Ozone Therapy & Water Treatment
OZONE A New Medical Drug
Velio Bocci
 Oxygen-Ozone Therapy: A Critical Evaluation
Velio Bocci (auth.)
 Medical Ozone Therapy: A Guide for a New Frontier in Healing
Peter Jovanovic, Mark Dargan Smith, Chris Gupta, Donna Crow
 The Oxygen Prescription: The Miracle of Oxidative Therapies
Nathaniel Altman
 The Ozone Miracle: How you can harness the power of oxygen to keep you and your family healthy
Frank Shallenberger
 HOW OZONE DETOXIFIES: A medcinal sports and energy centered use of hydrogen peroxide & Ozone (Medicinal marvels Book 1)
Ricardo Rubie
 Ozonation of Water and Waste Water: A Practical Guide to Understanding Ozone and its Applications, 2nd Edition
Christiane Gottschalk, Judy Ann Libra, Adrian Saupe
Ozone Reaction Kinetics for Water and Wastewater Systems
Fernando J. Beltran
Ozone in Food Processing
Colm O'Donnell, B. K. Tiwari, P. J. Cullen, Rip G. Rice
Handbook of ozone technology and applications, Volume 2
Aharon Netzer
Ozone in Drinking Water Treatment: Process Design, Operation, and Optimization
Kerwin Rakness
Chemistry of Ozone in Water and Wastewater Treatment
Clemens von Sonntag, Urs von Gunten

WAINWRIGHT: Ozone Therapy
Ozone in Dentistry ( II ) ~ 3 Articles & 2 abstracts

ROWEN: Ozone vs Ebola
BELOSEVIC: Ozone vs Prions
Abstracts of Papers presented at the IOA 6th Ozone World Congress (May 1983, Wash. DC):
Dr Horst Werkmeister: "Ozone-Oxygen Treatment under Negative Pressure in Therapy-Resistant Ulcerations"

R. Viebann-Hansler: "Mechanical Provisions Necessary for Medical Oxygen-Ozone Mixtures"

Dr Fritz Kramer: "Ozone in the Practice of Dentistry"

Dr Ziad Fahmy: "Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis with Ozone"

J. Washuttl, et al.: "Biochemical Research -- Reaction of an O2/O3 Mixture on Tumor Tissue and Healthy Tissue in vitro"

Dr Harmut Baltin: "Ozone Partial Pressure Measurements in the Arterial and Venal Blood Before and after Ozone Treatment"

Anon.: "Ozone: A Chemotherapeutic Agent for the Treatment of Disease -- Experiences of a Pediatrician..."

Solar Wind: "Primary Physiological Effects of Ozone"

Ozone vs HIV/AIDS :
Keith Wells, et al.: Blood, Vol. 78 (7): 1882-1890 (1 Oct. 1991): "Inactivation of HIV Type I by Ozone in vitro"

Dr Robert Mayer: "Proposal for Financial Support for the Treatment of AIDS"

Dr R. Mayer: "Protocol for the Treatment of AIDS by the Use of Polyatomico Oxygen Molecules"

Dr R. Mayer: "Proposal for the Treatment of AIDS and ARC"

Dr Albert Zock: "How Penicillin and Ozone Work on AIDS"

Dr Horst Kief: Letter to Dr Bernard Kirschbaum

San Jose Mercury (10-27-88): "Studies Suggest Ozone Fights AIDS"

Patsy Ford: "Ozone Kills All Viruses" (Great Western Pacific Coastal Post, July 27, 1987)

John Dobbins: "Claims AIDS Cured by Hyper-Oxidation" (Health Freedom News, Feb. 1992)

Edward McGrath: "Medizone" (Excerpt from Energy Publications: Oxygen Therapies )

E. McGrath: "Synopsis of the Hypothetical Biochemical Process Underlying the Medizone Therapy"

Dr Alexander Preussch: "Positive Treatment Results in AIDS Therapy"

Dr A. Preussch: "West German Doctor Removes AIDS! Uses Combination Ozone Therapy!" ( Excerpt from Energy Publications: Oxygen Therapies)

Dr A. Preussch: "The Preussch AIDS-Therapy"

Ed McCabe: "Ozone Therapies and AIDS"

Ed McCabe: "Chronological Ozone References"

Ozone vs Cancer :
Dr Andrija Puharich & Dr Migdalia Arnan: Successful Treatment of Neoplasms in Mice with Gaseous Superoxide Anion (O2-) and Ozone (O3)...

Dr Migdalia Arnan (Untitled Abstract, 1983)

Dr Bogoslaw Lipinski: Rationale for Treatment of Cancer with Ozone

San Francisco Chronicle: "Ozone Slows Down Cancer Cells"

Dr Frederick Sweet, et al.: Science, p. 931 (1980); "Ozone Selectively Inhibits Growth of Human Cancer Cells"

Dr Migdalia Arnan: "Effect of Injected Ozone-Oxygen Gas Mixture on Mammary Carcinoma of the Female C3H/HEJ Mice"

Dr J. Hansler: Ozonosan Generator

Ozone vs Cardiovacular Disease, Herpes, Hepatitis, Rheumatism, Gingivitis, &c.:
Anonymous: "Ozone Therapy in Coronary Heart Disease"

Renate Viebann: "The Efficacy of Medical Ozone in Improving Circulation"

Von F. Wehrli: "Zur Verhertung Unerwunschter Nebenwirkungen Bei Bluttransfusionen"

Dr Heinz Konrad: "Ozone Therapy Against Viral Diseases (Special Interest: Herpes & Viral Hepatitis)"

Prof. Horst Kief: "Study of Chronic Hepatitis & Ozone Therapy"

Dr Ralf Turk: "Ozone in Dental Medicine"

Dr Ziad Fahmy: "Ozone Therapy in Rheumatic Diseases"

Prof. Siegfried Rilling: The Use of Ozone in Medicine (Advertisement)

Energy Publications: Oxygen Therapies (Advertisement)