Ram Pump
The Lord’s Pump Project by Al Throckmorton
by Aaron Murakami

Ram Pumps can pump water to a decent height powered by nothing other than the movement of the water that its sitting in. Yes, it is a true free energy pump since we don’t have to pay for energy to run it, but it has its limitations. The volume of water that it moves is not very much and there is a limit to the height.

This is where Al Throckmorton’s development in this area not only shines, but completely reinvents the ram pump into something that was never thought possible.
Al Throckmorton’s Pump

The pump consists of a chamber of water filled to a certain height while electrolyzed water gas fills the area above the water. There are two check valves so water can go into the chamber from one direction and leave the chamber in another direction. When there is enough water gas in the area above the water, a plasma ignition is triggered, which ignites the water gas and this creates a very high pressure explosion that pushes the water through the output check valve at over 200 psi!

A pressure relief valve then opens to release that pressure so more water can flow into it from the input check valve and the cycle repeats. This allows water to be pushed up to great heights under great pressure at a very high efficiency and the implications are profound.

Here is one of the old prototypes blasting water into the air with this process:


The Lord’s Pump Project by Al Throckmorton

Al Throckmorton gives an excellent presentation where he not only shows a lot of videos with tests of his pump but also some papers published with some very remarkable information about increasing gas production from water. Get a copy here:

"Plasma Ignited Water Fuel Pushes Ram Pump To New Heights Previously Thought Impossible!"

A long time humanitarian-minded energy science researcher with humanitarian goals of bringing clean water to areas that need it. Founder of The Lord’s Pump Project was an economist for Hewlett-Packard and developed microwelding techniques, which makes the microchip that we use today possible.

From: Al Throckmorton
Date: Saturday, February 20, 2016
RE: Lord's Pump Project

Dear Friend,

A small isolated village of 2500 people in northern Uganda without potable water, electric power, access to fuel or funds asked for help.

The majority of the community is made up of grandmothers and their grandchildren; their own sons and daughters having been massacred in the great slaughter that occurred under their president Idi Imin a number of years ago.

Christ Aid was raising funds to help the 150 or so grandmothers. Water from a small mountain stream located miles away and behind a 500 ft. ridge was carried back to the village daily in 5 gallon plastic pails.

Christ Aid asked for help. A survey revealed the following; at 10 gal/day/person was required. (100 gal, day is the US standard) total 25,000/day. No power available. Limited funds. Plenty of labor. Adequate water from the stream year around. Plastic pipe was available and inexpensive. How to pump water 500 feet high to the village?

As a consequence The Lord’s Pump Project was started. This presentation presents the inspired answer: A plastic pump operating at 260 psi using the water pumped as the fuel. The plasma ignition system ignites this water gas pushing the water out and up to heights thought to be impossible by conventional thinking.

This presentation also includes techniques for liberating explosive gas from water as well the creation of other elements in the plasma and the impact on our present model of the cosmos.

Pump Operation

George Wiseman Describes Al Throckmorton's Overunity Water Pump at TeslaTech 2014

Al Throckmorton : The Lord's Water Pump

Interview with the co-inventor of The Lord's Water Pump. Al Throckmorton credits the Lord God as being the primary inventor of this device, as well as the inspirational force behind many of his best technological inventions.

Good progress has been made the past few months.

A plasma ignition system has been created that overcomes the intermittent fouling of the standard auto spark plug ignition system. The system has now operated several hours continuously without difficulty.

Ongoing research has uncovered several improved techniques to split water into explosive gas, decreasing the energy requirements.

Water Cannon :

The Anomalous Strength of Cold Fog Explosions Caused by High Current Water Arcs
N. Graneau

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