Lawrence TSEUNG, et al.

Leading Out Theory

Pulse Forces can "lead out" gravitational energy for over-unity work product ... appears to explain related inventions such as Milkovic's 2-Stage Oscillator ...
January 24, 2007

China -A New Entry in the Magnetic Conversion of Zero Point Energy Has Surfaced!

The Wang Shum Ho Prototype Electricity Generator was reportedly demonstrated to five Chinese Officials on Jan 15, 2007.

Lawrence Tseung, a colleague of the inventor, has said the plan is to initially build four 5kW working units. One of these will be located in Beijing, another in Hong Kong and the third one at the United Nations in New York The fourth unit is to serve as a portable demonstration device. All will be made available to universities for academic validation.

Then, 200 more will be produced. They intend to present one of these to each member country of the United Nations, as a gift from China. Mass production may begin in 2008.

Tseung has written: "Devices of this nature are converting the electromagnetic wave energy that surrounds us all the time. Some call this Zero Point Energy. That energy is due to the rotational motion of the electrons. Unless the electrons stop spinning and fall into the nucleus, that electromagnetic energy exists.”

Tseung states: “The World Energy Crisis is effectively over.”

TSEUNG Lawrence Chun Ning

"We are actually immersed in electromagnetic waves. When electrons rotating around the nucleus change orbits, they give rise to electromagnetic waves. Light is only one form of electromagnetic waves. We emit and receive electromagnetic waves all the time. Unless the electrons stop rotating and fall into the nuclei, there will be electromagnetic waves. Thus we are never in a CLOSED system. We are always in an OPEN system with energy interchanges. For example, we were in calm waters and good sunshine. If we did not know how to use solar panels, we might conclude that we were in a CLOSED system. We should use our muscle power to row the boat. The Lee-Tseung Patent information (PCT/IB2005/000138) states that Energy can be extracted (Lead Out, Lead Out, and Lead Out with Pulse Force) from Energy Fields via oscillation, vibration, rotation or flux changes. Energy Fields can be gravitational, magnetic, electric or electromagnetic."

See also:

Energy can be extracted from a falling weight which reloads itself in a waterfilled tube. Weight with density 0.6 drops down to generate electricity. Floats up via two doors to trap water in tube.

Author ltseung888
Comment Time Sep 16th 2006

If you had followed the various threads or read the information from the main website (, you might have learned that we already signed a contract with a Chinese Government Concern. The contract essentially says that if our prototypes passed the certification process at Tsing Hua University, we could lay our hands on RMB$300 million (US$33m)development funds. ( )

We intend to benefit the entire world. The main Patent Holding Company in China will be 51% owned by the Chinese People and Government. There will be a subsidary patent holding company in every country which will be 51% owned by its People. The Cosmic Energy Products sold in country A will pay royalty to the patent holding company in country A. Thus every country and citizen will benefit.

There will be product companies that will be licensed to produce specific products. These products have not been announced yet as the types of products are in the thousands. It is possible for you and your group to participate in the licensing of producing these products. However, we are in no hurry to enter into a deal as almost all our prototypes are not ready to be sold as a product. In addition, if we sell a product as an electricity generator, we have to pass a 6 month no failure test in China.

However, we are interested in World Publicity right now. Discussion of a license and an offer will stimulate additional interest. Whether the deal actually materialize is not that important to me at present. Lee Cheung Kin, myself and the key inventors (60 in China) are almost guaranteed to be multi-millionaires already.

A wise Chinese Monk in Taiwan told me - just think about contributing to the World. Ignore your personal fame, wealth, ego, etc. The venture will succeed. Angels will come down to help you.

(1) Participant at Hong Kong Government Forum
(2) Cosmic Energy
(3) Guaranteed Reliable Broadcast Network (together with Dr. Yu at MIT)

Holder of two US patents:

5,109,384 Guaranteed reliable broadcast network
5,036,518 Guaranteed reliable broadcast network

Cosmic Energy Plan


Lawrence Tseung

( Jan 18, 2007 )

(1) The Theory is now completed. The emphasis is on - all objects are immersed in Electromagnetic Waves. They are interchanging EM with surroundings constantly. They are not in closed energy systems. The analogy is - boat in calm water and good sunshine. This theory will be circulated to all Universities, Colleges and other Academic Institutions. Some top physicists will take it up and publish it in top scientific journals. Textbooks will be re-written.

(2) My focus will be on the Patent Information. The promoting of the Lead Out concept will continue. Energy can be extracted (Lead Out, Lead Out and Lead Out with Pulse) from Energy Fields via Oscillation, Vibration, Rotation or Flux Changes. Energy Fields include gravity, magnetic, electric, electromagnetic fields. Energy from Still Air is an indirect way of using Gravitational Energy. The Patent Offices around the World will have no choice but change their policy on Perpetual Motion Machines and the use of the Law of Conservation of Energy as the Roadblock to inventions.

(3) The Experimental prototypes that can be implemented readily include the Energy From Air systems, the simple Gravity Wheel (Bessler Wheel), the Wang Shum Ho Wheel, the Steorn Toy and the Pulse Machine. The details will be fully published. They are the spearhead of the Cosmic Energy Development but are very primitive from the theoretical point of view. They will have very short commercial success even if introduced into the Market Place. Steorn has generously announced their licensing plans. We shall follow that generosity to benefit the entire Human Race.

(4) The Wang Shum Ho 5KW Electricity Generator has been assembled and demonstrated in front of 5 Chinese Officials. The chance of having 4 prototypes ready for academic tests; 200 as gifts to every nation and then producing products (including a DIY version) is good. The product is likely to be introduced via the United Nations. Even the most undeveloped Country will have working products to learn from and to adopt the technology. We shall ensure that multiple groups can produce the device. We would like to introduce the concept of Mutual Credits to ensure an orderly creation and distribution of this technology and the generated new wealth.

(5) The further technical developments include the Flying Saucer, the non-rotating 4th generation machines and the 5th generation IC machines. This is likely to include an International Alternative Energy Conference chaired by Steorn after their successful validation. They already have a group of top scientists from different parts of the World validating their device. Hopefully, the Conference will be an International Cooperation Event. We are confident that the 6th, 7th generation machines will come out in the foreseeable future. The World Energy Crisis is effectively over.

(6) There will be development of Model Farms, Model Villages, Model Cites, etc. Multiple Models will be built. This will greatly speed up the development of less wealthy Countries. Cities in the sky or cities under the sea will no longer be fiction. People will have Flying Saucers as personal transport complete with office, communication, health, entertainment devices, etc. Country borders will be blurred. Central authority would be replaced by Central guidance.

(7) Like it or not, there will be military development of this technology. With this technology, the troops would never run out of fuel, food, ammunition, etc. They can fly anywhere including outer space. All existing planes, missiles, submarines, tanks will be obsolete. We hope to make all these developments open so that no single Nation can dominate. If there is military balance and fear of retaliation resulting in destruction of Planet Earth, there might be less temptation to start wars. This technology will allow a small nation to have vast destructive powers. The possibility of the Doomsday Bomb with matter and anti-matter would be obvious to any physicist.

(8) We shall openly discuss and promote the new order. Nationalism will slowly be replaced by Internationalism. The less developed Countries will catch up quickly as copying is always faster than inventing. There will be enormous new wealth generated especially if concepts such as Mutual Credits and Meaningful Economic Activities are adopted. Such new wealth will be available to and will benefit all. There is no need to rob other Nation’s land, oil or resources. Competition will be friendly and non-destructive.

The end for now.

Lawrence Tseung

As we discussed previously, the overall situation is as follows:

(1) The Chinese Government will NOT allow the development of military products by a Commercial Company in China. They will do it themselves with no information revealed to the General Public. (I believe almost all Countries have similar policy.)

(2) However, they are aware of the theory, the patents and the prototypes from us. They also bought some EBM units from Hungary. This means some decision makers are willing to risk some money and time to seriously investigate these Over Unity Devices. We believe we may be able to develop non-military products with their blessing.

(3) As in all Countries, not all Officials are of one mind. Some Officials in China are still doubtful. One who sat on and drove the Dr. Liang car said to me, "I cannot get myself to believe this Over Unity Device. Energy must come from somewhere. It cannot be created nor destroyed." I tried to explain our theory from the simple pendulum with the pulse force. He said, "I know how a pendulum works. All the energy comes from your push. That is a fact. I want no more of this nonsense."

(4) While the Chinese Officials are in the debate, we charge ahead with the limited resource we have. This forum helped me to consolidate my ideas and presentations. If I had thought of the boat in calm waters and good sunshine when I was talking to that Official, the outcome might have been different.

(5) I found that the most convincing presentation is to start with the boat in calm waters and good sunshine. Thus my updated presentation has it. See

Lawrence Tseung

This patent is not apparently related to the ZPE Converter...

WO 2006/077451

Lawrence TSEUNG; Cheung LEE

Extracting Energy from Gravity

( 2006-07-27 )

Classification: - international: H02N11/00; H02N11/00;- European: H02K53/00
Application number: WO2005IB00138 20050120
Priority number(s): WO2005IB00138 20050120

Abstract --- The invention extracts energy from gravity based on the corrected theory of the pendulum. When the pendulum is pushed, it will ‘lead out’ gravitational energy at the same time. If a source of pulse force (F) is applied to the pendulum at resonance, it will keep ‘lead out gravitational energy. This gravitational energy can be extracted by techniques such as allowing the metallic wired pendulum to cut across the lines of magnetic force to generate electricity. The swinging motion of the pendulum will be slowed down because the mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy. However, such slowing down is speed up via pulse force (F). The swinging motion can be changed into a constant rotational motion for more efficient operation.

1. Technical Field

This invention is related to the extraction of energy from gravity. Such energy is virtually limitless and is available everywhere including on the moon.

2. Background Art

Mankind has played with the swing for centuries. They do not realize that when they push the swing, they get Energy from Gravity at the same time. Many people, especially little boys, have deliberately allowed the swing (or the punch bag) to knock them after pushing the swing a couple of times. They all suspected that the force knocking them was much more than the energy they supplied in the couple of pushes.

However, the existing textbooks do not consider the Energy from Gravity term and attribute the force to resonance only. They assume that all the energy must come from the couple of pushes. This misunderstanding has prevented scientists and engineers to design methods or devices that Extract Energy from Gravity for centuries. However, they did not have the theoretical basis to justify their inventions. Many of these inventions were classified as impossible perpetual motion machines and were rejected by scientists and many Patent Offices worldwide.

3. Disclosure of Invention

The theoretical breakthrough needed is the understanding and the deriving of the underlying formulae related to the swing or the pendulum systems.

The steps involved in extracting Energy from Gravity are:

1. Push the pendulum with a Pulse Force at resonance.

2. The swinging of the pendulum will ‘lead out’ the Gravitational Force.

3. Some of the commercially available swinging toys already use an integrated circuit to provide the Pulse Force. The swinging toys can use batteries or photoelectric cells.

4. If the string of the swinging toy or pendulum is replaced by a copper wire and placed between two magnets, the copper wire will cut the magnetic lines of force and generate electricity. The swinging motion will be slowed down --- kinetic energy turning into electrical energy.

5. If the swinging motion is speeded up again via the pulse force, we can repeat step 4 and get a primitive Electricity Generator that extracts energy from Gravity.

Mathematics behind Extracting Energy from Gravity

Let us consider the situation of a ball suspended by a string (pendulum) in Figure 1. In Figure 1, a small ‘pulse force’ F is applied to the ball (mass – M) with a displacement d.

The physical laws demand that there should be an acceleration equal to A where F = MA. The energy imparted will be equal to Force multiplied by Displacement (Fd). The final velocity acquired should be v (where v is determined by the energy equation Fd = 1/2 Mv^2 ). If there were no string, no friction, no gravity, no air resistance, etc., the ball should acquire the velocity v and continue along a straight line forever.

With the presence of the string and Gravity, the ball acquires the position X in Figure 1.

In Figure 2, we view the situation using the concept of circular motion. The ball is moved up and to the left because of the centripetal force C. We can treat the centripetal force C as made up of two components:

1. Component C1 is the vertical direction. It acts against gravity and lifts the ball upwards. Work is done and energy is spent.

2. Component C2 is in the horizontal direction opposite to the motion of the ball. It acts on the ball and slows it down until the velocity is zero. Work is done and energy is spent.

C1 can be thought of as contributing to the work done by the string to lift the ball against gravity. In other words, this energy is the non-obvious Energy from Gravity. Once we start or push the pendulum, work will be done against gravity by the string. This energy must be conserved.

Here are effectively two energy components acting on the system. One is the pulse energy supplied to start or maintain motion. The other is the energy supplied by the string to lift the ball against gravity! This means we ‘lead’ the gravitational energy into the system when we push or swing the pendulum!

The correct energy relationship of the pendulum (assume no energy loss) should be:

Energy In = Energy Out
Energy In = Energy from Pulse + Energy from Gravity
Energy Out = Potential Energy (MGH) + Kinetic Energy (1/2 Mv^2 )

Previously, scientists did not take into account the Energy from gravity term and thought that all the energy must come from Energy from Pulse! Thus they did not tell the engineers to design systems to extract Energy from Gravity directly. The above simple theoretical correction will lead to many devices that extract Energy from Gravity directly. We shall disclose 3 sample embodiments in this application. Dozens ore more along the same line are possible.

Embodiment 1: Use of the Simple Pendulum

Use a copper wire to suspend the pendulum. Put the pendulum in between two magnets and let the swinging motion cut the magnetic field. Use the generated electricity to do work and to supply the periodic horizontal pulse energy. This is the simplest and the most obvious solution. However, the electrical current generated will vary from zero to a certain maximum and will change direction. Sophisticated integrated circuit control is needed to provide a smooth, practical electricity generator. If the purpose is just to demonstrate the principle such as lighting a light bulb, it may be good enough.

Embodiment 2: Use a Constant Speed Rotating Wheel

Conceptually, we can spring the pendulum in a complete circle without violating the theory. In pracice, we replace the pendulum with metallic rods arranged in the form of a wheel. The generating of electric current will slow down the motion of the rotating wheel but the pulse circuits will ‘lead out’ additional gravitation l energy to accelerate the motion. If properly controlled, the rotational speed can be kept constant and the generation of Electric Current will be steady and in one direction only. This effectively is a Direct Current Electricity Generator. The secret of success lies in the positioning and control of the various magnets or pulse circuits. The energy extracted from gravity per revolution can be as much as 2MGR where R is the length of the pendulum string (or radius of the wheel in this embodiment). This value may be less if some of the pulse circuits supply the vertical force/energy. However, so long as gravitational energy enters into the system, we get free Energy from Gravity.

Embodiment 3: Use of Water in a Double Wheel

We can also use water in a vertical spinning double wheel to extract Energy from Gravity. If there were no gravity, the water should be uniformly distributed at the outer side of the wheel. However, because of gravity, the distribution of water will not be uniform. There will be a wider path at the up moving side and a narrower path at the down moving side (This is because water travels slower on the up moving side because of gravity). We can use a central shaft with fins to extract energy from the up moving water or we can use an off center shaft with fins to extract energy from the down moving water.

4. Brief Description of Drawings

Figure 1 shows the operation of the simple pendulum. A short duration Pulse Force F is applied to push the ball (Mass = M) for a short distance d. If there were no string, no air resistance and no gravity, the ball should accelerate with acceleration A (F = MA) until a velocity v (Fd = 1/2 Mc^2) is reached. The ball should then move along a straight line with velocity v forever according to Newton’s Laws of Motion. However, with the presence of the string and gravity, the ball moves to position X.

Figure 2 shows the resolution of the Centripetal Force C into two components C1 and C2. C1 lifts the ball up against gravity and does work. The resulting energy goes into the pendulum system. This is the Energy from Gravity. C2 is in the opposite direction of the pulse force F and does work in slowing the ball from velocity v to zero. C1 can be much greater than C2 as judged by the parallelogram of forces. This means that if we want to get more Energy from Gravity, we should apply small but more often the Pulse Force F.

5. Best Modes of Carrying Out the Invention

The best mode of carrying out the invention is embodiment 2 (use of a constant speed rotating wheel) as described in Section 3. If the invention were used to generate electricity only, we can draw electrical energy out directly by placing the rotating wheel in a magnetic field. The rotating mechanical energy will be converted into electrical energy directly. The rotating speed will decrease but the pulse circuits will ‘lead out’ more gravitational energy to replenish the speed. If more electricity is required, we can increase the rotating speed or increase the number of pulses per revolution.

6. Prior Art or Patents

We are aware that many scientists are working in the energy field. Some of them are also using Energy from gravity. One known patent from China is 02113293.3 granted on August 13, 2003. This patent uses the vibration energy when a vehicle travels over an uneven ground to generate electricity. It can supplement or recover some of the lost energy from an electric car but cannot be the prime source of its energy. Our theory can be applied to swinging resonance systems as well as to vibrating resonance systems. Our invention is superior because we can be the prime source of energy of the electric car.

Another known patent from Chine is 01123526.8 granted on March 5, 2003. This patent uses a rotating cylinder and extracts the gravitational energy from the central shaft to drive a car. It describes one very good mode of operation (Thus we leave out this mode of operation --- the use of the central shaft in our claims). However, the inventor did not fully understand the theory. In his marketing literature, he explained his understanding of the phenomenon using a mixture of Chinese philosophy, Western science, and mysterious cosmic forces. He did not realize that the theory was a simple ‘leading out’ of the gravitational force from the swinging motion of a pendulum.

In our explanation of the corrected theory of the pendulum, we have effectively removed the mysterious source of energy in the prior art. The same theory can be used to explain the extraction of energy from magnetic fields, etc.

Cosmic Energy Electricity Generators

China Venture Capital Forum 2006


Lawrence TSEUNG

The World Energy Crisis is over.  Oil is no longer a strategic resource.  There is no need to go to war over it.

Modern Wealth is the quality and quantity of Meaningful Economic Activities.  Such Activities can be infinite.

Ignorance and poverty will be history.

Contact:  Mr. Stephen Chan (852) 9184 4277

China Venture Capital Research Institute (Hong Kong) for Investment Details.


Introduction to Cosmic Energy Machines


Lawrence C. N. TSEUNG

For:   China Venture Capital Forum 2006


1. Open Letter to the Chinese Government

2. The Development History of the Cosmic Energy Inventions

3. The Indirect use of Gravitational Energy (Still Air etc.)

4. The Direct use of Gravitational and Magnetic Energy

4.1  First Generation (Extract Energy via cutting Earth¡¦s Magnetic Field)

4,2  Second Generation (Extract Energy from Gravity)

4,3  Third Generation (Use of Intelligent Chips)

4.4  Fourth Generation (Extract Energy via Change of Magnetic Flux)

4.5  Fifth Generation (Improving the Third Generation over 100 times)

5. Summary

1. Open Letter to the Chinese Government*

Dear Sirs,

I have done a great deal of research into the field of Cosmic Energies and I am convinced that their use will solve the Energy Crisis. Cosmic Energies include air, water, gravitational, magnetic, electric fields and others. Such energy sources are non-polluting, abundant and inexpensive.

I, together with Mr. Lee Cheung Kin and others, have applied for Patents in this field. For example, the PCT patent application (PCT/IB05/00138) titled "Extracting Energy from Gravity" and the equivalent China Patent Application passed the preliminary examinations. Some experiments that can be performed by the average secondary school student are ready. These experiments conclusively demonstrate that we can extract energy from the pendulum systems.  Some Chinese Inventors developed working cosmic energy machine models before our theory was out.  Unfortunately, without the solid, theoretical explanations, many working inventions were classified as impossible perpetual motion machines. These should be rescued. With the right resources and proper development, China can solve the World Energy Crisis, solve the poverty problem of its Farmers, generate phenomenal Modern Wealth and lead the World into the Wisdom Society.

The difficulties we are facing include objections from established interests, lack of Government support, lack of funds and resources. There are disputes amongst the researchers on when would be the proper time to inform the Government and the General Public.  As requested, I am presenting my personal opinion here.

Lawrence Tseung in Hong Kong

March 18, 2006

2. The Development History of the Cosmic Energy Inventions

My development started from an experiment on Fluid Mechanics in May 2004 at the Tai Po office of Mr. Peter Chan.  Mr. Henry Ku and I were performing an experiment to compare the characteristics of water under push and pull conditions. Some air accidentally leaked into the apparatus.  Water and air bubbles spurted out from the testing tubes for over 20 minutes.  It was obvious to us that such an effect could not be attributed to the difference in density columns alone.  We then started the research on the characteristics of air and water column mixtures.

Mr. Peter Chan introduced us to his friend Mr. Kwan who wrote a book on Perpetual Motion Machines. In the book, Mr. Kwan described a pump as a proof.  I read the book cover to cover 7 times and concluded that the most valuable statement in the whole book was: ¡§The resulting water contained much oxygen and is suitable for fish farming. The pump was not a Perpetual Motion Machine but a device that used the Energy from Still Air similar to the Ku experiment mentioned above.

I worked out the formula to explain the process.  Air is not a fuel but an energy carrier. The energy carried by air into a system can be different from the energy carried out by air from the system. The formula is

Energy carried In by air = Pressure In x Volume In

Energy carried Out by air = Pressure Out x Volume Out

The difference can be used to generate electricity.

I then used two simple beach pumps and some one-way valves to demonstrate the theory.  My friends, the Cheungs, set up the demonstration system at Tai Po.  Mr. Lee Cheung Kin, a retired engineer with missile training from China saw the demonstration and agreed with the theory. Mr. Lee also mentioned a car from Dr. Liang that required no fuel and obtained a video (included on the CD) and the marketing literature.  In the marketing literature, Dr. Liang used a mixture of Chinese philosophy of Yin-Yang and Western Ideas to explain why the car required no fuel.

Mr. Lee and I laughed at the explanation and decided to seek new explanations. The next morning, Mr. Lee woke me up at 7:30am from the Hotel and asked me to rush over. Mr. Lee showed me a pendulum toy and his theory. (That early theory was later corrected.).  Mr. Lee also introduced Professor Woo, a retired scientist who helped to develop the first Chinese Atomic Bomb. Professor Woo met Dr. Liang personally and was confident that the car did work.  We then seek the help of the Hong Kong Invention Association and had the first Press Announcement on Dec 20, 2004 at Tai Po.

The night before the Press Announcement, a Chinese Foreign Trade Official, Mr. Au Yang, showed a CD from another Inventor, Mr. Sung Tim Fat.  Mr. Sung provided an early version of his Invention to Dr. Liang. The invention was an electricity generator that required no fuel.  Mr. Sung thought that the energy came from the permanent magnets.  He could not explain why that creation or replenishing the magnets used x units of energy. The machine could then generate much more than x units of energy.

It was clear to me that the above inventors did not have a correct theory. I continued to work on the theory. The theory was expanded from Oscillation Systems to Rotational Systems; from Gravitational to Magnetic Fields; from Rotations to Vibrations; from Vibrations to Flux Changes etc.  The latest is the fifth generation.

Another major theoretical breakthrough is on the understanding of magnetism. I can now explain why that a permanent magnet can help to generate much more energy than that to create it.  Magnetic field is caused by the motion of electrons.  The permanent magnet is not the source of energy.  It induces changes in the motion of the electrons ¡V changing their orbits and hence energy levels. There can be energy exchanges with the surroundings.  The energy comes from rearrangement of the orbits of the electrons and exchanges with the surrounding such as light, heat, etc.  There is also evidence that magnetic fields can affect the half-life of some radioactive elements. This means nuclear forces may even be possible.

I asked a 13 year old student, Miss Wini Woo to help me with the PowerPoint file. Miss Woo did a great job and also informed me that she could produce a flying machine using the theory of equivalent gravitational constant described.  (That will be the subject of another report.)

Mr. Raymond Ting joined us in January 2006. Within a few weeks, he completed many demonstration experiments on the Woo flying machine. To his credit, he also designed simple experiments on the pendulum systems that conclusively demonstrated that pulse forces could ¡§lead out¡¨ gravitational energy.

My plan is to inform the Central Chinese Government as quickly as possible.

3. The Indirect use of Gravitational Energy (Still Air etc.)*

The first demonstrable use of Energy from Still Air from me was in June 2004. I applied for the PCT patent in July. The theory is as follows:

1. Air can be bought into the System carrying in energy E_in

2. Air can be carried from the System carrying out energy E_out

3. Energy E_in can be greater than Energy E_out

4. The difference is Energy supplied by Air

5. The carried out Air can expand and absorb energy back from the atmosphere causing global cooling (reversing the effect of global warming).

The practical demonstration of the invention is shown in figure 3.1

Figure 3.1 Sample Application of Energy from Still Air

In Figure 3.1, 2 shows a HK$300 electric air pump; 4 is the lower water tank; 9 is the upper water tank; 3,5,6,7,8,10 are one-way valves. The water and air mixture is sent to the upper water tank 9.  The mixture is separated.  The total energy input is that from the air pump + energy from air E_in . Many engineers and scientists previously ignored E_in . Professor Woo and many members of the Chinese Academy of Science accepted this correction.

The next invention was the ¡§Lightning in a Box¡¨ by Mr. Chan, Mr. Kwok and Mr. Bill Fong. The invention uses the energy of the ions and/or electrostatic charges in the air.  As we all know, lightning has much energy.  Lightning is caused by the meeting of two clouds ¡V one carrying positive charge, the other carrying negative charge or via their finding a path to discharge via the Earth.  The invention uses such energy and is shown in Figure 3.2 and Figure 3.3

Figure 3.2 Invention Flow Diagram      


Figure 3.3 Invention Diagram

The above invention was first demonstrated in April 2005 in Shenzhen. Many improved versions have been developed. The latest models are ready for production.  The inventors are seeking Venture Capital.

Other inventions include the use of floatation. One technique allows an object of density 0.6 to drop down to generate electricity and then float back up a tube with two control doors at the top and bottom (video available on the CD - AVSEQ03.DAT).  Another technique allows hollow balls to float up and turn a vertical chain with flaps to generate electricity.

4.0 The Direct use of Gravitational and Magnetic Energy

Previously, scientists did not realize that they could continuously extract Energy from Gravity. In particular, they did not realize that the swing or the pendulum system could lead out Gravitational Energy.  The mathematics is based on the Parallelogram of Forces studied in Physics by every secondary school student.

The basic steps in Extracting Energy from Gravity are:

1. Push the Pendulum with pulse forces at the right time (more scientifically, at resonance)

2. The Pendulum System will lead out gravitational energy due to such pulse forces.

3. Many commercial swinging toys already use such pulse force mechanisms.  Many of these toys use Integrated Circuit or Intelligent Chip techniques.

4. If the swinging arm of such a toy were replaced by a copper wire and the copper wire were placed in between the two poles of a permanent magnet, the swinging motion will generate electricity.

5. The swinging motion would slow down as the kinetic energy was converted into electrical energy.  However, the pulse force and the ¡§led out¡¨ additional gravitational force would accelerate it again.

The pendulum system with pulse force mechanism can thus ¡§lead out¡¨ gravitational energy and become the most primitive form of Energy from Gravity Machines.  The experiments designed by Mr. Raymond Ting illustrated this concept conclusively.  Figures 4.1 and 4.2 show the details.

Figure 4.1 shows a pendulum system.

The pendulum is first balanced by a weight of 367 gms.  There was no motion.  A Pulse Force of 50 gms was then added.  The pendulum went up with an increase in Potential Energy of 367xH.

However, the Energy supplied by the 50gms ¡§Pulse Force¡¨ was only 50xH.

*(One Time Lead Out of more Energy)*

Previously, scientists did not realize that they could continuously extract Energy from Gravity.  In particular, they did not realize that the swing or the pendulum system could lead out Gravitational Energy. The mathematics turned out to be very simple and should have been derivable by every secondary school student.

The basic steps in Extracting Energy from Gravity are:

1.   Push the Pendulum with pulse forces at the right time (more scientifically, at resonance)

2.   The Pendulum System will ¡§lead out¡¨ gravitational energy due to such pulse forces (The basic theory will be covered in the next section).

3.   Many commercial swinging toys already use such pulse force mechanisms.  Many of these toys use Integrated Circuit techniques.

4.   If the swinging arm of such a toy were replaced by a copper wire and the copper wire were placed in between the two poles of a permanent
magnet, the swinging motion will generate electricity.

5.   The swinging motion would slow down as the kinetic energy was converted into electrical energy.  However, the pulse force and the ¡§led out¡¨ additional gravitational force would accelerate it again.

The pendulum system with pulse force mechanism can thus ¡§lead out¡¨ gravitational energy and provide the most primitive form of Energy from Gravity machines.  However, we can easily improve the pendulum system to rotating systems with drastically improved efficiency.  Electricity Generators that can generate over 20,000 watts and cars that can achieve speed of over 220 km/hr have been produced and demonstrated.  The inventors did not understand the theory at that time.  The inventions were labeled as impossible perpetual machines.  The inventor of the car marketed the car as a perpetual motion car. Many eyewitnesses even thought that the demonstrations were frauds to fool potential investors.

Joseph Newman also demonstrated a similar device in USA on March 28, 2005.  The event was shown on World Television including the Disney Discovery Channel.  Mr. Newman did not understand the true theory and spent over forty years trying to find the best device.

The theory is explained here.  Patents have already been filed.  A Company in Shenzhen will produce the working electricity generators for factories, villages, and homes etc. within the coming months.

The same theory can be applied to magnetic objects swinging or rotating in magnetic fields.  The vehicles utilizing such engines need no fuel and could function even on the Moon and in Outer Space.  The invention is likely to change the concept of space travel.


The basic theory should have been derivable by every secondary school student who studied Physics.  Fig. 1 re-explains Newton¡¦s First Law of Motion.  If the Ball is pushed with a Pulse Force F for a displacement d, it will acquire a velocity v.  If there were no string and no gravity, the Ball would move in a straight line with velocity v forever.  With the presence of the string but no gravity, the Ball would move in a circle similar to the Earth moving around the Sun.  With the presence of the string and gravity, the Ball would acquire the familiar swinging motion.

Figure 4.2 shows a nearly balanced position.

The pendulum was pulled close to the middle position.  In this position, half of the force is from the tension of the String S and half is from the Pulse Force B.

The tension of the String can be attributed to Gravity.  This shows:

Continuous Lead Out of Gravitational Energy by the Pulse Force B

Figure 4.2a  Parallelogram of Forces.

This is the most important theoretical diagram.  It uses the Parallelogram of Forces taught in all secondary schools around the World.  I simply applied it to the Pendulum after learning it 50 years ago!

In Figure 4.2a, the force and energy imparted by the Pulse Force B and the String S are analyzed by decomposing them into the vertical and horizontal components.

B Force (horizontal) = S Force(horizontal) but in opposite direction

B Force (vertical) + S Force(vertical) = mg

B Energy (horizontal) = B Force(horizontal) x horizontal displacement

S Energy (horizontal) = S Force(horizontal) x 0

(displacement not in direction of force but energy is stored ¡V ready to be used on swinging back)

B Energy(vertical) = B Force(vertical) x vertical displacement    
(* height raised)

S Energy(vertical) = S Force(vertical) x vertical displacement    
(* height raised)

Since S Force(vertical) can be much higher than B Force(vertical), a small Pulse Force can Lead Out a large quantity of Gravitational Energy,  Thus the theory can be proved mathematically and verified experimentally.

Once we understand that the Pendulum System with Pulse Force can Lead Out gravitational energy, we can easily extend that to rotational systems.  The following Figures 4.3 to 4.6 illustrate this very well.

Pulse Force

Figure 4.3 shows the pendulum system with a Pulse Force.

From the previous Figures 4.1, 4.2 and the descriptions, we know that the pendulum system with Pulse Force can Lead Out gravitational energy.

Speeds up due to gravity

Slows down

Figure 4.4 shows the swing of the pendulum extended to 360 degrees.

Instead of the oscillation motion, we now have a circular motion. However, the same theory of Extracting Energy from Gravity via Pulse Force is still valid.  The Pulse Force needs to be stronger.

Figure 4.5 shows replacing the string with a rod type setup.

The oscillation is now around the center of the rod.  The same theory of Extracting Gravitational Energy via Pulse Force is still valid.

Figure 4.6 shows a complete wheel replacing the simple pendulum.

A complete wheel with spoke setup can totally replace the pendulum system to extract Gravitational Energy with Pulse Force.  This setup is much more efficient as the wheel can rotate at a high speed.

The use of the Wheel or Cylinder type setup is much more efficient than the simple pendulum.  The energy that can be extracted per revolution is 2mgr where m is the mass of the wheel (if all the mass were at the rim),
g is the gravitational constant and r is the radius of the Wheel.

4.1  First Generation (Extract Energy via cutting Earth¡¦s Magnetic Field)

The First Generation Cosmic Energy Electricity Generator was the machine from Mr. Sung Tim Fat.  It consisted of 3 cylinders spinning with the axis in the vertical direction.  Each cylinder has magnetic and magnetic shielding material.  The rotation essentially cut the horizontal component of the magnetic field of the Earth.  The first cylinder generated enough energy to supply the pulse force to drive the second cylinder.  The second cylinder generated enough energy to supply the pulse force to drive the third cylinder.  The third cylinder generated 400 watts ¡V enough to supply the pulse force to drive the first cylinder and more.

The file AVSEQ02.DAT shows both the first and the second generation electricity generators in a demonstration in 2000.  A separate starting motor was used.  The first generation was relatively bulky. See the China Patent Office Website at http://www, Patent Number 99126283.2 for details.

4,2  Second Generation (Extract Energy via Gravity)

The Second Generation Cosmic Energy Electricity Generator was also a machine from Mr. Sung Tim Fat. It essentially was the First Generation set up in the horizontal direction.  The axis of rotation was horizontal.  This effectively uses both the vertical component of the magnetic field of the Earth and the gravitational field of the Earth. The output was 20,000 watts.  Figures 4.7 and 4.8 show the differences between the First and Second Generation.

Figure 4.7 shows the First Generation

Mr. Sung produced the video in February 2000.  The video showed that the Generator could support a lamp, a fan and an electrical drill.

Figure 4.8 shows the Second Generation

The Second Generation could generate 20,000 watts. Unfortunately, Mr. Sung went out of funds and borrowed from the Black Market. The consequence was that he ended up in heavy debt and had to hide from the moneylenders.

4.3  Third Generation (Use of Intelligent Chips)

The Third Generation was from Dr. Liang Sing Yan.  Dr. Liang got the Generator from Mr. Sung and improved it. He used Intelligent Chips (a step better than Integrated Circuits)  to provide the pulse force. The car could provide 188 horsepower and was demonstrated in 2003.  Figures 4.9 and 4.10 show the details.

Figure 4.9 The Engine behind the Dr. Liang Car.

It consists of two cylinders with Intelligent Chips to provide the Pulse Force. The disadvantage was loss of power when climbing steep slopes.

Figure 4.10  The Car that requires no fuel

The details could be seen in the video AVSEQ01.DAT.

Dr. Liang made a major mistake in his raising of funds. He authorized many agents to help him.  Many of these agents made false promises to investors. When Dr. Liang tried to present his inventions in Dec 2004, many angry investors filed lawsuits against him and his agents. The show was cancelled.

I believe that Dr. Liang should be rescued. His invention and ours will create phenomenal wealth for China and the World. See China Patent Application Number 01123526.8 for details.

4.4  Fourth Generation (Extract Energy via Changes of Magnetic Flux)*

After we understood the use of rotation to extract energy from gravitational or magnetic fields, we started to investigate whether we could use vibration or no vibration at all.  The answer to both questions were yes.  The demonstration of a vibration device was from Taiwan using ocean waves.  The demonstration of a non-vibrating device came from US patent 6,326,718.  The non-vibrating device used changes in magnetic flux as the pulse force.  Figures 4.11 and 4.12 show the details.

Figure 4.11 shows a vibration system.

A practical implementation was a vibration system using ocean waves as power from an Inventor in Taiwan.

Figure 4.12 shows a non-vibration system

S supplies power to 1 which provides AC current via G to coils A and B. 3 is a permanent magnet to provide added magnetic flux to 2 and then to coils E and F.  E and F provide AC power via D to 1.  The output power from E and F is higher than that from A and B

The advantage of this technique is that the size of the Generator can be very small. However, the development is in early stages and much more effort is required to turn it into a usable product.

4.5  Fifth Generation (Improving the Third Generation over 100 times)*

The Fifth Generation came as a flash of brilliance from Mr. Lee Cheung Kin. We were trying to solve the slope-climbing problem of the Dr. Liang car. With pure gravitational force as source of power, the power decreases when the car climbs up a steep slope.  If the outer cylinder of the Dr. Liang engine were replaced by a magnetic field and the Intelligent Chips in the inner rotating cylinder changed polarity at the highest and lowest positions, the problem would be solved with great increase in power at the same time.  Figures 4.13 and 4.14 show the details.

Figure 4.13 shows the enhancement of Gravity with Magnetic field

 The magnetic pendulum has magnetic shielding material at the top. When such a pendulum swings under the Pulse Force, both Gravitational and Magnetic Energies are extracted.

(The equivalent gravitational constant can be less if the shielded magnet has N pole exposed. The consequence will be the subject of another report.)

Figure 4.14 shows the improvement over the Dr. Liang Engine

The Intelligent Chips at the outer cylinder are replaced by a magnetic field. The ICs in the inner cylinder are programmed so that they are N poles on one side and S poles on the other to provide a clockwise pulse force.  The Magnetic Field can be very strong and all IC chips contribute to the Pulse Force.

We seek investment to further develop this generation of Cosmic Energy Machines. Please contact Mr. Stephen Chan, Marketing Manager, China Venture Capital Research Institute (Tel: 852 9184 4277) for investment details.

5. Summary

The summary is modified from our PCT patent application. (PCT/IB05/00138)

This invention uses the corrected theory of the pendulum to extract energy from gravitational fields. A pulse force applied to a pendulum can lead out gravitational energy.  The energy can be changed into electrical energy such as allowing the metallic string of the pendulum to cut a magnetic field.  The oscillation motion will slow down but the pulse force will lead out gravitational energy to speed it up again. The oscillation motion can be changed into a rotational motion for a more efficient operation.  The same technique can be applied to magnetic or electrical fields.

We have effectively solved the World Energy Crisis. Oil is no longer a strategic material and there is no need to go to war over it.  World Peace is one step closer.  Modern Wealth will be the quality and quantity of Meaningful Economic Activities.  Such Activities are infinite.  The World can embark on the path leading to the Wisdom Society.  Ignorance and Poverty will be history.

Thank you for reporting the work of my team (Lawrence Tseung et al) in the past.
Now we have something more concrete and interesting to demonstrate to the World.  We now have a Pulse Motor that has been demonstrated to over 25,000 persons in two Open Shows in Hong Kong (InnoCarnival09 in November 2009 and Inno Design Tech Expo in December 2010.)
The Pulse Motor Wheel was developed by Mr. Tong Po Chi with my guidance using the Lead-Out Energy Theory.  The Wheel had a 60 cm rotor with 16 equally spaced magnets.  There were 15 corresponding air coils that could be configured as a Drive Coil or as a Collector Coil. The remaining position was used by a Proximity Switch.
The operation is as follows:
1.    The Input Power comes from a 12 V battery.

2.    Once switched on, the Wheel might start to rotate by itself or by hand if it happened to stop at one of the “dead positions”.

3.    The Proximity Switch was set so that when a magnet on the rotor passed next to it, it would pass current via a relay to the Drive Coils.  It would stop passing current when the magnet moved away.

4.    The Proximity Switch could be adjusted so that the current passed through the Drive Coils when the magnets moved slightly passed the center of these Coils.  These Coils became temporary magnets repelling the magnets to provide the Pulse Force.

5.    The Coils would show no magnetic properties as soon as the magnets moved away as they were AIR coils.

6.    The Drive Coils were connected in parallel and the Collector Coils were connected in series.

7.    The Input Power was measured with DC Voltmeters and amp meters across the Drive Coils.

8.    The Output Power was measured after converting the AC to DC across the Collector Coils.

9.    When 10 Drive Coils and 5 Collector Coils were used, the Output Power as measured from the meters was greater than the Input Power.  The actual COP (Output/Input) varied with the external load (1-3 3 watt lamps or a 47 Ohm resistor) and Proximity Switch tuning.  The value varied from 1.8 to 4.2!
We now openly invite independent experts to verify the experimental results in Hong Kong.  The Tong Wheel is now at the Office of Dr. James Wong of the Institute of Energy (IOE) of Hong Kong.  You can email me to arrange for a suitable time.

How it Works

Innovation – The Story of Lawrence Tseung (3.3 Mb; doc) - Author: Lawrence C. N. Tseung; Editor: Miss Forever Yuen; Draft on Sept 4, 2008(The file is a draft review copy of a coming book.)

"In the Cosmic Energy Machines, we are NOT trying to create energy. We are using a Pulse Force to Lead Out energy. The layman’s analogy is using a bucket to pour water from a large tank at the top of a hill. The energy of water flowing down the hill is NOT the muscle energy. The energy of water flowing down the hill is mainly the potential energy of water already available." Itseung888

"The Lee-Tseung theory predicts that both gravitational and electron motion energy can be lead out via pulse force at resonance on oscillating, vibrating, rotating or flux change systems. The ideal pulse force for a simple pendulum can be thought of as the pull applied perpendicular to the arc of motion when the pendulum bob is at the maximum displaced position. The detailed mathematical proof is via the analysis of the simple pendulum during the application of the ideal pulse force. The pulse force increases the tension of the string and leads out gravitation energy. For a horizontal pulse force, two parts of pulse energy can lead out approximately one part of gravitational energy. This gives a Coefficient of Performance (COP or output energy/input energy) of 1.5 during the application of the pulse. Some forum members did not appreciate the qualifying statement of “during the application? and thought that the pulsed pendulum was a COP =1.5 system as a whole.

This misunderstanding is corrected here:

(1) Let the time at which pulse force is applied be T pulse

(2) Let the time of oscillation of the pendulum be T oscillation

(3) Let Tpulse be 1/100 of T oscillation. This represents the real case of pushing a swing and then let go. Most of the swinging time has NO pulse force.

(4) Let the system during the NO pulse force period be very efficient. Assume the COP is 1.0.

(5) The overall COP for such a system is not 1.5 and should be calculated as follows: 1.0 + (1.5 –1)*1/100 (Spreading the higher efficiency over the total time) = 1.0 +0.005 = 1.005

(6) In the real world, the pendulum has COP less than 1 during the NO pulse force period. Thus the net result of the real pulsed pendulum is less than 1.

(7) In order to get the real pulsed pendulum to exceed 1, we have to do one or more of the following:

Increase the number of pulses per unit time
Increase the pulse period
One practical way is to change the pulsed oscillation of the pendulum to the pulsed rotation of a cylinder.
With a pulse- rotating cylinder, we can increase the number of pulse points; increase the rotational speed; increase the mass at the rim; and increase the diameter of the cylinder to lead out the larger amount of gravitational energy.

The gravitational energy is not created but lead out. Patent offices, scientists and many inventors have not understood this lead out energy source in the past. Use of this lead out energy does not violate the law of conservation of energy." 

Overunity Pulse Motor by Mr. Tong and Dr. Lawernce Tseung

"The secrets of making an overunity pulse motor: To bring your pulse motor into overunity mode there is a subtle balance between the shape and sizes of coils and magnets, size of the wheel, speed of the wheel, timing of the pulses, and the ratio of generator coils compared to motor coils. This unit has 16 magnets, 1 of the magnets is passing the sensor, 10 of the magnets are passing motor coils (connected in parallel), and 5 of the magnets are passing generator coils (connected in series). The input is around 1.8 Watts DC, and the output (after rectification) is around 2.3 Watts DC.

As you can see this design is very simple and was just made as a proof of concept. Major improvements are underway.
Two hints for those trying to build their own pulse motors: 1. High speeds are not necessarily better. 2. A smooth running wheel is certainly not better. It is the jerkiness between generator mode and when the drive pulse hits the magnets that allows for the overunity potential of the electromagnetic fields to be extracted.

Please help support the brilliant work of Mr. Tong and Dr. Tseung. If your local University would like to purchase a simple overunity demonstration kit, we can send you the parts and the complete set up procedures. The set up process is very important and must be done in a careful way." (YouTube; February 04, 2010)

Circuit explained

"Oops, I made a mistake. Of course the sensor goes directly to the pulsing unit and the battery goes directly to the meters. The pulsing unit allows current to pass from the battery to the coils. The output goes through the meters and to a 3KW light. There is a little Back EMF being picked up by the drive coils before they fire which can be seen by the meter when you switch it to AC. However this is just being discarded for now. Those green laser sensors with the rainbow wires are not being used at this time." (YouTube; February 04, 2010)

Other Links : and search on "ltseung888"

Presenting the Lee-Tseung Lead Out theory and Principles of the Flying Saucer

Lawrence Tseung

Institute Of Energy
Sept 8, 2008

Law of Conservation of Energy
Essence of the Theory

When a sideward pull is applied to a simple pendulum, the lead out gravitational energy is equal to The vertical component of the tension of the string times the vertical component of the displacement.
So long as there is tension on the string, gravitational energy will be Lead Out.
The ideal Lee-Tseung Pull is when the direction of pull is tangential.

Using Gravitational Energy ... Inspiration from the swing or pendulum ... Review of Physics

(1) Parallelogram of Forces ... Experimental Set Up ... Review of Physics

(2) Modified for the Pendulum ... Experimental Set up ... Review of Physics

(3) Work done (energy spent) ... When we are given the two end Positions A and B We can detect difference in Potential Energy and hence Work Done. However, the Force and/or Displacement functions can vary... Actual work done or energy spent can be different! ... Different ways of moving from Position A to Position B (a) ... Different ways of moving from Position A to Position B (b) ... Different ways of moving from Position A to Position B (c) ... Experimental Set up ... Review of Physics

(4) The Lee-Tseung Pull
We now introduce one particular way of moving the pendulum bob from Position A to B ... The horizontal scale is kept as horizontal as possible with a slight upward movement of the hand to get from Position A to B ... This horizontal pull will cause the tension of the top scale to increase... Gravitational energy is Lead Out!!! ...  The fourth and fifth way of pulling the pendulum ... Review of Physics

(5) Use of Gravitational Energy ... Use of Gravitational energy is not new ... Turbine at dam generates electricity...
Water get evaporated and come down as rain to fill dam again ... Can we shorten this cycle? ... Yes.  Tension of String of Pendulum Bob can do work. ..The mathematics will be explained in the following slides.

Force Considerations in using Gravitational Energy
Displacement Consideration
Work = Force x Displacement
Work = Force x Displacement (vector)
Hori work = F x Lsin(a)
Vert work = Mg x L(1- cos(a))
Hori work is done by the externally supplied force F
Vert work is done by gravity via the tension of the string.

Substituting the actual values
Assume M=60Kg, g=9.8m/s/s. L=1m. F=1/6 of Mg. Angle a = 9.46 degrees, T1=Mg/cos(a), we get:
Horizontal work done by F (horizontal energy) = 16.10728 Joules
Vertical work done by Gravity through String
= 8.0069 joules
The ratio  hori energy/vert energy is thus = 16.10728/8.0069
= 2.014
* Approximate 2 parts Horizontal Energy Lead Out 1 part Vertical Energy

Summary of discussion so far
When we pull the pendulum with a horizontal force, work is done.
Tension in the string also does work!
This work is done by Gravity via the String
This work is stored as energy in the pendulum system
This is the Lead Out energy...

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