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Vortex Exhaust Muffler


Proving itself against other leading brand names


Will change the way your car sounds.
Will increase your PETROL ECONOMY by up to 20%
While offering you - MORE POWER , Better TORQUE & RESPONSE

The unique design incorporates VORTEX MECHANICS, which sets up a spin effect within the exhaust system DRAWING THE GASES AWAY FROM YOUR


Typically. Land Rover V8 From I9 Ltrs. per 100km - TO - 13 Ltrs. per 1OOkm.

STREAMLINE DESIGN allows easy gas flow with LOW TURBULANCE.

Better heat dissipation and no water catchment areas ensuring minimal corrosion and very long life.

The VORTEX created in the exhaust system evacuates the combustion chamber more efficiently to a POINT OF VACUUM on most vehicles allowing the engine to rev freely.


We have always been interested in engine and car performance to enhance our drag racing capability when it was 1/8 mile & then rally track driving. While I was setting up Engine performance, I always found exhaust systems to be of vital importance. e.g. low down power, or top end revs needed different size & length systems. Street cars with straight through mufflers had top end power & rev's, while hollow boxes with offset pipes, had low down power & no revs. These were some of the options available in sports style mufflers, which to my mind were inadequate.

After some years in the automotive game and considerable experience with exhaust systems, I decided there must be a better way.

First we needed a muffler without square colliers inside so that moisture and pollutants would not accumulate.

Secondly we didn't want exhaust gases to reverse flow causing turbulence & creating unnecessary back pressure

So eventually the Rocket Power concept was born with its unique solid tubular construction and special conical ends The inner cylinder has domed ends which absorb the gas pulses and
deflects the air flow through the swirl tubes.The SWIRL TUBES rotate the exhaust gases into a powerful VORTEX.

Thus the name TURBINE EXHAUST SYSTEM. The gas vortex generates a gas flow from the combustion chamber through a suction process, rather than a back-pressure process.

The end result is a brand new Technology in exhaust muffler systems providing excellent low-end torque & snappy throttle response due to the streamline flow design.


In most cases simply replace the standard muffler in the standard position. Preferred place is situated before the diff, which also ensures sufficient heat to dry the muffler from moisture.

It is recommended to install a resonator before the muffler or at the rear, if this is not possible. ( RPM resonators are available from this Shopping Trolley )

The Muffler has a nice sounding note a little like the PORSCHE. I suggest that in some V8's, especially short wheel base vehicles. install the DOUBLE INSULATED RPM MUFFLER to
ensure the noise level is well down.

The RPM Muffler EXHAUST EXTRACTOR system can be fitted to most PETROL - GAS AND DIESEL ENGINES. In fact we have had superb results with diesels in the 4-wheel drive
market but there is an untapped market for tractors and earth moving machinery where pulling power is premium. We are looking forward to breaking into this market, as the results are likely
to be quite remarkable based on all the data and experience that we have gained so far.

Rocket Power Mufflers - Testamonials

1. Holden Commodore 1985, VK, 5 litre V8 Engine is warmed up a little. Has extractors going into 2.5 inch single pipe then into a Rocket Power Muffler. RPM fitted February 1996.
Increased 7 bhp at rear wheels. Sounded very good, nice deep note, excellent power and pick up. Kym was very happy.

2. Holden Commodore 1991, VN, V6 Engine always pinged under load but when a Rocket Power Muffler was fitted the pinging disappeared and the exhaust colour went from black to grey.

3. Holden Commodore 1987, VL, 3 litre V6 Replaced main muffler with a 2 inch Rocket Power Muffler. Good power increase, nice sound, fuel savings of approximately 15 to 20 %. Graham was pleased.

4. Ford Fairmont 1972, XA, V8, auto Replaced standard muffler with 2 inch Rocket Power Muffler. Sounded good, more power, smoother gear change and 15% less fuel consumed.

5.Toyota Landcruiser, 3.5 litre diesel Has extractors leading into a 2 1/2 inch system with a Walker super turbo muffler. Once the muffler was replaced with a Rocket Power Muffler the car has a great exhaust note, more power low down and reaches maximum revs quicker. Experienced 15% fuel savings.

6. Ford Falcon Station Wagon, ED, 4 litre 6 cylinder motor. Once the standard muffler was replaced with a Rocket Power Muffler the exhaust note measured 82 decibels which was the same as the standard muffler. Fuel efficiency increased by 5 mpg on trips. The power button is not used any more.

7. Mitsubishi Electroserve L 300 van, 2 litre 4 cylinder motor, auto. The van is on LP gas and is always loaded with batteries and tools. After fitting a 2 inch Rocket ower Muffler the van received a big increase in torque and revs. The van is going faster on the same gas mileage.

8. Ford Falcon, XC, 4.9 litre V8, auto sedan After the standard muffler was replaced with a Rocket Power Muffler the car had a nice clear V8 sound. The throttler response was amazing as it only required 1/2 the throttle position to maintain the same cruising speed. It felt like the car was going down hill all the time.

9. Holden Calais, 5 litre V8, The standard exhaust system was replaced with a set of Genie extractors with two 2 inch pipes leading into one 2 1/2 inch pipe and then into a Rocket Power Muffler and resonator. The car received a big increase in power and around town the mileage increased from320 km per tank of fuel to 410 kms. His friends thought he had the motor changed.

10. Mitsubishi Sigma, 2.6 litre 4 cylinder, sedan After the standard muffler was replaced with a Rocket Power Muffler the exhaust note changed to a nice note, the power increased and 15% savings on fuel consumption.

11. Holden Torana, UC, 4.2 litre V8, sedan. Craig Walkom fitted a 2 1/4 inch Rocket Power Muffler to his car in October 1995. In November that year he reported that with the car running a rich mixture it does a tanding quarter mile in 14.06 seconds achieves 28 1/2 mpg and up to 32 mpg on the highway.

12. Volvo, 2.4 litre fuel injected 4 cylinder station wagon. With the standard muffler the car would complete 380 km on a full tank of fuel during short runs. After fitting a Rocket Power Muffler the fuel mileage increased to 450 kms and had more torque for easier passing.

13. Ford Bronco, 5.8 litre V8, auto The engine has a 1/2 race camshaft and had a 2 1/2 inch sports exhaust. The sports muffler was replaced with a Rocket Power Muffler. The car was dynoed on the same day and gained 7 bhp on gas and 5.3 bhp on fuel. The RPM muffler does not give full increase of power until the car has completed 200 to 250 kms.

14. Daihatsu Charade Evolution. 1.3 litre and 1.5 litre motors. Maughan Thiem tested a number of sports mufflers to try and lift torque at low revs. There was very little torque below 3,200 rpm but after a Rocket Power Muffler was fitted the torque started at 2,500 rpm. Maughan Thiem was so impressed with the result that RPM mufflers were fitted to the Evolution Charades as standard equipment.

15. Holden Kingswood, HQ, 5 litre V8 A Mt Barker mechanic handyman buys and sells cars. In September 1997 he fitted a Rocket Power Muffler to a Holden 5 litre V8 and was happily surprised with the increase in power and the sound and it sold quickly. He removed a 308 V8 from a U Torana with dual exhaust system and fitted it to an HQ Holden with a single 2 1/2 inch exhaust and Rocket Power Muffler. He claims that the HQ has better performance now than the lighter Torana. He highly recommends the RPM muffler and, has since fitted RPM mufflers to each car he has bought.

16. Holden Utility, HJ, 5 litre V8 The engine has a mild race camshaft with 9.6:1 compression. The Walker Super Turbo was replaced with a Rocket Power Muffler and a single 2 1/2 inch exhaust System. The ute was dynoed by Road and Track Services and they recorded an increase in Brake Horse Power from 229 to 235 at 3,500 rpm.

17. Chrysler Valiant, 1974, 5.2 litre V8 After fitting a Rocket Power Muffler the fuel consumption has increased from 14.5 mpg to 18 mpg. Barry feels the muffler should be called the 'easy breathing muffler'.

18. Ford Falcon, XD, 4.1 litre 6 cylinder This car has completed 390,000 kms without any major engine overhauls. The dyno tune tests show an increase of 3 kW from 62 to 65 at 100 kph after fitting a Rocket Power Muffler. Ray is very pleased with the increase on performance and excellent fuel economy. Ray regularly travelled on a 137 km trip every week which cost him $23 in fuel. After fitting the muffler his fuel bill reduced to $13.

19. Ford Courier diesel utility, 1985, 2.2 litre 4 cylinder Low end torque has improved so that he now crests a familiar hill at 80 kph which is an increase of 10 kph. Fuel economy has increased by 10%.20. Kawasaki ZX6, 1996, 600cc, 4 cylinder 4 stroke This bike has been used for racing with a straight through exhaust system tuned on a bike dyno (Dynojet model 150). After fitting the bike with a Rocket Power Muffler the brake horse power increased from 97 to 99 with a higher power curve.

21. MGC GT, 1969, 3 litre 6 cylinder The car was fitted with two hot dog type mufflers and one was replaced with a Rocket Power Muffler. The car has more low end torque and revs more easily enabling it to accelerate up hills where it previously had trouble maintaining the same speed. After a minor tune by the owner fuel economy has increased be 10%.

22. Ford Falcon 'S', 1991, 4.1 litre 6 cylinder, auto Fuel economy has increased around town from 500 to 525 km per tank (65 litres) to 550 to 600 km and country driving from 575 to 600 km per tank to 700 to 725 km.

AU2003097 (A)
An Exhaust Muffler

Classification:   - international:  F01N1/10; F01N1/12; F01N1/08; (IPC1-7): F01N1/12; F01N1/10
Also published as:  AU691775  (B2)

This invention relates to an exhaust system for an internal combustion engine and in particular to a muffler arrangement.

The invention will be generally discussed in relation to its application to a motor vehicle internal combustion engine exhaust system but it will be realized that it is equally applicable to other forms of engines such as stationary engines. The invention may be applied to motor cycles, motor cars or trucks.

Background of the Invention

An exhaust muffler for a motor vehicle has the main function of reducing the sound of an engine while at the same time not causing too much back pressure to the flow of exhaust from the engine.

It is the object of this invention to provide an exhaust muffler which has good sound absorbent qualities while at the same time providing minimal back pressure thereby enhancing the efficiency of a motor vehicle upon which it is used or to at least provide the public with a useful alternative.

Brief Summary of the Invention

In one form therefore although this may not necessarily be the only or broadest form, the invention is said to reside in an exhaust muffler for an internal combustion engine, the exhaust muffler comprising a casing, the casing including a tapered outlet end terminating in an outlet pipe and an inlet pipe at the inlet end, an elongate cylindrical core having closed ends within the casing, the elongate core being hollow and the cylindrical surface of the core being perforated, the casing and the elongate core defining between them an annular exhaust flow region through which exhaust gases flow in use, and a plurality of vanes extending between the core and the casing in the annular exhaust flow region, the vanes being so shaped that they are adapted to cause a swirling of the flow of exhaust in the annular exhaust flow region in use.

It will be seen that by this invention therefore there is provided an exhaust muffler which has an essentially straight through flow path only interrupted by vanes which cause a swirling or helical flow of exhaust through the exhaust muffler thereby providing minimal back pressure. In fact the helical flow of the exhaust appears to actually encourage flow and draw exhaust through the exhaust muffler and in fact considerable reduction in back pressure is found in practice.

Preferably the casing is cylindrical with frusto-conical tapered outlet ends and inlet ends. This helps to provide for a smooth flow of exhaust into and out of the muffler.

The inlet end may be domed rather than frusto-conical in shape or may even have a stepped inlet end between the inlet pipe and the casing because flow in this region is not so critical.

The elongated core may be perforated so as to have u[p to 50 percent surface area of apertures. In one preferred embodiment the apertures amy be each holes of approximately 3 millimeters diameter.

The elongated core may have domed ends to assist with flow into and out of the annular exhaust flow region. Alternatively one or both of the ends of the elongated core may be tapered to a conical shape.

In one preferred embodiment the inlet end may be domed and the outlet end tapered.

The elongated core may be filled with an absorbent material so that some degree of sound absorption can occur in the elongated core. In one preferred embodiment the energy absorbent is long strand glass fiber although other materials which of course would clearly have to be heat resistant could be used.

The vanes may be helical or spiral and there may be two, three or four vanes around the periphery of the elongated core.

In one preferred embodiment of the invention there may be a first set of four vanes at the inlet end of the elongated core being helical in configuration and extending approximately one-third of the length of the elongated core and then a second set of four vanes terminating at the outlet end of the elongated core again approximately one-third of the length of the elongated core.

This has been found to be a sufficient number of vanes.

The vanes may be plates or tubes.

In a preferred embodiment the casing may comprise an inner wall spaced apart from an outer wall defining a space therebetween and with the inner wall being perforated. The space between the inner wall and the outer wall may be filled with fiber glass mat.

A typical exhaust muffler according to this invention may have a casing with an outside diameter of 125 millimeters and 350 millimeters long and an elongated core 100 millimeters in outside diameter and 350 millimeters long. Each of the vanes may be made from 12 mm diameter tube 110 mm long which are curved and then welded to the surface of the elongated core. The ends of the casing may be frusto-conical approximately 124 mm long terminating in inlet or outlet pipes 50 mm or 75 mm in diameter.

Using an exhaust muffler of construction of the present invention it has been found that there has been increased torque available from an engine and increased horsepower which has provided an improved fuel consumption for the vehicle. Although no quantitative sound tests have been done it does appear that the amount of sound absorption is at least as good as existing types of mufflers.

This then describes the invention but to assist with understanding references will now be made to the accompanying  drawings which show preferred embodiments of the invention.

Detailed Description

In the drawings

Fig. 1 shows a cross sectional view of a first embodiment of an exhaust muffler of the invention;

Fig. 2 shows a cross sectional view of an alternative embodiment of the invention;

Fig. 3 shows a cross sectional view of a still further embodiment of the invention;

Fig. 4 shows a cross sectional view of the embodiment of the exhaust muffler shown in Fig. 1; and

Fig. 5 shows a cross sectional view of a part of the outer casing of an alternative embodiment of the exhaust muffler according to this invention.

Now looking more closely at the drawings it will seem that the exhaust muffler shown in the embodiment shown in Fig. 1 comprises a casing 1 having a frusto-conical shaped inlet end 2 and frusto-conical shaped outlet end 3. An inlet pipe 4 enters the exhaust muffler and outlet pipe 5 exits the muffler. Within the casing is an elongated core 6 which has dome shaped inlet end 7 and a dome shaped outlet end 8. Pieces of piping are bent with a substantially helical form to provide vanes 9 at the inlet end of the elongated core and vanes 10 at the outlet end of the elongated core.

In the embodiment shown in Fig 2 the construction is essentially similar although there is a domed inlet end 20 to the casing 22 and a conical outlet end 21 to the elongated core 23.

In the embodiment shown in Fig 3 the vanes 25 of a substantially helical configuration are comprised of plates extending between the elongated core 26 and the casing 27.

In Fig 4 which is a cross section on the line 4-4’ in Fig 1 it will be seen that the elongated casing 6 is filled with long strand glass fibers 27.

In Fig 5 it will be seen that in one embodiment the outer casing is comprised of an outer layer 30 and an inner layer 31 with the inner layer being perforated and having perforations 32 to assist in the absorption of sound emanating from the muffler. In the space between the inner and outer wall may be a packing 33 comprised of a suitable material such as fiber glass mat. Preferably the perforation may provide up to 40% open spaces in the inner wall.

The construction of the muffler and in particular defining the space between the inner and the outer wall may be achieved by fitting by welding the inner wall on the inside of the extremity of the end cone 34 and fitting by welding the outer wall to the outside of the extremity of the end cone 34.

The exhaust muffler of this present invention may be constructed from steel or stainless steel or any other suitable material and may be of welded or other suitable construction. The inlet and outlet pipes may be constructed for flange slip or welded joining to exhaust pipes of an internal combustion engine.

Throughout this specification unless the context requires otherwise, the words ‘comprise’ and ‘including’ will be understood to imply the inclusion of a stated integer or group of integers but not the exclusion of any other integer or group of integers.

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