Electrum Validum
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Ken Shoulders -- Electrum Validum Archive

A Leak From Our Universe to Another -- 9.5K
An EVO Clutch and Microphone -- 9.8K
An EVO Scope for Elelectrolysis Projectile -- 2.6M
Apparatus for Formation and Use of EVOs -- 920K

Basic EVO Questions.pdf -- 70K
Black Holes as EVOs.pdf -- 6.0K

Charge Clusters In Action.pdf -- 481K

Dark Matter Messengers.pdf -- 11K
Detecting Fundamental Wave Action in EVOs.pdf -- 15K

Electric Charge Non-Conservation.pdf -- 11K
Electromagnetic Pulse Source Using Fluidized Particles - Appendix 1.pdf -- 2.3M
Electromagnetic Pulse Source Using Fluidized Particles.pdf -- 36K
Electron Condenser.pdf -- 303K
Electron Ensembles.pdf -- 21K
Energy.pdf -- 6.4K
Energy Conversion From the Exotic Vacuum.pdf -- 1.0M
Equalizer Two.pdf -- 12K
EVO Life Cycle.doc -- 1.7M
EVO Oscillation - The Friendly Enemy.pdf -- 11K
EVO Propulsion Basis 2.pdf -- 2.2M
EVOs and Hutchison Effect.pdf -- 1.1M
EVOs and the Strange Particles of L R Urutskoev.pdf -- 17K
EVOs as WIMPs.pdf -- 11K
Exploring.pdf -- 16K

ICCF-10 Low Voltage Nuclear Transmutations.pdf -- 2.0M

Large scale propulsion using EVOs.pdf -- 17K
Lightning Process :
Lightning Process.doc -- 531K
Lightning Video 1.wmv -- 138K
Lightning Video 2.wmv -- 568K
Lightning Video 3.wmv -- 404k
Lightning Video 4.wmv -- 1.5M
Lightning Video 6.wmv -- 1.1M
Lightning Video 8.wmv -- 693K

Mass Rectification as Propulsion.pdf -- 607K
Microscopic Radiologogical Treatment Using EVOs.pdf -- 25K

Observations on Pseudo Nuclear Energy Release.pdf -- 281K

Permitivity Transitions.pdf -- 2.7M
Primordial Substance.pdf -- 37K
Projectiles From the Dark Side.pdf -- 23K
Projector Project for EVOs.pdf -- 446K
Proposal for Long Range EVO Program.pdf -- 461K
Propulsion Using Zero Point Quantum Pressure.pdf -- 516K

Superluminal Particle Measurement.pdf -- 852K
Shielding From The Inevitable.pdf -- 55K
Short Range Electron Attractive Force.pdf -- 11K

Teleportation Using EVOs.pdf -- 12K
The Good The Bad And the Ugly.pdf -- 742K
Transmission of EVOs Through Metals.pdf -- 285K

What's an EVO.pdf -- 18K
What is the Universe Made of.pdf -- 1.1M
Which Mass.pdf -- 6.8K