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City landscape water body alga-controlling and pollutant-removing device

Inventor(s):     LIJUAN QIU, etal.

The invention relates to a city landscape water body alga-controlling and pollutant-removing device. In the device of the invention, the inside of a hexahedron frame is divided into two spaces along a direction against the current, namely a front V1 space and a back V2 space, a suspending biological packing ball with a diameter of 15mm is arranged in the V1 space, and pebbles with a diameter of 20mm loaded with tetrasilver tetroxide are arranged in the V2 space. The invention overcomes the separate defects of the drainage control, sediment release technology, the manual aeration technology, the bioremediation technology and the chemical alga-killing technology. The invention integrates the biological and electrochemical methods to degrade the organic pollutants in water body and control the growth of alga in water body so that through the combination action of the biological and electrochemical methods, alga in water body is hard to grow and propagate largely while the pollutants are removed; the biological film on the surface of the suspending biological packing ball grows to absorb the organic pollutants in water body; and the pebbles loaded with tetrasilver tetroxide adopts theelectric field function of the microcell to effectively kill alga microorganisms in water and inhibit the growth of alga.



The present invention relates to a decontamination device, and more particularly to an urban landscape water algae control decontamination devices.

Background technique

With the continuous development of China's urbanization, people are more and more attention to the quality of living environment.
Many urban green space, parks, residential quarters, the artificial lakes and other water bodies emerging landscape.

But many urban landscape water pollution problems have emerged in varying degrees, water eutrophication smelly and quite serious, which not only seriously affect the visual effect of the surrounding landscape, the loss of landscape water features, but also people living environment degradation, influence urban ecological construction, therefore, the landscape water contaminated governance and repair has become essential.

Prior to the present invention, the existing control water and organic growth of algae polluting technologies are: control drainage, sediment release technology, artificial aeration, bioremediation technology and chemical algae technology.

Defect control drainage, sediment release technology is huge engineering investment, can not promote the application; artificial aeration technology is artificial REOXYGENATION machinery and equipment, improve the dissolved oxygen concentration, and create conducive conditions for aquatic ecosystem, but the technology is not only large investment and need a higher daily operation and management costs, poor operability; bioremediation technology is a good way, which uses specific biological pollutants to water absorption, transformation or degradation, to reduce or eliminate water pollution, restore biological measures of water ecological function, this technology can effectively remove some of the water bodies organic matter, however, this technique can not control water algae; chemical algae technology, mainly by adding chemicals to kill algae microorganisms, but not completely, only emergency use, while also cause secondary pollution.


The purpose of the present invention is that to overcome the above drawbacks, design and development of a city landscape water algae control decontamination devices.

Aspect of the present invention are:

An urban landscape water algae control decontamination unit, its main technical characteristics that meet within the framework of the six-sided flow direction divided into two spaces before and after the V1 and V2, V1 built-diameter suspension biological packing ball, V2 built-diameter carrier tetroxide four silver pebbles.

Advantages and effects of the present invention is that at an appropriate density of the device is mounted, suspended biological filler ball through the surface of the biofilm growth, adsorption degradation of organic pollutants in water; tetroxide four silver pebbles contained through micro-battery electric field, effectively killing destroy algae microbes, inhibit algae growth and reduce water chlorophyll a concentration, so as to achieve the effect of water purification decontamination of algae control.

The device enables the chlorophyll a decreased level of 60-80%, which controls the water concentration in algae growth, thereby maintaining the landscape effect of water bodies; at the same time can remove organic contaminants (measured as COD) by more than 40%.

The device consumes no power, no pharmaceutical consumption, is an environmentally friendly, ecological algae control decontamination devices.

The present invention uses biological, electrochemical methods integrated Degradation of organic pollutants and inhibit the growth of algae in the water, through the combined effects of biological, electrochemical methods, in removing contaminants, it also makes a lot of hard water algae growth and reproduction to achieve the landscape water quality improvement and a good subjective feelings.

With respect to the existing drainage control, sediment release technology, artificial aeration, bioremediation technology and chemical algae technology, the present invention pertains to an ecological, environmental technology, the innovation is the use of biological methods and electrochemical methods integrated, non-power consumption and chemical consumption, but also bring secondary pollution.

The device can be long-term improvement of landscape water quality and good subjective feelings, which is the prior art are difficult to compare.

Other advantages and effects of the present invention will continue to be described below.

Brief Description

Showing the structure of the present invention 1-- schematic diagram.

Figure 1 is a sectional view of FIG. 2--.


Figure 1, Figure 2:

Stainless steel tubes welded into cubes frame 1 (according to the actual landscape water, can be any size), the framework for external aperture hexahedron 5mm stainless steel mesh 2 full package; within the framework of a welcome direction of flow divided into before and after the V1 and V2 two spaces, volume ratio of 4:1; V1 Built-in diameter 15mm suspension biological packing balls 3, fill, V2 built a diameter of about 20mm load tetroxide four silver pebbles 4, filled.

Specific application process of the present invention is described:

The present invention is installed in a landscape water algae to be controlled, according to the degree of eutrophication, water flow may have different installation density of water according to the order after the first V1 V2 through both space; means the direction of flow length is generally welcome 1000mm; width of the device is determined based on the width of the positive side, there may be a number of modules; height of the device below the depth of about 200mm.

for example:

A landscape river width 9m, depth 2m, subject to eutrophication of water bodies influence each year from May to October period to adjust the water every two weeks, otherwise serious breeding algae, foul smell.

The present invention is applied to the landscape water that produced wide 9m, height 1.8m control algae decontamination device (by the four modules), installed in 200mm under the river water about; when the water flow over, first into V1, then enter V2, therefore organic pollutants in water obtained in V1 was more fully biodegradable, water is part of the ammonia nitrification and denitrification, the removal of water played a role of organic pollutants and ammonia; then water into the V2, due to the load tetroxide four silver cobblestone micro-cell electric field of algae (a characterized by chlorophyll) most were killed.

V1, V2 result of the combined effects of the water to improve water quality significantly improved sensory effects.

The present invention is first suspended biological filler ball bioremediation, after silver tetroxide four silver cobblestone electrochemical decontamination.

During the first three days, chlorophyll a decreased by 40 percent, 7 days fell by 60%, to the first 30 days, the chlorophyll concentration in the water body is 15 percent installations before water algae growth is controlled at a very low level; and , the first 30 days, the concentration of organic pollutants in the water body (COD) decreased significantly, the original 50%; the first 30 days, water transparency of 0.4m, significantly improved water landscape effect.

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