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New @ July / August ( Updates have been delayed by server issues & wilderness isolation w/o a wifi hotspot or repeater ) :
» Alchemy Now ~ Experiments w/ 'modernized' Lapid de Tribus.
Khunrath's Ampitheatrum        Rex's Tentum

» MODDEL, Garrett : ZPE Energy Converter ~ Quantum Energy Conversion / ZPE-Extraction Devices; articles & patents.
» MELLOR, J.W.: Treatise on Inorganic & Theoretical Chemistry ~ The must-have collection for alchemisti, esp. Vol. 9 ...
» TRUMP, John : Atomic-Electrostatic Motor ~ Ultra-efficient, based on Tesla's designs ( he got to see T's papers post-mortem ); article & patents.
» FRAYNE, Shawn : Windbelt Generator ~ Simple & efficient, designed for low power requirements; articles & patent.

 Mojave Mojo
A Photo Gallery of Mojave Desert flora / fauna & The Aragonite Project .

Stuff & Stuff     a sci-tech blogazine 
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Bobby needs new shoes &c...

Recent Uploads ( 2022 ) :
» RAVATIN, Jacques, et al.: Eureka'All Course ~ A comprehensive study of radionic forms.
OBOLENSKY, Alexis : Teslatron ElectroTherapy  ~ Healing & time travel
» BOOKER, Joe : Joe Cell  -- Addendum Update
» Ivermectin Synthesis Patents
» Electroceutical Therapy
» HHO / Hyfuel Patents
» Taoist Alchemy Library
» Local Heroes : Free Energy & Levitation Inventions
» Water Purification -- Electro-Coagulation Patents
» Speleology Library -- A comprehensive collection of caves, karst,  spelunking, rigging and rescue.
» CAREY, George : AntiChrist -- A brief text explaining the claustrum elixir.
» KARNOUKHOV, Roman : Akula Generator -- Claimed to be an overunity generator...
» KRIVITS, Steven : Plagiarism @ Oxford University Press -- Adept Alchemy vs The Lost Elements... a sordid saga of superb scholarship vs sleazy suppression.
SCHROEDER, Jon : Thermoelectric Generator / Storage -- Developed by NASA, now dormant; high-energy density, silent, compact; patent & articles.
» POTAPOV, Yuri : Quantum Thermal Power Plant ( KTPP ) -- Patented, prototyped, claimed  over-unity, tested by Frolov
» AMARASINGHAM, Bobby : Hydraulic Motor -- Over-Unity generators, patented, prototyped, dormant ( Inventor died 2021 ).
» Autogyro / Gyroplane Patents -- A comprehensive list of patents searched @ espacenet ( European Patent Office )
» FROLOV, Alexander : New Sources of Energy -- Review of several little-known free energy / over-unity prototypes.
» YABLOTCHKOV, Pavel : Electrostatic Amplifier -- Addendum :  excerpts from Frolov, ibid.
» Herbs vs Cataracts -- 20 Chinese patents for herbal treatment of cataracts & related pathology.
» THOMAS, Chan : The Adam and Eve Story -- The declassified cataclysm study ( 1993 edition ) ; prep up, pilgrim...
» SPEARS, Morton : Capacitance Theory of Gravity ~--Books & patents ( Force Generating System US5090643 )
» KITA, Ron : Chiralex Gravity Shield -- Simple 1,2,3-TriChlorobenzene Electret reduces G up to 14%. Patent, articles, videos.

Constant -- Since 2011, & still waiting :  Fukushima Mon Amour --  Once more into the reactor breach : 50+ Patents to reduce Radioactivity ... And: Keep Liquid Nitrogen & Dry CO2 handy to smother the Fire, shock-cool the Corium, and form Nitrides and Carbonates . It worked @ Chernobyl, but Tepco-Yakuza would rather save face than Life, so tough faeces, Japan-Pacific Ocean from Magna BSP-Mossad-Stuxnet-NSA-Illuminazi-General Electric with Hate & Omnicide , and Fuku too !!!

Articles by Robert A. NELSON :   Power from the Sky ** Memo to Tepco ** Asian Prophecy ** Tree-lectricity ** Goodbye, Cape Town ** Spontaneous Generation ** Electro-Culture ** My Science Fair Project: How To Make Gold ** Levity's Labor Lost ** Water for Gasoline ** The Wonder World of... Whenever ** Nostradamus & The Plague ** Nostradamus & Jihad ** Electro-Osmosis of Oil ** Resurrect Now ** Plastic to Oil ** Torsion Chemistry ** Ray Guns 101 ** Adept Alchemy ** &c.

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