Marcel VIOLET
Vitalized Water
Marcel Violet and Vitalised Water?

In 1961, Marcel Violet, engineer of arts and professions and recognised inventor and scientist of his time, gave the only public lecture of his life during which he revealed his discovery of vitalised water.

This revelation was later published as a book: "The Secret of the Patriarchs: Essay on the Nature of Biological Energy - Perspective on its Use in the Field of Self-Defense and as a Factor of Rejuvenation". In regards to his work, and after successful experiments, Rene Bartholomew himself exclaimed:
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"We may find ourselves in the presence of the greatest discovery of the century"
Vitalised water was discovered, tested and perfected in the laboratories of the army, as Marcel Violet  worked in the Armament's General Management for many years, together with the greatest scientists of the time. They thus discovered that properly treated water was capable of confering new and unknown forces to living organisms. It was observed that the spontaneous cure of serious illness is possible but rare, and that vitalised water can stimulate this curious phenomenon. Experiments were conducted and undoubtedly showed that this water increased crop yields and growth of livestock. While he was sentenced by medicine, Marcel Violet decided to test his discovery on himself without moderation. It is to this audacity that he attributed his survival.

The vitalised water was tested on an entire hospital: doctors, patients, women in childbirth and maintenance personnel with such favorable results that it was intended for general use. A positive opinion was issued by the National Academy of Medicine in 1958:

"Experiments on animals or humans, especially convalescents, were made by various doctors either at their clients' homes or in hospitals. They showed that a dose of 25 cm3 three times a day caused a decrease in fatigue, improving the overall condition. After reviewing the record, our committee admitted that through this method, elements that have a positive effect on cellular life can be introduced and they recognised the value of such treated water."
Medicine lost interest in vitalised water because in view of its composition, water is just water and not a drug. ;-)

"In search of a definition of life itself, a great biologist, Fred Vles, professor of biological physics at the University of Strasbourg, gives biology the following definition: 'Biology is for the most part the science of water.' Indeed, it appears that water is always necessary for life. Wherever there is life there is water, and where there is no water, there is no life." According to Marcel Violet, cosmic rays are the ones that give water the properties that enable it to organise life.

He discovered that beeswax, properly prepared, is a selective filter of cosmic radiation, all of which is explained in detail in the conference. The Magnetic Fountain integrates this discovery, while incorporating the resonant frequency of the Cosmic C, which constitutes an additional vital information. How to check this, is explained in two minutes. We owe the magnetic resonance characteristics found in the Magnetic Fountain to the works of the great and underrated Nikola Tesla.

The Magnetic Fountain also contains a magnetic vortex, a sort of swirling magnetic field, which rotates the water molecules. All serious chemists know that the water molecule is electrically asymmetrical, so it aligns with magnetic fields. The Magnetic Fountain's vortex is made based on the work of Schauberger. A short film on the website helps us understand the presence and effect of the vortex due to its spinning top. Another film which shows and explains the water vortex is also available for free.    [ PDF ]


The apparatus of Marcel Violet

Peter Keene


laboratory glassware, resonator, coils, electromagnet, electrodes, plexiglass, modified tesla coil
1,60m x 0,40m x 0,40m

Improvements in or relating to a device for the magnetic and electrical treatment of water and other materials
FR1142722 (A) // GB852733 (A)

Marcel Violet


I, MARCEL VIOLET, a French citizen, of 17, Rue Paul Bertin, Nanterre (Seine), France, do hereby declare the invention, for which I pray that a patent may be granted to me, and the method by which it is to be performed, to be particularly described in and by the following statement:

This invention relates to a device for the magnetic and electrical treatment of water and other materials.

Certain materials, such as water (including mineral water), alcohol, wine, fatty substances and various medicinal creams, when subjected to the action of a treating device supplying high frequency oscillating electrical or electromagnetic energy sources, of artificial or natural form (e.g. telluric or cosmic), may undergo modifications in some of their properties. For example, it has been possible to observe a modification of the pH value and resistivity of water when it is distilled two or three times and passed through such a treating device having metal electrodes of, for example, gold, aluminium, magnesium, or copper. In addition, by such treatment there may be dispersed in water, in colloidal or other form, metals normally insoluble in water, the concentration of the metal in the treated water having a definite value for each metal.

Also it is possible to observe the beneficial effect of the treated water on human beings, animals, fruit and vegetables. For example, treated water containing copper, produced an improvement in the yield of vegetables obtained per acre, and an improvement in the weight of fruit produced.

The present invention concerns an apparatus for subjecting materials first to the action of oscillatory magnetic energy and then to the action of artificial or natural electrical oscillations taken either from an aerial or from the electrical supply system operating as such, and filtered or amplified by the elements of the apparatus.

According to the present invention there is provided an apparatus for subjecting a material first to the action of oscillatory magnetic energy and then to the action of artificial or natural sources of oscillatory electrical energy, which apparatus comprises a first means for subjecting the material under treatment to the action of an oscillating magnetic field and a second means for subjecting the material under treatment, after it leaves the first means, to high frequency electrical oscillations, said second means including a fixed condenser, having a dielectric composed principally of bee's wax, and one or more electrodes, the electrode(s) serving to transmit the electrical oscillations to the material under treatment

The second means may also include a rotary condenser and a source of alternating current, or an aerial, connected to the fixed condenser, for receiving cosmic or telluric waves.

The term "high frequency" is used as meaning a frequency of the order of 1024 oscillations per second.

The term "electrode," which is not used in the normal sense since there is no passage of current, means a member from which an emission of electrical oscillations may take place. The electrodes may consist of a metal, for example, copper, aluminium, silver or gold, or an alloy of two or more of these metals, or a metal coated with a metalloid such as arsenic or antimony, or coated with a - non-metal such as carbon or sulphur. In the latter case, the electrode is made by coating the metal with graphite or by dipping the metal into a sulphur bath.

For a better understanding of the invention, and to show how the same may be carried into effect, reference will now be made by way of example to the accompanying drawing which shows diagrammatically a constructional form of an apparatus according to the present invention.

Referring now to the drawing, the material to be treated, which may be for example water, passes down a tube 1 into a chamber 2, the central portion 3 of which is constricted, and passes between the poles 4 and 5 of an electromagnet 6 fed with alternating current from a supply connected to a connector 18. Thus at any instant, a small volume of material in the constricted portion 3 of the chamber 2, is subjected to the action of a magnetic field oscillating at the frequency of the feed current. On leaving the chamber 2, the material is directed through a tube 7, into a tube 8 containing therein a longitudinally disposed coaxial copper electrode 9, and thence into a receptacle 10 containing a copper electrode 11 similar to the electrode 9. The material travels from one end of the tube 8 to the other before being collected in a storage receptacle 10. The electrodes 9 and 11 are connected to a fixed condenser 12 comprising two sets of parallel metal blades so disposed as to leave between the plates of the first set and those of the second set a space of two or three millimetres. which space is filled with a natural dielectric consisting of bee's wax.

Arranged in parallel with the condenser 12 is a second and rotary condenser actuated by a motor 15, said second condenser comprising two sets of blades 13 and 14, the set of blades 14 being fixed and the set of blades 13 being movable and being driven by the motor 15. Alternatively, said rotary condenser may be connected in series with the fixed condenser 12 and in some cases, the rotary condenser may be replaced by a high-frequency generating device, for example, one involving a quartz-crystal type valve circuit.

Since the apparatus operates with alternating current supplied to the connector 18, that terminal of the connector 18 which when connected to a valve permits the lighting of the valve when the other wire of the valve is connected to an exposed earth conductor, such as a water pipe or a gas pipe, is connected, for the parallel arrangement, to a terminal of the condenser 12 and to a terminal of the rotary condenser 13-14. A highly insulated wire 16 connects the other terminal of the condenser 12 to the second terminal of the rotary condenser 13-14 which wire 16 is connected by a wire 17 to the electrodes 9 and 11.

The material under treatment must not at any instant be brought into contact with metallic elements other than the electrodes.

Particles of indeterminate form originating from the electrodes, are present in the treated material. The particles may be present in, for example, colloidal, molecular or ionic form.