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Negative Mass Theory
  by  " Pascuser "
I realized an interview of the retired physicist Richard VIALLE ( in French), presenting his negative mass theory, a new model of gravity and of the mass and its applications to antigravity and overunity production of electric power.

Richard VIALLE has elaborated his theory in the beginning of the 80's but as an exceptional fact he also has realized many experiments showing the validity of the theory. He got gravitational anomalies and has created an overunity generator (free energy) running successfully according to his theory. These devices have been replicated and tested independently successfully.

Richard VIALLE first presents us his theory, its basis and foundations and the computations explaining it in a large part of the interview (many videos), then he explains the way the devices he invented work, their schematic and the way to reproduce them. Movies showing these devices working are included, concerning gravity anomalies (negative mass) and overunity.

This interview is the testimony given by Richard VIALLE to mankind, the sum of almost 30 years of work which has been so slightly spread up to now. He doesn't want to make money with it or being glorified; he only wants to spread these ideas so they could be used freely by everybody willing to reproduce the devices and use it for a progress. He is a man with a great ideal.

I spread the work of Richard VIALLE in a French forum attached to the website I created since March 2011. One of the subjects (all in French) dedicated to him and where you will be able to contact Richard VIALLE if you wish so (he is a member of these forums and wishes to use this way only to be in contact).


Interview - Richard VIALLE: Introduction & Part 1 (video 1/7)

Introduction: why this interview was done and who is interviewed (what did he realize?)

Part 1: Mass and Newton's equation of gravitation // Four-dimension-volume: non compressible 4 dimension volume: basis of the theory Radius R0 of gravity expansion // Flow of the 4th space dimension depending on time

Interview - Richard VIALLE: Part 2 & Part 3 (video 2/7)

Part 2: Computation of the time flowing for gravitation in our 3 dimensions from  the 4th one // Use of restricted relativity: modified equation of the flow Gravitational mass moving: existence of negative mass // Alteration of negative mass with acceleration

Part 3:

Experimental set-up realized showing negative mass effects: scale with  spinning disk (many versions) - description // Video of the scale with spinning disk and its abnormal gravitational effects

The scale report:

Interview - Richard VIALLE: Part 4 & Part 5 (video 3/7)

Part 4: Independant replication of the last version of Richard VIALLE's scale by Jean-Paul C.: pictures, movies, scheme, explaination of observed anomalies: experimental set-up

Part 5: Description of the observed effects of the pigtail system (QDC) by Alain B. and changement in electric resistors and of time flow speed // Movies of the runnng device showing abnormal resistor modifications. Alain B.'s testimony of the time flow modification measured with mechanic and electronic chronometer.

Richard VIALLE : Theory of Negative Mass


March 1, 2011

Richard VIALLE\ is a former research physicist whose theories based on classical physics to which he adds a further assumption allowed him to build a brand new physics.

It explains the origin of gravity, mass, defines the negative masses, and the consequences are incalculable (cosmological definition of load, time, etc).

Everything is based on the existence of a fluid situated outside our dimensions between constantly in our three spatial dimensions, for flow. This fluid, incompressible flows in a law that will match all calculations, the law of propagation of a particle subject to the force of gravity. It is according to Richard VIALLE the origin of gravitation.

I started to write an article about the theory of Richard VIALLE form pedagogical explanatory, allowing to understand the meaning. Richard VIALLE wrote a summary of his theory and a number of annexes calculations, but the meaning of the work done, assumptions and interpretations are not indicated. It is precisely this work that I started missing with the beginning of the unfinished article, based on information provided to me after I asked him for months on numerous occasions to clarify its work and give coherence to someone who is not like him, plunged into it.

I quickly finished the sentence suspended sen left to complete the current paragraph writing. If I have time for that I shall finish this later. We already have a good idea of ??what it is of fundamental principles of its work. It certainly still many things including his concepts of electrical ground, and other mass concept he defined for convenience of work equivalence with mechanical principles. He works a lot by analogy with mechanics.

PDF Files:

Introductory article:
[ PDF ]

An article presenting the theory by Richard VIALLE -- his manuscript in 1986, published in Energie et Nature :

The manuscript of Richard VIALLE with a quick summary of his theory :
[ PDF ]

The manuscript of Richard VIALLE with his theory :

Annexes calculation complementary to previous manuscript with his theory :
[ PDF ]

According to the theory of Richard VIALLE, any body set in motion a mass acceleration defined as a conventional mass to which is added a component having the dimension of a mass, but can be negative or positive. This is due to a relativistic calculation described in his theory.

So if you accelerate system somehow, its mass will not be the traditional mass (already assigned for its coefficient of relativistic) but a different mass, which may be smaller due to the "negative mass" and added .

From his theory, Richard has produced VIALLE experience, experience called "balance experiment." Its scale is a balanced system of rod placed on axis, allowing the rotation (like a Roberval balance). One side contains a counterweight, and the other contains a full disk. This disc is rotated by a motor whose speed is controlled with an electronic servo controlled in order to move the rotating disc in a clear acceleration equation (it describes the control disk rotation in his summary, 16 pages to 22a)

The expected acceleration equation simplifies calculations in terms of negative mass and provide for the creation of negative mass in a very precise dynamic evolution. The disc rotates rotated in a transparent plastic box in order not to have the phenomenon of movement of air set in motion by the rotation and disturbing its operation. At rest the balance system perfectly balances mass and negative mass produces an effect of imbalance, which causes it to raise additional set if the mass is negative. This is what happens in their experience.

He was able to control not only the balance but it does raise the dynamics trajectory accurately predicted by the theory. If the disk rotates at a constant speed nothing happens, it is necessary acceleration.

I could see his balance work and unfortunately at that time I had not released the video device. So I have a video that I spent working, which is very average but showing the system.

He presented the balance 25 years ago peers at university. None could find out what made it lift, although tried to think of different effects. cons but instead to focus on this, they were blind, not interested, because it would necessarily be explained by the known laws, even if they were unable to say how many ... known laws do not explain precisely. Continuing to insist, to produce a conference to present his work colleagues decided that all this was their task on high prestige scientific proponents of the dogmas of science. They succeeded in making administrative pressures that led to the forced retirement of Richard VIALLE at a young age, in his forties.

Since then he has continued his work and glimpsed other consequences of his theory. This is the same theory that led him to develop a different experience to see a gravitational anomaly, which I'll explain here, and I've tested.

He also, with the same theory always able to build an over-unity electric generator. Left behind for 30 years should not rely on public services to support it. He was able to find private sponsors with whom he was linked to this development.

However, it has been derived yet another different system, always using the principles of his theory, producing electrical energy so over-unity. I have also been able to reproduce this work and the effects we have seen together: we manage to reduce the consumption of input when the output produces an excess of energy.

The results of the first exit were modest so far, enough to light a flashlight only (with an outfit worthy of the heavy hammer to achieve this result and wasting hundreds of watts in power supplies used to power any laboratory this), it remains only a principle experimental development that requires yet.

But over-unity was measured and is by appointment. This is exceptional and measured!

Experiments have shown since the possibility to extract much more energy and circuitry dedicated steering eliminates hundreds of watts of laboratory apparatus. It is gradually approaching a usable system.

For the electronic scale there is no levitation; this is not a loss of mass that is actually entered, but an anomaly that disrupts the bridge resistances of tensile testing of the balance. The balance of tensile testing serves as a bridge or ohmmeter improved. This is an electronic problem.

The effects of change in resistance due to the negative mass generates a center of gravity that additional changes the overall center of gravity of the pigtail, according to the theory of Richard.

Displayed negative mass is again not a decrease in mass at all. The question is whether, in addition to the effect of change in resistance that occurs, how the RF signal going back through the filter of the multimeter or Wheatstone bridge deck for tensile testing of electronic balance, cause disturbance of the control electronics (HF currents induced in the chips). There is a part of electronic disturbance pure radiation and by modifying the strength of the material sensor.

Where there was evidence of a change in the position of the center of gravity is precisely with the balance Roberval; mechanical it has just been done. Electronic scale can explain how search frequency anomaly. We have a range of 3 to 5MHz to observe anomalies, with a peak not too sharp anyway.

Electronic balance proves nothing in itself because it has added two phenomena, but that of Roberval is the sinews of war. Tests revolve around it. The change in resistance is a plus.

Explanation of how the pigtail works, according to the theory of Richard Vialle

All matter has mass gravitational acceleration (subject to the gravitational attraction spoke Newton's law) varies according to the acceleration. The law of acceleration to calculate the mass as an alpha coefficient equal to times the mass that defines the rest.

M '= alpha. M. gamma M: classical gravitational mass
1/racine gamma = (1-v / c ) = 1 for some non-relativistic particle
So in the nonrelativistic case we have:

M '= alpha. M

and alpha is calculated as being equal to:
alpha = 1-x/2-x / 2 where x is a coefficient which is calculated using the equation of acceleration

So we get:
M '= (1-x/2-x / 2). M = M-M. (X / 2 + x / 2) = M-delta (M)
delta (M) represents the negative weight is calculated as a fraction of the mass M at rest.

Therefore any mass M undergoing acceleration will behave as a mass M '= M-delta (M) will be different from the mass M at rest.

And as delta (M) can take values ??greater if we arrange for that, we can make delta (M) = M which case M = 0, ie the mass is degravitation (levitation) . With delta (M)> M we even repulsion (antigravity).

When I say we can arrange for delta (M) large, and that means get a large x and this is achieved for high acceleration. So you need technical prowess acceleration for effects degravitation total.

Experience the balance of Richard V. illustration of this is the case (but without acceleration prowess that would fly the balance). The equation mounted disk speed is calculated for x to be a constant (x depends on the time normally for quite some acceleration).

Thus in the case of the scale, alpha is constant and negative mass created is constant. The scale is balanced to compensate and delta M (M) manifests itself by a imbalance. This imbalance following the repulsion of negative mass consistent with the Earth .. This is true in the time measurements trajectory balance justly according to the law under acceleration calculated. According to another law does not balance this behavior uniform which supports the theory of Richard, not only the balance rises under the action of a delta (M), but it is well calculated according to the law by Richard V.

For the pigtail, the principle is very different cons. Richard V. finally determined that any sending system flow ether is a system having a mass. The mass is precisely measuring the leakage of the flow of ether. It defines the speed of gravity as the escape velocity of the flow. It is equal to the speed of light at the surface of the core area of ??the exhaust stream (radius R0 of his theory, surface vortex transmitter ether in our three dimensions from the fourth dimension) from the core material and slows down with distance.

It seems that there are also waves in the flow of ether. They spread the gravitation speed of light and are characterized by the gravitational attraction the mass attracts mass or Repulse through waves that travel flows. But this requires that these flows are first connected, they are interpenetrated (joined in some way, which can be very long knowing that flow away slowing down more gradually as that it away, even very very slowly far enough, it can take hundreds of years to the flow of the center of the earth comes to the surface, but reassure us, the Earth has been around longer, so everything is bathed in, and vice versa, matter that exists is long enough that its flow has reached any earthly object).

But it was determined that an electric field or a magnetic field is accompanied by a flow of ether. The electric charge is according to the theory of Richard V. an indicator of the entry point of the flow from the fourth dimension ether. An electric field is a marker of the presence of electric charges, so the flow stream of ether.

So when there is an electric field, there is a flow of ether, and thus an equivalent mass. He calls this mass of "effective mass". But this mass there (which is just equivalent to the flow of leaking ether locally in our dimensions) is not gravitational mass, which is subject to gravitational attraction. The idea of Richard about this is that the flow of newly ether led by the electric field propagates too slowly to reach the center of the Earth to connect to the emission flux and interactions produce waves that s 'exchange really, or that stream, which seems to disappear with the electric field in the presence of conductive material which disperses is no longer there ... the cause is not yet clear.

But the fact is: the effective mass supply is not subject to the Earth's gravitational attraction (experimental fact. In the theory of Richard V.; several things are not experimental facts and theoretical assumptions, when tested previously made; theory therefore built with support points experimental).

The pigtail is wound to power the system by HF current whose frequency is calculated relative to the size of the internal thread of 6mm to excite electrons orbiting peripherally. These electrons are excited into resonance sinusoidal agitation and away and approach movement of the core back and forth with an amplitude which is increasing at resonance. So we have a resonant effect. Richard V. an equation for calculating the resonant frequency, which is not in the documents that I have provided, I have on notepads, from its reasoning. For 6mm wire gives a frequency near 160MHz memory (the formula is empirical part, using a specific measure that needs to be refined). It is not random party on 165MHz: he looked around the calculated frequency.

To lower the frequency, increase the diameter of the wire section. For down to reasonable values in kilohertz should be of diameter to tens of meters (impossible!!)

The electrons thus excited will produce a coherent electric field oscillating between the nucleus and the electrons and this field (its rms value; averaged sinusoids) which will create the issuance of ether, creating an effective mass electric. So pigtail creates effective mass at the right frequency by a resonance effect. Finally it's Keely with EM fields to excite ether (personal observation).

But as has been said here this mass does not cause repulsion of the Earth is not gravitational mass. So do not expect to use it to lift anything. To lift something you need to use the principle of the rotating disk.

However, the effective mass created obeys the laws he established the masses: the mass created can be negative as well. And there with electric fields it is easy to calculate that for electrons created negative mass is very large, much more than the mass of material containing these electrons. So we can create an intense negative ground if desired, but it is nothing a priori because this mass is neither attraction nor repulsion of gravity. It was still a phenomenon at the time of startup and shutdown of the system then the negative mass is created or destroyed, and this appears to emit a gravitational wave which propagates in her flow and ambient ether is detected: this is the "reaction" of the negative effective mass created by Richard: it is drawn.

The theory says that once Richard negative mass created, its ether flow is attracted by gravity produced by the local center of the earth in which it is immersed, because the flow of the Earth reaches us from the time that exists (this flow is slow Earth's surface) and so it has not been able to reach the center of the Earth to connect to the vortex to create the repulsive force in return as the only force between the Earth and the mass there, like any good negative ground should be done according to our concepts, it will also be drawn as if it were a positive mass. It is therefore drawn as positive by the local ground and pushed also by the local, but these will cease (or will be less prevalent) when a connection is established between the vortex. Probably this connection allows the passage of gravitational waves between them and these waves will predominate cause for Newtonian effects. It will therefore be rejected locally by the fact that it is a negative ground. These local effects are not binding effects with the vortex center R0 land. It does not seem to be capable of emitting gravitational waves to create the link to the speed of light and the only repulsion and undergo back.

This means that negative mass is both drawn (the "reaction", not just ignition and extinction) and extended: that's what makes it no use to us this effective mass electric. This causes it again differ from the gravitational mass which is capable of producing these gravitational waves at the speed of light and behave as a mass which cooperates with a single component: attraction and repulsion if positive if negative.

All this is not very clear to me, Richard seems to find a coherent explanation for this subject as me, but it still lacks things to understand. It's research is the explanation may not be correct.

One thing is interesting cons: the center of gravity of the system is changed. We can calculate the position of the center of gravity of the entire system as the center of gravity of the weight is assigned negative negative mass and mass of the negative mass affected by positive "response", so that the mass of material constituting the remainder of the pigtail.

But what is interesting, is that the point of application of the forces of attraction of positive masses is the center of gravity of the solid is not the same as that of negative mass is the centroid of electrons oscillating. The center of gravity of the solid can be modified by adding various pieces of cardboard and wooden rods or other hanging to one side, in which case it is not the geometric center of the pigtail. It has been tested by changing the position of the center of gravity of the solid Roberval balance with such processes. One can also change the position of the center of gravity relative to the center of the Earth by placing the pigtail higher or lower (counts is the ratio of the distances between the two centers of gravity; report changes when climbing or down the pigtail, hence the idea to lift up or to switch the trays down or up initially).

However, the negative mass has its application center at the geometric center of the pigtail, which is the geometric center of all the excited electrons. The fact create this distance between the two centers of gravity or to change the position that the equivalent mass of gravity (center of gravity is to the gravitational masses) of the entire system (assigned to its center of gravity total) equals a coefficient that is equal, by calculating the relative positions of the two centers of gravity relative to the center of the earth (it is shown by the calculations of Richard V., again not in its documents, notes elsewhere). Therefore the system behaves as if its total mass gravitational varied; through this distance from the center of gravity of the pigtail its geometric center.

So in the end we measure gravitational mass depends on whether the centers of gravity are at different positions relative to the center of the Earth.

This explanation, according to Richard the idea of how his pigtail works. So do not expect miracles, but by increasing the distance between the center of gravity can be obtained more significant results.

There are many things that Richard is also in limbo. Why effective electrical ground is not working as gravitational mass: it is found experimentally, but not explained. How the connection between the vortex R01 particulate matter causes gravitational link and why not if, etc.. He touched the ideas about it, but nothing is final. It has the merit of being able to offer the experience at the end of the theory and has given a result, both for its balance imbalance for the pigtail, and the effects calculated for the balance imbalance to correspond to the equations of the theory, and also that the same ideas are applied to the successful completion of the electrical generator.

It has powerful intuitions. It is believed to be able to apply the principle of the mechanical oscillation of the electrons special capacitor to produce the levitation force multiplied by the balance of 1000 or more and levitate an object using electrical principles not to produce a mass effective electrical but to use mechanical acceleration of the electrons excited around the core. Indeed these electrons mechanically actuated by the electric fields have a movement acceleration and produce them, a true negative gravitational mass. but calculations show that there is negligible mass and does not play a role in the pigtail.

However with special capacitors; where the electrical permittivity values reach hitherto unmatched (materials that appear to exist in the field of research) by creating a sphere condenser (capacitor between the center and outer surface with high permittivity dielectric between the two) and he applies his theory by injecting an RF signal at the right frequency and voltage successful on paper to really levitate stuff. Until then his ideas on paper proved true. For him it is the next step: a real antigravity effective. Hardware issue now. it's been 1 year and a half on the idea that there is

Although less spectacular than the rotating disc, I find that the experience of the pigtail is much more interesting from a theoretical point of view is research on a real hole in space or QDC weighs more according to the same angle of equilibrium. An idea to the con, but hey, I wonder if we had to make a quarter turn to the balance if the phenomenon was still present? Determine if the object or space that changes according to the results and to return the balance to the initial point. The idea is that gravity or atmosphere in this place do not have the same properties (like a hole, a small hole for a while)

You get a static, without mechanical rotation.

For the pigtail, it has been the Roberval balance in the same place, but before that (and after that as well) was tested with another Roberval balance had Richard, who was also on the table with his pigtail memory effect. This is the pigtail effect that carries with him.

In the theory of Richard there emerges a ball ether issued by the pigtail, which is negative ground. The ball, which he calls "bubble" is attached to the pigtail and moves with it. With pigtail memory effect (which turned long) this bubble continues to exist all the time. She did not say anything empty. It contains energy (amount of ether) so important for cumulative effect, it never resolves (in fact I think it takes a long time for that ultra reaches the completely empty). Pigtail without memory effect, it is the same principle, except that the duration of power is low and the bubble creates a small volume of ether. When you cut it empties too slowly, but the volume created is so small that it is finally completely empty fast enough.

So pigtail carries with it the bubble. One can indeed wonder if the bubble leaves traces in space (empty if traces of their footprint ether). Hard to say and not tested.

But there is even more fantastic! The weather changes.

Richard showed in his theory that the time measured locally in the "bubble" change. This is part of its equations.

He therefore tried to test it on several occasions. I brought an hourglass kitchen last time, but an hourglass that takes 30sec to flow with an accuracy of 2s .... much that I did not measured. I wanted a non-electronic and could not find a style purely mechanical watch last century.

Richard was able to test over several hours and observe an offset time measurement between an electronic watch with quartz placed in the field of the bubble; nearby, several tens of centimeters and another on the outside (to the one to Outside he uses his computer is plugging into the website that gives GMT copied atomic clock, it has the advantage of reading a time that is always accurate and precise and independent away from the measurement location to final).

Noting the early hours of experience in the watch and clock atomic finds it after a few hours the quartz accuses several seconds faster than the atomic clock at the end of test.

He repeated the experience away from the machine, outside of any "bubble" and the same time he looks at what is the lag of the watch (which as all watches is never exact) and makes the difference: there are many more seconds apart, which means that the quartz watch has really slowed more in the area of exposure to the bubble to its normal rhythm.

But for me this is not significant, it was seen that the pigtail emits EM waves with a certain power removed, so it disturbs the logical electronic watch and it is not significant; hence the idea of finding a pure mechanical clock.

He was able to administer a stopwatch style old; without internal electronics and repeated the experiment with a witness (who lent him the mechanical clock).

Over a period of 3 hours of operation of the pigtail, mechanical chrono located a few tens of centimeters of the tail e pig operation, the clock accuses 8 seconds less than the atomic clock at the end of test. same experience rebuilt away from the machine, machine cut, the accused 1s chrono less than the atomic clock. So it accredits highly weather modification under Richard.

What is interesting with the theory of Richard, is that everything comes from a single initial premise with added significance, the entry of a fluid in our dimensions, and for the rest it uses classical physics without change. But that his whole theory is built as a result of this single point has implications for mass, time, etc. he sought to verify these multiple points and independent a priori seem to be true. This is the same theory he developed are also self-perpetuating; same principle.

Should be very extensive further testing of the time change. Chrono test with several mechanical, electronic (atomic quartz) and test several varying distances from the pigtail to test a law of diminishing time depending on the distance, etc.. All this remains to be done and is exciting to be tested.

I recall that the idea is just Richard others reproduce its assembly to test the veracity of his claims and more experimental, and discover how it works, it has indeed worked very theory but has yet to improve to explain unknown points and prove that these anomalous effects are good as he says reproducing.

Richard V. made other tests with the pigtail, outside of the Roberval balance. I have these videos and pictures (made with a friend of Richard V. who often assists in his experiments, I will call Alain B.) in my archives and you see here:

Acceleration of the flywheel cut:

A motor composed of a steering wheel turns in on itself under the pigtail fed. A photoelectric cell counts the number of revolutions of the engine.

The detection is connected to a frequency meter. One reads the rotational frequency here.

The pigtail is supplied over during this time. Then cuts power to the pigtail ... the engine is then subjected to brief acceleration, it is read on the frequency in a short time. Then the engine starts to turn to normal.

This is the reaction of the negative mass flywheel which thus manifests itself, reducing its mass for a fraction of a second (which is conductive screen located below the engine for those who think to harm a induction in the motor winding. induction .. especially with a 165MHz engine ....).

Response on the oscilloscope accelerometer:

The pigtail is placed above an accelerometer. The principle of this electronic accelerometer is explained in another video. Must be supplied by the accelerometer housing (gray wire in the picture is connected to the gray box behind it will clarify the other video explanation of the accelerometer) and measure the voltage output on another gray wire that goes to the box and returns the measured voltage via the box to an outlet (on the photo output is connected to a multimeter and it is this output is then connected to the oscilloscope)

Connection of accelerometer on a cathode ray oscilloscope with slow scan. Throughout the beginning of the experiment, the CRT heater and sudden movements of the beam is not visible damage. So we do not see the sudden jump after powering the pigtail. But seen against the sudden jump after switching off the pigtail. This jump in the accelerometer is the sign of the reaction mass is negative for a fraction of a second without compensation and causes a detectable negative ground.

During operation of the pigtail can be seen that the voltage reading (measurement of the accelerometer) on the oscilloscope is a constant value above the reference off (it was originally set up on the line of zero volts oscilloscope). This is most likely due to the phenomenon already repeatedly observed that the resistance of materials exchange, exposed to the pigtail. The winding resistance of the accelerometer changing, the measured value of the terminal voltage is no longer the original one. What is interesting is the surge voltage after power, after returning to the initial value at the end of video, show the reaction of negative mass (and again, this takes place AFTER power off the tail pig, not immediately, you can not talk artifact induction in HF devices ...)

A video where I was present (with Alain and Richard B. V.), and another accelerometer, here is the explanation of the principle:

Electronic accelerometer: explanations operation. It is powered by an electronic system and produces a measurable voltage (because it is powered by a housing provided for this) which depends on the local gravity that attracts an internal mass which moves in a sense coil. The rest in the video.

I just suddenly realized ... just take the transmitter GM300 and not throw the transmitter part! Just keep the transmitter and that whole issue without modulating, mute the microphone input for the carrier only. The frequency is not adjustable in the range 20/25/30KHz 146 to 174MHz.

So the solution was all stupid and cheap. Not require the generator or transmitter to tinker too.

Why I did not think of this before? While reading the message Obelix who says amateur radio transmit power and in the right frequency in 100Watts.

So we have the SOLUTION for a CHEAP power everything easily: a transmitter that works and mute the microphone input as a modulation source.

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