Tom BEARDEN, Lt. Col. ( ret. )
Books & Papers

Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions - Part I, II & III

34 Flaws in Classical EM Theory

The Unnecessary Energy Crisis: How to Solve It Quickly

AIDS Biological Warfare

Analysis of Scalar / Electromagnetic Technology

Annotated Glossary

The Anomalies in Navy Electrolyte Experiments at China Lake

Vacuum Engines and Priore's Methodology

The Astronauts' Magnetic Boots

Background of Antoine Prioré and L’Affaire Prioré

Bedini's Method for Forming Negative Resistors in Batteries

Cancer and the Unresolved Health Issues in the Biological Effects of EM Fields and Radiation

Chasing the Wild Dragon

Clean Electrical Energy from the Active Vacuum

Dark Matter or Dark Energy?

Defense Department Briefing on Priore Treatment to counter Biological Warfare

"Hubbert's Peak" Review

Dossier Priore ( J-M. Graille )


EM Energy from the Vacuum: 10 Questions

Energy, Observations and Comments

Energy from the Vacuum : Concepts & Principles

Engines and Templates: Correcting Effects Confused as Causes

Excalibur Briefing

Explanation of the Motionless Electromagnetic Generator with 0(3) Electrodynamics

Bedini's Discovery: Extending The Porthole Concept...

Extracting and Using Electromagnetic Energy from the Active Vacuum

On Extracting Electromagnetic Energy from the Vacuum

Perpetual Motion vs. “Working Machines Creating Energy from Nothing”

Source Charge, Van Flandern Waterfall, and Leyton Geometry

The Source Charge Problem: Its Solution and Implications

Fer De Lance

The Final Secret of Free Energy

Notes and Reference on the Fogal Transistor

Foundations of Electro-Magnetism

Giant Negentropy From the Common Dipole

Gravitational and Electromagnetic Energy from Curved Space-Time


Howard Johnson's Motors

The Importance of Leyton's Hierarchies of Symmetry

Kawai Patent Diagrams

Life Systems : Toward the Beginning of the End

The Master Principle of EM Overunity and the Japanese Overunity Engines: A New Pearl Harbor?

Mechanisms for Deep Penetration of Environmental Dense Weak EM
Noise Interference Into the Body, and Long-Term Deleterious Effects Thereof

Interview with Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden

The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator : How It Works

US6362718 -- Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

The Missing Infolded Electrodynamics

K. Moore : The Relationship between Efficiency and Coefficient of Performance

A National Report on America's Energy Crisis

The New Tesla Electromagnetics and the Secrets of Electrical Free Energy

Novel Principles in the Rife Microscope and Rife's Great Secret

Oblivion : America on the Brink

Permissible NESS1 COP > 1.0 Electrical Power Systems Taking Energy from the Vacuum

Method, System & Apparatus for Conditioning Electromagnetic Potentials, Fields, and Waves to Treat and Alter Matter ( Patent Application )

The "Porthole" Concept with Technical Background

Precursor Engineering : Directly Altering Physical Reality

On the Principles of Permissible Overunity EM Power Systems

Priore Grant Material

Quiton Perception Physics

Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use

Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons ( Slides )

Self-Powering Heat Amplifier as the Mechanism for the Final Catastrophic Destruction of the Shuttle Columbia

A Sensitive Scalar Wave Detector

Technical Background on the Priore Healing Process

Toward A New Electromagnetics ( Part 1/2 )

Toward A New Electromagnetics ( Part 3 )

Toward A New Electromagnetics ( Part 4 )

Utilizing Scalar Electromagnetics To Tap Vacuum Energy ( Floyd Sweet )

Vacuum Engines and Priore's Methodology

Vision 2000: The New Science Now Emerging for the New Millennium

A Visual Tour of what they don't want you to know about electrical circuits

Energy From The Vacuum --Concepts & Principles

The Final Secret of Free Energy

Free Energy Generation Circuits & Schematics ( Bedini )