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High Fructose Corn Syrup Now Hidden Under A New Name

...HCFS is now being disguised under the names “fructose syrup” or, simply, “fructose”. It is a processed chemical sweetener that you will find in products such as bread, cakes, cookies, condiments and soft drinks. It is cheaper to use than sugar and extends the shelf life of products, so naturally the food companies are inclined to use it, but at the detriment of their customers' health.

The food companies don't want to change their money-making ways, so they found an ingenious way to get around the food labeling laws. HFCS is sub-categorized based on its fructose content. Normal HFCS – HFCS 42 or HFCS 55 – contains either 42 or 55 percent fructose. The term “fructose” is now being used when foods contain the ingredient previously called HFCS-90, which has 90 percent fructose. Identifying HFCS-90 as “fructose” makes it possible for them to label the product as 'not containing HCFS' when it actually does.

CRA’s have said: “A third product, HFCS-90, is sometimes used in natural and ‘light’ foods, where very little is needed to provide sweetness. Syrups with 90% fructose will not state high fructose corn syrup on the label [anymore], they will state ‘fructose’ or ‘fructose syrup’.”...

What is the real danger of eating HFCS? Here are some scientific sources to help you understand the danger of this ingredient:

“Some people have claimed that high-fructose corn syrup is no different than other sweeteners when it comes to weight gain and obesity, but our results make it clear that this just isn’t true, at least under the conditions of our tests.” “When rats are drinking high-fructose corn syrup at levels well below those in soda pop, they’re becoming obese — every single one, across the board. Even when rats are fed a high-fat diet, you don’t see this; they don’t all gain extra weight.” – Bart Hoebel, psychology professor at Princeton University (source: Princeton.edu)

“The study adds to a growing body of scientific literature that indicates HFCS consumption may result in negative health consequences distinct from and more deleterious than natural sugar.” – Dr. Michael I. Goran (source: Huffington Post)

“Consumption of HFCS may lead to mineral imbalances, including Zn [Zinc], Ca [Calcium] and P [Phosphorus] loss and Cu [Copper] gain and is a potential source of inorganic mercury exposure.”– Dufault et al. Clinical Epigenetics, 2012

“Data show that consumption of added sugars, particularly HFCS-55, negatively impacts hippocampal function, metabolic outcomes, and neuroinflammation when consumed in excess during the adolescent period of development.” – Hsu et al Hippocampus, 2014.

“In the United States, food ingredient information is written for regulators and scientists, not for the average consumer.” – Anne Munoz-Furlong, founder of the nonprofit advocacy group Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network...

Please, God, bury Japan under lava and sink it ASAP...


Fukushima’s radioactive water to be released into ocean under new plan

The “decision has already been made” to release radioactive material from the Fukushima plant into the ocean, according to its owners. Fishermen have reacted with fury to the decision, claiming it will devastate their already struggling industry.

Under the plan the radioactive material tritium, which is being used to cool reactors whose cooling systems were damaged in the 2011 tsunami, will be released into the Pacific Ocean...


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Stevia kills Lyme disease?

Stevia kills Lyme disease? While it sounds too good to be true, there is legitimate evidence suggesting a beneficial stevia side effect could include killing Borrelia burgdorferi, the pathogen responsible for Lyme disease. Here, we’ll dive in to the University of New Haven study that opened our eyes to the stevia herb’s possible Lyme-killing properties, what’s happened since that study’s release in 2015 and if it’s too soon to recommend stevia as a Lyme treatment in humans...

Stevia Kills Lyme Disease: Study Details

Lyme disease symptoms sometimes don’t go away with standard two- to four-week treatment of doxycycline or amoxicillin. University of New Haven researchers may be on to something more plant-based, though. The team found that exposing B. burgdorferi to stevia leaf extract wiped out Lyme disease in its different forms...

Researchers used four types of stevia: three in liquid form derived from standard alcohol extraction and one powdered. The powdered stevia diluted in liquid did not show promise in killing off Lyme, but the alcohol extracted stevia samples did.

Stevia leaf extract outperformed individual drugs often used to treat Lyme disease (doxycycline, cefoperazone, daptomycin, and their combinations).

Interestingly, a week after treatment, viable B. burgdorferi started to surface again in the antibiotic groups. This did not happen in the stevia group, which appeared to be a complete kill off after seven days.

The biofilm associated with Lyme actually increased in size with individual antibiotic treatment. Not good!...


50 Centuries in 10 Minutes

A geopolitical history of all empires, nations, kingdoms, armies and republics. More than 500 world maps spanning all historical events up to today. View in the high resolution. Turn on annotations for labels, if you cannot read the key in the upper-left corner.

Nature wastes nothing, except Individuals...

[ Excerpt ]


We’re Good People, Really We Are!

...We’re now living under that condition of “intellectual martial law.” The consequent degradation of thinking means that the polity can’t construct a coherent consensus about what is happening to it (or devise a plan for what to do about it). This is exactly the point where the Overton Window turns into an Overton Bubble, as described by Devers. The bubble comprises ideas that are assumed to be self-evident (though they actually aren’t) and notions that are potentially destructive of society, even suicidally so. Here is a partial list of the current dogmas and shibboleths inside today’s Overton Bubble:

Russia hacked the election of 2016 (no evidence required).
Russia (Vladimir Putin in particular) is bent on destroying the USA.
All immigrants, legal or illegal, have equal status before the law.
National borders are inconvenient, cruel, and obsolete.
Western Civilization is a malign force in human history.
Islam is “the religion of peace,” no matter how many massacres of “infidels” are carried out in its name.
Men are a negative force in society.
White men are especially negative.
Brownie points given for behaviors under the rubric LBGTQ.
All discussion about race problems and conflicts is necessarily racist.
The hijab (head covering worn in public by some Muslim women) is a device of liberation for women.
There should be a law against using the wrong personal pronoun for people who consider themselves neither men nor women (recently passed by the Canadian parliament).
A unifying common culture is unnecessary in national life (anything goes).
Colonizing Mars is a great solution to problems on Earth.

That list defines the general preoccupations of the thinking classes today — to the exclusion of other issues. Here is an alternative list of matters they are not generally concerned about or interested in:

The energy quandary at the heart of our economic malaise... The enormous debt racked up to run society in the absence of affordable energy inputs... The dangerous interventions and manipulation in markets by unelected officials of the Federal Reserve... The extraordinary dysfunction of manipulated financial markets... The fragility of a banking system based on accounting fraud... The dysfunction and fragility of the American suburban living arrangement... The consequences of a catastrophic breakdown in the economy due to the above...  The destruction of planetary ecology, threatening the continuation of the human race, and potentially all life.

Now, the question of motive. Why does the thinking class in America embrace ideas that are not necessarily, and surely not self-evidently, truthful, and even self-destructive? Because this class is dangerously insecure and perversely needs to insist on being right about its guiding dogmas and shibboleths at all costs. That is why so much of the behavior emanating from the thinking class amounts to virtue signaling — we are the good people on the side of what’s right, really we are! Of course, virtue signaling is just the new term for self-righteousness. There is also the issue of careerism. So many individuals are making a living at trafficking in, supporting, or executing policy based on these dogmas and shibboleths that they don’t dare depart from the Overton Bubble of permissible, received thought lest they sacrifice their status and incomes.

The thinking classes are also the leaders and foot-soldiers in American institutions. When they are unable or unwilling to think clearly, then you get a breakdown of authority, which leads to a breakdown of legitimacy. That’s exactly where we’re at today in our national politics — our ability to manage the polity.

Read Neal Devers’ excellent article, The Overton Bubble.



The U. S. Patent Office has published the following patent confirming the new chemical species of Santilli magnecules :

Method and Apparatus for the industrial production of new hydrogen-rich fuels

R. M. Santilli

Sink the barbarian invaders !


Génération Identitaire: DEFEND EUROPE

'Defend Europe' To Force Black Rubber Rafts BACK To Libya - Stop NGO Boats Bringing Blacks To EU


Now Fear This ! Bourbon Virus :


Mother-of-one dies of untreatable tick-borne virus that has only affected 5 people in the US

Tamela Wilson, 58, was at work in Meramec State Park, MO, she got a tick bite. Within days she became fevery and doctors gave her antibiotics for a UTI. But a week later she was hospitalized, blood tests showed she had Bourbon virus. This virus emerged in the US in 2014, it is untreatable, attacks white blood cells...

July 12, 2017

MO’s Just Got a Lot More Frightening with Approval of New Monsanto Product

by Christina Sarich

Forget spraying pesticides on your food, now they’ll be genetically engineered to be in your food, thanks to Monsanto’s latest quiet approval via the US Environmental Protection Agency.

The EPA just told Monsanto they could go ahead and bypass spraying our crops with carcinogenic chemicals like Round Up and just go ahead and breed them right into the crops themselves. Using a process called RNA interference, Monsanto’s RNAi plant will supposedly kill pesky rootworms when they come along to chomp on them- but what else will these genetically modified crops do to beneficial bugs, the soil, and human health? The EPA has no idea, because they haven’t done a single trial on RNAi-altered crops...


The GMO Agenda Takes a Menacing Leap Forward with EPA’s Silent Approval of Monsanto/Dow’s RNAi Corn

Without much more than a whisper from the mainstream media, Monsanto’s newest Frankenfood has received full EPA approval and will be arriving on dinner plates by the end of the decade. The implications of this are harrowing, to say the least....

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Distilled Water Kills Bladder Cancer Cells As Effectively As Chemotherapy

Can distilled water kill bladder cancer cells? That’s the question doctors at the Department of Urology, University of Bonn, Germany are attempting to answer. The surprising results suggest simple distilled water might just be a bladder cancer cell’s worst nightmare.

Reporting in the October 2006 International Journal of Clinical Practice, the team said that the surgical procedure called transurethral resection is used to remove bladder cancer and followed by instillation of chemotherapeutic agents such as mitomycin; it is considered as standard therapy in recurrent superficial bladder cancer.

“However, incidence of bladder cancer is increasing and contrariwise, the resources to finance health care systems are decreasing. Therefore, effective alternatives to expensive chemotherapeutics are necessary,” said the authors.

Recurrence of bladder cancer after transurethral resection is caused by reimplantation of dissolved tumor cells. To kill them off, mitomycin is used. The researchers took human bladder cancer cells and incubated them in mitomycin or distilled water.

“Distilled water led to significant cytolysis in all tumor cells,” they write. “This effect was comparable to exposition to mitomycin. Distilled water and mitomycin have comparable in vitro effects in bladder cancer cells,” the scientists wrote.

This was not the first study to determine distilled water kills bladder cancer cells. In a 1986 issue of European Urology, the effect of distilled water on tumor cells was compared to the effect of chemotherapeutic agents dissolved in saline and in distilled water.

“Distilled water proved as effective as chemotherapeutic agents in distilled water and more destructive than chemotherapeutic agents in saline within the 2-hour time limit of the experiment,” the researchers reported.

New York Times, 4 September 1891

Discovery by Berlin Surgeon: Distilled Water Can Be Used as Anesthetic in Surgery


Thank you, Russia, for interfering with the US Election ! You saved us from Killery Clinton !


Body Language: McCain, Lindsey, Brennan on Russia


Focused Ultrasound Therapy

Dr Neal Kassell


Memory-enhancing drug reverses effects of traumatic brain injury in mice

By Ryan Cross
Memory-enhancing drug reverses effects of traumatic brain injury in mice


Small Molecule Modulators of the UPR

Where's the Daily Llama when you need him ? Save us, Black Hat Buddhism !


Caught on cam: Building collapses into river after heavy rains in Tibet

Snacks for Thought :



“Real Men Eat Meat”

Or so the now unthoughtful repeated statement goes.

Maybe some of those that have repeated this shallow and foolish assertion will think twice before regurgitating it again after understanding another viewpoint.  If that is even possible for a mind that is this corrupted to espouse or promote something so asinine showing the least bit of respect to the other being spoken to.  This information is not meant to criticize or offend anyone, yet must be written.  Might we all come to a deeper level of understanding as to what many are actually reinforcing through ignorance and engaging in with such an unnecessary, taught habit...


Read Books Online for Free

ChestofBooks.com presents free online books on various topics

Something Stupid for Jews to Bitch about : Ancient American Swastikas  ( Don't bother calling me "anti-semitic". "Semite" refers to Hebrews,  Palestinians [ Philistines ], Assyrians, & Arabs, not "Jews".
"Anti-semitic" is merely meme-engineering propaganda intended to subvert the language and divert attention from Jewish crimes against humanity. I simply disdain Judaism & Israel -- and Islam, pseudo-Christianity, and Black Hat Buddhism [ viz., the Daily Llama ].


The Swastika on Arizona and Peruvian Pottery

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WaterBOB Emergency Water Storage (100 Gallons)

Disposable! One time use only! Holds 100 gallons of fresh drinking water. Keeps water fresh for up to 12 weeks. Attaches to faucet, fills in minutes and includes pump to dispense water. Made of FDA approved food grade materials and is BPA-Free.

Worthless gonzo POS corporate fag-macho punks for hire :


Paramilitary security tracked and targeted DAPL opponents as ‘jihadists,’ docs show

By Antonia Juhasz


G20 – Is the West Governed by Psychopaths?

By Peter Koenig

Har har har ! Do it again, stupid !


Israeli Officer Shot Dead During Training Exercise While Pretending to be a Palestinian

An Israeli Army officer was accidentally shot and killed by one of his own troops during a training operation in which he was pretending to be a Palestinian at an Israeli military checkpoint in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday.

The 22 year old army commander David Golovenchik was carrying out a training exercise with his soldiers, but hadn’t told the soldiers to unload their weapons prior to the drill...

What is the Mucusless Diet System?

Mucus-free Life LLC is a health and wellness organization dedicated to educating the world about the Mucusless Diet Healing System, the natural healing methods of Prof. Arnold Ehret, and the benefits of a mucus-free lifestyle.

The Mucusless Diet Healing System is a system to gradually and progressively move away from mucus-forming foods to foods that do not create any mucus. The foods that create mucus decompose into slimy substances in the body.


No time to get fit? Think again — Just one minute of intense exercise produces health benefits.

Researchers at McMaster University have found that a single minute of very intense exercise produces health benefits similar to longer, traditional endurance training.

The findings put to rest the common excuse for not getting in shape: there is not enough time.

"This is a very time-efficient workout strategy," says Martin Gibala, a professor of kinesiology at McMaster and lead author on the study. "Brief bursts of intense exercise are remarkably effective."

Scientists set out to determine how sprint interval training (SIT) compared to moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT), as recommended in public health guidelines. They examined key health indicators including cardiorespiratory fitness and insulin sensitivity, a measure of how the body regulates blood sugar.

A total of 27 sedentary men were recruited and assigned to perform three weekly sessions of either intense or moderate training for 12 weeks, or to a control group that did not exercise).

The McMaster team has previously shown that the SIT protocol, which involved three 20-second 'all-out' cycle sprints, was effective for boosting fitness. The workout totaled just 10 minutes, including a 2-minute warm-up and 3-minute cool down, and two minutes of easy cycling for recovery between the hard sprints.

The new study compared the SIT protocol with a group who performed 45 minutes of continuous cycling at a moderate pace, plus the same warm-up and cool down. After 12 weeks of training, the results were remarkably similar, even though the MICT protocol involved five times as much exercise and a five-fold greater time commitment.

"Most people cite 'lack of time' as the main reason for not being active", according to Gibala. "Our study shows that an interval-based approach can be more efficient—you can get health and fitness benefits comparable to the traditional approach, in less time."

Gibala, who has studied has been studying interval training for more than a decade. O, was the first researcher to show that a few minutes per week of intense exercise produced benefits similar to longer, continouous workouts. Over time, his team has experimented with different protocols in an effort to identify the most time-efficient exercise strategies.

"The basic principles apply to many forms of exercise," he says. "Climbing a few flights of stairs on your lunch hour can provide a quick and effective workout. The health benefits are significant."


Twelve Weeks of Sprint Interval Training Improves Indices of Cardiometabolic Health Similar to Traditional Endurance Training despite a Five-Fold Lower Exercise Volume and Time Commitment

Jenna B. Gillen, et al.


We investigated whether sprint interval training (SIT) was a time-efficient exercise strategy to improve insulin sensitivity and other indices of cardiometabolic health to the same extent as traditional moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT). SIT involved 1 minute of intense exercise within a 10-minute time commitment, whereas MICT involved 50 minutes of continuous exercise per session.

Sedentary men (27±8y; BMI = 26±6kg/m2) performed three weekly sessions of SIT (n = 9) or MICT (n = 10) for 12 weeks or served as non-training controls (n = 6). SIT involved 3x20-second ‘all-out’ cycle sprints (~500W) interspersed with 2 minutes of cycling at 50W, whereas MICT involved 45 minutes of continuous cycling at ~70% maximal heart rate (~110W). Both protocols involved a 2-minute warm-up and 3-minute cool-down at 50W.

Peak oxygen uptake increased after training by 19% in both groups (SIT: 32±7 to 38±8; MICT: 34±6 to 40±8ml/kg/min; p<0.001 for both). Insulin sensitivity index (CSI), determined by intravenous glucose tolerance tests performed before and 72 hours after training, increased similarly after SIT (4.9±2.5 to 7.5±4.7, p = 0.002) and MICT (5.0±3.3 to 6.7±5.0 x 10-4 min-1 [µU/mL]-1, p = 0.013) (p<0.05). Skeletal muscle mitochondrial content also increased similarly after SIT and MICT, as primarily reflected by the maximal activity of citrate synthase (CS; P<0.001). The corresponding changes in the control group were small for VO2peak (p = 0.99), CSI (p = 0.63) and CS (p = 0.97).


Twelve weeks of brief intense interval exercise improved indices of cardiometabolic health to the same extent as traditional endurance training in sedentary men, despite a five-fold lower exercise volume and time commitment.

Gibala on HIIT

Wee-wee wanking is healthy -- just shave your palms or wash your hands with Nair, or pluck 'em :


Researchers say frequent ejaculation could save mens’ lives

PROSTATE health can be a pretty awkward subject, so prepare to blush at this new research from Harvard University.

Scientists say frequent ejaculations could be the key to keeping the semen-producing gland healthy and avoiding cancer.

In fact, in a study of almost 32,000 men published in the journal of European Urology, researchers found high levels of sexual activity can reduce the risk of contracting prostate cancer by 33 per cent.

The optimum number is 21 ejaculations per month.

We’ve done a few quick calculations and that’s equal to 252 times annually — or almost 70 per cent of days in a year.

Experts aren’t exactly sure why ejaculation lowers the risk of prostate cancer, but they speculate it might help flush out cancer-causing toxins.

According to statistics from the University of Sydney, prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australia, and the third most common cause of cancer death.

It’s more common in older men, with 85 per cent of cases diagnosed in those over 65 years of age, so the results of this study are definitely worth taking on board.

Enjoyable as it may be, frequent ejaculation isn’t a magical one-stop shop.

The Harvard researchers pointed out an active sex life may be an indicator of good general health, which in itself is likely to lower the risk of cancer.

Therefore, it’s also important to maintain a good diet and exercise routine, and get regular check-ups from your doctor.

Gentlemen, you know what you need to do.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.eururo.2016.03.027

Ejaculation Frequency and Risk of Prostate Cancer: Updated Results with an Additional Decade of Follow-up

Jennifer R. Rider, et al.


Evidence suggests that ejaculation frequency may be inversely related to the risk of prostate cancer (PCa), a disease for which few modifiable risk factors have been identified...


These findings provide additional evidence of a beneficial role of more frequent ejaculation throughout adult life in the etiology of PCa, particularly for low-risk disease.

Corey Goode the Shill & Steven Greer ( CIA ) :


The Vinny Eastwood Show with Randy Maugans: Blue Avian Cult Dividing UFO Community


Shane The Ruiner: The Evolution Of Corey Goode-Part 2-After Avalon

Shane Bales, The Ruiner, and Randy Maugans cover the continued development of the media creation that is the Blue Avians-Secret Space Program entertainment franchise. Post-Avalon , the forum wars, the entrance of David Wilcock as he looks for his next vein of material, Gaia(m) TV, and the mechanics of intelligence operations that run through the so-called "alternative media" communities.

100 Greatest One-Liners: Before The Kill


100 Greatest One-Liners: Before The Kill


100 Greatest One-Liners: After The Kill

Mo' & Al' Love You Long Time, or : Radical Muslims want to kill you. Moderate Muslims want radical Muslims to kill you.


Europe or Nothing: A Great War is Looming

Kai Murros, Finland's pan-European nationalist and intellectual, narrates what must become the new philosophy for all Europeans around the globe. It is a call to arms. Will you die for your family, your people?


A Society Of Cowards

Karen Elkins does it again :


Science to Sage

Information Factors: Encoded within Human Consciousness ~ Dr. Gary Robert Buchanan
Quasi-physical Symbols? Part 2 , What is the Nature of Reality ~ Klee Irwin
Neurons in the Human Brain …  ~  ZME Science .com
Aether: The Unifying Medium that Connects all Things - Aaron Murakami
How Universes are Created ~ Insights by Kongpop U-Yen
A Field View of Reality Explains Human Interconnectedness ~ Rollin McCarty
Interview with Adam Abraham - Gary Buchanan -- Cymatics, Healing and Rejuvenation
Interview with Adam Abraham - Peter Lindemann, Ph.D, “Rethinking “Free Energy”


Chris Hedges America is a Tinderbox


Inventor Of Fraudulent Temperature ‘Hockey Stick’ Is Humiliated In Canadian Court

Penn State climate scientist, Michael ‘hockey stick’ Mann commits contempt of court in the ‘climate science trial of the century.’ Prominent alarmist shockingly defies judge and refuses to surrender data for open court examination. Only possible outcome: Mann’s humiliation, defeat and likely criminal investigation in the U.S...

Poignant pooch pleases puerile people :


Marc Métral and his talking dog Wendy wow the judges -- Audition Week --Britain's Got Talent 2015


Xenoestrogens – What are they? How to avoid them.

Here are some of the chemicals that are xenoestrogens:

4-Methylbenzylidene camphor (4-MBC) (sunscreen lotions)
Parabens (methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben commonly used as a preservative)
Benzophenone (sunscreen lotions)

Industrial products and Plastics:
Bisphenol A (monomer for polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resin; antioxidant in plasticizers)
Phthalates (plasticizers)
DEHP (plasticizer for PVC)
Polybrominated biphenyl ethers (PBDEs) (flame retardants used in plastics, foams, building materials, electronics, furnishings, motor vehicles).
Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

Erythrosine / FD&C Red No. 3
Phenosulfothiazine (a red dye)
Butylated hydroxyanisole / BHA (food preservative)

Building supplies:
Pentachlorophenol (general biocide and wood preservative)
Polychlorinated biphenyls / PCBs (in electrical oils, lubricants, adhesives, paints)

Atrazine (weed killer)
DDT (insecticide, banned)
Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (one of the breakdown products of DDT)
Dieldrin (insecticide)
Endosulfan (insecticide)
Heptachlor (insecticide)
Lindane / hexachlorocyclohexane (insecticide, used to treat lice and scabies)
Methoxychlor (insecticide)
Nonylphenol and derivatives (industrial surfactants; emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization; laboratory detergents; pesticides)

Propyl gallate
Chlorine and chlorine by-products
Ethinylestradiol (combined oral contraceptive pill)
Metalloestrogens (a class of inorganic xenoestrogens)
Alkylphenol (surfactant used in cleaning detergents


Plasma thruster breakthrough as researchers discover how to control magnetic fields in the radical engines

New experiments shed light on environmental factors that influence plasma flow
Study identified transition that could allow plasma flow to guide magnetic field
This occurs while thrust is maintained, and at slower velocity than expected

By Cheyenne Macdonald

New experiments to uncover the factors that influence plasma flow could bring scientists closer to achieving an electrodeless plasma thruster.

In space, it’s known that magnetic field lines become stretched by plasma flows, causing them to increase – but in the lab, scientists have found that the opposite occurs, causing the magnetic field to decrease.

Based on these interactions, researchers are working to create thrusters that use an expanding magnetic field, in which plasma is accelerated to propel a spacecraft.

Scientists have now identified the transition point that could allow plasma flow to guide the magnetic field toward space while still maintaining thrust, in what could help overcome one of the technology’s biggest challenges.

Researchers are working to create thrusters that use an expanding magnetic field, in which plasma is accelerated to propel a spacecraft...

Thomas Jefferson ( 1816 ): “To preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt… If we run into such debts, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and our creeds – as the people of England are – our people, like them, must come to labor sixteen hours [per day], give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for their debts and daily expenses; and the sixteenth being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they now do, on oatmeal and potatoes – have no time to think, no means of calling the mismanagers to account – but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet [the managers’] chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers.”


Stanford Scientist Claims Human Fetal DNA Fragments In Vaccines Cause Autism


Broccoli sprout extract may help to treat type 2 diabetes

Researchers found that a compound found in broccoli sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables led to a significant improvement in fasting blood glucose levels among obese adults with type 2 diabetes.

Furthermore, the compound, which is called sulforaphane, was found to reduce the amount of glucose produced by cultured liver cells, and it also appeared to reverse abnormal gene expression in the livers of rats.


Sulforaphane reduces hepatic glucose production and improves glucose control in patients with type 2 diabetes

Annika S. Axelsson, et al.


A potentially useful approach for drug discovery is to connect gene expression profiles of disease-affected tissues (“disease signatures”) to drug signatures, but it remains to be shown whether it can be used to identify clinically relevant treatment options. We analyzed coexpression networks and genetic data to identify a disease signature for type 2 diabetes in liver tissue. By interrogating a library of 3800 drug signatures, we identified sulforaphane as a compound that may reverse the disease signature. Sulforaphane suppressed glucose production from hepatic cells by nuclear translocation of nuclear factor erythroid 2–related factor 2 (NRF2) and decreased expression of key enzymes in gluconeogenesis. Moreover, sulforaphane reversed the disease signature in the livers from diabetic animals and attenuated exaggerated glucose production and glucose intolerance by a magnitude similar to that of metformin. Finally, sulforaphane, provided as concentrated broccoli sprout extract, reduced fasting blood glucose and glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) in obese patients with dysregulated type 2 diabetes.



Paul Beckwith review of 2017 paper on Arctic methane

This is the full video of Paul Beckwith's review of a recent USGS report that compiled research on Arctic methane. His videos are only allowed to be 15 minutes long so I combined them to make one uninterrupted video.


California lists Glyphosate, an herbicide and the active ingredient in Monsanto‘s popular weed killer Roundup, as a “cancer causing” chemical.

By Aaron Kesel

Glyphosate will be added to California’s Proposition 65 list of chemicals known to cause cancer effective July 7, the state’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) said. Monsanto argues that the decision is “unwarranted on the basis of science and the law.”...


9/11 Experiments: The Force Behind the Motion

Mo' & Al' Love You Long Time , or :
A moderate Muslim will hold you down while a jihadi decapitates you ...


...After each Islamic terrorist attack or migrant crime spree, the left predictably virtue signals, informing us that we must combat our own slaughter with love, tolerance, and open borders. Of course, this only leads to the Islamization of nations as the dead cry out from their graves that at least they were morally superior to their murderers. Still, it takes liberals falling on their own sword to realize that their theories don’t work when put into action, and even then, many refuse to acknowledge that the flaw is in their agenda and not its execution.

Syrian hairstylist Mohammad Hussain Rashwani was hailed by local media as a “model for integration of asylum seekers” after migrating from Damascus to Germany during the refugee crisis. Falling for this leftist propaganda, 64-year-old

Ilona F. took Mohammad under her wing by offering him a position at her salon in Herzberg in September 2016. Sadly, it took Ilona just 5 months to discover the truth about just how dangerous even vetted asylum seekers can be.

German online newspaper Lausitzzer Rundschau reports that the left’s poster child for Muslim migration, 39-year-old Mohammad, brutally attacked his elderly female boss on June 28, stabbing her in the neck as Muslim jihadists often do.

The Syrian refugee, who was lauded by liberals as proof of Islamic “integration,” carried out the Quran’s command to “smite at their necks,” nearly killing his employer.

Ilona managed to escape certain death when another 22-year-old Syrian intervened and stopped Mohammad, which authorities say likely saved the woman. She was forced to undergo emergency surgery but is now in stable condition...

Aside from the Quran’s dozens of other violent commands towards unbelievers, verses 47:4 and 8:12 specifically order the stabbing of non-Muslims at their necks. This can mean either beheading, stabbing, or simple throat-slitting — whatever accomplishes “inflicting slaughter upon them” and “casting terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.”

Surprisingly, the only interpretation of this that’s false is any inclination that Muslims should be peaceable to non-Muslims.


Gruesome Islamic State video from Afghanistan shows kids executing prisoners


New data from Sweden shows how immigration and refugees from Islamic countries puts especially women in danger.

92 percent of all severe rapes (violent rapes) are committed by migrants and refugees. 100 percent of all attack rapes (where victim and attacker had no previous contact) are committed by that same group. In other words, thousands of Swedish women would not have been raped and thereby traumatized for life, had it not been for the influx from Islamic countries.

The top-10 list over rapists’ national back ground shows only one non-Islamic country (Chile). Most rapists have Iraqi back ground, followed by refugees and migrants from Afghanistan, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia, Iran, Palestine, Chile and Kosovo.

When taking into account the number of people from the different nationalities in Sweden, Afghans are 79 times more likely to commit a sexual crime than people born from Swedish citizens.


By Le Figaro.fr with AFP

The polemicist Eric Zemmour was sentenced Thursday [06/22/2017] to a 5,000 euro fine for incitement to hatred for anti-Muslim remarks held in the program “C to you” on September 6, 2016.

During the broadcast on France 5, he had in particular considered that it was necessary to give the Muslims “the choice between Islam and France”.

He had also argued that “all Muslims, whether they say it or not,” regarded the jihadists as “good Muslims.”

The Correctional Court of Paris ruled that the remarks made are “undoubtedly serious”, Eric Zemmour “stigmatizing on several occasions and in particularly violent and peremptory terms, a community taken in its entirety”.


Google deep-sixes Jihad Watch

By Robert Spencer

For many years, whenever one Googled “jihad,” Jihad Watch was the first result. This was back in the days when Google’s results were based on the relevance of the subject matter to the search and the popularity of the site. But then Google began engaging in social engineering, attempting to manipulate opinion by changing the results of searches to lead people to sites that offered the perspectives it favored. Then when one searched for “jihad,” Jihad Watch became the
second result, and then the fourth, even though our readership was steadily rising; replacing it at the top were Islamic apologetics sites with a fraction of the readership, offering soothing falsehoods about the meaning of jihad...


How Google’s Search Engines use faked results for social engineering

July 1, 2017


'Every router in America has been compromised' – McAfee on CIA exploits

The latest Wikileaks Vault7 release reveals details of the CIA’s alleged Cherry Blossom project, a scheme that uses wireless devices to access users’ internet activity. RT America's Natasha Sweatte is joined by cyber security expert John McAfee to discuss.


1979 Computer Store Manager Predicts Future

"I recently found this interview in my archives. I was shooting a documentary called “The Information Society” in 1979 and filmed this in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Compushop had just begun selling the Apple II and this guy had a keen sense of what was coming."


Brain Drain: The Mere Presence of One’s Own Smartphone Reduces Available Cognitive Capacity

Adrian F. Ward, et al.


Our smartphones enable—and encourage—constant connection to information, entertainment, and each other. They put the world at our fingertips, and rarely leave our sides. Although these devices have immense potential to improve welfare, their persistent presence may come at a cognitive cost. In this research, we test the “brain drain” hypothesis that the mere presence of one’s own smartphone may occupy limited-capacity cognitive resources, thereby leaving fewer resources available for other tasks and undercutting cognitive performance. Results from two experiments indicate that even when people are successful at maintaining sustained attention—as when avoiding the temptation to check their phones—the mere presence of these devices reduces available cognitive capacity. Moreover, these cognitive costs are highest for those highest in smartphone dependence. We conclude by discussing the practical implications of this smartphone-induced brain drain for consumer decision-making and consumer welfare...

...Smartphone owners interact with their phones an average of 85 times a day, including immediately upon waking up, just before going to sleep, and even in the middle of the night (Perlow 2012; Andrews et al. 2015; dscout 2016). Ninety-one percent report that they never leave home without their phones (Deutsche Telekom 2012), and 46% say that they couldn’t live without them (Pew Research Center 2015)...


Competition Is For Losers - Says Billionaire Peter Thiel


Peter Thiel Interview - Peter Thiel's Top 10 Rules For Success

1. You are the entrepreneur of your life --- He studied 20th-century philosophy as an undergraduate at Stanford University.
2. Do one thing uniquely well
--- An avowed libertarian, he founded The Stanford Review in 1987.
3. Make sure people align properly
--- He formed friendships with other students at Stanford, many of whom contributed to the Stanford Review. Some of these friends later took up jobs at PayPal and became part of the PayPal Mafia.
4. Aim for monopoly
--- In 1998 Thiel co-founded PayPal. It went public on February 15, 2002, and was sold to eBay for $1.5 billion later that year.
5. Don't be a fake entrepreneur
--- He was the first outside investor in Facebook, with a 10.2% stake acquired in 2004 for $500,000.
6. Value substance over status
--- In addition to Facebook, Thiel has made early-stage investments in numerous startups, including Booktrack, Linkedln, Friendster, Yammer, Yelp, Palantir Technologies, Big think.
7. Don't lose sight of what's valuable
--- In February 2013, Thiel received a TechCrunch Crunchie Award for Venture Capitalist of the year.
8. Trends are overrated
--- He was a US-rated Chess Master and one of the highest ranked under-21 players in the country.
9. Don't dwell on the past
--- He's a managing partner in Founders Fund, a venture capital fund with $2 billion in assets under management.
10. Find the secret path
--- In 2010 he created the Thiel Fellowship, which will award $100,000 to 20 people under 20 years old, to spur them to drop out of college and create their own ventures.


Has China developed the world’s most powerful submarine detector?

by Stephen Chen

Chinese scientists claim to have made a major breakthrough in magnetic detection technology that could bring unprecedented accuracy to the process of finding hidden metallic objects – from minerals to submarines.
The Chinese Academy of Sciences, the country’s largest research institute, said in an article on its website on Wednesday that a “superconductive magnetic anomaly detection array” has been developed in Shanghai and passed inspection by an expert panel.

The experts were quoted as saying that the device, which works from the air, could be used to pinpoint the location of minerals buried deep beneath the earth in Inner Mongolia, for example, with a level of precision as high as anything currently available around the world.

The device could also be used on civilian and military aircraft as a “high performance equipment and technical solution to resources mapping, civil engineering, archaeology and national defence”, the article said.

China’s military may soon adopt the technology, if it hasn’t already, said Professor Zhang Zhi, an expert in remote sensing with the Institute of Geophysics and Geomatics, China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, Hubei.

“The technology could be used to detect minerals on land, and in the ocean to nail down submarines,” said Zhang, who was not involved in the project.

Anti-submarine aircraft have been equipped with magnetic anomaly detectors, or MAD, since World War II. The devices monitor the small disturbances metallic objects cause to the Earth’s magnetic field, analyse the data and use complex algorithms to calculate the object’s position.

Precise locations are often difficult to obtain, however, because the strength of a magnetic signal drops rapidly as the distance from the source increases.

Aircraft have to fly low, and the submarine has to be operating sufficiently close to surface for the device to register it. The power of the signal can be reduced by other factors, too, such as if the submarine is made from less ferromagnetic materials.

The experts were quoted as saying that the device, which works from the air, could be used to pinpoint the location of minerals buried deep beneath the earth in Inner Mongolia, for example, with a level of precision as high as anything currently available around the world.

The device could also be used on civilian and military aircraft as a “high performance equipment and technical solution to resources mapping, civil engineering, archaeology and national defence”, the article said.

China’s military may soon adopt the technology, if it hasn’t already, said Professor Zhang Zhi, an expert in remote sensing with the Institute of Geophysics and Geomatics, China University of Geosciences in Wuhan, Hubei.

“The technology could be used to detect minerals on land, and in the ocean to nail down submarines,” said Zhang, who was not involved in the project.

Anti-submarine aircraft have been equipped with magnetic anomaly detectors, or MAD, since World War II. The devices monitor the small disturbances metallic objects cause to the Earth’s magnetic field, analyse the data and use complex algorithms to calculate the object’s position.

Precise locations are often difficult to obtain, however, because the strength of a magnetic signal drops rapidly as the distance from the source increases.

Aircraft have to fly low, and the submarine has to be operating sufficiently close to surface for the device to register it. The power of the signal can be reduced by other factors, too, such as if the submarine is made from less ferromagnetic materials.

Dr Lei Chong, an assistant researcher studying MAD technology at the Department of Micro/Nano Electronics, Shanghai Jiaotong University, said the Chinese device was different from conventional designs in at least two ways.

The first is the large number of probes the device uses. With this “array”, it can collect much more data than traditional detectors, which tend to use just one antenna, said Lei, who was not involved in the project.

The new MAD also uses a superconductive computer chip cooled by liquid nitrogen. This super-cool environment significantly increases the device’s sensitivity to signals that would be too faint for traditional devices to spot.

“I am surprised they made such an announcement,” Lei said. “Usually this kind of information is not revealed to the public because of its military value.”

The superconductive MAD array was developed over four years by a research team led by Professor Xie Xiaoming from the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, according to the CAS article.

Xie could not immediately be reached for comment.

Chinese research teams have also recently completed the development of eight other types of magnetic detectors, some of which are small and sensitive enough to be used on satellites, the article said.

The academy said that due to the difficulties involved in developing such equipment, most countries, including the United States, don’t yet have it. Germany is the rare exception, it said.

Despite the article’s claims, Lei said it was too early to say whether China was leading the world in MAD technology.

“The US military might have developed similar equipment but kept their lips sealed about it,” he said.

“It’s impossible, therefore, to compare one country to another on this kind of sensitive technology based only on openly available information.

“Converting a mineral detector to a MAD for submarines requires a lot of extra work. Military users have very different requirements to those in the civilian sector,” he said.

Patents : Inventor : Xie Xiaoming / Applicant: SHANGHAI INST MICROSYSTEM & INFORMATION TECH


An ultrahigh resolution magnetic resonance imaging method and apparatus, the method comprises the following steps of: placing a test sample within an action range of a magnetic gradient source and a nano-scale superconducting quantum interference device, applying a static magnetic field on the test sample by a static magnetic source, and applying a nuclear magnetic resonance radio-frequency pulse on the test sample by a radio-frequency source to excite the test sample to cause nuclear magnetic resonance; directly coupling the nano-scale superconducting quantum interference device with the test sample to detect nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum signals generated by the test sample; establishing an image of the test sample according to the detected nuclear magnetic resonance spectrum signals and space distribution information of gradient magnetic fields generated by the magnetic gradient source.

Two-stage superconducting quantum interference apparatus's magnetic flux-voltage conversion device, method and application thereof

Two-stage superconducting quantum interference device amplification device, method and SQUID magnetic sensor

Quantum interference device structure and preparation method thereof

Novel quantum Hall device and manufacturing method thereof

Superconducting second-order gradient coil and manufacturing method thereof

Superconducting magnetic sensor detecting coil and detector with same

Environmental noise suppression method and equipment

Superconducting quantum interference device



Clif High: Temporal Awareness, Cryptocurrencies, The Yogi vs.The Bluebirds

Clif High is the programmer and owner of the Webbot, a future viewing radical linguistics database and algorithm that predict future trends based on the emotional content of language on the internet. He joins us for a rousing two hours of cutting edge discussion. Website: https://www.halfpasthuman.com/

Hour 1: Language and temoral displaement
... Buckminster Fuller and N. A. Kozyrev ... The correlation between now and the 1930s. an energy trough that we have lived through all of our lives, and the new energetics that will build up and run for the next 100 years. ... Social engineering from the 1830s, the utopians and various early technology pioneers: a wave precursor of the late 20th-early 21st century; the boundary mirror on both sides of the boundary; CERN and time manipulation; the wider human development of cognitive abilities that could preclude social engineering and controls.... Temporal awareness in the 1930s era, later disappears in the 1960s; we now are going back into that era of heightened temporal awareness; and the ability to alter time and temporal awareness.... Space energies heightened; top of the earth ripped off---reduced oxygen levels on the earth.... Crypto currencies, block chain: how it works, security; the good and bad; speculation vs. value.... Fed contractors on the dark web; champions of crypto due to need to conceal transactions... A monetary store (hard assets/precious metals) vs. a true currency; the VALUE of Bitcoin is in the code and it's ability to tranmit value securely and with trusted accounting; the HASH encryption/decryption schema; the speculation aspects: an emotional response.... The stability of crypto, the internet, and the power grid; vulnerabilities and strengths.... The war of the gods and the "Changer"; arrival of the Sky People. the wars between Sky People and Star People. How these wars are programmed into our collective psyche, even our DNA; Fight, Flight, Freeze as instinctive responses to threat.... Planetary influences on climate and human behavior.... The early beginnings of the webbot: SUN DISEASE...and now the foreshadowing of the coming ice age...blue plasma energy, huge build-ups of energy in the ionosphere...huge lightening blasts carving the Grand Canyon... David DuByne of Adapt2030 on YouTube...Walter Thornhill, David Talbot "Thunderbolt of the Gods".... DNA is NOT what we think: Epigenetics as a key to self-transformation on the mental and cellular levels; connections to Tao and Chi energy with epigenetics. "Most humans never change..." (Krishnamurti)... Stillness, collapse, and Kozyrev's work; consciousness and the ability to find answers; tent revivals of the 1930s, the 1960s revivals; now the open-air mystical experiences; psychedelics/entheogens; New Age, and ....

Hour 2: The yogi and the Bluebirds: the quest for something bigger...enter the Orb Beings...Corey Goode, David Wilcock; Google search on Corey Goode, Blue Avians...etc. contains NO negative information; Clif reveals the gaming the Google search engine (SEO) using templates, key word searches, byte codes...a deep "official" operation of skewing web searches. ... Hard researchers vs. soft disclosure"...how legitimate researchers with evidence are marginalized, i.e. Sean Gautreaux, WHO/WHAT IS IN OUR SKIES... Corey Goode/Blue Avians as a social engineering project.
... Who is Constantine? The creation of a monolithic narrative/quasi-religious structure: Blue Avians.... The contamination of the emotional language in the webbot by Goode/Wilcock/Weidner utilizing the reports' Antarctica material. Promulgating emotional reactions; cult-like usage of semiotics, imagery, and language.... Issues with David Wilcock... Incarnational issues with sociopathy/psychopathy.... Jimmy Church and the "infltration" of UFOlogy; the language behind of Contact In The Desert as a tent meeting; the language co-opted; how a cult points fingers outside itself to own the narrative.... Clif's detection of stolen narratives in the model space of the webbot; the contamination of the data was being redeployed by the Corey Goode camp. How Clif trapped the Gaia(m) effect in the data.... The importance of Antarctica... Spirituality in UFOlogy... The myths and mind control of "ascension".... Bill Ryan as Puppetmaster, Jimmy Church as the Enforcer of "order" in the Space Goat Farts sectors.... Colonel Marrs: The War Through Time, hunters and collectors of past life artifacts; how we have an image/visage through incarnational cycles. Augmenting life cycles with time manipulation via CERN.... Corey Goode could wind up the "sacrificial lamb"?; the death culture behind "super-soldier" media figures. The Baphomet image, Ramsaur (the Goat God). Strange fire inside the Corey goode camp.


Revenge on a IRS Phone Scamming Company - Call Flooder

Ever get a call from these annoying pricks? This should feed your appetite for revenge! We flood the scammers lines to prevent them from being able to scam any other people, AND we recorded it for your listening pleasure!


Crystal Cells Have Been Going for 4+ Years! - Crystal Cells Duration Testing Update

This is a fun and easy little project that could come in very handy in an emergency situation. This is still a work in progress with more improvements planned.

Important Project Links: http://laserhacker.com/?p=623

Ready made prototypes at Tesla Maker: http://teslamaker.com/


Adapted Trombe wall now used for both building heating, cooling


A new study demonstrates a way to adapt the so-called Trombe wall -- a passive solar building design from the 19th century -- to not only heat but also cool buildings, while drastically reduce associated carbon emissions. The new design is now being tested by locals in Saint Catherine, Egypt.

Researcher Marwa Dabaieh from Lund University in Sweden has come up with a way to adapt the so-called Trombe wall -- a passive solar building design from the 19th century -- to not only heat but also cool buildings, while drastically reduce associated carbon emissions. The new design is now being tested by locals in Saint Catherine, Egypt.

"In Egypt, fossil fuels account for 94% of all energy. There is therefore a great need for innovative energy solutions to reduce carbon emissions that can also be used in rural communities which do not always have electricity," says architectural researcher Marwa Dabaieh who divides her time between Lund University and the British University in Egypt.

The vented Trombe wall is an old, yet still popular passive construction technique that hardly requires any energy. Marwa Dabaieh has continued to develop this technique so that it can be used for not only building heating, but also cooling -- providing a comfortable indoor temperature all year around.

"The new design uses renewable wind and solar energy to generate cooling and heating in buildings. The adjustments have also eliminated the original Trombe wall problem with overheating, which in turn has drastically reduced the total energy consumption and carbon emissions," says Marwa Dabaieh.

The new design has taken the aesthetic aspects of the Trombe wall into account, so that it can be integrated into modern buildings and become an attractive architectural element. The materials used to build the wall are local stone, wood and wool, as well as locally produced glass.

"Locals have been involved in every step of the process, so that they can easily build the Trombe wall themselves or show others how to construct one. Local construction could also help create new opportunities for young and unemployed people," says Marwa Dabaieh.

The villagers in Saint Catherine who have installed the Trombe wall have experienced a nicer indoor temperature, and several people have expressed a desire to have the new ventilation system installed; something Marwa Dabaieh sees as positive sign.

This passive ventilation system could be key for a sustainable future.

"In order to overcome future environmental challenges, we must invest in passive, low-cost systems that require almost no energy from fossil fuels. The vented Trombe wall has a great potential for meeting the steadily increasing energy demands without increasing carbon emissions," says Marwa Dabaieh.


Adapted Trombe wall now used for both heating and cooling buildings using renewable energy sources

In Egypt, fossil fuels account for 94% of all energy. There is a need for innovative energy solutions to reduce carbon emissions that can also be used in rural communities which do not always have electricity. Researcher Marwa Dabaieh from Lund University in Sweden has come up with a way to adapt the so-called Trombe wall – a passive solar building design from the 19th century – to not only heat but also cool buildings, while drastically reduce associated carbon emissions. The new design is now being tested by locals in Saint Catherine, Egypt. Learn how the Trombe wall design works:



The newly adapted Trombe wall keeps you warm and cool


Zika, HIV: the abstract vs. the concrete in the pursuit of logic

by Jon Rappoport

...Independent researcher Christine Johnson documented this fact. Her classic investigation has been reprinted at aliveandwell.org. Here is just a partial list of factors that will cause an HIV antibody test to read positive for reasons that have nothing to do with HIV:

1. Anti-carbohydrate antibodies (52,19,13)
2. Naturally-occurring antibodies (5,19)
3. Passive immunization: receipt of gamma globulin or immune globulin (as prophylaxis against infection which contains antibodies) (18, 26, 60, 4, 22, 42, 43, 13)
4. Leprosy (2, 25)
5. Tuberculosis (25)
6. Mycobacterium avium (25)
7. Systemic lupus erythematosus (15, 23)
8. Renal (kidney) failure (48, 23, 13)
9. Hemodialysis/renal failure (56, 16, 41, 10, 49)
10. Alpha interferon therapy in hemodialysis patients (54)
11. Flu (36)
12. Flu vaccination (30, 11, 3, 20, 13, 43)
13. Herpes simplex I (27)
14. Herpes simplex II (11)
15. Upper respiratory tract infection (cold or flu) (11)
16. Recent viral infection or exposure to viral vaccines (11)
17. Prior pregnancy (58, 53, 13, 43, 36, 65)




CNN Producer Admits Trump/Russia is Bullsh!t Witch Hunt

CNN producer John Bonifield admits the networks Trump/Russia coverage is "bullsh*t" and a "witch hunt" just for the ratings." Project Veritas got him on take making those and other stunning revelations.

The Aurora Aircraft Exposed :


What Is In Our Skies, Part 4


Scientists Make Plastic From Sugar and Carbon Dioxide

Some biodegradable plastics could in the future be made using sugar and carbon dioxide, replacing unsustainable plastics made from crude oil, following research by scientists from the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies (CSCT) at the University of Bath.

Polycarbonate is used to make drinks bottles, lenses for glasses and in scratch-resistant coatings for phones, CDs and DVDs... Current manufacture processes for polycarbonate use BPA (banned from use in baby bottles) and highly toxic phosgene, used as a chemical weapon in World War One... Bath scientists have made alternative polycarbonates from sugars and carbon dioxide in a new process that also uses low pressures and room temperature, making it cheaper and safer to produce... This new type of polycarbonate can be biodegraded back into carbon dioxide and sugar using enzymes from soil bacteria... This new plastic is bio-compatible so could in the future be used for medical implants or as scaffolds for growing replacement organs for transplant

Polycarbonates from sugars offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional polycarbonate from BPA, however the process uses a highly toxic chemical called phosgene. Now scientists at Bath have developed a much safer, even more sustainable alternative which adds carbon dioxide to the sugar at low pressures and at room temperature.

The resulting plastic has similar physical properties to those derived from petrochemicals, being strong, transparent and scratch-resistant. The crucial difference is that they can be degraded back into carbon dioxide and sugar using the enzymes found in soil bacteria.

The new BPA-free plastic could potentially replace current polycarbonates in items such as baby bottles and food containers, and since the plastic is bio-compatible, it could also be used for medical implants or as scaffolds for growing tissues or organs for transplant.

Dr Antoine Buchard, Whorrod Research Fellow in the University's Department of Chemistry, said: "With an ever-growing population, there is an increasing demand for plastics. This new plastic is a renewable alternative to fossil-fuel based polymers, potentially inexpensive, and, because it is biodegradable, will not contribute to growing ocean and landfill waste.

"Our process uses carbon dioxide instead of the highly toxic chemical phosgene, and produces a plastic that is free from BPA, so not only is the plastic safer, but the manufacture process is cleaner too."

Dr Buchard and his team at the Centre for Sustainable Chemical Technologies, published their work in a series of articles in the journals Polymer Chemistry and Macromolecules.

In particular, they used nature as inspiration for the process, using the sugar found in DNA called thymidine as a building block to make a novel polycarbonate plastic with a lot of potential.

PhD student and first author of the articles, Georgina Gregory, explained: "Thymidine is one of the units that makes up DNA. Because it is already present in the body, it means this plastic will be bio-compatible and can be used safely for tissue engineering applications.

"The properties of this new plastic can be fine-tuned by tweaking the chemical structure -- for example we can make the plastic positively charged so that cells can stick to it, making it useful as a scaffold for tissue engineering." Such tissue engineering work has already started in collaboration with Dr Ram Sharma from Chemical Engineering, also part of the CSCT.

The researchers have also looked at using other sugars such as ribose and mannose. Dr Buchard added: "Chemists have 100 years' experience with using petrochemicals as a raw material so we need to start again using renewable feedstocks like sugars as a base for synthetic but sustainable materials. It's early days, but the future looks promising."

Polym. Chem., 2017; 8 (13): 2093
DOI: 10.1039/C7PY00236J

Polymers from sugars and CO2: ring-opening polymerisation and copolymerisation of cyclic carbonates derived from 2-deoxy-d-ribose.

Georgina L. Gregory, Gabriele Kociok-Köhn, Antoine Buchard.


Bio-based aliphatic polycarbonates (APCs) are attractive synthetic materials for biomedical applications because of their biodegradabilty and biocompatability properties. A high yielding 3-step process that utilises CO2 as a C1 synthon is presented for converting raw sugar, 2-deoxy-D-ribose into a novel 6-membered cyclic carbonate for ring-opening polymerisation (ROP) into carbohydrate-based APCs. The a- and ß-anomers of the monomer could be isolated and revealed very different polymerisability, as rationalised by DFT calculations. Whereas the ß-anomer could not be polymerised under the conditions tested, organocatalytic homopolymerisation of the a-anomer, in solution at room temperature (rt) or under melt conditions, yielded highly insoluble polycarbonates, composed of both cyclic and linear topologies, and exhibiting a glass transition temperature (Tg) of ~58 °C. Random copolymers with controllable incorporation of this new sugar monomer were prepared with trimethylene carbonate (TMC) at rt in the bulk or in solution with Mn up to 64 000 g mol-1. With increasing sugar content, the Tg values of the copolymers increased and their thermal degradability was enhanced, giving access to a new class of APCs with tailored properties.

Method of synthesising polycarbonates in the presence of a bimetallic catalyst and a chain transfer agent


The invention provides a process for the synthesis of a polycarbonate, the process comprising the step of reacting carbon dioxide with at least one epoxide in the presence of a catalyst of formula (I) and a chain transfer agent. The invention also provides a polymerisation system for the copolymerisation of carbon dioxide and at least one epoxide comprising a catalyst of formula (I) and a chain transfer agent, polycarbonates produced by the inventive process, a block copolymer comprising a polycarbonate produced by the inventive process and a method for producing the same. The invention also relates to novel catalysts of formula (III)


‘Unprecedented’ breast cancer trial results explained

by Aine McCarthy

As you’ll probably have seen from this morning’s headlines, UK researchers running a clinical trial have presented some exciting preliminary results at a the tenth European Breast Cancer Conference.

The trial looked at the effects of combining two drugs – trastuzumab (Herceptin) and lapatinib –before surgery, in women with HER2 positive breast cancer.

Called EPHOS B, the trial was led by UK researchers in London and Manchester, and funded by CRUK.

So what did these early results show, and why the excitement?

The pre-trial setting

When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, it is generally classified as one of a number of subtypes. One of these is called ‘HER2 positive’ breast cancer, because the cancer cells have large amounts of a molecule called HER2 on their surface.

This means they’re more likely to respond to drugs designed to target this molecule – including both trastuzumab and lapatinib.

The treatment these women are offered depends on a number of things, such as the stage of their breast cancer, whether they are pre- or post-menopausal and their all-round general health.

Some HER2 positive patients have chemotherapy with or without trastuzumab (Herceptin) right away, to try and shrink their tumour before surgery. Then after surgery, these women may have more chemotherapy and maybe Herceptin to help stop the cancer coming back.

Other women are scheduled to have surgery first, and are then given an extensive course of chemotherapy combined with Herceptin. Again, this is to help stop the cancer returning.

It’s this second group that the EPHOS B trial looked at.

The trial

EPHOS B included 257 women who had been diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer and were waiting to have surgery.

It was run in two parts. In the first, 130 women were assigned to one of three groups – some received Herceptin (trastuzumab), others received lapatinib. Both these groups were treated for 11 days after diagnosis and before surgery. A third group received no drug treatment before surgery (the control group).

But, as often happens in science, other evidence became available during the trial which showed that giving both drugs together was better than either alone.

So the researchers changed tack. The next 127 women recruited to the trial were assigned to either a control group, a Herceptin only group, or group given a combination of Herceptin and lapatinib.

Following their initial treatment, all women involved in the trial went on to have standard care, including surgery.

The results

After surgery, the researchers analysed the resulting tissue to see if there was a difference between the various groups. They measured a variety of things in each sample, including hallmarks of cell death and cell growth, and the size of any remaining tumour tissue.

Excitingly, in tissue from seven of the 66 women who had the combination treatment they saw what, in medical terms, is known as a ‘pathological complete response’.

In non-medical terms, their tumours had gone.

And for another 11 women the drug combination shrank their tumour considerably – these women are described as having minimal residual disease – in other words, there were only microscopic traces of the disease left over after treatment.

It’s important to remember that while this generally suggests a treatment has worked well, it also means there are still cancer cells remaining from which the disease could grow back.

This is especially important because HER2 positive breast cancer is more likely to come back after treatment than some other types of breast cancer.

But nevertheless, these are exciting results, particularly when you consider that women with Stage 2 cancer – where the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes – were among those who responded to the combination therapy.

They’re also exciting when compared to the other groups in the trial. No women given trastuzumab only, or no drug treatment, had a complete response, while only one woman in the trastuzumab-only group had minimal residual disease.

It’s also important to remember that the researchers didn’t see any response in the other 48 women who received the drug combination. Clearly, there’s something different about some HER2 positive tumours that makes them exquisitely sensitive to the drug combination.

The next steps

These results indicate that there’s a group of HER2 positive breast cancer patients who are likely to derive big benefits from receiving trastuzumab and lapatinib, and the researchers running the trial think these same women may not need chemotherapy after surgery.

But it’s too early to say this for sure – this needs to be confirmed with longer follow-up and larger clinical trials. And this needs to answer two key questions.

First, researchers and doctors have to come up with a way of identifying those women who are more sensitive to pre-surgery treatment.

Following this, they will need to run clinical trials to see if these women really can avoid chemotherapy treatment and if the current standard of care for some HER2 positive breast cancer patients can and should be changed.

It’s certainly one to keep an eye on.


Tumours shrunk 'dramatically' in 11 days

By James Gallagher

A pair of drugs can dramatically shrink and eliminate some breast cancers in just 11 days, UK doctors have shown.

They said the "surprise" findings, reported at the European Breast Cancer Conference, could mean some women no longer need chemotherapy.

The drugs, tested on 257 women, target a specific weakness found in one-in-ten breast cancers.

Experts said the findings were a "stepping stone" to tailored cancer care.

The doctors leading the trial had not expected or even intended to achieve such striking results.

They were investigating how drugs changed cancers in the short window between a tumour being diagnosed and the operation to remove it.

But by the time surgeons came to operate, there was no sign of cancer in some patients.

Prof Judith Bliss, from the Institute of Cancer Research in London, said the impact was "dramatic".

She told the BBC News website: "We were particularly surprised by these findings as this was a short-term trial.

"It became apparent some had a complete response. It's absolutely intriguing, it is so fast."

The drugs were lapatinib and trastuzumab, which is more widely known as Herceptin.

They both target HER2 - a protein that fuels the growth of some women's breast cancers.

Herceptin works on the surface of cancerous cells while lapatinib is able to penetrate inside the cell to disable HER2.

The study, which also took place at NHS hospitals in Manchester, gave the treatment to women with tumours measuring between 1 and 3cm.

In less than two weeks of treatment, the cancer disappeared entirely in 11% of cases, and in a further 17% they were smaller than 5mm.

Current therapy for HER2 positive breast cancers is surgery, followed by chemotherapy and Herceptin.

But Prof Bliss believes the findings could eventually mean some women do not need chemotherapy.

However, that will require larger studies especially as HER2 positive cancers have a higher risk of coming back.

"We would have to be very clear we're not taking a backwards step and increasing the risk of relapse," Prof Bliss added.

Baroness Delyth Morgan, the chief executive at Breast Cancer Now, said: "We hope this particularly impressive combination trial will serve as a stepping stone to an era of more personalised treatment for HER2 positive breast cancer.

"Such a rapid response to treatment could soon give doctors the unprecedented ability to identify women responding so well that they would not need gruelling chemotherapy."

Breast cancer is now thought of as at least ten separate diseases, each with a different cause, life expectancy and needing a different treatment.

Matching the specific errors in a tumour to targeted drugs is considered the future of cancer medicine.

Breast cancers, and particularly HER2 positive tumours, are at the forefront of this revolution in treatment.

Prof Arnie Purushotham, from Cancer Research UK which funded the study, said: "These results are very promising if they stand up in the long run, and could be the starting step of finding a new way to treat HER2 positive breast cancers."


Case Western Reserve embarks on innovative path to treat infections of drug-resistant superbugs such as MRSA without antibiotics
School of Medicine’s biochemistry department team, in partnership with Q2 Pharma, to develop antivirulence agents that disarm bacteria of deadly toxins

Case Western Reserve University and Q2 Pharma Ltd., an Israeli biopharmaceutical company, have signed a two-year option to license small molecule, antivirulence technology with the potential to treat bacterial infections such as methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). Use of these novel agents in patients could revolutionize the treatment of bacterial infections.

“Superbugs” are bacteria that have developed resistance to antibiotics for which current antibiotics are no longer effective. Ever-increasing antibiotic resistance endangers patients as doctors run out of treatment options.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that more than two million people develop antibiotic-resistant infections in the U.S. every year, leading to 23,000 deaths. Some experts say that without new inroads, the death toll could top that from cancer or heart disease by 2050. The financial costs are already enormous: as much as $20 billion in extra health care spending annually.

“Superbugs threaten to undo many of the enormous health advances brought about by the development of antibiotics since penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928,” said Menachem Shoham, associate professor of biochemistry at CWRU School of Medicine, the scientist at the heart of the new effort. “Our work represents a game changer to address this mounting problem.”

Shoham and his research team have discovered and patented non-antibiotic antivirulence compounds that prevent disease-causing toxins from forming in gram-positive bacteria such as MRSA. Since the antivirulent compounds don’t jeopardize the survival of the bacteria, resistance isn’t likely to occur, and has not been observed to date.

One of the Shoham team’s small-molecule compounds, named F19, was effective in healing a MRSA skin infection in mice, and in combination with an otherwise ineffective antibiotic, also reduced bacterial presence in the wounds. F19 has also demonstrated effectiveness against other gram positive “Superbugs,” including the deadly Clostridium difficile (C. diff.), Bacillus anthracis (the causative agent of anthrax), Staphylococcus epidermidis typically infecting catheters and implants, Streptococcus pyogenes (the causative agent of strep throat) and Streptococcus pneumoniae, one of the causes of acquired pneumonia and meningitis.

F19 works by binding to a protein involved in expressing disease-causing toxins, thus preventing the bacteria from producing the toxins. Without the toxins, the bacteria are benign. F19 also blocks the formation of biofilms—the slimy shells that bacteria encase themselves with for protection and which antibacterial drugs can’t penetrate.

“By killing bacterial pathogens, antibiotics eventually induce the organism to develop resistance,” said Shoham. “This is the case with once-highly-effective antibiotics such as penicillin. In contrast, our antivirulence agents strip the bacteria pathogen of its ability to produce harmful toxins without killing the pathogen. This results in little, if any, need to develop resistance. Without the toxins, the bacteria remain harmless, so people can go about their lives without any sign of disease.”

While bacterial infections could be cured by anti-virulence agents such as F19 without the need for antibiotics, in severe cases or for immunocompromised patients, combination therapy with a low-dose antibiotic may be appropriate. “The potential drugs we developed have the additional benefit of enabling the use of ‘old’ antibiotics in combination therapy,” said Shoham...

RNAIII inhibiting peptide (RIP) has been established as an effective inhibitor of staphylococcal infections. Non-peptide small molecule analogs based on a pharmacophore conforming to the putative atomic structure of RIP, can be identified by computer screening of that pharmacophore against established libraries of known small molecules other than peptides. One such identified structural analog is hamamelitannin. When tested for effective inhibition of staphylococcal infections, hamamelitannin demonstrated inhibition similar to that exhibited by RIP. Other analogs can be identified and similarly used.


A method of reducing the virulence of a bacterium that expresses accessory gene regulator A (AgrA) or an ortholog of AgrA includes administering to the bacterium an amount of a pharmaceutical composition effective to inhibit the synthesis of one or more virulence factors by the bacterium, the pharmaceutical composition including an AgrA antagonist.


A method of reducing the virulence of a bacterium that expresses accessory gene regulator A (AgrA) includes administering to the bacterium an amount of AgrA antagonist effective to inhibit the synthesis of one or more virulence factors by the bacterium.

POS Angela Merkel needs a Muslim clitorectomy --


Prime Minister with Balls Rocks Pissing off Merkel EU Migrants Crisis

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban about EU migrants crisis. How to solve EU migrants crisis.
Stay in EU or leave EU.
"This is not a refugee crisis! This is a migratory movement with economic migrants, refugees and foreign fighters."
"Europe is not able to accept everyone who wants a better life"
"Listen to the people, defend Europe"

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