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Dew Harvesting as a means to get clean drinking water


An excellent review of Earth Radio antenna systems


An Introduction to the Mysteries of Ground Radio

by Gerry Vassilatos


Wireless ‘BlueBorne’ Attacks Target Billions of Bluetooth Devices

Researchers disclosed a bevy of Bluetooth vulnerabilities Tuesday that threaten billions of devices from Android and Apple smartphones to millions of printers, smart TVs and IoT devices that us the short-range wireless protocol.

Worse, according to researchers at IoT security firm Armis that found the attack vector, the so-called “BlueBorne” attacks can jump from one nearby Bluetooth device to another wirelessly. It estimates that there are 5.3 billion devices at risk....


New Light on Therapeutic Energies

By Mark L. Gallert
Jim Stone

To make the following very clear, it has now been published that the flu shot is in fact an anti fertility vaccine.
Due to complete censorship, 500 trojan links, and trollage in the in box, I'm taking this to the max.
Anti fertility vaccines are old news now.

" First they came for the Africans, and I did not speak up because I was _____. Then they came for the Mexicans and I was too busy to care. Then they came for the filipinos, Asian indians, and I had a BarBq to attend. And then I was sterile because they came for me at the local piggly wiggly pharmacy, and CNN did not say jack, and I am 35 and will never have kids because I waited "until later" and this damn shot won't wear off until my clock has completely ticked out.
The topic of anti fertility vaccines is so established it is easy to find stuff like this:
Anti fertility vaccines containing both progesterone and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin have been around and known about since the 80's, and from the beginning it was known that it was the WHO and the U.N. doing it. Early broad scale releases of these vaccines went to Iran and Latin America. This is a super old topic of mine, if people think "hard proof" was found for the first time recently in Kenya, they are new to the topic, this has been going on with HARD PROOF for THREE full decades. Take a look at this Pub Med release dated July 14 1987. New topic? NOT HARDLY!

This Pub Med report dated 1987 proves the anti fertility vaccine is NOT just an "internet conspiracy" and has been around a LONG TIME.
A potential anti-pregnancy vaccine built by conjugation of the beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin to adjuvant-active muramyl peptide.
Schutze MP1, LeClerc C, Jolivet M, Deriaud E, Audibert F, Chang CC, Chedid L. Author information


The beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) conjugated to tetanus toxoid is being investigated as a vaccine for human fertility control. Initial clinical trials indicated that the level of antibody response induced by such an immunogen was not always sufficient to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, efforts are being made to evaluate new carriers for the beta-subunit and to select adjuvants to yield a more efficient vaccine. In the present report, we demonstrate that conjugates of the beta-subunit of hCG with muramyl dipeptide (MDP), or its nonpyrogenic derivative murabutide, may have potential as an effective antipregnancy vaccine. The copolymer of beta hCG and MDP administered with Al(OH)3 to mice induced a high anti-beta hCG response, better than that induced by the conjugate of beta hCG to tetanus toxoid given with Al(OH)3. Moreover, the antibodies induced by such an immunogen were competent for neutralizing the biological activity of hCG in vivo. Even more interesting, a copolymer of beta hCG and of murabutide induced high levels of biologically active antibodies. This immunogen may represent a promising candidate for the development of an efficient vaccine for human fertility control.

Here are more PubMed links. I'll find a few of these before continuing on to how such vaccines were used to sterilize women via vaccination campaigns that never said what they were really for.
DNA used to enhance sterility after vaccination
Another reference to anti fertility vaccines
This link talks about various methods of inducing sterility via vaccination
This link proves an 80 percent effective anti fertility vaccine was developed before 2011.
This link proves women who have been nailed by one of these vaccines won't notice a thing.
Here is a cute anti fertility vaccine proposal that uses a unique mechanism of action.
HERE IS A GOOD ONE - THIS IS WHAT THE FLU SHOT USES (read the flu shot abstract in the main report below and figure it out,) this is a connection you have to draw by yourself because they sure as * are not going to tell it to you straight up.

HERE IS ANOTHER GREAT ONE, dated 2004 - "The possibility of using a subunit or fragment of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) as an immunogen for birth control has been actively explored for many years. This proves it was an old topic in 2004!
Here is the original study, that proves they had success with anti fertility vaccines in 1976.
This is the basis of the tetanus vaccine they used to sterilize many third world women. The current flu shot sterilization methods are far more advanced, and were developed in 2005 (see links above).
Here is the abstract for the original effort, dated 1976
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1976 Jan;73(1):218-22.
Isoimmunization against human chorionic gonadotropin with conjugates of processed beta-subunit of the hormone and tetanus toxoid. Talwar GP, Sharma NC, Dubey SK, Salahuddin M, Das C, Ramakrishnan S, Kumar S, Hingorani V.
Abstract --
The immunogenicity of the conjugate prepared from "processed" beta-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin (choriogonadotropin, HCG) and tetanus toxoid has been studied in animals and a human subject. The conjugate elicited the formation of high-affinity (Ka = 10(9)-10(11) M-1) anti-HCG and anti-tetanus antibodies. On primary immunization, the antibody, response lasted for several months. Repeat injection of the conjugate in the declining phase of antibody titers produced a booster response without a lag period. The antibodies reacted with the beta-subunit of HCG and the complete HCG molecule but were devois of significant crossreactivity with human growth hormone, placental lactogen, follicle-stimulating hormone, thyroid-stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone at tonic and surge levels. The antibodies were competent for neutralizing the biological activity of HCG in the mouse uterine weight gain assay, the ventral prostate weight gain assay, and the radioligand assay for binding of 125I-labeled HCG to receptors on corpus luteum. HCG (5000 international units) administered to an immunized subject was completely bound by circulating antibodies. Administration of HCG (in contrast to conjugate) was without booster effect on anti-HCG titers.

My comment: This is the vaccine that was used to sterilize third world women. To give it maximum effectiveness, three shots were given (above it says only one, without the boosters, wore off after "several months" but booster shots made it last longer - history has proven out the boosters caused it to sterilize women for 15 years.

I know we have these perverts BUSTED with this, they are using the flu shot to sterilize American women now. Why keep this tech in the third world? They have proven they can get away with nailing American women with this too, (thanks to a scamming MSM that won't report it, so why not! The following covers this VERY WELL.

The natural miscarriage rate is between 13 and 14 percent every year. This is confirmed outside of this study. No matter how anyone trolls this (and it is getting heavily trolled everywhere, even when others post about the same topic the same way I did without reposting what is here, I mean separate independent reports,) the 7.7 number represents a 77 percent miscarriage rate after two subsequent flu shots.

After the first flu shot, the miscarriage rate jumps to 37 percent, after the second it jumps to 77 percent which proves the flu shot is in fact an anti fertility vaccine, and anti fertility vaccines need more than one dose to become highly effective. They are always administered as an initial dose and two or more subsequent boosters. This correlation of increase between subsequent flu shots fits the profile exactly for historic incidents of administration of clandestine anti fertility shots in nations other than America.

There is no difference between the flu shot given in America which is now a proven veiled anti fertility vaccine, and the tetanus shots which were also revealed as anti fertility vaccines administered to women in the Phillipines, Africa, and Mexico. It is the same old story in America now, and the new vector the elite are using is the flu shot. Folks, it can't get any simpler than this, READ IT AND BE AWARE:

Vaccine eugenics trolls are ALL OVER THIS. They have to protect their weapon from the light of public scrutiny at all cost, clearly they expected this report to stay buried deep on page 49,355 and never expected it to see the light of day. On top of it, the report was done by pro vaxxers who for whatever reason produced the real numbers and then ignored them, instead burying them under unbelievably wide error margins. It stayed buried for five years until someone shed light on it.

Two subsequent years of receiving the flu vaccine boosts miscarriage rates from a baseline of 14 percent to 77%
Pay no attention to how they whitewash this, because they actually gave the real numbers, which speak for themselves.

More than just the abstract was hidden behind a paywall, but the abstract had all the key info!

The abstract proves that every time you get the flu shot after the first shot, it is only a booster shot to make the anti fertility component work even better. This study only shows what happens after two subsequent years of getting the shot.

FINAL OUTCOME: Normal miscarriage rates are 14 percent after pregnancy is confirmed (when you are not calling induced abortions miscarriages.) After ONE flu shot, a woman's chance of miscarriage increases to 37 percent. If the next year she gets another flu shot (which is obviously an anti fertility vaccine booster shot), her chances of miscarriage increase to 77 percent. The study did not go to the third year of getting the flu shot.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use planned parenthood's numbers which are greatly overstated and plug them into the numbers in this abstract, the miscarriage rate would have to be over 200 percent (which we all know is not possible) because Planned Parenthood calls induced abortions miscarriages. Planned Parenthood has successfully polluted the infosphere almost entirely with their B.S., but the study used the actual real miscarriage stats, which I confirmed with a little work. So if you decide to try to verify this, make sure you use clean numbers because planned parenthood has wrecked almost all data sources with fraudulent miscarriage stats.


Association of spontaneous abortion with receipt of inactivated influenza vaccine containing H1N1pdm09 in 2010-11 and 2011-12

James G. Donahue,  Burney A. Kieke, Jennifer P. King, Frank DeStefano, Maria A. Mascola, Stephanie A. Irving, T. Craig Cheetham, Jason M. Glanz,


Inactivated influenza vaccine is recommended in any stage of pregnancy, but evidence of safety in early pregnancy is limited, including for vaccines containing A/H1N1pdm2009 (pH1N1) antigen. We sought to determine if receipt of vaccine containing pH1N1 was associated with spontaneous abortion (SAB).

My comment - the bolded text means that this was a study to see if the flu vaccine really was an anti fertility vaccine, hence the phrase "spontaneous abortion methods". This proves they had a reason to be suspicious, because they only did this study to see if the flu vaccine was an anti fertility vaccine, which causes spontaeous abortions.


We conducted a case-control study over two influenza seasons (2010-11, 2011-12) in the Vaccine Safety Datalink. Cases had spontaneous abortion and controls had live births or stillbirths and were matched on site, date of last menstrual period, and age. Of 919 potential cases identified using diagnosis codes, 485 were eligible and confirmed by medical record review. Exposure was defined as vaccination with inactivated influenza vaccine before the SAB date; the primary exposure window was the 1-28 days before the SAB.

My comment - This paragraph establishes the legitimacy of the test, by stating the test conditions.


The overall adjusted odds ratio (aOR) was 2.0 (95% CI, 1.1-3.6) for vaccine receipt in the 28-day exposure window; there was no association in other exposure windows. In season-specific analyses, the aOR in the 1-28 days was 3.7 (95% CI 1.4-9.4) in 2010-11 and 1.4 (95% CI 0.6-3.3) in 2011-12. The association was modified by influenza vaccination in the prior season (post hoc analysis). Among women who received pH1N1-containing vaccine in the previous influenza season, the aOR in the 1-28 days was 7.7 (95% CI 2.2-27.3); the aOR was 1.3 (95% CI 0.7-2.7) among women not vaccinated in the previous season. This effect modification was observed in each season.

My comment: The above states the ratios of what happened between unvaccinated women and vaccinated women, with the maximum possible error swings also stated. The error swings are reported in a way that is way out of whack to leave near mentally deranged margins of error. In this case the margin allowed was 2.0, when the normal rate of miscarriage was 1.4, which represents a margin of error that allows a result more than double normal miscarriage rates to simply be called "error" to help conceal how bad the damage from the vaccines was. This fails because the damage was too much to bury even with that huge error swing allowed.

The first numbers outside of quotes - 3.7 followed by 1.4, shows 3.7 as the rate of miscarriage after vaccination in the first year (before their "error margins" were applied, and 1.4 as the baseline miscarriage rate (which is 14 percent) in unvaccinated women for the same year. For the second subsequent year of women getting the flu shot, the rate of miscarriage in vaccinated women was 7.7, and the rate of miscarriage in unvaccinated women was 1.3 (13 percent) due to small yearly variations in natural miscarriage rates


Spontaneous abortion was associated with influenza vaccination in the preceding 28 days. The association was significant only among women vaccinated in the previous influenza season with pH1N1-containing vaccine. This study does not and cannot establish a causal relationship between repeated influenza vaccination and spontaneous abortion, but further research is warranted

My comment: It is clear they tried to lie here by leaving margin of errors so high that they buried the first year stats, but in the second year the damage was so much they could not hide it, no matter how they fudged the data. After showing an increase in miscarriage from 14 percent to 77 percent, they then say it is no big deal and can be ignored until further research proves the vaccine is actually a veiled anti fertility vaccine. But the numbers more than obviously speak for themselves.

This abstract was discovered by GreenMedInfo.com. Their report is very different from mine, because I saw what they were talking about, and then re-did all the confirmation my own way, in much easier to understand terms.

The problem with their report, (even though they stated the same thing in a different way) is that if anyone tries to confirm what they said, and then gets mired in a pool of Planned parenthood fact rigging bullshit which dominates the infosphere, they won't make any sense of the abstract because inserting planned parenthood's numbers into it would put the miscarriage rate after two years of flu vaccination at over 200 percent, and almost every source out there is using planned parenthood's numbers.

But Greenmedinfo found this buried abstract to begin with and should be commended for that, and may have made the mistake of not clearing up the issue of planned parenthood fact rigging because they know planned parenthood has obscured the real miscarriage stats badly and as a result never got ensnared by them and then had to filter fact from bullshit. You can read their report HERE Their report is well worth reading also, because it goes into the politics of the issue, and my report was a basic fact check.

SO MY FINAL NUMBERS: The flu vaccine, after two subsequent years, boosts the miscarriage rate to 77 percent, which is a 592 percent increase over normal. Green Med Info came up with a final answer of a 640 percent increase. The difference is negligible. Two decent sites looked at the same abstract and reached the same conclusion. OBVIOUS ANSWER: There is no way the flu vaccine is anything but an anti fertility vaccine, and I'd bet the kids who do get through pregnancy after their mom takes the jab have a hugely higher autism stat.

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable, and so, if he is romantic, he tries to change it. And even if he is not romantic personally he is very apt to spread discontent among those who are.” ? H.L. Mencken


The Persistence and Transience of Memory

Blake A. Richards, Paul W. Frankland
The predominant focus in the neurobiological study of memory has been on remembering (persistence). However, recent studies have considered the neurobiology of forgetting (transience). Here we draw parallels between neurobiological and computational mechanisms underlying transience. We propose that it is the interaction between persistence and transience that allows for intelligent decision-making in dynamic, noisy environments. Specifically, we argue that transience (1) enhances flexibility, by reducing the influence of outdated information on memory-guided decision-making, and (2) prevents overfitting to specific past events, thereby promoting generalization. According to this view, the goal of memory is not the transmission of information through time, per se. Rather, the goal of memory is to optimize decision-making. As such, transience is as important as persistence in mnemonic systems.


Forgetting Is Part Of Remembering

It’s time for forgetting to get some respect, says Ben Storm, author of a new article on memory in Current Directions in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. “We need to rethink how we’re talking about forgetting and realize that under some conditions it actually does play an important role in the function of memory,” says Storm, who is a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“Memory is difficult. Thinking is difficult,” Storm says. Memories and associations accumulate rapidly. “These things could completely overrun our life and make it impossible to learn and retrieve new things if they were left alone, and could just overpower the rest of memory,” he says.

But, fortunately, that isn’t what happens. “We’re able to get around these strong competing inappropriate memories to remember the ones we want to recall.” Storm and other psychological scientists are trying to understand how our minds select the right things to recall—if someone’s talking about beaches near Omaha, Nebraska, for example, you will naturally suppress any knowledge you’ve collected about Omaha Beach in Normandy.

In one kind of experiment, participants are given a list of words that have some sort of relation to each other. They might be asked to memorize a list of birds, for example. In the next part of the test, they have to do a task that requires remembering half the birds. “That’s going to make you forget the other half of the birds in that list,” Storm says. That might seem bad—it’s forgetting. “But what the research shows is that this forgetting is actually a good thing.”

People who are good at forgetting information they don’t need are also good at problem solving and at remembering something when they’re being distracted with other information. This shows that forgetting plays an important role in problem solving and memory, Storm says.

There are plenty of times when forgetting makes sense in daily life. “Say you get a new cell phone and you have to get a new phone number, do you really want to remember your old phone number every time someone asks what your number is?” Storm asks. Or where you parked your car this morning—it’s important information today, but you’d better forget it when it comes time to go get your car for tomorrow afternoon’s commute. “We need to be able to update our memory so we can remember and think about the things that are currently relevant.”


The Brain Forgets In Order To Conserve Energy

by James Anderson

Our brains not only contain learning mechanisms but also forgetting mechanisms that erase “unnecessary” learning. A research group at Lund University in Sweden has now been able to describe one of these mechanisms at the cellular level.

The results explain a theoretical learning phenomenon which has so far been difficult to understand.

The premise is that human or animal subjects can learn to associate a certain tone or light signal with a puff of air to the eye. The air puff makes the subject blink, and eventually they blink as soon as they hear the tone or see the light signal.

The strange thing, however, is that if the tone and the light are presented together (and with the air puff), the learning does not improve, but gets worse.

    “Two stimuli therfore achieve worse results than just one. It seems contrary to common sense, but we believe that the reason for it is that the brain wants to save energy”, says brain researcher and professor Germund Hesslow.

Can You Please Be Quiet, Please

His colleague Anders Rasmussen, who performed the present study, has previously shown that when the brain has learnt a particular association sufficiently, certain neurons that act as a brake on the learning mechanism, are activated.

    “You could say that the part of the brain that learned the association (a part of the brain called the cerebellum) is telling its ‘teacher’: ‘I know this now, please be quiet’. When the brain has learnt two associations, the brake becomes much more powerful. That is why it results in forgetting, usually only temporarily, however”, explains Germund Hesslow.

Maintaining unnecessary association pathways requires energy for the brain. The researchers believe that this is the reason for the brake mechanism – even though in this case it happened to be a little too powerful.

The Lund researchers were able to describe how the nerve cells learn and forget through studies of animals, but believe that the mechanisms are likely to be the same in the human brain. Therefore, these findings are of fundamental interest for both brain researchers and psychologists. They could also be of practical interest to educators.

    “Obviously, it should be important for teachers to know the mechanisms by which the brain erases the things it considers unnecessary. You do not want to accidentally activate these mechanisms”, says Germund Hesslow.


Van Cliburn - Piano Concerto No. 1 - Final of the 1958 Tchaikovsky Competition (Live Recording)

The First International Tchaikovsky Competition - Moscow - 1958 (Complete Live Recording) Piano Concerto No. 1 in B flat minor, Op. 23 - Pyotr II'yich Tchaikovsky Performers: Van Cliburn (Piano) Kirill Kondrashin (Conductor) Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra (Orchestra) (Applause) 0.14 I. Allegro non troppo e malto maestoso 20.05 II. Andante semplice - Prestissimo - Tempo primo 6.22 III. Allegro con fuoco 6.47 On April 11th, 1958, the first thaw in the Cold War occurred in Moscow during the First International Tchaikovsky Competition. Drawing on a mutual love of music between two great nations, 23-year-old American classical pianist Harvey "Van" Cliburn captured the hearts and minds of the Russian people and went on to win the coveted gold medal.


Scientists and Doctors Warn of Potential Serious Health Impacts of Fifth Generation 5G Wireless Technology

By Rainer Nyberg and Lennart Hardell
We the undersigned, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment...

5G leads to massive increase of mandatory exposure to wireless radiation
Harmful effects of RF-EMF exposure are already proven

904K+ views of  simulacreality :


What If the Earth Does Not Exist?





Fast essential transcription: For me it is quite easy to think in higher dimensioanl realms… For me it is quite easy to imagine higher dimensional biology, trans-dimensional beings and what I observed out of this point of view when I looked at Morgellons disease…it looks like a high dimensional being abusing humans to reproduce his own species and before these pseudo-morphic fruiting bodies leave the body, they extract enough biophotons from the forehead to ascend to a parallel dimension, from then on there are invisible, but they are still within the body and this now is pure science, this is what we found in the lab, This is what can be explained with the higher dimensional theories, but it also refers to mythology. If you have an invisible creature crawling through your body, trying to access your energetic system, this is very close to what one might call a demon or an archon and if you look at the descriptions of the archons, from 2500 years ago..the description of the biology is identical of what the morgellon victim was painting… It is described that they live as light parasites and this is basically what the entire black magic tradition is about..Black Magician means to communicate with those Archons and offering them access to your physical light system, feeding them with the biophotons, feeding them with life force and in exchange they offer power, power over other human beings..This is what Black Magic Ritual is about, so we are starting to get a picture and if you look at the political entities, who might be responsible to introduce morgellons into the air...


6th mass extinction event could happen by 2100 – study

Over the past 540 million years Earth has suffered five mass extinction events, the worst of which wiped out more than 9 per cent of marine life on the planet. A new study has suggested that the next such catastrophe might not be too far away.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) geophysicist and mathematician, Daniel Rothman has been busy studying previous mass extinctions. He reckons the next one might be a mere 83 years away.

The previous five catastrophic events each unfolded over millions of years and involved the natural cycle of carbon through the oceans and atmosphere being disturbed, resulting, in some cases, the death of almost all life on Earth.

The award-winning mathematician identified two “thresholds of catastrophe” that, if exceeded, would upset the natural order of the cycle, leading to an unstable environment and eventually a mass extinction.

The first relates to changes in the carbon cycle over a period of thousands or millions of years. A mass extinction will occur if the rate of change in the cycle occurs faster than global ecosystems can adapt.

The second pertains to the size or magnitude of the carbon flux over a shorter period, as has been the case over the last century.

Therein lies a problem, however, as Rothman says: “How can you really compare these great events in the geologic past, which occur over such vast timescales, to what's going on today, which is centuries at the longest?”

“So I sat down one summer day and tried to think about how one might go about this systematically.”

He set about searching through hundreds of geochemistry papers trying to find an answer, classifying the events as either long or short in duration. Throughout his studies, Rothman identified 31 instances over the past 542 million years in which a major change occurred in the carbon cycle.

Following this, he devised a mathematical formula to determine the total mass of carbon added to the oceans during each event, after which “it became evident that there was a characteristic rate of change that the system basically didn't like to go past.”

Rothman estimates this to be 310 gigatons. He thinks that given the rise of carbon dioxide over the last century, a sixth mass extinction could be on the way as estimates suggest that humans will add roughly 310 gigatons to the cycle by 2100.

“This is not saying that disaster occurs the next day,” Rothman said. “It’s saying that, if left unchecked, the carbon cycle would move into a realm which would be no longer stable, and would behave in a way that would be difficult to predict. In the geologic past, this type of behavior is associated with mass extinction.”

Science Advances  20 Sep 2017: Vol. 3, no. 9, e1700906
DOI: 10.1126/sciadv.1700906

Thresholds of catastrophe in the Earth system

Daniel H. Rothman

-- The history of the Earth system is a story of change. Some changes are gradual and benign, but others, especially those associated with catastrophic mass extinction, are relatively abrupt and destructive. What sets one group apart from the other? Here, I hypothesize that perturbations of Earth’s carbon cycle lead to mass extinction if they exceed either a critical rate at long time scales or a critical size at short time scales. By analyzing 31 carbon isotopic events during the past 542 million years, I identify the critical rate with a limit imposed by mass conservation. Identification of the crossover time scale separating fast from slow events then yields the critical size. The modern critical size for the marine carbon cycle is roughly similar to the mass of carbon that human activities will likely have added to the oceans by the year 2100.


New Global Water Contaminant Found: Organ-Penetrating Plastic Nanoparticles

A new environmental study, performed by State University of New York and the University of Minnesota, says there are microscopic fibers of plastic in our water systems and we ingest them with every sip. Yuck.

Officials with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) knew about poisonous lead in the tap water in Flint, Michigan, as early as April, and did nothing about it.

3,000 US Cities Have Worse Water Contamination than Flint, Michigan

According to a report by the Sacramento Bee, the researchers examined 159 water samples from many nations across five continents, and found that 83 percent of the samples contained plastic fibers. In the US, 94 percent of samples were found to contain the nasty fibers.

The US samples were reportedly taken from several important locations, including the US Congressional buildings in Washington, DC; Trump Tower in New York; and ironically, the Environmental Protection Agency's headquarters, also in Washington.

Scientists claim that these plastic fibers may also contain toxic chemicals that are released into your system as they are digested. The smallest particles, deemed "nanoparticles," would also be able to penetrate your body's cells and cause internal damage, the scientists claim.

"If the fibers are there, it is possible that the nanoparticles are there too that we can't measure," Anne Marie Mahon, from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, told the Guardian. "Once they are in the nanometer range they can really penetrate a cell and that means they can penetrate organs, and that would be worrying."

As to where these particles are coming from, scientists can't really tell. One possible explanation says the fibers come from synthetic materials in our clothes, as washing machines reportedly flush about 700,000 fibers into the environment, according to one study by Plymouth University in the United Kingdom.

This is the first global water tap survey ever performed, so the scientists emphasize there is still a lot of research to be done on the topic.

"The results of this study serve as an initial glimpse at the consequences of human plastic use [and] disposal rather than a comprehensive assessment of global plastic contamination," says Mary Kosuth, one of the University of Minnesota researchers. "These results call for further testing within and between regions."


Potential Carcinogenic Risks of Aspartame

M. Soffritti, et al.


Scientists in Texas Invent 'Pen' Which Can Detect Cancer in 10 Seconds

Scientists at the University of Texas have come up with a quick and unique way of helping cancer surgeons know much tissue to remove from a patient.

A handheld device which can identify cancerous tissue in 10 seconds has been created by scientists at the University of Texas.

Tests, published in Science Translational Medicine, suggest the technology is accurate 96 percent of the time.

The inventors of the MasSpec Pen say it could be used during surgery to make sure that all of a tumor has been removed and would avoid the "heartbreak" of leaving cancer in place, where it could potentially start growing again.

How It Works

The pen works by dripping water onto tissue and then sucking the droplet back into the device.

It is then inserted into a mass spectrometer, which can measure the mass of thousands of chemicals every second.

The scientists at the University of Texas say they are able to produce a chemical footprint within seconds to confirm whether or not the tissue is cancerous.

Surgeons operating on tumors currently have to make a judgement when trying to delete a tumor.

If they are too cautious they might leave behind cancerous tissue which can grow or metastasize, but if they take away too much they might cause serious damage to the organ, be it a liver, brain or lung.

The MasSpec Pen is the latest attempt to improve the accuracy of surgery.

Cancer 'Smelling' Knife

?The Texas scientists, led by Dr. Jialing Zhang, are not the only team working on such a device.

At Imperial College London they have developed a knife which "smells" cancerous tissue while another team at Harvard are using lasers to analyze brain cancers.

"Exciting research like this has the potential to speed up how quickly doctors can determine if a tumor is cancerous or not and learn about its characteristics," said Dr. Aine McCarthy, from Cancer Research UK.

"Gathering this kind of information quickly during surgery could help doctors match the best treatment options for patients sooner," she added.


Nondestructive tissue analysis for ex vivo and in vivo cancer diagnosis using a handheld mass spectrometry system

Jialing Zhang, et al.


Mouth clicks used in human echolocation captured in unprecedented detail

Findings could aid efforts to use synthetic mouth clicks to better understand human echolocation

Like some bats and marine mammals, people can develop expert echolocation skills, in which they produce a clicking sound with their mouths and listen to the reflected sound waves to 'see' their surroundings. A new study provides the first in-depth analysis of the mouth clicks used in human echolocation.

PLOS Computational Biology, 2017; 13 (8): e1005670 DOI: 10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005670

Mouth-clicks used by blind expert human echolocators – signal description and model based signal synthesis.

by Lore Thaler, et. al.

Abstract -- 
Echolocation is the ability to use sound-echoes to infer spatial information about the environment. Some blind people have developed extraordinary proficiency in echolocation using mouth-clicks. The first step of human biosonar is the transmission (mouth click) and subsequent reception of the resultant sound through the ear. Existing head-related transfer function (HRTF) data bases provide descriptions of reception of the resultant sound. For the current report, we collected a large database of click emissions with three blind people expertly trained in echolocation, which allowed us to perform unprecedented analyses. Specifically, the current report provides the first ever description of the spatial distribution (i.e. beam pattern) of human expert echolocation transmissions, as well as spectro-temporal descriptions at a level of detail not available before. Our data show that transmission levels are fairly constant within a 60° cone emanating from the mouth, but levels drop gradually at further angles, more than for speech. In terms of spectro-temporal features, our data show that emissions are consistently very brief (~3ms duration) with peak frequencies 2-4kHz, but with energy also at 10kHz. This differs from previous reports of durations 3-15ms and peak frequencies 2-8kHz, which were based on less detailed measurements. Based on our measurements we propose to model transmissions as sum of monotones modulated by a decaying exponential, with angular attenuation by a modified cardioid. We provide model parameters for each echolocator. These results are a step towards developing computational models of human biosonar. For example, in bats, spatial and spectro-temporal features of emissions have been used to derive and test model based hypotheses about behaviour. The data we present here suggest similar research opportunities within the context of human echolocation. Relatedly, the data are a basis to develop synthetic models of human echolocation that could be virtual (i.e. simulated) or real (i.e. loudspeaker, microphones), and which will help understanding the link between physical principles and human behaviour.


Cooling system works without electricity

Scientists cooled water without electricity by sending excess heat where it won't be noticed -- space. The specialized optical surfaces they developed are a major step toward applying this technology to air conditioning and refrigeration.

It looks like a regular roof, but the top of the Packard Electrical Engineering Building at Stanford University has been the setting of many milestones in the development of an innovative cooling technology that could someday be part of our everyday lives. Since 2013, Shanhui Fan, professor of electrical engineering, and his students and research associates have employed this roof as a testbed for a high-tech mirror-like optical surface that could be the future of lower-energy air conditioning and refrigeration.

Research published in 2014 first showed the cooling capabilities of the optical surface on its own. Now, Fan and former research associates Aaswath Raman and Eli Goldstein, have shown that a system involving these surfaces can cool flowing water to a temperature below that of the surrounding air. The entire cooling process is done without electricity.

"This research builds on our previous work with radiative sky cooling but takes it to the next level. It provides for the first time a high-fidelity technology demonstration of how you can use radiative sky cooling to passively cool a fluid and, in doing so, connect it with cooling systems to save electricity," said Raman, who is co-lead author of the paper detailing this research, published in Nature Energy Sept. 4.

Together, Fan, Goldstein and Raman have founded the company SkyCool Systems, which is working on further testing and commercializing this technology.

Sending our heat to space

Radiative sky cooling is a natural process that everyone and everything does, resulting from the moments of molecules releasing heat. You can witness it for yourself in the heat that comes off a road as it cools after sunset. This phenomenon is particularly noticeable on a cloudless night because, without clouds, the heat we and everything around us radiates can more easily make it through Earth's atmosphere, all the way to the vast, cold reaches of space.

"If you have something that is very cold -- like space -- and you can dissipate heat into it, then you can do cooling without any electricity or work. The heat just flows," explained Fan, who is senior author of the paper. "For this reason, the amount of heat flow off Earth that goes to the universe is enormous."

Although our own bodies release heat through radiative cooling to both the sky and our surroundings, we all know that on a hot, sunny day, radiative sky cooling isn't going to live up to its name. This is because the sunlight will warm you more than radiative sky cooling will cool you. To overcome this problem, the team's surface uses a multilayer optical film that reflects about 97 percent of the sunlight while simultaneously being able to emit the surface's thermal energy through the atmosphere. Without heat from sunlight, the radiative sky cooling effect can enable cooling below the air temperature even on a sunny day.

"With this technology, we're no longer limited by what the air temperature is, we're limited by something much colder: the sky and space," said Goldstein, co-lead author of the paper.

The experiments published in 2014 were performed using small wafers of a multilayer optical surface, about 8 inches in diameter, and only showed how the surface itself cooled. Naturally, the next step was to scale up the technology and see how it works as part of a larger cooling system.

Putting radiative sky cooling to work

For their latest paper, the researchers created a system where panels covered in the specialized optical surfaces sat atop pipes of running water and tested it on the roof of the Packard Building in September 2015. These panels were slightly more than 2 feet in length on each side and the researchers ran as many as four at a time. With the water moving at a relatively fast rate, they found the panels were able to consistently reduce the temperature of the water 3 to 5 degrees Celsius below ambient air temperature over a period of three days.

The researchers also applied data from this experiment to a simulation where their panels covered the roof of a two-story commercial office building in Las Vegas -- a hot, dry location where their panels would work best -- and contributed to its cooling system. They calculated how much electricity they could save if, in place of a conventional air-cooled chiller, they used vapor-compression system with a condenser cooled by their panels. They found that, in the summer months, the panel-cooled system would save 14.3 megawatt-hours of electricity, a 21 percent reduction in the electricity used to cool the building. Over the entire period, the daily electricity savings fluctuated from 18 percent to 50 percent.

The future is now

Right now, SkyCool Systems is measuring the energy saved when panels are integrated with traditional air conditioning and refrigeration systems at a test facility, and Fan, Goldstein and Raman are optimistic that this technology will find broad applicability in the years to come. The researchers are focused on making their panels integrate easily with standard air conditioning and refrigeration systems and they are particularly excited at the prospect of applying their technology to the serious task of cooling data centers.

Fan has also carried out research on various other aspects of radiative cooling technology. He and Raman have applied the concept of radiative sky cooling to the creation of an efficiency-boosting coating for solar cells. With Yi Cui, a professor of materials science and engineering at Stanford and of photon science at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Fan developed a cooling fabric.

"It's very intriguing to think about the universe as such an immense resource for cooling and all the many interesting, creative ideas that one could come up with to take advantage of this," he said.

Nature Energy, 2017; 2 (9): 17143
DOI: 10.1038/nenergy.2017.143

Sub-ambient non-evaporative fluid cooling with the sky.

Eli A. Goldstein, Aaswath P. Raman, Shanhui Fan.

Abstract -
- Cooling systems consume 15% of electricity generated globally and account for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. With demand for cooling expected to grow tenfold by 2050, improving the efficiency of cooling systems is a critical part of the twenty-first-century energy challenge. Building upon recent demonstrations of daytime radiative sky cooling, here we demonstrate fluid cooling panels that harness radiative sky cooling to cool fluids below the air temperature with zero evaporative losses, and use almost no electricity. Over three days of testing, we show that the panels cool water up to 5?°C below the ambient air temperature at water flow rates of 0.2?l?min-1?m-2, corresponding to an effective heat rejection flux of up to 70?W?m-2. We further show through modelling that, when integrated on the condenser side of the cooling system of a two-storey office building in a hot dry climate (Las Vegas, USA), electricity consumption for cooling during the summer could be reduced by 21% (14.3?MWh).

Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to providing and/or controlling electromagnetic radiation. As may be implemented in accordance with one or more embodiments, an apparatus includes a first structure that contains an object, and a second structure that is transparent at solar wavelengths and emissive in the atmospheric electromagnetic radiation transparency window. The second structure operates with the first structure to pass light into the first structure for illuminating the object, and to radiatively cool the object while preserving the object's color.

Various aspects as described herein are directed to a radiative cooling apparatuses and methods for cooling an object. As consistent with one or more embodiments, a radiative cooling apparatus includes an arrangement of a plurality of different material located at different depths along a depth dimension relative to the object. The plurality of different material includes a solar spectrum reflecting portion configured and arranged to suppress light modes, thereby inhibiting coupling of the incoming electromagnetic radiation, of at least some wavelengths in the solar spectrum, to the object at a range of angles of incidence relative to the depth dimension. Further, the plurality of material includes a thermally-emissive arrangement configured and arranged to facilitate, simultaneously with the inhibiting coupling of the incoming electromagnetic radiation, the thermally-generated electromagnetic emissions from the object at the range of angles of incidence and in mid-IR wavelengths.

Various aspects as described herein are directed to a radiative cooling device and method for cooling an object. As consistent with one or more embodiments, a radiative cooling device includes a solar spectrum reflecting structure configured and arranged to suppress light modes, and a thermally-emissive structure configured and arranged to facilitate thermally-generated electromagnetic emissions from the object and in mid-infrared (IR) wavelengths.


Breakthrough in magnesium batteries

Nanostructured cathode, understanding of new electrolyte lead to greater efficiency

Summary --
Magnesium batteries are safe -- unlike traditional lithium ion batteries, they are not flammable or subject to exploding -- but until now their ability to store energy has been limited. Researchers have reported a new design for the battery cathode, drastically increasing the storage capacity and upending conventional wisdom that the magnesium-chloride bond must be broken before inserting magnesium into the host.

Magnesium batteries offer promise for safely powering modern life -- unlike traditional lithium ion batteries, they are not flammable or subject to exploding -- but their ability to store energy has been limited.

Researchers reported Aug. 24 in the journal Nature Communications the discovery of a new design for the battery cathode, drastically increasing the storage capacity and upending conventional wisdom that the magnesium-chloride bond must be broken before inserting magnesium into the host.

"We are combining a nanostructured cathode and a new understanding of the magnesium electrolyte," said Yan Yao, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Houston and lead author on the paper. "That's new."

The work was first conceived by Yao and postdoctoral fellow Hyun Deog Yoo in 2014; the project spanned several years and involved scientists from three universities and three national laboratories, working both experimentally and theoretically.

"Magnesium ion is known to be hard to insert into a host," said Yoo, first author on the paper. "First of all, it is very difficult to break magnesium-chloride bonds. More than that, magnesium ions produced in that way move extremely slowly in the host. That altogether lowers the battery's efficiency."

The new battery stores energy by inserting magnesium monochloride into a host, such as titanium disulfide. By retaining the magnesium-chloride bond, Yao said, the cathode demonstrated much faster diffusion than traditional magnesium versions.

The researchers report the new battery has storage capacity of 400 mAh/g, compared with 100 mAh/g for earlier magnesium batteries. Commercial lithium ion batteries have a cathode capacity of about 200 mAh/g, said Yao, who is also a principal investigator with the Texas Center for Superconductivity at UH.

Voltage of the new battery remains low at about one volt. That compares to three to four volts for lithium batteries.

The high voltage, coupled with their high energy density, has made lithium ion batteries the standard. But lithium is expensive and can develop breaches in its internal structure, a condition known as dendrite growths, which can cause the batteries to catch fire. As an earth-abundant resource, magnesium is cheaper and does not form dendrites. Until now, however, it has been held back by the need for a better cathode -- the electrode from which the current flows -- and more efficient electrolytes, the medium through which the ionic charge flows between cathode and anode.

This work suggests a solution

The key, Yoo said, is to expand the titanium disulfide to allow magnesium chloride to be inserted -- a four-step process called intercalation -- rather than breaking the magnesium-chloride bonds and inserting the magnesium alone. Retaining the magnesium-chloride bond doubled the charge the cathode could store.

The magnesium monochloride molecules are too large to be inserted into the titanium disulfide using conventional methods. Building upon their earlier work, the researchers created an open nanostructure by expanding the gaps in the titanium disulfide by 300 percent, using organic "pillars."

The opening still was small, increased from 0.57 nanometers to 1.8 nanometers, but Yao said that allowed for the magnesium chloride to be inserted.

"Combined theoretical modeling, spectroscopic analysis, and electrochemical study reveal fast diffusion kinetics of magnesium monochloride cations without scission of magnesium chloride bond," the researchers wrote. ." .. The large capacity accompanies excellent rate and cycling performances even at room temperature, opening up possibilities for a variety of effective intercalation hosts for multivalent-ion batteries."

"We hope this is a general strategy," Yoo said. "Inserting various polyatomic ions in higher voltage hosts, we eventually aim to create higher-energy batteries at a lower price, especially for electric vehicles."


Flip-flop qubits: a whole new quantum computing architecture

UNSW engineers have developed a completely new architecture for quantum computing, based on what they’re calling ‘flip-flop qubits’, that promise to make the eventual large-scale manufacture of quantum chips much cheaper and easier. MORE info:


Flip-flop qubits: radical new quantum computing design invented

Wilson da Silva

UNSW engineers have invented a radical new architecture for quantum computing, based on novel ‘flip-flop qubits’, that promises to make the large-scale manufacture of quantum chips dramatically easier...

“We call it the ‘flip-flop’ qubit,” said Tosi. “To operate this qubit, you need to pull the electron a little bit away from the nucleus, using the electrodes at the top. By doing so, you also create an electric dipole.”

Available as a Free Download


The Pacific Ocean Is Dying

"For this other death not by plague, this time, not by poison, not by fire, not by artificially induced cancer, but by the squalid disintegration of the very substance of the species this gruesome and infinitely unheroic death-in-birth could as well be the product of  atomic industry as of atomic war.: -- Aldous Huxley : Ape and Essence ( 1949 )


Ten years or more may be added to man's life by drinking heavy water, predicts Dr. James E. Kendall, head of the chemistry department at Edinburgh University, in Scotland. Heavy water, containing the heavy hydrogen atom, has the same effect on the body as lowering its temperature without actually doing so. It would slow functional processes, reducing bodily wear and tear without appreciably impairing man's faculties. Dr. Kendall believes persons over sixty soon will drink heavy water to slow the pace of life and to prolong it.

The USArray Ground Motion Visualization (GMV)

A video-based IRIS DMC product that illustrates seismic waves traveling away from an earthquake location.

Jim Stone re: Weather War
Haarp technology - When the Evil play GOD.

I am well aware that Haarp proper has its limits, and can't modify the weather as many people claim. I instead and cite the real source I believe is used in this report while calling it Haarp technology because Haarp is what people relate to (like Kleenex)...

It is a cold hard fact that even if the entire electrical grid output was used for weather modification, there would be insufficient power available to do much of anything. The distances are too wide, volumes too huge, and locations in relation to a transmitter seldom ideal. Yet weather modification is a reality. How? This article explains how it can be done, from a scientific perspective, and also provides direct evidence from Nasa that Haarp intensified hurricanes Katrina, Rita, and Emily.

Most everyone has heard that silicon is a semiconductor. A semiconductor only permits current flow when the conditions are correct.

In a typical silicon semiconductor, it's current flow characteristics are determined by the addition of doping agents - these are mixed with the silicon and become part of it's molecular matrix during the manufacturing process. The two most common doping agents are arsenic and boron.

Doping agents cause the silicon to have an excess number of electrons in the P doped regions, and a deficiency of electrons in the N doped regions. A small electronic charge applied to the junction between the N and P regions will cause a cascade effect of a much greater magnitude if a power supply voltage is applied to one side of the piece of silicon, and a load is applied on the other side. That is what makes a transistor, the heart of a basic amplifier.

How HAARP technology works, and a possible real reason why there are "chem trails"

Most people do not realize this, but common air - the air we all breathe, is also a semiconductor, and it can be made to behave just like a piece of silicon if the right doping agents are added to it.

If you wish to modify the electrical characteristics of the atmosphere, you need to use an aircraft to disperse the doping agents at a high altitude. If you then take a pair of huge transmitters, such as haarp, and transmit a frequency to a specific region which is timed to phase cancel against the opposing transmitter the frequencies they transmit will vanish and leave a standing DC bias voltage in the atmosphere at the selected region.

This voltage is the electrical equivalent of the electronic charge applied between the N and P regions of a silicon transistor. The chem trails are the doping agent, and the ionosphereis the power supply.

A flow of current is then is triggered from the ionosphere to the earth below. Because the ionosphere has virtually endless power to give, it is possible to take a transmitter pair with a radiated power of only a couple of billion watts, and use it to trigger a cascade of trillions of watts. That is enough to heat the atmosphere, and trigger a change of climate, storms, ect. It is very important to make sure you do not exceed certain limits, or "clip" the atmosphere, or you will cause a lightning bolt of a sort not ever witnessed. But if kept below certain thresholds, a great amount of atmospheric heating can be caused and no one on the ground would ever notice a thing.

This of course would cause very odd electrical readings in the atmosphere. So someone should have been able to detect this, right? Nasa did. They noticed several hurricanes, including Katrina, were not electrically normal. These were the only 3 hurricanes to ever be that way. This could be done using the method illustrated below.

The following illustration is a drawing of how a Haarp type system could be set up to work.

Considering the precision modern weather modification systems have, giant installations such as HAARP can't be doing it all
Now onto WHY ON EARTH American cell towers have so much juice going to them.

What if thousands of cell towers with over 50, 000 watts each were used rather than a pair of big Haarp arrays? Multiple signal source locations would allow the drawing of patterns, patterns which many people have noticed in weather radar

How much is 50, 000 watts, compared to what is really needed for cell service?
In America, computer wifi is limited to 20 milliwatts transmit power and often even with that tiny amount you can connect from hundreds of feet away with no special antennas or hardware. Your cell phone can transmit 300 milliwatts. That's well over 10 times the power of wifi, and the range of your cell phone is that much better. All that is needed to make a great cellular node is a 10 watt transmitter (to make sure it gets real good penetration into the surrounding buildings, ) and a receiver that is more sensitive than the one in your cell phone because you are talking back with a lot less than 10 watts.

10 watts is 500 times as strong as your wireless N router that comes in perfect everywhere. A lucky neighbor might snag your unsecured router with only 20 milliwatts of output from over a block away with just a cheap netbook. Why then, since 10 watts will clearly do the job, are there these ENORMOUS out in the open giant goose invading "cell towers" in America that are obviously capable of pumping many thousands of watts?

It's because the cell towers in America have a totally different purpose than stated. Sure, the tower does indeed accomplish the job of supporting cell phone service, but it is not needed at all for that purpose. They are there to hide something clandestine right in the great wide open.

A reader sent the following:

"My company also erected many cell towers, and I always wondered why they had us bring so much electrical power to these cell towers."

He NAILED IT. As a technical type, I paid attention to the cell towers, and noticed that they always seem to have a 400KVA or bigger transformer feeding them (I was never able to get close enough to look at the data plate but they were obviously way too large). 400KVA is approximately 400, 000 watts. And I never really thought about it, why on earth they always got fed so much juice. Sometimes you just need to wake up and start thinking. Mexico confirms this - many cell towers are obviously low powered, with thin wires and tiny tower mounted amplifiers. A perfectly functional node can be fed less juice than needed by an average laptop and run on a small solar panel. These are common in Mexico.

Another comment came in stating that American cell towers in fact only get anywhere from twenty thousand to sixty thousand watts, complete with verified documentation that that is "all it is". Ok, Fine then. WLS AM radio in Chicago which is well known as the GIANT clear channel monster in America broadcasts through the night with 50, 000 watts, and with a good radio you can hear it anywhere in the world when conditions are right. To sometimes pump even more than that into a single American neighborhood via the local tower which is serving only a two mile area is far beyond suspicious, It is case proven. Those cell towers ARE NOT WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TOLD and I am certain that even 60, 000 watts would be a conservative estimate for many of them.

Why pump so many watts?

The antenna arrays on the cell towers are highly directional. That's obvious. So since the signal from them is confined to a zone, rather than going out omnidirectionally, whatever is in that zone will get extremely high R.F. levels. Maybe you need that much for mind control, but I seriously doubt it. With such an ability to confine the signal to within a zone, I would expect a mind control beam to not need more than a couple thousand watts. Where is the rest of that power going?

My guess, is Japan, Hurricane Katrina, or Chiapas Mexico. Whatever earthquake or disaster "they" need to accomplish a political objective. And there is something you need to know about radio wave propagation - it can be steered. So just because a cell tower appears to only be able place all it's RF output within a confined zone, it does not mean that signal cannot be diverted and sent elsewhere. This is because a neighboring cell tower can be synchronized in such a way that it steers the output from surrounding towers to a new remote area. And that is how modern Haarp technology works.

American cell towers then, I believe in this order, have multiple purposes. The first is EMF mind control....


Cannot sleep due to stress? Here is the cure

Everyone empirically knows that stressful events certainly affect sound sleep. Scientists have found that the active component rich in sugarcane and other natural products may ameliorate stress and help having sound sleep.

In today's world ever-changing environment, demanding job works and socio-economic factors enforces sleep deprivation in human population. Sleep deprivation induces tremendous amount of stress, and stress itself is one of the major factors responsible for sleep loss or difficulty in falling into sleep. Currently available sleeping pills does not address stress component and often have severe side effects. Sleep loss is also associated with certain other diseases including obesity, cardiovascular diseases, depression, anxiety, mania deficits etc.

The research group led by Mahesh K. Kaushik and Yoshihiro Urade of the International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (WPI-IIIS), University of Tsukuba, found that octacosanol reduces stress and restores stress-affected sleep back to normal.

Octacosanol is abundantly present in various everyday foods such as sugarcane (thin whitish layer on surface), rice bran, wheat germ oil, bee wax etc. The crude extract is policosanol, where octacosanol is the major constituent. Policosanol and octacosanol have already been used in humans for various other medical conditions.

In the current study, authors made an advancement and investigated the effect of octacosanol on sleep regulation in mildly stressed mice by oral administration. Octacosanol reduced corticosterone level in blood plasma, which is a stress marker. The octacosanol-administered mice also showed normal sleep, which was previously disturbed due to stress. They therefore claim that the octacosanol mitigates stress in mice and restores stress-affected sleep to normal in mice. The sleep induced by octacosanol was similar to natural sleep and physiological in nature. However, authors also claimed that octacosanol does not affect sleep in normal animals. These results clearly demonstrated that octacosanol is an active compound that has potential to reduce stress and to increase sleep, and it could potentially be useful for the therapy of insomnia caused by stress. Octacosanol can be considered safe for human use as a therapy, because it is a food-based compound and believed to show no side effects.

Octacosanol/policosanol supplements are used by humans for functions such as lipid metabolism, cholesterol lowering or to provide strength. However, well-planned clinical studies need to be carried out to confirm its effect on humans for its stress-mitigation and sleep-inducing potentials. "Future studies include the identification of target brain area of octacosanol, its BBB permeability, and the mechanism via which octacosanol lowers stress," Kaushik says.


Octacosanol restores stress-affected sleep in mice by alleviating stress

Mahesh K. Kaushik, et al.

-- Octacosanol, a component of various food materials, possesses prominent biological activities and functions. It fights against cellular stress by increasing glutathione level and thus scavenging oxygen reactive species. However, its anti-stress activity and role in sleep induction remained elusive. We hypothesize that octacosanol can restore stress-affected sleep by mitigating stress. Cage change strategy was used to induce mild stress and sleep disturbance in mice, and effects of octacosanol administration on amount of sleep and stress were investigated. Results showed that octacosanol did not change rapid eye movement (REM) or non-REM (NREM) sleep compared to vehicle in normal mice. However, in cage change experiment, octacosanol induces significant increase in NREM sleep at doses of 100 and 200 mg/kg (75.7 ± 14.9 and 82.7 ± 9.3 min/5 h) compared to vehicle (21.2 ± 5.1 min/5 h), and decreased sleep latency. Octacosanol induced sleep by increasing number of sleep episodes and decreasing wake episode duration. Plasma corticosterone levels were significantly reduced after octacosanol (200 mg/kg) administration, suggesting a decrease in stress level.

Octacosanol-induced changes in sleep-wake parameters in stressed-mice were comparable to the values in normal mice. Together, these data clearly showed that, though octacosanol does not alter normal sleep, it clearly alleviates stress and restore stress-affected sleep....


New way to directly convert methane to methanol using gold-palladium nanoparticles

Liquid methanol is widely used as a feedstock for other chemicals and also has considerable potential as an alternative fuel source. However, converting methane -- the primary component of abundant natural gas -- into methanol is currently achieved by an indirect process which requires high heat and pressure.

Now researchers have discovered a new approach that allows the direct conversion of methane to methanol utilizing molecular oxygen under much milder reaction conditions.

A collaborative team led by Graham J. Hutchings at the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, and Christopher J. Kiely at Lehigh University, have used colloidal gold-palladium (Au-Pd) nanoparticles to directly oxidize methane to methanol with high selectivity in aqueous solution at low temperatures. Their findings have been published in an article in Science: "Aqueous Au-Pd colloids catalyze selective CH4 oxidation to CH3OH with O2 under mild conditions."

"Our work has shown that if a stable supply of methyl radicals can be established -- for example, by incorporating a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide into the reaction mixture -- then the selective oxidation of methane to methanol using molecular oxygen is entirely feasible," said Kiely, the Harold B. Chambers Senior Professor Materials Science and Chemical Engineering at Lehigh.

This latest discovery has been guided by Kiely's and Hutchings' longtime collaboration on developing Au-Pd nanoparticles as effective catalysts for many other reactions.

According to Kiely, the researchers were surprised to find that for this particular reaction to proceed they needed the Au-Pd nanoparticles to exist as free-floating colloids in a very weak hydrogen peroxide solution into which they injected pressurized methane and oxygen gas.

"Usually when we use Au-Pd nanoparticles as catalysts they are nearly always dispersed on high surface area oxide supports such as titania," said Kiely. "In this case however, the presence of the ceramic support turned out to be highly detrimental."

In the chemical industry methane is currently indirectly converted to methanol via the production of synthesis gas (CO + H2) at high temperatures and pressures, which is an expensive and energy intensive process. The most promising candidate processes discovered to date for the direct conversion of methane to methanol have tended to be complex, inefficient, and often require very high temperatures and aggressive reaction environments.

"The new simplified approach we have demonstrated brings us a step closer to making the direct conversion of methane to methanol a practically viable proposition," said Kiely.


Aqueous Au-Pd colloids catalyze selective CH4 oxidation to CH3OH with O2 under mild conditions

Nishtha Agarwal, et al.

Abstract --
The selective oxidation of methane, the primary component of natural gas, remains an important challenge in catalysis. Using colloidal gold-palladium nanoparticles rather than the same nanoparticles supported on titanium oxide, we oxidized methane to methanol with high selectivity (92%) in aqueous solution at mild temperatures. Using isotopically labeled O2 as an oxidant in the presence of H2O2, we demonstrate that the methanol produced incorporated a substantial fraction (70%) of gas-phase O2. More oxygenated products were formed than H2O2 consumed, suggesting that the controlled breakdown of H2O2 activates methane which subsequently incorporates molecular oxygen through a radical process. If a source of methyl radicals can be established, then the selective oxidation of methane to methanol using molecular oxygen is possible.

Oxidation of cycloalkanes in the presence of a supported bimetallic gold - palladium catalyst

The present invention relates to a process for the oxidation of cycloalkanes utilising a supported gold and palladium catalyst and the use of the supported gold and palladium catalyst for the oxidation of cycloalkanes. Also described is a process for the preparation of the supported catalyst.


16th Anniversary of 9/11 Brings New Development

Paul Craig Roberts

Dr. Leroy Hulsey, a distinguished engineering authority presented his team’s preliminary report report on the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. The report is preliminary in the sense that it awaits peer-review, that is, examination by other experts. The team’s research is more extensive than the modeling provided by NIST and includes a thorough examination of NIST’s approach. Dr. Hulsey’s team concludes that Building 7 did not come down due to fire...


Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 presentation by Leroy Hulsey


Warning: Don’t Take The Drugs Your Doctor Gave You Until You Read This

Your waitress wants you to get another round of drinks. We get it. She wants to sell more and boost her tip.

But what if your doctor is doing the same thing when it comes to drugs? Unfortunately, they also want to sell more, and boost their tip… from the pharmaceutical companies.

But unlike the waitress, the doctor relies on a system of lies and manipulations.

Some doctors don’t even know what they are caught up in. They perform the tests. They read the journals. The tests say you have a disease. The journals say what treatments work.

But too often the tests are designed by the drug industry. And the journals are written and reviewed by frauds.

The Tests

All the sudden, everyone has a disease! What could have caused such a vast increase in hypertension, obesity, and osteoporosis?

The answer is an expanded definition of who is considered afflicted.

    "You walk into your doctor’s office for a physical exam and step on the scale. Last year, the doctor said you were overweight. Now he says you are obese — at the same weight.

    "A nurse takes your blood pressure. You have hypertension — with the same previously healthy reading you’ve had for years.

    "The doctor scans your wrist bone. You have a condition called “osteopenia” — with the same bone density that was fine last time you were measured…

    "You are suddenly sick, simply because the definitions of disease have changed. And behind those changes, a Seattle Times examination has found, are the companies that make all those newly prescribed pills.

This is nothing new. Unfortunately, the above quotation is from the introduction to a 2005 series of articles. They were sounding the alarm early, but things have only gotten worse.

Back then, the pharmaceutical industry had a hand in designing the testing tools for osteoporosis. They helped change the definition of obesity. They redefined diseases without any strong evidence. And they did this by giving money to doctors in order to promote their agenda. Some of the doctors who received kickbacks were policy setters in the World Health Organization, the U.S. National Institute for Health, and other medical associations.

    "Every time the boundary of a disease is expanded — the hypertension threshold is lowered by 10 blood-pressure points, the guideline for obesity is lowered by 5 pounds — the market for drugs expands by millions of consumers and billions of dollars.

    "The result? Skyrocketing sales of prescription drugs. Soaring health-care costs. Escalating patient anxiety. Worst of all, millions of people taking drugs that may carry a greater risk than the underlying condition. The treatment, in fact, may make them sick or even kill them...


General Pershing Warned of Islamization

by Daniel Greenfield

The use of pig's blood and corpses by American forces in the Philippines has been thoroughly established by the testimony of multiple military officers and contemporary reports in the New York Times and the Scientific American. And by General Pershing in his own autobiography.

Despite assiduous efforts by discredited partisan "fact checking" sites, Snopes and FactCheck, their history denial has failed utterly in the face of the facts.

Assorted other attacks have claimed that it would have been out of character for General Pershing to act this way. But while Pershing, like most commanders in that kind of situation, employed both carrot and stick, alternating between force and diplomacy, his views on Islam were quite clear.

He described the Mohammedan Moro as having "a fanatical disregard of the consequences of crime and an inborn desire to fight and plunder."

"The Moro is of a peculiar make-up as to character though the reason is plain when considered, first, that he is a savage, second that he is a Malay, and that he is a Mohammedan."

When there was talk of integrating Islam into the school system, Pershing quickly warned about the dangers of Islamization.

"It has been seriously suggested that Islamic preceptors be brought into the Province to teach Mohammedanism through the medium of the public schools... to anyone who has even casually investigated the character of the prosyletizing Arabian and other Mohammedan teachers who have hitherto cursed this Province, there appears every reason to oppose the suggestion. Their presence here has been detrimental to good government and there is little doubt that to their occult inspiration may be charged much of the opposition that we have met among the Moros during the last ten years.

"The provinicial government could not consistently approve any plan for the propogation of Mohammedanism through the prostitution of the public schools."

General Pershing had also observed, "In the development of the individual, control by datus, whose authority is founded on Mohammedanism must eventually be abolished."

Pershing proved to be much wiser about the dangers of Islamization spread from the Middle East than most modern officers. If men like McMaster understood what Pershing did, our national policy would be in far better hands.

Pat Condell vs Islamostupidity :


Europe Is Killing Itself


Reasons For Leaving Islam: Islam On Trial
Textual Evidence From  Original Muslim Arabic Sources

Muhammad’s Cruelty .
Muhammad’s hatred of the Jews :
Muhammad’s Ordering of the Assassinations of His Opponents .The assassinations are then justified in the name of Islam .
Muhammad’s Life as a Brigand , Robber and Plunderer of Caravans .
Muhammad’s intolerance of other religions :

Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski Memorial Edition

Feature Article  : Poignancy-Substituted Malthusian Paraceptive Program Masking by Low-Weight Fourier Transformations in a 4-D Helix Amplitude Violation of Flavor Order.
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Thinking visually about higher dimensions

Alchemical Pottery

We are proud to offer authentic replicas of distillers and other labware actually used by alchemists in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. These working models make great conversation pieces and add a sophisticated decor to any room.

These unique creations are handmade by German potter Bruce Schaffenberger, who has exhibited at galleries and museums around the world.


Real Time Map Of Earth Winds, Storms

From : Gary Vesperman --

Study: Cell Tower Radiation Increases DNA Damage and Lowers Glutathione, other antioxidants

A very significant study found that people residing with 80m (~250 ft) of cell towers had statistically significant lowered levels of glutathione and other antioxidants and statistically significant increased levels of micronuclei (MN) and lipid peroxidation (LOO) when compared to a control group residing 300m or more away from cell towers was just published in August 2017.  (5G antennas will be placed very close to homes in the public right of way, well under 250 ft from homes, because the higher frequencies used in 5G do not penetrate buildings as well as the frequencies currently used in 4G, 3G, 2G and will not travel very far, necessitating them to be placed close to the users)

Zothansiama et al, 2017.  Impact of radio frequency radiation on DNA damage and antioxidants in peripheral blood lymphocytes of humans residing in the vicinity of mobile phone base station,  https://www.researchgate.net/ publication/318916428_Impact_o f_radiofrequency_radiation_on_ DNA_damage_and_antioxidants_in _peripheral_blood_lymphocytes_ of_humans_residing_in_the_ vicinity_of_mobile_phone_base_ stations

The frequencies emitted by the cell towers was between 900MHz and 1800MHz. The RF exposure level for the exposed group was in the range of 2.80–7.52 mW/m2, well under the FCC limit of 10,000 mW/m2.  The RF exposure level for the control group was 0.014–0.065 mW/m2, which is at least 100 times lower than the exposure level in the exposed group. 

Comparing exposed groups to control group , the following significant effects were seen:

    Statistically significant (p < 0.001) higher frequency of micronuclei in the exposed group
    Statistically significant attrition in antioxidant glutathione (GSH) concentration (p < 0.01) in the exposed group
    Statistically significant lowered activities of antioxidant enzymes catalase (CAT) (p < 0.001) and superoxide dismutase (SOD) (p < 0.001) in the exposed group
    Statistically significant rise in lipid peroxidation (LOO)  (p < 0.001), a product of free radical oxidation, in the exposed group

"Multiple linear regression analyses revealed a significant association among reduced GSH concentration (p < 0.05), CAT (p < 0.001) and SOD (p < 0.001) activities and elevated MN frequency (p < 0.001) and LOO (p < 0.001) with increasing RF power density...

Cells possess a number of compensatory mechanisms to deal with ROS [reactive oxygen species] and its effects. Among these are the induction of antioxidant proteins such as GSH, SOD and CAT. Enzymatic antioxidant systems function by direct or sequential removal of ROS, thereby terminating their activities. An imbalance between the oxidative forces and antioxidant defense systems causes oxidative injury, which has been implicated in various diseases, such as cancer, neurological disorders, atherosclerosis, diabetes, liver cirrhosis, asthma, hypertension and ischemia...

Because of the significant decrease in endogenous antioxidants and increased LOO among the exposed group, the extra burden of free radicals is unlikely to get neutralized, and these surplus ROS may react with important cellular macromolecules including DNA forming either DNA adducts or stand breaks, which may be later expressed as micronuclei once the cell decides to divide."


Micronuclei forms as a result of chromosomal damage - micronuclei present an early biological indicator of cancer risk.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki /Micronucleus  Following the Chernobyl nuclear accident, the presence of micronuclei was discovered in high numbers in children with thyroid cancer that resulted from the radioactive exposure.  Thus micronuclei was used as an indicator of radiation damage      https://www.researchgate.net/publication/8629539_Micronucleus_formation_in_lymphocytes_of_children_from_the_vicinity_of_Chernobyl_after_131_I_therapy


A lot of studies show a decrease in glutathione or glutathione enzymatic activity from exposure to wireless radiation. Why is glutathione important?  It is the main antioxidant in your body and produced by your liver. People take glutathione by mouth for treating cataracts and glaucom a, preventing aging, treating or preventing alcoholism, asthma, cancer, heart disease(atherosclerosis and high cholesterol), hepatitis, liver disease, diseases that weaken the body’s defense system (including AIDS and chronic fatigue syndrome), memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoarthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. Glutathione is also used for maintaining the body’s defense system (immune system) and fighting metal and drug poisoning.
http://www.webmd.com/vitamins- supplements/ingredientmono- 717-GLUTATHIONE.aspx? activeIngredientId=717& activeIngredientName= GLUTATHIONE

In short, it is a very important chemical in your body, and one that you don't want lower levels of if you want to stay healthy.

Superoxide Dismutase

Superoxide dismutase is used for treating pain and swelling (inflammation) caused by osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and rheumatoid arthritis; a kidney condition called interstitial cystitis; gout; poisoning caused by a weed-killer called paraquat; cancer; and lung problems in newborns.

It also improves tolerance to radiation therapy, rejection rates in kidney transplantation, and minimizes heart damage caused by heart attacks.


Catalase catalyzes the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to water and oxygen.[5] It is a very important enzyme in protecting the cell from oxidative damage by reactive oxygen species (ROS)



Tom Swift and The Visitor from Planet X

by Victor Appleton II

Excerpt from Patrick J Kelly's Practical Manual of Free Energy Devices

The Italian B.A.C. Coil.

In July 2016 I was informed about the Italian BAC coil which I had not heard of before. It’s function is very much like that of the Joe Cell coil described above, but it is much more simple. The video shown at YouTube describes its construction and uses. This is not a coil which I have tested and so all that I can do is to pass on the information. The coil is a bi-filar coil which is closed off to form a single, continuous loop but it is wound in a clockwise direction which is not the usual direction...

The claims made for this coil are quite remarkable and as the coil is so very simple that they are easily checked. The number of turns in the coil is a critical factor, depending on the application. The coil is wound using two wires of 1 sq. mm. diameter copper wire and connected together as shown in the illustration. The coil is said to improve the quality of a wide range of things:

Water quality can be improved very substantially as follows; Water with mild limestone hardness can be improved with one 15-turn coil on the water pipe; Water with severe limestone hardness can be improved with one 13-turn coil; For industrial use in a severe hardness area: two separate 13-turn coils on the water pipe; Water treated with any of these procedures makes much healthier drinking water; "Fuel treatment results in improved mpg results:

Petrol: two separate 13-turn coils on the fuel pipe; Diesel: one 13-turn coil plus one 7-turn coil on the fuel pipe; LPG: one 13-turn coil plus one 28-turn coil on the fuel pipe; Up to 25% fuel reduction can be expected.

"Natural gas:

One 13-turn coil on the gas pipe OR one 28-turn coil if the 13-turn coil is not effective; Up to 25% gas reduction can be expected.

On High-voltage cables such as spark-plug leads; One 13-turn coil on the high-voltage lead; A further 15% mpg improvement may result from improved fuel burn.

"The web page mentions these and many other applications, including medical applications. These coils are generally wound using “figure of eight” wire, but there is no reason why two separate strands of single core stranded wire should not be used provided that the two wires are wound side by side as shown in the car fuel line winding below where a green/yellow wire and a white wire are used separately..."

Computer-Generated Chess Problems :




Unbreakable Rubber Bands That Are 200 Times Stronger Than Steel Are Coming Soon

Just add graphene.

by Chris Weller

The world's largest manufacturer of rubber bands is making its main product immortal.

Alliance Rubber Co., a 94-year-old company based out of Alliance, Ohio, has announced a new partnership with British researchers to infuse graphene into its rubber bands.

The rubber bands could transform how food travels through supply chains, simplify the shipment of fragile electronics, and, most satisfyingly, last forever.

Graphene's signature property is its super-strength. More than 200 times tougher than steel, it is the strongest substance known to humans.

Somewhat famously, in 2008, Columbia University engineer James Hone said it would take an elephant standing on a pencil to pierce through a sheet of graphene as thick as Saran Wrap.

Jason Risner, director of business strategy at Alliance, said the company is spending the next year working with University of Sussex researchers to determine the perfect ratio of graphene to rubber.

Too little graphene, and the bands won't be maximally durable. Too much, and they will lose their elasticity.

Once Alliance figures out the recipe for perfect, unbreakable rubber bands, Risner said the company can begin selling to numerous industries, including retailers like Staples and Office Depot, along with wholesalers working in agribusiness and technology.

Graphene stands to fill in many of the gaps of traditional rubber bands, Risner said. For example, graphene bands can be anti-static, which is critical for companies shipping bundles of electronic goods.

"Nobody who's in the electronics industry wants anything coming near their motherboards and their circuit boards that has the ability to build up static charge," he told Business Insider.

"An anti-static band could be used in all of those settings around electronics and not be a danger to ruining the equipment."

Graphene-infused bands could also be embedded with RFID tags and change colour depending on temperature or time.

Risner said this holds enormous potential for farmers and grocers looking to track their produce as it makes it way to stores for purchase - down to the exact location a single green onion was picked.

"Imagine a rubber band that changes colours if it reaches above 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius)," Risner said.

Given that stores must adhere to certain standards for the produce they intake, "the grocery store would know that that produce went above the temperature that was promised to be deliver in, and that it's going to spoil faster. They could reject it at the store because it's changed colour based on temperature."

Customers, too, would benefit once the food makes it to shelves. If a bundle of asparagus normally comes with a blue rubber band but one bunch's is black, for instance, people would know which produce to avoid.

For the millions of people who use rubber bands on a daily basis in home or office settings, however, durability may stand out as the greatest win, Risner said.

Eventually, Alliance wants to put graphene in every rubber band it produces. According to Risner, turning an ordinary piece of rubber into a traceable device - one that won't snap on a moment's notice - would mark the next great leap forward.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated Alliance Rubber Co. was based in Alliance, Ohio. It is based in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Half of men unable to identify the vagina on diagram

There needs to be more awareness of gynaecological health

by Rachel Hosie

Half of men are unable to identify the vagina, a poll by a gynaecological cancer charity has found.

The Eve Appeal asked 2,000 Brits - half of whom were men - to point out the vagina on a diagram, but 50 per cent of the men were unable to do so correctly.

The charity is now calling for better awareness of gynaecological issues amongst men, particularly relating to symptoms of cancers, including those of the womb, ovaries, cervix, vagina and vulva...


Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS - Total Precipitable Water (MIMIC-TPW)

Inside every Theocrat is a Human Being trying to escape...

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Human Extinction By 2030 -The Crisis of Civilization!

The Crisis of Civilization was uploaded to highlight the overwhelming about of scientific information pointing to human extinction by 2030. Governments and Universities they control are in denial.

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This website utilizes all-natural auto-operative credit exploitation for happiness' sake over 3rd party interests. Half-color retropletion ensures constant spectral passivity with regard to oil production. The patent-pending template represents alternating universal eternities and the ends of their respective infinities, minus one ( 1 ).

GreenMedInfo Summary

A black cohosh extract is equipotent to conjugated estrogens in reducing menopausal symptoms and bone markers, without adverse effects.


OBJECTIVES: In the present study, therapeutic effects of the Cimicifuga racemosa preparation CR BNO 1055 (Klimadynon/Menofem) on climacteric complaints, bone metabolism and endometrium will be compared with those of conjugated estrogens (CE) and placebo. The question whether CR BNO 1055 contains substances with selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) activity will be investigated. METHODS: Sixty-two evaluable postmenopausal women were included in the double-blind, randomized, multicentre study, and treated either with CR BNO 1055 (daily dose corresponding to 40 mg herbal drug), 0.6 mg CE, or matching placebo, for 3 months. Menopausal symptoms were assessed by the menopause rating scale (MRS) and a diary. Levels of CrossLaps (marker of bone degradation) were determined by ELECSYS system and bone-specific alkaline phosphatase (marker of bone formation) by an enzymatic assay. Endometrial thickness was measured via transvaginal ultrasound; vaginal cytology was also studied. The primary efficacy criterion was the change from baseline to end point in the MRS. Change from baseline was analyzed for the secondary variables too. RESULTS: CR BNO 1055 proved to be equipotent to CE and superior to placebo in reducing climacteric complaints. Under both verum preparations, beneficial effects on bone metabolism have been observed in the serum. CR BNO 1055 had no effect on endometrial thickness, which was significantly increased by CE. Vaginal superficial cells were increased under CE and CR BNO 1055 treatment. CONCLUSION: The results concerning climacteric complaints and on bone metabolism indicate an equipotent effect of CR BNO 1055 in comparison to 0.6 mg CE per day. It is proposed that CR BNO 1055 contains substances with SERM activity, i.e. with desired effects in the brain/hypothalamus, in the bone and in the vagina, but without exerting uterotrophic effects.

Nutrition. 2009 Oct;25(10):1057-63. Epub 2009 Jun 13. PMID: 19527924

Beer drinking contributes to higher bone density as a result of the phytoestrogen content (hops) of this alcoholic beverage.

Juan D Pedrera-Zamorano, Jesus M Lavado-Garcia, Raul Roncero-Martin, Julian F Calderon-Garcia, Trinidad Rodriguez-Dominguez, Maria L Canal-Macias


OBJECTIVE: To study the effect of beer consumption on bone mass in a group of healthy women, by using phalangeal bone ultrasound to evaluate the amplitude-dependent speed of sound. METHODS: This was a cross-sectional study of 1697 healthy women (mean age 48.4 y, body mass index (BMI) 19.0-32.0 kg/m(2)), recruited in a clinical convenience sample and screened for the existence of disease and/or medication that would affect calcium metabolism. Of this total, 710 were premenopausal, 176 were perimenopausal, and 811 were postmenopausal. The women recruited completed a questionnaire that contained detailed sections on current cigarette, alcohol, caffeine, and nutrient consumption. In terms of current alcohol intake, the subjects were classified as moderate drinkers, light drinkers, and nondrinkers. Drinkers were also analyzed according to the kind of alcohol consumed: wine or beer. RESULTS: Quantitative bone ultrasound values were greater in the beer drinkers compared with the no beer and/or wine drinkers. Taking the amplitude-dependent speed of sound as a dependent variable, and age, BMI, gonadal status, intake of beer and wine, and number of cigarettes per day as independent variables, we found age (beta = -1.52), BMI (beta = -3.86), gonadal status (beta = -27.47), and beer intake (beta = 1.06) to be significant. CONCLUSION: The greater bone density found in women beer drinkers might be a result of the phytoestrogen content of this alcoholic drink; this requires further investigation.

Br J Nutr. 2011 May 31:1-8. Epub 2011 May 31. PMID: 21736808

Comparative effects of dried plum and dried apple on bone in postmenopausal women.
Abstract Source:

Shirin Hooshmand, Sheau C Chai, Raz L Saadat, Mark E Payton, Kenneth Brummel-Smith, Bahram H Arjmandi

Aside from existing drug therapies, certain lifestyle and nutritional factors are known to reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Among the nutritional factors, dried plum or prunes (Prunus domestica L.) is the most effective fruit in both preventing and reversing bone loss. The objective of the present study was to examine the extent to which dried plum reverses bone loss in osteopenic postmenopausal women. We recruited 236 women, 1-10 years postmenopausal, not on hormone replacement therapy or any other prescribed medication known to influence bone metabolism. Qualified participants (n 160) were randomly assigned to one of the two treatment groups: dried plum (100 g/d) or dried apple (comparative control). Participants received 500 mg Ca plus 400 IU (10 µg) vitamin D daily. Bone mineral density (BMD) of lumbar spine, forearm, hip and whole body was assessed at baseline and at the end of the study using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry. Blood samples were collected at baseline, 3, 6 and 12 months to assess bone biomarkers. Physical activity recall and 1-week FFQ were obtained at baseline, 3, 6 and 12 months to examine physical activity and dietary confounders as potential covariates. Dried plum significantly increased BMD of ulna and spine in comparison with dried apple. In comparison with corresponding baseline values, only dried plum significantly decreased serum levels of bone turnover markers including bone-specific alkaline phosphatase and tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase-5b. The findings of the present study confirmed the ability ofdried plum in improving BMD in postmenopausal women in part due to suppressing the rate of bone turnover.


Adjust your car somputer to work w/ HHO


Near-side of Luna, hi-res

Nathan Stubblefield : Earth Battery/Coil --






Stubblefield Coil runs motor :



Harry Kahne : Multiple mentality demonstration


" Thick Clouds, which become denser than water, which will cause many airplane disasters for it will be like hitting concrete for these birds in flight... "


George Hathaway [ PACE ] on Zero Point Energy at Tesla Symposium 1990 1/4




11 Outrageous Future Tires WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!


 Exclusive: mind-boggling FDA confession about the smallpox vaccine

by Jon Rappoport


Ben Shapiro Gets Kicked Out Of A Lecture! Here's What He Had To Say


Biological transmutation this is a discovery that scared Rothschild's dynasty



3,700-year-old Babylonian tablet rewrites the history of maths - and shows the Greeks did not develop trigonometry
by Sarah Knapton

Click to enlarge

A 3,700-year-old clay tablet has proven that the Babylonians developed trigonometry 1,500 years before the Greeks and were using a sophisticated method of mathematics which could change how we calculate today.

The tablet, known as Plimpton 332, was discovered in the early 1900s in Southern Iraq by the American archaeologist and diplomat Edgar Banks, who was the inspiration for Indiana Jones.

The true meaning of the tablet has eluded experts until now but new research by the University of New South Wales, Australia, has shown it is the world’s oldest and most accurate trigonometric table, which was probably used by ancient architects to construct temples, palaces and canals.

However unlike today’s trigonometry, Babylonian mathematics used a base 60, or sexagesimal system, rather than the 10 which is used today. Because 60 is far easier to divide by three, experts studying the tablet, found that the calculations are far more accurate...

A trigonometric table allows a user to determine two unknown ratios of a right-angled triangle using just one known ratio. But the tablet is far older than Hipparchus, demonstrating that the Babylonians were already well advanced in complex mathematics far earlier...

The new study is published in Historia Mathematica, the official journal of the International Commission on the History of Mathematics.

Norman Wildberger
Old Babylonian mathematics and Plimpton 322: A new understanding of the OB tablet Plimpton 322


Breakthrough Device Heals Organs with a Single Touch
OSU Wexner Medical Center

Researchers have developed a device that can switch cell function to rescue failing body functions with a single touch. The technology, known as Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT), injects genetic code into skin cells, turning those skin cells into other types of cells required for treating diseased conditions. “It takes just a fraction of a second. You simply touch the chip to the wounded area, then remove it,” said Chandan Sen, PhD, director of the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cell-Based Therapies at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. “At that point, the cell reprogramming begins.” In a series of lab tests, researchers applied the chip to the injured legs of mice that vascular scans showed had little to no blood flow. “We reprogrammed their skin cells to become vascular cells,” Sen said. “Within a week we began noticing the transformation.” By the second week, active blood vessels had formed, and by the third week, the legs of the mice were saved—with no other form of treatment. “It extends the concept known as gene therapy, and it has been around for quite some time,” said study collaborator James Lee, PhD, a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Ohio State. “The difference with our technology is how we deliver the DNA into the cells.” The chip, loaded with specific genetic code or certain proteins, is placed on the skin, and a small electrical current creates channels in the tissue. The DNA or RNA is injected into those channels where it takes root and begins to reprogram the cells. In a new study published in Nature Nanotechnology, first author Daniel Gallego-Perez of Ohio State demonstrated that the technique worked with up to 98 percent efficiently. “What’s even more exciting is that it not only works on the skin, but on any type of tissue,” Sen said. In fact, researchers were able to grow brain cells on the skin surface of a mouse, harvest them, then inject them into the mouse’s injured brain. Just a few weeks after having a stroke, brain function in the mouse was restored, and it was healed. Because the technique uses a patient’s own cells and does not rely on medication, researchers expect it to be approved for human trials within a year.

'Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of Ignorance'.-William Gaddis


The INTERNET Database of Periodic Tables

There are hundreds of periodic tables in web space, but there is only one comprehensive database of periodic tables & periodic system formulations. If you know of an interesting periodic table that is missing, please contact the database curator: Dr Mark R Leach.

How to easily extract ethanol out of gasoline

Removing ethanol from gas

How to remove ethanol from gas for 2 stroke engines

Angewandte Chemie
DOI: 10.1002/anie.201705489
Enzymatic synthesis of psilocybin

Psilocybin is the psychotropic tryptamine-derived natural product of Psilocybe carpophores, the so-called "magic mushrooms". Although its structure has been known for 60 years, the enzymatic basis of its biosynthesis has remained obscure. We characterized four psilocybin biosynthesis enzymes. These include i) PsiD which represents a new class of fungal l-tryptophan decarboxylases, ii) PsiK, that catalyzes the phosphotransfer step, iii) the methyl transferase PsiM, catalyzing iterative N-methyltransfer as terminal biosynthetic step, and iv) PsiH, a monooxygenase. In a combined PsiD/PsiK/PsiM reaction, psilocybin was synthesized enzymatically in a step-economic route from 4-hydroxy-l-tryptophan. Given the renewed pharmaceutical interest in psilocybin, our results may lay the foundation for its biotechnological production.


Is it Really Lyme? Researchers Developing a New Test to Tell

by Lauran Neergaard

Diagnosing if a tick bite caused Lyme or another disease can be difficult but scientists are developing a new way to do it early - using a "signature" of molecules in patients' blood.

It's still highly experimental, but initial studies suggest the novel tool just might uncover early-stage Lyme disease more accurately than today's standard test, researchers reported Wednesday. And it could tell the difference between two tick-borne diseases with nearly identical early symptoms.

"Think about it as looking at a fingerprint," said microbiology professor John Belisle of Colorado State University, who helped lead the research.

Lyme disease is estimated to infect 300,000 people in the U.S. every year. Lyme-causing bacteria are spread by blacklegged ticks - also called deer ticks - primarily in the Northeast and Midwest, although their range is spreading. Lyme typically starts as a fever, fatigue and flu-like symptoms - often but not always with a hallmark bulls-eye rash - and people usually recover quickly with prompt antibiotics. But untreated, Lyme causes more serious complications, including swollen joints and arthritis, memory and concentration problems, even irregular heartbeat.

Yet today's best available test often misses early Lyme. It's considered no more than 40 percent accurate in the first few weeks of infection. It measures infection-fighting antibodies the immune system produces. Those take a while to form, making the test more useful a month or more after infection sets in than when people first start feeling ill....


Magneto-thermal genetic deep brain stimulation of motor behaviors in awake, freely moving mice
Rahul Munshi, et al.

Abstract -- Establishing how neurocircuit activation causes particular behaviors requires modulating the activity of specific neurons. Here, we demonstrate that magnetothermal genetic stimulation provides tetherless deep brain activation sufficient to evoke motor behavior in awake mice. The approach uses alternating magnetic fields to heat superparamagnetic nanoparticles on the neuronal membrane. Neurons heat-sensitized by expressing TRPV1 are activated with magnetic field application. Magnetothermal genetic stimulation in the motor cortex evoked ambulation, deep brain stimulation in the striatum caused rotation around the body-axis, and stimulation near the ridge between ventral and dorsal striatum caused freezing-of-gait. The duration of the behavior correlated tightly with field application. This approach provides genetically and spatially targetable, repeatable and temporarily precise activation of deep-brain circuits without need for surgical implantation of any device.


CLIF HIGH - Forecast For August & September 2017


Paris Air Show 2017: The Surefly personal helicopter

Jane's talks to Patrick Conners of Workhorse about their Surefly personal helicopter concept.


The time has come. After 78 years, the helicopter has been reinvented. SureFly is a personal helicopter/VTOL aircraft designed for safe and easy flight. With eight independent motors each driving a single carbon fiber propeller, a backup battery power system, and a ballistic parachute to safely land in the event of emergency, the SureFly provides unparalleled safety for a personal aircraft.

SureFly is changing the helicopter industry. Now is the time to discover the affordable, easy-to-pilot, safe answer to personal flight.

Extreme STOL, Alaska style


 How to run your vehicle on gasoline fumes.

Good clear Videos showing how easy it is for your car to get 100 miles per gallon and much more, have started appearing since 2012 or 2013. Finally, we can start experimenting with the simplest cheap parts and tools and get fantastic results! A simple vaporizer system.


200+ MPG Gasoline Vaporizer Project Original Design (Driving On Only Gasoline Vapor)


 Italian Company Uses Sun-Heated Sand to Produce Energy

Magaldi Group is using sand to produce and store energy in a 100-kilowatt thermal power demonstration plant in Salerno, a short drive from the famous Amalfi Coast. Production is set to start later this year.

“If you’ve ever walked on the beach in the sun and burned your feet,” you know how sand takes on heat, founder and Chairman Mario Magaldi, who has put 10 million euros ($11 million) into the project so far, said in an interview. “With wind farms you only have energy when it’s windy, with solar, only when there’s sun. With this technology you can concentrate energy into one receiver and use it when there’s no more sun.”

The plant is a concentrated solar power, or CSP, system, which uses mirrors to focus sunlight to heat sand. The hot sand then produces steam which can run turbines and generate electricity.

CSP technology, which is widely used in Spain, the U.S, Middle East and Asia, often uses heated molten salt to produce energy, while the Magaldi plant uses common silica sand, which owners say is cheaper.

The plant can produce about 500 kilowatts of energy with one turbine, or enough to power a small town. More turbines can be added for increased power. The facility can also work at night.

“We have about 270 tons of sand stored in the plant’s receiver, so when the sun goes down the plant can keep producing steam for another six hours using the thermal energy stored inside,” says Matteo Mauro, engineer for the company.

Magaldi says the technology behind the plant could be useful in remote areas in need of energy. He says the company is in touch with possible clients in Australia, South Africa and Central America.


An Exclusive Look Inside The K.im Beta

By Aaron Kesel

Kim Dotcom just launched a demo of his new micro payments business K.im and I got into the exclusive preview. Here’s what you need to know about the revolutionary service...


Anthony Sutton Interview ( 1999 )

"...Chaos, confusion and ultimately a battle between the individual and the State.
"The individual is the stronger; and will win. The state is a fiction sanctified by Hegel and his followers to CONTROL the individual.
"Sooner or later people will wake up. First we have to dump the trap of right and left, this is a Hegelian trap to divide and control. The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them... it cuts across all ethnic, political, social lines..
"The spirit of God is within us as individuals. Skull & Bones represents death. It has no life spirit and pretends that the State "is the march of God on earth.
"The thinking of immature juveniles, deadly and destructive and has almost totally infected Washington.
"What to do? Find yourself and then go to work.....tell your friends and put out the message.
"The answer is within you."

Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1930-1968
by Anthony Sutton

Google, Facebook and Twitter now routinely violating the First Amendment to silence all non-conforming voices...



PARANOID ANDROID -- How Google is secretly recording YOU through your mobile, monitoring millions of conversations every day and storing the creepy audio files

You may have accidentally triggered the listening device - allowing it to record incriminating convos and steamy gossip...


Amazing New Features from Russian Search Giant Yandex While Google Censors Dissent

Yandex now features Artificial Intelligence in its searches - something Google doesn't have yet.

Yandex is far superior to Google for Russian searches, and is destroying Google in the Russian market. 

Google just can't compete with Russia's homegrown search engine in Russia.

You may think it obvious that a national search engine would take priority in it's own country, but this is not so in most of the world.

In Germany and the UK, countries the west is always touting as being superior and more advanced to Russia, their internet users are effectively slaves to an American company, Google, with no national search engine.

This excellent segment from Russia's main evening news show describes new Artificial Intelligence features just rolled out by Yandex.

Russia however, is totally self sufficient, her search engine Yandex is far more advanced, and optimized for use in the country and neighboring countries.

Anyone who talks about Russia being only a giant gas station, with no technological achievements (somehow forgetting she put the first man in space), is clearly ignorant of the fact that Russians have largely created their own substitutes for western IT products.

Russia has her own version of Facebook, VK, which like Yandex is far more popular in the Russian, Ukraine, and much of the post-soviet market. This is because Russians are not globalists, whilst they seek international friendship, Russian people always prefer to create independent homegrown things, rather than being a subject to a global hegemony.

Whereas Google holds a hegemony over the internet in most places, when given the choice, Russians choose Yandex.


The Free Market Has Spoken DTube Is Here! A Blockchain Solution To YouTube Censorship!

The free market has come up with an answer to the issue of YouTube's censorship and control by using blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency STEEM as a database which can't be censored and it enables earning rewards from your uploads.! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews Adrien M. the creator of DTube.video about his new platform and how this new decentralized video sharing platform could potentially be the nail in the coffin for Google's most popular website, YouTube.



What Is DTube? - Why It Can Replace YouTube!


In America Propaganda Has Vanquished Truth

Paul Craig Roberts

In Durham, North Carolina, the seat of Duke University, a gang of largely white males destroyed public property by pulling down a statue of a Confederate soldier. Perhaps they took their cue from the neo-Nazis installed in Ukraine by Obama and Hillary following the US-engineered coup that overthrew the elected democratic government. The first thing the new Obama-installed neo-Nazi regime did was to pull down all the Soviet war memorials of the liberation of Ukraine from Nazi Germany. The neo-Nazis who pulled down the war memorials were the descendants of the Ukrainians who fought for Nazi Germany. These neo-Nazis comprise the government of the “democracy” that Obama and Hillary brought to the Ukraine and is the government that the US government and its European vassals support.

What did the destruction of public property in Durham achieve, and where were the police?

What the films of the event reveal is a collection of crazed white people, mainly white men, kicking and spitting at a bronze statue and jumping back as if the statue were going to strike back. It was a display of ignorant psychopathic hatred.

Where did this hatred come from and why was it directed at a statue? To the ignorant gangsters, most likely Duke University students, the destroyed statue is a symbol of slavery.

This ignorant association between a Confederale soldier and slavery contradicts all known history. Slavery in the Southern states was confined to large argicultural tracts known as plantations. Slaves were the agricultural workforce. This institution long predated the Confederacy and the United States itself. It was an inherited institution from the time that the New World was colonized by European economic interests. Slaves were not a Southern invention. They were brought in long prior to the Declaration of Independence, because there were resources to be exploited but no work force.

The first slaves were white slaves, but they died like flies from malaria and yellow fevor. Next indigenious Americans (“Indians”) were used as slaves, but they would not work. Then it was discovered that some Africans had immunity to malaria and resistance to yellow fever, and finally a work force was located. The slaves were purchased from the African tribes that annually conducted warfare between themselves, the booty of which was slaves. Socialist historians, such as Karl Polanyi, the Jewish brother of my Jewish Oxford professor, the distinguished physical chemist and philosopher Michael Polanyi, to whom my first book is dedicated, wrote detailed and exacting histories of the African slave trade conducted by black Africans.

Confederate soldiers did not own slaves, and as every honest historian knows, they were not fighting for slavery. They were fighting, because their country had been invaded.

The Confederacy was not their country any more than the United States had been. Their country was their state. In those days people’s loyalty was to their state. They thought of their state as their country. To their minds, the United States was something like the EU is to the French, Italians, Dutch, British, etc. The French still think of themselves as French, not as EU.

Remember, when Robert E. Lee was offered command of the Union Army, he declined on the grounds that he could not bring war to his own country, by which he meant Virginia.

Lee’s army was the Army of Northern Virginia.

As President Lincoln said over and over, the war is not about slavery. It is about “preserving the union,” that is, the empire. If the South were permitted to separate, it would mean that there would be two countries competing for the vast lands to the west of the Mississippi River. The budding empire in Washington did not want any such competition.

If the South were permitted to seperate, the North would lose its market for its relatively high priced manufactured goods that it hoped to sell to the South by placing a tariff against the cheaper British goods.

The South figured, correctly, that it would be doubly hit. Higher prices from the North and retaliatory tariffs from the British on its cotton exports.

This economic conflict between the North and South went on for a long time before it provoked secession. The left-wing American Historian, Charles Beard, explains the so-called “Civil War” in the economic terms that provoked it. It had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery.

The very designation, “Civil War,” is a lie. A civil war is when two sides fight for control of the government. The South was not fighting for control of the US government. It was fighting, because the North had invaded.

Lincoln did not free the slaves. Moreover, had Lincoln not been assassinated, his plan was to send the blacks, whom he regarded as inferior to whites, back to Africa. This is not a “conspiracy theory.” It is the documented fact. It is totally impossible to refute this documented fact.

The Emancipation Proclamation was propaganda. It had two purposes: one was to shut up the abolitionists. The other was to promote a slave rebellion in the Southern states that would draw Confederate troops out of the front lines to protect the women and children at home. As Lincoln’s own Secretary of State, William H. Seward, said, we have freed the slaves where we have no jurisdiction and left them in slavery where we have jurisdiction. Seward’s exact words: “We show our sympathy with slavery by emancipating slaves where we cannot reach them and holding them in bondage where we can set them free.”

The left-wing historian Richard Hofstadter ridiculed Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation for freeing only the slaves over which Lincoln had no power.

Lincoln’s purpose was not to free slaves but to provoke the slave rape of Southern women and murder of Southern children that would pull the Southern troops his generals could not defeat off the front lines and impel them home to protect their families from Lincoln’s slave revolt.

But the slaves did not revolt even though there was no one there to conrol them but women and children. So what kind of oppression was this?

Lincoln issued the proclamation intended to produce a slave rebellion because he had run through countless generals, and although the Union army in its engagements with Robert E. Lee always outnumbered the Southerns by two or three to one, and sometimes more, the Army of Northern Virginia did not lose a battle for the first two years of the War. If the South had had more people, a number of Southern battle victories would have ended in the capture of Washington and the end of the war. But the South never had the number of soldiers sufficient to have a reserve to capitalize on its military victories. In contrast, the North had an endless supply of immigrants from Ireland, most of whom died for the American Empire.

Opposition to the war in the North was high. Lincoln had to arrest and imprison 300 northern newspaper owners and editors and exile a US Congressman.

Slavery was an inherited institution, not a Southern construct. Slavery would have gradually disappeared as immigrants into the South begin forming a work force and the over-cultivated plantation lands begin losing their fertility. Slavery existed as long as it did because new immigrants, instead of becoming a local work force, moved west, occupied Indian land and became independent farmers.

Of course, the abolitionist created all the hatred of the South that they possibly could. Indeed, during my entire life, lived almost exclusively outside the South, I have observed the liberals foment racial hatred of blacks toward whites, and I have watched feminists foment gender hatred of women toward men. Hatred is the great cause of the liberals. It is what defines them.

The stupid liberals have sowed social enmity between races and genders. The destruction of America will be the result.

Perhaps we will fall apart, occupied in racial and gender warfare, before the Russians and Chinese have to blow us off the face of the earth.

Save Gaza - Save the World: A Message to Humanity


What Muslim 'refugees' say to each other in Austria

Got Charlottesville ? Got dumbass disfunctional  barbarian illiterati destroying History ? The Pyramids of Egypt were built by Slaves ! Tear them down Now ! Blow up Mount Rushmore Now !

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered...History has stopped. Nothing exists except the endless present in which the party is always right" — George Orwell

Charlottesville : "This is being driven by forces of evil that are beyond what normal people can think about" -- Representative Louis Gomert, (R-TX)

Emotions raw as black 'Lady Liberty' replaces Lee in Baltimore

Gov. Cuomo urges Army to rename Confederate streets in Brooklyn in wake of Charlottesville violence


U.S. Has 3.5 Million More Registered Voters Than Live Adults - A Red Flag For Electoral Fraud
American democracy has a problem - a voting problem.

According to a new study of U.S. Census data, America has more registered voters than actual live voters. It's a troubling fact that puts our nation's future in peril.

The data come from Judicial Watch's Election Integrity Project. The group looked at data from 2011 to 2015 produced by the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey, along with data from the federal Election Assistance Commission.

As reported by the National Review's Deroy Murdock, who did some numbers-crunching of his own, "some 3.5 million more people are registered to vote in the U.S. than are alive among America's adult citizens. Such staggering inaccuracy is an engraved invitation to voter fraud." ...

Ford be praised ! Ford bless you!

Brave New World

"War is bad for Business" -- Henry Ford

So Sorry, Mr Bundy : Hillary Clinton/Sen. Reid's sellout of USA uranium to Russia trumps your existence...

Stunning Leaked Footage of Bunkerville Standoff at Bundy Ranch


These are all the countries the USA has invaded, in one map

by Joe Vesey-Byrne

Click to enlarge...

Sir John Glubb : The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival (1978) --
"The experiences of the human race have been recorded, in more or less detail, for some four thousand years. If we attempt to study such a period of time in as many countries as possible, we seem to discover the same patterns constantly repeated under widely differing conditions of climate, culture and religion..."

From >> To : The Age of Pioneers >> The Age of Conquests >> The Age of Commerce >> The Age of Affluence >> The Age of Intellect >> The Age of Decadence ( Defensiveness, Pessimism, Materialism, Frivolity, An influx of foreigners, The Welfare State, weak Religion)


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