ZPE Extraction Circuit
(31 January 2005)

Free Energy Electronic Circuit

by Zoltan Szili


By publishing this very simple circuit, I would like to give the amateurs, the occasion to prove that the electric extraction of power of the vacuum exists indeed. The goal of my letter is to make known my work and to help to develop quantum generators for the use of people and industries. I decided to make public a first circuit, and the amateurs will be able to try out it. “

My name is Jean Z. Szili. All my life, I worked in scientific research. For seven years, I have been retired.

I lived thirteen years in France. Five years in Lyon and eight years in Paris. In Paris, I worked at the University of Orsay in Plasma physics. I was born in Hungary. I emigrated in Canada (Quebec) in 1969 and I found work with the Institute of Search for Hydro Quebec in the field of scientific research. I remained twenty-eight years until my retirement there.

One day, at the restaurant of the institute, I had sat with a table opposite two engineers and their guest, specialists in the transformers. I listened to the conversation, and the engineers said to their guest, that they could calculate the parameters of the transformers with an accuracy of 0.1%, but which they always find 2% excess electric output. This surplus of electric output remains unexplainable while taking account of ohmic losses etc

I left the restaurant by thinking that these 2% of power in excess could come from an unknown source.

A few years later, I took note of the theory of the Zero Point Energy (ZPE). I supposed that it should be possible to extract part of this phenomenal energy. Since my retirement, I work intensely to find circuits electronic which could extract from the ZPE. Quickly, I left side the work of laboratory for computer simulation, in order to accelerate my work. I tested thousands of circuits before finding one and then several of these "over-unity" circuits.

Working method

When an unknown field is explored, one must use the empirical groping. Gradually, one learns how to know this new unknown world of science and to use this new knowledge to find circuits increasingly powerful.

Currently, I know rather well how to extract the ZPE. The power of my circuits goes from a few milliwatts to more than one hundred kilowatts. These circuits must be fed to function, but at the exit of the circuits, the profits of power (COP = energy of exit/input) can be very high. The profit or COP can be 2, 10, 100, 1000 and even more.

In these simulations, I always used electronic components existing in the trade. That can facilitate the realization of these circuits at the laboratory. This work however remains to be made.

First of all, this circuit was developed on a simulation program on computer. What makes it possible to carry out simulation, it is the Jiles-Atherton Model of electromagnetism. This model was designed to respect experimental reality and not the law of conservation of energy. I cannot give of guarantee with regard to the correct operation of this circuit, but until proof of the opposite, let us make confidence with simulation. This program is used everywhere throughout the world in the electronic and physical laboratories. It is very close to experimental reality even if in 99.999% of the cases out of 100 energy is preserved. “

The Mechanism of extraction

“There are special conditions so that there is extraction of energy of the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum.

The mechanism of extraction, in my opinion, is based on ferromagnetic resonance. The free electrons exchange energy with virtual electrons of the vacuum. Normally this exchange is perfectly symmetrical. Result: No the extraction of energy.

Moreover, the electrons are fermions, and in quantum mechanics, two electrons cannot be in the same state.

It results a very broad dispersion from it from the ferromagnetic frequency of resonance, which one could call semi-collective. This resonance is between a few hundred MHz and some GHz. Nevertheless, the circuits function at a frequency lower than one MHz. On the other hand the circuit must be built like a functioning circuit at least with 25 MHz. It is necessary to avoid the loops, to use component adequate etc

In these circuits, it is necessary to use special methods to make the energy exchange asymmetrical. In this case only, there will be an extraction of energy.

By publishing this first circuit, my goal is to stimulate research ZPE. Especially I think of the amateurs.

A news concerning my research: I think of having found a law physical, connecting the electrical current in a reel (as used in the circuit sent) and the inductance of the reel. This relation running and inductance seem fundamental in the extraction of the electric output. This relation is reciprocal. A current fluctuation varies inductance and a variation of inductance varies the current.

When the electrical current increases, that made decrease inductance, and a reduction in inductance makes amplify the current… and so on. It is the effect of avalanche. This reduction in inductance has a certain limit determined by the electronic circuit. Once the stop of the avalanche, the process is reversed. Inductance increases and that made decrease the current… and so on. This return takes less time, because there is no extraction of electric output of the vacuum during this return. Normally, because of the electric losses, the avalanche does not start again without stimulation (ex: a pulse exceeding a certain value).

The physical formula of this relation is as follows:

I (L1) = (K1/L (L1)) - K2 or I (L1) is the current one circulating in the reel and L (L1) is the inductance of the reel.

K1 and K2 are two constants (invariable) depend on the circuit components.

By the adjustment of the constants K1 and K2, the curves of the current and inductance are practically identical.

For other circuits, the formula could change, but what is important, it is that the relation running and the reverse of inductance should remain valid. “

The Electronic Circuit with Free Energy of Mr Zoltan Szili


J.L. Naudin

“This circuit is quite simple seemingly, but to succeed in making it function, it should be taken Draconian precautions. It is true, that it functions at a relatively low frequency of 20 kilocycles. On the other hand, the signal of the generator of impulse must be a signal square, positive, with a boarding time of 10 nanoseconds of 0 volts to + 5 volts.

The simulation indicates very clearly, which if the boarding time of the square signal is slower than 10 nanoseconds, the extraction very quickly decreases and is cancelled completely between 50 and 100 nanoseconds.

Simulation also shows that a stray capacity, at the point of connection of the transistor (M1), inductance (L1) and the resistance of exit (R1) of a value of 100 picofarads towards the mass, completely destroyed the extraction (this capacity of 100 picofarads perhaps capacity of a probe of oscilloscope).

Parasitic inductances can also prevent the extraction, if it exceeds 10 microHenries.

For the assembly of the circuit, it is necessary to minimize the loops, as if the circuit operates at 25 MHz

In fact the element of extraction is the toroidal ferrite of inductance (L1). “

Diagram and measurements

“Not need for an oscilloscope to prove it on unit: it is enough to measure 2 currents ex: between the ground and R2 resistance, and between the ground and R1 resistance”

Further information at March 10, 2005

Here answers and some councils given by Mr. Zoltan Szili

The number of turns: 40

The diameter of the wire: 0.3 mm or more.

The core is of form annular and square section (5 mm X 7 mm). Dia ext.: 20 mm.; Diam.  int: 10 mm; Épaisseur: 7 mm.

The sectional surface specified by ferroxcube is 0.336 cm square. (AREA = 0.336)

The course of the magnetic field is 4.36 cm (PATH = 4.36).  Effective circumference for the magnetic field.

The annular form ensures, that the magnetic field is closed again. Very important (GAP = 0).

The magnetic permeability of ferrite 3E5 is 8000.

The electrical current in the reel must be 15 to 20 my minimum to be close to magnetic saturation.

It is the nonlinearity which makes it possible to extract from the free energy.

Very important: The circuit must be built like a circuit of 25 MHz. (ferromagnetic resonance is between 20 MHz and 10 GHz)

Transistor DNMOS FET must be IRF510.

Other ferrites have few chances to function.

(FERROXCUBE TX20/10/7 with magnetic permeability of 3E5) was announced like difficult to find, certain suppliers the proposer in France by 1500 parts, even to 1 euro one, that done a little too many expenditure for a small assembly.

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