Konstantin MEYL
Scalar Physics
Neutrino power and the Existence of Scalar Waves (2004)
Journal of Vortex Science and Technology, Ashdin Publishing, Vol. 1 (2012), Article ID 235563, 10 pages
About Vortex Physics & Vortex Losses
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Nikola Tesla Energy Science Conference, Washington DC 08.11.2003, IRI
Faraday or Maxwell? Do Scalar Waves Exist or Not?
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Longitudinal Wave Experiment After Nikola Tesla
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Documentation on Scalar Wave Medicine
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Scalar Waves
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SEEK Digital Library, Int. Journal of Environmental Engineering - IJEE, 2(1) 30.4.2015, 23-27,
doi: 10.15224
Biological Signals Transmitted by Longitudinal Waves Influencing the Growth of Plants
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Conference Proceedings of the Technical University of Epirus, Arta, Greece, October 16, 2015, 3 pages

Microcosm to Macrocosm Calculated with One Equation
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PIERS Draft Proceedings, Progress in electromagnetic research, Prague, Czech Republic, July 9, 2015, page 2436 - 2438.

Calculations Concerning the Variable Size of Protons and Other Nuclei
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Scalaire Energie
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PIERS Draft Proceedings, Moscow, Russia, August 19–23, 2012665
Wireless Power Transmission by Scalar Waves
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Proceedings of the 1st RFID Eurasia Conference Istanbul 2007
Far Range Transponder
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Journal of Geology & Geophysics 2015, 4:5, 5 pages, JGG, ISSN: 2329-6755
Earth Expansion by neutrino-Power
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Attempts to detect the torsion field nature of scalar wave generated by dual Tesla coil system
Gao Peng
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Scalar  wave  was  found  and  used  at  first  by  NikolaTesla in his wireless energy transmission experiment. Prof.K.Meyl extended  the  Maxwell  equation  and  found  the  lost  scalar  wave part. The scalar wave theory proposed by Prof.K. Meyl indicates that  the  torsion  field  is  the  nature  of  scalar  wave.  This  work attempts to detect the torsion field nature of scalar wave generatedby the dual Tesla coil system, using the torsion balance consistingof a wooden frame. The result is positive and two kinds of torsion field including left-handed and right-handed are detected in dual Tesla coil...
Experimental- and Demo-Kit

Demo Kit         Experimental Kit

As a result of common demand and frequently asked questions during the breaks and after the recitations of Prof. Dr. Meyl (e.g. how does an energy transmission line work? and what kind of single components have to be used? etc) we decided to develop a demonstration-kit and an experimentation-kit to allow interested practitioners to gain experience and to make experiments by themselves. So with these two kits you are able to research the characteristics of Tesla coils, dependency of the resonant frequency concerning position and size of the ball electrode and varieties of the systems resonance depending on changes of the distance between transmitter and receiver by yourself. The main goal is to achieve reproducible measurements, which cannot be done by a simple instruction guide but otherwise doubters often only believe in results of measurements acquired by their own devices. Therefore connection possibilities for external measuring devices are provided.

The Demo-Kit contains a simple waveform generator from 4 MHz up to 8 MHz, a pair of pancake coils with different resistance usable in various configurations as well as the required accessories. It allows to arrange a complete scalar transmission line without further equipment e.g. for demonstration purposes.  

The Experimental-Kit contains an extended waveform generator from 135 kHz up to 10 MHz and an additional frequency counter and two additional pairs of pancake coils with half and twice of the wirelength. A specification of the set with theoretical explanations and practical instructions about the setup is also included in both kits. We are very interested in your measurements and conclusions and would be pleased, if you could send us your results. It would be helpful, if these are structured like the experiment descriptions in the book "Scalar Wave Technology". Both kits are available in our shop.
WMSCI 2012 Proceedings Vol.II, page 113 – 117, Chair of BMIC/ WMSCI 16th World Conference Orlando, Florida, USA, July 18, 2012.

Cellular Communications, Signaling & Control
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International Congress-Publications, Weinfelden, 23.+24.06.2001, Jupiter-Verlag, Page 41-49
"Advanced Concepts for Wireless Energy Transfer "

Besides that Konstantin Meyl is a vivid lecturer that really caught listeners, his topic of scalar and plasma waves was really captivating. Hearing about longitudinal electromagnetic waves based on vortex particle model really gave one something to think about after the conference. Not without reason, Meyl is called "Schwartzwald Tesla".

    By Meyl, the scalar waves or Tesla waves are able to travel right through Faraday cage type shielding that stop ordinary transverse radio waves. Tesla's magnifying transmitter has been calculated to produce scalar waves with a velocity of about 1,5 times that of light. Meyl told that scalar waves be described as one case of Maxwell's equations.

    About how longitudinal waves obviously exist even without plasma in the air and even in vacuum Meyl declares: "I have solved this question, by extending Maxwell's field theory for vortices of the electric field. These so-called potential vortices are able to form structure and they propagate in space for reason of their particle nature as a longitudinal shock wave. The model concept bases on the ring vortex model of Herrman von Helmholtz, which Lord Kelvin did make popular." Meyl has published books describing the fomulas.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.niNA Cell Biol. 2012 Apr;31(4):422-6
doi: 10.1089/dna.2011.1415
DOI: 10.1007/s12079-011-0152-0
DNA and cell resonance: magnetic waves enable cell communication.
Meyl K
DNA generates a longitudinal wave that propagates in the direction of the magnetic field vector. Computed frequencies from the structure of DNA agree with those of the predicted biophoton radiation. The optimization of efficiency by minimizing the conduction losses leads to the double-helix structure of DNA. The vortex model of the magnetic scalar wave not only covers many observed structures within the nucleus perfectly, but also explains the hyperboloid channels in the matrix when two cells communicate with each other. Potential vortexes are an essential component of a scalar waves, as discovered in 1990. The basic approach for an extended field theory was confirmed in 2009 with the discovery of magnetic monopoles. For the first time, this provides the opportunity to explain the physical basis of life not only from the biological discipline. Nature covers the whole spectrum of known scientific fields of research, and interdisciplinary understanding is required to explain its complex relationships. The characteristics of the potential vortex are significant. With its concentration effect, it provides for miniaturization down to a few nanometers, which allows enormously high information density in the nucleus. With this first introduction of the magnetic scalar wave, it becomes clear that such a wave is suitable to use genetic code chemically stored in the base pairs of the genes and electrically modulate them, so as to "piggyback" information from the cell nucleus to another cell. At the receiving end, the reverse process takes place and the transported information is converted back into a chemical structure. The necessary energy required to power the chemical process is provided by the magnetic scalar wave itself.

Retraction of: "DNA and cell resonance: magnetic waves enable cell communication," by Konstantin Meyl, DNA and Cell Biology (2012;31:422-426). [DNA Cell Biol. 2013]

Potential vortex, newly discovered properties of the electric field are fundamentally changing our view of the physical world

 In his books, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl develops a self-consistent field theory which is used to derive at all known interactions of the potential vortex. Instead of the normally used Maxwell equation, Prof. Meyl chooses Faradays law of induction, as a hypothetical factor and proves that the electric vortex is a part thereof. This potential vortex propagates scalar-like through space and is a longitudinal electric wave whose properties have already been established a century ago by Nicola Tesla. This phenomenon can now be studied and examined thanks to a fully functional replica designed by Prof. Meyl.

Prof. Meyl’s field theory is non speculative and enables new interpretations of several principles of electrical engineering and quantum physics. This leads to feasible interpretations of experimental observations which to this day have not been possible to explain via existing theories. For example, quantum particle characteristics can be calculated when interpreted as a vortex. The dielectric loss of a capacitor emerges as vortex loss. Likewise a number of neutrino experimental results can be explained when the neutrinos are regarded as a vortex. Neutrino power is available as an inexhaustible form of energy due to a remarkable overunity effect. In consideration of environmental sustainability, significant advances result by means of this revised theory regarding today’s electromagnetic pollution.

The presented theory is based on an extension of the Maxwell theory and as such is a special case scenario that does not affect classic physical laws which remain in force.

In the enhanced view of potential vortex, the physical comprehension becomes more objective. Just as Einstein’s theory, the Meyl theory explains not only interactions but temperature, to date inexplicable via conventional theories.
doi: 10.15761/BEM.1000156
Longitudinal magnetic waves trigger higher ATP-levels and extend the aging process of plants
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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Informationsübertragung mittels einer modulierten Trägerschwingung eines elektrischen, in der Eigenresonanz betriebenen Schwingkreises

Apparatus for receiving and measuring presence of neutrino particles

Data transmission device e.g. for telemetry, has data transmission mechanism for transmitter, and data receipt mechanism for base station with transmitter and data receipt effectively connected to base station

Method for reducing switching losses in current-injecting frequency converters

Regulated eddy current drive

Electrical adaptive control system - provides optimised regulator performance by comparison of regulator standard function with optimum transfer function

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