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Got / Need / Want    Copper Powder ????
500 Grams ( plus some ! ) ... 99.9%+ Pure ... 100% passes -300 Mesh ... Free Shipping

Applications : High temperature lubricant paste (mixed with grease) esp. @ heavy loads/low speeds/high-temperature vibration... Metal filler in cold casting... Sintered component manufacture... 3D printing... Pyrotechnics (blue/green)... EMI shielding... Medical treatment : osteoporosis and fractures... Powder metallurgy applications (high flow rate, good strength, high electrical/ thermal conductivities -- the best electroconductive element after gold & silver)... Conductive coatings... Catalysts for hydrocarbon oxidation... Plastic fillers... Welding, brazing and joining... Anti fouling paints... Electroplating... & many more...

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New Civilization Kit Uploads :
BEDINI, John: Bedini SG [ 'School Girl' Generator -- The Complete Beginner's Handbook
BEDINI, J.: Bedini SG -- The Complete Intermediate Handbook -- Understanding Circuit Optimization and Capacitor Discharge.
BEDINI, J.: Bedini SG -- The Complete Advanced Handbook -- Optimizing Mechanical Recovery with a 'Low-Drag' Generator (by Peter Lindemann & Aaron Murakami)
LAKHOVSKY, Georges: MultiWave Oscillator Handbook -- The Borderland Sciences compilation.
LAKHOVSKY, G.: Le Secret De La Vie -- Cosmic waves and vital radiation.
RAMSAY, Bill : Hodowanec Rhysmonics ( Vol. 1 ) ( Vol. 2 ) ~ PDF compilation of Gregory Hodowanec's Rhysmonic Cosmology Notes & articles.

Alchemy Now ~ Experiments w/ 'modernized' Lapid de Tribus.
Khunrath's Ampitheatrum        Rex's Tentum

Once more into the reactor breach : 50+ Patents to reduce Radioactivity ...
And: Keep Liquid Nitrogen & Dry CO2 handy to smother the Fire, shock-cool the Corium, and form Nitrides and Carbonates . It worked @ Chernobyl, but Tepco-Yakuza would rather save face than Life, so tough faeces, Japan-Pacific Ocean from Magna BSP-Mossad-Stuxnet-NSA-Illuminazi-General Electric with Hate & Omnicide , and Fuku too !!!

Recent Civilization Kit Uploads ( 2022 ) :

 MODDEL, Garrett : ZPE Converter ~ Quantum Energy Conversion / ZPE-Extraction Devices; articles & patents.
Dragonfly Patents ~ 50+ Patents for dragonfly wing-flapping mechanisms.
MELLOR, J.W.: Treatise on Inorganic & Theoretical Chemistry ~ The must-have collection for alchemisti, esp. Vol. 9 ...
TRUMP, John : Atomic-Electrostatic Motor ~ Ultra-efficient, based on Tesla's designs ( he got to see T's papers post-mortem ); article & patents.
FRAYNE, Shawn : Windbelt Generator ~ Simple & efficient, designed for low power requirements; articles & patent.
OBOLENSKY, Alexis : Teslatron ElectroTherapy  ~ Healing & time travel
BOOKER, Joe : Joe Cell  -- Addendum Update
Ivermectin SDELL: ZPE Converterynthesis Patents
Electroceutical Therapy
HHO / Hyfuel Patents
Taoist Alchemy Library
Local Heroes : Free Energy & Levitation Inventions
Water Purification -- Electro-Coagulation Patents
Speleology Library -- A comprehensive collection of caves, karst,  spelunking, rigging and rescue.
CAREY, George : AntiChrist -- A brief text explaining the claustrum elixir.
KARNOUKHOV, Roman : Akula Generator -- Claimed to be an overunity generator...
KRIVITS, Steven : Plagiarism @ Oxford University Press -- Adept Alchemy vs The Lost Elements... a sordid saga of superb scholarship vs sleazy suppression.
SCHROEDER, Jon : Thermoelectric Generator / Storage -- Developed by NASA, now dormant; high-energy density, silent, compact; patent & articles.
POTAPOV, Yuri : Quantum Thermal Power Plant ( KTPP ) -- Patented, prototyped, claimed  over-unity, tested by Frolov
AMARASINGHAM, Bobby : Hydraulic Motor -- Over-Unity generators, patented, prototyped, dormant ( Inventor died 2021 ).
Autogyro / Gyroplane Patents -- A comprehensive list of patents searched @ espacenet ( European Patent Office )
FROLOV, Alexander : New Sources of Energy -- Review of several little-known free energy / over-unity prototypes.
YABLOTCHKOV, Pavel : Electrostatic Amplifier -- Addendum :  excerpts from Frolov, ibid.
Herbs vs Cataracts -- 20 Chinese patents for herbal treatment of cataracts & related pathology.
THOMAS, Chan : The Adam and Eve Story -- The declassified cataclysm study ( 1993 edition ) ; prep up, pilgrim...
SPEARS, Morton : Capacitance Theory of Gravity ~--Books & patents ( Force Generating System US5090643 )
KITA, Ron : Chiralex Gravity Shield -- Simple 1,2,3-TriChlorobenzene Electret reduces G up to 14%. Patent, articles, videos.
RAVATIN, Jacques, et al.: Eureka'All Course ~ A comprehensive study of radionic forms.


Bobby needs new shoes &c. to continue & the Aragonite Project, Alchemy Now, &c...
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Dear Manager,
(If you are not the person who is in charge of this, please forward this to your CEO,Thanks)
This email is from Network Service Institutions, which mainly deal with the trademark registration in China. We received an application from Huayi Company on today. They want to register "rexresearch" as their trademark name, But after checking it, we find this name conflicts with your company. In order to deal with this matter better, so we send you email and confirm whether agree to their registration?.
Best Regards,
General Manager
Anhui Office (Head Office)
Registration Department Manager
NO.6231,Hefeng Squarel, North St, L Road

Dear CEO,This email is from China domain name registration center in Shanghai, China. On August 16, 2022, we received an application from Hongfeng Ltd requested "rexresearch" as their internet keyword and China (CN) domain names (,,, But after checking it, we find this name conflict with your company name or trademark. In order to deal with this matter better, it's necessary to send email to you and confirm whether this company is your business partner in China?
Best Regards
Frank Liu
Service & Operations Manager China Registry (Head Office)

Dear Manager, 
Based on your company having no relationship with them, we have already suggested that they should choose another name to avoid this conflict, but they persist in this name as China domain names (,,, and internet keyword. In our opinion, maybe they do the similar business as your company then register it to promote their company.   As is known to all, the domain name registration based on the international principle is opened to company and individual. Any company or individual have the right to register any domain name and internet keyword which are unregistered. Your company haven't registered this name as China domain names and internet keyword, so any company is able to obtain them by registration. But in order to avoid this conflict, the trademark or original name owner have priority right to register China domain name and internet keyword during our dispute period. If your company is the original owner of this name and want to register these China domain names (,,, and internet keyword to prevent anybody from using them, please inform us. We can send you an application form with price list to help your company register these China domain names and internet keyword during our dispute period if you want to register them.  
Best Regards
Frank Liu
Service & Operations Manager China Registry (Head Office)

Hello Mr Liu...
I have no association with the applicant using variations of "rexresearch" Rex Research has existed since 1982, and on the internet as since 2000. While it may be legal / lawful  for the applicant to register ", .cn, etc., it is not honest. I thank you for your attention to this matter.
Robert Nelson

To whom it concerns,
We will register the China domain names "" "" "" "" and internet keyword "rexresearch" and have submitted our application. We are waiting for Mr. Frank Liu's approval. These CN domains and internet keyword are very important for us to promote our business in China. Although Mr. Frank Liu advised us to change another name, we will persist in this name.
Kind regards
Zhihai Ning