]'first replicator' 'billionth'[ few months ] 'non-replicatable force-field control component' 'barrier' 'overcome' 'months' 'replicators' 'replicate''every home'  'technologies laboratory' '(almost) no cost'.

'fly-by' 'cruise-by' 'the earth' 'space alien tourist ship''inhabitants' 'over flown region' 'wide-eyed' 'dumbstruck' 'slathering''drooling''fainting''shitting themselves' 'sight (of the) space alien cruise ship and its passengers staring back at them'

 Conclusion: Shock the monkey

[Timing ] 'numbers''money''chance favors the prepared mind''generational fortunes' [ next twenty years]'wonder how it came to be''luck'.
Integrated Aqua-Vegeculture System
Water Efficient Food Production - An Introduction To IAVS

The iAVs Recipe

Essential Equipment:

Fish tank
Water Pump – capable of emptying the tank in an hour – at the rated head.
Air Pump and air stones
Bio-filters/Grow Beds

Essential Ingredients:

Sand – as per specification.
Furrows – as prescribed.
Water and Air – potable
Feed – formulated ration

Instructions –

1:2 fish tank volume to sand bio-filter ratio.
Water – adjust pH to 6.4 (plus or minus 0.4) – rainwater is best.
Provide at least 12 hours of light per day – more is better – plant species-dependent.
Start off with 100 x 15g fish per 1000 litres.
Ambient air temperature – plant species/season-dependent in the 15oC – 35oC range.
Grow a mixture of greens, legumes and fruiting crops (at least 50%).
Feed – according to bodyweght – twice per day – last feed not later than 2:00pm.
Irrigation volume and frequency – designed to 2 tank exchanges per day – two hours of pumping – work on 8 cycles per day to establish the duration of each flood cycle.
Water Temperature –– 25oC – 30oC.
4 July 2016

New plastic material begins to oscillate spontaneously in sunlight

Place this thin layer of plastic in the sun and it begins to oscillate irregularly all by itself. Today researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and the Humboldt University in Berlin present this material ­– the first that moves spontaneously under the influence of daylight – in the journal Nature Communications. According to the researchers, this pliable plastic is suitable as a self-cleaning surface, for example for solar cells.

Materials that move all by themselves under the influence of light – this phenomenon has been known for a number of years. However, since the source tends to be ultraviolet light, the required intensity can damage the material. The challenge was to find a material that behaves in this way in visible light, preferably unprocessed sunlight. The researchers from Eindhoven and Berlin have now succeeded in producing a thin polymer layer containing light-sensitive molecules (azo-dyes). Lying in sunlight, the thin film begins to oscillate spontaneously and irregularly.

Combination of factors

Why the plastic does this is something that the researchers cannot yet quite explain. “It seems to be a combination of factors,” suggests TU/e researcher Michael Debije. “The light-sensitive molecules bend and stretch under the influence of visible light. Since these molecules are bound within the polymer network of crystal, this results in the material oscillating as if cramped. Of course, there’s more to it than that – this is what we are investigating now.”


One of the main possibilities for using the material is as a self-cleaning surface. “A surface that vibrates in the sun makes it difficult for sand and dust to stick to it,” Debije says. Fellow researcher, Dick Broer, thinks that self-cleaning solar panels in the desert where there are no water supplies could be an option. But the researchers believe there is a whole range of other possible applications. “We have just discovered the effect; we expect that this will attract attention from many researchers from whom we will be hearing a lot over the coming period,” Debije says.

Nature Communications (4 July 2016).
DOI: 10.1038/nscomms11975

A chaotic self-oscillating sunlight-driven polymer actuator,

Kamlesh Kumar et al.,

New plastic material begins to oscillate spontaneously in sunlight

Carbon dioxide into ethylene

Researchers have discovered a catalyst that performs highly selective conversion of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into ethylene – an important source material for the chemical industry. In the journal “Nature Communications“, a team headed by Prof Dr Beatriz Roldan Cuenya from Ruhr-Universität Bochum describes how plasma-treated copper can be used for this purpose.

Researching new catalysts that convert carbon dioxide: Hemma Mistry (on the left) and Beatriz Roldan Cuenya. Credit: © RUB, Krame

Catalysts traditionally used for the electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide into useful chemicals were not efficient enough. The reason: the materials do not have high selectivity; they produce a little ethylene and too many unwanted side products. This has now been changed.
More selectivity through plasma treatment

PhD student Hemma Mistry from the Institute for Experimental Physics IV in Bochum used copper films treated with oxygen or hydrogen plasmas as catalysts. Through these plasma treatments, she altered the properties of the copper surface, rendering it rougher or less rough, for example, and oxidizing the material. The researcher varied the plasma parameters systematically until she hit on the optimal surface properties.

Her best catalyst boasts a higher ethylene production rate than traditional copper catalysts. At the same time, it acts in a highly selective manner, which means that the amount of unwanted side products is considerable reduced. “It’s a new record for this material,” concludes Beatriz Roldan Cuenya.

Mechanism decoded

The researchers also identified the reason why this form of plasma treatment has been successful. Using synchrotron radiation, they analysed the copper film’s chemical state during the catalysis of the reaction. Through these measurements, they detected the cause of the higher ethylene selectivity. The key component was positively charged copper ions at the catalyst surface.

It had been assumed that copper can only exist in its metallic form under reaction conditions. The researchers’ discovery has now disproved this assumption, and their findings were confirmed by additional microscopic analysis. “The results open up new possibilities for designing catalysts on the nanoscale with specific activity and selectivity,” says Beatriz Roldan Cuenya.
Nature Communications 7, 12123

Highly selective plasma-activated copper catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction to ethylene

Hemma Mistry, et al.


There is an urgent need to develop technologies that use renewable energy to convert waste products such as carbon dioxide into hydrocarbon fuels. Carbon dioxide can be electrochemically reduced to hydrocarbons over copper catalysts, although higher efficiency is required. We have developed oxidized copper catalysts displaying lower overpotentials for carbon dioxide electroreduction and record selectivity towards ethylene (60%) through facile and tunable plasma treatments. Herein we provide insight into the improved performance of these catalysts by combining electrochemical measurements with microscopic and spectroscopic characterization techniques. Operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy and cross-sectional scanning transmission electron microscopy show that copper oxides are surprisingly resistant to reduction and copper+ species remain on the surface during the reaction. Our results demonstrate that the roughness of oxide-derived copper catalysts plays only a partial role in determining the catalytic performance, while the presence of copper+ is key for lowering the onset potential and enhancing ethylene selectivity.

Not blowing smoke: Research finds medical marijuana lowers prescription drug use

Medical marijuana is having a po sitive impact on the bottom line of Medicare's prescription drug benefit program in states that have legalized its use for medicinal purposes, according to University of Georgia researchers in a study published today in the July issue of Health Affairs.

The savings, due to lower prescription drug use, were estimated to be $165.2 million in 2013, a year when 17 states and the District of Columbia had implemented medical marijuana laws. The results suggest that if all states had implemented medical marijuana the overall savings to Medicare would have been around $468 million.

Compared to Medicare Part D's 2013 budget of $103 billion, those savings would have been 0.5 percent. But it's enough of a difference to show that, in states where it's legal, some people are turning to the drug as an alternative to prescription medications for ailments that range from pain to sleep disorders….

This spray makes things almost indestructible

Hav-Mu-Suv / Sitika
The Ancient Giants of Nevada and the Mystery of Lovelock Cave
Was North America once inhabited by a race of giants? According to an old legend supported by several challenging archaeological finds, it is possible.
Red Haired Giants & Sitecah - Lovelock Cave, Nevada
Giant Tribes of Lovelock Cave
Giant Tribes of Lovelock Cave | MANDATE: Weird War
Lovelock Skull Found. M.K.Davis discusses this sensational find.
M K Davis discusses a 40 year old photo of a Red Haired Giant skull from Nevada


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School Calls Police on 9-Year-Old for ‘Racist’ Remark, Called Snack ‘Brownies’

uring an end-of-the-year class party at a New Jersey elementary school, a 9-year-old boy said something about brownies and was subsequently questioned by a police officer who was called by the school to investigate an incident of racism.

It was another student that accused the boy of saying something "racist," but the boy's mother said he was talking about "snacks, not skin color," according to

"He said they were talking about brownies. Who exactly did he offend?" the mother, Stacy dos Santos, asked incredulously.

When the boy's father was contacted later in the day, he was informed that the matter was referred to the New Jersey Division of Child Protection and Permanency. It is also reported that the boy stayed at home for his last day of third grade.

But lest it appear that this was an overreaction from the school, as the mother described it, this is actual protocol, decided upon at an earlier meeting between the police department, representatives from the county prosecutor's office and school officials at William P. Tatem Elementary School in Collingswood.

It was decided that any incident that could be deemed criminal should be reported to authorities, even something "as minor as a simple name-calling incident that the school would typically handle internally," Police Chief Kevin Carey said.

After that meeting, it is noted that officers were called more often than ever to investigate incidents, sometimes as many as five incidents per day in the span of a month.

Dos Santos said this incident has left her son "traumatized" and is looking to enroll in another school next year:

"I'm not comfortable with the administration [at Tatem]. I don't trust them and neither does my child. He was intimidated, obviously. There was a police officer with a gun in the holster talking to my son, saying, 'Tell me what you said.' He didn't have anybody on his side."

Other parents are echoing these concerns, calling the increased police involvement "ridiculous" and "harmful." One teacher from another school who has children in the Collingswood district said, "Some of it is just typical little-kid behavior. Never in my years of teaching have I ever felt uncomfortable handling a situation or felt like I didn't know how to handle a situation

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We have reached the juncture in history at which two previously impossible things have become technologically feasible: the destruction of all life on Earth, or Infinite Slack for everyone forever. Hopefully, these are two different things; but it's never too early to start being pessimistic.


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Immortal Technique
No Mercy - Immortal Technique
Internally Bleeding Immortal Technique Lyrics
Immortal Technique - Dominant Species Lyrics
Immortal Technique - Bin laden Lyrics



Scientists are getting closer to directly observing how and why water is essential to life as we know it...

A study (Dynamics and Mechanism of Ultrafast Water-Protein Interactions) in this week's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) provides the strongest evidence yet that proteins - the large and complex molecules that fold into particular shapes to enable biological reactions - can't fold themselves.

Rather, the work of folding is done by much smaller water molecules, which surround proteins and push and pull at them to make them fold a certain way in fractions of a second, like scores of tiny origami artists folding a giant sheet of paper at blazingly fast speeds.

Dongping Zhong, leader of the research group at The Ohio State University that made the discovery, called the study a "major step forward" in the understanding of water-protein interactions and said it answers a question that's been dogging research into protein dynamics for decades.

"For a long time, scientists have been trying to figure out how water interacts with proteins.

This is a fundamental problem that relates to protein structure, stability, dynamics and - finally - function," said Zhong, who is the Robert Smith Professor of physics at Ohio State.

"We believe we now have strong direct evidence that on ultrafast time scales (picoseconds, or trillionths of a second), water modulates protein fluctuations," he concluded.

Zhong, who is also a professor of chemistry and biochemistry, and his team used ultrafast laser pulses to take snapshots of water molecules moving around a DNA polymerase, the kind of protein that helps DNA reproduce.

The key to getting a good view of the interaction was to precisely locate optical probes on the protein surface, he said. The researchers inserted molecules of the amino acid tryptophan into the protein as a probe, and measured how water moved around it.

Water molecules typically flow around each other at picosecond speeds, while proteins fold at nanosecond speeds - 1,000 times slower.

Previously, Zhong's group demonstrated that water molecules slow down when they encounter a protein. Water molecules are still moving 100 times faster than a protein when they connect with it, however.

In the new study, the researchers were able to determine that the water molecules directly touched the protein's "side chains," the portions of the protein molecule that bind and unbind with each other to enable folding and function.

The researchers were also able to note the timing of movement in the molecules.

Computer simulations at the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) helped the researchers visualize what was going on:

where the water moved a certain way, the protein folded nanoseconds later, as if the water molecules were nudging the protein into shape.

Water can't arbitrarily shape a protein, Zhong explained.

Proteins can only fold and unfold in a few different ways depending on the amino acids they're made of.

"Here, we've shown that the final shape of a protein depends on two things: water … the amino acids themselves

We can now say that, on ultrafast time scales, the protein surface fluctuations are controlled by water fluctuations.

Water molecules work together like a big network to drive the movement of proteins."

Vim HOF -- Ice Man

Wim Hof holds 20 Guinness World Records for withstanding extreme temperatures… has climbed Everest and Kilimanjaro in only shorts and shoes.. stayed comfortably in ice baths for 2 hours+ … run a full marathon in the desert (50 degrees celsius, 122 Fahrenheit) without water or food…

Power of Breathing

Video #1 Wim Hof teaches you how to do more push-ups with his breathing technique. The scientific breathing techniques will significantly improve your energy levels, detox the body and release toxins, relieve stress and tension, and strengthen your immune system.

Video #2 teaches you how a simple cold shower can help you to burn fat, boost your immune system and increase the “feel good” chemicals in the brain called endorphins (natures own mood boosters).
Wim Hof - Shelf exercise

In this video Wim Hof tells about the importance of mindset, plus he does an extraordinary exercise. "The Shelf"


Voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system and attenuation of the innate immune response in humans

Matthijs Koxa, et al.


Hitherto, both the autonomic nervous system and innate immune system were regarded as systems that cannot be voluntarily influenced. The present study demonstrates that, through practicing techniques learned in a short-term training program, the sympathetic nervous system and immune system can indeed be voluntarily influenced. Healthy volunteers practicing the learned techniques exhibited profound increases in the release of epinephrine, which in turn led to increased production of anti-inflammatory mediators and subsequent dampening of the proinflammatory cytokine response elicited by intravenous administration of bacterial endotoxin. This study could have important implications for the treatment of a variety of conditions associated with excessive or persistent inflammation, especially autoimmune diseases in which therapies that antagonize proinflammatory cytokines have shown great benefit.


Excessive or persistent proinflammatory cytokine production plays a central role in autoimmune diseases. Acute activation of the sympathetic nervous system attenuates the innate immune response. However, both the autonomic nervous system and innate immune system are regarded as systems that cannot be voluntarily influenced. Herein, we evaluated the effects of a training program on the autonomic nervous system and innate immune response. Healthy volunteers were randomized to either the intervention (n = 12) or control group (n = 12). Subjects in the intervention group were trained for 10 d in meditation (third eye meditation), breathing techniques (i.a., cyclic hyperventilation followed by breath retention), and exposure to cold (i.a., immersions in ice cold water). The control group was not trained. Subsequently, all subjects underwent experimental endotoxemia (i.v. administration of 2 ng/kg Escherichia coli endotoxin). In the intervention group, practicing the learned techniques resulted in intermittent respiratory alkalosis and hypoxia resulting in profoundly increased plasma epinephrine levels. In the intervention group, plasma levels of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10 increased more rapidly after endotoxin administration, correlated strongly with preceding epinephrine levels, and were higher. Levels of proinflammatory mediators TNF-α, IL-6, and IL-8 were lower in the intervention group and correlated negatively with IL-10 levels. Finally, flu-like symptoms were lower in the intervention group. In conclusion, we demonstrate that voluntary activation of the sympathetic nervous system results in epinephrine release and subsequent suppression of the innate immune response in humans in vivo. These results could have important implications for the treatment of conditions associated with excessive or persistent inflammation, such as autoimmune diseases.
Proving the impossible with Iceman Wim Hof: Autonomic nervous system can be influenced
TEDxAmsterdam - Wim Hof - 11/30/10
Standing the ice with our minds | Wim Hof @ TEDxYouth@Maastricht
June 11, 2016

Teenager Develops Economical Purifier Using Organic Waste to Make Clean Water


Sofia Adamsom

Young talent such as Lalita Prasida Sripada Srisai, a 13-year-old from Odisha, India, who designed a water purifier that functions on waste corn cobs, is the type of inspiration needed in a world where most people are focused on consuming versus solving problems such as water contamination…

Odisha School Girl Wins Award At Google Science Fair For Developing Water Purifying Agent

...Lalita developed a low cost bio-absorbent based water purifier. It functions mainly on waste corn cobs. The Corn cob is the least utilized part of the maize plant. It is a very important agricultural waste. Having high mechanical strength, rigidity and porosity, corn cob is a suitable absorbent. This enables contaminants like oxides of salts, detergent, suspended particles, coloured dyes, oil and grease to be absorbed in the surface of the corn cobs. Some of the heavy metals are also absorbed.

“If the drain pipe of the household is connected to a chamber having different layers of corn cobs in partition layers or to an S-trap pipe having corn cobs, it will separate about more than 70-80 % of contaminants including suspended particles from the waste water,” says the report published about her project on the Google Science Fair website.

This cheap and eco-friendly way of purifying water will open up a new market for corn corbs which are otherwise discarded as bio-waste.

To conduct the experiment, Lalita had collected the cobs from a nearby farm and sun dried them for a month. To make a hole at the centre of one cob, the pith was removed. In it 50 ml of domestic effluent collected from a kitchen drain pipe was poured. This was allowed to pass through the hole. Thereafter, the collected filtrate was tested for purity. This was the pilot stage.

After its successful completion, water with several added chemical impurities was through five bottles, each containing a different layer for purification. The layers had long pieces of corn cobs, small pieces of corn cobs, powdered corn cobs, activated charcoal made from corn cobs and fine sand.

The charcoal layer was observed to absorb most of the coloured substances present in the water, while the chaff layers of both long and small pieces of corn cobs absorbed the suspended particles. The powdered corn cob layer absorbed the gasoline waste.

Adsorption is regarded to be easy and effective process for the cleaning of waste water (3&5). Bio- adsorbents are commonly used to clean water. Fehintola et al.(2015) reported the adsorption of Lead, Nickel and Cadmium by powdered egg shells. Adsorption of Lead by powdered corn cobs was also reported by Fehintola et al.(2015 a). Ismail et al.(2009) reported the adsorption of Cadmium by the powdered corn cobs. Nada et al.(2009) reported the increased efficiency of corn cobs towards metal ions sorption by incorporating certain functional groups, e.g. phosphate, sulfate and carboxylic groups. The adsorption of Fluoride from water using powdered corn cobs was investigated by Parker et al. (2006). They identified that 90 to 120 minutes was the best contact time for maximum fluoride adsorption. Binding of Cadmium by hemi-cellulose of corn cobs was also reported by Muchlisyam et al.(2013).  So, the study was designed to control and check water pollution from domestic and industrial sources by using an agricultural waste...

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Arab guy goes into meltdown after reading 'The People vs Muhammad'

Recently, an Arab TV station discussed the controversial book 'The People vs Muhammad'. The result was an explosive meltdown after one of the guests renounced his faith on national TV.

If you want more information about this life-changing book, please visit,d.cGc&cad=rja

[ PDF ]
June 30, 2016

MRI technique induces strong, enduring visual association

Researchers have made two new scientific points with a set of experiments in which they induced people to perceive colors that weren't really there -- one concerning how the brain works and the other concerning how to work the brain.

Working with colleagues in Japan, the scientists at Brown University used a novel technique to surreptitiously train a small group of volunteers to associate vertical stripes with the color red and -- to a lesser extent as a consequence -- horizontal stripes with the color green.

The first point made by the researchers was that the association was induced by specifically targeting the early visual areas of the brain. Those "V1" and "V2" areas are the first parts of the cortex to process basic visual information coming from the eyes, but scientists had not previously seen associative learning occurring there.

"This is the first clear study that shows that V1 and V2 are capable of creating associative learning," said Takeo Watanabe, the Fred M. Seed Professor of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences at Brown and co-corresponding author of the paper in the journal Current Biology.

The second point is that the association was learned strongly enough that subjects came to perceive the background colors paired with vertical bars as red even when the background was gray or sometimes a bit greenish. That learned misperception was evident in tests as much as five months later.

The demonstration raises the possibility that the training method could be used to induce other enduring associations in the brain, Watanabe said.

Here is how Watanabe's team induced the association:

With volunteers in the magnetic resonance imaging scanner, the first step was to measure patterns of activity in V1 and V2 when they saw different combinations of colored backgrounds (red, green and gray) behind two different stripe orientations (vertical and horizontal). The researchers used that data to encode a "classifier" that could distinguish between red and green to recognize the brain activity the volunteers induced in those areas in future experiments.

Then the experimenters engaged in a subterfuge even greater than a little mind reading. With the intent of training 12 of their 18 volunteers to associate red with vertical stripes, they showed them gray backgrounded vertical stripes embedded within a circle and then a small plain white disk. They asked the volunteers to imagine ways of making the disk larger. The volunteers were offered a reward based on the size of the disk they could produce.

Over three days of such training, volunteers thought of a variety of ways they might use their brains to enlarge the disk, but really the disk only got larger when the classifier saw signs they were thinking of red (for whatever coincidental reason). In other words, the 12 volunteers were really being trained such that after seeing vertical stripes they would induce activity patterns in V1 and V2 similar to the activity that had occurred when they actually saw red.

"Participants were not aware of the purpose of the experiment or what kind of activation they learned to induce," Watanabe said.

After the 12 volunteers had been trained and the six others were left untrained, the researchers then measured their visual perceptions. Both groups of volunteers were shown circles with central patterns of vertical, horizontal or diagonal stripes. Each of those patterns had backgrounds colored somewhere along a continuum of eight settings ranging from obviously to faintly green to gray to faintly to obviously red.

The key question was whether the trained and untrained subjects would exhibit any differences in the colors they perceived in the backgrounds behind the vertical stripes. Sure enough, trained subjects were significantly more likely than untrained ones to perceive the gray background of vertical stripes -- and even the faintly green background -- as red. Meanwhile, trained subjects were more likely to associate backgrounds behind horizontal stripes as greener than untrained subjects.

Neither group showed any incorrect color bias in judging the backgrounds behind the diagonal stripes. In testing up to five months later, however, trained subjects still showed significant associations for vertical gratings.

Applications of associations

Associative learning and memory -- "this goes with that" -- is pervasive in the brain, but it was a novel finding of basic brain science to show that it can occur in early visual areas, Watanabe said.

In a more applied vein, Watanabe said he is eager to find out if scientists can use the study's technique of training subjects with (unwitting) MRI-based feedback to create associations in other parts of the brain for educational or therapeutic reasons.

"Our brain functions are mostly based on associative processing, so association is extremely important," Watanabe said. "Now we know that this technology can be applied to induce associative learning."

Through the technique, which Watanabe calls A-DecNef, perhaps people can learn even when they don't know what they are learning, or that they are learning at all.

Current Biology, June 2016
DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2016.05.014

Learning to Associate Orientation with Color in Early Visual Areas by Associative Decoded fMRI Neurofeedback.

Kaoru Amano et al.


Associative learning is an essential brain process where the contingency of different items increases after training. Associative learning has been found to occur in many brain regions [ 1–4 ]. However, there is no clear evidence that associative learning of visual features occurs in early visual areas, although a number of studies have indicated that learning of a single visual feature (perceptual learning) involves early visual areas [ 5–8 ]. Here, via decoded fMRI neurofeedback termed “DecNef” [ 9 ], we tested whether associative learning of orientation and color can be created in early visual areas. During 3 days of training, DecNef induced fMRI signal patterns that corresponded to a specific target color (red) mostly in early visual areas while a vertical achromatic grating was physically presented to participants. As a result, participants came to perceive “red” significantly more frequently than “green” in an achromatic vertical grating. This effect was also observed 3–5 months after the training. These results suggest that long-term associative learning of two different visual features such as orientation and color was created, most likely in early visual areas. This newly extended technique that induces associative learning is called “A-DecNef,” and it may be used as an important tool for understanding and modifying brain functions because associations are fundamental and ubiquitous functions in the brain.
 5 July 2016

Is this real life 'Inception'? Scientists use unnerving trick to plant false experiences into people's brains


Abigail Beall

The idea that people can interfere with others' thoughts and implant things in their minds was made famous by the 2010 film 'Inception'.

But the concept is not completely science fiction, according to a group of researchers at Brown University.

The scientists have discovered a way to implant associations in people's brains, without the subjects being aware of it happening.
With volunteers in the scanner, the patterns of activity in two areas of the brain were first measured when the subjects saw different combinations of coloured backgrounds (red, green and grey) behind two different stripe orientations (vertical and horizontal)

With volunteers in the scanner, the patterns of activity in two areas of the brain were first measured when the subjects saw different combinations of coloured backgrounds (red, green and grey) behind two different stripe orientations (vertical and horizontal)


The process is called Decoded Neurofeedback, or 'DecNef'.

The idea for neurofeedback technique grew out of research from the 1960s showing that a person could regulate his heart rate or temperature just by thinking about it.

Because our brains regulate temperature and heart rate, the researchers wanted to see if we could also regulate other aspects of brain activity.

Working with colleagues in Japan, scientists at Brown University have been studying how a functional magnetic resonance machine (FMRI) can 'induce' knowledge in someone through their visual cortex by sending signals that change their brain activity pattern.

This process is called Decoded Neurofeedback, or 'DecNef'.

In a recent breakthrough, the group used a new technique to surreptitiously train a small group of volunteers to associate vertical stripes with the colour red and horizontal stripes with the colour green.

The people taking part thought they were seeing the colour red when looking at black and white stripes, and had no idea this was happening. 
he association was induced by specifically targeting two early visual areas of the brain.

Named 'V1' and 'V2', the areas are the first parts of the cortex to process basic visual information coming from the eyes.

But scientists had not previously seen associative learning happening in these areas.

After three days of training, participants were trained into seeing red when they saw vertical stripes.

'This is the first clear study that shows that V1 and V2 are capable of creating associative learning,' said Professor Takeo Watanabe, corresponding author of the paper published in the journal Current Biology.

The idea for neurofeedback technique grew out of research from the 1960s showing that a person could regulate his heart rate or temperature just by thinking about it.

Because our brains regulate temperature and heart rate, Professor Watanabe wanted to see if we could regulate other aspects of brain activity.

'Participants were not aware of the purpose of the experiment or what kind of activation they learned to induce,'

Professor Watanabe said.

After the experiment, the researchers asked the subjects what they were thinking about when they got high scores.

'I imagined a zebra,' said one participant, reported Stat News.

'I imagined a gymnastics match in which I performed well,' 'I imagined a situation where I behaved violently,' others reported.

The participants were not hallucinating the color red, Professor Watanabe said. Instead their experiences were more similar to synesthesia, a condition in which people perceive coloors when they look at printed numbers and letters.

Associative learning and memory, the idea that 'this goes with that',  is pervasive in the brain.

But it was a novel finding of basic brain science to show that it can occur in early visual areas, Professor Watanabe said.

Professor Watanabe said he is eager to find out if scientists can use the study's technique of training subjects with (unwitting) MRI-based feedback to create associations in other parts of the brain for educational or therapeutic reasons.

'Our brain functions are mostly based on associative processing, so association is extremely important,' Professor Watanabe said. 'Now we know that this technology can be applied to induce associative learning.'

Learning to Associate Orientation with Color in Early Visual Areas by Associative Decoded fMRI Neurofeedback

Kaoru Amano, et al.

Associative learning is an essential brain process where the contingency of different items increases after training. Associative learning has been found to occur in many brain regions [ 1–4 ]. However, there is no clear evidence that associative learning of visual features occurs in early visual areas, although a number of studies have indicated that learning of a single visual feature (perceptual learning) involves early visual areas [ 5–8 ]. Here, via decoded fMRI neurofeedback termed “DecNef” [ 9 ], we tested whether associative learning of orientation and color can be created in early visual areas. During 3 days of training, DecNef induced fMRI signal patterns that corresponded to a specific target color (red) mostly in early visual areas while a vertical achromatic grating was physically presented to participants. As a result, participants came to perceive “red” significantly more frequently than “green” in an achromatic vertical grating. This effect was also observed 3–5 months after the training. These results suggest that long-term associative learning of two different visual features such as orientation and color was created, most likely in early visual areas. This newly extended technique that induces associative learning is called “A-DecNef,” and it may be used as an important tool for understanding and modifying brain functions because associations are fundamental and ubiquitous functions in the brain.


A training apparatus 1000 using a method of decoding nerve activity includes: a brain activity detecting device 108 for detecting brain activity at a prescribed area within a brain of a subject; and an output device 130 for presenting neurofeedback information (presentation information) to the subject. A processing device 102 decodes a pattern of cranial nerve activity, generates a reward value based on a degree of similarity of the decoded pattern with respect to a target activation pattern obtained in advance for the event as the object of training, and generates presentation information corresponding to the reward value.

Decoded Neurofeedback (DecNef) is the process of inducing knowledge in a subject by increasing neural activation in predetermined regions of interest in the brain, such as their visual cortex. This is achieved by measuring neural activity in these regions via functional magnetic resonance imaging (FMRI), comparing this to the ideal pattern of neural activation in these regions (for the intended purpose), and giving subjects feedback on how close their current pattern of neural activity is to the ideal pattern. Without explicit knowledge of what they are supposed to be doing or thinking about, over time participants learn to induce this ideal pattern of neural activation. Corresponding to this, their 'knowledge' or way of thinking has been found to change accordingly.

It is speculated that this technology could lead to the ability to instantly learn new skills such as playing the piano, throwing a curve ball etc. by copying the brain patterns of a subject who has already learned the skills and then overlaying them onto the brain of a target subject.

Experiments conducted at Boston University (BU) and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan, in 2011, demonstrated that volunteers were able to quickly solve complex visual puzzles, they had not previously had exposure to, after receiving the brain patterns of other volunteers who had already learned to solve the puzzles through trial and error methods.

The research has far-reaching implications for treating patients with various learning disabilities, mental illness, memory problems and motor functionality impairments.
December 8, 2011

Vision Scientists Demonstrate Innovative Learning Method

New research suggests it may be possible to learn high-performance tasks with little or no conscious effort

New research published today in the journal Science suggests it may be possible to use brain technology to learn to play a piano, reduce mental stress or hit a curve ball with little or no conscious effort. It's the kind of thing seen in Hollywood's "Matrix" franchise.

Experiments conducted at Boston University (BU) and ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories in Kyoto, Japan, recently demonstrated that through a person's visual cortex, researchers could use decoded functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to induce brain activity patterns to match a previously known target state and thereby improve performance on visual tasks.

Think of a person watching a computer screen and having his or her brain patterns modified to match those of a high-performing athlete or modified to recuperate from an accident or disease. Though preliminary, researchers say such possibilities may exist in the future.

"Adult early visual areas are sufficiently plastic to cause visual perceptual learning," said lead author and BU neuroscientist Takeo Watanabe of the part of the brain analyzed in the study.

Neuroscientists have found that pictures gradually build up inside a person's brain, appearing first as lines, edges, shapes, colors and motion in early visual areas. The brain then fills in greater detail to make a red ball appear as a red ball, for example.

Researchers studied the early visual areas for their ability to cause improvements in visual performance and learning.

"Some previous research confirmed a correlation between improving visual performance and changes in early visual areas, while other researchers found correlations in higher visual and decision areas," said Watanabe, director of BU's Visual Science Laboratory. "However, none of these studies directly addressed the question of whether early visual areas are sufficiently plastic to cause visual perceptual learning." Until now.

Boston University post-doctoral fellow Kazuhisa Shibata designed and implemented a method using decoded fMRI neurofeedback to induce a particular activation pattern in targeted early visual areas that corresponded to a pattern evoked by a specific visual feature in a brain region of interest. The researchers then tested whether repetitions of the activation pattern caused visual performance improvement on that visual feature.

The result, say researchers, is a novel learning approach sufficient to cause long-lasting improvement in tasks that require visual performance.

What's more, the approached worked even when test subjects were not aware of what they were learning.

"The most surprising thing in this study is that mere inductions of neural activation patterns corresponding to a specific visual feature led to visual performance improvement on the visual feature, without presenting the feature or subjects' awareness of what was to be learned," said Watanabe, who developed the idea for the research project along with Mitsuo Kawato, director of ATR lab and Yuka Sasaki, an assistant in neuroscience at Massachusetts General Hospital.

"We found that subjects were not aware of what was to be learned while behavioral data obtained before and after the neurofeedback training showed that subjects' visual performance improved specifically for the target orientation, which was used in the neurofeedback training," he said.

The finding brings up an inevitable question. Is hypnosis or a type of automated learning a potential outcome of the research?

"In theory, hypnosis or a type of automated learning is a potential outcome," said Kawato. "However, in this study we confirmed the validity of our method only in visual perceptual learning. So we have to test if the method works in other types of learning in the future. At the same time, we have to be careful so that this method is not used in an unethical way."

At present, the decoded neurofeedback method might be used for various types of learning, including memory, motor and rehabilitation.

The National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan supported the research.

Researchers explain Decoded Neurofeedback
Science  09 Dec 2011: Vol. 334, Issue 6061, pp. 1413-1415
DOI: 10.1126/science.1212003

Perceptual Learning Incepted by Decoded fMRI Neurofeedback Without Stimulus Presentation

Kazuhisa Shibata*, Takeo Watanabe*,†, Yuka Sasaki‡, Mitsuo Kawato


It is controversial whether the adult primate early visual cortex is sufficiently plastic to cause visual perceptual learning (VPL). The controversy occurs partially because most VPL studies have examined correlations between behavioral and neural activity changes rather than cause-and-effect relationships. With an online-feedback method that uses decoded functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) signals, we induced activity patterns only in early visual cortex corresponding to an orientation without stimulus presentation or participants’ awareness of what was to be learned. The induced activation caused VPL specific to the orientation. These results suggest that early visual areas are so plastic that mere inductions of activity patterns are sufficient to cause VPL. This technique can induce plasticity in a highly selective manner, potentially leading to powerful training and rehabilitative protocols.
4 July 2016

You Owe Them Nothing - Not Respect, Not Loyalty, Not Obedience

Kurt Schlichter

Sometimes in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another. It is high time to declare our personal independence from any remnant of obligation to those who have spit upon the rule of law. We owe them nothing - not respect, not loyalty, not obedience….

Tesla’s Self-Acting Engine?

Aaron Murakami

Ernst is a member of Energetic Forum who has shared quite a bit of his work with his version of a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter.

Although A & P does not necessarily endorse his viewpoint on the matter, he has openly shared it and we’re passing this on to you.

In this discussion thread at Energetic Forum, you can find Ernst’s claims regarding his speculation that the TMT is not just an analogy of Tesla’s Self-Acting Engine but works on the same principles:

Right now, the discussion thread is not very long so you can read the whole thing in a few minutes.

Tesla’s Self-Acting Engine works by simply creating a “perpetual” cold sink where heat can constantly move towards it, while producing mechanical work. Tesla has been quoted as saying it is his most important engineering accomplishment. This is over-simplified but is the basic idea in a nutshell.

You can watch the introductory video, which presents his ideas here:

Here is a link to a Google Drive document, which is a 66 page analysis by Ernst explaining the technical details:

Electrostatic Chocolate

Aaron Murakami

A physicist from Temple University, Rongia Tao, was tasked with a challenge, which was to get chocolate to flow through machinery without clogging it. Normally, it requires a certain amount of fat to get the chocolate to flow. This was funded by Mars, Inc. which is a large candy corporation that makes M & M’s and other popular candy.

Cocoa solids are like little balls and no matter how close you pack them, there is still all that space that surrounds the points that don’t touch. And this random scattering of these solids leads to a higher viscosity or thickness.

By producing an electric field and pouring chocolate through it, the cocoa solids aligned into longer, thinner chains that allowed them to be packed closer together and the viscosity reduces thereby requiring even less fat to be added. Because there is less fat, the cocoa solids stick out more and more of a chocolate taste.

Here is the published study:

Here are the two patents filed:


What is important about this technology is that it is rooted in another method developed by the same physicist, which is to apply an electric or magnetic field to crude oil in order to reduce its viscosity while traveling through pipelines. This is used by the oil industry to save on pumping costs – up to 75% savings have been shown.

Many that are conventionally trained claim that a magnetic or electric field cannot have any influence on hydrocarbon molecules, paraffin in diesel, etc. since they’re not dipole molecules like water.

Well, here is a Temple University developed electrostatic and magnetic method for reducing the viscosity of oil, which these skeptics claim is impossible –

This direct link downloads a PDF of the above linked to paper:

Here is a whole compilation of articles about Dr. Tao’s work that goes back many years.
Truth Frequency Radio
Jul 05, 2016

Thomas Tamblyn
Technology editor, Huffington Post UK

Our personal space guides our hands when we reach out, causes us to duck when objects hurtle towards us and makes us acutely aware of the world around us. And now, for the first time, scientists have found a way to help us feel it.

Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm have tweaked a well-known experiment called the rubber hand illusion for a study published in the journal Cognition. In the classic version, participants are shown a fake rubber hand while their own hand is hidden behind a screen. After a few minutes of simultaneous stroking of both the real and fake hands, the person’s brain starts to believe that the fake hand is actually their own. Here’s the proof:
The Rubber Hand Illusion - Horizon: Is Seeing Believing? - BBC Two

In the new study, which involved 101 adults, scientists repeated the test but applied brushstrokes in mid-air above the fake hand, rather than touching it. As in the classic experiment, participants start to believe that the fake hand is their own. But in this version, they also started to sense what feels like a “force field” between the brush and the rubber hand.

“We can elicit this bizarre sensation of there actually being something in mid-air between the brush and the rubber hand,” Arvid Guterstam of the Karolinska Institute, a co-author of the study, told New Scientist.

According to the study, the sensation continues as far as 15 inches above the rubber hand, which indicates the size of what scientists of our “peripersonal space”.

Neuroscientific evidence of the phenomenon first emerged in the late 1990s in animal studies. Princeton University’s Michael Graziano recorded the electrical activity of neurons in the parietal and frontal lobes of the brains of monkeys. They found that some neurons fired not just when they were touched by an object but also when it came near them.

Graziano continued his experiments into the early 2000s, discovering that electrically stimulating certain neurons would induce a coordinated behaviour that resembled ducking or blocking.

Graziano explained that the primary function of peripersonal space is defense, enabling us to quickly detect nearby danger. But it also helps us navigate a crowded shopping centre or find a seat on a packed train without bumping into people. Graziano told the Huffington Post US: “We now understand these peripersonal space neurons are important in monitoring the margin of safety around the body.”

“The space around the body is processed like a jello mold. Like a thick layer of space around the body, deforming and moving as the limbs move,” Graziano said.

The experiment has never been repeated in humans, but neuroscientists believe there is evidence to suggest that certain parts of the brain deal with peripersonal space. People who suffer strokes in the right posterior parietal lobe, for example, can’t detect peripersonal stimuli on the left side of their bodies.

“These people have no trouble processing distant space, but lose a sense of peripersonal space,” Graziano said.

Graziano suggests that this dynamic force field might also be extended to other objects, including bikes, cars and clothing.

Story by: Oscar Williams

Immortal Technique -- Point of No Return


Microwave Dissociation of Water

"This may well be a milestone approach to understanding how electromagnetic hash in the microwave technology, with its spikes and datastreams amplifies from "non-thermal" levels into thermal - and the necessary 10 electron volt intensity - effect of breaking up hydrogen bonds not only in water, but in living polymers, as well as DNA, etc.

"Thank God for the Russian and Uzbek scieintists!

-- Andrew Michrowski
Biofizika. 2016 Mar-Apr;61(2):255-8.

On a Possible Mechanism of the Effect of Microwave Radiation on Biological Macromolecules

Nikiforov VN, Ivanov AV, Ivanova EK, Tamarov KP, Oksengendler BL.  

[ PDF ]

A model describing the process of dissociation of hydrogen bonding in water clusters when irradiated by electromagnetic field in the microwave range is suggested. The model is also applicable for the case of rupture of the co-valent bond of the water molecule cluster. If the energy absorption occurs at the interface of water and polymer clusters (e.g., DNA, chitosan), degradation of the polymer chain is possible.

A New Grand Solar Minimum Has Begun Are You Ready to Thrive

With the new solar minimum upon our planet, think about prosperity and thriving with your communities during this next 30 years. Life will change for billions of people on our planet.

Earthquake 3D Livestream
Apr. 17, 2016

A strange experimental diet is designed to slow down aging

[ Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) ]

Beautiful High Quality Power Objects :

Metayantra Pranic Devices

They are energetic devices created with: quartz, resin and metal coils. The Metayantra Pranic Devices, are unique on the world, they are a creation result of a huge and long investigation in the molecular geometry field, including studies in electromagnetic fields, orgonic energy, sacred geometry, gemmotherapy and torsion fields (Einstein-Cartan theory). As the anions or negative ions effects on alive organisms • METAL: Is used because its conductivity and capacity to modify the electromagnetic morphology. • RESIN: Used because his dielectric and electrostatic properties, and its ability to compress • QUARTZ/CRYSTAL: Used because its ondulatory, electric, dimensional, vibrational and cosmic properties, besides its capacity to store high energy particles. • ANTENNA/COIL: Used because its ability to modify, receive, and transmit frequencies, its design is based on the vacuum geometry. • The MPD (Metayantra Pranic Devices), have different uses and futfill different purposes

e.g. :

PyraToroid Metayantra Pranic Device, ORGONE

Keshe exposes Stirling Allen, et al. :

Disclosure --  M.T. Keshe - Personal History and Exposing of the Red Circle June 30th 2016
June 15, 2016

Christian Antichrist Shockingly Resembles Muslim ‘Savior’ (aka: Mahdi)

By Ray Gano

The Biblical Antichrist   //  The Muslims Mahdi (Their messiah, The 12th Imam)

The antichrist will be a leader who has the ability to speak boldly.

“…and a mouth speaking pompous words.” Daniel 7:7-8

“… And he was given a mouth speaking great things…” Rev. 13:5

The Mahdi will be a leader who has the ability to speak boldly.

“He will be so powerful that if he… shouts among the mountains, hard rocks will turn into powder…”. (Bihar al-Anwar, Vol. 52, p. 32; Al-Hurr al-Amili, Ithbat al-Hudat, Vol. 6, p. 19)

The Antichrist will be accompanied by the false prophet who will lead people into serving him.

“Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image.” Revelation 19:20

The ‘Muslim Jesus’ (not to be confused with the Christian Jesus) will return to help the Mahdi get accepted by the world.

“ The Hour will not be established until the son of Mary (i.e. Jesus) descends amongst you as a just ruler, he will break the cross, kill the pigs, and abolish the Jizya tax. Money will be in abundance so that nobody will accept it (as charitable gifts).” (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 43: Kitab-ul-`Ilm (Book of Knowledge), Hâdith Number 656)
The Antichrist will have a powerful army that will do damage to the earth. Ultimately causing all to follow him.

“So they worshiped the dragon who gave authority to the beast; and they worshiped the beast, saying, “Who is like the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” It was granted to him to make war with the saints and to overcome them. And authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation. All who dwell on the earth will worship him, whose names have not been written in the Book of Life…” Rev. 3:4-8

The Mahdi will also have a powerful army that will do damage on the earth. Ultimately causing all to follow him.

“Mahdi will receive a pledge of allegiance as a caliph for Muslims. He will lead Muslims in many battles of jihad. ” Abdulrahman Kelani, The Last Apocalypse, An Islamic Perspective, (Fustat, 2003), pp. 34-35

“If you see him, go and give him your allegiance…” Ibn Maja, Kitab al-Fitan #4084 as quoted by Kabbani, p. 231

The Antichrist will be a world leader and rule for seven years.

“He will confirm a covenant with many for one seven [7 years]…” Daniel 9:27

“Authority was given him over every tribe, tongue, and nation.…” Rev. 3:7
The Mahdi will be a world leader and rule for seven years.

“The Mahdi… will fill the earth with equity and justice as it was filled with oppression and tyranny, and he will rule for seven years.” Sunan Abu Dawud, Book 36, Number 4272, Narrated by Abu Sa’id al-Khudri

“Fight against the forces of evil, lead a world revolution and set up a new world order…”  Ayatullah Baqir al-Sadr and Ayatullah Muratda Mutahhari, The Awaited Savior, (Karachi, Islamic Seminary Publications), prologue, pp. 4

The Antichrist will change times and laws.

“He..shall intend to change times and laws.” Daniel 7:25
The Mahdi will more than likely adopt the Islamic calendar thus changing the times. In addition he will promote Shariah law changing the laws.

“He…will govern the people by the Sunnah of their prophet and establish Islam on the earth.” (unan Abu Dawud, Book 36, Number 4273, Narrated Umm Salamah, Ummul Mu’minin)
There is a white horse rider in the Bible that is bad news for the world.

“…Behold a pale horse. He that sat on him…went forth conquering and to conquer.” Revelations 6:2

The Mahdi comes riding on a white horse.

“It is clear that this man is the Mahdi who will ride the white horse and judge by the Qur’an (with justice) and with whom will be men with marks of prostration (zabiba) on their foreheads.” ‘Izzat and ‘Arif

The Antichrist and false prophet will promote a one world religion.

“ He…causes as many as would not worship the image of the beast to be killed..” Revelations 13:15

The Mahdi will make Islam the only acceptable religion.

“He…will govern the people by the Sunnah of their prophet and establish Islam on the earth.” (unan Abu Dawud, Book 36, Number 4273, Narrated Umm Salamah, Ummul Mu’minin)
The Antichrist will execute infidels through beheading.

“I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or his image and had not received his mark on their foreheads or their hands. ” Revelations 4:20

The Mahdi will execute infidels, anyone who does not believe in Islam, through beheading.

“I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off.”  Surah 8.12

“Therefore, when ye meet the Unbelievers (in fight), strike off their heads…” Surah 47:4
The Antichrist will kill Jews and Christians. He will kill anyone opposing him.

“He was given power to make war against the saints and to conquer them…” Revelations 13:7

“The dragon [Antichrist] stood in front of the woman [Israel] who was about to give birth, so that he might devour her child the moment it was born.” Revelations 12:4

The Mahdi will kill anyone who opposes Islam. He will kill the Jews and the Christians.

“Muslims take neither Jews nor the Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another. Whoever of you seeks their friendship shall become one of their numbers. Allah does not guide wrongdoing.” Surah 5.51

“Slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush for them.” Surah 9.73

The Antichrist will attack and conquer Jerusalem.

“For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem; The city shall be taken…” Zachariah 14:2

The Mahdi will conquer Jerusalem.

“Jerusalem will be the location of the rightly guided caliphate and the center of Islamic rule, which will be headed by Imam al-Mahdi.” (Sahih Muslim, Book 041, Number 6985)
The Antichrist performs many signs, wonders, and miracles.

“Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,” 2 Thess. 2:9

“And he does great wonders, so that he makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, And deceives them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast…” Rev. 12:13-14
The Mahdi performs many signs, wonders, and miracles.

“In the last days of my Ummah [universal Islamic community], the Mahdi will appear.  Allah will give him power over the wind and the rain and the earth will bring forth its foliage.  He will give away wealth profusely, flocks will be in abundance, and the Ummah will be large and honored…” (Sahih Hakim Mustadrak, related by Abu Sa’id al-Khudri (4:557 and 558), as quoted by Kabbani p. 233)

The Antichrist will make people receive a mark on the hand or forehead to pledge allegiance to him.

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:” “And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Rev. 13:16-17

Followers of the Mahdi usually mark themselves with headbands on the foreheads.

Muslims receive ‘bismillah’ (in the name of allah), unbelievers receive ‘bismilkafir’ (in the name of unbelievers)

Excerpt from an email from Jerry Decker /

"...This reminds me of an old BBS contact from a young guy in Arkansas who was experimenting with Tesla coils.  He said by changing the frequency(ies) coming from the coil, with the zapping going into molten metal that you slowly cool, all the time zapping with the high voltage...that the properties of the materials would be radically changed.

He said he had made spongy, foam like iron and aluminum....that he could increase or decrease ductility and a few other odd claims that I don't recall at the moment….

Chris Geo : Highly respectable rap --

Chris Geo - Global Resistance -- Time to turn off the TV and join the real world. There's no time for distraction and lies...

Mad World / Chris Geo

Hurt- Chris Geo- Johnny Cash- Nine Inch Nails

Teen Created a Robot Lawyer App That Just Overturned 160,000 Parking Tickets

Fountain of youth? Dietary supplement may prevent and reverse severe damage to aging brain, research suggests

A dietary supplement containing a blend of thirty vitamins and minerals -- all natural ingredients widely available in health food stores -- has shown remarkable anti-aging properties that can prevent and even reverse massive brain cell loss, according to new research from McMaster University.

It's a mixture scientists believe could someday slow the progress of catastrophic neurological diseases such as Alzheimer's, ALS and Parkinson's.

"The findings are dramatic," says Jennifer Lemon, research associate in the Department of Biology and a lead author of the study. "Our hope is that this supplement could offset some very serious illnesses and ultimately improve quality of life."

The formula, which contains common ingredients such as vitamins B, C and D, folic acid, green tea extract, cod liver oil and other nutraceuticals, was first designed by scientists in McMaster's Department of Biology in 2000.

A series of studies published over the last decade and a half have shown its benefits in mice, in both normal mice and those specifically bred for such research because they age rapidly, experiencing dramatic declines in cognitive and motor function in a matter of months.

The mice used in this study had widespread loss of more than half of their brain cells, severely impacting multiple regions of the brain by one year of age, the human equivalent of severe Alzheimer's disease.

The mice were fed the supplement on small pieces of bagel each day over the course of several months. Over time, researchers found that it completely eliminated the severe brain cell loss and abolished cognitive decline.

"The research suggests that there is tremendous potential with this supplement to help people who are suffering from some catastrophic neurological diseases," says Lemon, who conducted the work with co-author Vadim Aksenov, a post-doctoral fellow in the Department of Biology at McMaster.

"We know this because mice experience the same basic cell mechanisms that contribute to neurodegeneration that humans do. All species, in fact. There is a commonality among us all."

In addition to looking at the major markers of aging, they also discovered that the mice on the supplements experienced enhancement in vision and most remarkably in the sense of smell -- the loss of which is often associated with neurological disease -- improved balance and motor activity.

The next step in the research is to test the supplement on humans, likely within the next two years, and target those who are dealing with neurodegenerative diseases. The research is published online in the journal Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis.;jsessionid=E2D1E6F828AB5DB81DE5484042A804B2.f03t03
Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis, 2016
DOI: 10.1002/em.22019

A multi-ingredient dietary supplement abolishes large-scale brain cell loss, improves sensory function, and prevents neuronal atrophy in aging mice.

J.A. Lemon, V. Aksenov, R. Samigullina, S. Aksenov, W.H. Rodgers, C.D. Rollo, D.R. Boreham.

Listen Like an Astroseismologist: 13 Billion Year Old Music, The Resonant Songs of the Earliest Stars

Alton Parrish

Astrophysicists from the University of Birmingham have captured the sounds of some of the oldest stars in our galaxy, the Milky Way, according to research published this month in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society...

Listen to the eerie SPACE MUSIC echoing across the Milky Way from the oldest stars in our galaxy

Music of the Spheres -- Astroseismology
June 30, 2016

EU: It’s Now Illegal to Say Drinking Water Prevents Dehydration

If you’re wondering why British people would want to leave the EU, just look at this choice example of bureaucratic stupidity.

Brussels bureaucrats were ridiculed yesterday after banning drink manufacturers from claiming that water can prevent dehydration.

(Telegraph) EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation, there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact that water helps prevent dehydration.

Producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from making the claim and will face a two-year jail sentence if they defy the edict, which comes into force in the UK next month.

Last night, critics claimed the EU was at odds with both science and common sense. Conservative MEP Roger Helmer said: “This is stupidity writ large.

“The euro is burning, the EU is falling apart and yet here they are: highly-paid, highly-pensioned officials worrying about the obvious qualities of water and trying to deny us the right to say what is patently true.

“If ever there were an episode which demonstrates the folly of the great European project then this is it.”

NHS health guidelines state clearly that drinking water helps avoid dehydration, and that Britons should drink at least 1.2 litres per day.

The Department for Health disputed the wisdom of the new law. A spokesman said: “Of course water hydrates. While we support the EU in preventing false claims about products, we need to exercise common sense as far as possible.”

German professors Dr Andreas Hahn and Dr Moritz Hagenmeyer, who advise food manufacturers on how to advertise their products, asked the European Commission if the claim could be made on labels.

They compiled what they assumed was an uncontroversial statement in order to test new laws which allow products to claim they can reduce the risk of disease, subject to EU approval.

They applied for the right to state that “regular consumption of significant amounts of water can reduce the risk of development of dehydration” as well as preventing a decrease in performance.

However, last February, the European Food Standards Authority (EFSA) refused to approve the statement.

A meeting of 21 scientists in Parma, Italy, concluded that reduced water content in the body was a symptom of dehydration and not something that drinking water could subsequently control.

Now the EFSA verdict has been turned into an EU directive which was issued on Wednesday.

Ukip MEP Paul Nuttall said the ruling made the “bendy banana law” look “positively sane”.

He said: “I had to read this four or five times before I believed it. It is a perfect example of what Brussels does best. Spend three years, with 20 separate pieces of correspondence before summoning 21 professors to Parma where they decide with great solemnity that drinking water cannot be sold as a way to combat dehydration.

“Then they make this judgment law and make it clear that if anybody dares sell water claiming that it is effective against dehydration they could get into serious legal bother.
EU regulations, which aim to uphold food standards across member states, are frequently criticised.
May 20, 2015

False Positives in Drug Field Testing Kits

by Daniel Burke

The director of a lab recognized by the International Association of Chiefs of Police for forensic science excellence has called field drug testing kits “totally useless” due to the possibility of false positives. In laboratory experiments, at least two brands of field testing kits have been shown to produce false positives in tests of Mucinex, chocolate, aspirin, chocolate, and oregano. However, law enforcement agencies continue to employ these kits.

Fox 13 Tampa investigated the validity of drug field testing kits in the wake of arrests of three people based on false positives from field tests. Eventually all three were cleared and all charges were dropped. However, for the months between arrest and confirmatory testing by the state crime lab, the individuals felt that they were “guilty until proven innocent.”

Dr. Omar Bagasra, a research scientist at Claflin University, has been looking into the validity of field drug testing kits. In controlled tests in his laboratory, Dr. Bagasra, Dr. Cherilyn Haggen-Paey, and forensic scientist Chris Addanki, have demonstrated that the chemicals used in the kits are prone to give false positives even with common household materials. According to their tests, Mucinex can produce false positives for heroin and morphine; chocolate can be interpreted as marijuana; and soap can test positive as GHB. Even exposure to air caused false positives in some kits, according to their tests. The scientists noted that they had trouble interpreting results in a laboratory environment and “you can imagine in the field it’s even more difficult.” However, the experts say the problems are not linked to just the individual kits tested or a specific manufacturer, as many the field test kits tend to contain the same chemicals.

Field drug testing kits were created to screen for illicit substances in the field followed by more complete testing in a laboratory setting. However, the tests stand in for more scientifically valid testing until analysis at state crime labs occurs. Drug testing at state crime labs is typically performed just prior to trial due to the high rate of plea bargaining in drug cases, and therefore false positives are often not discovered unless contested at trial. During this time, the false positives from field tests can cause innocent citizens to be detained in jail for weeks or even months.

“False Positive Equal False Justice,” a 2008 report created for the California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, noted that false positives resulting in criminal charges has been an ongoing problem. In 2003, a Pennsylvania college student was held for three weeks when flour was mistaken for cocaine. In 2007, musician Don Bolles was arrested for possession of GHB which was actually soap. Additionally the report lists approximately forty extracts—such as vanilla, peppermint, or ginkgo—which can test as false positives for marijuana.

Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, a Ph.D. chemist and former FBI lab supervisor, has expressed concern with the use of field drug testing kits. He stated that he has “no confidence at all in those test kits.” Due to the high chance of false positives, both Dr. Whitehurst and Dr. Bagasra have recommended that drug field testing kits not be used. They say law enforcement would receive more valid results by waiting for results from lab testing. The kits are single use and range from a $4 to $20 a use depending on what drug is being investigated.

For more general information on forensic drug analysis see

This video vividly shows just how inaccurate NIK tests can be:

Language Matters: DOJ’s Reporting Language and Testimony Guidelines

Forensic scientists are tasked with the job of explaining often complex scientific data to judges, jurors, and attorneys who may have little understanding of the science underlying the forensic analysis in a case.

Revelations in recent years that hair analysts provided testimony that had no scientific validity has highlighted the importance of using correct language to convey information about forensic analysis and its limitations. Several wrongful convictions have been overturned based on faulty testimony about hair evidence and a massive review of hair cases is ongoing.

In an effort to improve expert testimony, the U.S. Department of Justice has released proposed guidelines called the Uniform Language for Testimony and Reports. These guidelines, once finalized, will apply to all DOJ personnel who issue reports or provide expert forensic testimony, and they will probably be viewed as best practices for the entire forensic community. The guidelines are currently accessible at, with the public comment section running through July 8, 2016.

Attorneys should be aware of these guidelines and be prepared to object to any lab report language or testimony that does not comply. For example, the Uniform Language for Testimony and Reports for the Forensic Latent Print Discipline provides the following guidance on what experts cannot say about their evidence: (1) they cannot state that two prints originate from the same source to the absolute exclusion of all other sources; (2) they cannot state that there is any statistical level of certainty attributed to their determination; (3) they cannot testify that their science is infallible. Similarly, for the testing of bodily fluids, analysts may not state or imply that a level of numerical certainty is calculated to support the identification of blood or semen (i.e., they cannot say they are 95 per cent confident that the stain contained blood or there is a one in a hundred chance that the stain was something other than semen) and may not state or imply that the methods used in performing serological examinations have error rates of zero or that they are infallible. For drug analysis, the guidelines specify that when no sampling plan was used and no reasonable assumption of homogeneity of an item was determined, the examiner may not report or state an opinion that the conclusions apply to the entirety of an item (or a percentage of the item). This limitation is important in pill cases where only one pill is tested.

Meme-Engineering well explained :

Trance-Formation (HD) - 1/7

Full film available for download at

"Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is that people all over the world have obeyed the dictates of leaders and millions have been killed because of this obedience. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves and the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem. - Howard Zinn

Universal Law trumps all others.

1. No man or woman, in or out of government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against my life and property and, any and all contracts I am a party to, not giving full disclosure to me, whether signed by me or not, are void at my discretion.

2. I may use force in self-defense against anyone that violates Law 1.

3. There shall be no exceptions to Law 1 and 2.

Killing Us Softly -- The stuff of chemtrails & Morgellons Disease :

Glycol nucleic acid
Glycol nucleic acid (GNA) is a polymer similar to DNA or RNA but differing in the composition of its "backbone". GNA is not known to occur naturally;

e.g. :
Curr Protoc Nucleic Acid Chem. 2010 Sep;Chapter 4:Unit4.40.
doi: 10.1002/0471142700.nc0440s42.

Synthesis of glycerol nucleic acid (GNA) phosphoramidite monomers and oligonucleotide polymers.
Zhang S1, Chaput JC.

This unit describes a straightforward method for preparing glycerol nucleic acid (GNA) phosphoramidite monomers and oligonucleotide polymers using standard cyanoethyl phosphoramidite chemistry. GNA is an unnatural nucleic acid analog composed of an acyclic three-carbon sugar-phosphate backbone that contains one stereogenic center per repeating unit. GNA has attracted significant attention as a nucleic acid derivative due to its unique ability to form stable Watson-Crick anti-parallel duplex structures with thermal and thermodynamic stabilities rivaling those of natural DNA and RNA. The chemical simplicity of this nucleic acid structure provides access to enantiomerically pure forms of right- and left-handed helical structures that can be used as unnatural building blocks in DNA nanotechnology.


Cancer breakthrough as scientists discover new ways of blocking potentially lethal tumours spreading around the body

Metastasis long been a mystery to scientists, but new findings offer hope ... 'Free floating' cells currently survive due to proteins called integrins ... Integrins pair with another protein which keeps cells alive and dangerous ... Blocking movement of protein could prevent spread around the body
Aging and Mechanisms of Disease, 2016; 2: 16012
DOI: 10.1038/npjamd.2016.12
Amyloid proteotoxicity initiates an inflammatory response blocked by cannabinoids.

Antonio Currais, Oswald Quehenberger, Aaron M Armando, Daniel Daugherty, Pam Maher, David Schubert.

Cannabinoids remove plaque-forming Alzheimer's proteins from brain cells

Salk Institute scientists have found preliminary evidence that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other compounds found in marijuana can promote the cellular removal of amyloid beta, a toxic protein associated with Alzheimer's disease.

While these exploratory studies were conducted in neurons grown in the laboratory, they may offer insight into the role of inflammation in Alzheimer's disease and could provide clues to developing novel therapeutics for the disorder.

"Although other studies have offered evidence that cannabinoids might be neuroprotective against the symptoms of Alzheimer's, we believe our study is the first to demonstrate that cannabinoids affect both inflammation and amyloid beta accumulation in nerve cells," says Salk Professor David Schubert, the senior author of the paper.

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive brain disorder that leads to memory loss and can seriously impair a person's ability to carry out daily tasks. It affects more than five million Americans according to the National Institutes of Health, and is a leading cause of death. It is also the most common cause of dementia and its incidence is expected to triple during the next 50 years.

It has long been known that amyloid beta accumulates within the nerve cells of the aging brain well before the appearance of Alzheimer's disease symptoms and plaques. Amyloid beta is a major component of the plaque deposits that are a hallmark of the disease. But the precise role of amyloid beta and the plaques it forms in the disease process remains unclear.

In a manuscript published in June 2016's Aging and Mechanisms of Disease, Salk team studied nerve cells altered to produce high levels of amyloid beta to mimic aspects of Alzheimer's disease.

The researchers found that high levels of amyloid beta were associated with cellular inflammation and higher rates of neuron death. They demonstrated that exposing the cells to THC reduced amyloid beta protein levels and eliminated the inflammatory response from the nerve cells caused by the protein, thereby allowing the nerve cells to survive.

"Inflammation within the brain is a major component of the damage associated with Alzheimer's disease, but it has always been assumed that this response was coming from immune-like cells in the brain, not the nerve cells themselves," says Antonio Currais, a postdoctoral researcher in Schubert's laboratory and first author of the paper. "When we were able to identify the molecular basis of the inflammatory response to amyloid beta, it became clear that THC-like compounds that the nerve cells make themselves may be involved in protecting the cells from dying."

Brain cells have switches known as receptors that can be activated by endocannabinoids, a class of lipid molecules made by the body that are used for intercellular signaling in the brain. The psychoactive effects of marijuana are caused by THC, a molecule similar in activity to endocannabinoids that can activate the same receptors. Physical activity results in the production of endocannabinoids and some studies have shown that exercise may slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

Schubert emphasized that his team's findings were conducted in exploratory laboratory models, and that the use of THC-like compounds as a therapy would need to be tested in clinical trials.

In separate but related research, his lab found an Alzheimer's drug candidate called J147 that also removes amyloid beta from nerve cells and reduces the inflammatory response in both nerve cells and the brain. It was the study of J147 that led the scientists to discover that endocannabinoids are involved in the removal of amyloid beta and the reduction of inflammation.
New Revolution Rotary Engine - One Moving Part
The Future Tire by Goodyear - It's a Sphere!
Snow chains - next generation (part one)

Plastic-to-Diesel with Iridium catalysis ?! -- What a high-tech crock of hydrocarbonic cacapoo : All that's needed is vacuum, microwaves, and NaOH -- See ITO and ZADGOANKAR :
June 19, 2016

Two catalysts efficiently turn plastic trash into diesel.


Scott K. Johnson
Plastics are great. They can take any shape and serve an endless variety of roles. But... the beginning and end of a plastic’s life are problematic. While some plastics are made from renewable agricultural products, most are derived from petroleum. Plastics are not as easy to recycle as we'd like, and a huge percentage ends up in landfills (or the ocean), where they can be virtually immortal.

The easy way to recycle plastic is to just rip it up, melt it down, and pour a new mold. But that only works when the plastic is all the same chemical type, which is a level of purity you rarely find in a recycling bin. Without separating plastics precisely into different types, you get a mixture that is much less useful than pure plastics. We’re limited in what we can make out of it. Other methods for recycling plastics require serious energy input, like high pressure and temperatures over 400°C. That can produce a variety of hydrocarbon compounds, but they can be difficult to work with.

Recently, a team led by Xiangqing Jia of the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry decided to try some chemical tricks to turn some of these plastics into something useful, even if it’s not more plastic. They worked with polyethylene, which makes up the majority of the plastic we use. Polyethylenes are essentially long chains made of repeating links of carbon, with hydrogen hanging off the side. The challenge is to break that resilient chain into shorter pieces so we can use the pieces to make other compounds.

The new process involves two steps, each run by a catalyst. The first catalyst is a molecule including an atom of iridium. This catalyst pulls some of the hydrogens off the carbon backbone of a polyethylene. With the loss of these hydrogens, some of the single-electron-pair bonds between carbons become double bonds. That opens up a vulnerability for the second catalyst.

That second catalyst, which can be based on atoms of rhenium and aluminum, teams up with some short chain petroleum compounds that the researchers added in. The long chain plastic is sliced at the double bond, and pieces of the short chain petroleum molecules are glued to either side. Where there was once a single, very long chain, there are now two chains.

But the whole process is cyclical and doesn't stop there. The first catalyst releases some hydrogens as it pulls them off the plastic, which can be used to convert any double bonds back to single bonds. The same series of reactions can play out again. Repeat this for a few hours, and only shorter chain compounds remain. Heat does still have to be added to fuel this process, but temperatures around 150°C are sufficient.

The end result is three basic types of compounds. There are very short chain compounds (things like butane) that can be used to get the reaction started for the next batch of plastic. (The catalysts can also be separated out and reused.) There are some longer chain wax compounds that are useful inputs for the plastics-making process. And in between, you get diesel fuel.

By tuning different parts of the process, the researchers were able to control the proportion of wax vs. fuel that came out, as well as the range of wax compounds. Most of the plastic can easily be turned into fuel. Some of the chemicals that are added to plastics to modify their properties should be recoverable, too, so they can be used again.

Of course, this isn’t as good as recycling plastics into further generations of plastics, particularly when the first generation was born of petroleum. But imagine if all the packaging your food came in could fuel the next shipment instead of clogging up landfills for centuries. And if we grew our plastics instead of pumping them from oil fields, we could get two for the renewable price of one.
Science Advances  17 Jun 2016: Vol. 2, no. 6, e1501591
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1501591

Efficient and selective degradation of polyethylenes into liquid fuels and waxes under mild conditions

Xiangqing Jia, Chuan Qin, Tobias Friedberger, Zhibin Guan, and Zheng Huang

Polyethylene (PE) is the largest-volume synthetic polymer, and its chemical inertness makes its degradation by low-energy processes a challenging problem. We report a tandem catalytic cross alkane metathesis method for highly efficient degradation of polyethylenes under mild conditions. With the use of widely available, low-value, short alkanes (for example, petroleum ethers) as cross metathesis partners, different types of polyethylenes with various molecular weights undergo complete conversion into useful liquid fuels and waxes. This method shows excellent selectivity for linear alkane formation, and the degradation product distribution (liquid fuels versus waxes) can be controlled by the catalyst structure and reaction time. In addition, the catalysts are compatible with various polyolefin additives; therefore, common plastic wastes, such as postconsumer polyethylene bottles, bags, and films could be converted into valuable chemical feedstocks without any pretreatment.

…To help create a better industrial-scale method of recycling and chemical recovery, researchers from a joint US-China collaboration project at UIC and SIOC have come up with a new method to break down polyethylene that produces fewer toxic by-products and more useful compounds…

The process is what is know as cross-alkane metathesis, which is essentially a double-dissolution chemical reaction where two parts of two substances form two new substances. In this case, the technique selectively degrades a range of PE plastics into fuels and waxes under milder conditions and in a more controlled manner than in current industrial processes of plastic breakdown and recovery. In fact, according to the researchers, the new method can completely degrade PE compounds into usable oils and waxes in only one day at just 347° F (175° C)..

DIY Homemade Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Cooling Tube


Otto Belden
DIY Homemade Vortex Cooling Part 1.wmv

How To Make: Vortex Cooling Tube / Thermal Images .wmv
DIY Homemade Vortex Tube Part2.wmv
How to make a mini Hydrogen Generator

re: John Bedini -- Splitting the Positive ( Whatever that means ) -- An Introduction to the concept
Splitting The Positive

Infographic Of The Day: 50 Incredible Facts About Water

This infographic focuses on pure water and the environment.
January 24, 2016

No Soil & Water Before 100% Renewable Energy

Many say we can have 100% renewable energy by 2050. This is factually incorrect.

We can have 100% renewable electricity production by 2050.

But electricity production is only 18% of total world energy demand.

82% of total world energy demand is NOT electricity production.

The other 82% of the world’s energy is used to extract minerals to make roads, cement, bricks, glass, steel and grow food so we can eat and sleep. Solar panels and wind turbines will not be making cement or steel anytime soon. Why? Do you really want to know? Here we go.
TWED = Total World Energy Demand

18% of TWED is electrical grid generation.
82% of TWED is not electrical grid generation.

In 20 years, solar & wind energy is up from 1% to 3% of TWED.

Solar & wind power are projected to provide 6% of TWED by 2030.

When you hear stories about solar & wind generating
50% of all humanity’s electrical power by 2050,
that’s really only 9% of TWED because
100% of electrical production is 18% of TWED.

But, it takes 10X as much solar & wind energy to close 1 fossil fuel power plant simply because they don’t produce energy all the time.

Reference Link:

Reference Link:

That means it will take 10 X 18% of TWED to close all fossil power plants with intermittent power.

Research says it will take 4 X 82% of TWED for a 100% renewable energy transition. But then again, whoever trusts research?

10 X 18% + 4 X 82% = 100% Renewable TWED.


We require 10X the fossil electrical grid energy we use now just to solve 18% of the emissions problem with solar & wind power. This also means that even if we use 100% efficient Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) for all the world’s electricity generation, we would still only prevent 18% of our emissions. 100% efficient CCS is very unlikely. Switching to electric vehicles would only double electrical demand while most of our roads are made out of distilled oil sludge.

These figures do not include massive electrical storage and grid infrastructure solar & wind require. Such infrastructure is hundreds of millions of tons of materials taking decades to construct, demanding even more energy and many trillions of dollars. With that kind of money in the offing, you can see why some wax over-enthused.

Solar & wind systems last 30 years meaning we will always have to replace them all over the world again 50% sooner than fossil power plants.

Solar and wind power are an energy trap.

It takes 1 ton of coal to make 6-12 solar panels.
Business As Usual = BAU

In 15 years 40% of humanity will be short of water with BAU.
In 15 years 20% of humanity will be severely short of water.

Right now, 1 billion people walk a mile every day for water.

In 60 years humanity will not have enough soil to grow food says Scientific American. They call it, “The End of Human Agriculture.” Humanity’s soil is eroding and degrading away at 24 million acres per year.  And, when they say 60 years they don’t mean everything is wonderful until the last day of the 59th year. We will feel the heat of those words in much less than 30 years. Soil loss rates will only increase with severe droughts, storms and low-land floods. Here’s what BAU really looks like.

50% of humanity’s soil will be gone in 30 years.
50% of humanity will lack water in 30 years.
50% of humanity will go hungry in 30 years.

A 100% TWED transition takes 50 years minimum. It is a vastly more difficult and complex goal than you are told.

Reference Link:

Reference Link:

We are losing earth’s soil and fresh water faster than we can effect 100% renewable TWED.

In 25 years civilization will end says Lloyds of London and the British Foreign Office.

In my opinion, in 30 years we won’t have enough fossil fuel for a 100% renewable TWED transition.

This is the most important fact I’ve learned:

Renewable Energy is Unsustainable without massive energy demand destruction

Humanity will destroy its soil and water faster than we can switch to renewable energy with BAU. We cannot sustain economic growth with renewable energy. Without massive political-economic change, civilization will collapse with 100% certainty. But, don’t worry, I like to fix things.

Animal Agriculture = AA

Humans + Livestock = 97% of the weight of all land vertebrate biomass
Humans + Livestock = 80% of the cause of all land-air extinctions
Humans + Livestock = 50% of the use of all land surface area
Humans + Livestock = 40% consumption of all land plant growth *
* Net Primary Production.

50% of the soy grown in South America is shipped over to China to feed their pigs. Rainforests and deep-rooted scrub are cleared to grow animals & feed so that their required fresh water is in reality a sky river exported in boats to China and Europe leaving little moisture in the air to reach São Paulo. Since rainforest roots are so thick they don’t require very much, or even good, soil;  this leaves rainforest soil so poor and thin that it degrades and erodes faster when exposed to the elements.

The Himalayan mountains are heating 2X faster than the planet and many fear that China will run out of water in 15 years by 2030.

50% of China’s rivers have vanished since 1980.
60% of China’s groundwater is too poisoned to touch.
50% of China’s cropland is too poisoned to safely grow food.

Animal Agriculture will destroy our soil and water long before we can effect 100% intermittent TWED transition with BAU.

BAU means 7 billion people will not stop eating meat and wasting food without major $$$ incentive. Meaning a steadily rising carbon tax on meat. Just saying that can get you killed in some places.

Without using James Hansen’s 100% private tax dividends to carbon tax meat consumption out of the market earth will die. 100% private tax dividends means 100% for you, 0% for government.

100% for you,
0% for gov.

The funny thing is that meat and fire saved our ancestors from extinction and now meat and fire will cause mass extinction of all the life we love on earth. Survival is not an optional menu item as is eating meat. We have to act now, not 5 years from now, or forever be not remembered as the least greatest generation because there’ll be no one left to remember us.

Michael Mann says we will lock-in a 2 degree temperature rise in 3 years for 2036 with BAU. Ocean fish will be gone in less than 25 years simply because of the BAU of meat consumption. The BAU of fishing kills everything in its path producing lots of waste kill. We are stealing all the Antarctic Ocean’s krill just to sell as a health supplement. You can learn a lot about fishing by watching “Cowspiracy” on Netflix.

We cannot let governments get control of carbon markets like how Sanders, Klein and McKibben want government to get 40% of your carbon tax dividend money. Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben are funded by the Rockefellers. Klein’s latest video about herself was funded by the oil-invested Ford Foundation. This is 100% in direct opposition to James Hansen’s tax dividend plan and immoral. Hansen said that governments should get 0% of that money, not 40%.  I strongly believe your carbon dividends should be in a new open-source world e-currency directly deposited to your phone to be phased in over 10 years. But, I’m kinda simple that way.

Google: Rockefellers fund Bill McKibben. Believe me, the Rockefellers don’t fund out of the kindness of their hearts. To learn why they would do such a thing, you can watch the educational video at the bottom of this page.

Reference Link:

James Hansen repeated at COP21 that his 100% private carbon tax dividends would unite Democrats and Republicans because government would be 100% excluded. Socialists like Sanders, Klein and McKibben want government to control 40% of that money. They are divisive and Republicans will never accept their revolutionary rhetoric. We don’t have time for this endless fighting. Forget the Socialist vs. Capitalist mentality. We barely even have time to unite, and nothing unites like money. Environmentalism in the 21st century is about a revolving door of money and power for elite socialists and capitalists. Let’s give everyone a chance to put some skin in the game.

Reference Link:

What humans & livestock have done so far:

We are eating up our home.

99% of Rhinos gone since 1914.
97% of Tigers gone since 1914.
90% of Lions gone since 1993.
90% of Sea Turtles gone since 1980.
90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995.
90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950.
80% of Antarctic Krill gone since 1975.
80% of Western Gorillas gone since 1955.
60% of Forest Elephants gone since 1970.
50% of Great Barrier Reef gone since 1985.
40% of Giraffes gone since 2000.
30% of Marine Birds gone since 1995.
70% of Marine Birds gone since 1950.
28% of Land Animals gone since 1970.
28% of All Marine Animals gone since 1970.
97% – Humans & Livestock are 97% of land-air vertebrate biomass.

10,000 years ago we were 0.01% of land-air vertebrate biomass.

Humans and livestock caused 80% of land-air vertebrate species extinctions and occupy half the land on earth. Do you think the new 2-child policy in China favours growth over sustainability? The Zika virus could be a covert 1% population control measure for all I know. Could the 1% be immune? I don’t know, but I know this…
1 million humans, net, added to earth every 4½ days.

Climate Catastrophe Will Hit Tropics Around 2020, Rest Of World Around 2047, Study Says

Eric Zuesse Investigative historian

The first study to integrate all prior scientific research in order to project approximately when climate change will produce permanent catastrophic consequences has been accepted and will soon be published in the scientific journal Nature, and it finds that things will start going haywire in the tropics at around the year 2020, and in our part of the world at around 2047.

Nature shares with Science and PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) the distinction of being tied as the world’s three most prestigious scientific journals, and an article is not published in these journals unless it has undergone extremely rigorous scientific peer-revue; so, climate-change deniers will have no professional credibility in attacking this study, as the Koch brothers and their friends can reasonably be expected to do, since they profit so much from what causes global warming - the burning of carbon-based fuels.

According to this study, the tropics, which are the near-equatorial region of this planet that’s almost 100% impoverished, and that has thus contributed virtually nothing to global warming, will begin the period of permanent catastrophe starting in approximately 2020; but the (cooler) moderate-latitude countries, such as in North America and Europe, will begin this catastrophic period in or around 2047.

This isn’t to say that things won’t continue to get worse after then; it’s only to say that this is, as the article will be titled, “The projected timing of climate departure from recent variability.”

This landmark article was co-authored by a team of 14 climate-scientists. It says: “Unprecedented climates will occur earliest in the tropics and among low-income countries.” It explains that the reason for this is that the countries near the equator have far less variability in their weather than do the moderate-climate countries, and so the species that constitute the ecosystems there cannot tolerate temperatures outside their narrow range, which has existed within that narrow range for thousands of years. Consequently, species-extinctions will soar there much faster and earlier than here. The existing impoverished economies, within around 2,500 miles of the equator (where average per-capita incomes are less than 10% of the average in the moderate-latitude countries such as ours), will become unlivable…

Google is Quietly Recording Everything You Say — Here’s How to Hear It, Delete It, and Stop It

Matt Agorist

Study: Vegan Blood is 8x More Effective at Killing Cancer Cells
The Five Dancing Israelis - 9/11/2001 - Our Purpose Was To Document The Event
9-11 Cop Who Arrested Dancing Israelis Speaks

MK ULTRA Sleeper Assassin Confession: Government Scopolamine Secrets

MK ULTRA sleeper assassin Matthew Pauly discusses how the government used scopolamine to exert mind control over him to force him to kill, and the pattern of super soldiers and brainwashed killers being used to do secret government dirty work. How MK ULTRA agents can be recruited, recognized, and awakened, and the bizarre and chilling story of how Pauly’s life was turned upside down and his survival has continued to be threatened for knowing too much is illuminated on Buzzsaw, hosted by Sean Stone.

Exclusive Video: Veteran Forcibly Dragged from Air Force Ceremony for Mentioning God

When a veteran started offering traditional remarks at a military flag-folding ceremony, several uniformed airmen assaulted him, dragging him out of the room because his remarks mentioned God. Now First Liberty Institute lawyers representing retired Senior Master Sergeant Oscar Rodriguez are demanding that the U.S. Air Force apologize and punish those responsible or face a federal civil-rights lawsuit..
Transponder Chip Key Bypass How To For Any Car!
How to make a cheap transponder key bypass

Snordelhans ( Les Visible) sez :

Judge Snordelhans Passes Judgement on The NWO Illuminati Conspiracy

Ancient Underground Megalith at Kabardino-Balkaria of the Size and Design of the Great Giza Pyramid

Good riddance to Stirling Allen --
Jun 20, 2016

Fountain Green man sentenced to possible life in prison for sexually abusing two infants

Kurt Hanson

A Fountain Green man received the maximum sentence Friday for sexually abusing two infant girls between 2003 and 2009 while living in Eagle Mountain.

Sterling Allan was sentenced by Judge Darold McDade to 15 years to life in the Utah State Prison for two first-degree felony charges of attempted sodomy on a child.

The sentence for each charge will run consecutively to each other, but because of the sentencing guidelines, prosecuting attorney Craig Johnson said Allan will likely have his first parole hearing in 22 years.

“Certainly 22 years minimum fits the punitive needs of our community,” Johnson said.

Allan, 52, was also fined $20,000.

Allan was found through a joint operation between the FBI and the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. A court affidavit states the FBI became aware of Allan in December 2015 when they found his YouTube channel. In several videos he admits to being a pedophile who has committed several sex offenses against children, reports state.

The victims were interviewed in January 2016 and told police that because of their age they don’t remember the abuse, reports state.

DECLINE of EMPIRES: The Signs of Decay

Chalmers Johnson, author of Blowback, Sorrows of Empire and Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic , talks about the similarities in the decline of the Roman and Soviet empires and the signs that the U.S. empire is exhibiting the same symptoms: overextension, corruption and the inability to reform.

Don't worry -- It's merely DARPA & the Dracos calibrating their phase conjugate mirrors for Project Bluebeam

Moon Violent Energy Wave & Earth Shimmers Lunar Glitch Wave

Debunking alleged Nibiru photos ( e.g., Steve Olson WSO @ youtube )

Nibiru/PlanetX-What are we really seeing part 5-and troll info

All the while ignoring the Coanda Effect :

Airvinci ducted fan helicopter prototype set for take off

There's been a bit of a renaissance in designs for personal flying craft over the last few years, with everything from conceptual electric fan passenger craft designed for quiet commuting, to real jetpacks flying around landmarks and jet-powered hoverboards breaking records, and the collection just keeps growing. Now add one more personal flight machine concept to the list in the form of the Airvinci: a ducted fan VTOL aircraft that is expected to start its aeronautical life as a heavy-lifting drone and later have a cockpit added for carrying human cargo…
Airvinci, The backpack helicopter
Tarek Ibrahim
+1 416 858 3366

Wilbur Smith memo re: "flying saucers"

Walter Kunnen

Researchers like Walter Kunnen in the years 70-80 have detected that emissions radar of the army had an adverse signal to life, and whole forests were degraded by the phenomenon was thought to be caused by rains acids. After research, it was wrong, because even in unpolluted areas of acid rain forests perished, the cause was the issuance by the radars of the torsion field army levorotatory. Since this has been fixed for today dextrogyre issue, this has even led to increase tree growth, maintaining the trees lose their leaves some weeks later in the fall.

Method for protecting living beings against nefarious electromagnetic fields, and ampoules used thereby.    

The invention has now for object to provide a method which obviates the nefarious influence on living beings of the above-defined phenomenoms.

For this purpose, one determines the wave length and direction of that electro-magnetic field considered as nefarious, and one arranges at right angle to the right vector of said magnetic field, at least one ampoule which contains a mistletoe (viscum album) extract.

In a possible variation of said method, a metalloid is added to said extract..

It has now been possible to ascertain that by arranging such an ampoule in the above-defined way, the electro-magnetic field may be influenced in such a way that the force lines thereof fall outside that area which is to be protected. With an ampoule having a content about ±1 cm3 , it has been determined that very marked results could be obtained, as it appeared from repeated measurings...

Related Patents --

Method of changing the field of earth radiation with natural products
DE 3604405

Protective layer against ground effects - bee's wax protects against radiations rising dampness or other irritants

Mat for protection against earth radiation - has natural cork with coating of quartz sand

Device for attenuating and regulating the intensity of environmental radiation



An apparatus is disclosed for generating scalar energy for domestic use, provided with an electronic circuit capable of generating an oscillating wave at a fixed frequency of 12 hertz, radiated by means of a transmitting antenna.

Method for adjusting life decoding energy

Inventor(s):  ZHAO XIANFENG +
The invention provides a method for adjusting life decoding energy, comprising the step of adopting a sealed device capable of allowing people to enter, wherein the device is provided with an accurate temperature control system, a germanium energy system, a quantity-controlled far infrared system, an anion generating component, a frequency spectrum system and a scalar energy manufacture system of a thermal system; and the device is used for balancing, polymerizing and amplifying the bio-energy by the systems and the components, and wholly and systematically adjusting the universal energy and the environment energy. According to the method, the biological cells can be activated and the energy absorption can be assisted according to the energy medicine, so that the communication between the body energy substance and the body energy system can be realized, and the activity of human cells can be quickly started. The method is simple and scientific to realize, and high in safety, so that the mortality of the cells can be effectively reduced, and the nursing requirement on the human health care and health can be met.
Energy and the environment overall energy system adjustment...

Specific embodiment, the method comprises:

The tent-like device is a closed cavity, the cavity of the enclosure wall cavity to produce far-infrared Fabric or blended fabric, the energy system which includes distribution in the cavity wall germanium stone.

One embodiment, the method comprises:

Precise temperature control system for the temperature adjustment device, the temperature of the temperature regulating device setting apparatus Between 31 ~ 41 ° C, so that the body into which the temperature is maintained at between 36.5 ~ 36.8 ° C.

One embodiment, the energy producing system comprises a scalar magnetic shielding means provided on the apparatus to And means disposed within the bio-electricity, magnetic adjustment device.

…Healthy cells have 70mV of Voltage, and weakness or lack of nutrition in the cell membrane, only 30mV. 30MV membrane voltage can not be completely Transport nutrients, resulting in the phenomenon of cell lack of nutrients, and even cause cell death. Fine dead Cells may be new and active cells replace it…

When the body's bio-energy field is disturbed, fine Membrane with a charge - across the membrane potential (TMP) will therefore decrease, healthy cells TMP about 70mV, Cancer TMP is 15mV or less, when the energy decreased, cell survival will be threatened, Start uncontrolled cell proliferation in order to survive. The life energy modulation decoding method can be magnetic body Bioelectric field adjustment and adjustment to eliminate the adverse effects of external magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves on the human body, strengthen and balance Body's bio-energy field.

The present inventors believe that in the last 50 years, the average human body temperature between 36.5-36.8 ° C reduced Nearly 1 ° C, corresponding immunity reduced by 30%. If the average human body temperature on the basis of normal body temperature lift High 1 ° C, the immune system will increase 5-6 times…

Detailed Description

The life decoding method using energy regulation for a person to enter a closed apparatus provided with Precise temperature control system, germanium energy system, far infrared system volume control, and negative ions generated component spectrum Systems and thermal systems scalar energy manufacturing system; the device through the aforementioned systems and components into biological energy Line balance, aggregate, amplify, energy and environmental energy of the universe overall system adjustment. The device is a Tent-shaped cavity closure, said closure cavity wall cavity to produce far-infrared fabric or blended fabric, the This system comprises said energy distribution in the cavity wall germanium stone. Precise temperature control system to regulate the temperature of the device, The temperature control device and the temperature within the device is set between 31 ~ 41 ° C, refers to the adoption of professionals Under the guidance of cyclical use, so that the body temperature is maintained between the long-term health of 36.5 ~ 36.8 ° C. Scalar energy The amount of magnetic energy device manufacturing system includes temperature control means is provided on the device, the red emission 8-14 micron far Means, and means disposed within the bio-electricity, magnetic adjustment device.

Mo' scalarity :

300 Thousand Pathogens Disassembled via Scalar Energy

The scalar energy pathogen cleanse disassembles 300 thousand pathogens and parasites. Scalar energy is a direct manifestation from God, the Creator, and thus is perfect, eternal and divine light. Accordingly, scalar energy is capable of imparting infinite intelligence and all physical forms in the universe are assembled and maintained by this infinite intelligence…

Don't forget to chant OM while all this is going on :

Apparatus and Methods to Improve Sleep, Reduce Pain and Promote Natural Healing


This is a new invention, including improvements upon existing inventions, which is safer, simpler to use, less invasive into a user's daily routine and provides a lower cost solution to existing pulsed magnetic field and related vibrational electromagnetic therapy devices. This invention (apparatus) is referred to as an EnergyWave Therapy Device to distinguish it from existing electromagnetic therapy devices. It operates non-invasively on a homeopathic level to improve sleep, encourage natural healing and reduce pain, swelling, and general discomfort.; This is accomplished through different embodiments of the apparatus all of which generate Multiple Simultaneous Extremely Low Frequency (MSELF) energy waves which may be any combination of Alternating Polarity Magnetic Fields (APMF), narrowband near-coherent long-wavelength (580 nm to 980 nm) light emitting diodes (LEDs), or electrical vibrations transmitted through the medium of water using carbon rod electrodes. The MSELF vibrations are derived from a quartz crystal with a fundamental frequency less than one-half of one percent from a natural Fibonacci Sequence Number. The apparatus utilizes firmware operating in a microcontroller containing predefined, user selectable therapy programs either emulating natural Circadian Rhythms for sleep and rest, or other therapeutic programs, all of which contain Electromagnetic Field (EMF) dose limitations to prevent any possible overexposure.; The microcontroller is also clocked at the same fundamental frequency generated by the Fibonacci Sequence Quartz Crystal. Additionally, the apparatus's unique application of an H-Bridge configuration power-driver with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) capabilities supports a novel approach to supply two simultaneous therapeutic frequencies to either a copper-trace coil emitter integrated on the main Printed Circuit Board (PCB) or optional external energy emitters. The result is a more effective, lower energy, safer, lower cost, simpler to use, noninvasive, multi-modal, EnergyWave Therapy Device.

A intriguing listen with lots of old newspaper articles --

The Ancient Giants Who Ruled America
Richard J. Dewhurst w/Red Ice Radio

The Triumph of Evil Set to a Good Man's Music


Lindsay Perigo

One doesn't have to be a superstitionist to believe that the end-times are upon us. I'm an elderly atheist, and it's never been clearer to me that Good vs Evil is the defining issue of human existence—since from it existence vs destruction flows—and that Good is now being deluged by a tsunami of Evil ... meaning, mass destruction is nigh (and well-deserved).

Evil as in Islam; Evil as in socialism and other forms of statism; Evil as in the cultural terrorism represented by punk, rap, Wagner and other forms of nihilistic headbanging; Evil as in the gleeful addiction to trivia and banality manifest on Faecesbook and other repositories of mass sub-humanity; Evil as in "Social Justice Warriors" who have supplanted human speech with quacking and frying in the name of closing down all speech; Evil as in mainstream media who have abandoned journalism and acquiesced shamelessly to Evil; Evil most woefully as in the appeasement thereof by social-climbers and cowards who know better but who remain silent or crawl up Evil's rectum ...

It occurred to me tonight as I listened to this incomparable performance of Tchaikovsky's Pathetique Symphony that the tale of humanity is bound up herein—and I suspect Tchaikovsky knew as much, even though this, his final composition, was primarily, pre-eminently, personal and auto-biographical.

The first movement could be seen as laying out the Glory of Man as He might be, ought to be, can be, and often has been. Midway through, He encounters Evil in a thunderous confrontation, but emerges intact ... though ominously subdued.

The second movement could be seen as sublime maintenance. Life-affirmation, benevolence, conviviality, diligent creativity ... all reiterated and writ large. The third could be seen as militant maintenance—the same virtues asserted more aggressively. But note that in both movements Evil's pesky voice subtly insinuates itself into an otherwise seamless optimism, and is left to undulate and percolate.

In the fourth movement, the first movement comes crashing down. We didn't pay sufficient attention to Evil; we have left it to undulate and percolate ... and it has suddenly caught up with us. Part of Evil's insidious modus operandi after all was to destroy our ability to pay attention in the first place; all that is necessary for Evil to triumph, it turns out, is for good men constantly to be texting, gaming, burbling inanities on Faecesbook ... and, when confronted unavoidably with the likes of Istanbul and Orlando, repairing to mindless, evasive excuses.

Another part of Evil's insidious modus operandi was to turn off Man's receptors to beauty, so that His very destruction may be chronicled to Him in the most beautiful language ever contrived without His having a clue.

Here is an instance of "the most beautiful language ever contrived"—and in its rediscovery, I submit—that of the Romantic genre and the virtues that underpin it—lies Man's only hope of salvation.

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The Rex Research Civilization Kit

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