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( February 2016 )

» UPDATE : 4 February --
Stuff & Stuff ~ Sci-Tech News & Olds & Social Studys -- The Slicing Edge of Nowness !

» Turmeric Cultivation ~ This will be a major crop in the post-fascisto-pharmacratic world. Here's a definitive collection of methods for traditional & organic husbandry, & patents.

» ADDENDUM -- LARSEN, Lewis : Are LENRs Occurring in Compact Fluorescent Lights ?  Transcript adapted from slideshow.

Recent : WORTMAN / FORCELLA : Grit-Blasting Weed Control ** Artemisinin vs Cancer ** Glycyrrhizin vs Liver Damage **  Electroculture ( II ) ** BELCHER : Recycled Lead Perovskite Solar Cells ** REZK: Surface-Reflected Bulk Waves ** Herbs vs AIDS ** FARHADI : Urtica vs AIDS ** HOOD : Melittin vs HIV / Cancer ** YAMAGISHI : Remineralizaton Toothpaste ** TROFIMOV : Hypo-Magnetic Chamber ** Oleocanthol vs Cancer ** Sulforaphane vs Cancer **  KIRCHOFF : Sonoelectrochemical HHO ** ZOGRAFOS : Frequency Dissociation of Water ** EL-SHAFEI : Pervaporative Desalination ** NAIR : Graphene Oxide Filter ** CRISPIN : Power Paper ** BAZANT : Electroshock Desalination ** Panasonic Corp. : Photocatalytic Water Purification ** Brown's Gas & Health ** Dowsing Rods ** TAGG : Streptococcus Salivarius K12 vs Halitosis ** GIANSANTI : Copper Mask ** YURTH : CO2 Dissociation System ** Turmerone **

Constant : Fukushima, Mon Amour ~ Once more into the breach : 70 Patents to reduce Radioactivity ... And keep Liquid Nitrogen & Dry CO2 handy to smother the fire, shock-cool the corium, and form nitrides and carbonates ( it worked @ Chernobyl -- but loser Tepco-Yakuza would rather save face than life, so tough luck, Japan-Pacific Ocean-Earth -- from Magna BSP-Mossad-Stuxnet-NSA-Illuminazi-General Electric with Love & Omnicide ! )

» Stuff & Stuff Archives : Back & 4th Issues, 1st Edition Facsimile Counterfeits, Preprint Mimeograph Photocopies & ToeNotes.

Nostradamus' Astro-Dated Quatrains re: Muslim Invasion of Europe -- The Definitive Edition ... What John Hogue was too busy-lazy to write :

Nostradamus & Jihad


Robert Nelson

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